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FBW-F1645DS FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F1645-DS £51.97

FBW-F1645DS FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F1645-DS

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Sock). Special Vac-Cel Fuel Sock. Also G140-A Included with V1645-C Only F-Gasket. DIMENSIONS: Height: 406mm OD/Width Max: 108mm EQUIVALENTS: Baldwin F1645DS, F1645-DS, Donaldson P552427, P552428, Fram C66, In-Line Filters FBWF1645DS, FBW-F1645DS, FF31248, FINFF31248, FIN-FF31248, Napa 2119, Nelson Winslow 1600F, DS1645T, EX1645T, F1645T, GS1645C, W1645T, WC1645T, WC-GS1645T, Purolator Facet PL30, Vauxhall GM 5575388, 5575389, 6435360, Waukesha 119723, 151350, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-F415B FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge)-Baldwin F415-B £30.59

FBW-F415B FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge)-Baldwin F415-B

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge). Special Vac-Cel Fuel Sock. Use ONLY as a fuel filter on Bowser-Briggs, Commercial, Hilco, Nugent, Winslow applications.. DIMENSIONS: Height: 457mm OD/Width Max: 157mm OD/Width Min: 157mm ID/Depth Max: 61mm ID/Depth Min: 61mm EQUIVALENTS: Allis Chalmers 43692008, 43692018, 4369208, 43692088, Baldwin F415B, F415-B, Briggs and Stratton A418, A445, A447, B1, D196, D197, D218, D219, DCEL, Case IHC 843602R1, Cleveland 3246581, Donaldson P779084, Fiat 4369200, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-F501MD FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge)-Baldwin F501-MD £21.52

FBW-F501MD FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge)-Baldwin F501-MD

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge). Cotton Batting Fuel Sock. Also [1] Included F-Gasket. DIMENSIONS: Height: 935mm OD/Width Max: 60mm OD/Width Min: 60mm Thread: 1/4 NPT EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco T547, Baldwin F501MD, F501-MD, Donaldson P552383, P779280, Filtration Control FCL7242, Fleetguard FF140, Fleetrite FFR8140, Fram C1155, In-Line Filters FBWF501MD, FBW-F501MD, FF31250, FINFF31250, FIN-FF31250, Kralinator 4K894, F894, Luberfiner L3571F, LMD13924A, Motorcraft FD64, FG64, Napa 3075, Nelson ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-F844A FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F844-A £10.44

FBW-F844A FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F844-A

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Sock). Cotton and Fiber Primary Fuel Sock. To convert to spin-on, use FB1309 base and BF784. Also G115-A, ES1001 F-Gasket. DIMENSIONS: Height: 229mm OD/Width Max: 102mm OD/Width Min: 102mm ID/Depth Max: 38mm ID/Depth Min: 38mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco T541, T66, T76, T80, T81, AP Lockheed AP3417, APF3417A, LK3417, Aveling Barford SWT603098, Baldwin F844A, F844-A, Case IHC 199594H1, 199594-H1, 206500H1, 206500-H1, 408974C91, 408974-C91, 998518R91, 998518-R91, Caterpillar ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-F845A FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge)-Baldwin F845-A £13.78

FBW-F845A FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge)-Baldwin F845-A

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge). Automatic Wound Sisal Primary Fuel Sock. To convert to spin-on, use FB1301 base and BF5800. Reinforced Centertube. Also ES1034, ES1035 F-Gasket. DIMENSIONS: Height: 214mm OD/Width Max: 73mm OD/Width Min: 73mm ID/Depth Max: 32mm ID/Depth Min: 32mm EQUIVALENTS: Baldwin F845A, F845-A, In-Line Filters FBWF845A, FBW-F845A, FF31253, FINFF31253, FIN-FF31253, Kralinator F523, Wix 33552, 533552, CW552 MANUFACTURER'S DATA: We only supply quality Filter and ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-F908A FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F908-A £13.99

FBW-F908A FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F908-A

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Sock). Wound Cotton Primary Fuel Sock. Also G415, ES1066 F-Gasket. DIMENSIONS: Height: 254mm OD/Width Max: 140mm OD/Width Min: 140mm ID/Depth Max: 63mm ID/Depth Min: 63mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco T632, T78, TP632, Baldwin F908A, F908-A, Caterpillar 3I1097, Coopers Fiaam FEM4040, Detroit Diesel 23519156, Donaldson FFP550032, P550032, P779299, Fleetguard FF208, Fleetrite FFR8208, Fram C3382, In-Line Filters FBWF908A, FBW-F908A, FF31254, FINFF31254, FIN-FF31254, Kralinator ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-F916C FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F916-C £8.71

FBW-F916C FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F916-C

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Sock). Wound Cotton Primary Fuel Sock. To convert to spin-on, use FB1301 base and BF592. Also G133, ES1034, ES1035 F-Gasket. DIMENSIONS: Height: 146mm OD/Width Max: 73mm OD/Width Min: 73mm ID/Depth Max: 25mm ID/Depth Min: 25mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco T553, T60, T77, TP522, TP555, Allis Chalmers 227040, 277040, 277050, 2770508, 4055533, 4055563, 40555633, 40555639, 4347786, 43477862, 43477872, 4347788, 43477882, 4352269, 4352368, 43523688, 4353268, 43532688, 4353269, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-F917C FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F917C £9.64

FBW-F917C FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F917C

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Sock). DIMENSIONS: Height: 222mm OD/Width Max: 78mm ID/Depth Max: 27mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco TP517, AP Lockheed 574405, AP3067A, FG405, Coopers Fiaam G164, Crosland 335, Cummins 103878, 299160, Donaldson P779281, Fiat 4040474, 4055562, 4055565, 4377600, 4379842, 55746, 55925, 623608, 62608, 62609, 639212, 69947, 70062608, 70062609, 70069947, 70074022, 70074026, 70096707, 70623608, 70623609, 70639212, 74022, 74026, 74040474, 74055562, 74055565, 74377600, 74379842, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-F919C FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F919-C £10.54

FBW-F919C FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F919-C

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Sock). Wound Cotton Fuel or Hydraulic Sock. Also 5B-1581, 7B-7635, 7B-7664, 7B-8017, 7B-8037 O-Gasket. DIMENSIONS: Height: 200mm OD/Width Max: 45mm OD/Width Min: 44mm ID/Depth Max: 11mm ID/Depth Min: 11mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco T548, T604, T609, AP Lockheed 574165, 574399, FG165, FG399, Baldwin F919A17, F919-A17, F919A6, F919-A6, F919A9, F919-A9, F919B9, F919-B9, F919C, F919-C, F919C10, F919-C10, F919C12, F919-C12, F919C17, F919-C17, F919C3, F919-C3, F919C4, F919-C4, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-F922C FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F922C £5.18

FBW-F922C FILTER-Fuel(Sock)-Baldwin F922C

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Sock). DIMENSIONS: Height: 118mm OD/Width Max: 61mm OD/Width Min: 61mm ID/Depth Max: 28mm ID/Depth Min: 28mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco T620, Baldwin F922C, Case IHC A21141, Caterpillar 3I1234, Coopers Fiaam G623, Donaldson FFP551141, P551141, Fleetguard FF245, Fram C111, C1111, In-Line Filters FBWF922C, FBW-F922C, FF30343, FINFF30343, FIN-FF30343, Kralinator F762, Luberfiner L1111F, Motorcraft FD54, Vauxhall GM 5579167, 5579169, Wix 33513, CW513MP, Woodgate WGF245 ..... Click Here for Full Specifications

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