FIN-FF31764 Filter-Fuel(Equivalent: P78X, FF5050, PF7596, 67950)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF31764
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FF31764 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-PF7596, FFG-FF5050, FMH-P78X)
    Our Stock Level: 7
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: Fuel Element. Also [1] Included F-Gasket.
    Updated: 19/10/2021

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    Height: 50mm
    OD/WidthMax: 63mm
    OD/WidthMin: 63mm
    ID/DepthMax: 14mm
    ID/DepthMin: 14mm

    AC Delco ACD115, ACD58, ACD8014E, TP1397, Alco MD101, MD-101, Alfa Romeo 0858975702, AP Lockheed AP3106, APF3106A, LK3106, LK-3106, Baldwin PF7596, Bosch 1457429279, 145742927930N, 1457429279-30N, 1457431028, 1-457-431-028, 74005, 9457208630, 9-457-208-630, 9879993013, 9-879-993-013, BDF1028, FJSJ32U10, FJSJ32U10Z, N1028, Chrysler Dodge 9101906028, 91109060028, 9401906028, Citroen 5414362, 5414362L, Claas CT0854975700, Coopers Fiaam AZF084, FA4550, G671, Crosland 417, Delphi Lucas CAV 7176/505, 7176505, FF0004, HDF505, Fiat 5414632, 75414632, Fil MF171, MF171A, Filtron PM815, Finn FFP519, Fleetguard FF5050, Fleetrite FFR85050, Ford 500885, 5008885, 5012045, 5014354, A810X9176AA, A810X-9176-AA, A830X9176SA, Fram C11909PL, Giesse NH531, Greyfriars 417F, Guiot GC1909, Halfords HFF213, Inline FF31764, FFRC11909, FFR-C11909, FINFF31764, FIN-FF31764, Luberfiner LFF3503, M MP407, Magneti Marelli 71760717, Mahle Knecht EK485, KX13, KX13D, MAN 00.008549757, 00.00854-9757, 000085439757, 0000854957, 00008549757, 85.49757, A0854975700, A50.00241.676, A5000241676, Mann 6640153172, P78, P78X, Motaquip VFF103, VFF186, VFF236, Motorcraft EFG045, EFG45, Napa 7088, Nissan 993012, Permatic FI212, Peugeot 161258, 190602, 1906-02, Powertrain PMFF909, Purflux 6011441930, C112, C30ADK, Purolator Facet F58137, F58237, FG126, FG137, PED112, Quinton Hazell QFF5365, Renault 0008549757, 0854975700, 20854975700, 5000241250, 5000241676, 6005019585, 7701033176, 8549757, 854975700, 8549757000, Savara 920863, 92086311, 92086317, SN863, SN863/1, SN8631, SN993, Seat ND10420250, SF Schupp SK3974, Sofima S9091N, Sogefi Pro FA0455, FA0455/SGP, FA0455SGP, Soparis CANP158, Tecafiltres 9250482, 9250842, C0842, Tecneco GS033, GSO1600, Tecnocar N11909, N11910, Teho D88, TJ FF5365, TRP 1500500, UFI 26.652.00, 2665200, Unipart GFE5010, Valeo 587908, Vapormatic CPD6036, VPD6036, Vauxhall GM 7984874, 813560, Volvo 818175, Wipac FD280, Wix 33137, 533137, 67950, WF8013

    ARO 240-244-1976/01(Peugeot 2.1L Diesel eng). 240-244-1976/01(Peugeot 2.2L Diesel eng). 240-244-1976/01(Peugeot 2.5L Diesel eng). Avia Ashok 1000; 1250(Perkins 4.108 eng). 1000-1976/01(Perkins 4.108 42kW 58hp eng). 1250-1976/01(Perkins 4.108 42kW 58hp eng). 1500; 2500; 3500(Perkins 4.192 eng). 1500-1972/01(Perkins 4.192 49kW 67hp eng). 2000-1972/01(Perkins 4.192 77kW 105hp eng). 2500; 2500R; 3500LEB; 3500LE Super; 4000(Perkins 4.203 eng). 2500-1963/01(Perkins 4.203 52kW 71hp eng). 2500-1972/01(Perkins 4.192 52kW 71hp eng). 3500(Perkins 4.192 eng). 3500-1963/01(Perkins 4.236 65kW 89hp eng). 3500L; 3500LE; 3500LER; 3500LR; 3500N; 3500SL; 3500SLR; 4000; 5000L; 5000LR; 5000N; 5000NR; 5000SL; 5000SLR(Perkins 4.236 eng). 3500LE(Perkins 4.203 eng). 4000-1965/01(Perkins 4.236 65kW 89hp eng). 4000-1972/01(Perkins 4.203 65kW 89hp eng). 4000-1973/01(Perkins 4.192 65kW 89hp eng). 4006C-1968/01(Perkins 6.305 73kW 100hp eng). 5000-1971/01(Perkins 4.236 65kW 89hp eng). 6500; 7000(Perkins 6.305 eng). 6500; 7500C; 7500N; 7500L(Perkins 4.108 eng). 6500-1966/01(Perkins 6.305 73kW 100hp eng). 7000-1969/01(Perkins 6.305 99kW 135hp eng). 70TT(Perkins 4.99; 4.108 eng). Bartidores | 2500; 4006(Perkins 4.203; 6.305 eng). Braud 2065(Idenor 10 eng). 2565. A1865. Chrysler Dodge Horizon 1.9D 1891cc Diesel 47kW 64hp-1984/01(XUD9 eng). Horizon 1.9D 1891cc Diesel 48kW 65hp-1982/01(XUD9 eng). Tagora 2.3TD 2288cc Diesel 59kW 80hp-1981/01(XD2S eng). Citroen 350 Diesel-1966/01(MAN D0834 eng). C 32/35/45 C 32 2.2D 2175cc Diesel 46kW 62hp-1973/01(CRD90 eng). C 32/35/45 C 35 2.5D 2499cc Diesel 50kW 70hp-1980/01(CRD93B eng). C 32/35/45 C 45 2.5D 2499cc Diesel 50kW 70hp-1982/01(CRD93B eng). C15D 1.8 Litre Diesel 1769cc 60bhp. C25-1987/01. C25D; C25 Mk II 2.5 Litre Diesel. C25D; C25 Mk II 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel. CX 2.2D 2175cc Diesel 49kW 67hp-1975/01(M22-621 eng). CX 2.5D 2482cc Diesel 55kW 75hp-1978/01(M25-629 eng). CX 2.5D 2500cc Diesel 54kW 73hp-1985/01(M25-660 eng). CX 2.5D Break 2500cc Diesel 55kW 75hp-1978/01(M25-629 eng). Delivery C25D Diesel; C25 Mk II Diesel. Delivery C25D Turbo Diesel; C25 Mk II Turbo Diesel. Delivery CS35; C35RD Diesel. H1000 1946cc Diesel 37kW 54hp-1971/01(Peugeot XDP4; XDP85 eng). H1000 1946cc Diesel 37kW 54hp-1974/01(Peugeot XDP4; XDP88 eng). H1600 1946cc Diesel 37kW 52hp-1971/01(Peugeot XDP4; XDP85 eng). H1600 1946cc Diesel 37kW 52hp-1974/01(Peugeot XDP4; XDP88 eng). HY-1500kg(Indenor 4cyl; 6cyl eng). ND Diesel-1966/01(MAN D0834M eng). Dumpersa 1800(MWM LKS eng). Ebro 7000(Perkins 6.305 eng). 71/7D(Perkins 4.236 eng). F100(Perkins 4.99 eng). FF100-1968/01(Perkins 4.99 37kW 51hp eng). L60-1; L60-2; L60-3; L75-1; L75-2; L75-3(Perkins 4.236 eng). Enasa 5701; 5701/1; 5701/2; 5702. S217; S411; S415; S511; S515; 5723; 5741; 5744. SH250; SH400; SHA404; SHA450; SHA500(Leyland 3.8L eng). Fiat 242; 242E 2.2D 242/15+18 2175cc Diesel 46kW 63hp-1975/01(Citroen B22-615D eng). 242; 242E 2.5D 2482cc Diesel 52kW 71hp-1980/01(Citroen CRD93; B25-637 eng). Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.0D 1995cc Diesel-1981/01(Citroen CRD eng). Ford Granada 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel(Peugeot 92hp eng). Scorpio 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel(Peugeot 92hp eng). Indenor TMD 804. TMD4; TMD80; TMD85. XD; XDF-4.90D; XDP-4.85; XDP-4.88. XD2; XD2P; XD2P-4.94; XD3. XDL; XDP6/88(6cyl eng). XLD(4cyl Diesel eng). Iveco 242.15-1974/01(Citroen B22-615D 46kW 62hp eng). 242.18-1974/01(Citroen B22-615D 46kW 62hp eng). 242E-1979/01(Citroen B25-637 37kW 50hp eng). 242E-1979/01(Citroen CRD93B 37kW 50hp eng). Ducato 2.0 Litre Diesel(Citroen CRD eng). Troaro | . Linde Lansing H12; H15; H25B. Mahindra CJ3 (Armada/Indi/Marksman) 2.1D 2112cc Diesel 46kW 63hp-1988/01(PSA eng). MAN 240; 270; 470; 475; 485; 570; 585; 785(Saviem eng). 240; 270; 585. 4.70; 475; 485. 4.70F; FK481-1973/01(Saviem 712.03 51kW 70hp eng). 5.0F-483-1973/01(Saviem 712.04 51kW 70hp eng). 570; 585. 785. MWM LKA; LKB. Nissan 50/5D(Perkins 4.203 eng). 71/7D(Perkins 4.236 eng). 71/7D(Perkins 4.236 eng). D-550P; D-601; D-602; D-603; D-702P; D-703; D-6003D. E350; E460(Perkins 4.203 eng). Ebro | 50/5D(Perkins 4.203 eng). Ebro | 71/7D(Perkins 4.236 eng). Ebro | D550P; D601; D602; D603; D702P; D703; D6003D. Pegaso S217-1982/01(9702.5 56kW 76hp eng). S415-1982/01(9702.5 56kW 76hp eng). S515-1982/01(9702.5 56kW 76hp eng). Perkins 4.108. 4.203. 4.236. 4.99; 4.107. P3.144; P3.152; P4.192; P4.203. Peugeot 204 1.3D Break 1255cc Diesel 29kW 39hp-1968/01(XLD eng). 204 1.4D Break 1357cc Diesel 33kW 45hp-1973/01(XL4D eng). 304 1.4D M20 1357cc Diesel 33kW 45hp-1976/01(XL4D eng). 305 1.5D 1548cc Diesel 36kW 49hp-1977/01(149XID eng). 305 1.9D 1891cc Diesel 48kW 65hp-1982/01(162XUD9 eng). 305 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 47kW 64hp-1982/01(162XUD9 eng). 305 1.9D Break 1891cc Diesel 48kW 65hp-1982/01(162XUD9 eng). 305 1.9D Break 1905cc Diesel 47kW 64hp-1982/01(162XUD9 eng). 504 1.9D M20 1948cc Diesel 40kW 54hp-1973/01(XD4X88 eng). 504 2.1D A20; M20 2112cc Diesel 48kW 65hp-1971/01(XD4X90 eng). 504 2.3D A40; A45 2304cc Diesel 51kW 69hp-1975/01(134XD2 eng). 505 2.3TD 2304cc Diesel 59kW 80hp-1980/01(147XD2S eng). 505 2.5 Litre GTD Turbo Diesel(XD3T eng). 505 2.5D 2498cc Diesel 51kW 69hp-1981/01(155XD3 eng). 505 2.5D 2498cc Diesel 55kW 75hp-1981/01(155XD3 eng). 505 2.5TD 2498cc Diesel 66kW 90hp-1983/01(152AXD3T eng). 505 2.5TD 2498cc Diesel 70kW 95hp-1983/01. 505 2.5TD 2498cc Diesel 77kW 105hp-1986/01(152BXD3TE eng). 505-1980/01(2.3L eng). 505-1981/01(2.3L eng). 604 2.3TD 2304cc Diesel 59kW 80hp-1981/01(147XD2S eng). 604 2.5TD 2498cc Diesel 66kW 90hp-1983/01(152AXD3T eng). J5 1.0; 1.3 Litre Diesel; Turbo Diesel. J5 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 51kW 70hp-1987/01(D9BXUD9A eng). J5 2.5D 2498cc Diesel 54kW 73hp-1981/01(CRD93; U25-661 eng). J5 2.5D 2500cc Diesel 54kW 73hp-1990/01(CRD93; U25-661 eng). J5 2.5D 4x4 2500cc Diesel 54kW 73hp-1990/01(CRD93; U25-661 eng). J5 2.5TD 2500cc Diesel 70kW 95hp-1987/01(CRD93LS; U25-673 eng). J5 2.5TD 4x4 2500cc Diesel 70kW 95hp-1992/01(CRD93LS; U25-673 eng). J7 1.8 Diesel 1816cc Diesel 44kW 60hp-1967/01(XDP85 eng). J7 1.9 Diesel 1948cc Diesel 40kW 55hp-1968/01(XDP88 eng). J7 2.0 Diesel 1948cc Diesel 44kW 60hp-1967/01(XDP88 eng). J7 2.1 Diesel 2110cc Diesel 55kW 75hp-1970/01(XDP90 eng). J7 2.1 Diesel 2112cc Diesel 42kW 57hp-1968/01(XDP90 eng). J7 2.1 Litre Diesel. J7 2.3 Diesel 2304cc Diesel 36kW 49hp-1978/01(XD2P94 eng). J7 2.3 Diesel 2304cc Diesel 49kW 67hp-1977/01(XD2P94 eng). J7 2.3 Litre Diesel-1969/01. J9 1.4; 1.8 Litre Diesel. J9 2.1; 2.3; 2.4; 2.5 Litre Diesel. J9 2.1D Diesel 41kW 55hp-1980/01(XDP4 eng). J9 2.3D Diesel 49kW 66hp-1980/01(XD2P eng). J9 2.5D Diesel 53kW 72hp-1982/01(XD3P eng). Renault 55; 57; 58; 88. 55-7231(598-30; 714; 715 eng). 57 7241(598-30; 714; 715 eng). 88(598-30; 714; 715 eng). B70.35D; B70.45D; B80D(Sofim 8140.61TD eng). B70FN 40-1983/01(Sofim 8140.61 53kW 72hp eng). Clio 1.9 Litre Diesel 1870cc 65bhp. Clio 1.9 Litre Diesel 65bhp. Clio I 1.9D B/C/S576;B/C/S5 1870cc Diesel 47kW 64hp-1991/01(F8Q732 eng). Estafette 800 Diesel 1250cc Diesel -1968/01(Peugeot XLDP4; XLDP75 eng). Express; Extra 1.9 GTD Diesel 47kW 65hp-1991/01(F8Q eng). Extra 1.9 Litre Diesel F401870cc 65bhp. Extra 1.9 Litre Diesel F401870cc 65bhp. GB131(797 eng). HR15(797 eng). Master 2.2 Litre Diesel(J7T eng). Master 2.4 2445cc Diesel and Sofima Diesel-1980/01. Master I 2.5D Q..4 2445cc Diesel 52kW 72hp-1980/01(Sofim 8140.61 eng). Master I 2.5TD 2499cc Diesel 69kW 94hp-1989/01(S9U-714 eng). Master I 2.5TD Bosch System-1980/01(Sofim 8140.27-S9U714 eng). Master I 2.5TD R..5 2499cc Diesel 72kW 98hp-1980/01(Sofim 8140.27 eng). Messenger | B80-FN40-1990/01(Sofim 8140.07 56kW 76hp eng). R19 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel 1870cc 93bhp. R5 II 1.6 TD;GTD B/C/S404 1585cc Diesel 40kW 55hp-1987/01(F8M730 eng). R55(715.30 eng). R55; R57. R57; R88(714.30; 598.30 eng). Rapid 1.9D 1870cc Diesel 40kW 54hp-1994/01(F8Q640 eng). Rapid 1.9D F40P/40N/40E 1870cc Diesel 47kW 64hp-1991/01(F8Q774 eng). S16; S24(Renault 580; 591; 671 eng). S45; S53; S105-1965/01(597 eng). S45GT; S53M; S105M(Renault 597 eng). S90.09; S90.09BOM; S90.09Cti(Renault 720 eng). S90-1984/01(720 eng). SB2(599 40kW 54hp eng). SB2(817 40kW 54hp Diesel eng). SB2; SG2; SG3; SG4; SG5; SG5; SG5TP4-4x4(580; 599-04; 712; 720; 797 eng). SB2; SG2; SG3; SG4; SG5; SM5; SM8(817 eng). SB2-Trafic-1966/01(599-04 51kW 70hp eng). SC50-1972/01(597 99kW 135hp eng). SG1(Indenor eng). SG1-1973/01(Peugeot XDP4; XDP90 46kW 62hp eng). SG2; SG3; SG4; SG5. SG2-1968/01(712-01-03 61kW 82hp eng). SG2-Export-1986/01(712-18 61kW 82hp eng). SG3-1971/01(712-01-03 53kW 72hp eng). SG4-1980/01(720 67kW 91hp eng). SG4-1980/01(817 67kW 91hp eng). SG4-Export-1986/01(712-18 67kW 91hp eng). SG4-Super Galion-1967/01(712-01-01 68kW 92hp eng). SG5-1967/01(712-0-02 74kW 100hp eng). SG5-1973/01(720-01-01 74kW 100hp eng). SM5-1967/01(712-0-02 74kW 100hp eng). SM5-1973/01(720-01-02 74kW 100hp eng). SM6A; SM6B; SM6C-1971/01(597 99kW 135hp eng). SM7 -1967/01(597.02 110kW 150hp eng). SM7 -1971/01(797-10 110kW 150hp eng). SM8-1967/01(597.02 99kW 135hp eng). Super | 3D(MWM D322-2 eng). Super | 4D; 5D; 6D; 7(591 eng). Super | 5D(703.30 eng). Super | 6D(MWM D322-3 eng). Tipo | -2 Ton 5; 2 Ton 5-1400. Trafic I 2.5D T..4; V..4 2499cc Diesel 55kW 76hp-1989/01(Sofim 8140.67 eng). Trafic Sofima 2445cc Diesel-1980/01. Sama 57E(Perkins 3.152 eng). 88E(Perkins 4.203 eng). Sava 5702. 5744. LDO5-1964/01(45kW 62hp eng). S200-1968/01(45kW 62hp eng). S211-1968/01(45kW 62hp eng). S212-1968/01(45kW 62hp eng). S217-1977/01(9702-5 56kW 76hp eng). S221-1968/01(45kW 62hp eng). S411-1970/01(9702-1 56kW 77hp eng). S415-1976/01(9702-5 56kW 76hp eng). S511-1970/01(9702-8 56kW 77hp eng). S515-1976/01(9702-4 56kW 76hp eng). Seat 124 1.4 Petrol (Enasa 9721 eng). Vauxhall GM Blitz 2.1 Diesel 2;0 t 2110cc Diesel 44kW 60hp-1969/01(Peugeot XDP4; XDP90 eng)

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    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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