FFR-P1147 FILTER-Fuel(Fleetguard FF5206, Baldwin BF5810, SF Filter SK3531)

Price(Ex Vat): £8.80

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  • Part Number FFR-P1147
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-P1147
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Fuel, SpinOn, 13-16.12UN
    Secondary Fuel Spin-on. Can be used with FB1302 base. Integral Post Seal. Also [1] Included I-Gasket. Secondary spin on fuel filter. For primary filter use FFR-P1146. For Filter Head use FBW-FB1302. For primary Filter Head use FBW-FB1301.
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    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 180mm
    OD/Width Max: 94mm
    Thread: 13/16-12 UN

    AC Delco 12916, 12-916, PF902, T916, TP816, TP916, TP916D, TP916L, Agco 72526444, Alco SP885, SP-885, AP Lockheed AP3256, APF3256A, LK3256, Aqua Power 6021, Atlas Copco 9709001002, 9709-0010-02, Aveling Barford SL603100, SWT603100, Baldwin BF581, BF5810, BF5810B, BF5810-B, BF581B, Bomag 853535034, Carrier Transicold 300038100P12, 30-00381-00P12, Case IHC 469442C1, 469442-C1, Caterpillar 2266562, 226-6562, 3I0751, 3I1218, 8T3911, 9Y4418, Champion HF513, Clark 1992214, 3576061, 949839, 961985, Coopers Fiaam AZF052, FT4942, Z129, Crosland 9302, Detroit Diesel 23518482, 23530707, Donaldson FFP170916, FFP550916, P550916, P556916, P779409, Fiat 7722935, Filtration Control FCL763, Fleetguard 3300392S, FF206, FF5206, Fleetrite FFR8206, FFR85206, NF202, Fram LFP816FN, P1147, P1147A, P1147G, P1147GFP, P3823, Greyfriars 810S, Grove 9414100572, Harnischfeger 1046Z248, Ingersoll Rand 35290600, 35308063, 50616879, 52200102, 56928757, 59507376, 90304064, 91786137, In-Line Filters FBWBF5810, FBW-BF5810, FF30323, FFRP1147, FFR-P1147, FINFF30323, FIN-FF30323, John Deere AT41420, RE26814B, RE26814-B, Kenworth KW206, KW-206, Koehring 202648, 28982, Kohler 279261, Kralinator F184, F184A, Leyland Daf BL ABU8551, Linde Lansing E056017004, Linkbelt 3A10772, Luberfiner FP816F, LFP816F, LFP816FD, PF816F, Mahle Knecht KC31, Manitowoc 412195, Mann WK950/12, WK95012, Massey Ferguson AMO43910, Micro Pore PHM1121, PHM1121P, Motorcraft FD767, FD767FP, FG767, Napa 3120, 3120MP, Orenstein and Koppel 102631, 8025185, Perkins AM43910, Powerpart AM043910, Purflux 6111748390, CS428, Purolator Facet 1147, 6694094, F60097, PER97, Ryco Z106, Z106A, Sakura FC6502, FC-6502, SF Schupp SK3531, Sure SFF6916, Tecfil PS2206, PSC139, Timberjack 411229, 8411229, Vauxhall GM 25010777, 25010778, 25010794, 25013261, 25014342, 5148171, 6438836, 6438838, 6438840, 6439246, 6439527, 6750046, 9059910, 9717394, Wabco PB1613, White 27076198, 2-7076198, Wix 24097, 33120, 33120MP, 533120, Woodgate WGF206

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65(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 Engine), Haulamatic A420; A625; A626; A630(Detroit Diesel 6V-71, 6V-71T Engine), Heinwarner C14B(GMC 6V-53N Engine), C16(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 Engine), Hesston 7600; 7650; 7655(Detroit Diesel Engine), Hitachi UH14(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), Hydramac H200A; H200B; H200C; H200D; H230(Detroit Diesel 6V-71N Engine), Hymac 777; 888(Detroit Diesel 6V-71, 8V-71N Engine), 888, BT33F(Detroit Diesel 12V-71T Engine), BT33F; LW40; LW50; LW60, LW40; LW50; LW60(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Engine), Hyster C225A; C250A; C340A; C340D; C350A; C350B; C350D; C530A; C550A; C610A; C615A; C615B; C620B; C625A; C625B; C627B(Detroit Diesel 3-53, 4-53 Engine), C440A(GMC 6V-53N Engine), C441A(Detroit Diesel 6V-53 Engine), C441A(Detroit Diesel 6V-53N Engine), Ingersoll Rand 600(Detroit Diesel Engine), DM25S; DM25SD; DM25SP; DM50; DM225(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 Engine), DM25SP(Detroit Diesel 8V-92T Engine), DR120; DRA125; DRB125; GR125(Detroit Diesel 4-51 Engine), DR365(Detroit Diesel 4-71 Engine), DR365; 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366LS(Detroit Diesel 6V-53 Engine), 6644; 6644L(Detroit 6V-71SAT Engine), 6644; 6644L(Detroit 6V-92TA Engine), 666; 666E; 666L(Detroit Diesel 6V-92 Engine), 866; 866D; 866E(Detroit Diesel 8V-92 Engine), Fox 6650(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 Engine), K4; KFB4(Detroit Diesel 6V-92 Engine), KFF; KF2(Detroit Diesel 8V-92 Engine), T644(Detroit Diesel 6V-53 Engine), T744(Detroit Diesel 6V-53 Engine), Leroi 750D; 750DQ; 900SDJ(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N Engine), 7535HS; 9025HS(Detroit Diesel 8V-92 Engine), Q1000(Detroit Diesel 6V-92A Engine), Q750; Q900DC(Detroit Diesel 6V-71, 6V-92 Engine), XQ850; Q850(Detroit Diesel 6V-92A Engine), Liebherr LG1250; LG1280; LG1300; LR1300; LG1350(Detroit Diesel 12V-71T Engine), Linkbelt HTC11100(Detroit 60 Engine), HTC8650(Detroit 50 Engine), HTC8660; HTC8670(Detroit 60 Engine), HTC8670(Detroit 60 Engine), HTT8660; HTT8670(Detroit 60 Engine), LS518(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), LS5800(GMC Diesel Engine), LS6400(Detroit Diesel 8V-92 Engine), RTC80100(Cummins N14 Engine), Mack Cruise-Liner(GMC 8V-92 Engine), F700; FL700; R700; RD700; RL700; RS700; RWL700; RWS700; WL700; WS700(GMC 6-71, 6V-92, 8V-71, 8V-92 Engine), F773; R773(GMC 8V-71 Engine), M65AX(Detroit Diesel 16V-71T Engine), MH602; RW602; MH603; RW603(Detroit Diesel Engine), RL600; RS600(GMC 6V-71N, 8V-71N Engine), RW702; RW703(Detroit Diesel Engine), Super-Liner(GMC 8V-92 Engine), Manitou 4500; 4600(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), Massey Ferguson 528A(Detroit Diesel 3-53 Engine), SP1130(Detroit Diesel Engine), SP266(Detroit Diesel 4-53N Engine), MRS A92(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), A95; A100(Detroit Diesel 6V-92 Engine), I100S(Detroit Diesel 6V-92 Engine), I92; I95ES(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), NCK 440; 466(Detroit Diesel 4-71 Engine), C41 Andes; C54B; C60 Ajax; 406; 466; 654B; 6052B(Detroit Diesel 4-71, 6-71 Engine), Pennine C34A; C34B; 305A; 305B(Detroit Diesel 3-71 Engine), New Flyer D40L Transit(Diesel Engine) From 1994, New Flyer Coaches fitted with Detroit Diesel 50 engine, Northwest 45DH(Detroit Diesel 6V-92 Engine), Oshkosh B1838; B1844(GMC 6-71N, 6V-92 Engine), B2038; B2044; B2055; B2065; B2338; B2344; F2344; B2355; B2365; F2365(GMC 6V-71, 6V-92, 8V-92 Engine), F2565(Detroit Diesel 8V-92 Engine), Ottawa Commando(GMC 4-53 Engine), Peterbilt 310(GMC 6V-92 Engine), 320(Detroit 6-71 Engine), 349H; 352H; 357; 359(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), 362; 372; 377; 379(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), 375(Detroit 60 Engine), 378(Detroit 60 Engine), 385(Detroit 60 Engine), Pettibone Mulliken PM2200(Detroit Diesel 4-71 Engine), Poclain EC1000; HC300(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N Engine), Prevost H3 From 1996 To 2006, X3-45, X3-45, XL From 1989 To 2000, XL From 1989 To 2000, XL From 1989 To 2000, XL From 1989 To 2000, XL(Detroit 50 Engine) From 1989 To 2000, XL(Detroit 50 Engine) From 1989 To 2000, XL(Detroit 60 Engine) From 1989 To 2000, XL(Detroit 60 Engine) From 1989 To 2000, XL II From 1999 To 2003, XL II From 1999 To 2003, XL II(Detroit 60 Engine) From 1999 To 2003, XL II(Detroit 60 Engine) From 1999 To 2003, Priestman Sea Lion(Detroit Diesel 12V-71N Engine), Sea Lion(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N Engine), Quincy QS850(GMC 6V-71N Engine), Ransomes Jacobsen 1405C(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), 654B(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), Raygo C90P(Detroit Diesel 8V-71TV Engine), CC100(Detroit Diesel 8V-92 Engine), Gator; Giant-Leveller(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), L70; L90; L4120(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N, 8V.92T Engine), MHE80(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N Engine), PC90; SW80(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N Engine), Ram 45(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 Engine), Ram 45(GMC Engine), Ram 65; Ram Pak 65(GMC 8V-71N Engine), Ram-Pak 45 Landfill; Ram 65; Ram-Pak 65(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N Engine), Ranger 2-84(Detroit Diesel 6V-53 Engine), Ranger 2-84(GMC Engine), Rossi 2800HDS(Detroit Diesel 6V-92 Engine), Ruston 15RHB(Detroit Diesel 3-53 Engine), 30RB(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 Engine), 38RB(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), Steiger 2200(Detroit Diesel 6V-71N Engine), 3300(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N Engine), Sterling A-Line(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), A-Line A9500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), A-Line AT9500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), AT9513; AT9522, L-Line(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), L-Line 7500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), L-Line 8500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), L-Line 9500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), Sullair 750D, 750DQDD; 750OXHP; 750-25; 900DP; 900DQDD1; 1050DP; 1600(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N, 8V-91, 8V-92N Engine), 750Q(Detroit Diesel 6V-92 Engine), F750(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), Terex 33-03, 33-03B(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), 33-05; 33-05B(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), 4066B; 4066C(Detroit 60 Engine), 72-10AA(Detroit Diesel 3.53 Engine), 72-11(Detroit Diesel 3-71 Engine), 72-20CA(Detroit Diesel 4.71 Engine), 72-21; 72-21AA; 72-31; 72-41(Detroit Diesel 3-71, 4-71 Engine), 72-21; 72-31; 72-41(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), 72-31(GMC Diesel Engine), 72-40; 72-40CA(Detroit Diesel 6V-71, 8V-71 Engine), 72-51(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), 72-51B(GMC Diesel Engine), 72-51B/70C(Detroit Diesel 6-71T Engine), 72-61(Detroit Diesel 8V-71T Engine), 72-61; 72-71(Detroit Diesel 6V-71T Engine), 72-61; 72-71(Detroit Diesel 8V-71T Engine), 72-71AA, 72-71B(Detroit Diesel 8V-92T Engine), 72-71B(Detroit Diesel 8V-92T Engine), 72-81(Detroit Diesel 12V-71T Engine), 82-20; 82-20B(Detroit Diesel 6V-71, 6V-71T Engine), 82-20B(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 Engine), 82-30B(GMC Diesel Engine), 82-30B/D750(Detroit Diesel 8V-71T Engine), 82-30FAM; 82-30FAT; 82-30B(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), 82-40; 82-40DAT(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), 82-50(Detroit Diesel 12V-71T Engine), 82-80; 82-80BA; 82-80DA(Detroit Diesel 6-71 x2 Engine), 90C(Detroit Diesel 12V-71TA Engine), 92-20, C6; C6-3; C6-4; C6-5(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 Engine), D700A(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 Engine), D750(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), L15; L20(Detroit Diesel 3-71 Engine), L25; L30(Detroit Diesel 4-71 Engine), RT175(Detroit Diesel 6V53T Engine), S-12; SS-12(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), S-18; SS-18; S24; SS-24; S28; SS-28; SS-40(Detroit Diesel 6-110 Engine), S23E(GMC 8V-71T Engine), S-23E(Detroit Diesel 8V-71T Engine), S24B(Detroit Diesel 12V-71T Engine), S7; S11E; S11EB(Detroit Diesel 4-71, 4-71N Engine), TA35(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), TA40(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), TA400(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), TC-6; TC-12(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 x2 Engine), THS15(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), TS-14; TS-14B(Detroit Diesel 4-71 x2 Engine), TS14B(GMC 4-71N Engine), TS18(GMC 6V-71N, 8V-71N Engine), TS-18(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 x2 Engine), TS-18(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N x2 Engine), TS24(GMC 12V-71N Engine), TS24(GMC 6-71N Engine), TS24(GMC 8V-71 Engine), TS-24(Detroit Diesel 6-110 Front Engine), TS24 Mk IV(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N x2 Engine), TS24 Mk V(Detroit Diesel 8V-71N x2 Engine), TS-24; TS-24B(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 x2 Engine), TS-24; TS-24B(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Rear , 6-71T Rear Engine), TS24B(Detroit Diesel 6V-71T Engine), TS32(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), TS36(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), TS40(Detroit Diesel 6-110 Front Engine), TS40(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Rear Engine), TS50(Detroit Diesel 12V-71T x2 Engine), TS50(Detroit Diesel 8V-71T Engine), TSS40(Detroit Diesel 16V-71 Front Engine), TSS40(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Rear Engine), Timberjack 520(GMC 6V-53N Engine), 550(GMC 6V-53N Engine), Vermeer 671(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), T800B, T800B; T800C; T850(Detroit Diesel 6V-53, 6V-92TA Engine), T800C(GMC 6V-53 Engine), T800HT(GMC 6V-53 Engine), T850(Detroit 6V-92TA Engine), V800B(Detroit Diesel Engine), Volvo VNL64T(Detroit 60 Engine), Wabco 222G; 229G(Detroit Diesel 8V-71T Engine), 222H, 252FT, 252FT, 252FT Front, 555, C-500 Pushpack(Detroit Diesel 4-71 Engine), C-500 Pushpack(Detroit Diesel 6-71, 8-71 Engine), C500 Tournapull(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), Warner Swasey 300 Hydro-Scopic(Detroit Diesel 3-53 Engine), 4418, 8425, 8425, 8440, 8440, 8445, 8445, H550 Hopto(Detroit Diesel 3-53 Engine), H900 Hopto(Detroit Diesel 8V-53 Engine), Western Star 4964EX; 4964F; 4964SX(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), Western Star(GMC 6-71, 6V-92, 8V-71, 8V-92 Engine), White 2-115(Detroit Diesel 4-53 Engine), 4-115(Detroit Diesel 4-53 Engine), Road Xpeditor 2(Detroit Diesel Engine), Winget CA15(Detroit Diesel 3-53 Engine), Yale and Towne 1700; 1700B(Detroit Diesel 4-53, 4-71 Engine), 1700; 1900(Detroit Diesel 4-53, 4-71 Engine), 2000; 2000C(Detroit Diesel 4-53, 4-71 Engine), 2500; 2500C(Detroit Diesel 6V-71, 8V-71 Engine), 300; 300A(Detroit Diesel 6V-53 Engine), 3000; 3000B(Detroit Diesel 6V-53 Engine), 3000; 3000B(Detroit Diesel 6V-71, 8V-71 Engine), 304; 400; 404(Detroit Diesel 8V-53 Engine), 304; 400; 404(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), 4000(Detroit Diesel 6V-71, 8V-71 Engine), 4000B(Detroit Diesel 8V-53 Engine), 5500; 5500C(Detroit Diesel 8V-92N Engine), 5500; 5500C(GMC 8V-92N Engine), 6000(Detroit Diesel 8V-53 Engine), 7000; 7500C(Detroit Diesel 8V-92T Engine), 7000; 7500C(GMC 8V-92T Engine), 8000(Detroit Diesel 12V-71N Engine), Trojan 2000(Detroit Diesel 4-71 Engine), Trojan 3000(Detroit Diesel 6V-53 Engine), Trojan 4000(Detroit Diesel 8V-53 Engine), Trojan 8000(Detroit Diesel 12V-71N Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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