FIN-FF30944 FILTER-Fuel(Alco SP-1082, Baldwin BF1102, Fleetguard FF4036)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30944
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

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    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > SpinOn > M24x1.5
    Details: Fuel Spin-on. Anti-Drainback Valve Standpipe. Also G401 I-Gasket. Also ES24-B O-Gasket. Gasket: G401. Contains: Anti-Drainback Valve, Standpipe. Gasket: G401. Contains: Anti-Drainback Valve, Standpipe..
    Updated: 19/04/2021

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    Height: 183mm
    OD/WidthMax: 94mm
    OD/WidthMin: 94mm
    Thread: M24x1.5
    AntiDrainValve: Yes
    Standpipe: Yes

    Alco SP1082, SP-1082, SP830, AP Lockheed AP91700, LK91700, Baldwin BF1102, Coopers Fiaam AZF055, AZF077, Z127, Crosland 302, Donaldson P550365, P779430, ERF 1356836, 42873, ROD19596, ROE47449, FG Wilson 901201, Filtration Control FCL7510, FCL778, Fleetguard FF4036, Fleetrite FFR84036, Foden Y02424611, Y03742001, Ford 5011307, A830X9150KA, A830X9150MA, A830X-9150-MA, Fram P4106B, Greyfriars 805S, Hyster 1313454, 1313488, Inline Filters FF30944, FFRP4106, FFR-P4106, FINFF30944, FIN-FF30944, Kukje YGT00156, Lancer Boss 8932411, Leyland Daf BL RR/OD19596, RR/OE46045, RROD19596, RROE46045, RROE47449, Linde Lansing 3562229015, Luberfiner LFF4036A, Motorcraft EFG78, Orenstein and Koppel 1449035, Perkins CV69219, POD19596, Powerpart AM043601, Rolls Royce OD19596, OE19596, OE42873, OE46045, OE47449, Sakura FC5110, FC-5110, SF Schupp SK3726, Sisu 1273400011, Sure SFF9596, TJ FF5440, Woodgate WGF4036

    ERF 25R3; 31R4 (Rolls-Royce 220; 265 Eagle eng). 35R2 (Rolls-Royce 220 eng). 35R2; 36R2; 38R4; 40R2 (Rolls-Royce 265L; 290L eng). 36R2 (Rolls-Royce 265 Eagle eng). 38R2 (Rolls-Royce 220; 265 Eagle eng). 38R2 (Rolls-Royce 290L Eagle eng). 40R2 (Rolls-Royce 265; 290 Eagle eng). A64R 205; A64R 220; A66R 205; A66R 220; A66R 260; A66R 265T; A66R 270T (Rolls Royce 205; 220; 260; 260T eng). A64R 205; A64R 220; A66R 205; A66R 220; A66R 260; A66R 265T; A66R 270T (Rolls Royce 265T eng). ALAR 340; AMCR 340; AMGR 340 (Rolls Royce 220 Eagle eng). B25R 3; B31R 4; B35R 2 (Rolls Royce 220 eng). B31R4 (Rolls Royce 265 Mk III eng). B35R 2LT; B38R 2 (Rolls Royce 265L eng). B36C2 Cab Type SP3 (Rolls Royce 265 eng). B38R 2; B40R 2 (Rolls Royce 290L eng). B38R2 (Rolls Royce 280 eng). B40R2 (Rolls Royce 265L eng). C31R 4 (Rolls Royce 265 eng). C35R 2 (Rolls Royce 220 eng). C35R 2; C36R 2; C38R 2; C40R 2 (Rolls Royce 265L; 290L eng). C38R 4 (Rolls Royce 265 eng). E (Perkins TX300; TX325; TX375 eng). E (Perkins TX400 eng). E (Rolls Royce 300Li Turbo eng). E10-26R; E12-26ST; E12-30ST; E12-30TT; E12-34DT; E12-34ST; E12-34TT (Rolls-Royce 265 eng). E12.26ST (Rolls Royce 265LI Turbo eng). E12.34DT; E12.34ST; E12.34TT (Rolls Royce 340LI Turbo eng). EC (Perkins TX335 eng). EC12.33MT; EC12.33PT; EC12.33ST; EC12.33TT; EC12.37DT; EC12.37MT; EC12.37RT; EC12.37ST; EC12.37TT; EC12.40DT; EC12.40MT; EC12.40RT; EC12.40ST; EC12.40TT (Perkins TX335; TX375; TX400 eng). Foden 3335 . AR27/38; AR29/38; AR29/40 Fleetmaster (Rolls Royce 265; 290 Eagle Mk III eng). AR28/38 Universal (Rolls Royce Eagle 280 eng). RR27/30; RR29/30 Haulmaster (Rolls Royce 265; 290 Eagle Mk III eng). S104; S106; S108 (Perkins 300TX; 325TX; 350TX; 375TX eng). S104; S106; S108 (Rolls Royce 220; 265; 290; 305; 320L eng). S104; S106; S108 (Rolls Royce 325LE; 350LE eng). S104; S106; S108 (Rolls Royce LE265 eng). S104; S106; S108 (Rolls Royce LF300; LF325; LF350 eng). Henley Heron (Rolls Royce eng). Hymac 400 (Rolls Royce Eagle 220 eng). 400 (Rolls Royce Eagle 280 eng). 400 (Rolls-Royce eng). 400 (Rolls-Royce eng). Ingersoll Rand DRR365; DR600; DRR600 (Rolls Royce C4NFL; C6NFL eng). Leyland Daf BL Big J4T (Rolls-Royce 265 eng). Big J8 (Rolls-Royce 205 eng). City (Rolls Royce 180L eng). Constructor 8 (Perkins 800-265LE-S; 800-300LE Eagle eng). Constructor 8 (Rolls Royce 220; 265L; 265LI eng). Constructor S26; Constructor 30.19; Constructor 30.25 (Rolls-Royce 265L; 265Li eng). Constructor Super (Rolls-Royce 260; 280 eng). Constructor T45 (Rolls-Royce 220; 265 eng). Crusader; Crusader 4X2 (Rolls-Royce 200; 220; 260; 280; 290 eng). Handyman (Rolls-Royce 220 eng). Marathon (Rolls-Royce 220; 250; 260; 265; 280 eng). Metrobus; Metroliner (Rolls Royce Eagle 180; 220 eng). Roadtrain (Rolls Royce 265L; 290L; 300LI eng). Roadtrain (Rolls Royce 265LI eng). Roadtrain (Rolls Royce 340LI eng). Roadtrain (Rolls-Royce 290; 300Li; 340Li eng). Roadtrain 16.25; 16.29 (Rolls-Royce 290; 300Li; 340Li eng). Routeman (Rolls-Royce 220 eng). Trunker 3 (Rolls-Royce 200; 220 eng). NCK 505 (Rolls Royce C6N eng). Perkins 12HD (610bhp 12cyl Turbo eng). 3008-TAG1; 3008-TAG2; 3008-TAG3; 3012-TAG1; 3012-TAG2; 3012-TWG1; 3012-TWG2 . 8HD Heavy Duty 400T 8cyl 400bhp Turbo . C6.220; C6.305; C6.350 . Condor CV12 . Condor CV8 . Eagle 800 265T; 300T; 350TI . PRR350; PRR415; PRR450S (CV8 eng). PRR460; PRR505; PRR575; PRR625; PRR665; PRR750S (CV12 eng). Rolls Royce CV8 300C; CVM 8025; CV12 400C; CV40015 . CV8; CV12 . Eagle Range . Eagle Range 205; 220; 260; 265; 265L; 265Li; 265Li-S; 280; 290L; 320Li; 340; 340Li; 350; 350Li; 380 . Seddon Atkinson 13-4; 20-4; 32-4; 34-4 (Rolls Royce 220; 260 Mk I; 260 Mk II eng). 401 (Rolls Royce 265LI eng). 401 (Rolls Royce 290L eng). 401 R30G26 (Rolls Royce 265LI eng). 401 T17R26 (Rolls Royce 265L eng). 401 T17R30 (Rolls Royce 300Li eng). 401 T17R34 (Rolls Royce 340i eng). 411 T17R30 (Rolls Royce 300Li eng). 411 T17R34; T24R34 (Rolls Royce 340LI eng). 411 T22R34; T24R34 (Rolls Royce 340LI eng). Borderer; Leader (Rolls Royce Eagle 220 Mk III eng). Borderer; Leader (Rolls Royce Eagle 280 Mk III eng). Strato 17.38; TC17.38P (Perkins 375TX Eagle eng). Strato 17.40P; TC17.40P (Perkins 400TX Eagle eng). Strato 22.33P; TC22.33P (Perkins 325TX Eagle eng). Strato 22.38P; TC22.38P (Perkins 375TX Eagle eng). Strato 22.40P; TC22.40P (Perkins 400TX Eagle eng). Strato; Stratocruiser 17.33P; TC17.33P (Perkins 325TX Eagle eng). Sisu Sisu Trucks fitted with Rolls Royce Eagle 265; 305; 320 engine

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