FIN-FF31714 FILTER-Fuel(Stanadyne 31649, Baldwin BF7679-D, Alco SP-1245)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF31714
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FIN-FF31714
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Collar Lock Primary)
    Category: Filters-Fuel, CollarLock, Primary
    Details: Primary Fuel/Water Coalescer Element with Drain. Tab/Keys are not needed for installation. Use with Baldwin BF7674-D. Also [1] Attached Grommet
    Remarks: Secondary Fuel/Water Separator with Collar Lock. For Secondary use FIN-FF31708. For Reverse Flow version use FIN-FF31694.
    Updated: 02/07/2020

    Height: 152mm
    OD/Width Max: 83mm
    OD/Width Min: 83mm
    ID/Depth Max: 17mm

    Agco 836662561, 836862563, Alco SP1245, SP-1245, Baldwin BF1241, BF1254, BF7647, BF7650, BF7678D, BF7679, BF7679D, BF7679-D, BF7681, BF7681D, BF7681-D, BF7989D, BF7989-D, Carquest 86533, 86636, Case IHC P2950591, P2950591P, Caterpillar 100-6374, 1174089, 117-4089, 138-3100, 163-4465, 206-6909, 206-6909SABRE, Champion 23230, 26827, 26830, Coopers Fiaam FSW4153, FT5585, Donaldson FF1068, P550434, P550502, P551429, P551430, P551723, P564278, P564392, P564430, P564646, P771723, FG Wilson 901-249, Filtration FTF2525, Fleetguard FS19514, FS19526, FS19555, FS19577, FS19810, FS19811, FS19814, FS19857, FS19858, VPD6124, Fleetrite FSR819514, FSR819526, FSR819530, FSR819555, FSR819577, FSR819585, Fram PS8322, PS8487, Greyfriars 4011F, 476F, 482F, Hengst H183WK, H204WK, Hifi Hirschi Jura SN70117, SN70132, Hobart 285364, Inline Filters FBWBF7679D, FBW-BF7679D, FF31714, FFGFS19858, FFG-FS19858, FINFF31714, FIN-FF31714, FMHWK8140, FMH-WK8140, FST31649, FST-31649, Iveco 87840591, JCB 32/921000, 32921000, 32925610, John Deere RE61723, RE62424, Kralinator FS229, FS230, FS232, FS248, FS255, FS3632, Laverda 7058210M1, Liebherr 7381646, Lincoln M16890 C, M16890C, Luberfiner L3101F, L3101F1, L3101F-1, L3921F, L8242F, L8679F, L8682F, Mack 50 01 858 091, 5001858091, Mann WK 8014, WK 8109, WK 8115, WK 8140, WK8014, WK8109, WK8115, WK8128, WK8129, WK8140, Massey Ferguson 3780299-M1, 8368 59302, 8368 62563, V8368 62563, McCormick 701040A1, MC162000080845, Napa 3533, 3535, 3632, 3636, New Holland 84477351, 87801341, Perkins 26560144, Purolator Facet F55190, F55294, Renault 50 01 846 015, 5001846015, SF Schupp SK3446, SK3633, Sisu 836859302, 836859302V, V836862563, Stanadyne 30727, 31300, 31391, 31518, 31572, 31617, 31649, 31738, 31857, 33319NH, 37753, 38294, 44053, Steyr 162000080845, 162000081002, Sullair 2250118495, Sure SFF0145, Timberjack F433618, Valtra Valmet 20359302, 820359302, Vapormatic CPD6087, Vauxhall GM 12385229, 15706960, Wix 33533, 33632, 33637, 533632, SF10087, Woodgate WGF9222, WGFS1500, WGFS1926, WGFS1926/X, WGFS1926X, WGFS1930, WGFS2930

    Agco 9755; 9765; 9775; 9785(Navistar Engine), RT130; RT145(Cummins B5.9T Engine), Barber Greene BG225C(Perkins Engine), BG255C(Caterpillar 3054 Engine), Bobcat Melroe 3440, 3640; 4440(Perkins Engine), 4640(Perkins Engine), 963; 963G(Perkins 1004-4 Engine), Bombardier BR180(Perkins 1006-6TW Engine), Go-Tract(Perkins Engine), GT500(Perkins 1006-6T Engine), Muskeg(Perkins Engine), Case IHC 1488LC(Cummins 6TA830 Engine), Caterpillar 312C(Caterpillar Engine), 312C(Perkins Engine), 320B; 320BL; M320; 322B; 322BLN; 325B; 325BL; 325BLN(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), 320C, 320CL, 325B, M318; M320, 120H, 135H, IT24F, IT28F; IT28G, IT38F; IT38G, 924F, 928G, 938F, 938G, 950F Mk II, 953C, 960F, 962G, 963B; 963C, 613C Mk II, D5M, D6M, Challenger 55(3126 Engine), CB334D; CB335D, CB335D, CB434B; CB434C(3054 Engine), CB634C(3116 Engine), 307(3054 Engine), 317N(3054 Engine), Challenger 45(3116 Engine), 3013, 3034, 3034D, 3054, 3054, 3054; 3054B, 3056, 3056, 3056, 3056E, 135H; 135HNA(3116 Engine), D4G(3046T Engine), 120H; 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721T(Perkins 4.2L Engine), Hitachi LX100-2(John Deere Engine), LX100-3(John Deere Engine), LX120-2(John Deere Engine), LX120-3(John Deere Engine), LX150-2(JD 6076 Engine), DX75, Hyster H250XL2; H280XL2(Perkins 1006-6 Engine), H300XL2; H330XL2(Perkins 1006-6 Engine), H360XL2(Perkins 1006-6 Engine), John Deere 490E, 110(4045 PowerTech Engine), 230C LC(6068H Engine), 450H(JD 4045D, 4045T Engine), 450H(JD 4045D, 4045T Engine), 450J(JD 4045T Engine), 450J(JD 4045T Engine), 460DC; 460DG(6068H, 6068T Engine), 200CLC(6068H Engine), 160CLC(4045 PowerTech Engine), 160LC, 2554(6068H Engine), 120, 120, 120C(4045H PowerTech Engine), 190E, 2054(6068T Engine), 270CLC(6068H Engine), 335C(6068T Engine), 344G(4045T Engine), 360DC; 360DG(6068T Engine), 4045DF; 4045DT; 4045HF; 4045TF, 4045DT; 4045HDW; 4045TF; 4045TT, 435 Mk II; 435C; 437C(6068T Engine), 444G(4045T Engine), 444H; 444H LL; 444HTC(4045T PowerTech Engine), 548G(6068H Engine), 548G, 548G(JD 6059T Engine), 544H; 544HLL; 544HTC, 544G; 544GTC; 544GLL(6059T Engine), 540G, 540G(6068 Engine), 540G, 550H(4045 PowerTech Engine), 550H(4045 PowerTech Engine), 550J(JD 4045T Tier 3 Engine), 550J(JD 4045T Engine), 624G(6068T Engine), 624H; 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460DTC(JD 6068T PowerTech Engine), Valtra Valmet 6250Hi(Sisu 4 Cyl Engine), 6350Hi(Sisu 4 Cyl Engine), 6550Hi(Sisu 4 Cyl Engine), 6650Hi(Sisu 4 Cyl Engine), 6650Hi(Sisu 4 Cyl Engine), 6750Hi(Sisu 4 Cyl Engine), 6750Hi(Sisu 4 Cyl Engine), 6850Hi(Sisu 4 Cyl Engine), 6850Hi(Sisu 4 Cyl Engine), 8050Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl Engine), 8150Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl Engine), 8350Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl Engine), 8450Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl Engine), 8550Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl Engine), 8950Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl Engine), A75(Sisu 33DT Engine), A85(Sisu 44DT Engine), A95(Sisu 44DT Engine), 6550 Hi-Tech, 6750, Vermeer BC1400XL(Caterpillar 3054DITA Engine), Wacker Neuson G125(Perkins 1006 Engine), Yale and Towne GDP170DB; GDP190DB; GDP210DB; GDP230DB; GDP250DB; GDP280DP(Perkins 1006-6T Engine), GDP300EB; GDP330EB; GDP360EB(Perkins 1006-6T Engine)

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