FIN-FF30580 FILTER-Fuel(Mann BFU707, Baldwin PF7910)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30580
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    PartNo: FIN-FF30580 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-PF7910, FMH-BFU707 * * * * *
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    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge with Flange)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > Cartridge > Flange
    Details: Fuel Element with Bail Handle. Also [1] Included F-Gasket. Also [1] Attached Grommet.
    Updated: 22/07/2021

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    Height: 114mm
    OD/WidthMax: 59mm
    OD/WidthMin: 59mm
    ID/DepthMax: 13mm
    ID/DepthMin: 13mm

    AC Delco ACD8000E, AP Lockheed LK-3406, Baldwin PF7910, Bosch 0986450704, PSJ182Z, Case IHC 714401, Claas 0000991041, 00991040, 00991041, 099104.1, 0991041, CT0854806000, Coopers Fiaam G263, Donaldson P550860, Doosan Daewoo 65125035001, 65-12503-5001, Evobus Setra 8.319.000.103, Fil KF194, KFE1393, Filtron PM806, PW813, Goldenrod 96P, Guiot GC1860, Hengst E5KFRD12, Inline FF30580, FINFF30580, FIN-FF30580, Iveco 27146000, John Deere RE508953, Kayser AK0405, AK04-05, Luberfiner L3401F, M MP505, Mahle Knecht B402-100M1, MAN 81.125030013, 81.12503-0013, 81.125030019, 81.12503-0019, 81.125030023, 81.12503-0023, 81.125030028, 81.12503-0028, 81.125030037, 81.12503-0037, 81.125030043, 81.12503-0043, 81.125030050, 81.12503-0050, Mann 6340057261, BFU707, Mercedes A0000921505, A0000921905, A0004700192, A0004773815, A0004774215, A0004775415, A0004775715, A0004776815, A3444777215, MWM 6.0540.19.1.0003, 6.0541.14.2.0003, 6.0541.14.2.0004, Porsche, Renault 5021149047, Same 003.1412.0, 2.43192.530.3, 2431925303, SF Schupp SK3830, Sofima S6080N, S6610N, Steyr 185.55.03, 380.95.5163, 407.08.0131, Tecneco GS038, TRP 1500483, 1514724, 1534614, UFI 26.610.00, 2661000, Valeo 587923, Wix 33167FE, Zettelmeyer 002131510

    Bautz 2000(Guldner 2L79 eng). Benati Ben | 70R(Same SA1004V eng). Max | 160; 160R4(Same 954W eng). Max | 80; 80RA(Same 1154 eng). Case IHC D212 -1956/01(9kW 12hp eng). D214-1958/01(10kW 14hp eng). D215-1962/01(10kW 14hp eng). D217-1956/01(13kW 18hp eng). D219-1962/01(13kW 18hp eng). D320-1956/01(15kW 20hp eng). D322-1962/01(15kW 20hp eng). D324-1956/01(18kW 24hp eng). D326-1962/01(18kW 25hp eng). D430-1956/01(22kW 30hp eng). D432-1962/01(22kW 30hp eng). D436-1959/01(27kW 37hp eng). D439-1962/01(27kW 37hp eng). D440-1958/01(29kW 39hp eng). Claas Consul | (Perkins 4.236 eng). Dominator | 105(Perkins V8.605 eng). Mercator | 75(Perkins 6.354 eng). Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1800D-1988/01(MWM D229-4 49kW 66hp eng). 4500D-1994/01(MWM D229-3 45kW 61hp eng). 5000D-1994/01(MWM D229-4 66kW 90hp eng). 7000D-1993/01(MWM D229-4 49kW 66hp eng). TX1600-1983/01(MWM D229-3 47kW 64hp eng). Doosan Daewoo 200(Mercedes 58 eng). DH200; DH200LC(Daewoo D0846HM eng). DH200LC(D0846HM eng). DH200W(D1146 eng). DH200W(Daewoo D1146N eng). DH220ED. DH220LC. DH220LC(Daewoo D1146 eng). S220LC-MkIII. Solar | 170W-III(D1146N eng). Solar | 170W-III(Daewoo D1146N eng). Solar | 200W-III(D1146 eng). Solar | 200W-III(Daewoo D1146N eng). Solar | 220LC-III(Daewoo D1146N eng). Eicher 37011. 37012. 3705-1970/01(EDK2-3 22kW 30hp eng). 3706-1970/01(EDK2-3 eng). 3708-1970/01(EDK2-3 22kW 30hp eng). 3709-1970/01(EDK3-4 eng). 3710-1970/01(EDK3-4 eng). 3711-1970/01(EDK3-3 33kW 45hp eng). 3712-1970/01(EDK3-3 33kW 45hp eng). 3713-1972/01(EDK2-3 22kW 30hp eng). 3714-1972/01(EDK2-3 22kW 30hp eng). Koenigstiger MkI | 3007/10A/3251-1968/01(EDK3; EDK3-3 33kW 45hp eng). Koenigstiger MkII | 3015; 3016A; 3351-1968/01(EDK4-7; EDK4-9 eng). Mammut | 504-1965/01(EDK4 eng). Mammut | 604-1965/01(EDK4 eng). Mammut | E55-1964/01(EDK4 eng). Mammut | E65-1964/01(EDK4 eng). Mammut | EM500-1964/01(EDK4 37kW 50hp eng). Mammut | EM600-1962/01(EDK4 45kW 62hp eng). Mammut | HR3001; HR3002; HR3011; HR3012; HRA3001; HRA3002; HRA3011; HRA3012-1966/01(EDK4 eng). Mammut | HR3019; HR3020; HR3422; HRA3019; HRA3020; HRA3422-1970/01(EDK4; EDK4-8 eng). Mammut | HS3423; HS3551-1971/01(EDK4-8; EDK4-10T eng). Panther | EM295; EM295K-1958/01(EDK2A 14kW 19hp eng). Puma MkI | ES201(EDK2-3 eng). Puma MkI | ES202-1965/01(EDK2-3 22kW 30hp eng). Puma MkII | ES400-1963/01(EDK3-3 eng). Tiger | 3007-MkI-1968/01(EDK2 21kW 28hp eng). Tiger | EM265-2. Tiger MkII | 3009; 3151-1968/01(EDK3-2; EDK3-4 26kW 35hp eng). Evobus Setra S130S-1977/01(MAN D2566MUH eng). S209-1976/01(Mercedes OM401 141kW 192hp eng). S211H-1976/01(Mercedes OM401 141kW 192hp eng). S212-1976/01(Mercedes OM403 235kW 320hp eng). S212H-1976/01(Mercedes OM402 206kW 280hp eng). S213H-1976/01(Mercedes OM402 235kW 320hp eng). S213H-1976/01(Mercedes OM403 235kW 320hp eng). S215-1976/01(Mercedes OM401 141kW 192hp eng). S215H-1976/01(Mercedes OM402.925 188kW 256hp eng). S215H-1976/01(Mercedes OM403 235kW 320hp eng). Fiat Allis 411R. 415-1965/01(Fiat 32kW 44hp eng). Ford F1000-1979/01(MWM D229-4 64kW 87hp eng). F1000-1992/01(MWM D229-EC4 64kW 87hp eng). F11000-1978/01(MWM D229-6 69kW 94hp eng). F12000 -1978/01(MWM D229-6 104kW 142hp eng). F13000-1978/01(MWM D229-6 71kW 96hp eng). F13000-1982/01(MWM TD229-6 71kW 96hp eng). F19000-1978/01(MWM D229-6 69kW 94hp eng). F2000-1980/01(MWM D229-4 61kW 83hp eng). F21000-1978/01(MWM D229-6 69kW 94hp eng). F22000-1978/01(MWM D229-6 71kW 96hp eng). F22000-1982/01(MWM TD229-6 71kW 96hp eng). F350-1977/01(MWM D229-4 64kW 87hp eng). F4000-1979/01(MWM D226-4 99kW 135hp eng). F4000-1983/01(MWM D229-4 99kW 135hp eng). F4000-1984/01(MWM D229-4 63kW 85hp eng). FF350-1977/01(MWM D225-4 64kW 87hp eng). FF7000-1978/01(MWM D229-6 69kW 94hp eng). Hanomag Henschel Brilliant | 600; 600A. F40; F45B Diesel-1971/01(Mercedes OM615.912 63kW 85hp eng). F40KA-1971/01(Mercedes OM615.912 44kW 60hp Diesel eng). K4; K4E; K4L. K5B(Hanomag eng). K5E; K5L(D28; D142K eng). Robust | 900; 900A. Hoes 8000(DC-OM615 eng). Iveco M232D-13FL; 16FL-1975/01(F8L413 171kW 232hp eng). Jelcz C413D-1983/01(WS Mielec eng). C416K2-1983/01(WS Mielec eng). C417D; C417D3-1983/01(WS Mielec SW680 eng). C422D; C422DM; C422D1M-1991/01(WS Mielec SWT11-301 eng). C620/7-1991/01(WS Mielec SWT11-301 eng). C622D -1993/01(WS Mielec 235kW 320hp eng). C642D-1991/01(WS Mielec SWT11-301 eng). P413/2-1983/01(WS Mielec eng). P415/2-1983/01(WS Mielec eng). P416/3-1983/01(WS Mielec eng). P422BA; P422BB; P422BC; P422BE; P422PD -1986/01(WS Mielec 213kW 290hp eng). S415/2; S145/3-1983/01(WS Mielec SW680-207 eng). S416/2; S416/3-1983/01(WS Mielec SW680-207 eng). S416/4; S416/6; S416/7-1983/01(SWT11-301-2 eng). S422D; S422DAL; S422DM -1991/01(WS Mielec 213kW 290hp eng). S622D; S622DAL -1992/01(WS Mielec 213kW 290hp eng). W640-1973/01(WS Mielec eng). W642; W642K-1973/01(WS Mielec eng). W642K -1993/01(WS Mielec 191kW 260hp eng). Kaelble SL12. SL1450. SL1451. Koedel & Boehm Corall | (Perkins A4.236 eng). Cornett | (Perkins A4.236 eng). Hydromat | (Perkins A6.354 eng). Rubin | (Perkins A4.236 eng). Lamborghini 452. C340. C350. R340. R360. R365. R470. R475. R480. R485. MAN 8.160F-1970/01(D0846HMN 118kW 160hp eng). Massey Ferguson K5B(Hanomag eng). Mercedes 180D W120 1767cc Diesel 32kW 44hp-1953/01(OM636 VII eng). 190 DbBW121 1884cc Diesel 37kW 50hp-1959/01(OM621.910 eng). 190 DC W110-112 1974cc Diesel 40kW 54hp-1961/01(OM621 III eng). 200D W110-112 1971cc Diesel 40kW 55hp-1965/01. 200D W115 1971cc Diesel 40kW 55hp-1968/01(OM615.913 eng). 220D W115 2172cc Diesel 44kW 60hp-1968/01(OM615.912 eng). 240D 3.0 W115 2971cc Diesel 59kW 80hp-1974/01(OM617.910 eng). 240D W115 2376cc Diesel 48kW 65hp-1973/01(OM616.916 eng). Unimog | U1000-424.121-1977/01(OM353.962 75kW 102hp eng). Unimog | U1100L-416.141-1977/01(OM353.940 81kW 110hp eng). Unimog | U1150-417.110; 417.210-1988/01(OM353.940 81kW 110hp eng). Unimog | U1150L-417.111; 417.120; 417.211-1988/01(OM353.940 81kW 110hp eng). Unimog | U1200-424-1983/01(OM353.961 110kW 150hp eng). Unimog | U1300-425.121-1977/01(OM353.960 92kW 125hp eng). Unimog | U1300L-435.115; 435.117-1977/01(OM353.961 100kW 136hp eng). Renault S105R; S105RA; S105RAX; S105RX-Export Africa-1983/01(MAN D0846 eng). S45R; S45RX-1970/01(MAN D0846 eng). S53R; S53RX-1970/01(MAN D0846 eng). SM10 -1972/01(MAN D0846 132kW 180hp eng). Same Centauro | 60. Centauro | 65. Schlueter Compact | 1050TV. Compact | 550; 550V. Compact | 750; 750V. Compact | 850; 850V. Compact | 950; 950TV. Super | 550; 550V. Schopf F46(Mercedes OM615 eng). Sennebogen SK5(Hanomag D21; D28 eng). SK9(Hanomag D21; D28 eng). Steinbock DFG1.6DR; DFG1.6F(Mercedes OM615; OM616 eng). DFG1D; DFG1.25; DFG1.5; DFG1.6DA(Mercedes OM636 eng). DFG2.5; 2.5R; DFG2.5SB(Mercedes OM636 eng). DFG2.5DR; DFG2.5F(Mercedes OM615; OM616 eng). DFG2C; DFG2DA(Mercedes OM636 eng). DFG3A(Mercedes OM636 eng). DFG3RA; DFG3.2DR(Mercedes OM615; OM616 eng). Steyr 13S23-1989/01(WD612.66 171kW 233hp eng). 10S-18-1986/01(WD612.63; WD612.73 130kW 177hp eng). 11S18-1989/01(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 12M18-1986/01(WD612.74 130kW 177hp eng). 12M21-1990/01(WD612.76 eng). 12S14-1986/01(WD612.61 100kW 136hp eng). 12S18-1986/01(WD612.63; WD612.73 130kW 177hp eng). 12S21-1986/01(WD612.65; WD612.75 154kW 210hp eng). 1390.150 -1971/01(WD610.60 110kW 150hp eng). 1390.180 -1971/01(WD610; WD614 132kW 180hp eng). 1391.170 -1978/01(WD612.60 125kW 170hp eng). 13S18-1988/01(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 13S21-1989/01(WD612.65; WD612.75 154kW 210hp eng). 14S18-1986/01(WD612.63; WD612.73 130kW 177hp eng). 14S21-1986/01(WD612.65; WD612.75 154kW 210hp eng). 15S18-RLE-1986/01(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 15S21-1986/01(WD612.65; WD612.75 154kW 210hp eng). 15S23-1986/01(WD612.66 170kW 230hp eng). 16S18-RLE-1986/01(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 16S21-RLE-1986/01(WD612.65 158kW 215hp eng). 16S23-1986/01(WD612.93 171kW 233hp eng). 17S18-1988/01(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 17S21-1988/01(WD612.65 154kW 215hp eng). 17S23-1988/01(WD612.66 171kW 230hp eng). 1890.320 -1975/01(WD815.60 235kW 320hp eng). 791.145 -1978/01(WD612.00 107kW 145hp eng). 791.170 -1978/01(WD612.60 125kW 170hp eng). 791.195 -1979/01(WD612.67 144kW 195hp eng). 791.210 -1982/01(WD612.90 154kW 210hp eng). 8180; 8180A-1980/01(WD612.89 eng). 8300 (WD615.84 180kW 245hp eng). 891.170 -1978/01(WD612.60 125kW 170hp eng). 8S18-1989/01(WD612.63 130kW 177hp eng). 91.200 -1978/01(WD615.00 148kW 201hp eng). 9S18-1986/01(WD612.63; WD612.73 130kW 177hp eng). Still DFG1502(Mercedes OM636 eng). DFG2002; DFG2002LG(Mercedes OM636 eng). DFG2002; DFG2002LG(Mercedes OM636 eng). DFG3(Mercedes OM314 eng). DFG3(Mercedes OM615 eng). DFG4(Mercedes OM314 eng). DFG5(Mercedes OM314 eng). DFG6(Mercedes OM314 eng). DFG8(Mercedes OM314 eng). R17(Mercedes OM636 eng). R18(Mercedes OM636 eng). R1822; R1825(Mercedes OM615 eng). R30(Mercedes OM636 eng). R31(Mercedes OM636 eng). R32(Mercedes OM636 eng). R37(Mercedes OM636 eng). VM Motori 310. 35DA; 35SL. 410. 50DA; 50SL. Volvo Penta 1051. 1052BR. 1113BR. 1114BR. Zettelmeyer ZL1700(Mercedes OM352A eng). ZL2000; ZL2001(Mercedes OM352A eng). ZL4000; ZL4001(Mercedes OM352A eng). ZL4000; ZL4001(Mercedes OM402 eng)

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    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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