FBW-BF7632 FILTER-Fuel(Baldwin BF7632, Fleetguard FF5321)

Price(Ex Vat): £8.70

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  • Part Number FBW-BF7632
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FBW-BF7632
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Fuel, SpinOn, 7-8.14UN
    High Efficiency Fuel Spin-on. Integral Post Seal. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Narrow can FBW-BF7634.
    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 181mm
    OD/Width Max: 94mm
    OD/Width Min: 94mm
    Thread: 7/8-14 UN

    Baldwin BF7530MPG, BF7530-MPG, BF7632, Caterpillar 1R0751, 6I4783, Donaldson P171421, P551314, Filtration FTF2541, Fleetguard FF5309, FF5321, Fleetrite FFR85309, FFR85321, Fram P8264, P8490, Greyfriars 868S, Hengst H178WK, In-Line Filters FBWBF7632, FBW-BF7632, FF30574, FINFF30574, FIN-FF30574, Kralinator F377, Luberfiner LFF4783, Napa 3377, Purolator Facet 6940232, F65214, Sakura FC5504, FC-5504, Sure SFF0293, Tecfil PSC745, Wix 33377, Woodgate WGF4783

    Ag Chem 1064 Ro-Gator(Caterpillar Engine), 1264C Ro-Gator(Caterpillar C9 Engine), 1274C Ro-Gator(Caterpillar C9 Engine), 874 Ro-Gator(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), Agco SS1074; SSC1074(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), Athey Motors RA730B(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), Atlas Copco ROC D7, ROC F9CR(Caterpillar C9 Engine), XAS756CD(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), Barber Greene BG240C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), BG2455(Caterpillar Engine), BG2455C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), BG260C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), Blount 720FB(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), Blue Bird All American(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), All American(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Vision(Caterpillar 3126E Engine), Vision(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Bobcat Melroe 320C, Caterpillar 120H; 120HES; 120HNA(3116 Engine), 135H; 135HNA(3116 Engine), 2748; 2948(C7 Engine), 3064; 3066, 3114, 3114, 3114, 3116, 3116, 3116, 3116, 3116, 311CU(3064 Engine), 3126, 3126, 3126; 3126B, 3126; 3126B, 3126; 3126B; 3126E, 3126B, 3126B, 312C(Caterpillar Engine), 312C, 312C; 312CL(3064T Engine), 312D(C4.2 Engine), 312D; 312DL(C4.2 Engine), 313D(C4.2 Engine), 314CCR; 314CLCR(3064T Engine), 314DCR; 314DLCR(C4.2 Engine), 315C(3046 Engine), 318C; 318CL; 318CLN(3066 Engine), 318DL(C4.2 Engine), 319CLN(3066 Engine), 320; 320L From Serial No 1KL1, 8LK1, 320; 320L; 320N; 320S(3116 Engine), 320B; 320BL; 320BLU; 320BN; 320BU(3066 Engine), 320B; 320BL; 320BN; 320BS(3116 Engine), 320B; 320BL; M320; 322B; 322BLN; 325B; 325BL; 325BLN(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), 320C(3066 Engine), 320C, 320C, 320C, 320C; 320CL; 320CLN; 320S(3066T Engine), 320CL, 320CL From Serial No AMC1, 320CLU; 320CU(3066 Engine), 320CMH(3066T Engine), 320D; 320DL(3066 Engine), 320D; 320DL(C6.4 Engine), 320DFM(C6.4 Engine), 320DLRR; 320DRR(3066 Engine), 320DLRR; 320DRR(C6.4 Engine), 320N; 320S, 321CLCR(3066T Engine), 321DLCR(C6.4 Engine), 322; 322L From Serial No 7WL1, 8CL1, 322; 322L; 322LN; 322N(3116 Engine), 322B; 322BLN, 322C; 322CL; 322CLN(3126 Engine), 322C; 322CL; 322CLN From Serial No BKJ, 322C; 325C(3126B Engine), 323DL; 323DLN; 323DS(3066 Engine), 325; 325L; 325LN(3116 Engine), 325B; 325BL; 325BLN(3116 Engine), 460; 460R; 465; 470(3126B Engine), 525B(3126 Engine), 533(3126 Engine), 535B(3126 Engine), 539(3126 Engine), 543(3126 Engine), 550(3126 Engine), 561M, 570; 580(3126 Engine), 574(3126 Engine), 584; 584HD(C7 Engine), 613B; 613C(3116 Engine), 613B; 613C(3116 Engine), 613C(3116 Engine), 613C(3116 Engine), 910F(3114T Engine), 918F(3114 Engine), 924F(3114 Engine), 928F(3116 Engine), 928G(3116 Engine), 938F(3116 Engine), 938G, 950F(3116 Engine), 950G, 953B(3116 Engine), 953C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), 953D(C6.6 Engine), 960F(3116 Engine), 962G(3126 Engine), 963B(3116 Engine), 963C(3116 Engine), 963D(C6.6 Engine), 993K(C32 Engine), AP1000(Caterpillar 3116 DIT Engine), AP1000B(3116 Engine), AP1050(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), AP1050B(3116 Engine), AP1055(3116 Engine), AP1055B, AP900B(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), BG240C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), BG2455C(3116TA Engine), BG245C(3116TA Engine), BG260C(3116 Engine), C15, C6.4, C6.6, C7, C7, C7, C9, C9, C9.3, CB531; CS531(3116 Engine), CB583; CS583(3116 Engine), CB634, CB634C(3116 Engine), CB634D(3116T Engine), Challenger 35(3116 Engine), Challenger 35(3116 Engine), Challenger 45(3116 Engine), Challenger 55(3126 Engine), CP533; CS533(3116 Engine), CP533C; CS533C(3116 Engine), CP533D; CS533D(3116 Engine), CP563; CS563(3116 Engine), CP563C; CS563C(3116 Engine), CP563D; CS563D(3116 Engine), CS531C(3116 Engine), CS531D(3116 Engine), CS573(3116 Engine), CS573C(3116 Engine), CS573D(3116 Engine), CS583C(3116 Engine), CS583D(3116 Engine), D20D From Serial No 6NG1, D20D From Serial No 9MG1, D20D(3116 Engine), D250D From Serial No 6NG1, D250D(3116 Engine), D3G(3046T Engine), D4G(3046T Engine), D5G(3046T Engine), D5M; D5M LGP, D6K LGP; D6K XL(C6.6 Engine), D6M LGP, D6M; D6M LGP(3116 Engine), D6N; D6N LGP; D6N XL(C6.6 Engine), E110B, E120B, E200B; EL200B(3116T Engine), E240B; EL240B(3116T Engine), E240C; EL240C(3116T Engine), EL325, IT12F(3204 Engine), IT14F(3114T Engine), IT18F(3114 Engine), IT24F(3114 Engine), IT28F(3116 Engine), IT28G(3116 Engine), IT38F(3116 Engine), IT38G(3126 Engine), IT62G, Lexion 450(3126B Engine), M318; M318MH(3116 Engine), M320(3116 Engine), PL61(C6.6 Engine), TK370; TK380(3126 Engine), TK371; TK381(3126 Engine), Challenger 660, 670, CMI PRT225(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), TR3503(Caterpillar C9 Engine), TR4503(Caterpillar C15 Engine), Compair Holman C170(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), Doosan Daewoo C6500(7.2L L6 Turbo Engine), C7500(7.2L L6 Turbo Engine), C7H042(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), C8500(7.2L L6 Turbo Engine), Kodiak(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Mexico Med Conventional(7.2L L6 Turbo Engine), Ford AeroMax 113(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), F650(Caterpillar C7 Engine), F650, F750(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), F750(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Louisville 113(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), Louisville LT8501(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), Freightliner Argosy(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), B2 Bus Chassis(Caterpillar C7 Engine), B2 Bus Chassis(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Business Class M2(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Business Class M2, Business Class M2, C2(Caterpillar C7 Engine), C2 School(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Cargo FC80(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), Condor(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), Condor(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Condor(Caterpillar C9 Engine), FB65(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), FB65(Caterpillar C7 Engine), FL106(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), FL112(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), FL50(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), FL50(Caterpillar C7 Engine), FL60(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), FL60(Caterpillar C7 Engine), FL70(Caterpillar Engine), FL80(Caterpillar Engine), FL80(Caterpillar C7 Engine), FLB(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), FLC(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), FLD(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), FLD(Caterpillar C9 Engine), FLL(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), FS65(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), FS65(Caterpillar C7 Engine), FS65 School(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), FS65 School(Caterpillar C7 Engine), MB Line(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), MB70(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), MB80(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), V Line(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), XB(Caterpillar C7 Engine), XB Line(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), XC(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), XC(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Godwin CD300M(Caterpillar C9 Engine), HL130M(Caterpillar C9 Engine), HL225M(Caterpillar C9 Engine), Grove TMS500(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), Kenworth T300(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), T300(Caterpillar C7 Engine), T800(Caterpillar C9 Engine), W900S(C7 Engine), W900S(Caterpillar C9 Engine), Ottawa C30(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), C30(Caterpillar C7 Engine), YT30(Caterpillar 3126E Engine), YT30(Caterpillar C7 Engine), YT60(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), Pegson 60x60, Peterbilt 320(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), 330(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), 330(Caterpillar C7 Engine), 335(Caterpillar C7 Engine), 340(Caterpillar C7 Engine), 357(Caterpillar C9 Engine), 365(Caterpillar C9 Engine), 384(Caterpillar C9 Engine), Pettibone Mulliken Super 20(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), Ponsse Forester(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), Sandvik DX700; DX780; DX800(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Sterling Acterra(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), Acterra(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Acterra 7500(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Acterra 8500(Caterpillar C7 Engine), A-Line(Caterpillar C9 Engine), A-Line A9500(Caterpillar C9 Engine), A-Line AT9500(Caterpillar C9 Engine), Condor(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Condor(Caterpillar C9 Engine), L7500; LT7500(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), L7501; LT7501, L-Line(Caterpillar C7 Engine), L-Line(Caterpillar C9 Engine), L-Line 7500(Caterpillar C7 Engine), L-Line 7500(Caterpillar C9 Engine), L-Line 8500(Caterpillar C7 Engine), L-Line 8500(Caterpillar C9 Engine), L-Line 9500(Caterpillar C7 Engine), L-Line 9500(Caterpillar C9 Engine), M6500(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), M7500(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), Sports Chassis 6500(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), Tamrock Power Track Ranger 500(Caterpillar Engine), Terex XA400(Caterpillar C9 Engine), Thomas C2(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Saf-T-Liner(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), Saf-T-Liner(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Timbco 415C; 425C; T445C; T450C; T455C(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), TF815B; TF820C(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), Vermeer T755(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), Western Star 3764SS(Caterpillar 3126B Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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    Unless labelled Brand Specific the make and size of product may vary, we can then second source to complete orders quickly. Application data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our Specifications match your requirements. We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing. All orders must be placed via the Website.

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