FIN-FF31591 FILTER-Fuel(Stanadyne 37299, Baldwin BF7951-D, Mann WK8124)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF31591
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FIN-FF31591
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Collar Lock Secondary)
    Category: Filters-Fuel, CollarLock, Secondary
    Details: Secondary Fuel/Water Separator Element with Removable Drain. Also [1] Attached Grommet
    Remarks: Secondary Fuel/Water separator with Collar Lock. For Primary filter use FIN-FF31658.
    Updated: 22/05/2020

    Height: 187mm
    OD/Width Max: 89mm
    OD/Width Min: 69mm
    ID/Depth Max: 29mm
    ID/Depth Min: 0mm

    Agco 4280915M1, Baldwin BF7951D, BF7951-D, BF7953D, Case IHC 2854796, 2855755, 2855756, 5181823, 84269164, 87803440, 87803441, 87803442, Challenger 4275626M1, Donaldson P551425, Inline Filters FBWBF7953D, FBW-BF7953D, FF31591, FINFF31591, FIN-FF31591, FMHWK8124, FMH-WK8124, FST37299, FST-37299, Iveco 504107584, 8094862, JCB 32 / 925869, 32/925869, 32925869, Komatsu 5198957, Luberfiner L3441F, Mann WK 8124, WK 8139, WK 8152, WK 8163, WK 8164, WK8124, WK8139, WK8152, WK8162, WK8163, WK8164, Massey Ferguson 4 280 915 M1, 4275626 M1, 8368 67231, 8368 67595, 8368 79279, 8370 79408, V8368 67231, V8368 67595, SF Schupp SK3305, Sisu 836867231, 836867595, 836879279, 836879408, V836867231, V836867595, Stanadyne 36663, 36729, 37180, 37299, 37617, 38290, 38332, Wix 533659, 533808, 533809, 533973

    Ag Chem TG7300 Terra-Gator(Sisu 8.4L Engine), TG8300 Terra-Gator(Sisu 8.4L Engine), Agco 9345; 9365(Sisu 66CTA Engine), 9635 Hesston, DT180A(Sisu 6 Cyl Tier 3 Engine), DT200A(Sisu 6 Cyl Tier 3 Engine), DT205B(Sisu 84CTA 8.4L Engine), DT220A(Sisu 8.4L Tier 3 Engine), DT225B(Sisu 84CTA 8.4L Engine), DT240A(Sisu 8.4L Tier 3 Engine), DT250B; DT275B(Sisu 84CTA 8.4L Engine), LT85A(Sisu 4.4L Engine), LT95A(Sisu 4.4L Engine), RT110A; RT120A(Sisu 6.6L Tier 3 Engine), RT110A; RT120A(Sisu 6.6L Tier 3 Engine), RT140A; RT155A(Sisu 6.6L CTA Tier 3 Engine), RT165A(74CTA 7.4L Tier 3 Engine), RT165A(Sisu 74CTA 7.4L Tier 3 Engine), RT165A(Sisu 74CTA 7.4L Tier 3 Engine), RT180A(74CTA 7.4L Tier 3 Engine), RT180A(Sisu 74CTA 7.4L Tier 3 Engine), Case IHC JX1070U 53kW 72hp(NEF Engine) From 01/04, JX1080U 60kW 82hp(NEF Engine) From 01/04, JX1090U 67kW 91hp(NEF Engine) From 01/04, JX1100U 73kW 100hp(NEF Engine) From 01/04, MXM140, MXM140 Pro, MXM155 Pro, MXM190, MXM190, Challenger 660B(Sisu 84CTA Engine), 670B(Sisu 84CTA Engine), MT325B; MT335B; MT345B(3.3L Tier 3 Engine), MT585B; MT595B(Sisu Tier 3 Engine), MT585B; MT595B(Sisu Tier 3 Engine), MT635B; MT645B(Sisu Tier 3 Engine), MT645C(Sisu 84CTA 8.4L Engine), MT655B; MT665B(Sisu Tier 3 Engine), MT655C(Sisu 84CTA 8.4L Engine), MT665C(Sisu 84CTA 8.4L Engine), MT675C; MT685C(Sisu 84CTA 8.4L Engine), SP185C, Fendt 5270C(Sisu 7.4L Engine), 6270 L(Sisu 74CTA 7.4L Engine), 6300C(Sisu 84CTA 8.4L Engine), 8300; 8350(Sisu 84CTA 8.4L Engine), 8370P; 8400P, 9470X; 9470XAL(Sisu 98CTA Engine), Fiat Allis 110-90 81kW 110hp(8065.05 Engine) From 09/86 To 12/03, Iveco NEF45, S4GE0455C, JCB G80Q, JS115(Isuzu 4JJ1X Tier 3 Engine), JS130(Isuzu 4JJ1X Tier 3 Engine), JS130, JS145(Isuzu 4JJ1X Tier 3 Engine), JS145W(Isuzu 4JJ1X Tier 3 Engine), JS160(Isuzu 4JJ1X Tier 3 Engine), JS160W(Isuzu 4JJ1X Tier 3 Engine), JS175W(Isuzu 4HK1X Tier 3 Engine), JS180(Isuzu 4JJ1X Tier 3 Engine), JS190(Isuzu 4HK1X Tier 3 Engine), JS200(Isuzu 4HK1X Tier 3 Engine), JS200W(Isuzu 4HK1X Tier 3 Engine), JS20MH, JS210; JS220; JS235(Isuzu 4HK1X Tier 3 Engine), JS220LC(Tier 4 Engine), JS220LC, JS240(Isuzu 4HK1X Tier 3 Engine), JS260(Isuzu 4HK1X Tier 3 Engine), JS290(Isuzu 6HK1X Tier 3 Engine), JS330(Isuzu 6HK1X Tier 3 Engine), JS360LC(Isuzu 7.8L Engine), JZ140(Isuzu 4JJ1X Tier 3 Engine), JZ235(Isuzu 4HK1X Tier 3 Engine), JZ255(Isuzu 4HK1X Tier 3 Engine), Massey Ferguson 3615; 3625(Sisu 33 DT Tier 2, Tier 3 Engine), 3635(Sisu 33 DT Tier 2, Tier 3 Engine), 3645(Sisu 33 DTA Tier 2, Tier 3 Engine), 3655, 5470(44 CWA Tier 3 Engine), 5480(Sisu 49CWA Tier 3 Engine), 6465(Sisu 66CTA 6.6L Diesel Engine), 6475; 6480(Sisu 66CTA 6.6L Diesel Engine), 6480(Sisu Engine), 6485; 6490; 6495(Sisu 66 CTA Diesel Tier 3 Engine), 6497; 6499(Sisu 7.4L Diesel Tier 3 Engine), 6499(Sisu 74 CTA Engine), 7485; 7490; 7495(Sisu 66CTA Diesel Tier 3 Engine), 7497; 7499(Sisu 74CTA Diesel Tier 3 Engine), 8450; 8460(Sisu 74 CTA 7.4L Tier 3 Engine), 8470; 8480(Sisu 84 CTA 8.4L Tier 3 Engine), 8650; 8660; 8670; 8680; 8690(Sisu 84CTA 8.4L Engine), 9430; 9435(Sisu 44 CTA Engine), 9635(Sisu 66 CTA Engine), 9690(Sisu 84 CTA 8.4L Engine), 9695(Sisu 84 CTA 8.4L Engine), 9790(Sisu 84 CTA 8.4L Engine), 9795(Sisu 84 CTA 8.4L Engine), MF7274; MF7276; MF7278(SisuDiesel 84CTA-4V Engine), New Holland HW345(7.5L Engine), HW365(7.5L Engine), TL100A 74kW 100hp, TL100A 74kW 100hp From 01/04, TL70A 53kW 72hp, TL70A 53kW 72hp From 01/04, TL80A 59kW 80hp From 01/04, TL80A 60kW 82hp, TL90A 67kW 91hp, TL90A 67kW 91hp From 01/04, TM120, TM120; TM130(7.5L Engine), TM125, TM130, TM140(7.5L Engine), TM140(7.5L Engine), TM155(7.5L Engine), TM155, TM175(7.5L Engine), TM175; TM190(7.5L Engine), TM190(7.5L Engine), TM190(7.5L Engine), TV145(7.5L Engine), TV6070(6.7L Tier 3 Engine), TVT195(Sisu 6.6L Tier 3 Engine), Valtra Valmet A72; A72L(Sisu 33DTA Engine), A82; A82L(Sisu 44DTA Engine), A83 HiTech(Agco/Sisu 33 CTA Engine), A92; A92L(Sisu 44DTA Engine), A93 HiTech(Agco/Sisu 33 CTA Engine), N101C; N101H(Sisu 44CWA Engine), N111C; N111H; N111EH(Sisu 44CWA Engine), N111EH, N121, N121H; N121LS(Sisu 44CWA Engine), N122D; N122V(Sisu 44CWA Engine), N141H; N141LS(Sisu 49CWA Engine), N142D, N142D; N142V(Sisu 49CWA-4V Engine), N82H(Sisu 44DTA Engine), N92H(Sisu 44DTA Engine), T121C; T121H(Sisu 66 CTA-4V Engine), T131C; T131H(Sisu 66 CTA-4V Engine), T151EH; T151ELS(Sisu 66 CTA-4V Engine), T161C; T161H; T161LS(Sisu 66 CTA-4V Engine), T171, T171C; T171H; T171LS(Sisu 74 CTA-4V Engine), T191H; T191LS(Sisu 74 CTA-4V Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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