FFR-C11859 FILTER-Fuel(Baldwin PF986, Fleetguard FF230)

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  • Part Number FFR-C11859
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-C11859
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Fuel, Cartridge, Round
    Fuel Element with Bail Handle. Also [2] Attached Grommet

    Height: 66mm
    OD/Width Max: 65mm
    OD/Width Min: 65mm
    ID/Depth Max: 13mm
    ID/Depth Min: 11mm

    AC Delco ACD171, ACD56, ACD8033E, Alco MD131, MD-131, MD313, MD-313, Ammann 5612032455760, 56-120324-55760, AP Lockheed AP3275A, Baldwin PF986, Bomag 05726779, 5726779, Bosch 1457431085, 1-457-431-085, 1457431146, 1-457-431-146, 1457431157, 1-457-431-157, 1457431260, 1-457-431-260, 1457431314, 1-457-431-314, 1457431315, 1-457-431-315, 1457431324, 1-457-431-324, 1457434324, 9879993003, 9-879-993-003, BDF1260, BDF1324, FJSJ11S13, FJSJ11S13Z, FJSJ16S15Z, FJSJ27S1Z, FJSJ32P3Z, FJSJ32U7Z, N1157, N1260, N1324, Bukh 610D0053, Coopers Fiaam AZF039, FA4194, FA4194/2, FA41942, FA41942B, FA4205/2, FA42052, FC3075, FE3382, G549, Crosland 450, Demag 659573, 963301, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 01168402, 01289052, 12153114, 1289052, 2158663, R02H4115, Donaldson P550745, P551175, P779305, Donit 412123, Fendt F112200060130, F112200060131, Fiat 1168402, Fil Filter MF382A, Filtration Control FCL758, Filtron PM810, PM810/1, PM8101, PM810T, Fleetguard FF230, Fleetrite FFR8230, Fram C11859P1, C11859PB, C11859PL, C4428, C7521, Giesse NH106, GIF FI215, Guiot GC1859, Hengst E2K, E2KFR, E2KP, E2KPKFR, E2KP-KFR, In Line Filters FF30052, FFRC11859, FFR-C11859, FINFF30052, FIN-FF30052, John Deere 13871/12, 1387112, L12824, L12824L, Komatsu 12032455760, 120-324-55760, 1203-24-55760, YM12032455760, YM120324-55760, Kralinator F837, F838, F844, Lamborghini 0.4001.062.0, 040010620, Landini 20472, 204721, 204722, Lautrette Mecafilter ELCA5007, Lombardini 250.2175.41, 250217541, Luberfiner GF779, M Filter MP410, Mahle Knecht B201C, B201C100M1, B201C-100M1, EK201, KX34, MAN 81.12503-0014, Mann 6640157212, BF715, BFU715, P715, Mercedes 0004774315, 0004775115, 4774315, A0004774315, MWM 6.0540.02.9.0002, 6.0540.19.1.0002, 6.0541.02.9.0002, 6.0541.14.0.0001, 6.0541.15.1.0005, 60540029002, 605401910002, 605410290002, 605411400001, 605411510005, Porsche, 000650616, 854B047, 901.108.992.00, 90110899200, Purflux 6210623540, C115, C115A, Purolator Facet F50452, F57169, GM7984316, PM452, PZ452, Renault 0001229147, 0008548047, 008548047, 0854804700, 1229147, 6005019596, 8548047, 854804700, Ruggerini 17504, D951966, Ryco R2042P, Same 003.1407.0, 003.1408.0, 003.4080.0, 00314070, 00314080, 00340800, 3.1407.0, 3.1408.0, 3.4080.0, 314070, 314080, 340800, Savara 2220/10, 2220/30, 222010, 222030,,, 92009511, 92009517, 92009617, 92157611, SF Schupp SK3245, SK3962, Soparis CAN122, CANP122, Tecneco GS01236, GS039, Tecnocar N1136, N1138, Teho Filter B20, TRP 1534633, 1534846, UFI Sofima 21.047.00, 2104700, 26.618.00, 2661700, 2661800, S6311N, Vauxhall GM 7984316, VME 45310010A, 4531010, Volvo 6606946, 6643218, 7233239, 870065, 870085, 876554, 8765547, 876554-7, Wix 33710, 533710, 59267, WF8010, Woodgate WGF230, Yanmar 120324-55760, Y12032455760, YMR001652

    Agria 4800, 4800, 4800; 4900, 4900, 4900, Agrifull 230; 230C; 230L; 230LL(Motori V.M. Engine), Alsthom Alsthom Engines fitted with Rollquier Fuel Filter, Arona CA10, Bautz AL120; AL121; AL122; AS120; AS121; AS122; AW120; AW121; AW122 9kW 12hp(MWM Engine) From 01/52 To 12/60, AL150; AL171; AL177; AL180; AS150; AS171; AS177; AS180; AW150; AW171; AW177; AW180(MWM Engine), AL200; AL240; AL300; AL300S; AS200; AS240; AS300; AS300S; AW200; AW240; AW300; AW300S 18kW 24hp(MWM Engine), T600(MWM D308/2 Engine), Bernard T32, W41, W42, W71, Bosch DDOD 27(Hatz D 108 Engine), DDOD 27 18kW 25hp(Hatz D108N Engine) From 04/82 To 07/85, DDOD 36(Hatz V 108 Engine), DDOD 36 25kW 34hp(Hatz V108N Engine) From 04/82 To 07/85, Bukh DV10, DV10, DV10M, DV10M, DV20, DW20, Demag V42S(MWM D308-3 Engine), V42S(MWM Engine), V42S(MWM D308-3 Engine), Deutz AG Fahr KHD A1L310; F1L310; SF1L310, Eicher ED13; ED13/1; ED14; ED15.II; ED110; ED111.II, Faun Frisch L908A; L912, Fendt 220GTF 220; 1GT 14kW 18hp(MWM AKD 311 Z Engine) From 01/63 To 12/64, 225GTF 225 GT 18kW 25hp(MWM AKD 112 Z Engine) From 01/61 To 12/65, F12; F12HL; F18G; F20GH; F24L; F24W, F12; F18; F20; F24, F12GT; F115GT; F225GT(MWM AKD Engine), F220GT(MWM AKD311Z Engine), F225GT(MWM AKD311Z Engine), Farmer 1(MWM K12Z, KD12Z Engine), FL116(MWM AKD412E Engine), FL236; FL237; FL326(MWM K12Z, KD12Z Engine), FW236(MWM KD211Z Engine), FW237 Farmer 1, Fortschritt T157, Hamm 1.5VTD, John Deere T300, T500, T700, T750, Komatsu FD20; FD25; FD30(Isuzu C221 Engine), PC95R-2(4D106 Engine), PW95R-2(4D106-1 Engine), PW95R-2 62kW 86hp(Komatsu 4D106-1FB Engine) From 01/00 To 12/06, PW95R-2 62kW 86hp(Yanmar 4D106-25FB Engine) From 01/00 To 12/06, PW95R-2 62kW 86hp(Yanmar YD 4400DNLCES Engine) From 01/00 To 12/06, WB140 63kW 85hp(S4D 106-1FH Turbo Engine), WB140-2; WB140-2T(S4D106-2 Engine), WB140-2N; WB140PS-2N(S4D106-2 Engine), WB150 63kW 85hp(S4D 106-1FH Turbo Engine), WB150-2; WB150-2N; WB150AWS-2N; WB150PS-2; WB150PS-2N(S4D106 Engine), WB91R-2(4D106 Engine), WB97R-2(SD106-1 Engine), WB97S-2(S4D106-2 Engine), Lamborghini Espada 4.0 GT400 3929cc Petrol 257kW 350hp From 01/68 To 12/81, Jarama 4.0 GTS400 3929cc Petrol 268kW 365hp From 01/68 To 12/76, Miura 4.0 P400S 3929cc Petrol 272kW 370hp From 01/69 To 12/72, Landini C25; CS25; DT25; R25; RV25, Lanz 1010C Laderlupe, D1266; D1305; D1306; D1506; D1606; D1616; D1666; D1706; D1906; D2016;16; D2402; D2416; D2531; D2539; D2802; D2803; D2804; D2805; D2846; D3206; D3606; D4016; D5006; D5007; D5009; D5016; D6006; D6007; D6009; D6016, T300-30 PK T500-38 PK; T700-50 PK, Lombardini LDA78/2, LDA78/2, LDA90/2, LDA90/2, LDA95, LDA95, MAN 630L2A; 630L2AE, Marna L2, Miag K6.5(MWM D308-2 Engine), Motori VM 19SV; 29SV; 901; 902, 901; 902, MWM AKD1105-2, AKD1105Z, AKD112E; AKD112Z; AKD311Z; AKDS311Z; AKD312E; AKD312Z; AKD412E; AKD412Z, D208-2, D208-2; D225-2; D302-2; D308-2; D325-2, D208-3, D208-3; D225-3; D308-3; D325-3, D225-2, D225-3, D308-2, D308-3, D325-2, D325-3, KD1105Z, KD12E; KD12Z; KD112E; LD112Z; LD211Z; LDS211Z; KD412E, KD308-2, Orenstein and Koppel Kornett I; II, Porsche Standard N72(MWM Engine), Renault D16; N73; Junior(AKD311Z Engine), Super 3D(MWM D322.2 Engine), Super 4D; Super 5D; Super 6D; Super 7(591 Engine), Super 6D(MWM D322-3 Engine), Ruggerini CRD951, RD80; RD90; RD95; RD100; RD105; RD950; RD951; CRD951, RD95/1; RD951, Saab G; GA; GAG; GG; 2G; 2GG; 2GGR; 2GRG; 2GY; 2GYG; 2GZ; H; HG; 2H; 2HG; 2J; 2JGR, Same DA1151, Italia 35, Italia V; Italia VDT, Italia V; VDT; Italia 35, SA952V; SA1002V, Sametto, Sametto, Sametto 120, Sametto V; Sametto VDT, Sametto 120, Sametto V; Sametto VDT; Sametto 35, Schanzlin Gigant 30; G300A, Gigant G30, Gigant G30, Gigant G300A, Gigant G300A, Still DFG1002, DFG1002; DFG1202, DFG1202, VM Motori 19SV, 29SV, 901, 902, Volvo T35; T36; T55, Volvo Penta AQD11C, AQD2; AQD2B, AQD2; AQD2B, MD1; MD1B, MD1; MD1B; MD2; MD28; MD3; MD3B, MD1; MD2, MD10A; MD10A-100S, MD11; MD11C; MD11D, MD11; MD11C; MD17; MD17C, MD17; MD17C; MD17D, MD2, MD2; MD2B, MD3; MD3B, MD5; MD5A, MD5; MD5A; MD5B; MD5C, Wahl W12, W17, W22, W90, Yanmar 4LHA-STZE, 6LY2-STE; 6LY2A-STP, 6LY3-ETP; 6LY3-STP; 6LY3-UTP

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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