FIN-FF30679 FILTER-Fuel(Stanadyne 37302, Baldwin BF7950-D, Mann WK8151)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30679
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FF30679 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-BF7950-D, FMH-WK8151 * * * * *
    Stock Level: 10
    Stock Level at Baldwin 3-7 day lead: 356
    Lead Time: Delivery for this FIN Prefix Part Number beyond any Stock Levels mentioned above is usually 1-10 weeks.
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Collar Lock Primary)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > CollarLock > Primary
    Details: Primary Fuel/Water separator with Collar Lock, Reverse flow. For Secondary filter use FIN-FF31634. Primary Fuel/Water Separator Element with Removable Drain. Also [1] Attached Grommet.
    Updated: 20/01/2021

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    Height: 195mm
    OD/WidthMax: 89mm
    OD/WidthMin: 89mm
    ID/DepthMax: 29mm

    Baldwin BF7950D, BF7950-D, Bomag 058 214 55, Carquest 86977, Case IHC 47357911, 84154346, Claas 00 2152 612.0, 001 131 832 0, 001 138 320 0, 0011318320, 0011383200, 002152612.0, 0021526120, 2152612.0, 21526120, Coopers Fiaam Z641, Donaldson P551435, Fil ZP3819F, Genparts FGO 810, Hengst H301WK, Hifi Hirschi Jura SN70233, Ingersoll Rand 22969265, Inline Filters FF30679, FINFF30679, FIN-FF30679, FST37302, FST-37302, JCB 32 / 925994, 32/925991, 32/925994, 32925991, 32925994, John Deere RE529643, RE535217, RE536193, RE565138, Kirloskar 06 474 11 0 00, Liebherr 7091069, Luberfiner L8872F, Mann WK 8151, WK 8161, WK 8193, WK8151, WK8161, McCormick 702704A1, Napa 3977, Renault 11318320, Ropa 303099, 303100, SF Schupp SK3156, Stanadyne 36551, 37302, 38051, 38169, 38736, 38738, 39901, 40770, 41063, 41773, 42350, TRP 1535441, Vapormatic VPD6162, Wix 33977, 533313, 881025121, 88-1025121

    Bell 1806E. L1806E. Claas 620 Arion. Arion 530C-Matic 3404 107kW 145hp(DPS eng). Arion 540C-Matic 3414 114kW 155hp(DPS eng). Arion 550C-Matic 3424 120kW 163hp(DPS eng). Arion 610 1904 85kW 115hp(DPS eng). Arion 610C 2004 96kW 130hp(DPS eng). Arion 620 1914 96kW 130hp(DPS eng). Arion 620C 2014 96kW 130hp(DPS eng). Arion 620C-Matic 3604 116kW 158hp(DPS eng). Arion 630 1924 103kW 140hp(DPS eng). Arion 630C 2024 103kW 140hp(DPS eng). Arion 630C-Matic 3614 121kW 165hp(DPS eng). Arion 640 1934 110kW 150hp(DPS eng). Arion 640C-Matic 3624 121kW 165hp(DPS eng). Arion 650C-Matic 3634 135kW 184hp(DPS PVX 6cyl. eng). Axion 810 120kW 164hp(DPS eng). Axion 810 4702 / 0904 158kW 215hp(FPT eng). Axion 810C-Matic 120kW 163hp(DPS eng). Axion 810C-Matic 4702 / 0974 158kW 215hp(FPT eng). Axion 820 135kW 183hp(DPS eng). Axion 820 4712 / 0914 165kW 224hp(FPT eng). Axion 820C-Matic 135kW 183hp(DPS eng). Axion 820C-Matic 4712 / 0984 165kW 224hp(FPT eng). Axion 830 144kW 196hp(DPS eng). Axion 830 4722 / 0924 173kW 235hp(FPT eng). Axion 830C-Matic 173kW 235hp(FPT eng). Axion 840 151kW 205hp(DPS eng). Axion 840 4722 / 0934 184kW 250hp(FPT eng). Axion 840C-Matic 4722 / 0994 184kW 250hp(FPT eng). Axion 850 165kW 225hp(DPS eng). Axion 850 4732 / 0944 194kW 264hp(FPT eng). Axion 920C-Matic 2304 235kW 320hp(FPTi eng). Axion 930C-Matic 2314 257kW 349hp(FPT eng). Axion 940C-Matic 2324 279kW 379hp(FPT eng). Axion 950C-Matic 2334 302kW 411hp(FPT eng). Doosan Daewoo 25/280(JD 6068HF eng). G100 Portable(Ingersoll-Rand 4IRD5AE eng). Gehl DL11-44; DL11-55(JD 4045T eng). DL12-40(JD 4045T eng). RS10-44; RS10-55(JD eng). John Bean 6140A(JD 4045HF eng). John Deere 1070D(6068H eng). 1070E(6068HTJ eng). 1110D(6068H eng). 1110E(6068H eng). 1170E(6068HTJ eng). 1210E(6068H eng). 130G(4045HT eng). 1410D(6068H eng). 1450. 1450AL; 1450CWS; 1450WTS. 1470. 1470(6068HCQ eng). 1510E(6068H eng). 1550. 1550CWS; 1550WTS. 1570. 160DLC(4045 Plus eng). 160GLC(4045HT eng). 180G LC(4045HT eng). 200DLC(6068H eng). 210G; 210GLC(Plus 6068HT eng). 210LJ(4045HT E eng). 2154D(6068H eng). 2204(6068 eng). 2454D(6068H eng). 250G LC(6068HT062; 6068HT082 eng). 290GLC(6068HT062; 6068HT082 eng). 2954D(6068H eng). 310J; 310SJ; 310TMC(4045HT E eng). 315SJ(4045T eng). 335D(6068H E eng). 344J(4045 eng). 4.5L. 4045. 4045HDW; 4045HT. 4045HDW; 4045HT. 4045TF. 410J; 410J TMC(4045HT E eng). 437D(6068H E eng). 444J(4045H eng). 444K(4045H eng). 460DC; 460DG(6068H; 6068T eng). 4630. 4630(6068 6.8L E eng). 4730. 4830. 5065M 48kW 65hp(030 eng). 5075M. 5085M. 5085M(4045 eng). 5085M(M 4045 eng). 5095M. 5095M(M 4045 eng). 5095M; 5095MH(4045 M eng). 5095MH. 5105M. 5105M(4045 E eng). 5105M(E 4045 eng). 5105ML(2.9L 3-cyl eng). 524K(6068H eng). 540H; 548H(Plus 6068H eng). 5430I(6068 6.8L Plus eng). 544J(6068H eng). 544K(6068H eng). 544K(E 6068H eng). 6.8L PowerTech Plus. 6068 PowerTech Plus. 6100D(4.5L eng). 6100D(4045T eng). 6110D. 6110D(4.5L eng). 6115D(4.5L E eng). 6115D(4045H eng). 6125D. 6125D(4.5L eng). 6130D(4045H eng). 6130D; 6140D(4.5L E eng). 6140D(4045H eng). 624J(6068H eng). 624K(6068H eng). 640G(6068 eng). 640H(6081 Plus eng). 644J(6068H eng). 644K(6068H eng). 648G(6068 eng). 648H(6081 Plus eng). 6530. 6530 Premium(6068 eng). 6530(6068 eng). 6530; 6530 Premium 85kW 115hp(6068 HL280 eng). 6534 92kW 125hp(JD eng). 6630. 6630 Premium(6068 eng). 6630(6068 eng). 6630; 6630 Premium 96kW 130hp(6068 HL480 eng). 670G; 670GP; 672G; 672GP(6068H eng). 6830 103kW 140hp(6068 HL480 eng). 6830 Premium. 6830(6068 eng). 6830(6068 eng). 6830; 6830 Premium 99kW 135hp(6 cyl. eng). 6930. 6930 Premium. 6930 Premium(6068 eng). 6930(6068 eng). 6930; 6930 Premium 110kW 150hp(6068 HL480 eng). 700J(JD 6068T eng). 710J(6068HT E eng). 710K(E 6068HT Interim eng). 7130 Premium. 7130 Small Frame. 7130; 7130 Premium 90kW 121hp(6068 HRW72 eng). 7130; 7130 Premium(6068 E; Plus eng). 7185J; 7195J(6068 eng). 7205J(6068 eng). 7210J(6068 eng). 7225J(6068 eng). 7230 Premium. 7230 Premium(6068 Plus eng). 7230 Small Frame. 7230(6068 E eng). 7230; 7230 Premium 98kW 131hp(6068 HL280 eng). 7330 Premium. 7330 Premium(6068 E; Plus eng). 7330 Small Frame. 7330; 7330 Premium 112kW 150hp(6068 HRW74 eng). 7430 124kW 166hp(6068 HL482 eng). 7430 Premium. 7430 Premium; 7430 Premium E 136kW 185hp(JDPlus 6068 HL482 eng). 7430E; 7430 Premium(6068 E; Plus eng). 748H(6081 Plus eng). 7530. 7530 E Premium; 7530 Premium(6068 Plus eng). 7530 Premium. 7530 Premium; 7530 Premium E 143kW 195hp(JD Plus 6068 HL482 eng). 7630 130kW 175hp(6068 HL482 eng). 7630 Large Frame 129kW 175hp(Plus 6.8 eng). 7630(6068 eng). 764HSD(6068H Plus eng). 7730 141kW 190hp(6068 HL482 eng). 7730 158kW 215hp(6.8 L eng). 7730 158kW 215hp(Plus eng). 7730 Large Frame 140kW 190hp(Plus 6.8 eng). 7730(6068 eng). 7830 153kW 205hp(6068 HL482 eng). 7830 169kW 230hp(6.8 L eng). 7830 169kW 230hp(Plus eng). 7830 Large Frame 151kW 205hp(Plus 6.8 eng). 7830(6068 eng). 7930 164kW 220hp(6068 HL482 eng). 7930 180kW 245hp(6.8 L eng). 7930 180kW 245hp(Plus eng). 7930 Large Frame 162kW 220hp(Plus 6.8 eng). 7930(6068 eng). 848H(6081 Plus eng). 9470 STS(6068H eng). 9540 WTS. 9540 WTS 146kW 199hp(6081T eng). 9540i WTS(6068HZ eng). 9540i WTS(6081 eng). 9560 WTS. 9560 WTS 166kW 226hp(6081T eng). 9560 WTS(6068HZ eng). 9560i WTS. 9560I WTS(6068HZ eng). 9560i WTS(6068HZ eng). 9570 STS(6068 Plus eng). 970D(6068H eng). A400 104kW 140hp. A400(4045H eng). D450(6068HE eng). R450. R450(6068H eng). S550. S550 STS(Plus 6.8L eng). T550 224kW 305hp(6068HZ482 eng). T550; W540; W550(6068HZ eng). W540 191kW 260hp. W550 224kW 305hp. Liebherr L514 Type 1115(4045 HF288 eng). L528 100kW 134hp(4045HFL93 eng). LR614. PR714. TL435-10; TL435-13; TL445-10 84kW 114hp(JD 4045/Liebherr D 504 Ti eng). TL441-10; TL441-13; TL451-10; TL451-13. TL442-13 84kW 114hp(JD 4045/Liebherr D 504 Ti eng). McCormick MTX120 85kW 115hp(Beta Power eng). MTX120(6.75 eng). MTX135 96kW 131hp(Beta Power eng). MTX135(6.75 eng). MTX150. MTX150 112kW 152hp(Beta Power eng). MTX150 112kW 152hp(Beta Power eng). MTX150(6.75 eng). MTX165(6.75 eng). MTX185(6.75 eng). Morbark Beever M12R(JD 4045H eng). Beever M15R(JD 4045H eng). Tornado 15(JD 4045 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
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