FIN-FF30525 FILTER-Fuel(Fleetguard FF5103, Alco MD-417, Baldwin PF717)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30525
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FF30525
    Stock Level: 6
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > Cartridge > Round
    Details: Fuel Element.
    Remarks: FIN prefix products are our main catalogue items so carry all our Cross Reference and Vehicle Application data. They are not Brand Specific but will usually be better Priced and have a better Stock Level than our Brand Specific items.
    If stock level shown above is zero then delivery is usually 3-4 days.
    Updated: 16/10/2020

    Height: 89mm
    OD/WidthMax: 52mm
    OD/WidthMin: 50mm
    ID/DepthMax: 20mm
    ID/DepthMin: 0mm

    Alco MD417, MD-417, Asahi AMC YO9013, Atlas Copco 29006492, 2900-6492, 2900649200, 2900-6492-00, Baldwin PF717, Bobcat Melroe 6682493, 6695912, Case IHC 204150A1, 87300042, Clark 17212495073, 6653968, Daedong 8461243160, 84612-43160, Donaldson P502161, Doosan Daewoo D460362, FAI YMR000115, Fleetguard FF5103, Fleetrite FFR85103, Ford 130366060, Fram C10517, Gehl 42534636, Hanix 43821004, Hengst E77KP, Hitachi 4366704, 76560928, 76591700, Inline Filters FBWPF717, FBW-PF717, FF30525, FFGFF5103, FFG-FF5103, FINFF30525, FIN-FF30525, Iseki 151310223900, 15131023290, 151310232900, 15131E11, 15241023110, John Deere T111383, YD9310, Kobelco VY12910055650, Komatsu YM12910055650, YM12911055650, Kralinator F680, Kubota 15221431600, 15221-431600, 1552143160, 15521-43160, 1552143760, 15521-43760, 1A00143160, 1A001-43160, Luberfiner L549F, L549F1, L549F-1, Mahle Knecht KX185, Massey Ferguson 3702815M1, 3702815-M1, McCormick 3653390M1, Micro MTF3, Mitsubishi MM433093, New Holland 83970552, 83970552?, 84477366, 87300041, Purolator Facet F54557, PF4557, Ryco R2451P, Sakura F5210, F-5210, SF Schupp DC46, SK3694, Shibaura 130366050, SBA130366050, SBA130366060, Sure SFF3160, Toro 388000, 38-8000, UFI 2668100, Vapormatic CPD6092, VPD6132, Wacker Neuson 5005002, White 330083054, 33-0083054, Wix 33507, Woodgate WGF9054, Yanmar 12910055650, 129100-55650

    Agco ST55(2.8L Engine), ST47A; ST52A(4 Cyl 2.2L Engine), ST60A(4 Cyl 3.0L Engine), ST35H; ST40H(Iseki 1.5L Engine), ST40; ST40X(Iseki 1.5L Engine), ST35; ST40(Iseki 1.5L Engine), ST35; ST35X(Iseki 1.5L Engine), ST45H(Iseki 4 Cyl 2.2L Engine), ST45, Aksa AYD21(Yanmar 3TNE78 Engine), AYD25(Yanmar 3TNE84 Engine), Ammann AV23; AV23K; AV26; AV26K; AV32; AV32K; AV33; AV40; AV40K(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), Atlas Copco QAS18-1; QAS18-3(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), Bell 751(Yanmar 3TNE84 Engine), 761; 761XP(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), Bobcat Melroe CT225(27 HP Interim Engine), CT230(30 HP Interim Engine), CT335(38 HP Interim Engine), CT440(41 HP Interim Engine), CT445; CT445SST(45 HP Interim Engine), CT450; CT450SST(49 HP Interim Engine), CT235(Daedong 34 HP Interim Engine), B300(Kubota V2203 Engine), 225, Branson 4520(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), Case IHC CX47(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), Challenger MT265 Hydro(Iseki 1.5L Engine), MT285(Iseki 1.5L Engine), MT285 Hydro(Iseki 1.5L Engine), MT275(Iseki 1.5L Engine), MT265(Iseki 1.5L Engine), MT285B(Iseki 2.2L Engine), MT295(Iseki 2.2L Engine), MT297(Iseki 2.8L Engine), MT295B(Iseki 3.0L Engine), MT297B(Iseki 3.0L Engine), Clark C500, CMP18D(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), CMP15D(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), CMP20SD(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), Cub Cadet 8354(Daedong 35hp Engine), 8454(Daedong 45hp Engine), Doosan Daewoo DSL601(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 1340XL(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 1340XL(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), DSL601; DSL602(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 602 Plus(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), FAI PC45(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), Panda 344; Panda 348(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), SK07; SK07J(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), Ford 2110(4 Cyl Engine), 3415, 1900, 1910, 1920, 2120, Furukawa FL304A-2(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), Gehl 253(Kubota D1403 Engine), 373(Kubota D1703 Engine), 303(Kubota D1703 Engine), 353(Kubota D1703 Engine), SL3635(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), 292(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), SL3935(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), 272(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), 253(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), 303(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), 3935(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine), 3635(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine), 373(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), 502(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), 342(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), 353(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), 362(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), Hitachi ZX40(Kubota V2203 Engine), ZX50(Kubota V2203 Engine), EX45-2(Kubota V2203B Engine), EX40-2(Kubota V2203KA Engine), EX30-2, ZX50, Hyundai HSL610(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), IHI 80NX(Isuzu 4JG1 Engine), 28N, Ingersoll Rand BL470; BL475(Kubota Engine), BL375(Kubota Engine), BL370(Kubota Engine), BL570; BL575(Kubota Engine), Iseki TA525; TA530, 545, TA530, TK538, John Deere 1070, 6675, 50, 4475; 5575, 7775, 970, 955, 870, 30, 3011, 4600, 4500, 4700, 25(Yanmar Engine), 3215(Yanmar 3TNE78; 3TNE82; 3TNE84 Engine), 3235; 3235A(Yanmar 3TNE78; 3TNE82; 3TNE84 Engine), 3225BTurf System II(Yanmar 3TNE84 Engine), 3235B(Yanmar 3TNE84 Engine), 4510(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 110(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 4610(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 990(Yanmar 4TNE84; 4TNV84 Engine), 1600(Yanmar 4TNE84T Engine), 1600; 1620(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), 4710(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), Kioti DK35SE; DK35SEHST(3B185 Engine), CK27; CK27 HST(Daedong 3A139 Engine), CK30; CK30H(Daedong 3A150 Engine), LK30(Daedong 3A150 Engine), CK35; CK35 HST(Daedong 3A165 Engine), DK35(Daedong 3A165D 1.6L Engine), DK40SE; DK40SEHST(Daedong 4A200 Engine), DK40(Daedong 4A200 2.0L Engine), DK50; DK50C(Daedong 4A200T 2.0L Engine), DK45; DK45S(Daedong 4A220 2.2L Engine), DK45SEHST(Daedong 4A220LXH Engine), DK50SEHST(Daedong 4B243LWH Engine), CK25; CK25H(Daedong TD1300 Engine), LB2202; LB2204; LB2214, LB2614, LK2554, LK3052; LK3054; LK3504, Kobelco SK030-2, SK024(Yanmar Engine), SK027(Yanmar Engine), SK030(Yanmar 3TN84 Engine), SK35SR-1(Yanmar 3TNE82A Engine), SK30SR-1(Yanmar 3TNE82A Engine), SK030-2(Yanmar 3TNE84 Engine), SK035-2(Yanmar 3TNE84 Engine), SK040(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), SK40SR(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), SK45SR(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), Komatsu WA20-1(3D78-1 Engine), PC15-1; PC15-2(3D78-1 Engine), PC25R-8; PC27R-8(3D82AE Engine), PC20-7(3D82E; 3D84N Engine), PC28UU-2(3D82E; 3D84N Engine), PC25-1(3D82E; 3D84N Engine), PC15-3(3D82E; 3D84N-2 Engine), PC30-7(3D84 Engine), PC30-8; PC30R-8(3D84E Engine), PC35R-8; PC35R-8E(3D84E Engine), WA30-5(3D84E Engine), PC45-1(4D84 Engine), PC50UU-2(4D84; 4D88E Engine), BM2009C(4D84E Engine), PC40-7(4D84E Engine), PC40MRx-1(4D84E Engine), PC40R-8(4D84E Engine), PC45R-8(4D84E Engine), SK818-5(4D88E Engine), PC40(4TNE84 Engine), PC45(4TNE84 Engine), WA50-3(S3D84E Engine), SK815-5(S4D84E Engine), PC45MRX, PC28UU-2, PC20-7, PC28UU-1, PC58UUx(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), Kubota KH191(6 Cyl Engine), GV3120(D1402-B Engine), L2900(D1503-LA Engine), L3410HST(D1503L-AN Engine), L3010HST(D1503L-AN Engine), L3010DT; L3010F(D1503L-AN Engine), L3130DTF(D1503M Engine), SQ1140(D1703 Engine), SQ3170(D1703 Engine), L3410DT(D1703A Engine), L3430DTF(D1703M Engine), L3240(D1703-M Engine), L3830(D1803M Engine), L39(D1803-M Engine), L3540(D1803-M-E2 Engine), L4600DT; L4600F(E-TVCS 2.2L Engine), L4150(F2302DI Engine), M5700(F2803 Engine), M5400DTN(F2803-A Engine), M4900(F2803E Engine), M4700; M4700DT(F2803E Engine), L4850; L4850DT(Kubota F2503 Engine), L5450; L5450DT(Kubota F2803DI Engine), L4350; L4350DT(Kubota V2203DI Engine), KH191(S2800D Engine), V1502; V1702B; V1902-B, V1200-B, V1903, V2203-A, V2203, M5700, L4150, L4200, L4200, L3250, L2850, KH91, D1302B; D1402B, D1101; D1102; D1301; D1302; D1402, L3450; L3450DT; L3650; L3650DT; L3650GST, L3350, L3250DT, L3300, L405, L3940, L3750, L35, L355SS, L3600, L2550, L2250; L2550, L235, L2650; L2650DT; L2950; L2950DT, L2850GST, L2950DT, L2850, L2950DTGST; L2950F, L2650DTGST; L2650F, L275, L5040GST, L4740, L4200, L48, L2850DT; L2850DT-GST; L2850F(V1702DI-A Engine), GV3170; GV3170SW(V1902-B Engine), L3650DTGST(V1902DI Engine), L3710(V1903AN Engine), SQ3250SW(V2203 Engine), L4300DT; L4300F(V2203 Engine), SQ1200(V2203 Engine), L4310(V2203AN Engine), L4610(V2203E Engine), L4630(V2203M Engine), L4240(V2203-M Engine), L4400(V2203-M Engine), L4330(V2203MA Engine), L45(V2203-M-TE3 Engine), MX5000DT; MX5000F(V2403 Engine), L5030(V2403M Engine), M4800SU(V2403M Engine), MX5100DT; MX5100F; MX5100H(V2403-M Engine), M59(V2403-M Engine), L5740(V2403-M Engine), L5240(V2403-M Engine), MX4700DT; MX4700F; MX4700H(V2403-M Engine), Landini Mistral 40(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), Mistral 45(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), Mistral 50(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), Mahindra 4510, Massey Ferguson MF1429(29hp Engine), MF1433; MF1433V(33hp Engine), 1643; 1648(Iseki 2.2L Engine), 1660(Iseki 2.9L Engine), 1652; 1655(Iseki 2.9L Engine), 1547(Iseki E4CG 2.2L Engine), 1552(Iseki E4DE 3.0L Engine), 1560(Iseki E4DE 3.0L Engine), MF1440; MF1440V, MF1445; MF1455, MF1125, MF1165, MF1240, MF1250, MF1260, MF1140; MF1145, McCormick GX40; GX40H(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), GX45; GX45H(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), GX50; GX50H(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), Mustang 930(Yanmar Engine), 930E; 930A E(Yanmar 3TN82E Engine), 2022(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), ME2702; ME2902(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), 2032(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), 940; 940E(Yanmar 4TN82E Engine), 2044(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 2040(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 2042(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 2050(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), 2054(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), ME3402(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), ME3602(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), ME5002(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), ME6002; ME6502; ME8002(Yanmar 4TNE98 Engine), New Holland T2310; T2320(2.0L; 2.2L Engine), Boomer 3040; Boomer 3045; Boomer 3050(2.0L; 2.2L Engine), Boomer 4055; Boomer 4060(2.2L Engine), T2330(2.2L Engine), Boomer 8N(2.2L Engine), T1530(2.3L Engine), T2410; T2420(N844L; N844LT Engine), TC35A; TC35DA(Shibaura 1.6L Engine), TC40A; TC40DA(Shibaura 2.0L Engine), TC48DA(Shibaura 2.2L Engine), TC45A; TC45DA(Shibaura 2.2L Engine), TC55DA(Shibaura 2.2L Engine), Workmaster 55(Shibaura 2.2L Engine), Workmaster 45(Shibaura 2.2L Engine), 1910, 3415, 1920, TC40D, TC45; TC45D, TC40, TC35; TC35D, Northern Lights NL484; NL484K; NL488; NL488K, Ransomes Jacobsen 3500DX, Sullair 55(Kubota D1703 Engine), Takeuchi TB135, TB25(Yanmar 3TNA84L Engine), TB35(Yanmar 3TNA84TL Engine), TB135(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), TB53FR(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), TB145(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), TCM E804; E806(Kubota V1505T Engine), Thwaites 3 Ton Alldrive(Yanmar Engine), Toro 30718 ProLine(Kohler Engine), Reelmaster 216(Kohler Engine), Reelmaster 2600, Reelmaster 2300, Grounds Pro 2000, ProLine 118, Reelmaster 216D, Reelmaster 215, Vibromax 265(Kubota D1703E Engine), Wacker Neuson 3500S Lifton, 2503RD, White FB31(Iseki Engine), FB37(Isuzu Engine), Yanmar B27(3TN82E; 3TNE82A Engine), F32EX(3TNE84 Engine), YEG15TL(3TNE84 Engine), F320(3TNE84 Engine), YEG30TH(3TNE84 Engine), YEG22SH(3TNE84 Engine), YEG12SL(3TNE84 Engine), V3-5(3TNE84T Engine), V4-5(3TNE84T Engine), Vio 40; Vio 40-2(3TNE88 Engine), CA385EG(3TNE88 Engine), F360(3TNE88 Engine), B37(3TNE88 Engine), F37EX(3TNE88 Engine), B50(4TN84E Engine), F420(4TNE84 Engine), YEG30SH(4TNE84 Engine), YEG16SL(4TNE84 Engine), YEG40TH(4TNE84 Engine), F42EX(4TNE84 Engine), YEG22SL(4TNE84T Engine), YEG30TL(4TNE84T Engine), YEG36SH(4TNE84T Engine), YEG50TH(4TNE84T Engine), Vio 50(4TNE88 Engine), B50; B50-2(4TNE88B Engine), F20D, C30R-1, 3TN82E; 3TN82TE; 3TN84E, 3TNE84; 3TNE84T; 3TNE88, B37-2A; B37-2B, B27-2, D36A, D27AX; D27AY, D36AX; D36AY, 4TNE84; 4TNE84T; 4TNE88, 4TNE88.3G, 4TN82; 4TN82TE; 4TN84E; 4TN84TE, V2-1; V2-2, V3-3, Vio 50-1, V4-3, Vio 50-2, YB251; YB401; YB451, YB231; YB281, B37; B37.2(Yanmar 3TNE84E Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Filter, MP Filtri & Solberg.

    If you require further information try our Manufacturer's Website Listing click here to view MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    We also have a huge Library of Manufacturer's Product Brochures & Catalogues on PDF click here to view MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Unless labelled Brand Specific the Manufacturer, Size & Image may vary, we can then second source to complete orders quickly. Application data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our Specifications match your requirements. We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing. All orders must be placed via the Website.

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