FIN-FF30934 FILTER-Fuel(Baldwin BF900, Fleetguard FF231, Mann WK940/5)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30934
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FF30934 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-BF900, FFG-FF231, FMH-WK940-5 * * * * *
    Stock Level: 2
    Stock Level at Alco 3-7 day lead: 33
    Lead Time: Delivery for this FIN Prefix Part Number beyond any Stock Levels mentioned above is usually 1-10 weeks.
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > SpinOn > M16x1.5
    Details: For shorter versions use FIN-FF30923, FIN-FF30924 and FIN-FF31791, For longer version use FIN-FF30930. Fuel Spin-on. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: G381-A. Gasket: G381-A.
    Updated: 20/01/2021

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    Height: 136mm
    OD/WidthMax: 94mm
    OD/WidthMin: 94mm
    Thread: M16x1.5

    AC Delco ACD153, TP1282, Alco SP861, AP Lockheed AP1164, AP3200, AP3201, APF3201A, LK1164, LK-1164, LK3201, Baldwin BF900, Bomag 05711732, 05713909, 5711732, 5716779, Bosch 1457429675, 1-457-429-675, BDF9675, N9675, Case IHC P1050595, Caterpillar 4180553, Claas 178034, 178034.0, 1780340, Coopers Fiaam AZF098, FT4807, Z130, Crosland 687, Delphi Lucas CAV 491, 7111491, 7176/491, 7176491, Demag 962225, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 01161003, 01174422, 01183359, 04671001, 1161003, 1174422, 1181245, 6650558152, 8121918029300, Q15H4117, Q15VH4117, W15H4117, Donaldson P554620, P779376, Donit 432132, Dynapac 598380, Faun Frisch 0746920, 1470827, 4134475, 746920, Fiat 01164620, 01902133, 01909103, 01909119, Fil ZP559AF, Filtration Control FCL7636, FCL791, Filtration FTF2544, Filtron PP861/1, PP861/3, PP8611, PP8613, Fleetguard FF231, Fleetrite FFR8231, Foden Y03732006, Ford 1608638, 5011267, 5011490, 6124136, 82DB9155BA, 82DB-9155-BA, 82DF9155BA, 82DF-9155-BA, A830X9155ABA, A830X-9155-ABA, A830X9155SA, A830X-9155-SA, Forgeville CNH767, Fram P4100, P4100A, P7513, Greyfriars 815S, Grove 8985134, Hamm 250961, Harmo S879, Harnischfeger 1046Z637, 221046Z14, 221046Z47, Hengst H17WK02, H90WK, Ingersoll Rand 59769117, 59778431, Inline Filters FF30934, FFRP4100, FFR-P4100, FINFF30934, FIN-FF30934, Iveco 1164620, 1902133, Kaelble 40001351, 400-01-351, Lautrette Mecafilter ELG5516, Leyland Daf BL 0247139, 1318696, 243000, 247139, 482247139, BBU6932, BRU6932, Liaz 7085704, Liebherr 5601514, Luberfiner LFF3506, LFP3506, Mahle Knecht AW27, AWK27, KC8, Mann 6650559122, WK940/3, WK940/4, WK940/5, WK9403, WK9404, WK9405, Mercedes 0000928301, 928301, A0000928301, Motorcraft EFG050, EFG063, EFG50, EFG63, MWM 6.0541.18.8.0004, 6.0541.18.8004, 605411880004, 60541188004, Napa 3987, Orenstein and Koppel 1452652, Poclain 1050595, 10505-95, 110595, 1105-95, B1050595, B10505-95, Purolator Facet F57048, L37048, PC48, Renault 6005019574, Sakura FC6202, FC-6202, Savara 928324, SN324, SF Schupp SK3985, Sofima S6710NR, Soparis CVN2227, CVN9227, Steyr 21777450, 217-77-450, 21777451, 217-77-451, Sullair 4616, Sure SFF9405, Tecnocar RN176, Terex 6690686, TRP 1534578, UFI 24.314.00, 2431400, Wix 33987, 95034E, Woodgate WGF231, Zetor 0021743401, Zettelmeyer 217433401, 2174340, 21743401, 4069990

    Agco R60(F8L513 eng). R62(F8L513 eng). R72(BF8L513 eng). Aksa ADZ400(BF6M1015 eng). ADZ483; ADZ534; ADZ550(BF8M1015 eng). Atlas Copco AB2002; AB2202E; AB2202EH. AB2002D; AB2002HD(F6L 413 eng). AB2004; 2204(F8/10L 513 eng). AB2202D; AB2202HD. AB2502; AB2502B(F10L 413 eng). AB2502B(F10L413V eng). PRHSS700; PTS900; PTHS900; PTS1200; PTHS1200(F8L413; F10L413; F12L413 eng). PTS1500(BF12L413 eng). XA350; XAS350(F8L413 eng). XA430; XAS430(F10L513 eng). XR350; XRS350(F10L513 eng). XRHS280(F10L513 eng). XRV410(BF12L513 eng). Bell T12. Bomag BC601RB; 601RC; 601RS 200kW 273hp(BF6L 513 eng). BW212D-40(BF4M1012 eng). BW215D; BW215PD(F6L413 eng). BW215D; BW215PD; BW217D; BW217PD(F6L413V/F6L413FR eng). BW217D; BW217PD(F6L413 eng). BW27RH(TCD2012 L04 eng). MPH122-2(Deutz eng). MPH125-2(TCD2015 V06 eng). Case IHC 1000(Deutz eng). 170CKB. 300(Deutz eng). 400(Deutz eng). 600(Deutz eng). Claas Jaguar 80 SF(F10L413 eng). Jaguar 80; 80SF 88kW 120hp(F10L413 eng). Jaguar 80SF(F10L413F eng). Jaguar 80SF(F8L413 eng). Demag B410LCB. B410LCB. CC2000(BF12L413F eng). CC2000; CC2400. CC600. DF150C 165kW 225hp(F8L 413F eng). H101(F6L413; F8L413 eng). H120; HC120(F10L 413 eng). H31; H31LC 114kW 156hp(F6L 413F eng). H31LC(F8L413 eng). H320; HC320(F/BF12L 413 eng). H360; HC360(BF12L 413 eng). H40; H40LC 149kW 203hp(F8L 413F eng). H41 154kW 210hp(F8L 413 eng). H41; H51(F10L413F eng). H51 216kW 294hp(FL10 L413F eng). H55(F10L413 eng). H55(F10L413F eng). H56 154kW 210hp(F8L 413 eng). HC120(F6L413; F8L413; F10L413 eng). HC240(F10L413 eng). HC320. HC320(F6L413; BF12L413 eng). HC320(F6L912; F12L413F eng). HC360(F12L413F eng). HC360; HC400(BF12L413F; F12L413F eng). HC400(F12L413F eng). HC75; HC120. TC1200(BF 12L 413 eng). TC1200(BF 12L 413 eng). TC1200(F10L413; BF12L413 eng). TC1200; TC2000. TC280(F10/12L 413 eng). TC280(F10L413; F12L413 eng). TC280(F10L413; F12L413 eng). TC300. TC500. TC500(F12L 413 eng). TC500(F12L413; F6L413 eng). TC650. Deutz AG Fahr KHD BF10L 513. BF10L413. BF10L413. BF10L413F; BF12L413; F12L413F. BF10L513; BF12L513; BF12L513C. BF10L513; F10L513. BF12L 513. BF12L 513C. BF12L413F; BF12L413FW. BF12L513; F12L513. BF4M2013. BF6L413F; BF6L413FR; BF6L413FRC. BF6L413F; BF6L413FR; BF6L413FRC. BF6L513; F6L513. BF6L513R. BF6L513R; BF6L513RC; BF8L513; BF8l513lC. BF6L513RC. BF6M1015C; BF6M1015M. BF8L413. BF8L413. BF8L513. BF8L513. BF8L513LC. BF8M1015C; BF8M1015M. F10L 513. F10L413. F10L413; F12L413. F10L413F; F10L413FW. F10L513; F12L513; F12L513C. F12L 513. F12L413. F12L413F; F12L413FW. Gigant 400 300kW 408hp(BF6M 1015C eng). M1620H(F8L 413F eng). M1620H(F8L413F eng). M41/20 MD 294kW 400hp(BF6M 1015 eng). M60(F4L 812D eng). MH650(F8L 413 eng). MH650(F8L413 eng). SFH3008; SFH3008A(F8L 413F eng). SFH3008; SFH3008A(F8L413F eng). SFH4010; SFH4010A(F10L 413F eng). SHF4010; SHF4010A(F10L413F eng). TopLiner 4080H; 4080HTS 202kW 275hp(F8L 513 eng). TopLiner 4090H 228kW 310hp(BF8L 513 eng). TopLiner XL 8 XL 300kW 409hp(BF6M 1015C eng). Drott 1000(BF12L413 eng). 220; 220B(F10L413 eng). 300; 400(F12L413 eng). 600(F12L413 eng). Faun Frisch F3000B. HZ19.25/36 165kW 224hp(KHD-F 10 L 413 eng). HZ19.25/36 165kW 224hp(KHD-F10 L 413 F eng). HZ19.25/36 4x2; HZ19.25/36 4x4; HZ32.25/41 6x4; HZ32.25/41 6x6(F10L413 eng). HZ19; HZ32. HZ32.25/40 135kW 184hp(KHD-F 10 L 413 eng). HZ32.25/40 135kW 184hp(KHD-F10 L 413 F eng). HZ34. HZ34.30/41 6x4; HZ34.30/41 6x6(F12L413 eng). HZ34.30/41(KHD-F 12 L 413 eng). HZ34.30/41(KHD-F12 L 413 F eng). HZ36.40/45; W 197kW 268hp(KHD-BF12L413 F eng). HZ36.40/45W(KHD-BF 12 L 413 eng). HZ36; HZ46; HZ50. HZ46.40/49W(KHD-BF 12 L 413 eng). HZ46.40/49W(KHD-BF12L413 F eng). HZ50.40/45W 246kW 335hp(KHD-BF 12 L 413 eng). HZ50.40/45W 246kW 335hp(KHD-BF12L413 F eng). K25. K25.2A 220kW 300hp(F10L 413F eng). K30.3; K31.3(KHD-F 12 L 413 eng). K35.5 282kW 385hp(F12L 413F eng). K40.5 353kW 481hp(BF12L 513 eng). KF100.53/64 173kW 235hp(KHD-F10 L 413 F eng). KF130. KF130(BF12L413 eng). KF130.63/64(KHD-BF 12 L 413 eng). KF300.73/915(KHD-BF 12 L 413 eng). KF300.73/915(KHD-BF12L413F eng). KF80; KF100.53/64. Fendt 6300 228kW 300hp(BF6M 1015 eng). 6300; 6330(BF6M1015 eng). 6330 242kW 330hp(BF6M 1015C eng). 8300 221kW 310hp(BF6M 1015C eng). 8300; 8350(BF6M1015 eng). 8350 257kW 350hp(BF6M 1015C eng). Ford Cargo 1317 125kW 170hp(KHD-F6L 413 F eng). Cargo 1320 150kW 204hp(KHD-F6L 413 FZ eng). Cargo 1320; 1520; 1620; 1720; 2420; 2820; 3220(F6L413F; F6L413FZ eng). Cargo 1517 121kW 165hp(KHD-F6L 413 F eng). Cargo 1520 150kW 204hp(KHD-F6L 413 FZ eng). Cargo 1617 125kW 170hp(KHD-F6L 413 F eng). Cargo 1620 150kW 204hp(KHD-F6L 413 FZ eng). Cargo 2220 150kW 204hp(KHD-F6L 413 FZ eng). Cargo 2420 150kW 204hp(KHD-F6L 413 FZ eng). Cargo 2817 125kW 170hp(KHD-F6L 413 F eng). Cargo 2820 S 150kW 204hp(KHD-F6L 413 FZ eng). Cargo 3020 150kW 204hp(KHD-F6L 413 FZ eng). Cargo 3220 150kW 204hp(KHD-F6L 413 FZ eng). Gottwald AMK155(BF12L413 eng). AMK65(F10L413 eng). AMK65(KHD-F 10 L 413 eng). AMK65; AMK75; AMK85. AMK75(KHD-F 12 L 413 eng). AMK75; AMK85(F12L413 eng). AMKI55. TMK65(KHD-F 8 L 413 eng). Grove AT 1100(BF10L513 eng). AT 1400(BF12L 513 eng). AT 745(BF6L513R eng). AT 865(BF8L 513 eng). AT1100(BF10L513 eng). RT45; RT50T(F6L413R; F8L413F eng). TM750E(F10L413F eng). TM750E; TM865E(F10L413/F10L413F eng). TM80; TM88T(F12L413F eng). TM80; TM88T(F12L413F eng). TM865E(F10L413F eng). Hyundai HL17(6BT5.9 eng). HL740-3 101kW 137hp(B5.9-C eng). HL740TM-3(6BT5.9 eng). HL750 110kW 150hp(6BT5.9 eng). HL760(6BT5.9 eng). HL760-3 160kW 218hp(C8.3-C eng). Robex 130LC-3 76kW 103hp(B3.9-C eng). Robex 180NLC-3(6B5.9 eng). Robex 200W(6BT5.9 eng). Robex 200W-3(6BT5.9 eng). Robex 210-3(6BT5.9 eng). Robex 250LC-3 130kW 177hp(B5.9-C eng). Robex 250NLC-3(6B5.9 eng). Robex 280(6CT8.3 eng). Robex 280LC(6CT8.3 eng). Robex 290-3(6CT8.3 eng). Robex 290LC(6CT8.3 eng). Robex 290LC-3 145kW 197hp(6C8.3-C eng). Robex 290LC-3LR(6CT8.3 eng). Robex 290NLC-3(6CT8.3 eng). Robex 320-3(6CTA8.3 eng). Robex 320LC-3(6CTA8.3 eng). Ingersoll Rand CM620D(BF8L513 eng). Iveco 150.16(BF6L913 eng). 1520D; 1620D; 1720D; 2420D(F6L413FZ 9572cc Nat Asp eng). 160.13(BF6L913 eng). 160.16(BF6L913 6128cc 161bhp 6cyl eng). 160.16(BF6L913 eng). 160.16(BF6L913 eng). 160MB(BF6L913 eng). 168M. 168M14; 168M16(BF6L913 eng). 190.29(BF8L413; F8L413 eng). 190.29(F8L413 eng). 190.29; 220.29(BF8L413 eng). 190.32. 190.32(F10L413 eng). 190.32AH; AHW(F10L413 eng). 209D14. 220.29(BF8L413 eng). 220-29(BF8L913 eng). 230SH110 108kW 147hp(F 8 L 413 F eng). 232D 26K; 232D 26AK. 256M19K; 256M19AK; 256M19S. 256M26K; 256M26AK; 256M26L. 260.23(F8L413 eng). 260.25(F8L413 eng). 260.32. 260.32(F10L413 eng). 270D; 290D. 270D15.5; 270D16; 270D22; 270D26; 290D15; 290D16; 290D19; 290D20; 290D22; 310D15.5; 310D16; 310D19; 310D22; 310D26; 310D32; 340D16; 340D19; 340D22; 340D34(F10L413; F12L413 eng). 280M22. 2820D; 3220D(6L 413FZ 9572cc Nat Asp eng). 290.19. 290D. 290M19(BF8L413F eng). 290M19(F8L413F eng). 290M22. 300.23. 310D. 310D15.5; 310D16; 310D19; 310D22; 310D26; 310D3; 310D32(F10L413; 310D32FL; 310D32FK; 310D31FS eng). 320 M 19 FL 173kW 235hp(F 10 L 413 F eng). 320D20; 320D22; 320D26(F10L413F eng). 320D34(BF10L413 eng). 320M. 320M19; 320M22; 320M26(F10L413 eng). 320M22FL. 330.25(F8L413F eng). 330.30ANW(BF8L413 eng). 330.36(BF6L413F eng). 330.40. 340D. 360D. 360D34(BF10L413 eng). 360M. 360M19; 360M22. 360M19FL; 360M19FS; 360T(Turbo eng). Cargo 1320; 1520; 1620; 1720; 2420; 2820; 3220(F6L413F; F6L413FZ eng). M168 M14; M16 124kW 168hp(BF 6 L 913 eng). M270D 15FL 199kW 270hp(F 10 L 413 eng). M270D 16FK; 22FAK; 26FAK 199kW 270hp(F 10 L 413 eng). M310D 15FLL; 16FLL; 22FLL 224kW 305hp(F 10 L 413 eng). M310D 16FK; 16FAK; 19FAK; 22 224kW 305hp(F 10 L 413 eng). M340D 16FL; 22FL 250kW 340hp(F 12 L 413 eng). PA260-23 AH 171kW 232hp(KHD-F8L 413 F eng). PA260-32 AH 235kW 320hp(KHD-F10L 413 F eng). PA330-25 AH 188kW 256hp(KHD-F8L 413 F eng). SH170; SH210(F8L413F eng). T190-29 A 212kW 288hp(KHD-BF8L 413 F eng). T190-32 AH 235kW 320hp(KHD-F10L 413 F eng). T240-29 AP 212kW 288hp(KHD-BF8L 413 F eng). Kaelble K25N; KK25N; KV25N 4x4 177kW 241hp(F10L 413F eng). KV18N. RP18C(F10L413F eng). Leyland Daf BL 1700(Daf DNT620 eng). 1900(Daf DNS 620; DNT620 eng). 2420. 60(Daf DNT620 eng). 65. 65(210ATi eng). 65.180(6 Cyl 6.2L eng). 65.210(6 Cyl 6.2L eng). 65.240(6 Cyl 6.2L eng). 75 9 Litre 245bhp; 75 9 Litre 272bhp; 75 9 Litre 302bhp ATi. 85 12 Litre 302bhp; 329bhp; 360bhp ATi. 95. 95(Daf WS1160; 310 WS225 Series eng). AZ 1900(DD575 eng). AZ 1900(DS575 eng). B13003DD; B1600DD(DD575 eng). B1300DD; B1600DD(DD575 eng). B1600DF; SB1600DF(DF615 eng). B1600DF; SB1600DF; TB160DF; TB163DF(DF615 eng). D575; DS575. DF615. DF615. DK 825; DKA 825; DKB 825. F1300DF; F1300DT. F1400. F1400(DF615; DD615 eng). F1500. F1500; FA1500(DT615 eng). F1600. F1600; FA1600; FT1600; F1800(DF615 eng). F1800(DF615; DTD615 eng). F2500(DK825; DKA825; DKB825 eng). F2500; F2600(DK; DKA eng). F2600(DK825; DKA825; DKB825 eng). F900. F900DF; FA900DE; FA1200DF. FA1200DF(DD615; DF615 eng). FA1300(DD615; DF615 eng). FA1300(DF615 eng). FA1900. FA60.180; FA60.210 6 Cyl 6.2 Litre. FA900DE. Freighter(Daf DNT620 eng). TB1600DF(DF615 eng). TB160DF(DF615 eng). TB163DF(DF615 eng). Liebherr LT1025(BF6L913 eng). R961B(F8L 413 eng). R961B(F8L913 eng). Lokomo 961S(F10L413F eng). Menck M500H(F10L 413 eng). M500H; M750(F10L413 eng). M750H(F10L 413 eng). Mengele SF4000. SF4000(Deutz eng). MWM D232-12. D232-6. D232-8. D232V12. D232V6; D232V8; D233V8. D932-6. D932-6. D936-12. D936-8. G232V12; TGB232V12. G232V6; G232V8. TBD234-6. TD232-12; TBD232-12. TD232-6. TD232-8. TD232V12; TBD232V12. TD232V6; TD232V8. Neoplan N416SU 177kW 241hp(F8L 513 eng). Orenstein and Koppel G12; G16 Tropics(F8L413 eng). G16 128kW 174hp(F8L 413 eng). L35 Tropics(F10L413F eng). L35(F10L413 eng). L40(F12L413 eng). MH; RH40 252kW 344hp(BF12L 413 eng). MH; RH40 C 278kW 379hp(BF10L 513F eng). MH20PMS; RH20PMS 180kW 245hp(BF6L 513RC eng). MH25PMS; RH25PMS 261kW 356hp(BF10L 513 eng). MH30; RH30 216kW 295hp(F10L 413F eng). RH14; RH18; RH18-600HD; RH25; RH60(F8L413 eng). RH25 Tropics. Poclain 1000CA; 1000CK; 1000CL(BF12L 413 eng). 1000CA; 1000CK; 1000CL(BF12L413F eng). 1000EC(BF12L 413 eng). 115CL; 115P; 125CK; 125CL; 125P. 160CL; 160P; 160CKB. 170B(BF6L913 eng). 220; 220CK; 220CL; 220ALT; 220STD; 300CK; 300CL; 300ALT(F10L413/F12L413 eng). 300CK; 300CL 199kW 271hp(F12L 413 eng). 350CK(BF10L 413 eng). 400CK; 400CL; 400CX(BF12L 413 eng). 400CK; 400CL; 400CX; 610B(BF12L413 eng). 600; 600CK; 600CL(BF12L413 x2 eng). 600CK; 600CL(BF12L 413 eng). 610B(BF12L 413 eng). HC300(BF12L 413 eng). HC300(Deutz eng). HC300L(BF12L413; F12L413 eng). PPM 380ATT(BF6L513R eng). Steyr 19S 34 250kW 340hp(WD 815.64;79 eng). 19S 37 270kW 367hp(WD 815.66;76 eng). 19S 39 284kW 386hp(WD 815.66 eng). 22S 34 250kW 340hp(WD 815.64 eng). 22S 37 270kW 367hp(WD 815.66 eng). 26S 34 250kW 340hp(WD 815.64 eng). 26S 37 270kW 367hp(WD 815.66;76 eng). 32S 34 250kW 340hp(WD 815.64;79 eng). 32S 37 270kW 367hp(WD 815.66;76 eng). 33S 34 250kW 340hp(WD 815.67 eng). 40S 34 184kW 250hp(WD 815.67 eng). 40S 37 199kW 270hp(WD 815.66 eng). 92 19S37; 22S37; 26S37; 32S37. Sullair F230D; F230D10; F230D12; F230DN; F230DN10(F8L413Y eng). F280D; F280D10; F280D12(F8L413; BF8L413 eng). FF230D(F8L413V eng). FF230D; FF230D10; FF230D12(F8L413V eng). FF230D10(F8L413V eng). FF230D12(F8L413V eng). FF230DN(F8L413V eng). FF230DN; FF230DN10(F8L413V eng). FF280D(BF8L413 eng). FF280D; FF280D10; FF280D12(BF8L413 eng). FF280D10(BF8L413 eng). FF280D12(BF8L413 eng). Tam 260A116M; 260A116P 167kW 227hp(TAM-F8L 413 F eng). 260A117(TAM-F8L 413 F eng). 260A118M 173kW 235hp(TAM-F8L 413 F eng). 260A119T 188kW 256hp(TAM-F8L 513 eng). 260A120T(TAM-F8L 413 F eng). 260T22B; 260T22BL; 260T22BK 177kW 240hp(TAM-F8L 413 F eng). 331A119VT 243kW 330hp(KHD-BF8L 513 eng). Terex 2366(8F6L-413FR eng). 23-66(BF6L513 eng). 2366; 2566(BF6L413FR eng). Volvo EC290B(Volvo D7DEBE2 eng). EW140B. Weserhuette HW250(F10L413 eng). White 2600. Wirtgen SP500(BF6M2013C eng). W1000F. W1000L(BF6M1013 eng). W1200F; W1300F. W50DC(Deutz eng). W600DC(BF6M1013 eng). Zettelmeyer WD3000F; WD3000FA; WD3001; WD3001SK(Deutz eng). ZD3000F; ZD3000FA(Deutz eng). ZD3000F; ZD3000FA(Deutz eng). ZL3001F(F10L 413 eng). ZL3001F(F10L413 eng). ZL4001; ZL5001(F10L413F eng). ZL4001B(F10L 413F eng). ZL5001B(F10L 413F eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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