FIN-FF31658 FILTER-Fuel(Stanadyne 37294, Baldwin BF7954-D, FG FS19972)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF31658
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FF31658
    Stock Level: 12
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Collar Lock Primary)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > CollarLock > Primary
    Details: Primary Fuel/Water Separator, with Collar Lock, Reverse Flow. For Secondary filter use FIN-FF31591. Primary Fuel/Water Separator Element with Removable Drain. Also [1] Attached Grommet.
    Remarks: FIN prefix products are our main catalogue items so carry all our Cross Reference and Vehicle Application data. They are not Brand Specific but will usually be better Priced and have a better Stock Level than our Brand Specific items.
    If stock level shown above is zero then delivery is usually 3-4 days.
    Updated: 16/10/2020

    Height: 146mm
    OD/WidthMax: 89mm
    OD/WidthMin: 69mm
    ID/DepthMax: 29mm

    Baldwin BF7954D, BF7954-D, BF9822D, BF9822-D, Carquest 86670, Case IHC 87803443, 87803444, 87803445, Claas 001 135 042 0, 0011350420, 1135042.0, 11350420, Coopers Fiaam Z642, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 090013593, Digoema DGM/K33304, DGMK33304, Donaldson P551434, Fil ZP3817F, Fleetguard FF19987, FS19971, FS19972, FS19974, FS19975, FS19976, FS19977, FS19978, FS19980, FS19981, FS19982, FS19983, FS19984, FS19985, FS19986, FS19988, FS19989, FS19990, FS19991, FS19992, FS19993, FS19994, FS20011, Hifi Hirschi Jura SN70242, Inline Filters FBWBF7954D, FBWBF7954D, FBW-BF7954D, FBWBF9822D, FBWBF9822D, FBW-BF9822D, FF31658, FFGFS19972, FFG-FS19972, FINFF31658, FIN-FF31658, FMHWK8137, FMH-WK8137, FST37294, FST37294, FST-37294, JCB 32 / 925915, 32 / 925975, 32/925975, 32925975, John Deere RE526319, RE529644, Lincoln 9SM21584, M21584 B, LS Mitron 40276744, Luberfiner L3444F, Mann WK 8137, WK 8156, WK 8169, WK8137, WK8156, WK8169, Napa 3670, 3684, 3803, New Holland 84559022, 84565926, Same 0 900 1359 3, SF Schupp SK3304, Stanadyne 35939, 36730, 37294, 37316, 38053, 38695, 39420, 40152, 41083, 41716, TRP 1535426, 1535439, Volvo 12750603, Wix 33304, 33670, 33684, 33803, 533304, 533684, 533803, 533849, 533913

    Case IHC 586H; 588H(434T; 434E 3.4L Engine), 695SR(445T 4.5L Engine), 695SR(445T 4.5L Engine), 580 Super M Mk III(445T 4.5L Engine), 590SR(445T 4.5L Engine), 590 Super M Mk III(445T 4.5L Engine), 580N; 580 Super N; 580 Super NWT(445T; 445M3 4.5L Engine), 590 Super M+ Mk III(445TA; 445E3 Engine), 590 Super N(445TA; 445E3 4.5L Engine), 580ST(445TA; 445EEA 4.5L Engine), 695ST(445TA; 445EGH 4.5L Engine), 590ST(445TA; 445EGH 4.5L Engine), 580 Super M 66kW 90hp(4T-390 Engine) From 2002, 850L(667TA Engine), 590SR(F4HE9484C 4.5L Engine), 580SR; 580SR Plus(F4HE9484C 4.5L Engine), 1150K(Family IV 6.7L Engine), 1650L(Family IV 6.7L Engine), 580 Super R+ 72kW 98hp(Iveco F4GE 4;5 l Engine) From 2008, MXM140 Pro, MXM140, 590SR, MXM155 Pro, 590 Super R, 590E, 521E Tier 3, 121F STD; 121F ZB Tier 4 From 2014, 21F STD; 21F TC Tier 4 From 2014, 221F HS; 221F ZB Tier 4 From 2014, 321F ZB Tier 4 From 2014, 580 Super M+, 590SN Tier 3, 590ST Tier 3, 580ST Tier 3 From 2012, 580ST Tier 3, 580SN Tier 3 NRC From 2012, 580SN Tier 3 NRC From 2012, ST590ST Tier 4A From 2012, ST580ST Tier 4A From 2012, ST695ST Tier 4A From 2012, 580N Tier 3 NRC From 2012, Claas Arion 530 1824 92kW 125hp(DPS Engine), Arion 520 1814 85kW 115hp(DPS Engine), Arion 540 1824 96kW 130hp(DPS Engine), Arion 630C 2024 103kW 140hp(DPS Engine), Arion 610C 2004 96kW 130hp(DPS Engine), Arion 420 CIS 2114; Arion 420 CIS Arion 420 CIS 2144 77kW 105hp(DPS Engine), Arion 410 CIS 2104; Arion 410 CIS 2134 70kW 95hp(DPS Engine), Arion 430 CIS 2124; Arion 430 CIS 2154 85kW 115hp(DPS Engine), Arion 510 1804 77kW 105hp(DPS Engine), Arion 620C 2014 96kW 130hp(DPS Engine), JCB 506-36 Loadall(444 Engine), G110QX; G110X(444 Dieselmax Engine), G63QX; G63X(444 Dieselmax Engine), G88QX; G88X(444 Dieselmax Engine), G55QX; G55X(444 Dieselmax Engine), 550-80(Dieselmax 444 Interim Engine), 540-200(Dieselmax 444 Interim Engine), Loadall 527-55 63kW 86hp(JCB 444 Engine), 526-56(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 527-55(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 527-58(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 524-50(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 536-60(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 535-125 HiViz(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 540-140; 540-170(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 536-60; 536-70(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 535-140 Hi Viz(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 535-95(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 412S(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 533-105(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 535-95(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 411 Agri; 411HT(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 533-105(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 541-70(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 540-140; 540-170(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 2CX(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 2CX(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 541-70(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 531-70(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 531-70(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 416HT(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 1110 Robot; 1110T Robot(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 190 Robot; 190T Robot(JCB444 Dieselmax Engine), 4CX; 4CX Super(JCB444 Dieselmax Turbo Engine), 4CX; 4CX Super(JCB444 Dieselmax Turbo Engine), 3C(JCB444 Dieselmax Turbo Engine), 3C(JCB444 Dieselmax Turbo Engine), 3CX(JCB444 Dieselmax Turbo Engine), 3CX(JCB444 Dieselmax Turbo Engine), 512-56, 2CX / 3CX / 4CX / 5CX, 320T Eco, 280 Eco, 225 Eco; 225T Eco, 260T Eco, 1110T Mk II, 190 Mk II, 3CX, 525-58, 3X, 4CX, John Deere 6230(4045 Engine), 6230 Premium(4045 Engine), 6330(4045 Engine), 6330 Premium(4045 Engine), 6430 Premium(4045 Engine), 6130(4045 Engine), 6430(4045 Engine), 7130; 7130 Premium(4045 E; Plus Engine), 5080RN 59kW 80hp(4045 HL284 Engine) From 2008, 5090RN 66kW 90hp(4045 HL284 Engine) From 2008, 5100RN 74kW 100hp(4045 HL284 Engine) From 2008, 810E(4045 Plus Engine), 1010E(4045 Plus Engine), 6130 59kW 83hp(4045 T 2V-CR Engine) From 2007, 6425(4045H Engine), 6225(4045H Engine), 6325(4045H Engine), 6430; 6430 Premium 82kW 111hp(4045HL481 Engine) From 2006, 6230; 6230 Premium 67kW 91hp(4045T 4V-CR Engine) From 2006, 6330; 6330 Premium 73kW 100hp(4045T 4V-CR Engine) From 2006, 7130; 7130 Premium 90kW 121hp(6068 HRW72 Engine) From 2007, 6525(6068H Engine), 6330 78kW 105hp(E 4045 HL480 Engine) From 2007, 5080R 59kW 80hp From 2008, 5090R 66kW 90hp From 2008, 5100R 74kW 100hp From 2008, 7130 Premium, 4045, 4045HDW; 4045HT, 4.5L, 6430, 6230, 6330, Kubota M8560 67kW 91hp(Kubota Engine) From 2012, M110 GX 85kW 116hp(Kubota V3800-TIE4 Engine) From 2012, New Holland B110(4.5L Engine), B95B; B95B LR; B95B TC(445TA Engine), B90B(445TA Engine), D95B(445TA Engine), D85B(445TA Engine), B110B(445TA Engine), B115B(445TA Engine), TM175(7.5L Engine), TM140(7.5L Engine), TM190(7.5L Engine), TM190(7.5L Engine), TM155(7.5L Engine), TM120; TM130(7.5L Engine), TV145(7.5L Engine), TM140(7.5L Engine), HW365(7.5L Engine), HW345(7.5L Engine), TM175; TM190(7.5L Engine), B100B; B100B LR(FPT 4.5 Engine), B100B; B100B LR; B100B TC(FPT4.5 Engine), TM155, TM130, B110B, TM120, TM125, TM135 Brazil From 2001 To 2008, TM140 106kW 144hp From 2000, TM130 96kW 131hp From 2002 To 2007, TM120 91kW 124hp From 2000, B95BTC Tier 3 From 2008, B110 Tier 3 From 2007, B95BTC Tier 3 From 2010, TM175 130kW 177hp From 2002, TM155 114kW 155hp From 2000, TM190; TM190DT 142kW 194hp From 2002, D150B, Valtra Valmet N111EH, N142D

    We only supply quality Filter Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Filter, MP Filtri & Solberg.

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    Unless labelled Brand Specific the Manufacturer, Size & Image may vary, we can then second source to complete orders quickly. Application data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our Specifications match your requirements. We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing. All orders must be placed via the Website.

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