FIN-FF30558 Filter-Fuel(Equivalent: PF935, FF5527, SK3505, 33360)

Price(Ex Vat): £6.66

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30558
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FF30558 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-PF935, FFG-FF5527)
    Our Stock Level: 0
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: Primary fuel filter, Some secondary FIN-FF30501. Primary Fuel Element. Also G323, ES1030 O-Gasket.
    Updated: 02/05/2022

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    Height: 76mm
    OD/WidthMax: 57mm
    OD/WidthMin: 57mm
    ID/DepthMax: 10mm
    ID/DepthMin: 10mm
    Micron: Unspecified

    AC Delco TP833, Aveling Barford ABP3001578, Baldwin PF935, Case IHC 12336, Caterpillar 1S8452, 1S8453, 3I1260, 5M7650, 5M7663, 8C7230, 8H4335, 8H4681, 8H6250, 8H7204, 8T5626, 9M2341, 9M2342, Donaldson FFP552341, P552341, Filtration FTF2051, Fleetguard FF234, FF5527, Fleetrite FFR8234, Foden Y05014002, Fram C7523, C8608, Grove 9437100207, Harnischfeger 1046Z543, Hifi Hirschi Jura SN55423(single unit), Ingersoll Rand 35362250, 52234846, Inline FF30558, FINFF30558, FIN-FF30558, Kralinator F573, F686, Locker Airmaze AMF234, AMF234, Luberfiner L341F, L3531F, L3531F1, L3531F-1, Manitowoc 4132130, Motorcraft FD69, FG69, Napa 3360, Purolator Facet F50181, P181, Sakura F5505, F-5505, F5506, F-5506, SF Schupp SK 3505, SK3505, Sure SFF2341, SFF2342, Vauxhall GM 6439230, 6439231, Wabco PB0503, Wix 33360, 33820, 533360, 533820, Woodgate WGF234, WGL234

    Agco 1903(Caterpillar 3176B eng). 2505(Caterpillar 3176B eng). American Hoist 295BC(Caterpillar D320 eng). Atlas Copco ROC D7(Unspecified eng). ROC F9CR(Unspecified eng). Barber Greene BG2455(Caterpillar eng). BG2455C(Caterpillar 3116 eng). BG260C(Caterpillar 3116 eng). Blue Bird All American(Caterpillar 3208 eng). Case IHC 8100; 8200; 8300(Unspecified eng). 9200(Caterpillar 3406E eng). 9300(Caterpillar 3406E eng). 9400i(Caterpillar C12; C13; C15 eng). Paystar 5000(Caterpillar 3176 eng). 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3406C eng). 983(D343 eng). 983B(3406 eng). 988(Unspecified eng). 988(Unspecified eng). 988B(3408 eng). 988F(3408 eng). 990 MkII(3412; 3412E eng). 990(3412 eng). 992; 992B(D348 eng). 992C(3412 eng). 992D(3412 eng). 992G(3508B eng). 994(3516 eng). 994D(3516B eng). 994F(3516B eng). 994H(3516B eng). 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RS375(Caterpillar 3176C eng). RS425(Caterpillar 3406B eng). RS450(Caterpillar 3406 eng). RS500C(Caterpillar C15 eng). RS650(Caterpillar 3412 eng). RS800(Caterpillar 3208 eng). RS800(Caterpillar 3412 eng). SF3002(Caterpillar 3306 eng). SF425; TS425(Caterpillar D343 eng). SF450(Caterpillar 3306 eng). SF500(Caterpillar D343 eng). SF5004(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Slipform SF175(Caterpillar 3306 eng). TR4503(Caterpillar 3406 eng). TR500; TS500(Caterpillar D343 eng). Demag H135S(Caterpillar 3412TA eng). H185S(Caterpillar 3508TA eng). H55(Caterpillar 3306TA eng). H95(Caterpillar 3408TA eng). Diamond Reo C12064DBT(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Driltech D25K(Caterpillar eng). D40K MkII(Caterpillar 3408 eng). D40K(Caterpillar 3406 eng). DK45KS(Caterpillar eng). Dynapac PL2000(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Foden 4000(Unspecified eng). 4000(Unspecified eng). Ford AeroMax 106(Caterpillar 3176 eng). AeroMax 113(Caterpillar C10 eng). CL9000; CLT9000; L9000; LA9000; LL9000; LN9000; LNT9000; LS9000; LT9000; LTA9000; LTL9000; LTS9000; WT9000(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Franklin 195BC(Caterpillar D333CT eng). Freightliner Argosy(Caterpillar 3406 eng). C120; FLD(Caterpillar 3406E eng). Century Class C120(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Century Class C120(Caterpillar C10 eng). Columbia(Caterpillar C13 eng). Columbia(Caterpillar C15 eng). Condor(Caterpillar 3406 eng). FL112(Caterpillar 3176 eng). FL70(Caterpillar eng). FLA(Caterpillar 3306 eng). FLA(Caterpillar 3406 eng). FLB(Caterpillar 3406E eng). FLC(Caterpillar 3306 eng). FLC(Caterpillar 3406 eng). FLC(Caterpillar 3408 eng). FLD(Caterpillar 3176B eng). FLD(Caterpillar 3306 eng). FLD(Caterpillar 3406B eng). FLD(Caterpillar C16 eng). FLL(Caterpillar 3406 eng). FLL(Caterpillar C10 eng). FLT(Caterpillar 3306 eng). FLT(Caterpillar 3406 eng). FLT(Caterpillar 3408 eng). Line XB(Caterpillar C10 eng). Gardner CH5000CL(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Godwin HL8; HL10(Caterpillar 3406B eng). Grove 1012(Caterpillar 3208 eng). 2535(Caterpillar 3208 eng). RT500(Caterpillar 3208 eng). RT625; RT630(Caterpillar 3208 eng). RT865(Caterpillar 3306 eng). TM1150(Caterpillar 3208 eng). TM1400(Caterpillar 3208 eng). TM875(Caterpillar 3208 eng). TMS185; TMS200; TMS250(Caterpillar 3208 eng). Ingersoll Rand DMM3(Caterpillar 3412 eng). ECM690(Caterpillar 3306 eng). PB4(Caterpillar eng). XHP750(Caterpillar eng). Insley L; M(Caterpillar D320A eng). Joy RPS1300(Caterpillar 3406 eng). RPS850(Caterpillar 3306T eng). Kenworth C550(Cummins N14 eng). T404(Caterpillar C15 eng). T600(Caterpillar 3126 eng). T800(Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). T904(Caterpillar C15 eng). Kobelco SK1350(Caterpillar 3406TA eng). Koehring 1000(Caterpillar D333A eng). Leroi Q1000(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Q1200(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Q1600(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Q750(Caterpillar 3208T eng). Q750(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Q825(Caterpillar 3208T eng). Q850(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Manitowoc 2250(Caterpillar 3406C eng). 3900; 3900W MkII; 4000W(Caterpillar 3406 eng). M250(Caterpillar 3406B eng). Marion Dragline 7450(Caterpillar D399B eng). Morbark Chiparvestor 2755(Caterpillar 3176 eng). Tub 1000(Caterpillar 3306 eng). New Holland 1900(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Peterbilt 320(Caterpillar 3126B eng). 320(Caterpillar 3306C eng). 320(Caterpillar C10; C11 eng). 330(Caterpillar 3126 eng). 330(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 357(Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 357; 375(Caterpillar 3176 eng). 362(Caterpillar C10 eng). 377(Caterpillar C10 eng). 378(Caterpillar 3176 eng). 378(Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 379; 379X(Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 385(Caterpillar 3176B eng). Steiger Bearcat CM225(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Bearcat; Cougar 1000(Caterpillar 3306 eng). CA; CU Industrial(Caterpillar eng). CA280(Caterpillar 3406 eng). CA325(Caterpillar 3406 eng). CA360(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Cougar CM280; CS280(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Cougar MkIV CM250(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Cougar PTA280 MkIII(Caterpillar 3306 eng). CR1225(Caterpillar 3306 eng). CR1280(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Lion; Panther 1000(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Panther CP1325(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Panther CP1360; CP1400(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Panther CS325(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Panther MkIV CM325(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Panther MkIV CM360(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Panther MkIV CS360(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Panther PTA325 MkIII(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Panther ST325 MkIII(Caterpillar 3406 eng). ST280(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Sterling AT9513; AT9522(Unspecified eng). Sullair H1300Q(Caterpillar 3408 eng). H750; H1050(Caterpillar 3306 eng). H900/150(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Tamrock D90KS(Caterpillar 3508TA eng). D90KS(Caterpillar 3512TA eng). Tyler Titan 4375(Caterpillar 3176 eng). Titan(Caterpillar 3176 eng). Vermeer T755; T758(Caterpillar 3306 eng). T955(Caterpillar 3406 eng). TG400; TG400AL(Caterpillar 3406B eng). V1455(Caterpillar 3412 eng). Western Star 4900(Caterpillar 3406E eng). Wirtgen W2000(Caterpillar 3406 eng). W2100(Caterpillar 3406 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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