FIN-FF30429 FILTER-Fuel(Alco SP-1048, Baldwin BF1212, Fleetguard FS1212)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30429
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

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    Our Stock Level: 10
    Stock Level at Baldwin 3-7 day lead: 655
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    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > SpinOn > 1.14UN
    Details: Spin on Fuel/Water separator filter. For winter foam wrap use FIN-FF30217. Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain. CAUTION: Furnished D-Ring must be installed on post for seal. Can be used with FB1311 base. Use with Baldwin BF1212 FOAM. Also ES24-D F-Gasket. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: ES24-D, G381-A. Contains: D, PSR. Gasket: ES24-D, G381-A. Contains: D, PSR..
    Updated: 06/05/2021

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    Height: 204mm
    OD/WidthMax: 95mm
    OD/WidthMin: 94mm
    Thread: 1-14 UN

    AC Delco TP1001. Agco 71370788. Alco SP1048, SP-1048. Aveling Barford RX603128. Baldwin BF1212, BF1212HP, BF1212-HP, BF1321, BF1341. Baudouin 16225030C. Bomag 31243001. Case IHC 1214920-H1, 1239941H1, 1239941-H1, 124920H1, 1669442C1, 180873, 181925, 598435C1, 598435-C1, 90394151, 903941T1, E1950565. Caterpillar 2266561, 226-6561, 3964600, 3I1305, 3I1312, 3I1365, 3I1367, 9Y4432. Champion HF501. Compair Holman 9826250880002. Coopers Fiaam FSM4099, FSW4099, FT5450, Z611. Crosland 5027. Cummins 3310216, 3315843, 3600980, 3831132. Demag 694137. Donaldson FFP170212, FFP555001, FFP555010, FFP558000, FFP558020, P170212, P555001, P555010, P555110, P558000, P558020. Dongguan Luao DF1212. Doosan Daewoo 24749060, 2474-9060, 40050400218, 65.12503-5011, 65.12503-5011D, 65.12503-5011E, 65.12503-5016A, 65.12503-5016B, 65125035011, 65125035011D, 65125035011E, 65125035016A, 65125035016B. ERF 1355376, 1359398, E31006. Fiat 73144663. Filtration Control FCL7260, FCL7342, FCL7446. Fleetguard FS1212, FS1222. Fleetrite FSR81212, FSR81222. Foden Y03702609. Ford 6123881, 83DB9155AA, 83DB-9155-AA, 83DB9176AA, F1HT-9155-BA. Fram K3926, PCS5059, PCS5059M, PCS5062, PCS5062M, PS3712. Greyfriars 845S. Grove 9414100880. Hesston 700052371. Hifi Hirschi Jura SN1212, SN25105. Hitachi 40859121, 4185912, 4291867, 71455185, 76192900, 76500357, L4291867. Hough 1214920H1. Hyster 1512735. Hyundai 11E170220. Ingersoll Rand 35357268, 57138554, 92923390. Inline Filters FF30429, FINFF30429, FIN-FF30429. Isuzu 1132400441, 1-13240-044-1. JCB 2/800030, 2800030. John Deere PMFS1212, RE42050. Kawasaki YE3315847. Kenworth KW1212, KW-1212. Kobelco VHS234011640, YN50VU0001D7. Komatsu 1240483H1, 1240483-H1, 20801K1310, CU3315843, CUFS1212. Kralinator FS244. Leyland Daf BL CU3308368, CU3308638. Liebherr 7364111. Linkbelt C6H0279. Luberfiner LFF8000, LFF8020. Mann 6650459350, WK932/1, WK9321, WK940/36, WK94036, WK950/16, WK950/20, WK95016, WK95020. Mercedes 409000252, 409000252K. Motorcraft FD816. Napa 3405, 3405MP, 3415, 3431. Onan 1492200, 149-2200, 1492278, 149-2278. Orenstein and Koppel 102650, 1419139. Poclain E19505-65. PPM M6150533. Purolator Facet F60024, GP24. Racor S3201S. Sakura FC5705, FC-5705, SFC5705, SFC-5705. Samsung 991215843, 9912-15843. SDMO 330510042. SF Schupp SK3092, SK3580. Sogefi Pro FP5829, FT5450/SGP, FT5450SGP. Sure SFF1212. Terex 15266846, 6150533. Thermoking 11-5947, 11-5948, 125947, 12-5947, 125948, 12-5948, Dec47, Dec48, NOV47, NOV48. Vauxhall GM 15587139, 23516189. Volvo 2551717, 3132887, 36849, 4084196, 8061534. White 172015002. Wix 33405, 33405MP. Woodgate WGFS1212. Yale 4609279

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Seddon Atkinson 17.28; 17.28TC Strato 1988-00 2006-00 (Cummins LTA10-275 17.28L eng). 17.32C; 17.32TC Strato 1998-00 2006-00 (E320; E365; E400S eng). 1735C (14L eng). 301 (Cummins L10-250 eng). 301 1982-00 1986-00 (Cummins L10-250 eng). 301 R24L22 (Cummins LT10-220 10013cc 6cyl 211hp eng). 301 R24L22 1982-00 1986-00 (Cummins LT10-220 eng). 301 R24L25; R30L25 (Cummins LT10-250 10013cc 6cyl 241hp eng). 301 R24L25;R30L25 1982-00 1986-00 (Cummins LT10-250 eng). 301 T17L25 (Cummins LT10-250 241hp 6cyl eng). 301 T17L25 1982-00 1986-00 (Cummins LT10-250 eng). 301 T17L29 1982-00 1986-00 (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 301 T17L29; T22L29; T24L29 (Cummins LTA10-290 6cyl eng). 301 T22L29 1982-00 1986-00 (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 301 T24L29 (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 301 T24L29 1982-00 1986-00 (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 311 R24C26 1986-00 1992-00 (Cummins 6CTAA eng). 311 R24L22 (Cummins LT10-220 211hp 6cyl eng). 311 R24L25 (Cummins LT10-250 241hp 6cyl eng). 311 R24L25 1986-00 1992-00 (Cummins LT10-250 eng). 311 R30L25 (Cummins LT10-250 241hp eng). 311 R30L25 1986-00 1992-00 (Cummins LT10-250 eng). 311 R30L29 (Cummins LTA10-290 287hp eng). 311 R30L29 1986-00 1992-00 (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 311 RN24L22 1986-00 1992-00 (Cummins LT10-220 eng). 311 T17L25 (Cummins LT10-250 241hp 6cyl eng). 311 T17L25 1986-00 1992-00 (Cummins LT10-250 eng). 311 T17L29 (Cummins LTA10-290 278hp 6cyl eng). 311 T17L29 1986-00 1992-00 (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 311 T22L29 (LTA10.290 eng). 311 T22L29 1986-00 1992-00 (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 311 T24L29 (LTA10.290 eng). 311 T24L29 1986-00 1992-00 (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 34-4 1970-00 1975-00 (Cummins NH220 eng). 401 1982-00 1986-00 (Cummins 250 Turbo eng). 401 1982-00 1986-00 (Cummins E320 eng). 401 1982-00 1986-00 (Cummins LT10 eng). 401 1982-00 1986-00 (Cummins LTA10 eng). 401 T17C25 (Cummins NTC250 eng). 401 T17C29 (Cummins NTE290 eng). 401 T17C32 (Cummins NTE320 eng). 401 T17L25 (Cummins LT10-250 eng). 401 T17L29 (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 401 T22C32 (Cummins Super NTE320 eng). 411 T17C32 (Cummins Super E320 eng). 411 T17C32 1986-00 1988-00 (Cummins E320 Super eng). 411 T17L25 (Cummins LT10-250 eng). 411 T17L25 1986-00 1988-00 (Cummins LT10-250 eng). 411 T17L29 (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 411 T17L29 1986-00 1988-00 (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 411 T22C32 1986-00 1988-00 (Cummins E320 Super eng). 411 T22C32; T24C32 (Cummins Super E320 eng). 411 T24C32 1986-00 1988-00 (Cummins E320 Super eng). Borderer 1968-00 1975-00 (Cummins NH220 eng). Borderer 1968-00 1975-00 (Cummins NHK205 eng). Borderer 1968-00 1975-00 (Cummins; Leyland NHC; K30; K220; K250 eng). Borderer 1968-00 1975-00 (NTK270 eng). Defender 1967-00 1975-00 (Cummins NH220 eng). Defender 1967-00 1975-00 (Cummins NHK205 eng). Defender 1967-00 1975-00 (Cummins NTK270 eng). Defender 1967-00 1975-00 (Cummins; Leyland NHC; K30; K220; K250 eng). Leader 1965-00 1975-00 (Cummins NH220 eng). Leader 1965-00 1975-00 (Cummins NHK205 eng). Leader 1965-00 1975-00 (Cummins NTK270 eng). Leader 1965-00 1975-00 (Cummins; Leyland NHC; K30; K220; K250 eng). Searcher 1968-00 1975-00 (Cummins NH220 eng). Searcher 1968-00 1975-00 (Cummins NHK205 eng). Searcher 1968-00 1975-00 (Cummins NTK270 eng). Searcher 1968-00 1975-00 (Cummins; Leyland NHC; K30; K220; K250 eng). Strato 17.30 1988-00 2006-00 (LTA10-300; LTA10-325 eng). Strato 17.30L (Cummins LTAA10-300 eng). Strato 17.32C; TC17.32C; 17.35C; 22.32C; TC22.32C (Cummins Super E320 eng). 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Strato 22.40C (Cummins Super E400 eng). Strato 22.41C; TC 22.41C (Cummins NTAA-410 eng). Strato 22.41C; TC 22.41C 1988-00 2006-00 (Cummins NTAA eng). Strato 22.47C (Cummins NTAA-465 eng). Strato TC17.28L (Cummins LTA10-275 eng). T38C 335 4x2 1968-00 1978-00 (Cummins NTC335 eng). Venturer 1968-00 1979-00 (Cummins NH220 eng). Venturer 1968-00 1979-00 (Cummins; Leyland NHC; K30; K220; K250 eng). Venturer 1969-00 1979-00 (Cummins NHK205 eng). Venturer 1969-00 1979-00 (Cummins NTK270 eng). Sisu RTD1523 (Cummins LTA10 eng). Steiger 9350 (Cummins LTA-10 eng). 9370; 9380 (Cummins NTA855A eng). 9390 (Cummins N14 eng). CA; CU Industrial (Cummins eng). CM280 Cougar; CS280 Cougar (Caterpillar 3406 eng). CM325 Panther IV (Caterpillar 3406 eng). CM360 Panther IV (Caterpillar 3406 eng). CP1325 Panther (Caterpillar 3406 eng). CP1360 Panther; CP1400 Panther (Caterpillar 3406 eng). CS325 Panther (Caterpillar 3406 eng). CS360 Panther IV (Caterpillar 3406 eng). ST310 Panther III (Cummins NT855 eng). Tatra Jamal 270 T163 1998-00 (T3B-928-40; T3C-928-81 270kW 367hp eng). Jamal 280 T163 2006-00 (T3D-928-20 280kW 381hp eng). Jamal 300 T163 1998-00 (T3B-928-70; T3C-928-90 300kW 408hp eng). Jamal 320 T163 2006-00 (T3D-928-30 320kW 435hp eng). Jamal 325 T163 2008-00 (T3D-928-30 325kW 442hp eng). T815-2 1989-00 (T3B-928-10; T3B-928-50 230kW 313hp eng). T815-2 1989-00 (T3B-928-40; T3C-928-81 270kW 367hp eng). T815-2 1989-00 (T3B-928-60 255kW 347hp eng). T815-2 1989-00 (T3B-928-70; T3C-928-90 300kW 408hp eng). T815-2 2006-00 (T3D-928-20 280kW 381hp eng). T815-2 2006-00 (T3D-928-30 320kW 435hp eng). T815-2 2008-00 (T3D-928-30 325kW 442hp eng). T815-732R90 50 325 8x8 2013-00 (T3D-928-30 325kW 442hp eng). TerrNo1 270 T815 1997-00 (T3B-928-40; T3C-928-81 270kW 367hp eng). TerrNo1 280 T815 2006-00 (T3D-928-20 280kW 381hp eng). TerrNo1 300 T815 1997-00 (T3B-928-70; T3C-928-90 300kW 408hp eng). TerrNo1 320 T815 2006-00 (T3D-928-30 320kW 435hp eng). TerrNo1 325 T815 2008-00 (T3D-928-30 325kW 442hp eng). Taylor TLS800; TLS800B (Cummins NTA855 eng). TLS900; TLS1000 (Cummins NTA855 eng). Terex 2566B . 2566B; 3066 (Cummins L10 eng). 2566C . 2566C; 3066C (Cummins LT10; LTA10 eng). 3360 (Cummins KTTA19C eng). 90C (Cummins eng). D30 . TA30 (Generation 6 eng). Thermoking SB I (Isuzu C201 eng). SB II (DI eng). Van Hool A300L (Cummins LT10-275 eng). Versatile 1156 (Cummins KTA19A eng). 835 (Cummins NT855C eng). 836 (Cummins NT855 eng). 846 (Cummins LT10A eng). 855 (Cummins NT855 eng). 856 (Cummins NT855 eng). 875 (Cummins NT855 eng). 876 (Cummins LT10A eng). 895 (Cummins NTA855C eng). 9184 (Cummins 505A eng). 9280 (Cummins L10 eng). 9282 (Cummins 505A eng). 935 (Cummins VT903 eng). 936 (Cummins NTA855A eng). 9384 (Cummins 660A eng). 945 (Cummins NT855 eng). 946 (Cummins NTA855A eng). 9480 (Cummins NTA855 eng). 9482 (Cummins M11 eng). 9484 (Cummins 660A eng). 955; 975 (Cummins NTA855 eng). 956; 976 (Cummins NTA855A eng). 9680 (Cummins NTA855 eng). 9682; 9684 (Cummins N14 eng). 9820 (Cummins L10 eng). 9840; 9860 (Cummins NTA855 eng). 9880 (Cummins NTA855 eng). 9882; 9884 (Cummins N14 eng). VME L190; L190B (Cummins NTA855 eng). L270 (Cummins KT19C eng). L320 (Cummins KTA19C eng). Volvo 540 (Cummins KT1150 eng). BCEC360BLC . EC360 (Cummins M11 eng). EC460 (Cummins M11 eng). FE42 (Volvo VE7 eng). FE6 . G60; G66 (Cummins 4B 3.9L eng). G740; G740VHP (Cummins M11 eng). G780; G780VHP (Cummins M11 eng). G80; G86 (Cummins 4B 3.9L eng). WG42 (Caterpillar 3306C eng). WG42 (Cummins NTC315 eng). WG64 (Caterpillar 3306 eng). WXL (Cummins L10 eng). Wagner CHD100 (Cummins KT19C eng). L100F Lumberjack (Cummins KT19C eng). SF17; WC17 . Western Star 4964F (Cummins L10 eng). 5964F (Cummins N14 eng). Western Star (Cummins N10 eng). Woods and Copeland 320; 450; 450C (Cummins KD1150C eng). Workhorse P (Cummins N14 eng). Yale and Towne 204 (Cummins JF6B1; JN6 eng). 254 (Cummins JF6B1; JN6 eng). 3000 (Cummins C180C1 eng). 304; 304A (Cummins eng). 400 (Cummins 265 V8 eng). 4000 (Cummins 265 V8 eng). 404 (Cummins NH250 eng). 6000 (Cummins 265 V8 eng). Adams 330; 330H (Cummins eng). 440; 440H; PF440 (Cummins eng). 550; PF550 (Cummins eng). 660; PF660 (Cummins H6; HRF6 eng). 666; PF666 (Cummins H6; HRF6 eng). 777; PF777 (Cummins H6; HRF6 eng). Ag Chem 004 Terra-Gator (Cummins 504 eng). Agco 1903 (Cummins LTA10A eng). 2505 (Cummins L10 eng). 3004 Go Gator Big A 4500 (Cummins 555 eng). R72 (Cummins LTA10 eng). Aksa AC500; AC550 (Cummins KT19 eng). Alexander Dennis Maxim (Cummins V8 eng). Allis Chalmers TR200; TS200 (Cummins eng). TS300; TW300 (Cummins eng). American Hoist 11320 Super Sky Horse (Cummins KTA1150 eng). 140 Hoist (Cummins eng). 250; 350 (Cummins eng). 700; 825; 830; 840 . 8450; 8460 (Cummins NTC350; NTF365 eng). Atlas Copco XA430 (Cummins LTA10C-290 eng). Austin Western 650 (Cummins eng). Pacer 100; Super 100; Pacer 200; Super 200; Super 200SR (Cummins eng). Aveling Barford RD030 (Cummins NT855 eng). RD150 (Cummins KTA19C; KTA1150C eng). RD50; RD55 (Cummins KTA19C; KTA1150C eng). WL31 (Cummins LT10C-250 eng). Bedford TM 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins E290 eng). TM 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins E370 eng). TM 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins LT10-250T eng). Bomag BC671RB; BC671RS; BC771RB; BC771RS (Cummins M11 eng). K300; K301; K401 (Cummins V504C eng). Brockway Unspecified(Cummins eng). Broom and Wade WR431 (Cummins NHC eng). Bros SP10000 (Cummins eng). Bucyrus Erie 110T (Cummins eng). 350H (Cummins eng). 36L (Cummins HF600 eng). 60R (Cummins eng). Buffalo Springfield K45 (Cummins eng). PSR30 (Cummins eng). Case IHC 1654S . 1654S . 1853 (DTA360 eng). 1954S; 1955S (DT466; DTA466; DTI466 eng). 2000 Fleetstar . 2050 Fleetstar . 2070 Fleetstar . 2554S; 2654S (Cummins N14 eng). 2574S; 2575S; 2674S (Caterpillar C12 eng). 2674 (Cummins N14 eng). 400 Transtar . 4070 Transtar MkII . 4100 Transtar Conco . 4970 Transtar MkII (Cummins eng). 5000 Paystar (Caterpillar 3406 eng). 5000 Paystar (Cummins L10 eng). 5500i; 5600i (Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 555 (Cummins NTA855C-360 eng). 5600 (Caterpillar 3406E eng). 5600 (Caterpillar C12 eng). 5900i (Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 5900i PayStar (Caterpillar C13 eng). 8100 . 8100; 8200; 8300 . 8100; 8200; 8300 (Cummins L10 eng). 8200 (Caterpillar 3406E eng). 8300 (Detroit Diesel 60 eng). 9050B (185kW 252hp eng). 9060B (EAC0601026 eng). 9200 (Caterpillar 3406E eng). 9200 (Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 9200 (Cummins M11 eng). 9200; 9400 . 921C (Cummins M11 eng). 921C; 921CXR (Cummins M11C-270 eng). 921C; 921CXR (Cummins QSM11 eng). 9300 (Caterpillar 3406E eng). 9300 (Cummins N14 eng). 9370 . 9370 (Cummins 300; NTC350 Formula eng). 9400i . 9400i (Caterpillar C12; C13; C15 eng). 9600 (Cummins M11 eng). 9600 (Cummins N14 eng). 9600; 9670; 9700 (Caterpillar 3406; 3406B eng). 9700 (Caterpillar 3176B eng). 9700 (Cummins M11 eng). 9700 (Cummins N14 eng). 9800 (Cummins M11 eng). 9900i (Caterpillar 3406 eng). 9900i (Caterpillar C15 eng). 9900iX . S2650 (Cummins NTC eng). S3600 (Cummins N14 eng). TD25G (Cummins KT1150C eng). TD40 (Cummins KTA1150C eng). Champion 740 (Cummins M11 eng). 740; 740A 19885 (Cummins LT10C eng). 740; 740A 19885 (Cummins LT10C eng). 740; 740A; 740AVHP; 740VHP (Cummins M11 eng). 750 (Cummins M11 eng). 750; 750A 19885 (Cummins LT10C eng). 750; 750A 19885 (Cummins LT10C eng). 750A; 750AVHP (Cummins M11 eng). 780 (Cummins M11 eng). 780; 780A 19885 (Cummins LT10C eng). 780; 780A 19885 (Cummins LT10C eng). 780A; 780AVHP (Cummins M11 eng). D562 (Cummins eng). D600 (Cummins eng). Chicago Pneumatic 900RO2 (Cummins eng). Clark 275C (Cummins KT1150C eng). 55C (Cummins V378C eng). 667 (Cummins eng). L190 (Cummins eng). CMI 3-35C (Cummins 6BTA 5.9L eng). RS325 (Cummins M11 eng). Corbitt Corbitt Trucks fitted with Cummins engine . Cummins 400 . C320D5P (NTA855G2-1 283kW 385hp Generator eng). C500D5P (KTA19G-9 448kW 609hp Generator eng). KT1150 . KT1150C; KTA1150C; KT19C; KTA19C . KT1150M; KTA1150M . KT450; KTA525; KTA600 . KT450; KTC450; KTA525; KTA600 . KTA19M; KT19M . L10; LT10A . L10; LT10A . LTA240; LTA270; LTA290 . M11 . M11 . M11 . N14 . N14 . N14 . N14 . N855; NT855; NTA855; NTC855 . N855C; NT855C; NTA855C . N855M; NT855M; NTA855M . NH230; NH250 . NTC . NTC250; NTC270; NTC350 . NTC250; NTC270; NTC350 . NTC250; NTK252H; NTK270; PT270; NTC290; NTC300; NTK310; NTK335; NTC350;NTC355; NTC400 . NTC315; NTC365; NTC444 Big Cam . NTC365 . NTC400; NTCC400 . NTC444 . NTC444; NTC444XT . V250; VT350; VTA450 . V504M . V555; VT225 Small . V555M; VT555M . V6-140; V6-150; V8-185; V8-210 Small . V6-150; V8-210 . V6-150; V8-210 Small . V903C; VT903C . V903M; VT903M; VTA903M . VT225; VT240 . VT903 . Demag AC665 (Cummins N14 eng). H185S (Cummins KT19C eng). H55 (Cummins LTA10C eng). Diamond Reo 723C Tilt Cab (Cummins eng). 921; 921C Tilt Cab (Cummins eng). UV42 (Cummins L10 eng). Doosan Daewoo 130 . 130LCV . 130W Solar . 140-5 . 160TC Mega . 210WV . 220 . 250V Mega . 290LCV . 420 . 6718 . 90 . DV11 . LC220-5 . MD196T . Mega 200 . P222FE . Solar 420LC-V . Dresser 140M (Cummins KTA19C eng). 210M (Cummins KTTA19C eng). 250E (Cummins LTA10C eng). 545 (Cummins LTA10C eng). 545 (Cummins LTA10C eng). 550 (Cummins NTA855 eng). 555 . 555 (Cummins NTA855 eng). 558 (Cummins NTA855 eng). 560 (Cummins 1150C eng). 560B (Cummins KT19; KT1150C eng). 560B (Cummins KT19C eng). 568 (Cummins KTA19C eng). 6400LC (Cummins LTA10C eng). 970C (Cummins VTA28C eng). TD20G . TD-20G (Cummins LTA10C eng). TD25G (Cummins KT19; KT1150C eng). TD-25G (Cummins KT19C eng). TD40 (Cummins KTA1150C eng). TD-40 (Cummins KTA19C eng). TD40B (Cummins KTA19C eng). TD-40B (Cummins KTA19C eng). Dynapac Dynapac Construction Equipment fitted with Cummins engine . ERF A241 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins C; K; NH; NTC eng). A242 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins C; K; NH; NTC eng). A284 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins NH eng). A303 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins NH220 eng). A304 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins NH eng). A320 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins C; K; NH; NTC eng). A340 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins C; K; NH; NTC eng). A380 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins C; K; NH; NTC eng). A420 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins C; K; NH; NTC eng). A452 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins C; K; NH; NTC eng). A482 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins C; K; NH; NTC eng). A64 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins NHK eng). A66 1970-00 1978-00 (Cummins NHK eng). B31C4 1974-00 1981-00 (Cummins NHC250 173kW 232hp eng). B38C2 1974-00 1979-00 (Cummins NHC250 206kW 276hp eng). B38C2 1974-00 1981-00 (Cummins NTE290 206kW 276hp eng). C25 1979-00 1986-00 (Cummins LT10 eng). C31 1979-00 1986-00 (Cummins LT10 eng). C31 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins NHC; NTC eng). C31 1981-00 1986-00 (Cummins L10-250 eng). C32 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins NHC; NT; NTE eng). C32 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins V504; V555 eng). C35 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins NHC; NT; NTE eng). C36 1979-00 1986-00 (Cummins LT10 eng). C36 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins L10 eng). C36 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins NHC; NT; NTE eng). C36 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins NT; V504 eng). C36C2 (Cummins L10-250 eng). C38 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins NHC; NT; NTE eng). C40 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins NHC; NT; NTE 213kW 290hp eng). C40 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins NHC; NTC 213kW 290hp eng). C40 1983-00 1986-00 (Cummins NTE320 213kW 290hp eng). C40 1985-00 1986-00 (Cummins LT10 213kW 290hp eng). C60 1980-00 1986-00 (Cummins NTE 96kW 130hp Turbo eng). CP28-250 1984-00 (Cummins LT10 eng). CP32-250 1984-00 (Cummins LT10 eng). CP32-290 1984-00 (Cummins LTA10 eng). CP38-250 1984-00 (Cummins LT10 eng). CP38-290 1984-00 (Cummins LTA10 eng). CP38-320 1984-00 (Cummins NTE eng). CP38-350 1984-00 (Cummins NTE eng). E10 (Cummins 325 eng). E10.25 1986-00 (Cummins L10 eng). E10.27 1988-00 (Cummins LTA10 eng). E10.29 1986-00 (Cummins LT10; LTA10 eng). E10.32 1988-00 (Cummins LTAA10 eng). E14.32 1986-00 (Cummins NTE eng). E14.35 1986-00 (Cummins NTE Turbo eng). E14.36 1986-00 (Cummins NTE eng). E14.40 1986-00 (Cummins NTE eng). E14.41 1986-00 (Cummins NTAA eng). E14.46 1986-00 (Cummins NTAA eng). E6.18; ES6.18 1986-00 (Cummins 6BTA eng). E6.21 1986-00 (Cummins 6BTAA eng). E8.21; ES8.21 1988-00 (Cummins 6CT; 6CTAA eng). E8.24 1988-00 (Cummins 6CT; 6CTAA eng). E8.26 1988-00 (Cummins 6CT; 6CTAA eng). E8.27 1988-00 (Cummins 6CT; 6CTAA eng). EC10.30RD4; EC10.30TP4 1993-00 2000-00 (Cummins LTA10-300 eng). EC10.30ST 1993-00 2000-00 (Cummins L300 eng). EC10.32 1993-00 2000-00 (Cummins LTAA10-325 eng). EC10.34 1993-00 2000-00 (Cummins L300 Turbo eng). EC10.35 1993-00 2000-00 (Cummins LTAA10-350 eng). EC14 (Cummins N14 eng). EC14.34 1993-00 2000-00 (NTAA-340; NTAA-380; NTAA-400 eng). EC14.38 1993-00 2000-00 (NTAA-340; NTAA-380; NTAA-400 eng). EC14.41 1993-00 2000-00 (NTAA-340; NTAA-380; NTAA-400 eng). EC14.50 1993-00 2000-00 (Cummins N500E eng). Euclid 10FFD (Cummins eng). 11LD (Cummins V12 eng). 13LDT; 16LDT; 17LDT; 18LDT; 22LDT; 24LDT (Cummins eng). 15FFD (Cummins eng). 16TD (Cummins eng). 19TD; 20TD (Cummins eng). 1FDT; 2FDT; 3FDT; 4FDT; 5FDT; 6FDT; 7FDT; 8FDT; 9FDT; 11FDT; 12FDT; 15FDT; 16FDT; 17FDT; 18FDT; 19FDT (Cummins eng). 1LLD (Cummins eng). 1TD; 2TD; 3TD; 4TD; 7TD; 8TD; 12TD (Cummins eng). 1TDT; 2TDT; 4TDT; 5TDT; 7TDT; 8TDT; 14TDT; 15TDT (Cummins eng). 20FDT; 23FDT; 25FDT; 26FDT; 27FDT; 29FDT; 30FDT; 30FDT; 32FDT; 36FDT (Cummins eng). 24TDT (Cummins eng). 28TDT (Cummins eng). 2FD; 4FD; 5FD; 18FD; 20FD; 22FD; 25FD (Cummins eng). 2LD; 3LD; 4LD; 5LD (Cummins eng). 2LDT; 3LDT; 4LDT; 5LDT; 7LDT; 9LDT (Cummins eng). 36LDT (Cummins NHV12 eng). 36TD (Cummins eng). 37TD (Cummins eng). 39FDT; 40FDT (Cummins eng). 45FDT; 48FDT; 54FDT (Cummins eng). 46TD (Cummins eng). 63TD (Cummins eng). 66TD (Cummins eng). 6LLD (Cummins eng). 70FDT (Cummins eng). 70TD (Cummins eng). 72FDT; 74FDT; 76FDT (Cummins eng). 75TD (Cummins eng). 94FD Rear Dump (Cummins eng). 96FD (Cummins eng). R15; R18 (Cummins eng). R20 (Cummins eng). R22 (Cummins eng). R27 (Cummins eng). R30; R35 (Cummins eng). R40; R45 (Cummins eng). R75 (Cummins eng). SS40 (Cummins NHV12 eng). Faun Frisch HZ34.30; HZ36.40; HZ46.40 (Cummins eng). Fiat Allis FD30B (Cummins eng). FR30 . FR35 . Foden 4000 . 4000 . 6L-6/22 (Leyland 680 eng). 8L6/24 (Leyland 680 eng). 8L6/26 (Leyland 680 eng). 8L6/30 (Leyland 680 eng). A108 . AC24/38 Fleetmaster (Cummins 240 Turbo eng). AC25 (Cummins NHC250; NTC290 eng). AC29 (Cummins NHC250; NTC290 eng). AC29/38 Fleetmaster (Cummins NTE290 eng). AC29/40 Fleetmaster (Cummins NTE290 eng). AC29/45 Haulmaster Super (Cummins NTC290E eng). AC29/65 Haulmaster Super (Cummins NTC290E eng). RC20/25 Haulmaster (Cummins NHC250 eng). RC20/27 Haulmaster (Cummins NHC250 eng). RC21/25 Haulmaster (Cummins VT504 eng). RC24/30 Haulmaster (Cummins 240T; NTE290 eng). RC29/26 Haulmaster Super (Cummins NTC290E eng). RC29/38 Haulmaster Super (Cummins NTC290C eng). S104 (Cummins E320TDS eng). S104 (Cummins E350; E400 eng). S104 (Cummins LT10-250 eng). S104 (Cummins LTAA10-327 eng). S104 (Cummins NT250; NT290 eng). S104 (Cummins NTE350 eng). S104 1988-00 (Cummins E320; NTE320 eng). S104 1988-00 (Cummins L10-250; LTA10-250 eng). S104 1988-00 (Cummins LTA10-275 eng). S104 1988-00 (Cummins LTAA10-325 eng). S104 1988-00 (Cummins NTE365 eng). S104; S106; S108 . S104; S106; S108 . S104; S106; S108 . S104R (Cummins E320 eng). S104R (Cummins LTA10-250 eng). S104T (Cummins E320 eng). S106 (Cummins E320TDS eng). S106 (Cummins E350; E400 eng). S106 (Cummins LT10-250 eng). S106 (Cummins LTAA10-327 eng). S106 (Cummins NT250; NT290 eng). S106 (Cummins NTE350 eng). S106 (Cummins V555; VT504 eng). S106 1988-00 (Cummins E320; NTE320 eng). S106 1988-00 (Cummins L10-250; LTA10-250 eng). S106 1988-00 (Cummins LTA10-275 eng). S106 1988-00 (Cummins LTAA10-3325 eng). S106 1988-00 (Cummins NTE365 eng). S106T (Cummins LTA10-250 eng). S108 (Cummins E320TDS eng). S108 (Cummins E350; E400 eng). S108 (Cummins LT10-250 eng). S108 (Cummins LTAA10-327 eng). S108 (Cummins NT250; NT290 eng). S108 1988-00 (Cummins E320; NTE320 eng). S108 1988-00 (Cummins L10-250; LTA10-250 eng). S108 1988-00 (Cummins LTA10-275 eng). S108 1988-00 (Cummins LTAA10-325 eng). S108 1988-00 (Cummins NTE365 eng). S108T (Cummins E320 eng). S108T (Cummins LTA10-250 eng). 04A031A3309 (Cummins NHC220 eng). 04A031C2208 (Cummins NHC220 eng). 04A031C2208 (NTC290; NTK335 eng). 04A032C2508 (Cummins NHC220 eng). 04A032C2508 (NTC290; NTK335 eng). 04A045C2508 (Cummins NHC220 eng). 04A045C2508 (NTC290; NTK335 eng). 06A075C2708 (Cummins NHC220 eng). 06A075C2708 (NTC290; NTK335 eng). 06A100C3308 (Cummins NHC220 eng). 06A100C3308 (NTC290; NTK335 eng). 08R30C2208 (Cummins NKH220 eng). Ford 106 AeroMax (Cummins ISM eng). 106 AeroMax (Cummins M11 eng). 113 AeroMax (Cummins N14 eng). 1624 Cargo 1985-00 1987-00 (Cummins L10-243 179kW 243hp eng). 1624; 1724; 2424; 2824; 3224; 3424; 3824 Cargo (Cummins L10-250; L10-290 eng). 1628; 1728; 3828 Cargo (Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 1928 Cargo 1986-00 1994-00 (Cummins LTA10-290 208kW 290hp eng). 3824 Cargo 1986-00 (Cummins L10-243 179kW 243hp eng). 4028 Cargo 1986-00 (Cummins LTA10-290 208kW 283hp eng). 9280 (Cummins LT10A eng). 9480 (Cummins N14 eng). 9500 AeroMax (Cummins M11 eng). 9513 (Cummins N14 eng). 9680 (Cummins N14 eng). 976 (Cummins NTA855 eng). 9880 (Cummins N14 eng). C8000 (Cummins C160; CF160; C180 eng). CL9000 (Cummins eng). CL9000; CLT9000; L9000; LA9000; LL9000; LLN9000; LNT9000; LS9000; LT9000; LTA9000; LTL9000; LTS9000; W9000; WT9000 (Cummins eng). L9000 (Cummins L10 eng). LA9000 (Cummins N14 eng). LA9000; LTA9000 (Cummins M11 eng). LN9000; LT9000; LTS9000 (Cummins L10 eng). LS9000 (Cummins L10 eng). LTA9000 (Cummins L10 eng). LTA9000; LTL9000 (Cummins N14 eng). LTS9000 (Cummins N14 eng). W1000; WT1000 . Fox River 0430 (Cummins eng). Freightliner Argosy (Caterpillar C12 eng). Argosy (Caterpillar C12 eng). Argosy (Caterpillar C15 eng). Argosy (Caterpillar C16 eng). Argosy (Cummins ISM eng). C112 (Caterpillar C12 eng). C120 Century Class (Cummins L10 eng). C120 Century Class (Cummins N14 eng). CC132 (Caterpillar C15 eng). Columbia (Caterpillar C12 eng). Columbia (Caterpillar C15 eng). Coronado (Caterpillar C15; C16 eng). FL112 (Caterpillar 3176 eng). FL112 (Caterpillar C12 eng). FL112 (Cummins L10 eng). FL112 (Cummins N14 eng). FLA (Caterpillar 3406 eng). FLA (Cummins N14 eng). FLA (Cummins NTC855 eng). FLB (Caterpillar 3406E eng). FLB (Caterpillar C12 eng). FLB (Cummins L10 eng). FLB (Cummins M11 eng). FLB (Cummins N14 eng). FLC (Caterpillar 3176 eng). FLC (Caterpillar 3406 eng). FLC (Caterpillar C12 eng). FLC (Cummins KT1150 eng). FLC (Cummins L10 eng). FLC (Cummins N14 eng). FLC (Cummins NTC eng). FLC (Cummins VT903 eng). FLC112 (Cummins N14 eng). FLD (Caterpillar 3176B eng). FLD (Caterpillar 3406B eng). FLD (Caterpillar 3406E eng). FLD (Caterpillar C10 eng). FLD (Caterpillar C12 eng). FLD (Caterpillar C15 eng). FLD (Caterpillar C16 eng). FLD (Cummins KT1150 eng). FLD (Cummins L10 eng). FLD (Cummins M11 eng). FLD (Cummins N14 eng). FLD (Cummins NTC eng). FLD (Cummins VT903 eng). FLD120SD (Caterpillar 3406E eng). FLL (Cummins L10 eng). FLL (Cummins N14 eng). FLT (Cummins KT1150 eng). FLT (Cummins L10 eng). FLT (Cummins N14 eng). FLT (Cummins NTC eng). FLT (Cummins VT903 eng). MC Line (Cummins N14 eng). S; T Century Class (Caterpillar 3406E eng). S; T Century Class (Caterpillar C12 eng). S; T Century Class (Caterpillar C15 eng). XL Classic (Caterpillar C15 eng). Furukawa 365 (Cummins eng). 365 MkII (Cummins M11 eng). 375 (Cummins NTA885 eng). Gottwald HMK140 . Gradall G1000 (Cummins JNR100C1; NHC4B1 eng). Grove TM750E (Cummins LTA10 eng). TMS760 (Cummins 300 eng). Halla HA380 (Cummins LTA10 eng). HA380 (Cummins LTA10C eng). HE360LCH (Cummins LTA10C eng). Harnischfeger 1055BLC (Cummins NVH12 eng). 1400DE; 1500DE (Cummins eng). 255ATC (Cummins eng). 420; 425; 440; 525; 535 (Cummins HR6; JN6 eng). 550 (Cummins eng). 6250TC (Cummins 1710B V12 eng). 955; 1010; 1015 (Cummins NHRS6 eng). Heathfield DE50 . H25 . Heil 55T; 75T (Cummins eng). Hitachi EX1100 (Cummins KTTA 1150C eng). EX200; EX200-3 (Iveco eng). EX270 (Cummins M11 eng). EX400 . EX400-3 (Isuzu 6RB1 eng). EX400-5 (Isuzu 6RB1T eng). EX700; EX700H; EX700BE (Cummins NTA855 eng). EX700BE (Cummins N425 eng). EX750-5 (Cummins N14C eng). EX800H-5 (Cummins N14C eng). FH200; FH200-3 (8065.25 eng). FH330.3 (Isuzu eng). FH450 . FH450LCH3 . LX130-7 (Isuzu 6HK1T eng). LX170; LX170E (Isuzu 6BG1T eng). UH143; UH143LC (Hino eng). UH801 (Cummins KT1150 eng). ZX400 (Isuzu 6WG1 eng). ZX450; ZX450H; ZX450LC; ZX450LCH; ZX450MTH; ZX450T (Isuzu 6WG1T eng). ZX600; ZX650 (Isuzu 6WG1X eng). Hough D100; D100B; H100; H100B; H100C (Cummins eng). H80A (Cummins eng). L100; D120; D120B; D120C; H120; H120B; H120C; L120 (Cummins eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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