FFR-P1118 FILTER-Fuel(Baldwin BF979, Fleetguard FF5020, Alco SP-1051)

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  • Part Number FFR-P1118
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-P1118
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Fuel, SpinOn, 1.14UN
    Primary Fuel Spin-on. Integral Post Seal. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Primary spin on fuel filter. For secondary use FFR-P3380.

    Height: 222mm
    OD/Width Max: 94mm
    OD/Width Min: 94mm
    Thread: 1-14 UN

    AC Delco TP811, TP972, Alco SP1051, SP-1051, AP Lockheed AP3239, APF3239A, LK3239, Baldwin BF979, Carrier Transicold 20113854, 20-11-3854, 20115704, 20-11-5704, 20129102, 20-12-9102, Case IHC 625267C1, 625627-C1, 675627C1, 675627-C1, 702251, 702251C1, 702251-C1, 703420C91, 703420-C91, Caterpillar 3I1331, 4176403, 9Y4429, Champion HF514, Coopers Fiaam AZF037, FSM4009, FT4937, Crosland 9360, Donaldson FFP170627, FFP555627, P555627, P779444, Fleetguard FF5020, Fleetrite FFR8184, FFR85020, Fram P1118, Greyfriars 812S, In Line Filters FF30312, FFRP1118, FFR-P1118, FINFF30312, FIN-FF30312, John Deere A184773, Komatsu 3816256271, 3816-25-6271, 625627C1, Kralinator F170, Leyland Daf BL BBU5556, Luberfiner FP251F, FP251F1, FP251F-1, LFP251F, P251F, Mahle Knecht AW9, KC13, Mann WK962/18, WK96218, Motorcraft FD61, FD61FP, FG61, Napa 3341, 3341MP, Orenstein and Koppel 1450600, Perkins 26562001, Purolator Facet 6675588, F60132, PER132, PER39, Racor PFF5545, Sakura FC5402, FC-5402, SF Schupp SK3557, Tecnocar RN7001, Thermoking 11-3854, 11-5704, 119102, 11-9102, 125704, 12-5704, 125704A, 12-5704A, 129102, 12-9102, Dec04, NOV04, NOV54, Vauxhall GM 25011447, White 27009245, 2-7009245, 303073157, 30-3073157, 303483568, 30-3483568, 400002512, 40-0002512, 70010005, 70-010005, Wix 33341, Woodgate WGF5017, WGF5020

    Agco 1253 Terra Gator(IHC DV550 Engine), Case IHC 1026 Series(DT407 Engine), 1050B Cargostar, 1066(DT414 Engine), 1086(DT414 Engine), 1256(DT407 Engine), 1266(D414, D436 Engine), 1440(D436 Engine), 1456(DT407 Engine), 1460(DT436 Engine), 1466 Series(DT436 Engine), 1468 Series(DV550B Engine), 1470; 1480(IHC Engine), 1486(DT436 Engine), 1566(DT436 Engine), 1568(DV550B Engine), 1586(DT436 Engine), 1600 Loadstar, 1624S Series, 1650 Loadstar Series, 1750 Loadstar Series(IHC D150, D170 Engine), 1750 Loadstar Series(IHC DV550B, DV550BTC Engine), 1750 Loadstar Series, 175B(DT407 Engine), 175C(DT466 Engine), 1850 Cargostar; 1850 Loadstar(IHC D170, D190 Engine), 1850 Loadstar, 1854S Series, 1854S Series, 1910 Cargostar Series, 1925S, 1950 Cargostar Series(IHC D170, D190 Engine), 1950 Cargostar Series, 1950 Cargostar Series, 1954S; 1955S(D170, D190 Engine), 1954S; 1955S(DT466, DTA466, DTI466 Engine), 2050 Fleetstar Series(IHC D170, D190 Engine), 2050 Fleetstar Series, 21026(DT407 Engine), 21256; 21456(DT407 Engine), 2125S; 2155S(DT466, DTA466, DTI466 Engine), 2275S, 250C, 2524S Series; 2624S Series; 2654S Series; 2674S Series(IHC V800 Engine), 2554S Series; 2654S Series(IHC DT466, DTI466 Engine), 270; E270(DVT573, DVT573B Engine), 2856 Series(D407 Engine), 295; 295B; E295; E295B(DT187, DT817B Engine), 315(D236 Engine), 3388(Diesel Engine), 3488(IHC DT466B Engine), 3588(Diesel Engine), 3616 Series(D236 Engine), 3688(IHC D436 Engine), 3788(Diesel Engine), 3800(DT466E Engine), 3800 Series(D282 Engine), 3850 Series(D282 Engine), 4000 Series(IHC DV462, DV550 Diesel Engine), 4000 Series, 4070 Transtar II, 4100(DT429 Engine), 4156(DT429 Engine), 4166 Series; 4186 Series(DT436 Engine), 4270 Transtar Series; 4370 Transtar Series, 431; 431B; 433; 433B; 442; 442B; 444; 444B(DVT800 Engine), 4366 Series(Diesel Engine), 4386(DTI466 Engine), 453 Hillside(D360 Engine), 4568; 4586(DVT800 Engine), 4700 Series(DT466, DT466E, DTA466 Engine), 4786(IHC VT800 Engine), 4900 Series(DT466, DT466E, DTA466 Engine), 495(DT817B Engine), 5000 Paystar(IHC DT466, DTI466 Engine), 5000 Paystar, 5050 Paystar Series(IHC D190 Engine), 5050 Paystar Series(IHC DV550B Engine), 5070 Paystar Series(IHC V800 Engine), 5088(IHC DT436B Engine), 5288(IHC DT466B Engine), 5370 Cargostar(IHC DT466 Engine), 5488(DTI466B Engine), 5488, 6388; 6588(Diesel Engine), 666(D312 Engine), 6788(IHC DT466 Engine), 686(D312 Engine), 7100 Series(DT466, DTA466 Engine), 7288; 7388; 7488, 815(D407 Engine), 815(D414 Engine), 815; 915(IHC W/D-DT414 Diesel Engine), 856 Series(D407 Engine), 886(IHC D360 Engine), 915(DT407 Engine), 915(DT414 Engine), 966(D414 Engine), 986(D436 Engine), D150, D150; D170, D170; D190, D236, D282, D312; UD312, D360; UD360; UDT360, D407; DT407; UD407; UDT407, D414; DT414; UD414; UDT414, D436; DT436, DT-361, DT429, DT466; DT466B; DT466C; DTI466; DTI466C, DT466; DT466C; DTA466; DTA466C; DTI466; DVT466, DT466; DT466C; DTA466; DTA466C; DTI466; DVT466, DT817B; DT817C; DTI817C, DV462, DV550; DV550B; DV550BTC, DV550B, DVT573, DVT573B, DVT800; V800, E200(DT414, DT466 Engine), E200(IHC DT361, DT407 Engine), E211(DT407 Engine), Hydro 100(D436 Engine), Hydro 186(D436 Diesel Engine), Hydro 70(D312 Engine), Hydro 86(D312 Engine), IRV446, M10A(DT466B Engine), PH330; PH340, PH65C(DVT573B Engine), S10(IHC D360 Engine), S11A, S1900(DT466 Engine), S8A(IHC D360 Engine), S9B, T800(Diesel Engine), TD15-150; TD15-151, TD15B, TD15C, TD15E, TD20C, TD25, TD25B, TD25C, TD25E, UD466; UDT466, UD817B; UDT817B; UDTI-817B, V800, Dresser 175B(Dresser DT361 Engine), 175B(Dresser DT407 Engine), 175C(Dresser DT466,B Engine), 250(IHC DVT573B Engine), 250C(Dresser DVT573B Engine), 412(IHC DVT800 Engine), 530, 540(International Engine), 550(DVT800 Engine), 560(Case DT817B,C Engine), 560(IHC DVT800 Engine), D20C, TD15B, TD15C; TD15C LGP(IHC DT466 Engine), TD15E LGP; TD15E Direct Drive LGP, TD25E; TD25G(DT817C Engine), TD40(TDI817 Engine), Galion A400E(IHC D466 Engine), A450E(IHC D466 Engine), A556(IHC DT466 Engine), A600(IHC Engine), T500 Series C(IHC DT466 Engine), T600 Series B(IHC DT407 Engine), Hercules D4800, Hobart D412; DCC510; D2300(White Engine), DR353; D400(White Engine), Hough 515(D360 Engine), 530, 540(DT466B, DT466C Engine), 550(IHC DVT800 Engine), 560(IHC DT817B, DT817C Engine), H100 Series C(IHC DT817B, DT817C Engine), H60E(IHC Engine), H65 Series C(IHC 407 Engine), H65 Series C(IHC DT361 Engine), H80 Series A(IHC DT429 Engine), H80B(IHC DT466, DT466B Engine), H90(IHC DT429 Engine), H90 Series E(IHC DVT573 Engine), H90 Series E(IHC DVT573B Engine), L100; D120; D120 Series B; D120 Series C; H120; H120 Series B; H120 Series C; L120(IHC DT817, DT817B, DT817C Engine), Oliver 2050, 2150, Thermoking CGS1250; GS1250(C201, OM636 Engine), CGS1250; GS1250(Mercedes C201, OM636 Engine), Crown 500(C201, OM636 Engine), Crown 500(Mercedes C201, OM636 Engine), Models fitted with C201 Engine in Model type:, NWD; Super NWD; RMN; RMS; RMU; Sentry(C201, OM636 Engine), NWD; Super NWD; RMN; RMS; RMU; Sentry(Mercedes C201, OM636 Engine), SB1(C201, OM636 Engine), SB1(Mercedes C201, OM636 Engine), SB2(C201, OM636 Engine), SB2(Mercedes C201, OM636 Engine), SBI(Isuzu C201 Engine), SB-I, SB-I, SBII(DI 2.2 Engine), SBII(Isuzu C201 Engine), SB-II, SB-II, SB-III, Sentry(DI 2.2 Engine), Sentry(Isuzu C201 Engine), Sentry, SNWD(Isuzu C201 Engine), SNWD, SNWD, Super, Super II(DI 2.2 Engine), TWD(C201, OM636 Engine), TWD(Mercedes C201, OM636 Engine), UWD; Super UWD; UWTD(Mercedes C201, OM636 Engine), UWD; UWTD(C201, OM636 Engine), XNWD(C201, OM636 Engine), XNWD(Mercedes C201, OM636 Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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