FIN-FF30055 Filter-Fuel(Equivalent: BF587-D, SK3462/1, WF8051)

Price(Ex Vat): £7.36

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30055
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FF30055 (Also available as Brand Specific: FFG-FF5135, FMH-WK842)
    Our Stock Level: 30
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: Secondary spin on fuel filter with metal drain tap and 4 micron media. For plastic drain tap version in a Bosch shape use FIN-FF30067. For primary filter use FIN-FF30094. Secondary Fuel Spin-on with Drain. Also G449-B I-Gasket.
    Updated: 02/05/2022

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    Height: 156mm
    OD/WidthMax: 77mm
    OD/WidthMin: 77mm
    Thread: M16 x 1.5
    Micron: Avg 4 / Nom X / Abs X

    Agco 04003625/000, 04003625000, 040880T1, CM3931062, Alfa Romeo 116-76-0469600, 116-76-0469601, 116760469602, 116-76-0469602, 60507208, 605-07-208, Ammann 49540000092, 4-9540000092, AP Lockheed AP3222, APF3223A, APF3253A, LK-3222, Atlas Copco 2900068700, 2900-0687-00, VW110, Baldwin BF587D, BF587-D, Bomag 05713595, 5713595, Bosch 1457434093, 1-457-434-093, 1457434094, 1-457-434-094, 1-457-434-097, 1457434099, 1-457-434-099, 1457434101, 1-457-434-105, 1-457-434-106, 1-457-434-107, 1-457-434-110, 1457434113, 1457434121, 1457434150, 1457434158, 1-457-434-158, 1457434159, 1-457-434-159, 74010, D701, N4099, N4105, N4106, N4158, N4159, Case IHC 3131428R1, 3132428, 3132428R1, 3132438, 3132438R91, 3136428, Caterpillar 3I1196, Champion GF26, Citroen 190661, 1906C6, Claas 0001809390, 001302924.1, 0013029240, 0013029241, 01809390, 180939, 180939.0, 1809390, Coopers Fiaam AZF785, FSM4122, FT4935A, FT6026, Delphi Lucas CAV F3708, Demag 964372, 964468, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 01183356, 1174398, 1174482, 1180392, Digoema DGM/K5081OD, DGMK5081OD, Donaldson FFP550587, P550587, Fil ZP05EF, ZP530F, Fleetguard FF42006, FF5060, FF5135, FF5139, FF5156, Fleetrite FFR85046, FFR85060, FFR85135, FFR85139, FFR85156, Ford 15-02255, F0NN-9176-BA, Fram P4587, PS8428, Gehl 132024, Genie 29560, 62426, Granit 8001013, Guiot GF1129, Hatz 40078801, Hyster 865571, Inline FBW-BF587D, FF30055, FINFF30055, FIN-FF30055, Iveco 1909142, 42522674, JCB 333C1363, 333C4141, Komatsu 6810-71-6110, Liebherr 7008775, Luberfiner FP587F, FP587F1, FP587F-1, Mahle Knecht AWK155, KC17D, KC44, MAN 51.12503.0009, 81.12503.0075, Mann WK842, Massey Ferguson 1057951-M1, 3638291-M1, Miller Electric 106467, Motorcraft EFG009, Motori VM 35310043A, 45310071A, 45312010F, Nam Poong NFM026, NFM-026, Nelson Winslow 85254A, Orenstein and Koppel 1450341, 916778, Perkins 265118, Permatic FC308V, Purolator Facet F60152, PER152, PER152F, PER152FO, Renault 5021107658, 770130546, Sakura FC57081, FC-5708-1, FC57083, FC-5708-3, Savara 9.28.468.17, 92832717, 92846817, Schaeff 3.600.073.622, 3600073622, Seat 4465121, SF Schupp SK 3820/1, SK 38201, SK3820/1, SK38201, Sofima S1811NR, Sogefi Pro FT1508, FT1508/SGP, FT1508SGP, Soparis CVN9266, Steyr, 132000080722, 407.08.0074, 407.08.0076, 407.08.74, 407080074, 407-08-007-4, 407080076, 407-08-007-6, 615.00.08.0043, Sure SFA8422, Tecfil PSC496, TRP 1500542, 1534547, UFI 24.350.01, 24.351.00, Valeo 587733, Valtra Valmet 20340251, V20340251, Vapormatic VPD6047, VPX0042, Vauxhall GM 813024, 90486908, VME 4531063, Volvo 1257201-2, 243464-5, 2800784, 8299935, 829993-5, 8600082, 860874-7, Wacker Neuson 1000000381, 2807158, Weidemann 1000108956, 5030001003/0604, 50300010030604, Wirtgen 184822, Wix WF8051, Woodgate WGF215

    Aebi Terratrac TT270(Motori VM D704 64kW 87hp eng). Terratrac TT95(Motori VM 704 60kW 82hp eng). TP98(Motori VM 704LTE 60kW 82hp eng). Ahlmann AL85T; AL100T; AL100Ti(Deutz BF4L1011F eng). Akerman EC130; EW130(Volvo TD40GB 76kW 104hp eng). EC150; EW150(Unspecified eng). EC150; EW150(Volvo TD40KC 82kW 112hp eng). H5; H5M(Iveco 8041Si25 80kW 109hp eng). H5M(Volvo eng). Allis Chalmers 6035(Unspecified eng). 7085(Unspecified eng). 7110(Unspecified eng). 7120(Unspecified eng). 7145(Deutz eng). FD7(Unspecified eng). FD9(Fiat 8065T eng). FE18(Unspecified eng). FL7(Unspecified eng). FL7B(Unspecified eng). FR10B(Unspecified eng). FR7B(Unspecified eng). FR9B(Unspecified eng). Antonio Carraro Ergit 5400TC(Motori VM D703L28 35kW 46hp eng). Ergit 6400SRX; 6400TC; 6400TRX; 6400TTR(Motori VM D703LTS 44kW 60hp eng). Ergit 7400TF; 7400TRF; 7400TRX; 7400TTR(Motori VM D704L21 47kW 64hp eng). Supertrac 5400-HTM(Motori VM D703 35kW 48hp eng). TC5400(Motori VM D703 eng). TF8400(Motori VM D703 eng). 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Ben 310CS(Deutz eng). Ben 525CS; 525SC(Deutz eng). Benford 2000; RS2000(Deutz F2L1011 eng). TV1000; TV1200(Deutz F2L1011E eng). TV1700(Unspecified eng). Benmac 3.06S; 3.06TB(Deutz F4L1011 35kW 48hp eng). Bergmeister 353; 453; 553(IHC D155 eng). 654; 754; 854(IHC D179; D206; D239 eng). Bobcat Melroe T2556 Turbo; T2566(Perkins 1004.40T eng). V518(Perkins 1004.40T eng). Bomag BW124 DH-3; BW124 PDH-3(Deutz F3L1011 eng). BW124DH-3; BW124PDH-3(Deutz F3L1011 eng). BW170(Deutz F4L412 eng). BW220AD(Deutz BF6L913 eng). Braud 620(Unspecified eng). Case IHC 100C(D206 eng). 100E(Unspecified eng). 1056; 1056XL(D358 eng). 1056; 1056XL; 1056XLA(D358 77kW 105hp eng). 121D(Deutz F4M2011 44kW 60hp eng). 121E(Deutz F4M2011 42kW 57hp eng). 1255; 1255XL; 1255XLA(DT358 92kW 125hp eng). 125C; 125E(Unspecified eng). 1455(Unspecified eng). 1455; 1455XLA (DT402 107kW 146hp eng). 21(Deutz F4M2011 40kW 54hp eng). 221(Unspecified eng). 221D(Deutz F4M2011 45kW 61hp eng). 2400; 2400B(D179 eng). 2405B; 2410B(D179 eng). 2412B(C153; D179 eng). 2500B(D239 eng). 2505B; 2510B(D239 eng). 2544(D239 eng). 260A(Unspecified eng). 2706(D310 eng). 270A(Unspecified eng). 2756(D310 eng). 280(IHC D358 eng). 2826(D358 eng). 321(D239 55kW 75hp eng). 321(D310 62kW 85hp eng). 321(Unspecified eng). 3210(Case IHD155 33kW 45hp eng). 3220(Case IHD179 38kW 52hp eng). 323(D155 19kW 26hp eng). 3230(Case IHD206 44kW 60hp eng). 3400A(D179 eng). 3500A(D239 eng). 3514(D239 eng). 353(D155 25kW 34hp eng). 3820(D310 eng). 383(D155 26kW 35hp eng). 3964; 3964B; 3965B; 3966; 3984B(IHC D358 eng). 3966(IHC eng). 3984B(IHC DT358 eng). 423(D155 29kW 39hp eng). 431(D239 55kW 75hp eng). 431(D310 62kW 85hp eng). 431(Unspecified eng). 433(IHC D155 26kW 35hp eng). 4500A; 4500B(IHC D179 eng). 4500A; 4500B(Unspecified eng). 453(D155 33kW 45hp eng). 483(Unspecified eng). 523; 523A(33kW 45hp eng). 531(D310 77kW 105hp eng). 531(D358 92kW 125hp eng). 533; 533A(D155 33kW 45hp eng). 540(IHC D155 33kW 45hp eng). 544(D239 eng). 624; 624A(D206 43kW 59hp eng). 624; 624A(Unspecified eng). 630(IHC D358 eng). 633; 633A(D179 38kW 52hp eng). 640(DT358 eng). 640(IHC D179 38kW 52hp eng). 644(Unspecified eng). 644; 644A(D206 44kW 60hp eng). 654; 654A(Unspecified eng). 685XL(D239 eng). 724; 724A(D239 49kW 67hp eng). 724; 724A(Unspecified eng). 733; 733A(D206 44kW 60hp eng). 733; 733A(Unspecified eng). 740(IHC D206 44kW 60hp eng). 743; 743A; 743S; 743SA; 743XL; 743XLA(D239 49kW 67hp eng). 743; 743S; 743XL(Unspecified eng). 744(Unspecified eng). 744; 744A(D239 51kW 70hp eng). 745; 745S; 745SA; 745XL; 745XLA(D239 53kW 72hp eng). 745; 745S; 745XL(Unspecified eng). 785(D246 eng). 824; 824A(D239 54kW 73hp eng). 824; 824A(Unspecified eng). 826; 826A(D358 eng). 833; 833A(D239 49kW 67hp eng). 840(D239 53kW 72hp eng). 844; 844A; 844S; 844SA; 844XL; 844XLA(D246; D268 59kW 80hp eng). 844; 844S; 844XL(Unspecified eng). 846(Unspecified eng). 846; 846A(D239 eng). 856XL; 856XLA(DT239 63kW 86hp eng). 886(Deutz eng). 9000(D310 eng). 940(Case IHD239 53kW 72hp eng). 946; 946A(D310 66kW 90hp eng). 946; 946A(Unspecified eng). 956; 956XL(D358 eng). 956XL(Unspecified eng). 956XL; 956XLA(D358 70kW 95hp eng). C42(WD308 31kW 42hp eng). C48(WD308 35kW 48hp eng). C55(WD301 40kW 55hp eng). C64(WD301.83 47kW 64hp eng). C70(WD301.87 51kW 70hp eng). CM1255A(Unspecified eng). CM1455A(Unspecified eng). CS110; CS110A(420.80 81kW 110hp eng). CS68; CS68A(WD301.89 50kW 68hp eng). CS75; CS75A(WD301.88 55kW 75hp eng). CS78; CS78A(WD401.81 57kW 78hp eng). CS86; CS86A(WD401.83 63kW 86hp eng). CS94; CS94A(WD401.85 69kW 94hp eng). D155(Unspecified eng). D179(Unspecified eng). D206(Unspecified eng). D239; DT239(Unspecified eng). D268(Unspecified eng). D310(Unspecified eng). D358(Unspecified eng). D440(29kW 39hp eng). JX90U(Iveco 8045.25 eng). JX90U(Iveco 8045.25 eng). JX95(Unspecified eng). JX95(Unspecified eng). Pro 4210(D239 52kW 71hp eng). Pro 4220(D246 57kW 78hp eng). Pro 4230(D268 60kW 82hp eng). Pro 4240(D268T 68kW 93hp eng). S10(IHC DT358 eng). S8A; S8B(IHC D358 eng). S9A(IHC D310 eng). T7; TD7C(D206 eng). TD7E(Unspecified eng). TD8C(Unspecified eng). TD8E(Unspecified eng). WX120(Perkins eng). WX90(Perkins 1004.42 eng). Cedarapids BSF330(Deutz F4912 eng). Chicago Pneumatic CPS130(Deutz B3M1011; F3M1011 eng). CPS185PD-7(Perkins 404D-22 eng). CPS190(Deutz F4M1011 eng). CPS90(Deutz F2L1011 eng). Citroen Jumper I 2.5 TurboDiesel(THX-DJ5TED; THZ-DJ5TED eng). Jumper I 2.5 TurboDiesel(THX-DJ5TED; THZ-DJ5TED eng). Claas Lexion 405(Perkins 1006.6 eng). Lexion 410; 415(Perkins 1006.6T eng). Lexion 420; 430(Mercedes OM366LA eng). Lexion 450; 460(Mercedes OM401LA eng). Lexion 480(Mercedes OM441LA eng). Mercator 50(Perkins 4.248 eng). Scorpion 6030 CP K10(Deutz TCD-2011-L04 75kW 102hp eng). Targo C40; C50(Perkins 1004.42 eng). Targo K50; K60; K70(Perkins 1004.40T eng). Compair Holman 25; 25-5(Deutz F2L1011 eng). Zitair 150; 175(Unspecified eng). Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1800D(MWM D229-4 49kW 66hp eng). 1800D(Perkins Q20B-4.236 49kW 66hp eng). 4500D(MWM D229-3 45kW 61hp eng). 5000D(MWM D229-4 66kW 90hp eng). 7000D(MWM D229-4 49kW 66hp eng). AgroCompact 3.30F; 3.30V(F3L912 40kW 55hp eng). AgroCompact 3.50F; 3.50V(F3L913 44kW 60hp eng). AgroCompact 3.50S(F3L913 44kW 60hp eng). AgroCompact 3.70F; 3.70V(F4L912; F4L913 51kW 70hp eng). AgroCompact 3.90FA; 3.90VA(F4L913 57kW 78hp eng). AgroCompact 3.90S(F4L913 57kW 78hp eng). Agrolux 60; 60A(F3L913 44kW 60hp eng). Agrolux 90(F4L913T 65kW 88hp eng). AgroPrima 4.31(F4L913 eng). AgroPrima 4.51(BF4L913 eng). AgroPrima 4.56(BF4L913 eng). AgroPrima 6.06(F6L-912 eng). AgroPrima 6.16(F6L913 eng). Agroprima DX4.56(BF4L913 66kW 90hp eng). Agroprima DX6.16(F6L913 81kW 110hp eng). Agrostar 4.61 DX(BF4L913 65kW 88hp eng). Agrostar 4.68 DX(BF4L913 67kW 91hp eng). Agrostar 4.71 DX(BF4L913T 70kW 95hp eng). Agrostar 4.78 DX(BF4L913T 74kW 100hp eng). Agrostar 6.08 DX(F6L913 79kW 107hp eng). Agrostar 6.11 DX(F6L912F; F6L913 74kW 100hp eng). Agrostar 6.21 DX(F6L913 83kW 113hp eng). Agrostar 6.28 DX(F6L913 85kW 115hp eng). Agrostar 6.31 DX(BF6L913T 88kW 120hp eng). Agrostar 6.38 DX(BF6L913T 92kW 125hp eng). Agrostar 6.38(F6L913 eng). Agrostar 6.61 DX(BF6L913 105kW 143hp eng). Agrostar 6.71 DX(MWM TD226-B6 121kW 165hp eng). Agrostar 6.81 DX(MWM TBD226-BL6 140kW 191hp eng). Agrostar 6.88 DX(BF6L913 eng). Agrostar 608(Unspecified eng). Agrostar 8.31 DX(BF6L513FR 169kW 230hp eng). Agrotron 135(Deutz eng). Agroxtra 3.57 DX(F3L913 44kW 60hp eng). Agroxtra 4.07 DX(F4L912 51kW 70hp eng). Agroxtra 4.17 DX(F4L912; F4L913 55kW 75hp eng). Agroxtra 4.47(BF4L913 63kW 85hp eng). Agroxtra 4.57 DX(BF4L913 66kW 90hp eng). Agroxtra 6.07 DX(F6L912; F6L913 74kW 101hp eng). Agroxtra 6.17 DX(F6L913 84kW 115hp eng). BF3L; BF3M2011(Unspecified eng). BF3L2011; BF3M2011; F3L2011; F3M2011(Unspecified eng). BF4L; BF4M2011(Unspecified eng). BF4L1011; BF4M1011(Unspecified eng). BF4L1011; F4L1011; BF4M1011; F4M1011(Unspecified eng). BF4L2011; BF4M2011; F4L2011; F4M2011(Unspecified eng). BF6L912; F6L912(Unspecified eng). BF6L913(Unspecified eng). D10006(F6L912 74kW 101hp eng). D10006; D10006A; D12006(Unspecified eng). D13006(BF6L912 88kW 120hp eng). D13006; D13006A(Unspecified eng). D4007(F3L912 26kW 35hp eng). D4007(Unspecified eng). D4507(F3L912 29kW 40hp eng). D4507C(F3L912 29kW 40hp eng). D4507C; D4807C(Unspecified eng). D4807(F3L912 33kW 45hp eng). D4807; D4807A(Unspecified eng). D4807C(F3L912 33kW 45hp eng). D5207(F3L912 38kW 51hp eng). D5207C(F3L912 38kW 51hp eng). D5207C(Unspecified eng). D6007(F3L913 42kW 57hp eng). D6007; D6007A(Unspecified eng). D6007C(F3L913 42kW 57hp eng). D6007C(Unspecified eng). D6207(F4L912 44kW 60hp eng). D6207C(F4L912 44kW 60hp eng). D6507(F4L912 46kW 63hp eng). D6507C(F4L912 46kW 62hp eng). D6807(F4L912 49kW 67hp eng). D6807C(F4L913 49kW 67hp eng). D6807C(Unspecified eng). D6907(F4L912 51kW 70hp eng). D6907C(F4L913 51kW 70hp eng). D7007(F4L912 51kW 70hp eng). D7007C(F4L912; F4L913 51kW 70hp eng). D7207(F4L912 51kW 70hp eng). D7207C(F4L912 51kW 70hp eng). D7207C(Unspecified eng). D7807(F4L913 55kW 75hp eng). D7807C(F4L913 55kW 75hp eng). D8006; D8006A(Unspecified eng). D9006; D9006A(Unspecified eng). DX110(F6L912 75kW 102hp eng). DX110; DX110A(Unspecified eng). DX110; DX110A(Unspecified eng). DX120(F6L913 81kW 110hp eng). DX120; DX120A(Unspecified eng). DX120; DX120A(Unspecified eng). DX130(Unspecified eng). DX130(Unspecified eng). DX140(BF6L913 92kW 125hp eng). DX140; DX160(Unspecified eng). DX140; DX160(Unspecified eng). DX145(BF6L913 97kW 132hp eng). DX160 (BF6L913 110kW 150hp eng). DX230 (BF6L413FR 147kW 200hp eng). DX250 (BF6L413FR 150kW 205hp eng). DX3.10V(F3L912 34kW 46hp eng). DX3.30V; DX3.30F(F3L912 40kW 55hp eng). DX3.50S(Unspecified eng). DX3.50V; DX3.50F(F3L913 44kW 60hp eng). DX3.60(F4L912 48kW 65hp eng). DX3.60; DX3.65(F4L912; F4L913 eng). DX3.70V; DX3.70F(F4L913 51kW 75hp eng). DX3.80V; DX3.80F; DX3.80S(F4L913 55kW 75hp eng). DX3.90F; DX3.90S(F4L913 55kW 75hp eng). DX4.10(F4L912 51kW 70hp eng). DX4.10; DX4.30; DX4.31; DX4.50; DX4.51(F4L912; F4L913 eng). DX4.17A(F4L912 55kW 75hp eng). DX4.30(F4L913 55kW 75hp eng). DX4.31(F4L913 55kW 75hp eng). DX4.50(BF4L913 60kW 82hp eng). DX4.51(BF4L913T 60kW 82hp eng). DX4.57A(BF4L913 66kW 90hp eng). DX4.70(BF4L913 eng). DX4.70(BF4L913T 66kW 90hp eng). DX6.05(F6L912 71kW 97hp eng). DX6.05; DX6.07; DX6.10; DX6.30(F6L912 eng). DX6.06(F6L912 72kW 98hp eng). DX6.10(F6L912 74kW 101hp eng). DX6.30(F6L913 85kW 116hp eng). DX6.30(F6L913 eng). DX6.30(F6L913 eng). DX6.50 (BF6L913 101kW 138hp eng). DX6.50(BF6L913 eng). DX7.10 (BF6L913 117kW 160hp eng). DX7.10(BF6L913 eng). DX7.10(BF6L913 eng). DX8.30(BF6L413AB; BF6L413FR; BF6L513FR 161kW 220hp 1985 eng). DX8.30(Unspecified eng). DX80(F4L913 55kW 75hp eng). DX80; DX80A(Unspecified eng). DX85(F5L912 59kW 80hp eng). DX85(Unspecified eng). DX85; DX85A(Unspecified eng). DX86(BF4L913T 62kW 85hp eng). DX86; DX86A(BF4L913T eng). DX90(F5L912 65kW 89hp eng). DX90; DX90A(F6L912 eng). DX90; DX90A(F6L912 eng). DX92(BF4L913 66kW 90hp eng). DX92; DX92A(BF4L913T eng). F10L413(Unspecified eng). F2L1011; F2M1011(Unspecified eng). F2L1011; F2M1011(Unspecified eng). F2L2011; F2M2011(Unspecified eng). F2L2012; F2M2012(Unspecified eng). F2L812(Unspecified eng). F3L1011; F3M1011(Unspecified eng). F3L1011; F3M1011(Unspecified eng). F3L2011; F3M2011(Unspecified eng). F3L912(Unspecified eng). F3L913; F3L913G(Unspecified eng). F3L913G(Unspecified eng). F4L; F4M 2011(Unspecified eng). F4L1011; F4M1011(Unspecified eng). F4L912(Unspecified eng). F4L913(Unspecified eng). F6L413(Unspecified eng). Intrac 6.05(F6L913 72kW 98hp eng). Intrac 6.30(BF6L913 85kW 115hp eng). Intrac 6.60(BF6L913 110kW 150hp eng). Variocab/Starcab DX3.10(F3L912 34kW 46hp eng). Variocab/Starcab DX3.30(F3L912 40kW 55hp eng). Variocab/Starcab DX3.50(F3L913 45kW 61hp eng). Variocab/Starcab DX3.60(F4L912 48kW 65hp eng). Variocab/Starcab DX3.65(F4L912 51kW 70hp eng). Variocab/Starcab DX3.70(F4L912 51kW 70hp eng). Variocab/Starcab DX3.80(F4L912 55kW 75hp eng). Variocab/Starcab DX3.90(F4L913 55kW 75hp eng). Diamond Products CC8000(Unspecified eng). Ditch Witch 440; 444A(Deutz F4L1011 eng). 7510; 7610(Deutz F4L912 eng). Dresser 100C(Dresser D206 eng). 100E(Dresser D239 eng). 125C(Dresser D239 eng). 125E(Dresser DT239 eng). 515B; 515C; 515CH(Unspecified eng). TD12(DT239 eng). TD7C(D206 eng). TD7E(D239 eng). TD8E(D239; DT239 eng). Dynapac CK51(Deutz F6L912 eng). F4C; F5C; F5CS(Deutz F3L1011 eng). Eimco 912BLHD(Deutz F6L912 eng). 985(Deutz F6L912; F8L912 eng). ERF EC8.24(Cummins 6CTAA Turbo eng). EC8.27(Cummins 6CTAA Turbo eng). Fendt 250GT T250.100(MWM D329-L3 33kW 45hp eng). 275GT; 275GTF T275.010; T275.100(Deutz F4L912 51kW 70hp eng). 275GT; 275GTF(Unspecified eng). 275GTII T275.100(Deutz F4L913 51kW 70hp eng). 360GT; 360GTF; 360GTH(KHD F3L913H T360.010; T360.020 44kW 60hp eng). 365GT; 365GTA T365.220(KHD F4L912 48kW 65hp eng). 380GT; 380GTA; 380GTF T380.010; 220(KHD F4L913H 59kW 80hp eng). 395GHA; 395GTA T395.220; T395.240(Deutz F6L913; F6L912H 88kW 120hp eng). F250GT(MWM D329-L3 eng). F250GT(Unspecified eng). F275GT MkII(Deutz F4L913 eng). F275GT; F275GTF(Deutz F4L912 eng). F275GT; F275GTF(Unspecified eng). F345GT; F345GTM(Deutz eng). F345GT; F345GTM; F360GT; F360GTF; F360GTH(Unspecified eng). F360GT; F360GTF; F360GTH(Deutz eng). F365GT; F380GT; F380GTA; F380GTF(Unspecified eng). F365GTA(Deutz eng). F365GTA(Unspecified eng). F370GT; F370GTA(Deutz F4L913H eng). F380GT; F380GTA; F380GTF(Deutz eng). F380GTA(Deutz F4L913H Turbo eng). F390GTA(Deutz F6L913 eng). F390GTA; F394GTA; F394GHA(Unspecified eng). F395GHA; F395GTA(Deutz F6L913 eng). Farmer 200K; 200V T144; T145(Deutz F3L912 26kW 33hp eng). Farmer 200K; 200V(Unspecified eng). Farmer 203(Deutz F3L912 eng). Farmer 203K; 203VK T155.039(Deutz F3L912 36kW 49hp eng). Farmer 203P; 203PII; 203PA; 203PB; 203PE T156.250(Deutz F3L912 36kW 49hp eng). Farmer 203V; 203VII; 203VA T145; T155(Deutz F3L912 37kW 50hp eng). Farmer 204(Deutz F4L912 eng). Farmer 204P; 204PA; 204V; 204VA T166; T167(Deutz F4L912 48kW 65hp eng). Farmer 205(Deutz F4L912 eng). Farmer 205P; 205PA T176.030; T176.230(Deutz F4L912 53kW 72hp eng). Farmer 240(Deutz F3L912 29kW 39hp eng). Farmer 240(Deutz F3L912 eng). Farmer 250V; 250VA T205.259(Deutz F3L912 37kW 50hp eng). Farmer 250V; 250VA(Deutz F3L912 eng). Farmer 260; 270(Deutz F3L912 eng). Farmer 260P; 260PA; 260V; 260VA T246.010; T210(Deutz F3L912 44kW 60hp eng). Farmer 270P; 270PA; 270V; 270VA T207; T247(Deutz F4L912 52kW 80hp eng). Farmer 280P; 280PA T248.010(Deutz F4L912 59kW 80hp eng). Farmer 280P; 280PA(Deutz F4L912 eng). Farmer 303LS; 303LSA(MWM D223-3 38kW 52hp eng). Farmer 303LS; 304LS(Unspecified eng). Farmer 304LS; 304LSA(TD226.3.B 42kW 57hp eng). Farmer 305S; 305LS; 305LSA(MWM D227-4 46kW 63hp eng). Farmer 307(MWM TD226-B3 Turbo eng). Farmer 308(MWM TD226-B4 Turbo eng). Farmer 309(MWM TD226-B4 Turbo eng). Farmer 309LS; 309LSA; 309S(MWM TD226-4 eng). Farmer 309S; 309LS; 309LSA(MWM TD226-4 66kW 90hp eng). Farmer 310(MWM TD226-B4 Turbo eng). Farmer 310LS; 310LSA(MWM TD226-4 eng). Farmer 310LS; 310LSA(TD226-4.2-AB; TD226.B4 70kW 95hp eng). Farmer 311(MWM TD226-B6 Turbo eng). Farmer 311LS; 311LSA(D226 - 6.2 ab 1990 TD 226 .B 74kW 101hp eng). Farmer 311LSA(MWM eng). Farmer 312(MWM TD226-B6 Turbo eng). Farmer 312LS; 312LSA(MWM D226B-6 88kW 120hp eng). Farmer 312LSA(MWM eng). Favorit 509C; 510C(MWM TD226-B4 eng). Favorit 511C(MWM TD226-B4 eng). Favorit 512C; 512CA; 514C; 514CA(MWM TD226-B6 eng). Favorit 515C(MWM TD226-B6 eng). Favorit 600LS(MWM D227-6 63kW 86hp eng). Favorit 600LS; 610LS(MWM D226-6; D227-6 eng). Favorit 610LS(MWM D226-6 70kW 95hp eng). Favorit 610S(MWM 225-6 63kW 85hp eng). Favorit 610S; 611S; 611SA(Unspecified eng). Favorit 610SA; 610SL(MWM D226-6 63kW 85hp eng). Favorit 610SA; 610SL; 611SA; 611SL(MWM eng). Favorit 611LS; 611LSA(MWM D226-6 eng). Favorit 611S; 611SA(MWM 226-6 77kW 105hp eng). Favorit 611SA; 611SL(MWM D226-6 77kW 105hp eng). Favorit 612LS; 612LSA(MWM D226-6 eng). Favorit 612S; 612SA; 612SL(MWM 226-6 88kW 120hp eng). Favorit 612S; 612SA; 612SL(MWM eng). Favorit 614LS; 614LSA; 615LS; 615LSA(MWM D226-6 eng). Favorit 614S; 614SA(MWM 226-6TD 99kW 135hp eng). Favorit 614S; 614SA(MWM eng). Favorit 614SL(MWM TD226-6 99kW 135hp eng). Favorit 614SL; 615S; 615SL(MWM D226-6 eng). Favorit 615S; 615SL(MWM D226-6 110kW 150hp eng). Favorit 622LS; 622LSA(MAN D2566ME eng). Favorit 626(Unspecified eng). Favorit 816; 818; 822 Favorit(MAN D0826 eng). Favorit 824(MAN D0826 eng). TS80(MWM eng). TS80; TS80-65 T269.340(MWM D225-4 eng). Fiat 100-90(8065.05 eng). 110-90(8065.05 eng). 115-90(Unspecified eng). 1180; 1180DT(8065 eng). 130-90; 130-90DT; 140-90; 140-90DT(8065 eng). 3830(Unspecified eng). 4030(Unspecified eng). 45-66; 45-66S(Unspecified eng). 45-76(Unspecified eng). 50-66; 50-66S(Unspecified eng). 50-86(Unspecified eng). 55-56(Unspecified eng). 55-65(Unspecified eng). 55-66; 55-66LP; 55-66S; 55-66T(Unspecified eng). 55-75(Unspecified eng). 55-76(Unspecified eng). 55-85(Unspecified eng). 55-86(Unspecified eng). 55-88(Unspecified eng). 55-90(8045.05 eng). 60-56(Unspecified eng). 60-65(Unspecified eng). 60-66; 60-66DT; 60-66LP; 60-66S(8035 eng). 60-75(Unspecified eng). 60-76(Unspecified eng). 60-85(Unspecified eng). 60-86(Iveco 8035E eng). 60-88(Unspecified eng). 60-90(8045.05 eng). 60-93; 60-94(Unspecified eng). 62-85(Unspecified eng). 62-86(Unspecified eng). 65-56(Unspecified eng). 65-66; 65-66S(Unspecified eng). 65-88(Unspecified eng). 65-90; 65-93; 65-94(Unspecified eng). 70-86(Unspecified eng). 8035(Unspecified eng). 8055(Unspecified eng). 8065(Unspecified eng). 82-86(Unspecified eng). 90-90(8055.05 eng). 95-55(Fiat eng). 980; 980DT(8045 eng). Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 1.9D 1911cc Diesel 52kW 71hp(149B1.000 eng). Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 1.9TD 1929cc Diesel 60kW 82hp(280A1.000 eng). Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.4D 2428cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 eng). Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.4TD 2428cc Diesel 68kW 92hp(8144.21 eng). Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.5D 2500cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(8144.67 eng). Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.5TD 2500cc Diesel 70kW 95hp(8140.27 eng). Ducato 1.9D(Unspecified eng). Ducato 1.9TD(Unspecified eng). Ducato 10 Diesel; Ducato 10 Turbo; Ducato 14 Diesel; Ducato 14 Turbo(Unspecified eng). Ducato 10 Diesel; Ducato 14 Diesel(Unspecified eng). Ducato 10 Diesel; Ducato 14 Diesel; Ducato 18 Maxi(Unspecified eng). Ducato 18;Ducato 18 Maxi(Unspecified eng). Ducato 2.5D(Unspecified eng). Ducato 2.5TDI(Unspecified eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9 TDi 1929cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(230BNAB eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 50kW 68hp(DJY-XUD9A eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9D 1929cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(230A2.000 eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(DHX-XUD9TE eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9TD 1929cc Diesel 60kW 82hp(230A3.000 eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9TD 1929cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(230A4.000 eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 2.5 TDi 2500cc Diesel 80kW 109hp(8140.47R eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 2.5 TDi 2500cc Diesel 85kW 116hp(8140.47 eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 2.5D 2500cc Diesel 62kW 84hp(8140.67 eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 2.8 idTD 2800cc Diesel 64kW 87hp(8140.43 eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 2.8 idTD 2800cc Diesel 90kW 122hp(Unspecified eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 2.8D 2800cc Diesel 64kW 87hp(Unspecified eng). F100(8065.06 eng). F110(8065.06 eng). F115(8065.06 eng). F120(8065.06 eng). F130; F130DT(8065.25 eng). F130; F140(Fiat 8065.25 eng). F140(8065.25 eng). Punto I (176) 1.7D 1698cc Diesel 42kW 57hp(176B3.000 eng). Punto I (176) 1.7TD 1698cc Diesel 46kW 63hp(176B7.000 eng). Punto I (176) 1.7TD 1698cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(176A5.000 eng). Punto I (176) 1.7TD 1698cc Diesel 52kW 71hp(176A5.000 eng). Strada (178E/278) 1.7TD 1698cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(176A3.000 eng). Talento (290) 1.9D 1911cc Diesel 52kW 71hp(149B1.000 eng). Talento 1.9L Diesel(Unspecified eng). Fiat Allis 11180; 1180DT(8065.04 85kW 115hp eng). 1280; 1280DT(8065.24 90kW 123hp eng). 1380; 1380DT(8065 99kW 135hp eng). 345B(Unspecified eng). 955C(8055.04 eng). 980(8065.02 72kW 98hp eng). AD14B; BD14B(Unspecified eng). FD145(Unspecified eng). FD7(Unspecified eng). FL145(Unspecified eng). FL7(Unspecified eng). FL7B(Unspecified eng). FR70(Unspecified eng). FR7B(Unspecified eng). FR90; FR90PL(Unspecified eng). FR9B(Unspecified eng). FW130(Unspecified eng). Foden S104(Cummins 6CT eng). S104R(Cummins 6BTA-180 eng). S106(Cummins 6CT eng). S106T(Cummins 6BTA-250 eng). S108(Cummins 6CT eng). S108T(Cummins 6BTA-180 eng). Ford 3830(Unspecified eng). 4030(Unspecified eng). 5640(Unspecified eng). 6640(Unspecified eng). 7530(Unspecified eng). 7740(Unspecified eng). 7840(Unspecified eng). 8240(Unspecified eng). 8340(Unspecified eng). A0306(York; Standard 34kW 46hp eng). A0309(York 47kW 64hp eng). A0406(York; Standard 34kW 46hp eng). A0409(York 47kW 64hp eng). A0506(York; Standard 34kW 46hp eng). A0509(York 47kW 64hp eng). A0609(York 47kW 64hp eng). A0709(York 47kW 64hp eng). Cargo C814(Cummins 4BTAA 103kW 140hp eng). F12000 (MWM 6.10 104kW 142hp eng). F14000 (MWM 6.10 104kW 142hp eng). FF4000(Cummins 4BT 99kW 135hp eng). Transit 2.4D 2332cc Diesel 46kW 63hp(4AA eng). Foton FT704(Perkins 1004 eng). FT824(Perkins 1004.4TW eng). Furukawa 345 (F683T 144kW 196hp eng). 355 (F683TA 166kW 226hp eng). 635E(F659T 90kW 123hp eng). 640E; 640HD; 640L (F659TA 115kW 157hp eng). 645 (F683T 141kW 192hp eng). 725L(F439T 61kW 83hp eng). 730L(F439TK 73kW 100hp eng). 735H; 735L(F659T 90kW 123hp eng). Gehl 4835(32kW 44hp eng). 5635 MkII(BF4M1011F eng). SL4635DX(Deutz BF3M1011F eng). SL4635SX(Deutz F3M1011F eng). SL4640(Deutz BF3M2011F eng). SL4640(Deutz BF3M2011F eng). SL4640(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4640(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4640(Deutz TD-2009 34kW 46hp eng). SL4640(Deutz TD-2009 45kW 60hp Turbo eng). SL4640; SL4640E(F3M2011 eng). SL4640E EU(Deutz BF3M2011F Turbo eng). SL4640E EU(Deutz BF3M2011F Turbo eng). SL4640E EU(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4640E EU(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4640E(Deutz BF3M2011F eng). SL4640E(Deutz BF3M2011F eng). SL4640E(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4640E(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4835DX(Deutz BF3M1011F eng). SL4835SX(Deutz BF3M1011F eng). SL4840(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL4840(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL4840; SL4840E(F4M2011F eng). SL5240(Deutz TD-2009 45kW 61hp eng). SL5635DX(Deutz F4M1011F eng). SL5635DXT(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). SL5635SX(Deutz F4M1011F eng). SL5635SXT(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). SL5640 EU(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL5640(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL5640; SL5640E(BF4M2011F eng). SL5640E EU(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL5640E(Deutz BF4M2011 61kW 82hp Turbo eng). SL5640E(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL5640E(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL6620(Perkins 4.154 44kW 60hp eng). SL6635DX(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). SL6635SX(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). SL6640 EU(Deutz BF4M2011F eng). SL6640(Deutz BF4M2011F eng). SL6640; SL6640E(BF4M2011F eng). SL6640E EU(Deutz BF4M2011F eng). SL6640E(Deutz BF4M2011 61kW 82hp eng). SL6640E(Deutz BF4M2011F eng). SL6640E(Deutz BF4M2011F eng). Goldoni Compact 652(Lombardini eng). Compact 654(Lombardini eng). Euro 26RS(Lombardini 9LD561-2 19kW 26hp eng). Euro 30RS(Lombardini 9LD626-2 22kW 30hp eng). Euro 45RS(Lombardini LDA625-3 31kW 42hp eng). Idea 40DT(Lombardini FOCS 27kW 37hp eng). Gradall G660C(Deutz F6L413 eng). G880C(Deutz F6L413 eng). Gutbrod 2600D(Unspecified eng). Hamm 3205; 3307(Deutz BF4M1011 eng). 3307(Deutz BF4M1011 eng). GRW6(Deutz BF4M1012 eng). HD120; HD130(Deutz BF4M1013 eng). HD70; HD75(Unspecified eng). Hanomag Henschel B6C(Hanomag eng). Brilliant 601(D142R eng). Brilliant 701(D161R eng). F45; F45V(D141L 48kW 65hp eng). F45V Diesel(D141L 48kW 65hp eng). F46; F46V; F55; F55V(D142L1 59kW 80hp eng). F46; F55(D142L1 59kW 80hp eng). F65; F65V; F75(D142L2 59kW 80hp eng). F65; F75(D142L2 59kW 80hp eng). F66; F66V; 76(D161L 74kW 100hp eng). F66; F76(D161L 74kW 100hp eng). F85(D161L2 74kW 100hp eng). F85; F86(D161L2 74kW 100hp eng). F86(D162L 85kW 115hp eng). F86(D162L; 6R1010 85kW 115hp eng). Granit 500; 500E(D131; D132 eng). Granit 501(D131R eng). Granit 501E(D132R eng). Robust 901(D162D eng). Haulotte H14TX; H16TPX(Unspecified eng). HA20PX; HA26PX(Deutz F4L1011 eng). HA46JRT(Deutz eng). HB44J(Deutz F3L1011F eng). Hesston 100-90(Unspecified eng). 1180; 1180DT(Unspecified eng). 45-66(Unspecified eng). 55-66; 55-66DT(Unspecified eng). 8400(Iveco eng). 880(Unspecified eng). 980(Unspecified eng). Himoinsa GEHIW-100; GOHIW-100; GEHIW-130; GOHIW-130(Iveco 8065 eng). Hitachi EX135(Iveco eng). EX135(Unspecified eng). FH120(Iveco 8065T eng). FH130(Unspecified eng). FH130-3(Iveco eng). FH150; FH150-3; FH150W(Iveco eng). FH65W(Perkins eng). FH85W(Perkins eng). FH90W(Perkins 1004.42 eng). FH95W(Perkins eng). FR70(Iveco eng). FR90(Iveco eng). W110; W130(Iveco 8065T eng). W80(Perkins 1004.42 eng). W90(Iveco 8045 eng). Hokuetsu Kogyo PDS750S(Cummins 6CTA 8.3L eng). Hough 503(Unspecified eng). 506(D179 eng). 510(D268 eng). 515(D358 eng). 520B(DT358 eng). Hymac 3654(Unspecified eng). 503(Unspecified eng). 506(Unspecified eng). 510(Unspecified eng). 515(Unspecified eng). 520; 520A(Unspecified eng). 530; 530A(Unspecified eng). 540; 540A(Unspecified eng). 620; 620W(Unspecified eng). 630; 630LGP; 630W(Unspecified eng). 640HD(Unspecified eng). 640L(Unspecified eng). 650; 650HD(Unspecified eng). H50B(Unspecified eng). H60(Unspecified eng). L165(Unspecified eng). Hyundai HL17(Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). HL25(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). HL740-3 (Cummins B5.9C 101kW 137hp eng). HL740TM-3(Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). HL750(Cummins 6BT 5.9L 110kW 150hp eng). HL760(Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). HL760-3 (Cummins C8.3C 160kW 218hp eng). Robex 120W(Cummins 4BTA 3.9L eng). Robex 130LC(Cummins 4BT 3.9L eng). Robex 130LC-3(Cummins B3.9-C 76kW 103hp eng). Robex 130LCM-3(Cummins 4BTA 3.9L eng). Robex 130W(Cummins 4BTA 3.9L eng). Robex 130W-3(Cummins 4BTA 3.9L eng). Robex 160LC-3(Cummins B3.9-C 82kW 111hp eng). Robex 160NLC-3(Cummins 4B 3.9L eng). Robex 170W-3(Cummins 6BTA 5.9L eng). Robex 180LC-3(Cummins B5.9C 94kW 128hp eng). Robex 180NLC-3(Cummins 6B 5.9L eng). Robex 200(Cummins 6BTC 5.9L eng). Robex 200LC(Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). Robex 200LCLR(Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). Robex 200LCM(Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). Robex 200LCM-1(Cummins 6BTC 5.9L eng). Robex 200LCM-2(Cummins 6BTC 5.9L eng). Robex 200NLC-3(Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). Robex 200W(Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). Robex 200W-3(Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). Robex 210-3(Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). Robex 210LC-7(Cummins B5.9C 112kW 152hp eng). Robex 250LC-3(Cummins B5.9C 130kW 177hp eng). Robex 250NLC-3(Cummins 6B 5.9L eng). Robex 280(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Robex 280LC(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Robex 290-3(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Robex 290LC(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Robex 290LC-3(Cummins 6CC 8.3L 145kW 197hp eng). Robex 290LC-3LR(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Robex 290NLC-3(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Robex 320-3(Cummins 6CTA 8.3L eng). Robex 320LC-3(Cummins 6CTA 8.3L eng). Ikarus 396 206.51(Raba D11T 165kW 224hp eng). 396CL K112(Scania DS11.15 165kW 224hp eng). 398CLA K113(Scania DS11.23 266kW 362hp eng). 554BF 111-54 (Scania 146kW 199hp eng). 555BF 111-54(Scania 146kW 199hp eng). 664 BR145(Scania D14 202kW 275hp eng). Flex 395CI(Scania eng). Ingersoll Rand P100AWD; P110AWD(Unspecified eng). P100DWD; P100EWD; P100FWD(Deutz F3L1011; F3M1011F eng). P100SD; P100WD; P100WDU(Unspecified eng). P125DWD; P125EWD; P125FWD(Deutz F3L1011; F3M1011F eng). P130WD(Deutz F3M1011F eng). Iveco 110 D(Deutz F6L812 eng). 120 D7; D9; D11; D12; D13(Unspecified eng). 29.9; 29.11; 29.13(Sofim eng). 35.10(Unspecified eng). 35.10(Unspecified eng). 35.12(Unspecified eng). 35.8; 35.8 New Daily; 35.9(Unspecified eng). 40.10(Unspecified eng). 40.10(Unspecified eng). 40.12(Unspecified eng). 40.8(Unspecified eng). 45.10(Unspecified eng). 49.10(Unspecified eng). 85 E15(8060.25; 8060.45 eng). 85 E18(8060.25; 8060.45 eng). 85 E21(8060.25; 8060.45 eng). A30.8; A35.8; A40.8; A40.10(Unspecified eng). New Daily 30.8(Unspecified eng). Zeta 109.14(8060.05.289 102kW 139hp eng). Jacto Uniport 2000 Plus(MWM eng). JCB 210(Perkins eng). Kaelble SL14B(MAN D0826 eng). Kaeser 135(Unspecified eng). Mobilair M76(Deutz BF4L1011 eng). Komatsu PW170-5K(Perkins 1006.6TD; 1006.6TLR2 eng). Kramer 750(Deutz F4M2011 44kW 60hp eng). 850(Deutz F4M2011 44kW 60hp eng). 950(Deutz BF4M2011 56kW 76hp eng). Lancia Thema 2500 Turbo DS 2482cc Diesel 85kW 115hp(8144.97.2200 eng). Thema 2500 Turbo DS 2500cc Diesel 77kW 105hp(8144. 97.2500 eng). Landini Discovery 65(Deutz F4L1011FA 48kW 65hp eng). Discovery 85; 85DT(Deutz BF4L1011FA1 59kW 80hp eng). Ghibli 80(Perkins 1004.42 eng). Multitrac 65; 85(Deutz BF4L1011; BF4L1011 Turbo eng). Mythos 100HC(Perkins 1004.40T eng). Rex 100(Perkins 1004.40T eng). Trekker 70(Perkins 1004.40 eng). Trekker 80(Perkins 1004.42 eng). Trekker 90; 100(Perkins 1004.40; 1004.40T eng). Vision 80(Perkins 1004.42 eng). Vision 90(Perkins 1004.40T eng). Leroi Lion MkII(Deutz 8cyl eng). Liebherr A902; R902; R902LC(Deutz F4L912 eng). A912; R912HD; R912LC; R912(Deutz F6L912 eng). A922; R922LC(Deutz BF6L913 eng). A922; R922LC(Deutz F6L912 eng). A922; R922LC(Liebherr D904T eng). HS830; HS832; HS840; HS842(D906 eng). L507 Speeder(Deutz D2011L04 eng). R912(D904T eng). R925B(Deutz F6L912 eng). R932(D906NA eng). R932HD; R942HD; R942LC(Deutz BF6L913 eng). Linde Lansing G2S; G25S(Unspecified eng). G60; G60A; G75; G75A(Unspecified eng). H12; H15; H25B(Unspecified eng). Lindner Geotrac 70(Perkins 1004.4 54kW 73hp eng). Geotrac 80(Perkins 1004.4 59kW 80hp eng). Mafersa M-210(Cummins 6CT 8.3L 118kW 160hp eng). M-240(Cummins 6CTA 8.3L 132kW 179hp eng). MAN 10.136(D0226MF eng). 10.150(D0826F eng). 12.136(Unspecified eng). 12.192(Unspecified eng). 12.232(Unspecified eng). 13.192(Unspecified eng). 14.136(Unspecified eng). 14.192(Unspecified eng). 14.232(Unspecified eng). 14.262(Unspecified eng). 14.272(Unspecified eng). 15.192(D0226MKF; D0226MKM eng). 15.192(D0826T; D0826TF eng). 15.232(D0826L eng). 16.192(D0226MKF; D0226MKM eng). 16.192(D0826T; D0826T6 eng). 16.232(D0826L eng). 16.272(D2865 eng). 16.322(D2865 eng). 16.332; 16.362(D2866 eng). 17.136(D0226MF eng). 17.170(Unspecified eng). 17.192(Unspecified eng). 17.192(Unspecified eng). 17.232(Unspecified eng). 17.272(D2865 eng). 17.292(Unspecified eng). 17.322(D2865 eng). 17.332; 17.362; 18.362(Unspecified eng). 19.240(U12D eng). 19.240U(U12D eng). 19.242(D2866 eng). 19.262(D2865 eng). 19.272(D2865 eng). 19.292(D2866 eng). 19.322(D2865 eng). 19.332(D2866 eng). 19.362(D2866 eng). 19.422(D2866 eng). 19.462; 19.502(Unspecified eng). 20.240(U12D eng). 20.322(D2865 eng). 22.240(Unspecified eng). 22.242(D2866 eng). 22.262(D2865 eng). 22.292(D2866 eng). 22.322(D2865 eng). 22.332(D2866 eng). 22.362(D2866 eng). 22.462; 22.502(D2866 eng). 24.232(D0826L eng). 24.242(D2866 eng). 24.262; 24.272(D2865 eng). 24.292(D2866 eng). 24.332; 24.362; 24.422(D2866 eng). 24.462; 24.502(D2866 eng). 25.332(D2866 eng). 26.272(D2865 eng). 26.322(D2865 eng). 26.332(D2866 eng). 26.362(D2866 eng). 26.462; 26.502(Unspecified eng). 32.242(D2866 eng). 32.262; 32.272(D2865 eng). 32.292(D2866 eng). 32.293VF; 32.343(D2865LF24 eng). 32.314F; 32.314VF; 32.364(D2866LF34 eng). 32.322(D2865 eng). 32.332(D2866 eng). 32.362(D2866 eng). 32.403VF; 32.463(D2866; D2876 eng). 32.414F; 32.414VF; 32.464(D2866; D2876 eng). 33.242(D2866 eng). 33.272(D2865 eng). 33.292(D2866 eng). 33.322(D2865 eng). 33.332(Unspecified eng). 33.343DF(D2865LF21 eng). 33.362(D2866 eng). 33.364(D2866 eng). 33.403DF(D2866LF20 eng). 33.414; 33.464(D2866; D2876 eng). 33.463DF(D2876LF02 eng). 35.343VF(D2865LF21 eng). 35.364F; 35.364VF(D2865LF35 eng). 35.463VF(D2876LF02 eng). 40.242(D2866 eng). 40.262; 40.272(D2865 eng). 40.292(D2866 eng). 40.322(D2865 eng). 40.332; 40.362(D2866 eng). 40.422(D2866 eng). 40.462; 40.502(Unspecified eng). 41.262; 41.272(D2865 eng). 41.292(D2866 eng). 41.332(D2866 eng). 41.362(D2866 eng). 48.242; 48.292(Unspecified eng). 48.322(D2865 eng). 48.332; 48.362(D2866 eng). 48.462; 48.502(Unspecified eng). 6.100(D0824 eng). 6.90; 6.90F(Unspecified eng). 8.100(D0824 eng). 8.136(Unspecified eng). 8.136F(D0224M; D0224MF eng). 8.150(Unspecified eng). 8.90; 8.90F(D0224M; D0224MF eng). 9.136(D0226MF eng). 9.136F(Unspecified eng). 9.150(D0826F eng). D0224(Unspecified eng). D0824(Unspecified eng). D0826(Unspecified eng). D2842(Unspecified eng). D2876(Unspecified eng). D2876LF(Unspecified eng). D2886(Unspecified eng). E2886(Unspecified eng). EL202; NL202(Unspecified eng). RU240(D2866 eng). RU290; SG292; SG292H(D2866 eng). SG242; UL242(D2866 eng). UL272(D2866 eng). Manitou 4RM(Unspecified eng). 4RM26NF(Ford 2512E eng). 4RM35(IHC D179 eng). 4RM36(IHC D179 eng). 4RM36K(IHC D239 eng). 4RM40(IHC D179 eng). 4RM40K(IHC D239 eng). 4RM50(IHC D179 eng). 4RM50K(IHC D239 eng). MB21; MB26; MB30(Unspecified eng). MB25M; MB25PF; MB25TC(Ford 2512E eng). MB25P(Iveco eng). MB26(Ford 2512E eng). MB26(IHC D179; D239 eng). MB30(IHC D179; D239 eng). MB30M; MB30TC(Ford 2512E eng). MB40(IHC D179; D239 eng). MB50K(IHC D239 eng). MB60H(Perkins 4.236 eng). MC40TC(Ford 2512E eng). MC50K(IHC D239 eng). MC50TC(Ford 2512E eng). MC60K(IHC D239 eng). ME25N; ME25NS; ME30N; ME30NS(Unspecified eng). MT835-120LS; MT845T(Perkins 1004.40 Turbo eng). Marshall 135(WD612.87 99kW 135hp eng). 642(WD411.44 47kW 64hp eng). 644(WD411.44 47kW 64hp eng). 742(WD411.90 53kW 72hp eng). 744(WD411.90 53kW 72hp eng). 842(WD411.88 59kW 80hp eng). 844(WD411.88 59kW 80hp eng). 944(WD611.43 66kW 90hp eng). Unknown Model(WD611.81 11081kW 110hp eng). Massey Ferguson 22(Hanomag eng). 220(Perkins eng). 220XL(Perkins eng). 2230(1004.4 eng). 2745(Perkins AV8.540 eng). 2775; 2805(Perkins V8.640; TV8.640 eng). 3425(Perkins 1103C-33T 46kW 64hp eng). 3425(Perkins 1103C-33T eng). 3435(1104C.44 eng). 3435(Perkins 1104C.44 60kW 80hp eng). 3435F; 3435GE; 3435S; 3445F; 3445S; 3455(Perkins 1104C.44T eng). 3445(1104C.44T eng). 3445(Perkins 1104C.44T 67kW 90hp eng). 3455(1104C.44T eng). 3455(Perkins 1104C.44T 72kW 98hp eng). 3660(Unspecified eng). 4260A; 4270A(Perkins 1006 eng). 6180(Perkins 1006.6T eng). 8120(Perkins 1006.6T eng). 8590(Perkins 8.640 eng). MF25(Perkins 88kW 120hp eng). MF3120; MF3120T(Perkins 1006.6 eng). MF3125(Perkins eng). MF3140(Perkins 1006.6 eng). MF3645(Perkins eng). MF3655(Perkins eng). MF38(Perkins eng). MF451(Perkins 1103C 3.3L E2 eng). MF451(Perkins 1103C 3.3L eng). MF50C(Unspecified eng). MF6260(Perkins 1006.60NA eng). MF9720(Perkins 8.640 eng). McCormick C70; CX70; CX75(Perkins 1004.42 eng). C80(Perkins 1004.40T Turbo eng). C90; C100(Perkins 1004.40T Turbo eng). CX80; CX90; CX100(Perkins 1004.40 Turbo eng). CX95; CX105(Perkins 1004.40T eng). MC80; MC90; MC100; MC115(Perkins 1004.40 Turbo eng). Mercedes 507D; 508D(Unspecified eng). 510D; 512D(Unspecified eng). 609D; 611D(Unspecified eng). 614D(Unspecified eng). 809D(Unspecified eng). 811D(Unspecified eng). 813D(Unspecified eng). 814D(Unspecified eng). Miller Electric Big 40(Caterpillar 3024 eng). Big 40(Continental TMD20 eng). Big Blue 251D(Deutz F3L1011 eng). Big Blue 402P; 502P; 602P(Perkins 3.152 eng). Big Blue 500D; 600X(Deutz F3L912 eng). Big Blue 500D; 600X(Deutz F4L2011 eng). Big Blue 700DX(Deutz F4L912 eng). Big Blue(Deutz BF4M2011 Turbo eng). Pipe Pro 304(Kubota DH905 eng). Moxy 5222B; 6226B; 6225B; 6227B(Scania eng). 6227B; 6225B(Scania eng). New Holland 160.90; 180.90(Fiat 8365.25 eng). 3010(Unspecified eng). 3830(Unspecified eng). 4030(Unspecified eng). 4230(Unspecified eng). 4430(Unspecified eng). 4835(Unspecified eng). 5635(Fiat eng). 585(Unspecified eng). 60-86; 62-86(Iveco 8035E eng). 6635(Fiat 3.9L eng). 70-86; 72-86(Iveco 8045.06 eng). 7530(Unspecified eng). 7635(Unspecified eng). B110(445T; 445M2 eng). B115(445T; 445M2 eng). B95; B95LR; B95TC(445T; 445M2 eng). B95B; B95BLR; B95BTC(445TA eng). LB110.B(445TA; 445M2 eng). LB115.B(F4GE0484GD eng). LB75(Unspecified eng). LB90.B(445TA; 445M2 eng). LB95.B(445TA; 445M2 eng). LM430(New Holland eng). LM430(Unspecified eng). LM640; LM630(New Holland eng). LW110; LW130(Fiat 8065 eng). TK76(Iveco 8045.06 eng). TK85; TK85M(Iveco 8045.06 3.9L eng). TL100(Unspecified eng). TL70; TL80(Iveco 3.6L; 3.9L eng). TL80(Deutz TD226B-4 eng). TL90; TL100(Unspecified eng). TN55(2.9L eng). TN65;TN65D;TN65S(Unspecified eng). TN65F(3.9L eng). TN65V(2.9L eng). TN70; TN70D;TN70S(Unspecified eng). TN70F(3.9L eng). TN75; TN90(Unspecified eng). TN75F(3.9L eng). TN75V(2.9L eng). TN80F(3.9L eng). TN90; TN90D; TN90S(Unspecified eng). TN90F(3.9L eng). TN95F; TN95FA(3.9L 4cyl Turbo eng). TT55(2.7L eng). TT65(Iveco 3cyl eng). TT75(3.6L eng). Pettibone Mulliken Titan 50; 70; 110(Deutz F6L912 eng). Powerscreen Trommel 511(BF4L1011F eng). Pro Tec Boxer 110(Perkins 1004.40T eng). Road Star PR20; PR24(Perkins eng). Sprinter 224(Deutz F2L1011F eng). Putzmeister M740D(Deutz F3M1011 eng). Reed 3050HP(Deutz F6L912 eng). 3080(Deutz F6L912 eng). 4040B; 4050B(Deutz F4L912 eng). Reform Werke Metrac G6(Kubota D754E2 45kW 61hp eng). Renault Midliner S130 Export Africa(797NFA eng). Scania B86(D8.01; D8.02B09 114kW 155hp eng). BK112CLB(DN11; DS11; DSC11 252kW 343hp eng). BN113ALB(DS11; DSC11 252kW 343hp eng). BN113CLB(DN11; DS11; DSC11 252kW 343hp eng). BR112(D11; DS11 184kW 250hp eng). BR112; BR116; CR112; K112; N112A(Unspecified eng). BR116S(DS11 171kW 232hp eng). BR145(D14 202kW 275hp eng). BR86S(DS8.01B11; DS8.01B12 154kW 210hp eng). C113(DN11; DS11; DSC11 252kW 343hp eng). CN112(DN11; DS11 eng). CN113; CN113A(DS11; DSC11 252kW 343hp eng). CR112(D11 232kW 315hp eng). CR145L; CR145T; CR145TX(D14 202kW 275hp eng). D9.93(Unspecified eng). D9.95(Unspecified eng). DN11.01(Unspecified eng). DN11.40-43M(Unspecified eng). DSDS11M(Unspecified eng). DSDS9M(Unspecified eng). DSI11M(Unspecified eng). DSI14M(Unspecified eng). F82; F82CL; F93; F112; F113(DS8.05B eng). F82; F93; F112; F113; F112 (DN11.07 165kW 224hp eng). F82; F93; F112; F113; F113HL (DN11; DS11; DSC11 252kW 343hp eng). F82; F93; F93HL; F93HR; F112; F113 (DN9; DS9; DSC9 167kW 227hp eng). G112(DS11 eng). G112(DSC11 eng). G112; P112; R112(Unspecified eng). G82(DN8; DS8; DSI8 eng). G82; P82(Unspecified eng). G92(DN9; DS9; DSC9 eng). G93(DN9; DS9; DSC9 eng). K112 (DN11; DS11; DSC11 252kW 343hp eng). K113CL (DN11; DS11; DSC11 252kW 343hp eng). K113CLB(DN11; DS11; DSC11 eng). K82(Unspecified eng). K82CL(DSI8.01B eng). K92CL (DS9.03B01; DS9.03B02 185kW 252hp eng). K93CL; K93CLB(DS9; DSC9 eng). L113 CLB; CLL; TLL(DN11; DS11; DSC11 eng). LL110; LS110; LT110 (D11 149kW 202hp eng). LL140(DS14 eng). LL140; LS140 (D14 202kW 275hp eng). LL141(DS14 eng). LL141; LS141 Super (DS14 283kW 385hp eng). LLB110; LBS110 (D11 149kW 202hp eng). LLB140; LBS140; LBT140 Super (DS14 268kW 365hp eng). LLB141; LBS141 Super (DS14 283kW 385hp eng). LLBS86H (D8 154kW 210hp eng). LLBT141 Super(DS14 283kW 385hp eng). LLT145 (DS14 268kW 365hp eng). LLT146 (DS14 283kW 385hp eng). N112 CLB(DN11 eng). N112DR; CR145(Unspecified eng). N113ALB(DS11; DSC11; DSI11 252kW 343hp eng). P112(DS11.14 eng). P112(DSC11.01 eng). P113 (DS11; DSC11; DTC11 252kW 343hp eng). P113; R113; T113(DSC11 eng). P144(DSC14 eng). P82(DN8; DS8; DSI8 eng). P92(DN9; DS9; DSC9 eng). P93(DS9; DSC9 eng). P93; T93(DSC9 eng). R112(DS11 eng). R112(DSC11 eng). R113 (DS11; DSC11; DTC11 252kW 343hp eng). R142(DS14; DSC14 eng). R143(DSC14 eng). R143(DSC14 eng). R92(DN9; DS9; DSC9 eng). R93(DS9; DSC9 eng). S112 (DN11.01 149kW 203hp eng). S113AL(DS11 eng). S82CL(DS8.05B eng). T112 (DN11.01 149kW 203hp eng). T112(DN11 eng). T112(DS11 eng). T112(DSC11.01 eng). T112(Unspecified eng). T113 (DN11; DS11; DSC11 252kW 343hp eng). T143(DSC14 eng). T143(DSC14 eng). T144(DSC14 eng). T82(DN8; DS8; DSI8 eng). T82(Unspecified eng). T92(DN9; DS9; DSC9 eng). T93(DN9; DS9; DSC9 eng). Schaeff SCL515(Deutz F4L1011 37kW 50hp eng). SKL824(Deutz F4L2011 37kW 50hp eng). SKL834(Deutz F4L2011 44kW 60hp eng). SKL863(Perkins 1004.40 eng). SKL873(Perkins 1006.60T eng). SKS634(Deutz F4M2011 eng). Schwing P103(Deutz F2L2011 eng). P204; P305(Deutz F2L2011 eng). Seddon Atkinson 301 R24C26(Cummins 6CTSS eng). 311 R24C26(Cummins 6CTAA eng). Steinbock CD60C; CL60C(Motori VM 706LTE 82kW 112hp eng). CD70C; CL70C(Motori VM 706LTE 82kW 112hp eng). CD80C; CL80C(Motori VM 706LTE 82kW 112hp eng). CD90C; CL90C(Motori VM 706LTE 82kW 112hp eng). Steyr 1090; 1090A(Unspecified eng). 10S-14(WD612.61 100kW 136hp eng). 10S-18(WD612.63; WD612.73 130kW 177hp eng). 1100(Unspecified eng). 1108(Unspecified eng). 1108(WD610.44 eng). 11S14(WD612.61 100kW 136hp eng). 11S18(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 1200(Unspecified eng). 1200(WD612.40 eng). 12M18(WD612.74 130kW 177hp eng). 12M21(WD612.76 eng). 12S14(WD612.61 100kW 136hp eng). 12S18(WD612.63; WD612.73 130kW 177hp eng). 12S21(WD612.65; WD612.75 154kW 210hp eng). 1300; 1350(Unspecified eng). 13S14(WD612.61 100kW 136hp eng). 13S18(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 13S21(WD612.65; WD612.75 154kW 210hp eng). 13S23(WD612.66 171kW 233hp eng). 1400(WD612.85 eng). 14S14(WD612.61 100kW 136hp eng). 14S18(WD612.63; WD612.73 130kW 177hp eng). 14S21(WD612.65; WD612.75 154kW 210hp eng). 15S14 RLE(WD612.92 100kW 136hp eng). 15S18 RLE(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 15S21(WD612.65; WD612.75 154kW 210hp eng). 15S23(WD612.66 170kW 230hp eng). 16S18 RLE(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 16S21 RLE(WD612.65 158kW 215hp eng). 16S23(WD612.93 171kW 233hp eng). 17S18(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 17S21(WD612.65 154kW 215hp eng). 17S23(WD612.66 171kW 230hp eng). 188; 955; 964; 970(Unspecified eng). 19S24(WD615.64 175kW 238hp eng). 19S28(WD615.63 204kW 278hp eng). 19S31(WD615.68; WD615.98 226kW 306hp eng). 22S28(WD615.63 204kW 278hp eng). 22S31(WD615.68 226kW 306hp eng). 26S28(WD615.63 204kW 278hp eng). 26S31(WD615.68 225kW 306hp eng). 32S28(WD615.63 204kW 278hp eng). 32S31(WD615.68 226kW 306hp eng). 33S31(WD615.68 226kW 306hp eng). 40S31(WD615.68 166kW 226hp eng). 430(Unspecified eng). 540(Unspecified eng). 540; 545; 545A; 650A; 760; 870A; 980A(Unspecified eng). 545(33kW 45hp eng). 545S(Unspecified eng). 548(Unspecified eng). 548(Unspecified eng). 590(WD610.01 81kW 110hp eng). 591.136 (WD612.01 100kW 136hp eng). 650(Unspecified eng). 650(WD408.41 eng). 658(Unspecified eng). 690(WD610.01 81kW 110hp eng). 691.136 (WD612.01 100kW 136hp eng). 760(Unspecified eng). 768(WD408.43 eng). 768; 988(Unspecified eng). 790.132(WD610.00; WD610.19 97kW 132hp eng). 790.150 (WD610.60; WD610.70 143kW 195hp eng). 790.170 (WD612 125kW 170hp eng). 790.190 (WD612 140kW 190hp eng). 791.145 (WD612.00 107kW 145hp eng). 8045; 8045A(WD311 eng). 8055; 8055A(Unspecified eng). 8055; 8055A(WD311 35kW 48hp eng). 8060; 8060A(WD311.40; WD311.41 35kW 48hp eng). 8060; 8070; 8075(Unspecified eng). 8060T; 8060TA(WD311.87 41kW 56hp eng). 8065; 8065A(WD311.85 41kW 56hp eng). 8070; 8070A(WD411 eng). 8075; 8075A(WD411.45; WD411.46 47kW 64hp eng). 8080; 8080A(WD411 eng). 8085; 8085A(WD411.92 eng). 8085; 8090(Unspecified eng). 8090; 8090A(WD411.87; WD411.88 59kW 80hp eng). 8095; 8095A(WD411 eng). 8100(Unspecified eng). 8100; 8100A(WD611.40 63kW 86hp eng). 8110; 8110A(WD611.42; WD611.43 66kW 90hp eng). 8120; 8120A(WD611.85; WD611.86 74kW 101hp eng). 8120; 8140(Unspecified eng). 8130(Unspecified eng). 8130; 8130A(WD611.87; WD611.88 81kW 110hp eng). 8140; 8140A(WD612.40 eng). 8150; 8150A(WD612.87 99kW 135hp eng). 8160; 8160A(WD612.85 eng). 8160; 8170(Unspecified eng). 8165; 8165A (WD612.86 110kW 150hp eng). 8170; 8170A (WD612.89 100kW 136hp eng). 8180(Unspecified eng). 8180; 8180A(WD612.89 eng). 8320; 8320A (WD615.85; WD615.87 206kW 281hp eng). 870(Unspecified eng). 890.132(WD610.19 97kW 132hp eng). 890.150(WD610 97kW 132hp eng). 8S14(WD612.61 100kW 136hp eng). 8S18(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 9078M(WD401.81 57kW 78hp eng). 9083M(WD401.82 61kW 83hp eng). 9086M(WD401.83 63kW 86hp eng). 9094M(WD401.85 69kW 94hp eng). 942(WD308.48 31kW 42hp eng). 948(WD308.48 eng). 955; 955A(WD301.42; WD301.43 41kW 56hp eng). 964; 964A(WD301.83 47kW 64hp eng). 970; 970A(WD301.87 51kW 70hp eng). 980; 980A(68kW 92hp eng). 988(WD412.41 eng). 9S14(WD612.61 100kW 136hp eng). 9S18(WD612.63; WD612.73 130kW 177hp eng). Dutra 1300(Unspecified eng). Dutra 1350(Unspecified eng). M948; M948A(WD308.48 35kW 48hp eng). M958; M958A(WD308.48 42kW 58hp eng). M968; M968A(WD301.89 50kW 68hp eng). M968; M968A(WD320.80 50kW 68hp eng). M975; M975A(WD301.88 55kW 75hp eng). M975A(320.81 55kW 75hp eng). Plus 80; 90(Unspecified eng). Stone Wolfpack 6400(Deutz F2L1011 eng). Target Pro 100(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). Pro 65(Deutz BF3L1011 eng). Terex TL65(Deutz D2011L04 37kW 50hp eng). TL80(Deutz D2011L04W 44kW 60hp eng). Valtra Valmet 1280R(MWM D229-6A eng). 1580(MWM TD229-6 eng). 1780(MWM TD229-6 eng). 685(MWM D229-3 eng). 785(MWM D229-4 eng). Vermeer V454A(Deutz F3L912 eng). VM Motori 425SLI(Unspecified eng). D703LE; D703LTE(Unspecified eng). D704IE; D704LE; D704LTE(Unspecified eng). D706IE; D706LTE(Unspecified eng). EP638LI(Unspecified eng). VME 488HTA; HR692HTA(Unspecified eng). Volkswagen ADE(Unspecified eng). ADG(1.9L eng). Dasher 1.5L(Unspecified eng). Dasher 1.5L(Unspecified eng). Dasher 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Gen Set(22kW eng). Golf; GTi 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Jetta 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Jetta 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Jetta 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Jetta 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Jetta 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Quantum 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Quantum 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Quantum 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Quantum 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Rabbit 1.5L(Unspecified eng). Rabbit 1.5L(Unspecified eng). Rabbit 1.5L(Unspecified eng). Rabbit 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Rabbit 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Rabbit 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Rabbit 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Rabbit Pickup 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Rabbit Pickup 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Rabbit Pickup 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Rabbit; Scirocco 1.5L(Unspecified eng). Vanagon 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Vanagon 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Vanagon 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Volvo 242; 244; 245(2.4L eng). 242; 244; 245(2.4L eng). 244; 245(2.4L eng). 244; 245(Canada 2.3 eng). 264(2.4L eng). 264(2.4L eng). 265(2.4L eng). 740(2.4L eng). 745 GLE(2.4L eng). 760(2.4L eng). 760(2.4L eng). 760(2.4L eng). A30(Unspecified eng). DD85; DD95(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). DD85; DD95(Deutz TD-2011-L04 eng). F4(Unspecified eng). F406(TD40A 75kW 102hp eng). F407(TD40A 73kW 99hp eng). F408(TD40A 62kW 84hp eng). F409(TD40A 65kW 88hp eng). FL4(Unspecified eng). FL408(TD41G eng). L35; L35B(Deutz BF4L1011F eng). Titan 125(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). ZL402C(Deutz F3L1011F eng). ZL502C(Deutz F4L1011F eng). Volvo Penta AD41A; AD41B; AD41D; AD41P; ADLA(Unspecified eng). AD41A; AQAD41; AQAD41A; D41A; TAMD41A; TMD41A(Unspecified eng). AQAD40A; AQAD40B(Unspecified eng). AQAD40A; AQAD40B; MD40A; TAMD40A; TAMD40B; TMD40; TMD40A; TMD40B; TMD40C(Unspecified eng). AQAD41A(Unspecified eng). AQD40; AQD40A(Unspecified eng). AQD41A(Unspecified eng). AQD41A(Unspecified eng). D41A; D41D; D41L-A(Unspecified eng). KAD42A; KAD42B; KAD42PA(Unspecified eng). KAMD42A; KAMD42B; KAMD42PA(Unspecified eng). MD22A; MD22LA(Unspecified eng). MD22LB; MD22PB(Unspecified eng). MD40A(Unspecified eng). MD6; MD6A; MD6B(Unspecified eng). MD7; MD7A; MD7B(Unspecified eng). MT40; QA40(Unspecified eng). TAMD22P-B(Unspecified eng). TAMD40A; TAMD40B(Unspecified eng). TAMD41A; TAMD41B; TAMD41D; TAMD41H; TAMD41M; TAMD41P(Unspecified eng). TD40A(Unspecified eng). TMD22A(Unspecified eng). TMD22B(Unspecified eng). TMD40; TMD40A; TMD40B; TMD40C(Unspecified eng). TMD41A; TMD41B; TMD41D; TMD41LA(Unspecified eng). Wacker Neuson 4501; 5001(Yanmar 4TNV84TKNSV eng). 5001(Deutz D2011L04 47kW 64hp eng). 5001(Deutz F4M2011 46kW 63hp eng). 6001(Deutz TD-2011-L04-W 64kW 87hp eng). 9001(Perkins 1004 74kW 101hp Turbo eng). WL37(Deutz BF4M2011 56kW 76hp eng). WL37(Deutz TD-2011-L04-W eng). WL48(Deutz BF4M2011 43kW 58hp eng). WL50(Deutz BF4M2011 56kW 76hp eng). WL55(Deutz BF4M2011 56kW 76hp eng). Weidemann 1490D70(Deutz BF4L2011 eng). 4002DP(Deutz 1004.4 eng). 4004DD; 4004DP; 4204DD; 4204DP(Deutz BF4L1011 eng). 4004DP(Perkins 1004.40T 80kW 109hp eng). 4204DP(Perkins 1004.40T 80kW 109hp eng). Wirtgen SP150 09.SP(Unspecified eng). W35 05.03 05.03(Deutz F3M2011 31kW 42hp eng). W50 08.05; 10.05(KHD BF4M 60kW 82hp eng). Yumbo 3964(IHC D310 eng). 3965(IHC D310 eng). 3980(IHC D358 eng). 3984(IHC D358 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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