FIN-FF30926 FILTER-Fuel(Alco SP-902, Baldwin BF954, Fleetguard FF5114)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30926
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FF30926 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-BF954, FFG-FF5114, FMH-WK815-80 * * * * *
    Our Stock Level: 96
    Stock Level at Alco 3-7 day lead: 357
    Lead Time: Beyond any Stock Levels mentioned above request Delivery Date here: CONTACT US
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > SpinOn > 3-4.16UN
    Details: For long version use FIN-FF30729. Fuel Spin-on. Also G449-B I-Gasket. Gasket: [1] Included. Gasket: [1] Included.
    Updated: 10/05/2021

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    Height: 89mm
    OD/WidthMax: 77mm
    OD/WidthMin: 77mm
    Thread: 3/4-16 UN

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ZX120 (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). ZX120; ZX120-E; ZX130; ZX130H; ZX130K; ZX130LCN (Isuzu CC-4BG1T eng). ZX120-E (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). ZX125US; ZX125US-E (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). ZX130 . ZX130 (Isuzu CC-4BG1TC eng). ZX130H (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). ZX130K (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). ZX130LCN . ZX130W (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). ZX135US; ZX135US-E (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). ZX135USK (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). ZX160 Zaxis . ZX160; ZX160LC (Isuzu AA-4BG1TC eng). ZX160W (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). ZX180LC; ZX180LCN (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). ZX70; ZX70LC (Isuzu 4JG1 eng). ZX75UR (Isuzu CC-4JG1 eng). ZX75US (Isuzu 4JG1 eng). ZX75US-3; ZX75USK-3; ZX80US-3 (Isuzu AU-4LE2XYSA-01 eng). ZX80LCK; ZX80SBLC (Isuzu AA-4JG1 eng). ZX85US (Isuzu 4JG1 eng). ZX85USB-3; ZX85USBLC-3; ZX85USBLCN-3 (Isuzu AU-42LE2XYSA-01 eng). Hokuetsu Kogyo PDS130S (Isuzu 3KR1 eng). PDS185S (Isuzu C240 eng). Hydramac 11C (Isuzu QD27 eng). 12C; 14C MkII; MkIII; MkI (Isuzu QD40 eng). 1600 (Isuzu QD40 eng). 1700 (Isuzu QD40 eng). 1850 (Isuzu C240 eng). 20C MkIII; MkIV (Isuzu QD60 eng). 2400 (Isuzu QD60 eng). Hyster 300XM . 50XL (Isuzu C240 eng). 600XL . H2.50XL . H35XL (Isuzu eng). H35XL (Isuzu eng). H40XL . IHI 25G (Isuzu 3KC2 eng). 25G 1988-00 (Isuzu 3KC1; 3KC2 eng). 27F 1988-00 (Isuzu 3KC1 eng). 27G (Isuzu 3KC1 eng). 27G 1992-00 (Isuzu 3KC1 eng). 28G (Isuzu eng). 28G 1990-00 (Isuzu 3KR2 21kW 29hp eng). 28J 1992-00 (Isuzu 3LB1 18kW 25hp eng). 30F (Isuzu eng). 30F 1988-00 (Isuzu 3KR1 eng). 30G (Isuzu 3KC1 eng). 30G 1990-00 (Isuzu 3KC1 eng). 30G-2 (Isuzu eng). 30G-2 1990-00 (Isuzu eng). 35F (Isuzu eng). 35F 1988-00 (Isuzu 3AB1 eng). 35G (Isuzu 3KA2 eng). 35G-2 (Isuzu eng). 40F (Isuzu eng). 40F 1988-00 (Isuzu eng). 40G (Isuzu 4JE1 eng). 40G 1990-00 (Isuzu 4JE1 eng). 45J 1992-00 (Isuzu 4JC1 33kW 45hp eng). 50F (Isuzu eng). 50F 1988-00 (Isuzu 4JA1 eng). 50G (Isuzu 4JC1 eng). 50G 1990-00 (Isuzu 4JC1 35kW 48hp eng). 55J 1992-00 (Isuzu 4JA1; 4JC1 38kW 52hp eng). 75F 1988-00 (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). Ingersoll Rand 7-41 . P185WIR (4IRJ7N eng). P185WIR; XP185WIR (4IR18N; 4IR18T eng). P250WIR; P260WIR (4IR18T eng). Iseki 545 . 545 . Isuzu 2AB1; 3AB1 . 2AB1; 3AB1 . 35 . 3KC1 . 4BB1; 4BD1 . 4BG1; 4BG1T . 4BG1; 4BG1T . 6BB1; 6BD1 . Campo 2.5D TRF/S 54/55 Diesel 56kW 77hp 1986-00 (4JA1 eng). Denver Rodeo . ELF 2.5 Diesel 150 1986-00 (4JA1 37kW 50hp eng). ELF 2.8 Diesel 250 1986-00 (4JB1 42kW 57hp eng). ELF 3.3 Diesel 250 1986-00 (4BC2 48kW 65hp eng). ELF 3.9 Turbo Diesel 350 1986-00 (4BD1T 85kW 116hp eng). ELF 4.3 Diesel KC-NKR66 1994-00 1997-00 (4HF1 eng). ELF 4.3 Diesel KK-NKR66 1997-00 (4HF1 eng). ELF 4.8 Turbo Diesel KC-NPR70 1995-00 (4HE1T eng). ELF 5.0 Diesel KC-NPR72 1997-00 (4HJ1 eng). ELF-250/KC-VKR66 1996-00 (4HF1 4.3L Diesel eng). ELF-250/U-NKR66 1990-00 1995-00 (4HF1 4.3L Diesel eng). ELF-350-450/U-NPR70 1993-00 (4HE1T 4.8L TD eng). ELF-KC-NKR; KC-NPR71 1995-00 (4HG1 4.6L Diesel eng). Journey BE22; BL34; BL35 (4BD1; 4BA1; 4BC1 eng). Journey BE28; BL36; BL38; BL46 (4BJ1; 4BC2; 4BG1 eng). Journey BL36; BL46 (4BC2 eng). Journey L (4BB1; 4BD1 eng). Journey M (4BA1; 4BC1 eng). Journey M (4BC2 eng). Journey S (C190 eng). Journey S (C240 eng). Journey S15 . KB (2.8T eng). NHR 2.5 Litre Diesel . NKR 3.3 Diesel 1981-00 (4BC2 65kW 88hp eng). NKR 4.3D 66 1993-00 (4HF1 eng). NKS 4.6D 71 1995-00 (4HG1 eng). NPR 3.3 Diesel 1981-00 (4BC2 65kW 88hp eng). NPR 3.9D 1981-00 (4BD1 78kW 110hp eng). NPR 3.9D Turbo 1986-00 (4BD1T 85kW 116hp eng). NPR 3.9TD 59 1984-00 1993-00 (4BD1T eng). NPR 4.3D 61 1988-00 1990-00 (4BG1 eng). NPR 4.3D 66 1993-00 (4HF1 88kW 120hp eng). NPR70G; NPR70L; NPR70P 6.2 Ton (Isuzu 4HE1XN 4.8L 130hp E2 eng). NPS 3.9D 59 1988-00 (4BD1 eng). NPS 3.9TD 59 1988-00 (4BD1T eng). NPS 3.9TD 59 1988-00 1993-00 (4BDT eng). NPS 4.3D 66 1993-00 1995-00 (4HF1 eng). NPS 4.8 Turbodiesel NPS250; NPS300 1998-00 (4HE1XN 103kW 140hp eng). NQR N75 NQR70 5KWYE/LXYEJ 1998-00 (4HE1-TC 4.8L TD 107kW 145hp eng). Pick-up 2.0D KAD41/51 1987cc Diesel 1978-00 1984-00 (C190 eng). QD100T . QD130; QD145; QD145T . QD27; QD40 . QD27; QD40 . QD55 . QD60 . QD60 . QD63; QD70 . QD90; QD100 . Trooper UBS52 1981-00 (C223 eng). WFR (2.4L eng). JCB 8060 (Isuzu eng). JS150W (Isuzu eng). JS160 9802; 5770 (Isuzu 4BG1TPA03 81kW 110hp Low Emission eng). JS70 (Isuzu 4JB1PA15 2.77L 4cyl eng). JS70 1990-00 (Isuzu 1B1PA15 41kW 56hp eng). JS70 695501 1990-00 (Isuzu 4JB1PA12 eng). JS70 695501 1990-00 (Isuzu 4JB1PAA04 eng). JZ70 (Isuzu 4JG1 eng). John Deere 125 . 125 (Isuzu C190 eng). 135CRTS (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). 180CW (Isuzu 4BG1X eng). 5083E 2010-00 (PowerTech 4045 61kW 83hp eng). 5083E Limited 2008-00 2011-00 (John Deere 4.5L 4cyl 61kW 83hp eng). 5083EN 2010-00 (John Deere 51kW 69hp eng). 5093E Limited 2008-00 2011-00 (John Deere 4.5L 4cyl 68kW 93hp eng). 5093EN 2010-00 (John Deere 59kW 80hp eng). 5101E Limited 2008-00 2011-00 (John Deere 4.5L 4cyl 74kW 101hp eng). 5101EN 2010-00 (John Deere 74kW 101hp eng). 5425 2005-00 (John Deere 60kW 81hp eng). 5425 2005-00 2008-00 (John Deere 55kW 75hp eng). 5525 2005-00 (John Deere 67kW 91hp eng). 5525 2007-00 2008-00 (John Deere 67kW 91hp eng). 5625 2007-00 (PowerTech 4045 74kW 99hp eng). 6100D 2010-00 (John Deere 4045T E1 eng). 6110D . 6115D 2010-00 (John Deere 4045H E3 eng). 6125D . 6130D 2010-00 (John Deere 4045H E3 eng). 6140D 2010-00 (John Deere 4045H E3 eng). 75C (Isuzu CC-4JG1 eng). 75D (Isuzu 4LE2X eng). 80C (Isuzu 4JG1 eng). 85D (Isuzu 4LE2X eng). JD24A . JD24AD . Kato CR80 (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). Kobelco 70SR (Isuzu A-4JB1 eng). 80CS (Isuzu A-4JB1T eng). E135SR . E80 MSR . K903 II (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). K903; KW903B (Isuzu C240 eng). K903; KW903C (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). K903B (Isuzu C240 eng). K903C (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). LK200 (Nissan FD33 eng). LK200 (Nissan FD3304 eng). LK400 (Nissan FD614 Turbo eng). SK006 (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK04-2; SK04L-2 (Isuzu 4BD1 eng). SK06 MkIII (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK060 1991-00 (Isuzu 4JB1 42kW 57hp eng). SK100 Mk V Super (Isuzu 4BG1 eng). SK115SR (Isuzu 4BG1 eng). SK115SRDZ-1E (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). SK120 Mk V Super (Isuzu 4BG1 eng). SK130UR . SK130UR (Isuzu 4BG1 eng). SK135SR-1E (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). SK135SRLC-1E (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). SK400SRLC (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). SK60 (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK60 MkIII (Isuzu eng). SK60 MkIII LE11001-LE17701 (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK60 MkIV (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK70SR (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK70SR-1E; SK70SR-1ES (Isuzu 4JG1 eng). SK75UR-3 (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK80 . SK80CS; SK80MSR (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK80CS-1E; SK80MSR-1E; SK80MSR-1ES (Isuzu 4JG1 eng). SK95UR . Koehring 6608 (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). Komatsu 10-HT; HQ; HW-1 (4D92 eng). 10-HT; HQ-2; 10-HW-2 (4D94 eng). 3D94-2 . 4D105-3; S4D105-3 . 4D105-5; S4D105-5 . 4D94; 4D94-2 . 4D94; 4D94-2 . 4D94; 4D94-2 . 4D95L . 505; 507 (4D94-2 eng). 510 (4D105-3 eng). 515 (4D105 eng). 6D105; S6D105 . 75Z (4D105-3 eng). AH05 (Isuzu DA220 eng). BP500 (S6D105 eng). D20A; D20E; D20P; D20PL; D20PLL; D20Q; D20S-6; D21A; D21E; D21P; D21PL; D21PLL; D21Q; D21S-6 (4D95S eng). D20A; D20P; D20PL; D20PLL; D20Q; D20S-5; D21A; D21P; D21PL; D21PLL; D21Q; D21S-5 (4D94 eng). D20A; D20P; D20Q; D20S-3; D21A; D21P; D21Q; D21S-3 (4D92 eng). D20A-5; D20P-5; D20PL-5; D20PLL-5; D20Q-5; D20S-5; D21A-5; D21P-5; D21PL-5; D21PLL-5; D21Q-5; D21S-5 (4D94 eng). D20A-6; D20E-6; D20P-6; D20PL-6; D20PLL-6; D20Q-6; D20S-6 (4D95S-W eng). D20A-6; D21P-6 1985-00 1992-00 (Komatsu 4D94 29kW 40hp eng). D20A-7; D20P-7 75001-78603 (4cyl eng). D21A; D21P-7 1997-00 (Komatsu 4D94LE-2 29kW 40hp eng). D21A-5; D21P-5 (4D95S-W eng). D21A-6; D21P-6; D21PL-6; D21Q-6; D21S-6 (4D95S-W eng). D21A-7; D21P-7 75001-78603 (4cyl eng). D21E-6; D21P-6B (4D95S-W eng). D31A; D31E; D31P; D31PL; D31PLL; D31Q; D31S-18 (6D95L eng). D31A; D31P; D31PL; D31PLL; D31Q; D31S-17 (4D105-5 eng). D31A-16; D31P-16; D31PL-16; D31PLL-16; D31Q-16; D31S-16 (4D105-3 eng). D31A17; D31P-17; D31PL-17; D31PLL-17; D31Q-17; D31S-17 (4D105 eng). D31E-17 (6D105-5T eng). D31E-18; D31P-18; D31PL-18; D31PLL-18; D31Q-18; D31S-18 (6D95L eng). D31P-16A (4D105-3 eng). D31P-17A; D31P-17B (6D105-5T eng). D37E; D37P-1 (4D105 eng). D37E; D37P-2 (6D95L eng). D37E-1; D37P-1 (4D105-5S eng). D37E-2; D37P-2 (6D95L1 eng). D40A-3; D40P-3; D40PL-3; D40PLL-3 (6D105 eng). D41 (S4D95L eng). D41A-3; D41P-3; D41Q-3; D41S-3 (6D105-1 eng). DF800-1 (4D105 eng). EC105Z-1 (S4D105-5 eng). EC170Z-1 (6D105-1 eng). EC35V-3 (4D94-2 eng). EC35V-3; EC45Z-3; EC50Z (4D92-2 eng). EC35Z-3 (3D94-2 eng). EC50Z (4D94-2 eng). EC50Z-3 (4D94-2 eng). EC75Z-2 (4D105-5 eng). EG125-1 (S6D105-1 eng). EG30-3 (4D94-2 eng). EG50-2 (4D105-5 eng). EG65-2 (S4D105-5 eng). EG80-1 (6D105-1 eng). FD100 . FD100 (Isuzu DA120; DA640 eng). FD100; FD115; FD135 (Komatsu eng). FD105/180 (Komatsu eng). FD10L; FD10N (Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 eng). FD10L; FD10N (Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 eng). FD10L; FD10N (Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 eng). FD115 . FD135-4 . FD14L; FD14N (Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 eng). FD15 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD15; SD15 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD150 (Isuzu DA120; DA640 eng). FD15-1; FD20; FD25 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD15L; FD15N (Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 eng). FD15L; FD15N (Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 eng). FD18 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD18 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD18L; FD18N (Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 eng). FD18L; FD18N (Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 eng). FD20 . FD20 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD20 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD20; FD30-7; FD20; FD30L-8 (Isuzu eng). FD200-4 (Komatsu eng). FD20H (Isuzu C240 eng). FD20H (Isuzu C240 eng). FD23 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD23 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD25 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD25 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD25H (Isuzu C240 eng). FD25H (Isuzu C240 eng). FD25L (Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 eng). FD25T7 (Isuzu eng). FD28 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD28 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD30 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD30 (Isuzu C240 eng). FD30-7 (Isuzu eng). FD30-8 (Isuzu eng). FD30H (Isuzu C240 eng). FD30H (Isuzu C240 eng). FD35; FD45-4; FD35; FD45Z-4 (Komatsu eng). FD35T-5 (Komatsu eng). FD50 (Isuzu DA220 eng). FD50; FD60-3; FD50; FD50-4 (Komatsu eng). FD60-3 . FD60E (4D105 eng). FD70 (4D105 eng). GD200A-1; GD300A-1 (4D105-5 eng). GD200A-1; GD300A-1 (4D105-5; 6D105 eng). GD22-1 (4D105 eng). GD22AC-1; GD28AC-1 (4D105-3 eng). GD305A-1A (6D95L eng). GD313A-1 (6D95L eng). GD313A-1 (6D95L eng). GD313A-1 30001 (6D95L eng). GD355A . GD405A-2 (S6D95L eng). GD416-1; GD461A-1 (S6D95L eng). GD461A-1 (S6D95L eng). GD461A-1 10001 (S6D95L eng). GD500R-5 . GD510R-1 . GD510R-1 (S4D95L eng). GD510R-1 15001 . GD510R-2 (S6D95L eng). GD511A-1; GD511R-1; GD513A-1; GD513R-1 (S6D95L eng). GD511A-1; GD511R-1; GD513A-1; GD513R-1 (S6D95L eng). GD511R-1 10001 . GD515A-1 . GD615A-1 (S6D110-1 eng). JV100-1 . JV100A-1; JV100WA-1; JV100WP-1 (S6D105 eng). LW160 MkI (S6D105 eng). LW160-1 . LW200L MkI . LW200L-1 . P100-1; PC100-2; PC100L-1; PC100L-2; PC100N-1; PC100U-2 (S4D105-1 eng). PC05; PC05-6F (Perkins 103.09 eng). PC05-6 (Perkins 103.9 eng). PC10 . PC10; PC10-6F (Perkins 103.13 eng). PC100-1; PC120-1 . PC100-2; PC100D-2; PC100L-2; PC100SS-2; PC120-2; PC120SS-2 (S4D105-5 eng). PC100-3; PC100L-3; PC100U-3 (6D95L1A eng). PC100-3; PC120-3 (6D95L1A; 6D95L1B eng). PC100W-3 (6D95L1P eng). PC120-1 1980-00 (SAD105-5 68kW 93hp eng). PC120-1; PC120-2 (S4D105-5 eng). PC120-3 (6D95L1B eng). PC128UU-1 . PC130-7; PC130-7K (Komatsu SAA4D95LE-3 66kW 88hp eng). PC138US-2 . PC138USLC-2; PC138USLC-2A . PC150 (S6D95L eng). PC150-1 (6D105-1 eng). PC150-3; PC150LC-3 (S6D95L-1C eng). PC150-3; PC150LC-3; PC180LC-3 (S695L-1B eng). PC200 (S6D95 eng). PC200-1; PC200-2; PW200; PC220-1; PC220-2 (6D105; S6D105 eng). PC220-1;PC220-2;PC220LC-2 (S6D105-1 eng). PC220-3 (S6D105-1 eng). PC240-3 (S6D105-1 eng). PC280-3; PC280LC-3 (S6D110-1D eng). PC40 . PC40-1; PC40-2; PC40-3 (3D94-2 eng). PC40-1; PC40-2; PC40-3 (3D94-2 eng). PC40-5; PC40-6 10467-13617 (3D95S eng). PC40-5; PC40-6 13618 (3D95S eng). PC40-5; PC40-6 13618 (3D95SW-1C; 1E eng). PC50 UU-1 14049 (3D95SW-1D eng). PC50UU-1 . PC60 (4D95S-1 eng). PC60; PC60L; PC70; PC75-1 (4D95L-1AA; 4D95L-1Z eng). PC60-1; PC60-2; PC60D-2; PC60L-2 (4D94-2; 4D94-3 eng). PC60-1; PC60-2; PC60L-1; PC60L-2; PC60N-1; PC60U-1; PC60U-2 (4D94-2; 4D94-3 eng). PC60-3 (4D95L-1 eng). PC60-3; PC60L-3; PC60U-3; PC60-5; PC60L-5; PC60U-5 (4D95L-1C; 4D95L-1K eng). PC60-5; PC60L-5; PC60U-5 (4D95L-1K eng). PC60-6; PC60L-6 (4D95L-1 eng). PC60-7 (4D95LE eng). PC60-7 1993-00 (4D95L 40kW 55hp eng). PC650-5; PC650SE-5 . PC75 (S4D95L eng). PC78MR-6 (S4D95LE eng). PC78MR-6 (S4D95LE-3A eng). PC78US-6; PC78UU-6 (4D95LE-2C; S4D95LE-3 eng). PC80-1 (4D105-5 eng). PC80-1 (4D105-5 eng). PC80-3; PC80LC-3 (4D95L-1 eng). PC80-3; PC80LC-3 (4D95L-1L eng). PC90-1 (4D95L-1CC eng). PF3-1; PF3W-1 (6D95L1A; S6D95L1EE eng). PF55L-1 (S6D105 eng). PW100-1 (S4D105-5 eng). PW100-1 (S4D105-5 eng). PW100-3 (6D95L eng). PW100-3 (Komatsu S6D95L eng). PW100-3; PW100N-3 (S6D95L-1D; S6D95L-1W eng). PW150-1 (6D95L eng). PW150-1 (6D95L1C eng). PW150-1 (Komatsu 6D95L-1C eng). PW60-1; PW60N-1 (4D94-2 eng). PW60-1; PW60N-1 (4D94-2D eng). PW60-3 (4D95L eng). PW60-3 (4D95L-1G eng). PW60-3 (Komatsu 4D95L 49kW 66hp eng). S4D95L . SD10 (Isuzu C240 eng). SD15 (Isuzu C240 eng). SV20; SW20 (Isuzu DA220 eng). W20-1; W30-1 (4D94 eng). W40-1; W40-2 (4D105 eng). W60-1; W70-1 (6D105-1 eng). W70-2 (6D105-1 eng). W90-2; W90-3 (S6D105-1 eng). WA100-1 (6D95L1L eng). WA100-1; WA120-1 (6D95L1L eng). WA120-1 (410T eng). WA120-1 10001 . WA120-3 (S6D95L eng). WA150-1 (S6D95L eng). WA150-1; WA180-1 (S6D95L-1A eng). WA180-1 (S6D95L eng). WA180-3 50001 52999(S6D95L eng). WA250-3 (S6D95L eng). WA350-1 (S6D110 eng). WA40-1 (4D95L eng). WA40-1 (4D95L-W1A eng). WA70 (4D95L-W1E eng). WA70-1 (4D95L eng). WA70-1 (4D95L-W1B eng). WA70-1 (4D95-W1B eng). WR11 (6D95L eng). WR11-1 (6D95L1L eng). WR8 (4D95L eng). WR8-1 (4D95L-W1B eng). Kubota KH60 (Nissan FD33 eng). KX080 . M125 . M5700 . M90 (V4702 eng). M9540 . M9540 . ME8200 . Lancer Boss QX25D . RX25D (Isuzu eng). RX25D (Isuzu eng). Linkbelt 130LX (Isuzu BB-4BG1T eng). 1600Q Quantum . 160LX (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). 2650Q Quantum (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). 2700Q Quantum (Isuzu A-4BG1T eng). 75SA; 80SA (Isuzu AU-4LE2X E3 eng). 75SA; 80SA (Isuzu CC-4JG1 eng). Manitou 4RM . BT420 . BT420 (Buggie Scopic eng). BT420 (Perkins eng). BT-420 (Perkins eng). BT420 124455 (Perkins eng). BT420 1993-00 (Perkins 104.19 29kW 39hp eng). BT420; BT425 . BT425 1993-00 (Perkins 104.19 29kW 39hp eng). BTI220 . BTI220 1993-00 (Perkins 104.19 29kW 39hp eng). BTI225 . BTI225 1993-00 (Perkins 104.19 29kW 39hp eng). Massey Ferguson MF200 (Isuzu 4BD1 eng). Mazda E 2500 2.5D EXR Diesel 1977-00 (XA eng). E 3000 3.0D TAB Diesel 1977-00 (HA eng). McCormick G30R (Perkins 103.10 eng). Miller Electric 40 Big (Caterpillar 3024 eng). Morooka MK100 (Komatsu eng). MST600 . Mustang 2064 (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). New Holland E135 SRL 2003-00 2007-00 (Isuzu 4BG1TA 63kW 86hp eng). E135SR . E70B (Isuzu AU-4LE2X eng). E70SR (CC-4JG1 eng). E80B (Isuzu AU-4LE2X eng). E80B MSR . Nissan 720 1982-00 (2.2L eng). 720 1983-00 (2.2L eng). C6000-8000 . CD50 . CD5000 . CLG87 (FE6A; FE6B eng). CMA81 (FD6; FD6T eng). CMA86 (FD6; FD6T eng). CMA87 (FE6A; FE6B eng). CMB87 (FE6A; FE6B eng). CMF87 (FE6A; FE6B eng). CMF89 . CPB87 . DF05 (F06 eng). EF02 (SD25 eng). F01 (SD25 eng). F02 (SD25 eng). F03 (SD33; SD33T eng). FGH40 1983-00 1986-00 (Nissan ED33T eng). HO1 . Laurel 2.0D Diesel 1977-00 1983-00 (SD20 eng). MK130 (FD46TA eng). MK150 (FD46TA eng). P11000-14000 . P2000-3500 . P4000-6000 . P7000-9000 . Patrol I 3.3D K160/W160 3246cc Diesel 70kW 95hp 1982-00 (SD33 eng). PF-01 . Pick Up / Navara (720; D21; D22) 2.5D 4WD D21 2494cc Diesel 55kW 75hp 1986-00 1991-00 (SD25 eng). PRFGH40 1983-00 1986-00 (Nissan ED33T eng). QF01 (SD22 eng). QF02; QGF02 . SD25 . YF03 (SD33 eng). Northern Lights M16C; M20CL; M20CR . M20C; M30C; M30CS; M32C; M33C . M643 . M673 . M673L . M753; M753G; M753K . M773L . M843 . M843JK; M843N; M843NK . M844; M844K; M844L; M844LK; ML844; ML844K; ML844L; ML844LK; MY844; MY844K; MY844L; MY844LK . M854A; M854B . M864 . M964; ML964 . Marine (M843N eng). ML984 . NL495D . NL673L . NL695D; NL695T . NL753; NL753G; NL753K . NL843N; NL843NK; NL844; NL844K; NL844L; NL844LK . NL854B . Pel Job EB506; EB506P (Perkins 104 eng). EL451 (Perkins 103.12 eng). Perkins 102-04 1990-00 . 102-05 1990-00 (8kW 11hp eng). 103-06 1990-00 . 103-07 1990-00 (13kW 18hp eng). 103-09 1990-00 . 103-10 1990-00 (17kW 23hp eng). 103-12 1990-00 . 103-13 1990-00 (20kW 27hp eng). 103-15 1990-00 (23kW 31hp eng). 103-7; 103-10 Perama (0.7L; 1.0L 3cyl eng). 104-19 1990-00 (31kW 42hp eng). 104-22 1990-00 (37kW 50hp eng). M20; M25; M30 . Perama 102-5 2cyl 500cc . Perama 103-15 3cyl 1.5 Litre . Ransomes Jacobsen 9016 V2 . 951 (Perkins eng). Sakai GW750 (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). SV200 (Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SV201D; SV201T; SV201TB; SV201TF (Cummins B3.3 eng). SV400D; SV400T; SV400TB; SV400TF (Cummins B3.3T eng). SV400D; SV400T; SV400TB; SV400TF (Isuzu 4BG1 eng). SW800 (Isuzu 4BG1 eng). Steinbock CD16C; CD16H; CL16C; CL16H 1998-00 (Perkins 104.22 31kW 42hp eng). CD20C; CD20H; CL20C; CL20H 1998-00 (Perkins 104.22 26kW 35hp eng). Sumitomo SH125X-3 (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). SH135X-3 (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). Takeuchi TB1140 (Isuzu BB-4BG1T eng). TB1400 (Isuzu 3AB1 eng). TB45 (Isuzu C240 eng). TB68S (Nissan eng). TBTB070W (Nissan BD3004 41kW 56hp eng). TL126 (Isuzu 4JB1 45kW 61hp eng). TL140 (Isuzu 4JG1TP eng). TCM 820-2 (Isuzu 4BC2 eng). E830 (Isuzu 4BG1T eng). Thwaites 3000 . 4000 (Perkins eng). 6000 (Perkins eng). 7000 (Perkins eng). 7000 3 Ton (Perkins 100 eng). 7000 Alldrive (Perkins 3cyl eng). Mach 073 . Toyota 02-FD10; 02-FG10; 02-SD10 (2J eng). 02-FD14; 02-FD15 (2J eng). 02-FDC20; 02-FD25; 02-FDC25 (Toyota 2J eng). 3FD50; 3FD60; 3FG50; 3FG60 . 4FD25 . Coaster 3.4D K/N/U-BB Diesel 1983-00 (3B eng). Coaster 3.4D K/N/U-BB Diesel 1983-00 1984-00 (3B eng). Coaster 4.0D N-HB30/36 Diesel 1982-00 1990-00 (2H eng). Coaster 4.0D Turbo P-HB31/32 Diesel 1985-00 1990-00 (12HT eng). Cressida 2.2D Kombi X6 2173cc Diesel 49kW 67hp 1981-00 1985-00 . Cressida 2.2D LX60 2173cc Diesel 49kW 67hp 1980-00 1984-00 (L eng). Dyna (U60-U90) 3.4D BU85 3431cc Diesel 49kW 66hp 1984-00 1987-00 (13B eng). Dyna 200 3.4D BU85 3431cc Diesel 49kW 66hp 1987-00 1988-00 (13B OHV eng). FDC33; FDC35; FDC40; FDC45; FGC33; FGC35; FGC40; FGC45 . Hilux 2.4D LN5; LN6; LN8 2466cc Diesel 59kW 80hp 1984-00 1989-00 (2L eng). K-BB10; K-BB11; K-BB31 Coaster (Toyota 2B 3.2L Diesel eng). K-BB20; K-BB30 Coaster (Toyota 3B 3.4L Diesel eng). Land Cruiser 1981-00 (Canada 3.4 eng). Land Cruiser 1982-00 (Canada 3.4 eng). Land Cruiser 1983-00 (Canada 3.4 eng). Land Cruiser 1984-00 (Canada 3.4 eng). Land Cruiser 1985-00 (Canada 3.4 eng). Land Cruiser 3.0D BJ40/43 2977cc Diesel 59kW 80hp 1974-00 1984-00 (B eng). Land Cruiser 3.4D BJ42/45/46/60 3432cc Diesel 66kW 90hp 1980-00 1987-00 (3B eng). Land Cruiser 3.4TD BJ71 3431cc Diesel 91kW 124hp 1985-00 1986-00 (13BT eng). Land Cruiser 4.0D HJ60 3953cc Diesel 76kW 103hp 1985-00 1987-00 (2H eng). Land Cruiser 4.0D HJ60/HJ47 3953cc Diesel 74kW 101hp 1980-00 1985-00 (2H eng). Land Cruiser 4.0D Wagon HJ60 3953cc Diesel 77kW 105hp 1981-00 1988-00 (2H eng). Land Cruiser 4.0TD HJ61 3953cc Diesel 100kW 136hp 1987-00 1989-00 (12HT eng). Landcruiser (3.0L eng). N-BB21; N-BB31 Coaster 1984-00 (Toyota 3B 3.4L Diesel eng). N-HB30 Coaster (Toyota 2H 4.0L Diesel 36V eng). N-HB31 Coaster (Toyota 12HT 4.0L TD eng). N-HB32 Coaster (Toyota 12HT 4.0L TD eng). Pickup 1981-00 (2.2L eng). Pickup 1982-00 (2.2L eng). Pickup 1983-00 (2.2L eng). SDK7; SDK8 (2J2.5D eng). ToyoAce 2.2 Diesel LY20 2188cc Diesel 36kW 49hp 1979-00 1982-00 (L eng). Vauxhall GM Brava 2.5 Diesel 2499cc Diesel 56kW 75hp 1990-00 1994-00 (Isuzu 4JA1 eng). Venieri VF1.33 (Perkins 4cyl eng). Vermeer 502 . Volvo Penta 2020 . 2030 . D2-55 . D2-75 . MD2010; MD2010A; MD2010B . MD2020; MD2020A; MD2020B . MD2030 . MD2030 . MD2030; MD2030A; MD2030B . MD2030D . MD2040 . MD2040; MD2040A; MD2040B . MD2040C . Weidemann 1030DP (103.10 eng). 1090DP 1995-00 (Perkins 104.22 35kW 48hp eng). 1115P22 1995-00 (Perkins 103.10 16kW 22hp eng). 1115P26 1995-00 (Perkins 103.12 19kW 26hp eng). 1230P22 2003-00 (Perkins 103.10 16kW 22hp eng). 1230P26 1994-00 (Perkins 103.12 19kW 26hp eng). 1230P33 1995-00 (Perkins 403C-15 24kW 33hp eng). 1240P26 1995-00 (Perkins 103.12 19kW 26hp eng). 1240P33 1995-00 (Perkins 103.15 24kW 33hp eng). 1250P26 1995-00 (Perkins 103.12 19kW 26hp eng). 1250P33 1996-00 (Perkins 103.15 24kW 33hp eng). 1360P33 1996-00 (Perkins 103.15 24kW 33hp eng). 1360P43 1996-00 (Perkins 104.20 32kW 44hp eng). 1370P33 1994-00 (Perkins 103.15 24kW 33hp eng). 1370P43 1995-00 (Perkins 104.20 32kW 43hp eng). 1370P48 1997-00 (Perkins 104.22 35kW 48hp eng). 1506P33 1995-00 (Perkins 103.15 24kW 33hp eng). 1506P33 1995-00 (Perkins 103.15 24kW 33hp eng). 1506P43 2001-00 (Perkins 104.20 32kW 43hp eng). 1506P43 2001-00 (Perkins 104.20 32kW 43hp eng). 1904DD (Deutz eng). 1904DD (Deutz eng). 1904DP 1995-00 (Perkins 104.22 35kW 48hp eng). 2006P50 2001-00 (Perkins 104.22 37kW 50hp eng). 3006P50 2001-00 (Perkins 104.22 37kW 50hp eng). 3110DP 1995-00 (Perkins 104.22 35kW 48hp eng). 915D; 915P (Perkins 103 eng). White FB43 (Isuzu eng). Winget FF2C; FF2W 1990-00 (Isuzu 4FB1 24kW 33hp eng). FF2C; FF2W 1990-00 (Isuzu 4FB1 24kW 33hp eng). Zeppelin ZKZK32B 1994-00 (Perkins 104.22 33kW 45hp eng). ZM4 1992-00 1997-00 (Perkins 104.22 34kW 46hp eng). ZR4 1994-00 (Perkins 104.22 34kW 46hp eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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