FIN-FF30723 FILTER-Fuel(Fleetguard FF178, Baldwin PF116)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30723
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FF30723 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-PF116, FFG-FF178 * * * * *
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    Stock Level at Fleetguard 3-7 day lead: 12
    Stock Level at Fleetguard in Europe 10-14 day lead: 4
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    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > Cartridge > Round
    Details: Fuel Element with Bail Handle. Used in Fram F1143PBM housing. (Optional gasket G356 used in Fleetguard housing.). Also G102-A, G262 F-Gasket. Also G356 O-Gasket. Also [2] Attached Grommet.
    Updated: 07/06/2021

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    Height: 249mm
    OD/WidthMax: 148mm
    OD/WidthMin: 148mm
    ID/DepthMax: 25mm
    ID/DepthMin: 25mm

    AC Delco C208, TP614, TP617, Alfa Romeo 162359728, 162-35-9728, 162367712, 162-36-7712, Allis Chalmers 0658128-4, 6581284, 658128-4, AP Lockheed 574159, AP3186, APF3186A, FH159, LK3186, PAF3186A, Asahi AMC KF1545, KF-1547, Atlas Copco 97101779, 9710-1779, Baldwin PF116, Bosch 0986450699, Bowser Briggs B47, Carrier Transicold 3000292, Case IHC 155365H1, 155365-H1, 186306H1, 28019, 323838C91, 323838-C91, Caterpillar 3I1106, Champion HF503, Clark 944472, 945912, 946010, Coles 8759112, 9759112, Continental RD6F4280, TD600L302, TD600L342, TD600L4010, TD600L5010, Coopers Fiaam AZF016, AZF016FUEL, FA4134, G814, G872, GP506, Crosland 564, Cummins 139097, 151858, 151940, 154431, 155365, 189227, 252193, 256834, 256835, 3166555, 695299, BM91119, BM94254, BM-94254, CF108, CF178, FF8, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 01168470, P4H4120, Donaldson FFP550043, P170433, P550043, P779256, ERF C256834, Fiat Allis 0658128, 06581284, Fiat 01909118, 1909118, 658128, 70256834, 70658128, 74057728, 8809614, 9018249, 9909999, Fil MF1262, Filtration Control FCL749, Fleetguard FF178, Fleetrite FFR8108, FFR8178, Foden Y02128407, Ford D4HZ9155A, D4HZ-9155-A, D4HZ9365A, D4HZ-9365-A, Fram C1143, C1143P, C1143PB, C43, C43PB, F1143, F1143PB, F1143PBM, Greyfriars 460F, Guiot GC1143, Hengst E2525, E25-25, Hitachi 76102380, Ingersoll Rand 91670679, Inline FF30723, FINFF30723, FIN-FF30723, Kaelble 606511, 606-511, Kato 6610708600, Komatsu 139097Y, 13909Y, 4D130139097, 4D130139097Z, 4D13-01-39097Z, 6110718600, 611-071-8600, 6110-71-8600, 6610618600, 6610-61-8600, 6610708063, 6610-70-8063, 661-070-8603, 661-071-8600, 661-072-8600, CUFF108, FF108, Kralinator F845, Linkbelt 3A11550, Luberfiner 43F, L43F, Mahle Knecht EN150, Mann P15159, P1535, P1535/3N, P15353N, P1535N, P1535X, PF1535, PF1535N, Mercedes 0001841626, 8541840005, Micro Pore PM1143, Mopar L306, Motorcraft FD108, FD108FP, FD764, FG764, FG765, FL42, Nelson Winslow 1150C, WF1143PB, WFC1143PB, WFC1143PL, WFC1143-PL, Orenstein and Koppel 102607, Purolator Facet 58268, 58269, 6692713, F70230, P230, P62, PM3054, PM4175, Ryco R42P, Sakura F5701, F-5701, F5702, F-5702, O2622, O-2622, Saurer 1201281, Savara, 92020017, 92408417, SF Schupp SK3449, SK3538, Sure SFF0108, Tecfil P812, PC812, UFI 25.435.00, 2543500, Vauxhall GM 2233220, 2235826, 2245826, 6435917, 6436058, 6438618, Volvo 79199865, Wabco 729206, PK15, UC8812, VC8812, VF1577, Wako WF107, Waukesha 153188, 153189, 154431H1, White 603729AS, 603729-AS, Wix 33144, CW1143MP, Woodgate WGF108, WGF178, Yale 2022412

    Adams 330 (Cummins JNR-100-C1 Six Speed eng). 660B (Cummins H6C1 eng). Ag Chem Ag-Gator 804 (Cummins V378C eng). Ag-Gator 804 (Cummins V378C eng). Terra-Gator 1253 (Cummins V210 eng). Allis Chalmers 41 (Cummins V12 eng). 41B (Cummins VT1710C eng). HD41B (Cummins V12 eng). TR-200; TS-200; TS-300; TW-300 (Cummins eng). Atlas Copco PT900 (Cummins NT855C-280; NTA855C-360 eng). Austin Western Pacer 300; Super 300 (Cummins eng). Pacer 400; Pacer 400SR; Super 400 (Cummins C160 eng). Pacer 500; Super 500 (Cummins C160 eng). Aveling Barford Centaur 25; 28 (Cummins NT855C-310 eng). TS500P (Cummins NT310 eng). Bomag K300 (Cummins 540 V8 eng). K301; K301/2; K401 (Cummins V504C eng). Bros LSPRM8; SP255DA (Cummins eng). SP10000 (Cummins eng). SSPRM7 (Cummins eng). Bucyrus Erie 20H (Cummins eng). Case IHC 350 (Cummins VT1710C eng). 350B (Cummins VT1710C eng). 65 (Cummins NT6 eng). 95 (Cummins NT335; NTR06 eng). 9600; 9670; 9700 (Caterpillar 3406; 3406B eng). PH350 (Cummins VT1710C eng). 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M85 Lectra Haul; M100 Lectra Haul; M120-15 Lectra Haul (Cummins VTA1710C eng). Wabco 1200 (Cummins V1710C eng). 330; 330H; 440; 440H; 550; 660B; 666; 777; 777B; PF666; PF777 (Cummins eng). 330; 330H; 440; 440H; 550; 660B; 666; 777; PF666; PF777 (Cummins eng). 444 (Cummins H743C eng). 50 (Cummins V1710C; VT1710C V16 eng). 50; 60 (Cummins V1710C; VT1710C eng). Coal Hauler 120 . Haulpak 35C (Cummins NTA855C eng). Haulpak 60; 75B; 85C (Cummins VT1710C; VTA1710C eng). Haulpak 85C (Cummins KT2300C eng). LW-22; LW-25; LW27; LW30; LW32; LW35 (Cummins NHRS6; NT855 eng). LW-40; LW-42; LW-45; LW-50 (Cummins eng). LW-60; LW-65; LW-65A; LW-75A (Cummins eng). LW-90; LW-100; LW-120; LW-160 (Cummins eng). Off Highway 120CT (Cummins VTA1710C eng). Speedpull 800 (Cummins VT12-700 eng). Tournapull; Rear Dump; Speedpull B (Cummins eng). Tournapull; Tournatractor; Tournadozer; Rear Dump; Speedpull C (Cummins eng). Warner Swasey 8425 . Waukesha L5788D . L5788D; L5788DS . L5790; L5792 . VLRDB . VLRDB; VLROB . Yale and Towne 2000; 2000C (Cummins V eng). 204; 204A (Cummins eng). 3000 (Cummins C180C1 eng). 3000; 3000C (Cummins V eng). 304; 304A (Cummins C160; JS6; V6-200 eng). 400 (Cummins 265 V8 eng). 4000 (Cummins 265 V8 eng). 4000 (Cummins NH250; NT855C eng). 4000B (Cummins V eng). 4000D (Cummins NT855C eng). 404 (Cummins NH250; NT855C eng). 6000 (Cummins 265 V8 eng). 6000 (Cummins NH250; NT855C eng). C180 (Cummins eng)

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