FIN-FF30662 Filter-Fuel(Equivalent: FF5612, BF7922, 533682, 533682)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30662
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FF30662 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-BF7922, FFG-FF5612)
    Our Stock Level: 16
    Stock at Manufacturer(UK) 3-7 day lead: 111
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: Fuel Spin-on. CAUTION: Furnished O-Ring must be installed on post for seal. Also [1] Included F-Gasket. Also G401 I-Gasket. Gasket: G401. Gasket: G401.
    Updated: 02/05/2022

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    Height: 183mm
    OD/WidthMax: 94mm
    OD/WidthMin: 94mm
    Thread: M20 x 1.5
    Micron: Unspecified

    Baldwin BF7922, Case IHC 84167233, 84412164, 87803200, 87803208, Cummins 4989106, Donaldson P550880, Fleetguard FF5612, FF5790, Grove 9414101756, Inline FF30662, FINFF30662, FIN-FF30662, JCB 32/925932, 32925932, Luberfiner LFF5421, LFF54211, LFF5421-1, Mann WK929X, Napa 3682, New Holland 504043765, 71102624, 87803197, Purolator Facet F75921, Sakura FC45010, FC-45010, Terex 134026, Wix 33682, 533682

    Case IHC 1150K(Family-IV 6.7L eng). 1650L(Family-IV 6.7L eng). 1850K(6.7L eng). 521E; 521EXT(Family-IV-445TA eng). 580N; 580N Super; 580NWT Super(445T; 445M3 4.5L eng). 580SR; 580SR(F4HE9484C 4.5L E3 eng). 580ST(445TA; 445EEA 4.5L E3 eng). 590E(Unspecified eng). 590SR(445T 4.5L Turbo eng). 590SR(F4HE9484C 4.5L E3 eng). 590SR(Unspecified eng). 590ST(445TA; 445EGH 4.5L Turbo eng). 621E; 621EXR; 621EXT(Family-IV-445TA eng). 621F(FPT-F4HFE613Z 6.7L eng). 650L(445TA; 445EHA 4.5L eng). 695SR(445T 4.5L E3 eng). 695SR(445T 4.5L E3 eng). 695ST(445TA; 445EGH 4.5L E3 eng). 721D; 721DXT(Iveco 6TAA-6804 eng). 721E; 721EXR; 721EXT(Case 6.7L eng). 721F; 721FXR; 721FXT(Case 6.7L E4i eng). 821E; 821EXT(Case 6.7L eng). 821F; 821FXR; 821FXT(Case 6.7L E4i eng). 845B(Cummins QSB-6.7 eng). 850L(667TA eng). 865B; 865B-VHP(Cummins QSB-6.7 eng). 885B(6.7L E3 eng). 921F(6.7L E4i eng). Puma 155(Unspecified eng). Super 590N(445TA; 445E3 4.5L eng). Super 590R(Unspecified eng). Super MkIII 580M(445T 4.5L Turbo eng). Super MkIII 590M(445T 4.5L Turbo eng). Super MkIII 590M+(445TA; 445E3 eng). Cummins QSB4.5(Unspecified eng). QSB4.5(Unspecified eng). QSB6.7(Unspecified eng). Doosan Daewoo DX225(Unspecified eng). Grove RT540E(Cummins QSB-6.7 eng). RT890E(Cummins QSB-5.9 eng). Hyundai R210/9(Unspecified eng). JCB 414S; 414S Agri(Cummins QSB-6.7 E3 eng). 416S; 416S Agri(Cummins QSB-6.7 E3 eng). 426 Agri; 426EHT; 426EZX(Cummins QSB-6.7 E3 eng). 434S; 434S Agri(Cummins QSB-6.7 E3 eng). 436 Agri; 436EHT; 436EZX(Cummins QSB-6.7 E3 eng). 722(Cummins QSB-6.7 E3 eng). Kobelco SK260-9(Iveco FPT 6.7L eng). SK295-9(Iveco FPT 6.7L eng). New Holland 6080(Unspecified eng). B100B; B100BLR(FPT 4.5L Turbo eng). B100B; B100BLR; B100BTC(FPT4.5 Turbo eng). B110(4.5L E3 eng). B110(Unspecified eng). B110B(445TA eng). B110B(4V Electronic eng). B110B(Unspecified eng). B115B(445TA eng). B90B(445TA eng). B95B; B95BLR; B95BTC(445TA eng). CSX7040(Iveco NEF 6.7L eng). CSX7050; CSX7050 Hillside; CSX7050 Laterale(Iveco NEF 6.7L eng). CSX7070(Cursor 9 8.7L eng). CSX7080(Cursor 9 8.7L eng). CX8030(F4HE9684D; F4HE9687G eng). D150B(E3 eng). D180(F4HE9684 eng). D85B(445TA E3 eng). D95B(445TA E3 eng). E195C(FPT-F4HFE413HA007 eng). E215C(FPT-F4HFE613HA002 eng). E245C(FPT-F4HE6135A002 eng). E265B(667TA eng). E305B(667TA eng). F106.6(667TA E3 eng). F106.6A(667TA E3 eng). F106.7; F106.7A(667TA E3 eng). F140B(Unspecified eng). F156.6(667TA E3 eng). F156.6A(667TA E3 eng). F156.7; F156.7A(667TA E3 eng). F170B(Unspecified eng). F200B(Unspecified eng). G140VP(Cummins QSB-6.7 E3 eng). G200; G200-6X6; G200NH(QSB-6.7 E3 eng). GV170-6X6; G170VP; G170VPNH(QSB-6.7 E3 eng). LW170.B(Cummins 8.3L eng). LW190B(Iveco eng). RG140.BVP(Cummins QSB-6.7 E3 eng). RG170.BVP(Cummins QSB-5.9 E3 Brazil eng). RG200.B(Cummins QSB-6.7 E3 eng). T6.120; T6.140; T6.150; T6.160(FPT-NEF4.5 E4i eng). T6.155; T6.165; T6.175(FPT-NEF6.7 E4i eng). T6010(4.5L Turbo eng). T6020(4.5L Turbo eng). T6030(6.75L E3 eng). T6030(6.75L E3 eng). T6030(6.75L eng). T6040(4.5L Turbo eng). T6040(Unspecified eng). T6050(6.75L E3 eng). T6050(6.75L eng). T6050(6.75L eng). T6050(Unspecified eng). T6050(Unspecified eng). T6060(4.5L Turbo eng). T6070(6.75L E3 eng). T6070(6.75L E3 eng). T6070(6.75L eng). T6070(Unspecified eng). T6080(6.75L E3 eng). T6080(6.75L eng). T6080(Unspecified eng). T7.170; T7.185; T7.200; T7.210(FPT-NEF6.7 E4i eng). T7.210 Auto Command(Unspecified eng). T7.220; T7.235; T7.250; T7.260; T7.270(FPT-NEF6.7 E4i eng). T7030(6.75L Turbo eng). T7030(6.75L Turbo eng). T7030(Unspecified eng). T7040(6.75L Turbo eng). T7040(6.75L Turbo eng). T7050; T7060(6.75L Turbo eng). T7050; T7060(6.75L Turbo eng). T7070(6.75L Turbo eng). T7200(Unspecified eng). TC5070; TC5080; TC5080 Hillside(6.7L Common Rail eng). TS125A(6.7L eng). TS125A(Unspecified eng). TS135A(6.7L eng). W110B; W110BLR; W110BTC(445TA eng). W130B; W130BTC(6.7L eng). W170B; W170BLR; W170BTC(6.7L eng). W170C(E4i eng). W190(Iveco F4AE0684F eng). W190B; W190BLR(6.7L eng). W190C(E4i eng). W230C(E4i eng). Vogele Vision 5100-2; 5103-2(Cummins QSB-6.7 eng). Vision 5200-2; 5203-2(Cummins QSB-6.7 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
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