FIN-FF30967 Filter-Fuel(Equivalent: BF940, SP-903, WK812, 33390MP)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30967
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FF30967 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-BF940, FFG-FF5226, FMH-WK812)
    Our Stock Level: 72
    Stock at Manufacturer(UK) 3-7 day lead: 792
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: Spin on fuel filter with 62mm OD sealing ring. For Beta Marine applications that require a larger filter and will accept a 72mm OD sealing ring use FIN-FF30137. For applications that require a more raised convex thread plate use FIN-FF30106. For Fleetguard user friendly version use FFG-FF42003. Fuel Spin-on. Also [1] Included I-Gasket. Gasket: [1] Included. Gasket: [1] Included.
    Updated: 20/05/2022

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    Height: 72mm
    OD/WidthMax: 76mm
    OD/WidthMin: 76mm
    Thread: M20 x 1.5
    Micron: Unspecified

    AC Delco TP1200. Alco SP903, SP-903. Allis Chalmers 99102121. AP Lockheed AP3554. Asahi AMC DF7751, DF-7751, F7751A. Baldwin BF940. Bell 223816. Beta Marine 101320, 21160210, 211-60210. BluePrint ADL ADD62305. Bosch F026402819. Case IHC 1959517C1, 1959517-C1, 1959599C1, 1959599-C1, 1959599C2, 1959599-C2, 200040A1. Caterpillar 3I1591. Clark 18026, 6599194, 6640801. Coopers Fiaam FSM4027, FT5006. Crosland 5004. Daihatsu 15221-43080, 15221-43081, 2303087306, 23030-87306, 23300-87307, 2330087309, 23300-87309, 2330337307, 23303-37307, 2330387306, 23303-87306, 23303-87307, 2330387307000, 23303-87307-000, 2330478010, 23304-78010, 2330D-87307. Delphi Lucas CAV 7176527, HDF527. Donaldson P550127. Doosan Daewoo 24716008. Dynapac 4812156263. Fiat 2098616, 72098616, 74531050, 745310508. Filtration FTF2500, FTF2533. Filtron PP852/1, PP8521. First Line FFF571. Fleetguard FF42003, FF5106, FF5129, FF5147, FF5226. Fleetrite FFR85106, FFR85129, FFR85147, FFR85226. Fram P4766, P7514, P7572. Genie 839200. Greyfriars 828S. Hengst H173WK. Hifi Hirschi Jura SN25106. Hino 2330087307, 234011130, 23401-1130, 234011131, 23401-1131, 234011132, 23401-1132, 234011133, 23401-1133, S234011133. Ingersoll Rand 36870566. Inline FF30967, FFRP4766, FFR-P4766, FINFF30967, FIN-FF30967. Isuzu 8941329411, 8-94132-941-1. JCB 02601702, 2/601702, 2601702, 7001/33009, 700133009. John Deere CH14467, CH16885. Koehring 8023395. Kohler 252765, 252898. Kralinator F142. Kubota 1522143080, 15221-4308-0, 1522143081, 15221-4308-1, 1522143170, 15221-43170, 15221-4317-0, 1552143080, 15521-43080, 5471123410, 54711-23410, 700043081. Luberfiner FP590F, FP590F1, FP590F-1. Mahle Knecht KC99. Mann 6642059100, WK812. Massey Ferguson 3280552M1, 3280552-M1, 3280552M91, 3280552-M91, 3282454M91, 3282454-M91, TRA8023395. Match 1406512. Micro FT2244, FT2245. Napa 3390. Nipparts 133611, J1336011, J133611. Nippon Denso 230001. Orenstein and Koppel 1451543. Purflux CS781. Purolator Facet F50262, PER262F. Ransomes Jacobsen 2500809, 555405. Sakai 4022090060, 4022-09006-0. Sakura FC1201, FC-1201, FC12011, FC-1201-1, FC1206, FC-1206, FC1302, FC-1302. SF Schupp SK 3712, SK3712. Sofima S4326NR. Solid Auto D103005. Soparis CVN9236. Sure SFF3390. Tecneco GS4766. Tecnocar RN1800. Tokyo Roki 2281251100. Toyo Kogyo FG1467M, FG6480, FGH481. Toyota 2330387037, 23303-87037. TRP 1535412. UFI 24.326.00, 2432600. Union FC033, FC-033, FC610, FC-610. Unipart GFE5375. Universal 298854, 2988-54. Vapormatic CPD6051. Vauxhall GM 25013415, 25013416. Vic FC707, FC707A, FC-707-A. Wacker Neuson 134033, 2605510. Wix 33390, 33390MP. Woodgate WGF5106, WGF5129, WGF5140. Yanmar 12947055701, 129470-55701

    Airman AX30-2; AX35-2 w/Kubota V1505 Eng. Allis Chalmers 5010 w/2cyl Eng. 5015 w/Unspecified Eng. 5020 w/Toyosha S126 Eng. 5030 w/Unspecified Eng. 5220; 5230 w/Unspecified Eng. Allmand TLB25D w/Kubota D1105 Eng. Ammann RW2900 w/Kubota D1703 25kW 34hp Eng. Avant 520 w/Kubota D722 Eng. Benford HD1000 w/Unspecified Eng. TV800 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta Marine Beta 10 BZ482 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 14 BZ482 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 14S BZ482 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 16 BZ602 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 20 BD722 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 20 BD722 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 25 BD902 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 28 BD1005 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 30 BD1005 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 35 BV1505 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 38 BV1505 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 43 BV1903 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 43 BV2003 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 50 BV2203 w/Unspecified Eng. Beta 75 BV3300 w/Unspecified Eng. BF2803 w/Unspecified Eng. Bobcat Melroe 843 w/Perkins 4.154 Eng. 220 w/Unspecified Eng (Where fitted: To Serial No 15001, OeNo 6640801). B100; B100T w/Kubota D1105 Turbo Eng. B200 w/Kubota D1105T Eng. B250; B250B w/Kubota D1105T Eng. B300 w/Kubota E2 Eng. B300 w/Kubota V2203 Eng. X-225 w/Kubota D1402B Eng. X231 w/Kubota V1902-B Eng. Bomag BW100AD-4 w/Kubota Eng. BW120AD-4 w/Kubota D1703 Eng. BW120AD-4 w/Kubota Eng. Case IHC 1818 w/Kubota D850B 13kW 18hp Eng. 1818 w/Kubota D850B Eng. 1818 w/Unspecified Eng. 1825 w/Kubota D1105E Eng. 1825 w/Kubota V1100 18kW 25hp Eng. 1825 w/Kubota V1100 Eng. CK13 w/Kubota D662BH Eng. CK13 w/Kubota D662BH Eng. CK13 w/Unspecified Eng. CK15 w/Kubota D1105BH Eng. CK15 w/Kubota D1105BH Eng. CK25 w/Kubota D1105BH Eng. CK25 w/Kubota D1105BH Eng. CK25 w/Kubota Eng. CK28 w/Kubota V1505-BH Eng. CK28 w/Kubota V1505-BH Eng. CK28 w/Unspecified Eng. CK36 w/Kubota V1902 Eng. CK36 w/Kubota V1902 Eng. CK50 w/Kubota V1902 Eng. CK50 w/Kubota V1902 Eng. CK50 w/Unspecified Eng. CK62 w/Kubota S2800 Eng. CK62 w/Kubota S2800 Eng. Caterpillar 50 w/Unspecified Eng. Daihatsu Rocky (Fourtrack/Taft) 2.5D F50 2500cc Diesel 45kW 61hp w/DG Eng. Rocky (Fourtrack/Taft) 2.8D F60 2765cc Diesel 51kW 69hp w/DL Eng. Rocky (Fourtrack/Taft) 2.8TD F98 2765cc Diesel 72kW 98hp w/DL-C; DL-T Eng. Fermec 524 w/Kubota V1505-B Eng. Gehl SL1610 w/Kubota D850 Eng. Grillo FD1500 w/Kubota V1505 Eng. Hino FB2W w/W04D Eng (Where fitted: Engine, OeNo S23401-1133). FB4J w/J05C New Zealand Eng. W04CT w/Unspecified Eng. W04CTA; W04CTI w/Unspecified Eng. W04D w/Unspecified Eng. Hitachi FH30-2; FH35-2 w/Kubota V1505 Eng. SL30B w/Kubota V1505 Eng. UH06; UHM10; UHM11 w/D1302BH Eng. UHM14 w/Kubota D1302BH Eng. Hokuetsu Kogyo AX30 w/Kubota V1505-E Eng. Holder 240; C340 w/Kubota V1505 Eng. Hustler 4600 w/Kubota V1205; V1505 Eng. Trim Star w/Kawasaki 13hp; 15hp; 17hp Eng. Trim Star w/Kawasaki 15hp; 17hp Eng. Ingersoll Rand 7-20 w/Kubota D1005 Eng. BL275 w/Kubota Eng. BL370 w/Kubota Eng. BL375 w/Kubota Eng. BL470; BL475 w/Kubota Eng. BL570; BL575 w/Kubota Eng. Jacobsen 405 w/Fairway Eng. Green King w/Unspecified Eng. John Deere 3005 w/Yanmar 1.3L 3cyl Eng. 1250 w/Unspecified Eng (Where fitted: To Serial No 004209, OeNo CH16885). 1250 w/Yanmar 32kW 44hp Eng. 1450 w/Unspecified Eng (Where fitted: To Serial No 002270, OeNo CH16885). 1450 w/Yanmar 40kW 55hp Eng. 1650 w/Unspecified Eng (Where fitted: To Serial No 002468, OeNo CH16885). 4005 w/Yanmar 4TNV88 31kW 42hp Eng. Koehring Scattrak 1300 w/Kubota V1902-B Eng. Kohler 12.5EORD; 12.5EORZD w/Yanmar 4TNE84 Eng. 15EORD; 15EORZD w/Yanmar 4TNE84 Eng. 20EORZ; 20EORZD w/Yanmar 4TNE84T Eng. Kubota 007 w/Unspecified Eng. 345 w/Unspecified Eng. Alpha 2 U30-3 w/D1503M Eng. Alpha U17-3 w/D902 Eng. Alpha U20-3 w/D1105E2 Eng. Alpha U25-3 w/D1105E2 Eng. Alpha; Alpha 2 U35-3 w/Unspecified Eng. AM3300 w/V1505 Eng. D1101; D1102; D1301; D1302; D1402 w/Unspecified Eng. D1105 w/Unspecified Eng. D1105; D1105E w/Unspecified Eng. D722 w/Unspecified Eng. D722; D722-E w/Unspecified Eng. D750B; D850; D950 w/Unspecified Eng. GV1125-Q60 w/D1703B Eng. GV3170; GV3170SW w/V1902-B Eng. K025 w/Unspecified Eng. K040 w/Unspecified Eng. KC120 w/Unspecified Eng. KC250H; KC250HR w/V2203 Eng. KD15 w/Unspecified Eng. KH001.1D w/D1100BH Eng. KH008 w/Z851BH Eng. KH008-1 w/Unspecified Eng. KH012 w/Z620-KW Eng. KH014 w/D1301BH Eng. KH015 w/D1301BH Eng. KH016W w/D1402BH Eng. KH021 w/D950BH2 Eng. KH024 w/D950BH2 Eng. KH026 w/D1402BH4 Eng. KH027 w/D1402BH4 Eng. KH030 w/D1402BH5 Eng. KH031 w/Z600-KW3 8kW 11hp Eng. KH033 w/V1902-BH3 Eng. KH035 w/D850BHW 10kW 14hp Eng. KH036 w/Z620-KW 9kW 12hp Eng. KH040 w/V1902-BH4 Eng. KH041 w/D950 12kW 16hp Eng. KH050 w/D950BH Eng. KH051 w/D950BH 14kW 19hp Eng. KH060 w/D1302 17kW 23hp Eng. KH066 w/D1402BH 19kW 26hp Eng. KH090 w/V1702 22kW 30hp Eng. KH1; KH1D w/D1100BH Eng. KH10; KH10D w/D1100BH Eng. KH101 w/Kubota V1902-BH Eng. KH101 w/V1902 Eng. KH101 w/V1902-BH 25kW 34hp Eng. KH11; KH12FD; KH16 w/D1302BH Eng. KH12 w/Kubota Z620-KW Eng. KH130 w/Unspecified Eng. KH14 w/Kubota D950BH1 Eng. KH14 w/Unspecified Eng. KH14; KH14-3; KH15; KD15 w/Kubota D1301BH Eng. KH14; KH15 w/D1301BH Eng. KH151 w/Kubota V1902-BH6 Eng. KH151 w/Kubota V1902-NH Eng. KH151 w/V1902 Eng. KH16W w/Kubota D1402BH Eng. KH170 w/Unspecified Eng. KH170L w/Unspecified Eng. KH191 w/Kubota S2800D Eng. KH20L w/V1902-BH Eng. KH21; KH24 w/Kubota D950BH2 Eng. KH26; KH27; KH30 w/Kubota D1402BH4 Eng. KH31 w/Z600-KW3 Eng. KH31; KH35; KH36 w/Unspecified Eng. KH33 w/Kubota V1902-BH3 Eng. KH35 w/Kubota D850BHW Eng. KH36 w/Kubota Z620-KW Eng. KH40 w/Kubota V1902-BH4 Eng. KH41 w/Kubota D950BH1 Eng. KH45 w/Kubota V1902-BH4 Eng. KH5 w/D722E Eng. KH5 w/Z600-K1 Eng. KH5 w/Z600-K1; Z600-KW2 Eng. KH5 w/Z600-Z1 Eng. KH50 w/D950BH Eng. KH50; KH51; KH55 w/D950 Eng. KH51; KH55 w/D950BH2 Eng. KH55 w/S2800D Eng. KH60 w/D1402BH4 Eng. KH60 w/Kubota D1302BH Eng. KH60 w/Unspecified Eng. KH61 w/D950BH2 Eng. KH61 w/Kubota D950BH Eng. KH66 w/D1402 Eng. KH66 w/Kubota D1402BH4 Eng. KH66 w/Unspecified Eng. KH70 w/Unspecified Eng. KH90 w/Kubota V1702-BH Eng. KH90 w/Unspecified Eng. KH90 w/V1702-BH Eng. KH91 w/D1402BH5 Eng. KH91 w/Kubota D1402BH Eng. KJS130DX w/D1703E Eng. KJS150VX w/V2203-E Eng. KJT130; KJT180V w/Unspecified Eng. KJT210VX w/V2203-E Eng. KJT270FXSW w/F2803E Eng. KX016-4 w/Unspecified Eng. KX018-4 w/D902BH Eng. KX018-4 w/D902E3BH3 Eng. KX019-4 w/Unspecified Eng. KX024 w/Unspecified Eng. KX057-4 w/V2607-DI-E3 Eng. KX057-4 w/V2607DI-E3 Eng. KX080-3 w/Unspecified Eng. KX080-3 w/V3307-DI-T Eng. KX080-3 w/V3800-DI-E2-BH Eng. KX101 w/Kubota V1902-BH5 Eng. KX101 w/V1502B4 25kW 34hp Eng. KX101; KX151 w/Unspecified Eng. KX101-3 Alpha 2 w/D1503MEBH4ECN 20kW Eng. KX101-3 Alpha; Alpha 2 w/D1503M Eng. KX101-3 w/D1503MEBH2EC 20kW 27hp Eng. KX101-3A w/Unspecified Eng. KX101H w/V1902-BH5 26kW 35hp Eng. KX101H w/V1902-BH5 26kW 35hp Eng. KX121 w/Unspecified Eng. KX121 w/V2203E Eng (Where fitted: Secondary, OeNo 15221-43170). KX121-2 w/Unspecified Eng. KX121-2 w/Unspecified Eng. KX121-2 w/V2203-BH4 Eng. KX121-2S w/V2203-EBH4 Eng. KX121-3 Alpha w/V2203M Eng. KX121-3A w/V2203-M-EBH-2-N 29kW Eng. KX121-3S w/V2203-M-E2BH-2-N Eng. KX121-3S; KX121-3ST w/V2203M Eng. KX151 w/Kubota V1902-BH6 Eng. KX151 w/V1902-B4 29kW 40hp Eng. KX151H w/V1902-BH6 Eng. KX151H w/V1902-BH6 Eng. KX161 w/V2203E Eng (Where fitted: Secondary, OeNo 15221-43170). KX161-2 w/Unspecified Eng. KX161-2 w/V2203 Eng. KX161-2 w/V2203-BH5 Eng. KX161-3 Alpha w/V2203-M Eng. KX161-3 S1 w/V2203-M-EBH-2 Eng. KX161-3 S2 w/V2203-M-EBH-2 Eng. KX161-3A w/Unspecified Eng. KX161-3S w/V2203-M Eng. KX161-3ST w/V2403-M Eng. KX161-3ST w/V2403-M-E2BH-1 Eng. KX36 w/Kubota D662BH Eng. KX36 w/Unspecified Eng. KX36 w/Unspecified Eng. KX36; KX36G; KX36HG w/D662B4 10kW 14hp Eng. KX36-2 w/Kubota D1105 Eng. KX36-2 w/Unspecified Eng. KX41 w/Kubota D1105BH Eng. KX41 w/Unspecified Eng. KX41 w/Unspecified Eng. KX41; KX41G; KX41HG w/D1105B4 15kW 20hp Eng. KX41-2 w/D1105 Eng. KX41-2 w/D1105BH7 Eng. KX41-2 w/Unspecified Eng. KX41-2S w/D1105EBH7 Eng. KX41H w/D1105BH 16kW 22hp Eng. KX61 w/Kubota D1105BHG Eng. KX61 w/Unspecified Eng. KX61; KX61G; KX61HG w/D1105B4G 19kW 26hp Eng. KX61-2 w/D1105 Eng. KX61-2 w/D1105BH6 18kW 24hp Eng. KX61-2 w/Unspecified Eng. KX71 w/Kubota V1505-BH Eng. KX71 w/Unspecified Eng. KX71 w/Unspecified Eng. KX71 w/V1502B4 22kW 30hp Eng. KX71-2 w/Kubota Eng. KX71-2 w/V1505 Eng. KX71-3 w/V1505-E2-BH10 Eng. KX71-3S w/V1505-BH Eng. KX71H w/V1505-BH 24kW 32hp Eng. KX91-2 w/V1505 Eng. KX91-2 w/V1505-BH-7 Eng. KX91-2S w/V1505-EBH-7 Eng. KX91-3 Alpha; Alpha 2 w/D1503M Eng. KX91-3 w/Unspecified Eng. KX91-3; KX91-3S w/D1503M Eng (Where fitted: KX91-3S, OeNo 15221-43170). KX91-3A w/Unspecified Eng. KX91-3A2 w/Unspecified Eng. KX91-3S w/D1503ME2BH2N Eng. KX91-3S2 w/D1703ME3 Eng. L175 w/Unspecified Eng. L185; L185DT w/Unspecified Eng. L2050DT; L2050F w/Unspecified Eng. L225 w/D1100 Eng. L225; L225DT w/Kubota D1100-A 18kW 24hp Eng. L225DT w/Unspecified Eng. L235DT w/D1102A Eng. L245; L245DT; L245DTP; L245FP; L245H; L245HC; L245TP w/Unspecified Eng. L245; L245HC w/Kubota DH1101-A 18kW 25hp Eng. L2550GST w/Unspecified Eng. L275; L295; L295DT; L345; L345W w/Unspecified Eng. L285 w/Kubota V1500-A 22kW 30hp Eng. L295DT w/Kubota D1301A 22kW 30hp Eng. L295F w/D1301A 19kW 26hp Eng. L3000DT; L3000F w/D1503ELA 23kW 32hp Eng. L305 w/Kubota D1301DA 25kW 34hp Eng. L305 w/Unspecified Eng. L345; L345W w/Kubota D1501DA 25kW 34hp Eng. L345DT w/Unspecified Eng. LL175 w/Kubota Z750-A 13kW 17hp Eng. LL185; 185DT w/Kubota Z751-A 13kW 17hp Eng. LL2050DT w/D1102AE2 15kW 20hp Eng. LL2250F w/D1302DIA 15kW 21hp Eng. LL2500DT w/D1403AE 16kW 22hp Eng. LL2500F w/D1403AE 16kW 22hp Eng. LL2600DT; LL2600F w/D1403AE 20kW 27hp Eng. M4000; M4050 w/Unspecified Eng. M4030DT; M4030F w/Unspecified Eng. M4030SU w/F2402 Eng. M4950; M4950DT; M4950F w/Unspecified Eng. M5030; M5030DT; M5030F w/Unspecified Eng. M8580 w/Unspecified Eng. R20P w/Unspecified Eng. R310 w/Unspecified Eng. R310; R310B; R310H w/V1305-RP 18kW 25hp Eng. R310LST w/V1305 Eng. R400; R400B w/Unspecified Eng. R410 w/Unspecified Eng. R410; R410B w/V1902 27kW 37hp Eng. R420LS w/Kubota U1503 Eng. R420LST w/D1503T Eng. R510 w/Unspecified Eng. R510; R510B w/V2203 35kW 48hp Eng. R520 w/Kubota U2203 Eng. R520 w/V2203 Eng. RG30 w/Unspecified Eng. RX201 w/Unspecified Eng. U 50-3A w/Unspecified Eng. U15-3 w/D782 Eng. U15-3 w/D782E2 Eng. U15T3 w/D782E2U15 Eng. U15T4 w/D782E2BH4 Eng. U17/3 w/Unspecified Eng. U17-3A w/Unspecified Eng. U20 w/D1105 Eng. U20-3A w/Unspecified Eng. U25-3A w/Unspecified Eng. U30 w/Unspecified Eng. U30-3A2 w/Unspecified Eng. U35 w/V1505 Eng. U35-3A w/Unspecified Eng. U35-3A2 w/Unspecified Eng. U35-4 w/D1703MDIT4BHUS1 Eng. U35SS w/D1503ME2BH2N Eng. U45 Super S w/V2203M Eng. U45 w/Unspecified Eng. U45 w/V2203 Eng. U45 w/V2203-M-E2BH-2-N Eng. U45-3 Alpha w/Unspecified Eng. U45-3 w/Unspecified Eng. U45-3A w/Unspecified Eng. U45S w/V2203-M-E2BH-5-N Eng. U48-4 w/Unspecified Eng. U48-4 w/V2607-DI Eng. U50-3 Alpha w/V2203-M Eng. U55 w/V2607-DI-E3 Eng. U55-4 w/Unspecified Eng. U55-4 w/V2607-DI Eng. V1908 w/Unspecified Eng. Z482-E w/Unspecified Eng. Libra 118S w/Unspecified Eng. Massey Ferguson MF1030L w/Unspecified Eng. MF1035 w/Unspecified Eng. MF1040 w/Unspecified Eng. MF205; MF205-4 w/Unspecified Eng. MF210; MF210-4 w/Unspecified Eng. MF220; MF220-4 w/Unspecified Eng. Moffett M2003 w/Unspecified Eng. M50; M55P w/Kubota Eng. New Holland L-450 w/Kubota D1402 Eng. Powerpac APUK w/Kubota Z482 Eng. Reform Werke Metrac 2002 w/Kubota V1200 Eng. Metrac 2003 w/Kubota V1200 Eng. Metrac 2004; 2004K w/Kubota V1903-B 29kW 40hp Eng. Metrac 3003; 3003S w/Kubota V1402: V1902 Eng. Metrac 3004; 3004K w/Kubota 29kW 40hp Eng. Metrac 4004 w/Kubota V2203 Eng. Metrac G4 w/Kubota V2203-V 31kW 42hp Eng. Metrac G5 w/Kubota V2203-B 34kW 46hp Eng. Metrac H4 w/Kubota 34kW 46hp Eng. Metrac H5 w/Kubota 34kW 46hp Eng. Metrac H6 w/Kubota 41kW 56hp Eng. Muli 30 w/Kubota 1402 Eng. Muli 400 w/Kubota V1902 Eng. Muli 401 w/Kubota V1902 Eng. Muli 550 w/Kubota Eng. Muli 560 w/Kubota V2803 Eng. Muli 660 w/Kubota Eng. Sakai R2; R2-1; R2H w/Hino W04D Eng. SW650 w/Unspecified Eng. SW651; SW651ND w/Hino W04DH Eng. TZ701 w/Hino W04DTG Eng. Simplicity 9523 w/Toyosha S126 2cyl Eng. 9528 w/Toyosha S126 2cyl Eng. Sublift Unknown Model 12 Ton w/Kubota V1505 Eng. Sullair XPA1482 w/Unspecified Eng. Sumitomo Unknown Model 9 Ton w/Unspecified Eng. Takeuchi TB035 w/Unspecified Eng. Terex HD1000 w/Unspecified Eng. HD850; HD1000; HD1200 w/Kubota D905 Eng. PT3000 w/Unspecified Eng. TV800; TV900 w/Kubota D905 Eng. Thwaites Mach 570 3 Ton w/Yanmar Eng. Turner Hustler 320 w/Unspecified Eng. Vermeer D4; D6 w/Kubota Eng. D7x11; D7x11A w/Kubota V1505-E Eng. S600TX w/Kubota D1105 Eng. Winget CC1000 w/Kubota D1105E4B 18kW Eng. CC1100 1EN4 w/Kubota D1703 Eng. CC1100 C Plus w/Kubota D1703MT4I 26kW 35hp Eng. CC1100 C1EN3 w/Kubota D1703 Eng. CC1100 CCSN w/Kubota D1703 Eng. CC1100 Plus w/Kubota D1703 Eng. CC800 w/Kubota DD1105-E4B 18kW Eng. CC900 w/Kubota DD1105-E4B 18kW Eng. CC900S w/Kubota D1105E4BT4F 18kW Eng. Yanmar 4JH2E; 4JH2-TE w/Unspecified Eng. 4JH2-HTE; 4JH2-DTE w/Unspecified Eng. 4JH3E-YEU w/Unspecified Eng. 4JH3E-YEU w/Unspecified Eng. 4JH-DTE; 4JH-HTE w/Unspecified Eng. 4JHE; 4JH-TE w/Unspecified Eng. 4JH-E; 4JH-TE; 4JH2-DTE; 4JH2-E; 4JH2-HTE; 4JH2-TE; 4JH2-UTEB w/Unspecified Eng. 4JH-HTE; 4JH-DTE w/Unspecified Eng. 3JH2CE; 3JH2E; 3JH2TE; 3JH2TCE; 3JH3EYEU w/Unspecified Eng. 3JH2E; 3JH2TE w/Unspecified Eng. 3JH3E-YEU w/Unspecified Eng

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    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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