FBW-BF7552 FILTER-Fuel(Baldwin BF7552, Alco SP-923, Mann WK818/80)

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  • Part Number FBW-BF7552
  • Shipping Weight: 0.45kgs
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Filters-Fuel, SpinOn, M20x1.5. FILTER-Fuel(Spin On). Fuel Spin-on. Integral Post Seal. Also G324-A I-Gasket.

    Height: 72mm
    OD/Width Max: 94mm
    OD/Width Min: 94mm
    Thread: M20x1.5

    Alco SP923, SP-923, Ammann 1103842, 1952348, 1-952348, Asahi AMC F454, MF454, MF-454, MF-556, Baldwin BF7552, Blueprint ADL ADC42315, ADC42339, Bosch 0986450512, Caterpillar 0947073, 094-7073, 947073, 94-7073, Coopers Fiaam FSM4069, Crosland 5025, Daihatsu 2330387304000, 23303-87304-000, Digoema DGM/K03185, DGMK03185, Donaldson P550048, Dongwoo DWF104, Doosan Daewoo D460689, D471000, Fil Filter ZP3001AF, ZP3001F, ZP516F, Filtration FTF2521, FTF2701, Fleetguard FF5087, Fleetrite FFR85087, Fram P10796, Gehl 079757, 137499, 182130, 203888, N182130, Greyfriars 855S, Hitachi 4626336, Ingersoll Rand 22226369, In-Line Filters FBWBF7552, FBW-BF7552, FF30606, FINFF30606, FIN-FF30606, John Deere M811031, Jungheinrich 14107190, Kobelco PM02P000092, VV11980255800, VV11980255801, Kohler 363418, Komatsu YM119000-55600, YM11980255800, YM11980255801, YM119802-55801, Kralinator F3399, Lautrette Mecafilter ELG5529, Luberfiner LFF8350, M Filter MP471, Mann and Hummel 6642259120, WK818/80, WK81880, Mitsubishi ME006066, ME229355, Napa 3399, Nipparts J1335033, J1335047, J1335082, Nippon Denso FT7219, Ryco Z188, Sakura FC1004, FC-1004, Samsung 601110300, Schupp SF SK3670, Sure SFF6066, Takeuchi TY11900055600, TY11980255801, Tecnocar RN137, Teho Filter 6053, OK53, Union FC-351, Vapormatic VPD6182, Vic FC317, FC-317, Volvo 11713231, 119530040, 1195-30040, Wacker Neuson 1000012341, Wix 33399, 533399, Woodgate WGF5087, Yanmar 11900055600, 119000-55600, 11900055601, 119000-55601, 5864015100, 58640-15100, 72282249, 72282249IMO, YM11900055600

    Ammann AV Series AV 32-2 27kW 37hp(Yanmar 3TNV88 EuroMot2 Engine), Antonio Carraro Superpark / SP 4400 HST 28kW 38hp(Yanmar 3TNE Engine), Case IHC CX50B, CX27B(Yanmar 3TNV82A-SYB Engine), CX27B 17kW 23hp(Yanmar 3TNV82A Engine), CX27B Tier 4 (NA), CX290B Tier 3, CX31B(Yanmar 3TNV88-PYB Engine), CX31B 22kW 30hp(Yanmar 3TNV88A Engine), CX290 140kW 190hp(Isuzu CC-6BGIT Engine), Caterpillar 307(Mitsubishi 4D32 Engine), E70(Mitsubishi 4D31,-T Engine), E70B(Mitsubishi 4D32 Engine), 307(Cat 3054 Engine), 307(Mitsubishi 4D 32 Engine), 307B 40kW 54hp(Mits 4M40 / Cat 3046 Engine), Doosan Daewoo 1340XL(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 602 Plus(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), DSL601(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), DSL601; DSL602(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), DSL801, Solar 55-V Plus(Yanmar 4TNE94 Engine), D55V, Gehl 3640E(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine), CTL60(Yanmar 4TNV98 Engine), SL3935(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine), SL4240(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), 4240E(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), SL3635 Series(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine), SL3640(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine), E - Series (Kompaktlader / Skid-Steer Loader) 1640 E 18kW 24hp(Yanmar 3TNV82 Tier IV Engine), SL Series 5620(4.154 Perkins Engine), SL Series 5625DX(204.25 Perkins Engine), SL Series 5625DX(4.154 Perkins Engine), SL Series 5625SX(204.25 Perkins Engine), SL Series 5625SX(4.154 Perkins Engine), SL Series 6620(4.154 Perkins Engine), SL Series 6625(4.154 Perkins Engine), SL Series 6625DX(204.30 Perkins Engine), SL Series 6625SX(204.30 Perkins Engine), SL Series 7600(4TNE106 Yanmar Engine), SL Series 7800(4TNE106T Yanmar Engine), Hitachi Zaxis 35U-2(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine), Zaxis 35U-3; ZX35U-3(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine), Zaxis 50U-2(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), Zaxis 50U-3; ZX50U-3(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), Zaxis 27U-2(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine), ZX30U-2, ZX40U-2(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), ZX30U-2, ZX27U-2CLR Zaxis, Hyundai HDF20-5; HDF25-5; HDF30-5(Yanmar 4TNE98 Engine), Robex 55-3; Robex 55W-3(Yanmar 4TNE94 Engine), 55-3 Robex, IHI 55N(Yanmar 4TNV94L Engine), John Deere 1505; 1515, 3013; 3016, 1905(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), 790(Yanmar 3TNE84 Engine), 790(Yanmar 3TNV82 Engine), 990(Yanmar 4TNE84, 4TNV84 Engine), 2520 19kW 26hp(Yanmar TNV Engine), 2720, 3032E, 3038E, 303120, 303320, 303520, 303720, Kato HD180G(Mitsubishi Engine), Komatsu WB140-2; WB140-2T(S4D106-2 Engine), WB140-2N; WB140PS-2N(S4D106-2 Engine), WB150-2; WB150-2N; WB150AWS-2N; WB150PS-2; WB150PS-2N(S4D106 Engine), WB97R-2(SD106-1 Engine), WB97S-2(S4D106-2 Engine), D20A-7; D20P-7(4 Cyl Engine), D21A-7; D21P-7(4 Cyl Engine), PC95R-2(4D106 Engine), PW95R-2(4D106-1 Engine), PC75R-2(4D98E Engine), SK1020-5, WB93R, PC50MR, PC PC 35 MR-2 21kW 29hp(Yanmar 3D88E-3FAE Engine), PC PC 35MR-3, PC PC 40 MR-2 29kW 39hp(4D88E-5 Engine), PC PC 50 MR-2 29kW 39hp(4D88E-5 Engine), PW PW 110R 71kW 95hp(Yanmar/Komatsu S4D106-1FB Engine), WA115 PT-3 65kW 88hp(S4 D 106 -1HC Engine), WA65-3(4D94E-1HC Engine), WA75(Perkins Engine), WB140 63kW 85hp(S4D 106-1FH Turbo Engine), WB150 63kW 85hp(S4D 106-1FH Turbo Engine), Kramer 180 27kW 37hp(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), Kubota KX71-2, ST Series ST-30 25kW 33hp(V 1505 Engine), Menzi Muck A-Klasse 21 (Yanmar Engine), A-Klasse 51 (Yanmar Engine), Mitsubishi Canter VI 2.5D(4D56 Engine), Canter VI 2.8TD(4M40A Engine), Canter VI 3.3TD(4D31T Engine), FE334, FE434, FE444; FE444C; FE444F; FE444W, FG434, FL439, J53, Canter IV (78-85) 3.3 Diesel 46/55 FE211 64kW 87hp(4D30 Engine), Canter IV (78-85) 3.3 Diesel FE 35D FE1/FE2 59kW 80hp(4D30R Engine), Canter V (85-93) 2.8D 35 FB308 69kW 94hp(4DR7 Engine), Canter V (85-93) 3.3 Diesel 60 FE431 66kW 90hp(4D301 Engine), Canter V (85-93) 3.3 Diesel 60 FE431 66kW 90hp(4D302 Engine), Canter V (85-93) 3.3 Diesel 60 FE444 66kW 90hp(4D310AZ Engine), Canter V (85-93) 3.3 DieselD FE 60 FE3/FE4 63kW 86hp(4D31T Engine), Canter V (85-93) 3.3 Diesel T 60 FE444 86kW 117hp(4D310AT Engine), Canter VI (93-2000) 2.5 Diesel 35 FE5; FE6 51kW 69hp(4D56 Engine), Canter VI (93-2000) 2.8TD 35 FB631 85kW 115hp(4M40A/4M40-2AT Engine), Canter VI (93-2000) 3.3TD FE5; FE6 86kW 117hp(4D31T Engine), Canter VI (93-2000) 3.9TD 60 FE5; FE6 100kW 136hp(4D34 Engine), Mustang 2012(Yanmar 3TNV82 Tier 3 Engine), 2041(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), 2044(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), 2054(Yanmar 4TNV88 Tier 2 Engine), 2044(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), Nanni Diesel 5.250TDi Kubota 63kW 85hp, New Holland E50.2SR, Sole HS Series 121 (Hino) 84kW 115hp, HS Series 150 (Hino) 106kW 145hp, Mini Series 62 (Mitsubishi) 44kW 60hp, SM Series 75 (Mazda) 53kW 72hp, SM Series 90 (Mazda) 65kW 88hp, Takeuchi TB80FR(Yanmar 4TNE98A Engine), TB125, TB 53FR 28kW 38hp(Yanmar 4TNV88-QTBZ Engine), TB 80FR 40kW(Yanmar 4TNE98-TB Engine), TB TB 175W(Yanmar 4TNE98-TBW, -XTBW Engine), TB 045(Yanmar 3TN100L-TBZ Engine), TB 045 32kW 44hp(Yanmar 3TN100TBZ Engine), TB 125(Yanmar 3TNV82A-QTB Engine), TB 135(Yanmar 3TNV88-QTB Engine), TB 135 20kW 27hp(Yanmar 3TNE88-TB Engine), TB 138FR 21kW 28hp(Yanmar 3TNV88-BPTBZ Engine), TB 145(Yanmar 4TNV88-QTB Engine), TB 145 28kW 38hp(Yanmar 4TNE88TB Engine), TB 153FR 29kW 39hp(Yanmar 4TNV88-PTBZ1 Engine), TB 175(Yanmar 4TNE98-TB2 Engine), TB 175(Yanmar 4TNV98-VTB2 Engine), TB 175 43kW 59hp(Yanmar 4TNE98ATB Engine), TB 180FR 45kW 61hp(Yanmar 4TNV98-ZQTBZ Engine), TB 080FR 42kW 57hp(Yanmar 4TNE98ATB Engine), TB 138FR(Yanmar 3TNV88-XTBZ Engine), TB 153FR(Yanmar 4TNV88-PTBZ1 Engine), TB 180FR(Yanmar 4TNV98-STB1 Engine), TB 53FR(Yanmar 4TNV88-QTBZ Engine), TB 80FR(Yanmar 4TNE98-TB, TBA Engine), TCR 50(Yanmar 4 TNE 106 TB Engine), TCR 50 68kW 92hp(Yanmar 4 TNE 106 Engine), TL120 38kW 52hp(Yanmar 4TNV84T-XTBL Engine), TL130(Yanmar 4TNE98-TBL Engine), TL130(Yanmar 4TNV98-YTBL Engine), TL130 49kW 67hp(Yanmar 4TNE98 Engine), TL140 60kW 81hp(Isuzu 4JG1T Engine), TL150(Yanmar 4TNE106T-TBL Engine), TL150 74kW 101hp(Yanmar 4TNE106T Engine), Thwaites 3 Ton(Yanmar Engine), Volvo EC55(Yanmar 4TNE94 Engine), EC / ECR EC 35(S4L2-Y163ES Engine), EC / ECR EC 35 C(S/N-4104 S/N 4105- Engine), EC / ECR ECR 38(D1.6C / D1.6A, S/N - 11342 Engine), EC / ECR ECR 48 C(S/N - 5175 Engine), Wacker Neuson 6002; 8002HV; 8002RD(Yanmar 4TNE98 Engine), 6003(Yanmar Engine), 2503(Yanmar 3TNV88-SNS Engine), 3503(Yanmar 4TNV88-WNS Engine), 3703(Yanmar 4TNV88-WNS Engine), 6002 43kW 58hp(Yanmar 4 TNE 98-NSR(1) Engine), 6502WD 43kW 58hp(Yanmar 4TNE98-NSR(1) Engine), 6502WD(Yanmar 4TNV98-VNS Engine), Yanmar 4TNE94; 4TNE98E, Vio70(4TNE98E Engine), Vio75(4TNE98E Engine), B Series 7-5A, CBL40, C30R-US, TNV Series 3TNV88 26kW 36hp, Vio Series 27-3, Vio Series 27-5, Vio Series 35-3, Vio Series 35-5, Vio Series 40-3, Vio Series 45-5, Vio Series 50-3, Vio Series 55-5, Vio Series 75, Vio Series 75-A, V Series V3-5A, V Series V4-5B, V Series V4-5D, V Series V4-6

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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