FIN-FF31709 FILTER-Fuel(Stanadyne 31873, Baldwin BF7674-D, FG FS19832)

Price(Ex Vat): £11.30

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  • Part Number FIN-FF31709
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FF31709 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-BF7674-D, FFG-FS19832, FMH-WK8121 * * * * *
    Stock Level: 24
    Stock Level at Baldwin 3-7 day lead: 1773
    Lead Time: Delivery for this FIN Prefix Part Number beyond any Stock Levels mentioned above is usually 1-10 weeks.
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Collar Lock Secondary)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > CollarLock > Secondary
    Details: Secondary Fuel/Water Separator with Collar Lock. Primary filter is usually FIN-FF31701 or FIN-FF31670. Secondary Fuel/Water Separator Element with Drain. Tab/Keys are not needed for installation. Use with Baldwin BF7672-D, BF7681-D. Also [1] Attached Grommet.
    Updated: 20/01/2021

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    Height: 152mm
    OD/WidthMax: 83mm
    OD/WidthMin: 69mm
    ID/DepthMax: 17mm
    ID/DepthMin: 0mm

    AC Delco TP1263, Alco SP1345, SP-1345, Baldwin BF1237, BF7646, BF7652, BF7674, BF7674D, BF7674-D, BF7905D, BF7905-D, Bobcat Melroe 6670996, Carquest 86532, 86546, Caterpillar 1005374, 1005593, 100-5593, 1383096, 138-3096, 1383098, 138-3098, 1596102, 159-6102, 205-3043, Champion 23117, 27916, Claas 0003159680, 0003499930, 600 502 022 0, Coopers Fiaam FSW4151, G1034, Crosland 6007, Donaldson P179114, P550397, P550401, P550506, P550771, P551421, P551424, FG Wilson 1000051230, 10000-51230, 901248, 901-248, FGO552, Filtration FTF2516, FTF2615, Fleetguard 79800038, FS19515, FS19517, FS19531, FS19572, FS19829, FS19832, FS19840, FS19861, FS19862, FS19868, Fleetrite FSR819515, FSR819517, FSR819531, FSR819572, FSR819583, Fram P7412, PS7408, PS7408A, PS7411, PS8622, PS9268, Greyfriars 481F, 498F, Hastings FF1045, FF1046, FF1080, FF1081, FF1088, Hengst H174WK, Inline Filters FBWBF7674D, FBW-BF7674D, FBWBF7677D, FBW-BF7677D, FBWBF7905D, FBW-BF7905D, FF31709, FINFF31709, FIN-FF31709, FST31873, FST-31873, John Deere RE26419, RE503198, RE52987, RE53400, RE62419, RE64450, Kralinator FS234, FS236, Liebherr 7381645, Luberfiner L3102F, L3102F1, L3102F-1, L3887F, L3887F1, L3887F-1, L3920F, L8557F, L8563F, L8684F, L8721F, MFE1006AK, Mann WK 8102, WK 8107, WK 8121, WK8102, WK8107, WK8121, Massey Ferguson 4222541M1, Napa 3532, 3534, 3546, 3668, Part 901 248, PBR AG 3379, AG 3381, Perkins 265 6014 2, 265 6014 3, 265 6091 9, 26530142, 26560142, 26560143, 26560919, 36560143, Purolator Facet 693941, 693941, 6942249, F55293, F65169, F65170, F65299, Renault 60 05 020 220, 6005020220, Sakura FC1902, FC-1902, SF Schupp SK3632/1, SK36321, SK3634, Stanadyne 30221, 30233, 30729, 31385, 31386, 31733, 31872, 31873, 31876, 32916, 32917, 32956, 34251, 41401, Sure SFF0143, Trak 8320269, TRP 1534652, 1535405, 1535413, Vapormatic VPD6028, Volvo 11711183, Wisconsin LO3750, TMD27F00287, Wix 33532, 33534, 33537, 33546, 33668, 533537, 533668, SF10086, Woodgate WGFS1931, WGFS1931/X, WGFS1931X, WGFS2931

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Ranger 928 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 928 Plus 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 928 Plus 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 964 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 964 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 964 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 965 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 965 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 965 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 974 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 974 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 974 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 975 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 975 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 975 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Targo C40 517 64kW 87hp(1004.42 eng). Targo C40 517 64kW 87hp(1004.42 eng). Targo C50 518 64kW 87hp(1004.42 eng). Targo C50 518 64kW 87hp(1004.42 eng). Compair Holman 200. Ditch Witch Power Pac 115(JD 4045T eng). Power Pac 175(JD 6068T eng). FG Wilson P150E(1006 eng). P65E(1004 eng). Gehl 1083 DynaLift(4039 eng). 552 Dynalift; 553 DynaLift(4039 eng). 663 Dynalift; 883 DynaLift(4039 eng). Godwin CD150M; CD200M(4039D eng). DPC300(6059 eng). Heidra 200(6068T eng). Gradall 534D(JD 4045T eng). 544D10-55(JD 4045HF eng). Grimmer Schmidt H190; 195D(JD 4039 eng). H250; 260D(JD 4039 eng). H300; H375D(JD 4039T eng). Hitachi DX75. LX100-2(John Deere eng). LX100-3(John Deere eng). LX120-2(John Deere eng). LX120-3(John Deere eng). Hydramac 2650D(JD 4039 eng). Hydroax 321(JD 4045T eng). Hyster H250XL2; H280XL2(1006-6 eng). H300XL2; H330XL2(1006-6 eng). H360XL2(1006-6 eng). Ingersoll Rand 10/105(4IRD5AE eng). G80(John Deere eng). P375WJD(JD 4045T eng). SD40(JD 4039 eng). John Bean 393(JD 4039D eng). 5170(JD 6068T eng). 593(JD 4045T eng). 6140(JD 6068T eng). 6170; 6200(JD 6068T eng). 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6010SE 55kW 75hp(4045D eng). 6020(4045 eng). 6020SE 55kW 75hp. 605C. 6076T; 6076A; 6076H. 6100(4039D; 4039T eng). 6100; 6100SE 55kW 75hp(4045D eng). 6110. 6110A; 6110SE; 6110ASE-LP; 6110SE 50kW 80hp(4045T eng). 6110L. 6120(4045 eng). 6120; 6120A; 6120L; 6120SE 59kW 80hp(4045T eng). 6120L(4045 eng). 6200. 6200(4039T eng). 6200; 6200E 62kW 85hp(4045T; 4039T eng). 6200L(4045T eng). 6205 65kW 89hp. 6210. 6210. 6210A; 6210ASE; 6210ASE-LP; 6210SE 66kW 90hp(4045T eng). 6210L. 6215 53kW 72hp(4045T eng). 6215(4045 eng). 6220. 6220(4045 eng). 6220; 6220A; 6220L; 6220SE 66kW 90hp(4045T eng). 6220L(4045 eng). 624G(6068T eng). 624H; 624HLL(6068 eng). 6300. 6300 66kW 90hp(4045T eng). 6300(4039T eng). 6300(4039T eng). 6300L(4045T eng). 6310. 6310. 6310(4045 eng). 6310A; 6310ASE; 6310ASE-LP; 6310SE 74kW 100hp(4045T eng). 6310L. 6310S. 6310SE. 6320(4045 eng). 6320; 6320L 77kW 99hp(John Deere eng). 6320A; 6320L; 6320S; 6320SA; 6320SE 74kW 100hp(4045T eng). 6320L. 6320L(4045 eng). 6320SE. 6320SE. 6400. 6400. 6400 73kW 100hp(4045T eng). 6400(4045T eng). 6400L(4045T eng). 6403 72kW 98hp(4045T eng). 6403(4045T eng). 6405 79kW 107hp(4045T eng). 6405(4045 eng). 640G. 640G(6068 eng). 640G(6068 eng). 6410. 6410. 6410. 6410(4045 eng). 6410A; 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6700S(4045T eng). 670C; 670CH; 672CH(JD 6068 eng). 670C; 670CH; 672CH(JD 6068 eng). 6715 77kW 105hp(John Deere eng). 6715(6068T eng). 6800. 6800. 6800 88kW 120hp(6068T eng). 6810(John Deere eng). 6820(6068 eng). 6820; 6820A 99kW 135hp(6068T eng). 6820S. 6900. 6900. 6900 96kW 131hp(6068T eng). 690E LC(6068T eng). 6910. 6910; 6910S 99kW 135hp(6068T eng). 6910; 6910S(John Deere eng). 6920; 6920A; 6920S 110kW 150hp(6068T eng). 6920; 6920S(6068 eng). 6920S. 700H LGP. 700J(JD 6068T eng). 700J(JD 6068T eng). 710D(6059; 6068 eng). 710E. 710G(4045 eng). 7200(6059 eng). 7200(6059 eng). 7210 81kW 110hp. 7210 81kW 110hp(6.8L 6-cyl eng). 7210(6068T eng). 7220 81kW 110hp(John Deere eng). 7220 Small Frame. 7220(6068T eng). 7320 92kW 125hp(John Deere eng). 7320 Small Frame. 7320(6068T eng). 7400. 7400 74kW 100hp(6068T eng). 7405(6068 eng). 7405(6068T eng). 7410 88kW 120hp. 7410 88kW 120hp(6.8L 6-cyl eng). 7410(6068T eng). 7420 99kW 135hp(John Deere eng). 7420 Small Frame. 7420(6068 eng). 7420(6068 eng). 7425(6068T eng). 7445. 7460. 7500. 7500. 7505(6068T eng). 750C Mk II(JD 6068 eng). 750C(JD 6068 eng). 7510 99kW 135hp. 7510 99kW 135hp(6.8L 6-cyl diese eng). 7510(6068T eng). 7515(6068T eng). 7520 110kW 150hp(John Deere eng). 7520 Small Frame. 7520(6068 eng). 7520(6068 eng). 7525(6068T eng). 7600 96kW 131hp(6081T eng). 7600(6068T eng). 7610. 7610 103kW 140hp(6068T eng). 7610(6068 eng). 7700 110kW 150hp(6081T eng). 7700(6076T eng). 7700(6076T eng). 770D(4045H eng). 7710. 7800 125kW 170hp(6081T eng). 7800(6076T eng). 7810. 790E LC. 810D(4045H eng). 843G(6068T eng). 843H(6068T eng). 8960(14.0L eng). 8970(14.0L eng). 9400. 9400. 9400. 9410. 9410. 9450. 9450. SE6010. SE6020. SE6020. SE6110. SE6120(4045T eng). SE6120(4045T eng). SE6210. SE6220(4045T eng). SE6220(4045T eng). SE6310. SE6320. SE6320. SE6410. SE6420. SE6420. SE6520. SE6520. SE6620(6068 eng). SE6620(6068 eng). TC44H(4045T eng). TC54H(6068T eng). TC62H(6068T eng). Komatsu PC180LC-5K; PC180LLC-5K; PC180NLC-5K(1006.6T eng). PC210; PC210LC-5K(1006.6T eng). Lancer Boss P130. P95; P105. Leroi 125(3054D eng). Q185(3054 eng). Q185(JD 4039D eng). Q200(JD 4039D eng). Q250(3054 eng). Q250(JD 4039D eng). Q375(3054 eng). Liebherr A902Li. A902Li; R902Li 81kW 110hp(Liebherr D904T eng). A902Li; R902Li 99kW 135hp(Liebherr D924 TI-E eng). A904. A904(D924T-E eng). A904; R904 99kW 135hp(Liebherr D924T-E eng). A904Li; R904Li 85kW 116hp(Liebherr D924T-E eng). A912Li. A912Li; R912Li 95kW 129hp(Liebherr D904T/D924TE eng). A914 Litronic(D924T-E eng). A914; R914; R914Li(D924 eng). A922Li. A922Li; R922Li 100kW 136hp(Liebherr D904TI-E eng). A924; R924. A924; R924(D924 eng). D924. L538 100kW 136hp(Liebherr D924T eng). L538 Type 432. L538(D924 eng). LR611; LR611LH; LR611M(D924T eng). LR611; LR611M 66kW 90hp(Liebherr D904 TB eng). LR611LH Motor 63kW 86hp(Mercedes OM 352 eng). LR621B; LR621C(Liebherr eng). LR621B; LR621CLH Motor. LR622; LR622B. LR622; LR622M(D924T eng). PR712; PR712B. PR712; PR712B(D924T eng). PR712; PR712M 77kW 105hp(Liebherr D904TB eng). PR722; PR722B. PR722; PR722B 103kW 140hp(D924 T-E eng). PR722; PR722B(D924T eng). PR722; PR722M 97kW 132hp(Liebherr D904T eng). R902 Li. R904; R904 Li(D924 eng). R912 Li. R914 Litronic(D924T-E eng). R922 Li. R922 Li. RL22B. Lull 1044C-54(4045TF eng). Manitou AS200. MVT1130L; MVT1230L; MVT1330L. MVT1230L. MVT1430L(Perkins eng). Massey Ferguson 396/2; 396/4(1006.6 eng). 6190. 6480. Morbark Tornado 15(JD 4045 eng). Morooka TCX850(JD 4045T eng). Multidrive 4200. Parsons DP100(4039T eng). T750(4039 eng). Pellenc 4480(JD 4045 eng). 4560(JD 6068 eng). Perkins 1006-6. 1006-6TW. Phaser 1000. Prentice ATL425(JD 6076T eng). Putzmeister TK100HP; TK100SHP(1006-60TW eng). Renault 103.54. 355 Ceres. 556 Ares. 566RZ Ares. 610 Ares. 610RX; 610RZ; 610RXA; 610RZA Ares 81kW 110hp(6068DRT eng). 616 Ares. 620 Ares. 620 Ares. 620RX; 620RZ; 620RXA; 620RZA Ares 88kW 120hp(6068DRT eng). 630 Ares. 630RX; 630RZ; 630RZA Ares 96kW 130hp(6068TRT eng). 640 Ares. 640RZ Ares. 725RZ; 725RZA Ares 129kW 176hp(6068TRT eng). 735RZ; 735RZA Ares 142kW 194hp(6068HRT eng). 815RZ; 815RZA Ares 115kW 157hp(6068TRT eng). 825RZ; 825RZA Ares 129kW 176hp(6068TRT eng). 95X Ceres. Ares 540RX; Ares 550 RX(DPSG eng). Ares 610; Ares 620; Ares 630; Ares 640(DPSG eng). Ares 710RZ; Ares 720 RZ(JD 6068T eng). Ares 725RZ; Ares 735 RZ(JD 6068H eng). Ares 815RZ; Ares 825 RZ(JD 6068 eng). Sambron FDI. SMC 60220JD(John Deere eng). Sullair 375(Caterpillar eng). Taylor 748G(7076T eng). THD360(1006.6T eng). Terex SS1056C; TH1056C(JD 4045 eng). TX51-19M(700 2.9L eng). TX5519 Telescopic Boom(700 eng). Timberjack 1110D(6068 eng). 360D 93kW 127hp(6068T eng). 460(JD 6068T eng). 460D; 460DTC(JD 6068T eng). Vermeer 1800(JD4045T eng). BC1400XL(3054DITA eng). BC1500(JD 4045H eng). D80x100(John Deere eng). T455; T455SO(JD4045; JD4045T eng). Vogele Super 1600-1 07.82 96kW 131hp(1104C eng). Super 1603-1 07.83 96kW 131hp(1104C eng). Volvo MC60(Kubota V2203 eng). MC70(Kubota V2003T eng). Wacker Neuson G125(1006 eng). Winget 7 Ton. Workhorse Workhorse Trucks fitted with 4L80E; 4L85E transmission. Yale and Towne GDP170DB; GDP190DB; GDP210DB; GDP230DB; GDP250DB; GDP280DP(1006-6T eng). GDP300EB; GDP330EB; GDP360EB(1006-6T eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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