FBW-PF846 FILTER-Fuel(Baldwin PF846, Fleetguard FF127)

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  • Part Number FBW-PF846
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6kgs
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FBW-PF846
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Fuel, Cartridge, Round
    Secondary Fuel Element. To convert to spin-on, use FB1310 base and BF785. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also G143, ES1034 F-Gasket. Also [2] Attached Grommet

    Height: 210mm
    OD/Width Max: 115mm
    OD/Width Min: 115mm
    ID/Depth Max: 18mm
    ID/Depth Min: 18mm

    AC Delco C360, T64, T75, TP539, TP624, AP Lockheed AP3172, APF3172A, LK3172, Atlas Copco 9709002102, 9709-0021-02, Aveling Barford SWT603099, Baldwin PF846, Case IHC 408975C91, 408975-C91, 417442C91, 417442-C91, 998517R91, 998517-R91, Caterpillar 3I1198, 3I1248, 9Y4414, Champion HF502, Clark 945911, 946009, C11, Continental PC1188, Coopers Fiaam AZF030, G816A, Detroit Diesel 23519154, Donaldson FFP550624, FFP551624, P550624, P551624, P779271, Drott 402PF846, Euclid 5524979, Filtration Control FCL755, Finn FFP129, Fleetguard FF127, Fleetrite FFR8127, Fram C1188PL, Harmo P270, Harnischfeger 1046Z275, Ingersoll Rand 35290592, 50462183, 91636415, In-Line Filters FBWPF846, FBW-PF846, FF31364, FINFF31364, FIN-FF31364, Kralinator F519, F839, Linkbelt 3A11551, Luberfiner 539F, L539F, L624F, L624FP, Micro Pore PM1188, Motorcraft FD185, FL185, Nelson Winslow 88195A, WF-TP539, WTP539, Onan 1491896, 149-1896, Orenstein and Koppel 102616, Purolator Facet F60028, H60028, P28, Ryco R2291P, Sakura F6504, F-6504, Savara 92150117, Sure SFF0624, Tecfil PL979, Vauxhall GM 5574979, 5575569, 5577999, 6436419, 6436719, 6437284, 6437539, 6438586, 6439064, Volvo 79201976, Wabco TR1008, Wix 33539, CW539MP, Woodgate WGF127

    Allis Chalmers 460B; 460C(GMC 12V-71 Engine), American Hoist 11320 Super Sky Horse(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Engine), 45A(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Engine), 680; 780(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Engine), 9460; 9530(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Engine), Atlas Copco PNS1200G(Detroit Diesel 16V-71 Engine), PT1050(GMC 8V-71 Engine), Austin Western 380B(Detroit Diesel Engine), Barber Greene RX80(Detroit Diesel 16V-92 Engine), Bucyrus Erie 30R(GMC 8V-71N Engine), 61B(GMC 8V-71N Engine), 71B(GMC 12V-71 Engine), 88B(GMC 12V-71 Engine), Case IHC PH180(GMC 12V-71 Engine), PH350(GMC 16V-71N Engine), PH350B(GMC 16V-71N Engine), Cedarapids 796 Tandemeer(GMC 16V-71N Engine), Champion 80T; 100T(Detroit Diesel 16V-71 Engine), D680(GMC 6-71 Engine), Chicago Pneumatic 1200RSO1(GMC 12V-71 Engine), Chrysler Dodge CNT900(Detroit 8V-71 Engine), Clark 310 Series I(GMC 12V-71N Engine), 310 Series III(GMC 12V-71N Engine), 310H(GMC Diesel Engine), 380 Series II; 380 Series III(GMC 12V-71 Engine), 480TD(GMC 16V-71 Engine), CMI PR525 Roto-Mill(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Engine), Demag H121(Detroit Diesel 16V-71 Engine), Detroit Diesel 8V-71, 8V-71, Diamond Reo P6300D; 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R45(GMC 16V-71 Engine), R50; R62(GMC 16V-71 Engine), R75(GMC 16V-71T Engine), R75(GMC 16V-92 Engine), R85(Detroit Diesel 16V-92 Engine), S24; SS24(GMC 12V-71 Engine), S28; SS28(GMC 12V-71 Engine), S32(GMC 12V-71 Engine), S35E(GMC 12V-71N Engine), SS40(GMC 12V-71 Engine), TS32(GMC 8V-71, 12V-71 Engine), TSS40(GMC 16V-71, 8V-71 Engine), Fox River 6650(Detroit Diesel 6V-71N Engine), 6660(Detroit Diesel 6V-71T Engine), Freightliner FLC(Detroit Diesel 8V71 Engine), FLT(Detroit Diesel 8V71 Engine), Gardner SP1200(GMC 12V-71 Engine), SP900(GMC 12V-71 Engine), Gradall H900(GMC 8V-71 Engine), Hough 580(Detroit Diesel 12V-149T Engine), D400; H400; D500; H500(GMC 12V-71 Engine), Ingersoll Rand DL1200; DR1200; DXL1200; L1200(GMC 12V-71 Engine), DL900; DR900; L900(GMC 6-110, 8V-71 Engine), DXL900(GMC 8V-71, 12V-71 Engine), Joy AP2(GMC 12V-71 Engine), RP1200; RPS1200(GMC 12V-71 Engine), RPS1600; RPS1750(GMC 12V-71 Engine), Koehring 1066 Skooper(GMC 12V-71 Engine), 1860 Dumptor; 2460 Dumptor(GMC 6-71N, 8V-71N Engine), Letourneau L28; L30; L30-2; L60; L140(GMC 12V-71 Engine), M50-55(GMC 12V-71 Engine), Linkbelt LS7400; LS7400A(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Engine), Mack M25XT; M30X; M60X; M65X(GMC 16V-71N Engine), M65AX; M70SX(GMC 16V-71T Engine), MP354X(GMC 12V-71N Engine), RL600 Series; RS600 Series(GMC 6V-71N, 8V-71N Engine), Manitowoc 4500; 4600(GMC Engine), Morbark 75(GMC Diesel Engine), MRS A100(GMC 6-71N Engine), I100S; I100ES(GMC 8V-71N Engine), I105S; I105ES(GMC 12V-71N Engine), I110S; I110ES(GMC 12V-71 Engine), I120S(Detroit Diesel 16V-71 Engine), Nordberg Dynapactor, Northwest 100DH(Detroit Diesel 16V-92 Engine), Peterbilt 282; 289; 352H; 359; 383(GMC 12V-71N Engine), Raygo Grizzly 150(GMC 12V-71N Engine), Schramm 600 Powair(GMC 8V-71 Engine), Steiger 2200(GMC 6-71N Engine), 3300(GMC 8V-71N Engine), Sullair 1600(GMC 12V-71 Engine), Terex 33-07 End Dump(GMC 12V-71 Engine), 33-09, 33-09AA(Detroit Diesel 16V-71 Engine), 33-11(Detroit Diesel 16V-71 Engine), 33-11C(Detroit Diesel 16V-92 Engine), 33-11D(Detroit Diesel 16V-92TA Engine), 33-14(Detroit Diesel 12V-149 Engine), 33-15; 33-15B(Detroit Diesel 16V-149 Engine), 34-11C(Detroit Diesel 16V-92 Engine), 72-81(GMC Diesel Engine), 82-50(GMC 12V-71 Engine), S24(GMC 12V-71T Engine), S32(GMC 12V-71T Engine), S35E(GMC 12V-71T Engine), TS24(GMC 12V-71N Engine), TS24B(Detroit Diesel 12V-71T Engine), TS32(GMC 12V-71T Engine), TS32(GMC 8V-71T Engine), Unitrig BD180 Lectra Haul(GMC 12V-149 Engine), M120-17 Lectra Haul(GMC 12V-149 Engine), M120-17 Lectra Haul(GMC 16V-71T Engine), M85 Lectra Haul; M100 Lectra Haul; M120-15 Lectra Haul(GMC 12V-149 Engine), M85 Lectra Haul; M100 Lectra Haul; M120-15 Lectra Haul(GMC 16V-71T Engine), Mark 30 Lectra Haul(GMC 12V-149TI Engine), Mark 33 Lectra Haul(GMC 16V-149 Engine), Mark 36 Lectra Haul(GMC 16V-149TI Engine), Volvo 445(GMC 12V-71T Engine), Wabco 120B Haulpak(Detroit Diesel 12V-149 Engine), 120C; 120CM; 150CH; 150CT; 150CW(GMC 12V-149T, 12V-149TI Engine), 120CH Haulpak(GMC 16V-71T Engine), 150B; 150CW(GMC 16V-149T, 16V-149TI Engine), 150CH; 150CT; 150CW(GMC 12V-149T Engine), 150CT(Detroit Diesel 16V-92 Engine), 170C(GMC 16V-149TI Engine), 170C; 170CW(Detroit Diesel 12V-149 Engine), 170CW; 170D(Detroit Diesel 16V-149 Engine), 222G, 252FT, 333CSF(GMC 12V-71T Engine), 333FT(GMC 12V-71T Engine), 353FT, 35C Haulpak(GMC Diesel Engine), 35D Haulpak(GMC Engine), 50(GMC 16V-71 Engine), 60 Haulpak; 75B Haulpak; 85C Haulpak(GMC 16V-71N, 16V-71T Engine), 60B(Detroit Diesel 16V-71 Engine), 85C Haulpak(GMC 12V-149T Engine), 85C Haulpak(GMC 16V-92T Engine), 85D(Detroit Diesel 16V-92 Engine), B333F(GMC 12V-71N Engine), B339F(GMC 12V-71 Engine), BT333F(GMC 12V-71 Engine), CM50(GMC 12V-71T Engine), Western Star Western Star(GMC 12V-71 Engine), Yale and Towne 8000(GMC 12V-71N Engine), 8000

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