FIN-FF31766 FILTER-Fuel(Alco MD-099, Baldwin PF847, Fleetguard FF4012)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF31766
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FF31766
    Stock Level: 48
    Lead Time: If our stock level is less than you require then delivery for this FIN prefix product is usually 2-5 days.
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > Cartridge > Round
    Details: Fuel Element. Also G103, [3] Additional Included F-Gasket.
    Webpage Updated: 29/11/2020

    Height: 39mm
    OD/WidthMax: 55mm
    OD/WidthMin: 55mm
    ID/DepthMax: 23mm
    ID/DepthMin: 7mm

    AC Delco ACD60, ACD8028E, Alco MD099, MD-099, AP Lockheed AP872, APF299A1, APF872A, LK872, Armstrong Siddeley 012552, 12552, 1-2552, Aveling Barford GA603016, GAT603016, Baldwin PF847, Benford 7961110, 800453, Blueprint ADL ADJ132311, Bosch 1457431770, Coopers Fiaam 3048, 4963, AZF025, FA4327, G579, G927, PT3048, PT4963, Crosland 279, 389, 489, Delphi Lucas CAV FF0003, Donaldson P550364, P779316, Dorman Y0002284, YOO02284, Fil MF317, Filtration Control FCL7294, FCL7295, FCL752, Filtration FTF2019, Filtron PM817/1, PM8171, First Line FFF559, Fleetguard FF4012, Fleetrite FFR84012, Foden Y03727505, Fram C11941, C11941PL, C11941-PL, Greyfriars 429F, 452F, 485F, 629P, Harmo P136, Inline Filters FF31766, FFRC11941, FFR-C11941, FINFF31766, FIN-FF31766, Jaguar JS660, JCB M939, S1/246, S1246, Kohler 201133112, 20113312, Kralinator F538, F538G, Leyland Daf BL 577064, 606204, JS660L, Lister Petter 201.13111, 201.13112, 201.13116, 201.13117, 201.13118, 20111615, 201-13111, 20113112, 201-13112, 201-13116, 20113117, 201-13117, 20113118, 201-13118, 252427, 252-427, 257427, 257-427, 267560, 267-560, 284.539, 284539, 284-539, 4/252427, 4252427, 425-2427, 601.35390, 60135390, 601-35390, ASE64/6, ASE646, BAE646, JE64/62, JE64/6A, JE64/6B, JE-64/6B, JE6462, JE6463, JE646A, JE646B, JE64B, JE66B, Luberfiner L3514F, L3514F1, L3514F-1, LF3514F, Mahle Knecht KX22, Mann P65/1, P65/1X, P651, P651X, Motaquip VFF106, VFF221, Motorcraft FD82, FG82, Multipart LBU5223, Napa 3348, Orenstein and Koppel 102645, Powertrain PMFF901, Purolator Facet F53121, MFF299A, MFF299A/1, MFF299A1, MFF300A/1, PF3121, Quinton Hazell QFF9416, Ryco R2045P, R2332, R2332P, Sakura F6401, F-6401, Savara 92087211, 92087217, SF Schupp SK3719, Slanzi 406005, 40-60-05, Sofima S6627N, Soparis CANP9222, Stothert and Pitt 0107093120, Sure SFF0060, TJ FK9416, FP9416, TRP 1535249, UFI 26.613.00, 26.627.00, 2661300, 2662700, Unipart GFE7024, GFE7097, Valeo 587931, Vauxhall GM 5579574, 7961106, 7961121, 7984314, Vickers 20113111, Wipac OF150, Wix 33348, 7179P, Woodgate WGF4012

    Allmand LD30-3M2W; LD30-3M4W; LD30-4M2W; LD30-5M2W; LD30-4M4W; LD30-5M4W(Lister-Petter eng). Maxi Heat(Lister-Petter LPA3 eng). Maxi Lite 4(Lister-Petter LPA3 eng). Maxi Lite II(Lister ST1; ST2 eng). Night Lite SHO1000(Lister-Petter LPA3 eng). Armourweld DA123; DA124(Lister SR2 eng). DA123T; DA123ST(Lister ST2 eng). DA124(Lister SR2 eng). DA512(Petter BA1 eng). Armstrong Siddeley 1 Cyl. Aveling Barford DCO2; DCO3(Lister eng). GA; GB(Lister SR2 eng). GF; GFX(Petter AV2 eng). SD011 Beaver(Petter PH1 eng). SD020 Bison(Lister ST2 eng). SD020 Bison; SXD020(Petter PH2 eng). SD06(Lister LT1 eng). SD09 Bantam; SD011 Beaver(Lister ST1 eng). SXD020(Petter PH2 eng). SXD025(Lister ST3 eng). Benford 100; 150(Lister-Petter LPA2 eng). 15cwt; 23cwt. 1-71(Lister LT1; LT2; ST1 eng). 1-71(Lister-Petter AC1; AC2 eng). 1-71BP; 1-71BPL; 1-71P(Lister LT eng). 1-71BP; 1-71BPP; 1-71P; 1-71R(Petter AC1 eng). 1-71BP; BPL; P(Lister LT eng). 1-71BP; BPP; P; R(Petter AC1 eng). 200(Lister-Petter LPA3 eng). 2-40B; 2-40BL(Lister LT1 eng). 2-40B; 2-40BL; 2-60B; 2-60BP; 2-65B; 2-65BP; 2-65BPC; 2-75B(Lister LT1 eng). 2-60; 2-65; 2-75P; 2-75R; 2-90P; 2-90R(Lister LT1; LT2; ST1 eng). 2-60B; 2-60BP(Lister LT1 eng). 2-65B; 2-65BP; 2-65BPC(Lister LT1 eng). 2-65P; 2-75P; 2-75R(Lister-Petter AC1; AC2 eng). 2-75B(Lister LT1 eng). 2-75BP; 2-75BPL; 2-75BR; 2-75P; 2-75PRL(Lister ST1 eng). 2-75BP; 2-75BPL; 2-75BR; 2-75P; 2-75PRL(Lister ST1 eng). 2-75P; 2-75R(Petter AC2 eng). 2-90BP; 2-90BR(Lister LV2 eng). 2-90BP; 2-90BR(Lister LV2 eng). 2-90P; 2-90R(Lister ST2 eng). 2-90P; 2-90R(Lister ST2 eng). 30cwt; 35cwt(Petter PH2 eng). Benford Rollers fitted with Kohler K141T engine. CRLD(Lister LR1 eng). CRLD(Lister LR1 eng). CRW(Petter PAZ1 eng). CRW(Petter PAZ1 eng). CT(Lister LT1 eng). CT(Lister LT1 eng). CT(Petter AC1ZS eng). CT(Petter AC1ZS eng). DC(Lister ST1 eng). DC(Lister ST1; ST2; ST3 eng). DC(Petter PH1 eng). DC; DCP(Petter PH1 eng). DC; SB; SC; TS15; TS25(Lister ST1 eng). DC; SB; SC; TS15; TS25; TT25(Petter PH1 eng). DCP 15cwt(Petter PH1 eng). DCP 15cwt(Petter PH1 eng). EA(Petter PH2 eng). EA(Petter PH2 eng). EA4(Lister-Petter SR2 eng). EA4(Petter PH2 eng). EA4; EA4LX(Lister SR2 eng). EA4; EA4LX; W4; Z4(Lister SR2 eng). EA4P(Petter PH2 eng). EA4P(Petter PH2 eng). JKW(Petter PAZ1 eng). JKW; JW(Petter PAZ1 eng). JW(Petter PAZ1 eng). KRLD(Lister LR1 eng). KRLD(Lister LR1 eng). KRW(Petter PAZ1 eng). KRW(Petter PAZ1 eng). LM31D(Petter PH2 eng). LM31D(Petter PH2 eng). LS(Lister LT1 eng). LS(Lister LT1/LV1 eng). LS(Lister LV1 eng). LS(Petter AC1 eng). LS(Petter AC1 eng). MA1300; MA2000. MA1300; MA2000(Lister SR3; ST3 eng). MA1300L. MA1300L(Lister SR3 eng). MA1300L(Lister SR3 eng). MA1300P. MA1300P(Petter PH2 eng). MA1300P(Petter PH2 eng). MA2000(Lister SR3; ST3 eng). MA2000(Petter PH2 eng). MBR60; MBR71; MBR75(Lister LT1; LT2; ST1 eng). MBR71B; MBR71BM; MBR71BS(Lister LV1 eng). MBR71B; MBR71BM; MBR71BS(Lister LV1 eng). MBR71B; MBR71BM; MBR71BS(Lister ST1 eng). MBR71BM; MBR71BS; MBR75B(Lister ST1 eng). MBR75B(Lister ST1 eng). N(Lister ST1 eng). N(Lister ST1 eng). NL(Lister LR1 eng). NL(Lister LR1 eng). NL(Lister LR2 eng). NL; NT. NL; NTL(Lister LR2 eng). NP(Petter PH1 eng). NP(Petter PH1 eng). NP; NPT(Petter PH1 eng). NP; NPT; NT. NPT(Petter PH1 eng). NT(Lister LR1 eng). NT(Lister LR1 eng). NT(Petter PH1 eng). NT(Petter PH1 eng). NTL(Lister LR2 eng). NTL(Lister SR2 eng). NTP(Petter PH1 eng). NTP(Petter PH1 eng). OF(Lister ST2 eng). OF; OG. OF; OG. OF; OG(Petter AVA2; PH2 eng). OF; OG; OP; TS40; TT25; TT30; TT40; TT2200(Lister ST2 eng). OFHDLX 30cwt(Lister SR2 eng). OFHDLX 30cwt(Lister SR2 eng). OFHDP 30cwt(Petter AVA2 eng). OFHDP 30cwt(Petter AVA2 eng). OFP 30cwt(Petter PH2 eng). OFP 30cwt(Petter PH2 eng). OG(Lister ST2 eng). OGHDLX 30cwt; OGHDLX 35cwt(Lister SR2 eng). OGHDLX 35cwt(Lister SR2 eng). OGHDLX; PFHDLX 30cwt(Lister SR2 eng). OGHDP 35cwt(Petter AVA2 eng). OGHDP 35cwt(Petter AVA2 eng). OGP 35cwt(Petter PH2 eng). OGP 35cwt(Petter PH2 eng). OL(Petter PH2 eng). OL; OM; OP; OR; OS. OL; TT2(Petter PH2 eng). OM 35cwt 4x4(Petter PH2 eng). OMHDP 35Cwt 4x4(Petter PH2 eng). OMHDP 35cwt 4x4(Petter PH2 eng). OMP 35cwt(Petter PH2 eng). OMP 35cwt(Petter PH2 eng). OP(Lister ST2 eng). PPFHDLX 30cwt(Lister SR2 eng). PPT(Lister LT1 eng). PT(Lister LT1 eng). RG(Lister LV1 eng). RG(Lister LV1 eng). RG(Petter AC1 eng). RG(Petter AC1 eng). SB. SB. SB; SC(Lister ST1 eng). SB; SC(Petter PH1 eng). SBHDL 23cwt(Lister LR2 eng). SBHDP 23cwt(Petter PH1 eng). SBHDP 23cwt(Petter PH1 eng). SBP 23cwt(Petter PH1 eng). SBP 23cwt(Petter PH1 eng). SM(Petter PJ1 eng). SM(Petter PJ1 eng). TR100. TR100; TR100M; TR100S(Lister LV2 eng). TR100; TR100M; TR100S(Lister LV2 eng). TS15(Lister ST1 eng). TS15(Lister ST1 eng). TS15(Petter PH1 eng). TS15(Petter PH1 eng). TS25(Lister ST1 eng). TS25(Lister ST1 eng). TS25(Petter PH1 eng). TS25(Petter PH1 eng). TS40. TS40. TS40(Petter PH2 eng). TS40(Petter PH2 eng). TS60M. TT2. TT2000(Lister ST3 eng). TT2000(Lister ST3 eng). TT2000(Petter PH2 eng). TT2000(Petter PH2 eng). TT2000; TT2500. TT2000; TT2500. TT25. TT25. TT25; TT30. TT2500(Lister ST3 eng). TT2500(Lister ST3 eng). TT2500(Petter PH2 eng). TT2500(Petter PH2 eng). TT25L(Lister SR2 eng). TT25L(Lister SR2 eng). TT25P(Petter PH1 eng). TT25P(Petter PH1 eng). TT3000(Petter P600/3 eng). TT40; TT50. TT40; TT50. TT50. TT50L(Lister SR3 eng). TT50L(Lister SR3 eng). TT50L; TT50P; TT50S. TT50P(Petter PH2 eng). TT50P(Petter PH2 eng). TT70M. W4; W4LX(Lister SR2 eng). W4; Z4. W4; Z4. W4LX(Lister SR2 eng). W4P(Petter PH2 eng). W4P(Petter PH2 eng). Z4(Lister SR2 eng). Z4(Petter PJ1 eng). Z4L(Lister SR2 eng). Z4L(Lister SR2 eng). Z4P(Petter PJ1 eng). Z4P(Petter PJ1 eng). Bergius Kelvin P2; P4. Blaw Knox Rex 3 1/2 Ton(Petter PAZ1 eng). Rex 3 1/2 Ton(Petter PAZ1 eng). Block Durapump SC15H (Lister ST2 eng). Bonser 15G; 15H; 25G; 25H(Lister ST1 eng). 15G; 15H; 25G; 25H(Petter PH1 eng). 35G; 35H; 45H(Lister ST2 eng). 35G; 35H; 45H(Petter PH2 eng). G15; H15(Lister ST1 eng). G15; H15(Petter PH1 eng). G25; H25(Lister ST1 eng). G25; H25(Petter PH1 eng). G35; H35(Lister ST2 eng). G35; H35(Petter PH2 eng). G45; H45(Lister ST2 eng). G45; H45(Petter PH2 eng). Compair Holman Portable Paint(Petter PAZ1 eng). Coventry Climax AD3. AD3 WD3 7-9bhp. HDA; HDW. HDA; HDW; Vixen Mk II. Vixen Mk II. Davis Task Force 300; 500(Lister ST2 eng). Godwin DPC3(Lister SR1 eng). DPC50(Lister LR1 eng). Green Thomas 2 1/2-4 1/2 Ton(Petter AV2 eng). Griffin Craftsman(Petter BA1 eng). Griffin DRX(Petter AVA2 eng). TVRL(Petter PJ1 eng). Jaguar Daimler Double Six 5.3 5344cc Petrol 186kW 253hp. Daimler Double Six 5.3 5344cc Petrol 198kW 269hp. E-Type 3.8 Convertible 1 3781cc Petrol 195kW 265hp. E-Type 3.8 Litre(61-67 eng). E-Type 4.2 C 1; 1 1/2 4235cc Petrol 195kW 265hp. E-Type 4.2 Convertible 2 4235cc Petrol 198kW 269hp. E-Type 4.2 Coupe 2+ 2 4235cc Petrol 127kW 173hp. E-Type 4.2 Litre(64-71 & 2+2 67-71 eng). E-Type 5.3 Litre(V12 eng). E-Type 5.3 V12 Convertible 3 5343cc Petrol 203kW 276hp. XJ Mk I XJ12 5.3 5343cc Petrol 198kW 269hp. XJ12 5.3 Litre Models. XJ12(5.3L eng). XJ6(4.2L eng). XJ6(4.2L eng). XJ6(4.2L eng). JCB 1(AC2 eng). 1(BAMFord AC2 eng). 1(JCB AC1; AC2 eng). 1(Petter PH1 eng). 1(Petter PH2 eng). 1(Petter PH2 eng). 1(Petter PH2 eng). 10(AC1 eng). 10(Petter PH1 eng). 10(Petter PH2 eng). 15(AC1 eng). 15(Petter PH1 eng). 15cwt; 22 1/2cwt; JCB1D(Petter PH1 eng). 1D 15cwt; 22.5cwt(JCB AC1 eng). 22.5cwt(Petter PH1 eng). 22-1/2(AC1 eng). 30cwt(AC1 eng). 30cwt(JCB AC2 eng). 30cwt(Petter PH1 eng). 30cwt(Petter PH2 eng). 30cwt(Petter PH2 eng). 5050 Trailer Mounted(Lister LV2 eng). 5051; 5052; 5053(Lister LV2 eng). AC1. AC2. Hydrochief Solus(Petter AC1 eng). Z7; Z8. Johnson 1 Cu Yd Skip; 2 Cu Yd Skip(Petter AVA2 eng). 1 Ton; 1.25 Ton; 1 .5 Ton; 1JG; 1JP; 2HG; Highplacer(Petter PH1T eng). 1 Ton; 1.25 Ton; 1 .5 Ton; 1JG; 1JP; 2HG; Highplacer(Petter PH2T eng). 115; 120; 135(Petter AVA1 eng). 1J; 1JS; 2H(Petter PH1 eng). 1JG; 1JP(Lister SR1 eng). 1JS(Lister ST1 eng). 1K; 1KP; 1KS; 2KP; 3E; 3KP; 6E; 6ES; Humper; Rotaplacer(Petter PH2 eng). 1KH; 1LG; 6EF10; 6EG; 6EH; 7EF14(Petter PH2T eng). 3in Mud(Lister LD1 eng). 450(Petter BA1 eng). Loband(Petter AVA2 eng). MA(Petter AVA1 eng). MK12(Petter AVA2; PH2 eng). MK14B(Lister LD1; SR1 eng). MK14B(Lister LR1 eng). MK3LD(Lister LD1; Petter PAZ1 eng). MK4; MK5(Lister LR1 eng). Jones KL15; KL33; KL33M(Petter AVA2 eng). Mini Mk II(Petter AVA2; PH2 eng). Kelvin P2. P2; P4. P4. Kohler 30AO27. 30AO27. 3A023. 3A023. Land Rover 109 3532cc V8 Petrol 100kW 136hp. 90; 110 2.5 2494cc Petrol 62kW 84hp. 90; 110 3.5 V8 3528cc Petrol 85kW 116hp. 90; 110 3.5 V8 3532cc Petrol 100kW 136hp. Defender 90/110/130 2.5 90; 110 2494cc Petrol 62kW 84hp(17H eng). Defender 90/110/130 3.5 V8 90; 110 3532cc Petrol 100kW 136hp(22D eng). Discovery 1 3.5 Mk.I SALLJG 3531cc Petrol 113kW 154hp(22 D eng). Range Rover I (Classic) 3.5 V8 Suffix D;E 3532cc Petrol 97kW 132hp. Range Rover I (Classic) 3.5 V8 Suffix F 3532cc Petrol 97kW 132hp. Leyland Daf BL Convoy 3.5 Litre Petrol. Convoy 400 VH C35 3.5 Petrol Petrol. Lister Petter 367. 367 Type. A. AB1. AC1. AC1; AC1Z; AC1ZS; AC1W. AC1; AD1. AC1W. AC1Z. AC1ZS. ACZW1953. AV1. AV1; AVA1. AV1; AVA1. AV2. AV2; AVA2. AV2; AVA2. AVA1. AVA2. AVA2RMR. AVA2RMR; PH2WRMR Auxiliary Set PH2W. AVAM. AVAM Auxiliary Set PH2W. BA. BA; DA. BA1. BA1; BA2. BA2. DA. DA1. DPV30. JK. JK Mk II. JK Mk III. JK Mk IV. JK2; JK3; JK4. JP; JS Mk II. JP; JS Mk III. JP; JS Mk IV. JP2; JP3; JP4; JS3. LD Mk I. LD Mk II. LD Mk III. LD1; LD2; LD3. LD1; LDMIG/R. LD1; LR1. LD2; LR2. LD3. LPA2. LPA2 Alpha. LPA3. LPA3 Alpha. LPW2; LPWS2. LPW3; LPWS3. LPW4. LPW4; LPWS4. LPWT4. LR. LR Mk II. LR Mk III. LR1; LR2. LR2; SR2; SR3. LR3. LS1. LS1; LS3; SD3. LS3. LT Mk I. LT Mk II. LT Mk III. LT1. LT1. LT1; LV1. LT2; LV2. LT3. LV Mk I. LV Mk II. LV1. P600. P600/2; P600/3. PAZ; PAZ1. PAZ1. PC1. PC1. PC2. PC2. PH; PHW; PJWZ; PJZ. PH1. PH1; PH1W. PH1W. PH2. PH2. PH2; PH2W. PH2W. PJ1; PJ1W. PJ1; PJ1W. PJ2; PJ2W. PJ2; PJ2W. PJ3. PJ50(Petter PJ2 eng). PJ50(PJ2 eng). PJZ; PJWZ. PP600-2. PP600-3. PPAZ. PPAZ1. PPC1. PPC2. PPH1. PPH1W. PPH2. PPH2W. PPJ1. PPJ1W. PPJ2. PPJ2W. PPJWZ. PPJZ. SD2. SL. SL Mk I. SL Mk II. SL Mk III. SL Mk IV. SL1; SL2; SL3; SL4. SL1; SR1. SL1MG; SL2MGR. SL2; SR2; SR2Z. SL3; SR3Z. SR. SR Mk I. SR Mk II. SR Mk III. SR1; SR2. SR3. SR4MA; SR4MGR; SW2MA; SW2MGR. ST Mk I. ST Mk II. ST Mk III. ST1. ST1; ST2; ST3. ST1A. ST1A. ST1A. ST2. STW Mk I. STW Mk II. STW Mk III. STW; SW. STW2. STW2; STW3. SW2MA; SW2MGR; SR4MGR; Gearbox. Marshall 184(Lister eng). Muir Hill 1 Cu Yd; 3S(Petter AVA2 eng). Nu Way Heating Nu Way Heating Burners fitted with this Fuel Filter. Parker 3 1/2T Little Giant; Non-Tilt Mixer(Petter AV2 eng). Ruston 1YBA; 1YWA Mk I; 1YWA Mk II; 2YBA; 2YWA Mk I; 2YWA Mk II. 1YWA MkI; 1YWA MkII. Stothert and Pitt 3 1/2T(Lister LD1 eng). 32RD(Lister SR1 eng). 38RB(Lister SR1 eng). 38RD(Lister SL3 eng). 5T(Petter AVA1 eng). 7T(Lister SL2 eng). D60(Petter AC1 eng). D65(Lister LT1 eng). D65(Lister LV1 eng). D71; R95(Lister SR1 eng). D75(Petter AC2 eng). D76(Lister SR1 eng). D81; D81SS; R91(Lister ST1 eng). D81PS; D95SS(Lister ST2 eng). D90; D90SS; TR95(Lister LV2 eng). D95; D95SS; T135(Lister SR2 eng). T133(Lister LR2 eng). TXR100(Lister LT2 eng). W75; D75.5S(Lister ST1 eng). Sykes UVC3D(Lister SR1 eng). VC4 100D(Lister SR2 eng). Thwaites 14/10 3/4 Ton(Petter AVA1 eng). 2 Ton Alldrive. 21/10 1 Ton(Petter AVA2 eng). 30cwt Gravity Skip(Petter AVA2 eng). 4000(Lister-Petter PH2 eng). 6000(Lister-Petter PH2 eng). 9000(Ford P500 eng). All Drive 3000; All Drive 5000; All Drive 6000(Petter BA1; BA2 eng). All Drive 35cwt; All Drive 2 Ton(Petter PH2 eng). All Drive 4000(Lister ST2 eng). All Drive 4000(Petter PH2 eng). All Drive 5 Ton. All Drive 5000(Lister ST2 eng). All Drive 5000(Petter PH2 eng). All Drive 6000(Lister ST2 eng). All Drive 6000(Petter PH2 eng). All Drive 8000(Ford 2711E eng). All Drive 9000(Petter P600/3 eng). All Drive Swivel 6000; All Drive Swivel 6000E. Alldig(Petter P600/2 eng). Alldrive 2 Ton(Petter PH2 eng). Alldrive 4000 (Lister ST2 eng). Alldrive 5000 (Lister ST2 eng). Alldrive 6000 (Lister ST2 eng). Alldrive 8000 (Ford 2711E eng). Alldrive 9000 (Petter P600/3 eng). Gravity Skip 15cwt(Petter AVA1 eng). Nimbus (Lister/Petter eng). Nimbus(Petter AVA1; PH1 eng). Nimline (Lister SR1 eng). Nimline 2000(Petter PH1 eng). Nimline(Lister LD1 eng). Nimline(Lister SR1 eng). Orion (Lister/Petter eng). Orion(Petter PH1 eng). Orlin 2500(Petter PH1 eng). Sprite (Lister/Petter eng). Sprite(Petter AVA1; PH1 eng). Tuline 3000(Petter PH1 eng). Tusker (Lister/Petter eng). Tusker 15cwt(Petter AVA1 eng). Tusker 30cwt(Petter AVA2 eng). Tusker(Petter PH2 eng). Tusker; Tusker Swivel Skip(Petter PH2 eng). Warwick 30PH1; 30SR1(Petter PH1; Lister SR1 eng). 30ST1(Lister ST1 eng). 40PH2(Petter PH2 eng). 40SR2(Lister SR2 eng). 40ST2(Lister ST2 eng). 60PJ2(Petter PJ2 eng). 60SR3(Lister SR3 eng). Westerbeke One-16. Winget 100T; 100TFT; 150T; 175T; 200T(Lister LT1 eng). 10NTR(Lister LR1/LR2 eng). 10NTR(Lister LR2 eng). 10NTR(Lister SR1; SR2 eng). 10NTR(Petter PH2 eng). 10NTR; 10R(Lister SR1/SR2/SR3 eng). 10NTR; 10R(Petter PH2 eng). 10R 300R; 12R 333R; 14R 400R(Lister SR2; SR3 eng). 10R 300R; 12R 333R; 14R 400R(Petter PH2; PJ1 eng). 10R(Petter PJ1/PJ2/PJ3 eng). 12R(Lister SR1/SR2/SR3 eng). 12R(Petter PH2 eng). 12R(Petter PJ1/PJ2/PJ3 eng). 14/10NT(Petter AVA2 eng). 14NTR(Petter PH2 eng). 14NTR; 14R(Petter PH2 eng). 14R(Lister SR1/SR2/SR3 eng). 14R(Petter PJ1/PJ2/PJ3 eng). 200TM(Petter PH1 eng). 2B1000; 2B1500(Petter PH1 eng). 2E; 2F; 2S; 2SE(Lister SR1/SR2 eng). 2E; 2F; 2S; 2SE; 2ST; 3S; 3SE; 3SHD(Lister SR1; LD2; Petter PH1; PH2 eng). 2E; 2F; 2S; 2SE; 2ST; 3S; 3SE; 3SHD(Lister ST1; ST2 eng). 2S; 2SE; 2ST(Petter PH1/PH2 eng). 3 1/2TS(Lister LD1 eng). 3 1/2TSD; 5TSD(Petter AV1 eng). 3 1/2TSD; 5TSD(Petter PAZ1 eng). 3.5TS(Lister LD1 eng). 3.5TSD; 3.5/100T; 3/85T(Lister LR1/LR2 eng). 300R(Petter PH2 eng). 3S; 3SE; 3SHD; 3SHP(Petter PH1/PH2 eng). 3T; 3/85T; 3 1/2/100T; 5/150TSD; 6/175TSD(Lister LR1 eng). 3T; 3/85T; 3 1/2/100T; 5/150TSD; 6/175TSD(Petter PAZ1 eng). 3T; 3/85T; 3.5/100T(Petter PAZ1 eng). 3T; 3TA(Lister LR1/LR2 eng). 3TE(Petter AV1 eng). 4/25; 4/25HD; 4/25T(Petter PJ1 eng). 4/25HD; 4/25T(Petter PJ1 eng). 4/25HD; 4/25T; 4/30(Petter PH2 eng). 4/30; 4/30T; 4/40E(Petter PH2 eng). 4/30; 4/30T; 4A30E; 4A40E; 4/45; 4/45HD; 4/45T; 4/50HD; 4A50E; 4FL2500; 5SE(Petter PH2 eng). 4/40E(Lister SR1/SR2 eng). 4/45; 4/45HD; 4/45T(Petter PH2 eng). 4/50(Lister ST3 eng). 400R(Petter PH2 eng). 4B 2000(Petter PH2 eng). 4FL; 4S; 4SVHD(Petter PH2 eng). 4S(Lister SR1/SR2 eng). 4S; 4A30E; 4/40; 4A40; 4/50; 4/70; 4A50; 4A50E; 5S; 5SE; 5ST(Lister ST1; ST2; ST3 eng). 4S; 4SVHD; 4S190; 4/45; 4/40; 4/40E; 4/50; 5S; 5SHD; 5ST(Lister SR2 eng). 4S; 4SVHD; 4S190; 4/45; 4/40; 4/40E; 4/50; 5S; 5SHD; 5ST(Petter PH2 eng). 5S; 5SHD; 5ST(Petter PH2 eng). 5S; 5ST; 5SHD(Lister SR1/SR2 eng). 5STD; 5/150TSD(Petter PAZ1 eng). 5TSD; 5/150TSD(Lister LR1/LR2 eng). 6/175TSD(Lister LR1/LR2 eng). 7P; 7HP/H; 7HT/L(Lister LR1/LR2 eng). 7P; 7TH/H; 7TH/L(Lister LR2 eng). 7P; 7TH/H; 7TH/L(Petter PH1 eng). 7P; 7TH/H; 7TH/L(Petter PH1/PH2 eng). Foremaster(Petter PH2 eng). ST80; ST85(Lister ST1 eng). TU107(Petter PH1; PH2 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry most of our Technical Data which includes Cross References, Vehicle Applications, Sizes and Specifications. They are not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability. As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Size and Picture may vary so we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly.

    Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Vokes, SF Schupp, Alco, Solberg and MP Filtri.

    To visit the Filter Manufacturer's own websites click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view the Filter Manufacturer's Catalogues on PDF click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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