FFR-C11816 FILTER-Fuel(Alco MD-095, Baldwin PF820-S, Mann P824X)

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  • Part Number FFR-C11816
  • Shipping Weight: 0.14kgs
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-C11816
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Fuel, Cartridge, Round
    Fuel Element. Also G147-A, G161 F-Gasket

    Height: 86mm
    OD/Width Max: 71mm
    OD/Width Min: 71mm
    ID/Depth Max: 33mm
    ID/Depth Min: 33mm

    AC Delco ACD30, ACD8039E, Alco MD095, MD-095, AP Lockheed LK-58, Baldwin F820P, PF820S, PF820-S, Bosch 1-457-429-210, 1-457-429-214, BDF9214, N9214, Carrier Transicold 1-1667, 2911667, 29-11667, 29117054, Coopers Fiaam AZF011, G522, Crosland 452, Dorman 73130020, L429A4, Fil Filter MF115, MF169, MF169A, Filtration Control FCL745, Ford 231175, C2TA-9150-A, C2TA9150AB, DDN99162AS, E1ADDN99162A, E1ADDN-99162-A, E1ADDN99162AB, E1ADDN99162C, E1ADDN-99162-C, E1AKN99162A, E1AKN-99162-A, E1DDN99162B, E1DDN-99162-B, E99Z9, ELADKN99162, Fram C11816PL, GIF FI219, Guiot GC1816, Hengst E88K, In-Line Filters FF30049, FFRC11816, FFR-C11816, FINFF30049, FIN-FF30049, Kralinator F786, Lautrette Mecafilter ELCA5004, Leyland Daf BL 35RF10868, 7H1841, CC227, Lister Petter L429A/4, M Filter MP400, Mahle Knecht KX25, Mann and Hummel 6640253262, P824X, Massey Ferguson 1550950, 1801714, 1801714M1, 1845766M1, 1845766-M1, 1850450, 1850450M1, 1881471, 1881573M1, 1881573-M1, 188632M91, 188632-M91, 285664M91, 30207, 500532, 500747, 500764, 501232-M91, 643081M91, 643081-M91, 804974M91, 804974-M91, 890967M91, 890976, 894971, 894974, 894974M1, 894974-M1, 894974M91, 965593, 965593M91, Motorcraft EFG010, FG29, FG77, Nelson Winslow W99162A, WC-MF58A, Onan 1850117, Perkins 32327, 643081, Purflux 6210624610, C114, Purolator Facet F57265, MF39A, MF39-A, MF58, MFF205A, Quinton Hazell QFF9303, Ryco R2003P, R2025P, Sakura O7905, O-7905, Savara 2099/10, 2099/30/11, 209910, 20993011,, 92004511, SN045, Schupp SF SK3959, Soparis SOP107, Sparex M3361, Tecfil PC162A, Tecneco GS012816, Teho Filter 7015, D15, TJ Tecalemit FK3308, FK9303, TRP 1534695, UFI Sofima 26.602.00, 2660200, S6181N, Valtra Valmet 836010944, Vauxhall GM 6435098, 7961066, 7984324, Vokes C37749, White 159043-A, Wix PC2014P, Woodgate WGF9066, Yale and Towne 2999085

    Arbos 1220(Perkins 6.354 Engine), Rekord Super(Perkins 6.354 Engine), Arona AD295 21kW 28hp, AD395 29kW 40hp, Aston Martin Lagonda 5.3 5340cc Petrol 228kW 310hp From 01/76 To 12/97, Lagonda 5.3 5340cc Petrol 250kW 340hp From 01/76 To 12/97, V8 5.3 Volante Vantage 5341cc Petrol 276kW 375hp From 01/78 To 12/89, Volante Zagato 5.3 5341cc Petrol 228kW 309hp From 01/86 To 12/89, Athey AB6900; AB6900H Blades, Auto Diesel ADF35(Ford 2712E Engine), ADF50; ADP50; ADF70; ADP70(Ford 2704ET, 2715E Engine), Aveling Barford 726; 745; 780(Perkins Engine), G Series GF(Ruston Engine), GF; GFX(Ruston Engine), SA(Dorman 4BK2 Engine), SG1 500, SR Minecar(Dorman 4LB Engine), Track Marshall 55; 56(Perkins 4.270 Engine), Track Marshall 70; 70H; 75H; 90; 90C; 90H, Track Marshall 80; 85; 1600(Perkins 6.354 Engine), Balcancar DV25, Bedford AWD 200M; 220M; 330M; T330M. 381M; 466M, Bolinder Munktell BM113 Boxer, BM350 Boxer, Bristol 270(Dorman 4LB Diesel Engine), 376(Dorman 6LB Diesel Engine), Bristol Pneumatic ATS Series 377PD4(Dorman Engine), Carrier Transicold 230; 230B; 231; 234; 250; 250C; 260; 400C-1; 640; 650(Perkins 4.99 Engine), 230; 230B; 231; 234; 250; 250C; 260; 400C-1; 640; 650(Perkins 4-99 Engine), 620, Chrysler Dodge Bantam 3 Ton(Perkins 4.203 Engine), VA 7 Ton(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Clark 35A; 35AS; 35AWS; 35F; 35R(Perkins 4.236/248 Engine), 45A; 45AWS; 45R(Perkins 4.236/248 Engine), 55 III; 55A III(Perkins T6.354 Engine), Compair Holman 140D(Ford 592 Engine), 45; 66; 74D(Perkins 4.107 Engine), 85DS; 100DS(Perkins D3.152 Engine), H90D; H150D, RO13P; RO37(Ford 592E Engine), Rotair 25; 150; 370 196R, Consolidated Pneumatic 365RO-2(Dorman 4LDT Engine), David Brown 50D; 50TD; 501TD, 880, 900; 900 Linedrive(Gas Engine), 950(Petrol + Diesel Engine), 950, 990 Linedrive, Dechentreiter JD 200 Series JD 270(Perkins 4.270 Engine), JD 200 Series JD 290(Perkins 4.270 Engine), JD 300 Series JD 300(Perkins 4.270 Engine), Deutz AG Fahr KHD M103 Claeys(Ford 590EB17 Engine), Dorman 2LA, 2LA; 3LA; 4LA, 2LB, 2LB; 2LD, 2LB; 3LB; 4LB; 5LB, 2LD, 2LD; 3LD, 3LA, 3LB, 3LB; 3LD, 3LD, 4LA, 4LB, 4LB; 4LBT, 4LB; 4LBT; 5LB, 4LD, 4LD; 4LDT, 4LD; 5LD; 6LD, 4LDT, 4LDT, 5LB, 5LB, 5LBM, 5LD, 5LD, 6BK Mk II, 6BK Mk II, 6LA, 6LA, 6LB, 6LB; 6LBT; 6LBTCA; 6LBTCW, 6LB; 6LBT; 6LBTCA; 6LC; 6LCT; 6LBTCW, 6LBM, 6LBT, 6LC; 6LCT, 6LC; 6LCT, 6LD, 6LD; 6LDT, 6LDT, 6LDT, 6LDTCA; 6LDTCW, 6LDTCA; 6LDTCW, 6LE; 6LET; 6LETCA; 6LETCW, 6LE; 6LET; 6LETCA; 6LEV; 6LETCW, 6LEV, 8LB, 8LB, Enfield HO2, Fairbanks Morse 50A5-4, 50A5-5; 50A5-6, Ford 220 Four Diesel, 220 Four Diesel, 2700E Diesel, 2700E Diesel, Dexta(Perkins 134 Diesel Engine), Super Dextra(Perkins 153 Diesel Engine), Gray 220 Diesel; 330 Diesel, Green Thomas Eddimatic; Griffin(Ford 592E Engine), Grove 16/60, Hanomag Henschel MF200; MF200B, Henley Hawk 4000-6000 lbs(Perkins 4.203 Engine), Hercules 15000-26000 lbs(Ford 2615E Engine), Husky 6000-12000 lbs; 4-5 Ton(Ford 2712E Engine), Husky 6000-12000 lbs; 4-5 Ton(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Hough S7 Series B(Ford 220 Engine), Hydrovane H90D; H150D, Hyster C225A; C250A; C340A; C340D; C350A; C350B; C350D; C530A; C550A; C610A; C615A; C615B; C620B; C625A; C625B; C627B(Perkins 4.236, 6.354 Engine), C340A; C340D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), C350A; C350B; C350D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Ingersoll Rand DRAF250; DRF250; DRF250S; DR250(Ford 2704E, 2714E Engine), DRAP125; DRAP140; DRAP150; DRAP175(Perkins 4.236 Engine), John Deere 730(Perkins 6.354 Engine), Johnston MK 11D; MK 200D(Ford 2703 Engine), Jones 565C; 565M(Perkins 4-236 Engine), Landini 4000; 4500 Super; 5000; 7000, CL4000 Mk II, CL5000, R5000S, Laverda M120; M120R(Perkins 6.354 Engine), M132(Perkins 6.372 Engine), Lehman Models fitted with Ford 220; 330 engine in Model type:, Models fitted with Ford 242 engine in Model type:, Leroi 125G1; 125G2; 125RG1; 125RG2; 125 Tractair(Ford 220 Engine), 150RG2(Ford 220 Engine), Leyland Daf BL 360WF(Diesel Engine) From 01/69 To 12/73, Chief 25; 40, Chief 25; Chief 40, Chief 25; Chief 40; Skipper 60; Skipper 100, Commander 2.2 Litre, Commodore 3.4 Litre; Commodore 3.8 Litre, DM3; DM4(4cyl Diesel Engine), MGB GT 3.5 3532cc Petrol 101kW 137hp From 01/73 To 12/76, Skipper 60; 100, Skipper 60; Skipper 100, Linde Lansing AP3(Perkins 3.144 Engine), Lister Petter 353, 353, 353 Type, 367 Type, ARM365(Dorman 4LD Engine), ARMD365(Dorman 4LD Engine), HA Series 2, HA Series 3, HA Series 4, HA; HB2; HB3, HA2; HA3; HA4 Diesel, HA2; HB2, HA3; HB3, HA4, HB Series 2, HB Series 3, HB2; HB3, HR Series 4, HR Series 5, HR Series 6, HRW Series 2, HRW Series 4, HRW Series 5, HRW Series 6, HRW Series HRWM; HRWSM, HW2, HW3, J Series J4, J Series JW6, MGR, PD2; PDM2, PD3; PDM3, PD4; PDM4, PDV6; PDVM6, PDV8; PDVM8, SL4MGR, SLM Series 4, SLM4, SLM4, Marlow 4E1S(Ford 220 Engine), 4W1S(Ford 220 Engine), H; M Series(Perkins 4.236 Engine), HPS, T Series(Perkins 4.203 Engine), Marshall 55 Track Marshall, Massey Ferguson 165 43kW 59hp(AD4.203 Engine), 200(Perkins Engine), 2675(Perkins 6.354 Engine), 2705(Perkins 6.354 Engine), 35, 35 28kW 38hp(A3.152 Engine), 35 Mk II, 35X, 65 40kW 55hp(A4.192 Engine), 65 40kW 55hp(AD4.203 Engine), DT7000(AD4.203 Engine), MF10 Series 30(Perkins Engine), MF10 Series 65 S/R, MF10 Series 87(Perkins A4.236 Engine), MF10 Series 99(Perkins A4.236 Engine), MF187H(Perkins A4.236 Engine), MF20(AD3.152 Engine), MF200, MF203, MF203; MF205, MF205, MF244, MF300, MF50D(Perkins Engine), MF65D(Perkins Engine), MF685S(Perkins A4.236 Engine), MF702, TEF20, TEF20 21kW 29hp(AD3.152 Engine), Matbro Bray 522(Ford 2713E Engine), 522(Ford 2713E Engine), NCK 305 Alpine; 305 Pennine(Dorman 6DA Engine), 305; 405, 305A; 305B(Dorman 4LD Engine), 405 Alpine; 405 Pennine(Dorman 6DA Engine), 406(Dorman 6LE Engine), 440(Dorman 6LE Engine), 440; 466(Dorman 6LE Engine), 466(Dorman 6LE Engine), Alpine; Penine(Dorman 6DA Engine), C34; C34B(Dorman 4LD Engine), C34; C34B; 305A; 305B, C41 Andes; C54B; C60 Ajax; 406; 466; 654B; 6052B(Dorman 6LE Engine), C41; C41 Andes(Dorman 6LE Engine), C54B; C54B Atlas(Dorman 6LE Engine), C60; C60 Ajax(Dorman 6LE Engine), Pennine C34A; Pennine C34B; Pennine 305A; Pennine 305B(Dorman 4LD Engine), Nu Way Heating ZL1, Oliver 500; 500D, Onan MDEH; 30MDEH-3R, Orenstein and Koppel V16; V20; V25; V26. V30(Perkins 4.203 Engine), Owatonna 285(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Parker Rock(Dorman 5LB Engine), Rock(Dorman 5LD Engine), Parsons Pike; Porbeagle, Perkins 6.354; 6.354M; A6.354; H6.354; H6.354M; HT6.354; HT6.354M; T6.354; T6.354M, F3; P3; F4; L4-M; P4; P6; R6; S6, Priestman LC56(Dorman 4LD Engine), Lion (Dorman 4LD Engine), Lion (Dorman 5LD Engine), Lion 250; Lion 350, Lion 350A(Dorman 5LD Engine), Lion IIIA(Dorman 4LD Engine), MC250(Dorman 5LD Engine), Mustang (Dorman 6LE Engine), Ransomes Jacobsen Cavalier(Ford 2703E Engine), Renault GAK5/50/60/65; GBK; GBO; GLA5-19; GLB5-19; GAF515F; GF12; GR12; GLC6, Rossi 54RSM; 50SA(Perkins 3.152 Engine), 60SA; 70CSA; 65SA; 120SA; 1004(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Ruston 2GR, 2GR, 2GR; 3GR; 4GR; 3YB; 4YB; 2YC; 4YC; 2YCR; 3YCR; 4YCR; 1VSH; 2VSH;, 2VSH, 2YB, 2YB, 2YB; 59Y, 2YC, 2YC; 2YCR, 2YCR, 30RB(Dorman 6LE Engine), 30RB; 30RBH(Dorman 6LE Engine), 38RB(Dorman 6LET Engine), 38RB(Dorman 6LET Engine), 3GR, 3GR; 3YB; 3YC; 3YCR, 3VRH, 3VRHN, 3VSH, 3VSH; 3VRH; 3VRHN; 4VRH; 4VRHN; 4VPHN; 5VPH; 5VPHN, 3YB, 3YC, 3YC; 4YC; 4YE 2; 3; 4 Cyl & 6 Cyl, 3YCR, 4GR; 4YB; 4YC; 4YCR, 4VPHN, 4VRH, 4VRHN, 4YC, 4YCR, 4YE, 5VPH, 5VPHN, Y Series YB, Y Series YBR, Someca M Series 120(Perkins Engine), Stothert and Pitt 7RT Vibroll(Ford 292E Engine), SP729, Sykes UV5 Hilift(Dorman 6LDT Engine), Towmotor 760P; 860P; 960P; B10; B12(Perkins 4.236 Engine), M-30; M-40; M-50; T-30; T-40; T-50; T-60(Perkins D3.152 Engine), Valtra Valmet 309; 310; 411; 411D, 330; 361D; 361/11; 565, 411A, 862(411CS Engine), 865; 865B(411, 411D Engine), MT364; MT465; Terra 465(411, 411D Engine), Warner Swasey 8425, Weatherhill 12HD(Ford 2701E, 2712E Engine), 42HB(Ford 590E Engine), 42HD(Ford 2703E Engine), H1TIP, L50; L50/2(Ford 2701E Engine), L50; L50/2(Perkins 4.236 Engine), L61B; L61D(Ford 2703E, 2713E Engine), White Models fitted with Cummins engine in Model type:

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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