FIN-FF33333 FILTER-Fuel(Alco MD-093, Baldwin BF825, Fleetguard FF167)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF33333
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FF33333 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-BF825, FFG-FF167, FMH-P917X * * * * *
    Stock Level: 240
    Stock Level at Baldwin 3-7 day lead: 2841
    Lead Time: Delivery for this FIN Prefix Part Number beyond any Stock Levels mentioned above is usually 1-10 weeks.
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Can Type with CentreBolt)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > CanType > CentreBolt
    Details: Can type fuel filter with 4 micron nominal, 15 micron absolute filtration media. For Brand Specific Delphi/CAV version use FIN-FF30047. For the latest Fuel/Water separator version use FIN-FF30279. For longer versions use FIN-FF31774, FIN-FF31780, FIN-FF31770. Can be used for petrol as long as it there is no more than 10% additive, such as methanol. Also [2] G233-A, G233-B, ES1049 F-Gasket. Also ES3063 (IHC Installations) O-Gasket. Also [1] Included O Ring.
    Updated: 20/01/2021

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    Height: 72mm
    OD/WidthMax: 87mm
    OD/WidthMin: 84mm
    ID/DepthMax: 19mm
    ID/DepthMin: 19mm
    Micron: 4

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    Aebi TP35(Leyland eng). TP45(4.108 eng). TP50(4.107 eng). TP50(4.108 eng). TT77 Terratrac(4.108 eng). Agco 4650; 4660. 5670. 5680. 6670. 6680. 6690. Agrifull 140; 140DT(8065.25 eng). 140DT(Fiat 8065.25 eng). 230; 230C; 230L; 230LL(Motori V.M. eng). 235 Vigneto; 345 Vigneto; 345 Jolly. 235C; Pony 235; Sprint 235(Motori V.M. 298SV eng). 345 Jolly; Sprint Vigneto DT. 345C; 345S; 345SS; C345; C345DT; C350; C350C; 355C; C355C; 355SS; C355SS(VM101SV eng). 345C; 345SS; C345C; C345CS; C355C; C355CS(VM103SV eng). 350 Sprint; Jolly 50. 100DT(Fiat 8065.06 eng). 360(VM1053SU eng). 40; 40DT(8035.01 eng). 55; 55DT; 55C 38kW 52hp(8035.06 eng). 60 Derby(VM1053SU eng). 65; 65DT(8045.06 eng). 65; 65DT(Fiat 8065.06 eng). 670 Frutteto(Fiat 8045 eng). 70; 70C; 70DT; 70F(Fiat 8045.06 eng). 80.46; 80.46DT(8035.02 eng). 80.5 E; 80.56EDT(8035.04 eng). 80.50; 80.60; 80.70(8035.02; 8045.02 eng). 80.56; 80.56DT(MWM D227-3 eng). 80.66; 80.66DT(MWM D225-4 eng). 80.66C; 80.66CL(8045.02 eng). 80.76; 80.76DT(MWM D227-4 eng). 80; 80C; 80DT; 80F(Fiat 8045.05 eng). 80; 80C; 80F; 80DT(8045.05 eng). 80-50; 80-60; 80-70(Fiat 8035 eng). 80-56; 80-56DT(MWM D227-3 eng). 80-60; 80-60DT; 80-65(VM 1053 SUT eng). 80-66; 80-66DT; 80-76; 80-76DT(MWM 225-4; 227-4 eng). 90; 90DT(Fiat 8055.05 eng). C335; C335SS(VM1053SV eng). C60; C60L(Fiat 8035 eng). C70; C70L(Fiat 8045 eng). Ahlmann AL7(3.152.4 eng). AL7; AL7C; AL7G 33kW 45hp(3.152.4 eng). AL7; AL7C; AL7G; AL8; AL8C; AL8S(3.152 eng). AL8(3.152.4 eng). AL8; AL8C; AL8CS 41kW 56hp(3.152.4 eng). AS12(Ford eng). AS12(Ford eng). AS12(Ford eng). AS7C(3.152 eng). AS7C(3.152.4 eng). AS7C(4.248 eng). Ailsa AD2; AD21. G4D; G6D; G61. G62; G62D. Akerman H11. H11(Volvo D70A eng). H11B. H11B(Scania eng). H12; H12B(Volvo TD70; TD70B eng). H12; H12B(Volvo TD70B; TD70G eng). H12; H12B; H12BLC(TD70; 70B/G eng). H7; H7BLC; H7MB; H7M(Volvo TD60B; T61ACE eng). H9(Volvo D70A eng). H9(Volvo D70A eng). H9; H9B; H9BLC; H9M; H9MB; H9T(Volvo TD60A; TD70B eng). H9; H9B; H9M; H9MB; H9BLC; H9T(TD60; TD70 eng). H9; H9B; H9MB; H11B(Volvo TD60; TD60A eng). H9; H9B; H9MB; H9BLC; H9M; H9T(Volvo TD70B eng). M14. M14(Volvo eng). M14(Volvo eng). Aksa AP30(3.152 eng). AP45; AP65(4.236; T4.236 eng). Albajar 2305; 2365(Perkins eng). 4300; 4360(Perkins eng). 4420; 4480(6.354; t6.354.3 eng). G10/16(4.236 eng). G10/6 Normal; G/16 Arrastre(4.236 eng). G14T(6.305 eng). G14T; G20/21; G20/26; G 20/27(6.305 eng). G20/21; G20/26; G20/27(6.305 eng). G40/32(Pegaso eng). G40/32(Pegaso eng). I3000; I4300; I4360(3.152; 4.203 eng). I3000; I4300; I4360(4.236; 6.305 eng). I5000(6.354; T6.354.3 eng). P08; P10(3.152; 4.203 eng). P08; P10(4.236; 6.305 eng). P10(6.354; T6.354.3 eng). P-10; P-420; 4420; 4480; I-5000(6.354; T6.354.3 eng). P304; 366; 420(3.152; 4.203 eng). P304; 366; 420(4.236; 6.305 eng). P420(6.354; T6.354.3 eng). P-8; P-10; P-304; P-366; P-420; 2305; 2365; I-3000; 4300; Super 260; 280; 300(3.152; 4.203; 4.238; 6.305 eng). Albaret Geopactor; Isopactor; Orthopac Geopactor M6(Renault 798 eng). P; PF Mk II(Ford 2711E eng). TA10(Fiat 8041 eng). TA10; TA12; TA30; TC10; TC12; TC30(Fiat 8041 eng). TA10; TA12; TA30; TC10; TC12; TC30(Ford 2711E eng). TA10; TC12(Ford 2711E eng). VA10DP; VA10DT; VA10DV; VA10SP; VA10ST(Fiat 8041 eng). VA10DP; VA10DT; VA10DV; VA10SP; VA10ST(Fiat 8041 eng). VA10DP; VA10DT; VA10DV; VA10SP; VA10ST(Ford 2711E eng). VA10DP; VA10DT; VA10DV; VA10SP; VA10ST(Ford 2711E eng). Alexander Dennis Bulldog (6.354 eng). Bulldog(6.354 eng). Defiant DB 24T (T6.354 eng). Defiant DB 24T (V8.510 eng). Defiant DB24T(T6.354 eng). Defiant DB24T(V8.510 eng). Delta 1600 (T6.354.4 eng). Delta 1600(T6.354.4 eng). Dominant 80kW 109hp(Ford-2714 E eng). Dominant DB15; D20; DB21(D6.354 eng). Dominator DB15; DB20; DB21(6.354 eng). Domino (T6.354.4 eng). Domino(T6.354.4 eng). Falcon(Leyland 5.1L eng). Lancet (6.354.4 eng). Lancet (Leyl. 402 eng). Lancet (T6.354.4 eng). Lancet (V8.540 eng). Lancet (V8.640 eng). Lancet Midi (6.354 eng). Lancet Midi(6.354 eng). Lancet(6.354.4 eng). Lancet(Leyland 402 eng). Lancet(T6.354.4 eng). Lancet(V8.540 eng). Maxim (6.354 eng). Maxim (V8.510 eng). Maxim(6.354 eng). Maxim(V8.510 eng). Maximum(Leyland 5.1L eng). Municipal (Ford-2714 E eng). Pax (6.354 eng). Pax (AEC AV470 eng). Pax (Leyl. 5.1/5.7 l eng). Pax(6.354 eng). Pax(Leyland 5.1L eng). Pax(Leyland 5.7L eng). Pax(Leyland AV470 eng). Paxit II A(4.203 eng). Paxit II A(4.236 eng). Phoenix (Leyl. 6.98 eng). Phoenix (Leyl. D402 eng). Phoenix (T6.354 eng). Phoenix(Leyland 6.98 eng). Phoenix(Leyland D402 eng). Phoenix(T6.354 eng). Alfa Romeo Alfetta(2.0L eng). AR 8 2.4D 30/32/35/40AR8 2445cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(Sofim-8140.61.200 eng). F12 1800cc Petrol 40kW 54hp(4.108V eng). Giulia 1800 Diesel 115 1760cc Diesel 38kW 52hp(4.108 eng). Giulietta (116) 2.0TD 1995cc Diesel 61kW 83hp. GT Veloce 1.8L. GT Veloce; Spider(2.0L eng). GT Veloce; Spider(2.0L eng). GT Veloce; Spider(2.0L eng). Spider(2.0L eng). Spider(2.0L eng). Allis Chalmers 160. 170. 170; 175. 175(4.236 eng). 175D(4.248 eng). 5040. 5040; 5045. 5045; 5050(3.158 eng). 5050. 5050(3-158 eng). 6040. 6040. 6140. 6140(Nissan 3cyl eng). 640. 644. 65B. 700; 706. 705; 706C. 705C; 706C; 708C. 706B. 706C(4.236D eng). 714B; 715B. 715(4.236 eng). 715; 715D(4.236 eng). 715; 715D(4.236 eng). 715D(4.236 eng). 8. 816(4.248 eng). 816(4.248 eng). 816; 816B(4.248 eng). 816B(4.248 eng). 816B(4.248 eng). 840(Perkins eng). 840(Perkins eng). 840(Perkins eng). 840; 840B(Perkins eng). 840; 840B(Perkins eng). 840B(Perkins eng). 8B. ACP40; ACP50(4.203 eng). ACP40; ACP50(4.203 eng). FD5; FD5LPG(Fiat 8045 eng). FD9(Fiat 8065T eng). FL5. FL5B. FL9. FR10(Fiat 8065 eng). FR12. FR7. H3(D160 eng). H3(D160 eng). I60(Perkins eng). TL345(4.248 eng). TL345(4.248 eng). TL840(4.248 eng). TL840(Perkins eng). Allmand Maxi Lite III(Lister-Petter TS2 eng). Alsthom 272A; 372A; 472A. 672A; 872A; 872. Alsthom Engines fitted with CAV Fuel Pump. Antonio Carraro 1050.4(MWM D226-4; D227-4 eng). 118.4(6.372 eng). 118.4(Perkins eng). 138.4(6.354 eng). 138.4(Perkins eng). 352; 354; 355; 452; 454; 455; 544; 552; 555CL; 555CS; 602; 604; 655; 702; 704. 1020. 1020 (2/4 RM)(4.318 eng). 1020.2; 1020.4(4.318 eng). 420.5(VM HR392A eng). 50.5(D3.152 eng). 50.5; 60.5. 501.2; 501.4(3.152 eng). 501.2; 501.4; 520.2; 520.4; 601.2; 601.4; 620.2; 620.4(Perkins eng). 502; 502FV; 504; 505. 520.2(D3.152 eng). 520.4(D3.152 eng). 520V 2/4 RM(D3.152 eng). 60.5(Perkins eng). 601.2; 601.4(D4.203 eng). 620 2/4 RM(D4.203 eng). 620.2; 620.4(D4.203 eng). 68.2; 68.4(4.236 eng). 68.2; 78.2; 88.2; 98.2. 68.4; 78.4; 88.4; 98.4. 720 2RM; 720 4RM(4.236 eng). 720.2; 720.4(4.236 eng). 720.2; 720.4; 820.2; 820.4(Perkins eng). 820.2 RM/820.4 RM(4.236 eng). 820.2; 820.4(4.236 eng). 842(Perkins eng). 842; 844. 844(Perkins eng). 850.2(MWM D226-4; D227-4 eng). 88.2; 88.4(4.248 eng). 920.2; 920.4(4.248 eng). 920.2; 920.4(4.318 eng). 920.2RM/920.4RM)(4.248 eng). 920.5(T4.236 eng). 952; 954. 98.2; 98.4(4.318 eng). Ergit 9400TF; 9400TRF; 9400TRG; 9400TTR; 9400TRX 64kW 87hp(VM D704 LTE eng). R7464; R7624; R7674. Supertigre 320(VM HR292A eng). Supertigre 4000 (VM 298 eng). Supertigre 4800 (VM HR392A eng). Supertigre 5500 35kW 48hp(VM HR394H eng). Supertigre 7000 (VM 1053SU eng). Supertigre 750(VM SUN3105 eng). Supertigre 770(VM HR394HPT eng). Supertigre 800(VM HR494HPT eng). Supertrac 5600(Lombardini LDW2004 eng). Supertrac 8400 HTM 55kW 75hp(VM 298 B3 eng). Tigre 2500(Lombardini LDW903B eng). Tigre 260(Lombardini 11LD626-3 eng). Tigre 3100(Lombardini 9LD561-2 eng). Tigre/Tigrecar 4000 (VM 298 eng). Tigretrac 2800(Lombardini LDW903B eng). Tigretrac 5500 22 35kW 48hp(VM HR394 eng). Tigretrac 7700 22 46kW 63hp(VM HR394 eng). Tigretrac 7700(VM HR394HPT eng). Tigretrac 8008; Tigrone 8008(VM HR494HP eng). Tigrone 3200(VM HR292A eng). Tigrone 4000 (VM 298 eng). Tigrone 4800 (VM HR392 eng). Tigrone 5500(VM HR394HPT eng). Tigrone 7000 (VM 1053SU eng). Tigrone 7500(VM SUN3105 eng). Tropical 7000 (VM 1053SU eng). TTR 9400 62kW 85hp. Unicar; Unitrans 4000(VM 298 eng). Unicar; Unitrans 4000(VM HR392A eng). Armourweld DA123; DA124(Lister HR2 eng). DA123; DA124; DA124P(Lister HR2 eng). DA134(Lister HR3 eng). DA134(Lister HR3 eng). DA324(Ruston 2YWA eng). DA324(Ruston 2YWA eng). DA400 Plus(Lister HR3 eng). DA400(Lister HR3 eng). DW400(4.236 eng). DW400; TDW400(4.236 eng). DW634(3-152 eng). DW634; TDW634(3.152 eng). DW634; TDW634(4.236 eng). TDW643; DW646(4.236 eng). TWD634(4.236 eng). ARO 10 1.6TD Diesel(VW TD eng). 10 1.9D Diesel(RENAULT eng). 240 - 244 2.1D Diesel(PEUGEOT eng). 240 - 244 2.3D Diesel(PEUGEOT eng). 240 - 244 2.5D Diesel(PEUGEOT eng). Arona AD495. AD495 41kW 56hp. Athey Motors AB6900H(Perkins eng). Atlas Copco UT2(Ruston 2YWA eng). UT3; UT4; UT5; UT6(Ford 2504E eng). UT85(Ford 2502E eng). VS125(Ford 2504E eng). VS170(Ford 2711E eng). VT3(Ford eng). VT5; VT6(Deutz eng). VT6(Ford eng). XA60; XAS60; XASS60(3.152 eng). XA80PD(Perkins eng). Audi 80 (80/82/81/85; B1+B2) 1.6D 81 1588cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(JK eng). 80 (80/82/81/85; B1+B2) 1.6TD 81 1570cc Diesel 51kW 70hp(CY eng). Autosan A10-11.21(STW 11 eng). H10-11.01(STW 11 eng). H10-11.05(STE 11 eng). H10-11.06(STW 11 eng). H10-11.1(STW 10 eng). H10-11.11/N(STW 11 eng). H10-11.21(STW 11 eng). H10-12(STW 11 eng). H10-12.01(STW 11 eng). H10-12.09(STW 11 eng). H10-12.16(STW 11 eng). H6-20(4CT 107 eng). H6-20(Perkins eng). H6-20.1(AD 81006U eng). H6-50(110T eng). H6-50(4CT 107 eng). H6-53(110T eng). H6-53(4CT 107 eng). Aveling Barford 120D(Ford 2715E eng). 75D(6.354 eng). AB690(Leyland ABV691 eng). AM85M; AM100M(6.354 eng). AM90M; AM105M(Ford 2714 eng). ASG013(V8.540 eng). ASG013; ASG13(V8.540 eng). ASG113 116kW 158hp(V8.540 eng). B; C; D(Leyland 680 eng). CD010(6.354 eng). CD010(Ford 2714E eng). CD014(Leyland 680 eng). Challenger 22. Challenger 3; 4(Meadows eng). Challenger 33(Leyland 680 eng). DC011; DC012; DC013; DC014; DC015(4.236 eng). DC011; DC012; DC013; DC014; DC015(4.236 eng). DC011; DC012; DC013; DC014; DC015(Ford 2722 eng). DC011; DC012; DC013; DC014; DC015(Ford 2722 eng). DCO11; DCO12; DCO13; DCO14; DCO15(4.236 eng). DCO11; DCO12; DCO13; DCO14; DCO15(Ford 2711E eng). DCO11; DCO12; DCO13; DCO14; DCO15(Ford 2722E eng). GC; GN(4.236 eng). GC; GN(Ford 2701/2711E eng). GC; GN; GW(4.236 eng). GC; GN; GW(Ford 2701E; 2711E eng). GCR; GCS; GCT; GCU; GNO; GNQ; GNR; GNS; GNTS(Ford 2711E eng). GN(Lister HR3 eng). GN(Lister HR3 eng). GR(3.152 eng). GRT; GRV(3-152 eng). H; M(3.152 eng). H; M(4.236 eng). HDC12; HDC13; HDC14; HDC15(1004-4 eng). LD55. LD55(Leyland AV690; AV691 eng). LG(6.354 eng). LG; LG3(6.354 eng). LG3(6.354 eng). MG Super; MT Super(Leyl. UE400 eng). MG; MT(466 eng). MG; Super MG; MT(466 cu in eng). MG; Super MG; MT(Leyland 400; 401 eng). MLN. MP6(Leyland 350C1 eng). PM; PM20(6.354 eng). PM; PM20(Ford 2704E eng). PPM(6.354 eng). PPM(Ford 2704E eng). PPR(4.236 eng). PPTR30(Ford 2701E eng). PR15(4.236 eng). RD017(Leyl. 680 eng). RD017(Leyland eng). RD017; RD17(Leyland UE680 eng). RD05; RD07(4.236 eng). RD05; RD07(Ford 2712E eng). RD05; RD07(Ford 2713E eng). Road Marshall M(4.236 eng). Rocket(Ford 2701E eng). SG(Leyland 600; 680 eng). SL; SL340(Leyland UE600; UE680 eng). SL340(Leyl. 600/680 eng). SR Minecar(Leyland UE400 eng). SR(Leyl. 400 eng). ST(Leyland eng). SXD035 Boxer(D3.152 eng). SY; SY6; SY7(4.236 eng). SY; SY6; SY7(4.236 eng). SY; SY6; SY7(Ford 2701/2711E eng). SY; SY6; SY7(Ford 2701E; 2711E eng). T(4.203 eng). TDC08; TCD09; TC010; TC011(4.236 eng). TDC08; TDC09; TDC010(4.236 eng). TG011(Leyland 401 eng). TG012(Leyl. 401/402 eng). TG012(T6.354.4 eng). TG012; TG12; TG14; TG112(T6.354.4 eng). TG014(T6.354.4 eng). TG112(6.354.4 eng). TR; TR3(4.236 eng). TR; TR3(Ford 2701E eng). TR; TR3(Ford 592E eng). TR3; TRS; TRT; TRU; TRV; PTR30(4.236 eng). TR3; TRS; TRT; TRU; TRV; PTR30(Ford 2701E; 2711E eng). Track Marshall 1100(3.152 eng). Track Marshall 1700. Track Marshall 50(L4 eng). Track Marshall 55; 56(4.270 eng). Track Marshall 55; 56(4.270D eng). Track Marshall 70; 70H; 75H; 90; 90C; 90H. Track Marshall 80; 85; 1600(6.354 eng). TS125(Leyl. UE400 eng). TS125; TS150(Leyland UE400 eng). TS125P(4.236 eng). TS125P(4.236 eng). TS125P(Ford 2701/2704E eng). TS125P(Ford 2701E; 2704E eng). TS150(6.354 eng). TS150(Leyl. UE400 eng). TS150; TS150P(6.354 eng). TS150P(Ford 2703E eng). TS150P(Ford 2703E eng). TS175; TS185; TS200; TS230(6.354 eng). TS175; TS185; TS200; TS230(6.354 eng). TS175; TS185; TS200; TS230(Ford 2704E eng). TS175; TS185; TS200; TS230(Ford 2704E eng). TS175; TS185; TS200; TS230(Leyl. 400 eng). TS175; TS185; TS200; TS230(Leyland UE400 eng). TS230(Leyl. 401 eng). TS230(T6.354 eng). TS230; TS240(Leyland 401 eng). TS230; TS240(T6.354 eng). TS250; TS350(Leyl. AU600/680 eng). TS250; TS350(Leyland 600; 680 eng). VP(Ford 2704E eng). VP1; VP99(Ford 2704E eng). VR3(Lister HR3 eng). VR3(Ruston 2YWA eng). VR3; VR4(Lister HR3 eng). VR3; VR4(Ruston 2YWA eng). VR4(Lister HR3 eng). VS(Ford 2714E eng). VS1S(Ford 2714E eng). VSA1(6.354 eng). VSA1S(6.354 eng). VXC011; VXC012; VXC013; VXC014; VXC015(6.354 eng). VXC11; VXC15(6.354 eng). VXC111(6.354 eng). VXC111(6.354.4 eng). VXCO11; VXC111; VXC111GPS(6.354 eng). VXCO11S(Ford 2714E eng). Avia Ashok 1000 42kW 58hp(4.108 eng). 1250 42kW 58hp(4.108 eng). 1500 49kW 67hp(4.192 eng). 1500; 2500; 3500(4.192 eng). 1600; 2000; 2000F; 2001; 2001F; 2001RS; 2002; 2002F; 2002RS; 2003; 2003RS(4.165 eng). 2000 77kW 105hp(4.192 eng). 2500 52kW 71hp(4.192 eng). 2500 52kW 71hp(4.203 eng). 2500; 2500R; 3500LE Super and B Versions; 4000(4.203 eng). 2500; 4006 Bartidores(4.203; 6.305 eng). 3500 65kW 89hp(4.236 eng). 3500(4.192 eng). 3500L; 3500LE; 3500LER; 3500LR; 3500N; 3500SL; 3500SLR; 4000; 5000L; 5000LR; 5000N; 5000NR; 5000SL; 5000SLR(4.236 eng). 3500LE(4.203 eng). 3600; 3600 F(4.236 eng). 3600; 3600F; 3601; 3602; 3602F; 3603; 5600; 5600F; 5601; 5601F; 5602; 5602F; 5603(4.236 eng). 3601(4.236 eng). 3602; 3602F(4.236 eng). 3603(4.236 eng). 4000 65kW 89hp(4.192 eng). 4000 65kW 89hp(4.203 eng). 4000 65kW 89hp(4.236 eng). 4006C 73kW 100hp(6.305 eng). 5000 65kW 89hp(4.236 eng). 5600; 5600F(4.236 eng). 5601; 5601F(4.236 eng). 5602; 5602F(4.236 eng). 5603(4.236 eng). 6500 73kW 100hp(6.305 eng). 6500; 7000(6.305 eng). 6500; 7500C; 7500N; 7500L(4.108 eng). 7000 99kW 135hp(6.305 eng). 70TT(4.236 eng). 70TT(4.236 eng). 70TT(4.99; 4.108 eng). 8000(6.354 eng). MT 86kW 118hp(6.354.3 eng). Banford 3000. Bantam C166; T166(Ford 401 eng). C451; T451(Ford 401 eng). C475(Ford 401 eng). Barber Greene BG200; BG210(Ford BSD333/444 eng). BG230; BG235; BG250; BG255(Ford 2725 eng). BG250; BG255(Ford 2726T eng). PS70(Ford 2704/11/14E eng). PS70(P. 4.236/6.354 eng). SA144(6.354 eng). SA144(Ford 2714E eng). SA35(4.236 eng). SA35(Ford 2711E eng). SA41(6.354 eng). SA41(Ford 2711E eng). SB30; SB35; SB41(Ford 2701E eng). SB50; SB110; SB140; SB170(Ford 2704/11/14E eng). Barford 6 Ton. SRX5000. SX4000. SX7000. SX7000; SXR7000; SX8000; SXR8000; SX9000(Iveco 8045 eng). SX9000(Iveco 8045 eng). Barmec BR220; BR225; BR230; BR235(3.152; 4.236 eng). BR425; BR430; BR435(3.152; 4.236 eng). Barreiros 1400; 1500(C 24 eng). 26/26 158kW 216hp(B 36 eng). 26/26 B Turbo 300 204kW 280hp(BS 36 eng). 2800 61kW 84hp(D 34 eng). 2900 61kW 84hp(D 34 eng). 42/14 88kW 120hp(D 36 eng). 42/16 84kW 115hp(B 24 eng). 42/17 124kW 170hp(B 26 eng). 42/20 124kW 170hp(B 26 eng). 42/20 GR 158kW 216hp(B 36 eng). 42/25(C 60 eng). 42/35 44kW 60hp(A 24 eng). 42/35 44kW 60hp(A 60 eng). 42/38 158kW 216hp(B 36 eng). 42/38 RB; TB Turbo 300 205kW 280hp(BS 36 eng). 42/38 T 158kW 216hp(B 36 eng). 42/45; 42/55 61kW 84hp(D 34 eng). 42/65; 42/70 66kW 90hp(A 26 eng). 4600 91kW 125hp(D 36 eng). 5300 124kW 170hp(BH 26 eng). 6000 124kW 170hp(BH 26 eng). 62/26 158kW 216hp(B 36 eng). 64/26 158kW 216hp(B 36 eng). 64/34 205kW 280hp(BS 36 eng). 64/34 Turbo 300 201kW 275hp(BS 36 eng). 82/35 204kW 280hp(B 36 eng). 82/35 204kW 280hp(BS 36 eng). 82/35 Turbo 300 201kW 275hp(BS 36 eng). 84/37 Turbo 300 201kW 275hp(BS 36 eng). A-14. A-16. A-23. A-24. A-400; A-440. A-45. A501V(BH 26 eng). A-60. A-90. Azor (B 24 eng). B210 124kW 170hp(B 26 eng). B-24. B-26. B312 Sicca 158kW 216hp(B 36 eng). Centauro (B 26 eng). Coach AEC(B 26 eng). Commando (A 26; A 45 eng). Commando (A 90 eng). D309 88kW 120hp(D 36 eng). Panther Panther II (B 24 eng). Panther Panther III (B 26 eng). Panther Panther III (B 36; B 438 eng). Puma (A 90 eng). R-335; K 33kW 45hp. R-350; S 33kW 45hp. R-438. R-500 40kW 55hp. R-5000 40kW 55hp. R-545; R-545EC; R-545I; R-545IVA 59kW 80hp. R-7000. S-35U(D 34 eng). S-75 U(D 36 eng). Vedette (C 24 eng). Bautz Titan 1110; 1111; 1300(6.354 eng). BCS Vanguard 500; 500AR 36kW 49hp(VM 394HP eng). Vanguard 700; 700AR 47kW 64hp(VM 394HPT eng). Vithar 800 AR/FR/MT/RS 50kW 68hp(VM D 754 EI eng). Bedford 200M; 220M; 330M; T330M. 381M; 466M. 330. 466. BRP(466 CID eng). BRP(466 cu in eng). CF Van 2.1; 2.3 Litre Opel Diesel. CF Van(4.154 eng). ED; EF; EJ; EP; ERT; EVR; HRX3. ENJ3; EMJ3(330 cu in eng). J1; J2; J2S; J3; KA; KB; KC; KD; KE; KF(200 cu in; 220 cu in eng). J1; J2; J3; J4; J5; J6(200 CID eng). J1; J2; J3; J4; J5; J6(214 CID eng). J1; J2; J3; J4; J5; J6(220 CID eng). J1; J2; J3; J4; J5; J6(300 CID eng). J1; J2; J3; J4; J5; J6(330 CID eng). J4; J5; J6(300; 330 eng). J4; J5; J6; KD; KDS; KE; KF; KG; KGT; MF; MJ; MJR1; MJR2; VA(300 cu in; 330 cu in eng). JJL Nidi(330 cu in eng). K; KD; KDME; KE(380 cu in eng). K60. KA; KB; KC; KE; KF; KG(330 CID eng). KC; KD; KG; KGA; KH; KM; KMA; KMT; VA(466 cu in eng). KC; KD; KG; KGA; KM; KMA(381 cu in eng). KC; KG; KM(381 CID eng). KD; KE; KF; KG; KDS(300; 330 eng). KD; KE; KME(380 CID eng). KF; KG(Leyland-0.370 eng). KFA13; KG; KGA13(Leyland 370 eng). KG; KGA; KH; KM; KMT(466 CID eng). KH(Leyland-0.400 S eng). KH; KHA14(Leyland 400 eng). KM 6x20 T.GVW Tipper. KM ER(Vauxh. 466 CID eng). M1120 4x4 101kW 135hp(5.4/100D eng). M1120 4x4 101kW 135hp(5.4/105TD eng). M1120 4x4 101kW 135hp(5.4/135TD eng). M1120 4x4 Special Appliance(5.4L 330 cu in eng). M1120(300 CID eng). M1120(330 CID eng). M1120(330 CID eng). M1120(330 cu in eng). M1120MF(Vauxh. 300 CID eng). M1120MJ(Vauxh. 330 CID eng). MF; MFR; MJ; MJR(200 CID eng). MF; MFR; MJ; MJR(330 CID eng). MJ(220 cu in eng). MJ(330 cu in eng). MT 12-18 134kW 180hp(6.180Ti eng). MT 15-18 134kW 180hp(6.180Ti eng). MT12-18(6.180Ti eng). PJK(330 cu in eng). RL; RS(300 cu in eng). RL; RS; SB5(330 cu in eng). SB VAS(330 cu in eng). SB; SB 8(Leyland 370 eng). SBSB-NJM(Vauxhall eng). TC; TD; TJ(200 cu in; 220 cu in eng). TC; TD; TJ(300 cu in; 330 cu in eng). TC; TD; TJ; TK(300 CID eng). TC; TD;(330 CID eng). TJ(Vauxh. 330 CID eng). TJ1090 77kW 103hp(5.4/100D eng). TJ850 77kW 103hp(5.4/100D eng). TJ940 77kW 103hp(5.4/100D eng). TK(220 cu in eng). TK(220 cu in; 330 cu in eng). TK(220 eng). TK(220 eng). TK(330 eng). TK(330 eng). TK(330 eng). TK(330 eng). TK(361 cu in eng). TK(Vauxh. 220 CID eng). TK(Vauxh. 330 CID eng). TK(Vauxh. 381 CID eng). TK(Vauxh. 466 CID eng). TK570; TK750(220 cu in eng). TK570; TK750(220 cu in eng). TK860; TK1000; TK1260; TK1630(330 cu in eng). TL(220 cu in eng). TL(220 eng). TL(220 eng). TL(330 eng). TL(330 eng). TL10-14 107kW 143hp(6.145T eng). TL12-16 119kW 160hp(6.160T eng). TL12-16; TL13-16 4x2(6.160T eng). TL13-16 119kW 160hp(6.160T eng). TL154kW 209hp(GM D. 330Turbo eng). TL154kW 209hp(GM D.330 eng). TL17-18 134kW 180hp(6.180Ti eng). TL17-18 4x2(6.180Ti eng). TL18-16 119kW 160hp(6.160T eng). TL18-16; TL20-16 4x2(6.160T eng). TL18-18; TL20-18 4x2(6.180Ti eng). TL21-16 119kW 160hp(6.160T eng). TL21-16; TL21-18 4x2(6.160T eng). TL21-16; TL21-18 4x2(6.180Ti eng). TL570; TL750(220 cu in eng). TL570; TL750(220 cu in eng). TL7-14 107kW 143hp(6.145T eng). TL7-14; TL8-14; TL9-14; TL10-14 4x2(6.145T eng). TL750(3614 ccm eng). TL750; TL860; TL1000; TL1020; TL1260; TL 1300; TL1630(330 cu in eng). TL8-14 107kW 143hp(6.145T eng). TL860(5407 ccm eng). TL9-14 107kW 143hp(6.145T eng). TM(Leyland 400 eng). VA(214 cu in; 300 cu in eng). VAL; VAM. VAL; VAM. VAM 14(Leyland 400 eng). VAM 5(300 cu in eng). VAM(Vauxh. 466 CID eng). VAS I(300 cu in eng). VAS(330 cu in eng). VAS-PFK(Vauxh. 300 CID eng). VAS-PJK(Vauxh. 330 CID eng). YRO; YRT. YRQ; YRT. YRYRQ; YRT(Vauxh. 466 CID eng). Bell 7600(Kubota V2203 eng). 7600(Kubota V2203 eng). Benati 3.07(4.236 eng). Ben 12; 12S(Fiat 8065 eng). Ben 120ACS; 120CS; 120RS(4.236 eng). Ben 120CS(VM eng). Ben 12S(Perkins eng). Ben 160CS; 160HD; 160RS(6.354 eng). Ben 16S(Perkins eng). Ben 2000 2RM Universal(4.236 eng). Ben 230CS; 230HD(V8.540 eng). Ben 50i Super; 50L Super(3.152 eng). Ben 70R(3.152 eng). Ben 90CS; 90RS(VM 1053SU eng). Max 160; Max 160R4(6.354 eng). Max 70 Pony(D3.152 eng). Max 90 Ribot; Max 90R4(A4.236 eng). Benford 2000; RS2000(Lister-Petter TS2 eng). 2-90P; 2-90R(Lister ST2 eng). 2-90P; 2-90R(Lister ST2 eng). 3 Ton(Petter eng). 3000(Lister eng). 3000; RS3000(Lister-Petter TS3 eng). 4DM; 4TM(Ford 2701E eng). 4TM/DM; 5TM/DM; 6TM/DM; 7TM/DM(Ford 2701E eng). 4TM; 5TM; 6TM; 7TM(Ford 2701E eng). 5DM; 5TM(Ford 2701E eng). 6DM; 6TM(Ford 2701E eng). 7DM; 7TM(Ford 2701E eng). BTR850(Hatz 2G40 eng). EA(Lister TS2 eng). EA(Lister TS2 eng). LM31D(Lister TS2 eng). LM31D(Lister TS2 eng). MA1300; MA2000. MA1300; MA2000(Petter PH2 eng). MA2000(Lister TS3 eng). MA2000(Lister TS3 eng). MA2250. MA2250(3.152 eng). MA2250(3.152 eng). MA2300H(Ford 2504E eng). MA2300H(Ford 2504E eng). MBR71B; MBR71BM; MBR71BS(Lister ST1 eng). MBR71BM; MBR71BS; MBR75B(Lister ST1 eng). MBR75B(Lister ST1 eng). PSR4000. TS(Lister TS2 eng). TS(Lister TS3 eng). TS25(Lister TS1 eng). TS25(Lister TS1 eng). TS40. TS40(Lister TS2/TS3 eng). TS60M(Leyl. 120 eng). TT. TT2000. TT2000(Lister TS2 eng). TT2000(Lister TS2 eng). TT2500(Lister TL2 eng). TT2500(Lister TL2 eng). TT3 1/2(Ford 2504 eng). TT3 1/2(Ford 2504E eng). TT3000. TT3000. TT3000(Lister TS3 eng). TT3000(Lister TS3 eng). TT3000(Petter P600/3 eng). TT4000. TT4000. TT4000(3 Cyl eng). TT4000(3.152 eng). TT4000(3.152 eng). TT4000(Ford 2722 eng). TT5000F(Ford 2722 eng). TT5000F(Ford 2722 eng). TT50S(Lister TS2 eng). TT50S(Lister TS2 eng). TT60M(Leyl. 120 eng). TT60M; TS60M(Leyland 120 eng). TT70M(Leyl. 120 eng). TT70M(Leyland 120 eng). Benfra 10C(Fiat eng). 10C; 10CB; 12C; 12CB; 2-75P; 2-75R; 2-90P; 2-90R. 10CB(Fiat eng). 12C; 12CB(Fiat eng). 3B; 3C; 3R(Fiat eng). 4364; 4501; 4504. 4384(Fiat eng). 4504; 4511S(Fiat eng). 4511S; 4512S; 4514; 4524; 4534; 4554. 4512; 4512S(Fiat eng). 4514; 4524; 4534; 4554(Fiat eng). 515B(Aifo 806I eng). 5524B(Fiat 8035/45 eng). 5C; 5R(Fiat eng). 5CB; 5RB(Fiat 8045 eng). 6534. 6534B(Fiat 8035/45 eng). 7534. 7534(Fiat eng). 7543B(Fiat 8035/45 eng). 8511; 8511S; 8513S; 8544. 8512S. 8512S(Fiat eng). 8513S(Fiat eng). 8534(Fiat eng). 8544(Fiat eng). 8C(Fiat eng). 8CB(Fiat 8060 eng). Benmac 3.08C; 3.08CEX; 3.08CTB 56kW 76hp(1004.4 eng). 3.08S; 3.0 TB; 3.08EX 56kW 76hp(1004.4 eng). 3.12S; 3.12TB 61kW 83hp(1004.4 eng). Bergmeister 353; 453; 553(IHC D155 eng). 654; 754; 854(IHC D179/206/239 eng). Berzoni BWS30A(Perkins eng). BWS40A(Perkins eng). BWS50A(Perkins eng). Beta Marine Beta 10 BZ482. Blaw Knox 38RW(4.108 eng). 38RW(4.108 eng). BK106(TV8.540 eng). BK106(TV8.540 eng). BK165(4.236 eng). BK165(4.236 eng). BK170(6.354.4 eng). BK170(Ford 2725E eng). BK46(4.154 eng). BK46(4.154 eng). BK65(Ford 2712E eng). BK65(Ford 2712E eng). BK90(Ford 2715E eng). BK90; BD95; BD96(Ford 2715E eng). BK95(Ford 2715E eng). BK95A(Ford 2725E eng). BK95A; BK170(6.354.4 eng). BK95A; BK170(Ford 2725E eng). BK96(Ford 2715E eng). P150(Ford 6-240 eng). P150(Ford 6-240 eng). PF115(4.236 eng). PF120(Ford 3000 eng). PF120(Ford 3000 eng). PF65(Ford 6-172 eng). PF65(Ford 6-172 eng). Block Monair Mk I + Mk II 1; 2; 3; 4(4DA; 6DA eng). Monair Mk I + Mk II 140(3DA eng). Monair Mk I + Mk II 5(3DA eng). Monair Mk I + Mk II 55(3DA eng). Monair Mk I + Mk II 85(3DA eng). Bobcat Melroe 1074(4.236 eng). 1074(4.236 eng). 1074(Perkins eng). 1213(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). 1213(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). 1600(Kubota eng). 1600(Kubota V1702-B eng). 1600(Kubota V1702-B eng). 174(Perkins eng). 2000. 2000. 2000(4.108; 4.154 eng). 2000(4.154 eng). 2000(4.154 eng). 2000; 2000RTF. 2400. 2400(Perkins eng). 2400(Perkins eng). 2401(Perkins eng). 2410. 2410(Perkins eng). 3430(Peugeot eng). 3630. 443. 443(Kubota D750B eng). 443(Kubota D750B eng). 443; 443B(Kubota D750B eng). 443B. 453. 453(Kubota D750 eng). 453C(Kubota D750B eng). 511. 511. 543(Isuzu 2AA1 eng). 543(Kubota D950B eng). 543(Kubota D950-B eng). 543; 543B(Kubota D950B eng). 553. 553. 553(Kubota D1005E eng). 553; 553F. 631(511 eng). 631(511 eng). 631(F2L511 eng). 641. 641. 641(F2L511 eng). 641(F2L511 eng). 643. 643. 643(Kubota D1402 eng). 643(Kubota D1402 eng). 643(Kubota VD1402-BA eng). 645. 645. 645(Kubota V1702 eng). 731. 731. 731(Deutz eng). 731(F2L511 eng). 741. 741. 741(F2L 511 eng). 741(F2L511 eng). 741(F2L511 eng). 743. 743. 743(Kubota eng). 743(Kubota V1702 eng). 743(Kubota V1702 eng). 743B. 743B. 743B; 743DS(Kubota eng). 743DS. 825. 825(4.108 eng). 825(4.108 eng). 825(4.108 eng). 843. 843. 843. 843. 843 High Horsepower. 843(4.154 eng). 843(4.154 eng). 843(4.154 eng). 843; 843B. 843; 843B(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). 843; 843B(Isuzu 4JB1PK-01 eng). 853; 853H(Isuzu 4JB1PK eng). 943. 943. 943(4.236 eng). 943(4.236 eng). 943(Perkins eng). 953. 953. 970. 970(Perkins eng). 970(Perkins eng). 974. 974. 974(4.236 eng). 974(4.236 eng). 974(4.236 eng). M970(Perkins eng). T136(Kubota V1702 eng). T2556 59kW 80hp(1004.42 eng). T2556 Turbo 78kW 106hp(1004.40T eng). T2556 Turbo; T2566(1004-40T eng). T2556(1004.40T eng). T2556(1004.42 eng). T3093S 59kW 80hp(1004.42 eng). T3093S Turbo 78kW 106hp(1004.40T eng). T3093S(1004.40T eng). T3093S(1004.42 eng). T3093S(1004-40T; 1004-42 eng). V518(1004-40T eng). Bomag BG160TA(1006-6T eng). BW212D-3; BW212PD-3(1006-6 eng). Bombardier BR110(4.236 eng). GT1000(1004-4T eng). GT300M; GT400(1004-4T eng). GT800(4.236 eng). Muskeg(1004-4T eng). Muskeg(4.236 eng). SW48(4.236 eng). Bonser 15G; 15H; 25H; 25HS; 35G; 35H; 45H; 50D(Ford 550 eng). 50D(Ford 550 eng). 50D; RT2500K; RT2500-4; RT3500K(Ford 550 eng). 60D(David Brown eng). 60D; 70D(David Brown eng). 70D(David Brown eng). D20(David Brown eng). D25(Perkins eng). G15; H15(Ford 550 eng). G25; H25(Ford 550 eng). G35; H35(Ford 550 eng). G45; H45(Ford 550 eng). G50D(Ford 550 eng). LF45; LF45TC(David Brown eng). LF45; LF45TC; LS55SL(David Brown 449001 eng). LS45; 45TC; 55; 55TC; 75; 75TC(David Brown eng). LS45; LS45TC(David Brown eng). LS55; LS55SL; LS55TC(David Brown eng). LS75; LS75TC(David Brown eng). RT2500K; RT2500-4(Ford 550 eng). RT3500K(Ford 550 eng). Braud 108(Perkins eng). 2065. 2065(4.99 eng). 2080. 2565. 258. 258(Perkins eng). 2580(Perkins eng). 2620. 1020. 501; 504; 505. 502(Perkins eng). 502; 503; A2480. 503(Perkins eng). 504(6.305 eng). 505(6.305 eng). 603. 603(6.372 eng). 604. 604; 605(6.354 eng). 604; 605(Fiat 8065 eng). 605; 701; 801. 640; 740. 701. 701(6.372 eng). 701(Aifo/Fiat eng). 801(T6.354 eng). Bristol Pneumatic 144F2(Ford 2712E eng). 144L2(Leyl. 4-98 eng). 170L2(Leyl. 4-98 eng). 170P2(4.236 eng). ATS160PD2; ATS160PD4(4.236 eng). ATS160PD2; ATS160PD4(Ford 2701E eng). ATS160PD2; ATS160PD4(Ford 2712E eng). ATS191PD2(Ford 2701E eng). ATS300PD2(466 eng). ATS310(466 eng). ATS85PD2(4.107 eng). British Jeffrey Diamond 117B(466 eng). 130(Leyland 600 eng). 613(4.236 eng). Broderson IC200; RT200(4.236 eng). IC80(4.236 eng). IC80(TM27 eng). Broyt X2(Volvo D50A/B eng). X2(Volvo D50A; D50B eng). X2; X2B. X2; X2B; X2M; X2T. X2; X2B; X2M; X2T(6.354 eng). X2; X2B; X2M; X2T(6.354 eng). X20. X20(6.354 eng). X20(6.354 eng). X20(MWM eng). X20(MWM eng). X20; X21. X20T. X21. X21(6.354.4 eng). X21(6.354.4 eng). X21(T6.354 eng). X21(T6.354.4 eng). X3(Volvo 100A/B eng). X3; X4. X3; X4(Volvo D100A; D100B eng). X30; X30T. X30; X30T(Volvo TD70B eng). X30; X30T(Volvo TD70B eng). X4(Volvo D100A/B eng). X41(Volvo TD100 eng). X41; X50(Volvo eng). XSO. Buehrer OP17(Perkins eng). VF14(Perkins eng). Carrier Transicold Carrier Transicold Refrigeration Units fitted with Perkins 4.99 Engine. Case IHC 100A; 100B; 100B Mk II; L100C; L100E; 125B Mk II; L125C; L125E(D206 eng). 100B; 125B Mk II. 1055; 1055XL 74kW 101hp(D 358 eng). 1056; 1056XL(D358 eng). 1056; 1056XL; 1056XLA 77kW 105hp(D 358 eng). 1056XL. 1056XL(D358 eng). 1150. 1150; 1155(Case eng). 1190; 1194. 1190; 1194(David Brown eng). 1200. 1200; 1210; 1212(David Brown 455011 eng). 1210; 1212. 121D 43kW 57hp(704 eng). 1246; 1246A 88kW 120hp(DT 358 eng). 1255; 1255XL; 1255XLA 92kW 125hp(DT 358 eng). 1255XL(DT358 eng). 125C; 125E. 1290; 1294(195; 219 eng). 1290; 1294(David Brown eng). 1294. 1390. 1390. 1394. 1394. 1410; 1412. 1410; 1412(David Brown 455011 eng). 1455. 1455; 1455XLA 107kW 146hp(DT 402 eng). 1455XL(DT402 eng). 1490. 1490; 1494. 1490; 1494(David Brown eng). 1494. 1590(6 Cyl eng). 1594. 1594. 165. 1660(A6.354 eng). 1665(Perkins eng). 1665(Perkins eng). 1690(6cyl eng). 1690(David Brown eng). 1694. 1694. 1740(G188D eng). 1800 Loadstar. 1835 B 29kW 40hp(164 eng). 1840 29kW 40hp(164 eng). 1845B 35kW 48hp(DB164 eng). 1845C 42kW 57hp(164 eng). 1890 Loadstar. 201(BD-144 eng). 201(BD144C eng). 2120 33kW 45hp(Same 1000.3A eng). 2120; 2130. 2130A 40kW 55hp(Same 1000.3A eng). 2140. 2140 Pro. 2140; 2140A 48kW 65hp(Same 1000.4A eng). 2140; 2150. 2150; A 55kW 75hp(Same 1000.4A eng). 221. 221; 321; 431; 8.41; 8.51; 8.61; 8.62; 8.71; 8.81. 221D(700 2.9L eng). 2300A(BD144A eng). 238. 238B(D155 eng). 2400; 2400B(D179 eng). 2405B; 2410B(D179 eng). 2412B(C153; D179 eng). 248(D179 eng). 2500B(D239 eng). 2505B; 2510B(D239 eng). 2544(D239 eng). 258(D206 eng). 268B(D239 eng). 2706(D310 eng). 275. 275(D206 eng). 275; 375(D206 eng). 2756(D310 eng). 276. 288(D268 eng). 310E; 310F; D301G; 400(G188D eng). 321. 323 19kW 26hp(D 155 eng). 3400A(D179 eng). 3414; 3444(BD154 eng). 3434B(D179 eng). 350; 350B; 350C; 350D. 3514(D239 eng). 354. 354(BD144A eng). 354; D354; 364; 414; 444; D444(BC144; BD144; BD154 eng). 100C(D206 eng). 100E. 1046; 1046A. 1046; 1046A 74kW 101hp(D 358 eng). 364(BD154 eng). 374(BD154 eng). 375(D206 eng). 380CK(David Brown 355011 eng). 380CK; 380GP(David Brown eng). 380CKGP; 380CKLL. 3820(D310 eng). 383. 383 26kW 35hp(D 155 eng). 384. 384(BD154 eng). 385L(D155 eng). 3964; 3964B; 3965B; 3966; 3984B(IHC D358 eng). 3966(IHC eng). 3984B(IHC DT358 eng). 414. 414. 4166. 420C. 423 29kW 39hp(D 155 eng). 424; 424D; 434. 430; 530(G188D eng). 431. 431 62kW 85hp(D 310 eng). 433. 433. 433 26kW 35hp(IH D-155 eng). 433; 453; 533; 633. 434. 434. 434. 444. 444. 450. 450; 450D(G188D eng). 4500A; 4500B. 4500A; 4500B(IHC D179 eng). 453 33kW 45hp(D 155 eng). 454. 464(D179 eng). 474. 474. 475. 483. 484. 484. 485L(D179 eng). 485XL(D179 eng). 500. 500(154H eng). 5000(D239 eng). 500C. 500E. 523; 533. 531 77kW 105hp(D 310 eng). 531 92kW 125hp(D 358 eng). 531; 540; 541(G188D eng). 533; 533A. 533; 533A 33kW 45hp(D 155 eng). 544(D 239 eng). 544(D239 eng). 5500(D239 eng). 553. 553; 553A 38kW 52hp(D 155 eng). 554. 554. 554 40kW 55hp(D 206 eng). 570. 574(D239 eng). 574(D239 eng). 580. 580; 580B(G159 eng). 580; 580B; 580F(G188D eng). 580F. 580G. 580G. 580G. 580G(219 eng). 584. 584. 584. 585L; 585XL(D206 eng). 585XL(D206 eng). 595 Super LE(1004-40T eng). 616; 622(D310 eng). 616; 622(D310 eng). 624. 624; 624A. 624; 624A; 826; 846(DD206 eng). 630(IHC D358 eng). 630; 630LPG; 630W. 630; 631(G188D eng). 633. 633. 633; 633A. 633; 633A 38kW 52hp(D 179 eng). 644. 644. 644; 644A 44kW 60hp(D 206 eng). 654; 654A. 654; 654A 44kW 60hp(D 206 eng). 660(G 188D eng). 664(D239 eng). 674. 674. 674(D239 eng). 684. 684. 685L; 685XL(D239 eng). 685XL(D239 eng). 7000(BC144; BD143 eng). 706(D310 eng). 715(D310 eng). 715(D310 eng). 724. 724; 724A. 724; 724A 49kW 67hp(D 239 eng). 733. 733; 733A. 733; 733A 44kW 60hp(D 206 eng). 743; 743A; 743S; 743SA; 743XL; 743XLA 49kW 67hp(D 239 eng). 743; 743S; 743XL. 743; 743S; 743XL; 744; 745; 745S; 745XL(D239 eng). 744. 744; 744A 51kW 70hp(D 239 eng). 745; 745S; 745SA; 745XL; 745XLA 53kW 72hp(D 239 eng). 745; 745S; 745XL. 756(D310 eng). 756; 826; 844(DD310 eng). 770 Selectamatic. 770(Under 90bhp eng). 770A; 770B. 780. 780. 780 Selectamatic. 784. 784. 785. 785(D246 eng). 785L; 785XL(D246 eng). 824. 824; 824A. 824; 824A 54kW 73hp(D 239 eng). 826; 826A(D 358 eng). 833. 833; 833A 49kW 67hp(D 239 eng). 844; 844A; 844S; 844SA; 844XL; 844XLA 59kW 80hp(D 246/268 eng). 844; 844S. 844; 844S; 844XL. 846. 846; 846A(D 239 eng). 850. 850. 850(A301BD eng). 855(David Brown eng). 855(David Brown eng). 856XL(DT239 eng). 880. 880 Implematic; 880UE; 880UF. 880A; 880B. 884; 885(D246; D268 eng). 885. 885; 885N. 885L; 885XL; 885 Super(D268 eng). 885LCG(David Brown 365011 eng). 9000(D310 eng). 91. 91(BD-154C eng). 91; 93(BD154C eng). 93(BD154C eng). 93(BD-154C eng). 946; 946A. 946; 946A 66kW 90hp(D 310 eng). 95(D310 eng). 95(D310 eng). 95(D310 eng). 950. 950 Implematic. 955(David Brown eng). 955; 955A; 955XL; 955XLA 66kW 90hp(D 310 eng). 956; 956XL(D358 eng). 956XL(D358 eng). 956XL; 956XLA 70kW 95hp(D 358 eng). 980. 980(504BD eng). 990(David Brown 455011 eng). 990; 990A; 990B; 995; 996. 990; 990UA; 990UB. 995; 996. B100. B100. B125; BT125. B250; B275. B414(BD154 eng). B414; 434. B450(BD264 eng). B500. B8K3; 8G2. BD144A; BD144C. BD154. BD154C; BD154T. BD5; BTD5; BD414. BH25. BH25B; BH30. BTD6; 6GH(IHC BD264 eng). BTD8; BTD9; BTD20. C1056A. Case IHC Trucks fitted with Perkins Diesel engine. CM1255A. CM1455A. CO1600; CO1800. CS48; CS48A 35kW 48hp(903.27 eng). CS52; CS52A 38kW 52hp(903.27 eng). CS58; CS58A 43kW 59hp(903.27T eng). CS63; CS63A 46kW 63hp(903.27T eng). CX100 74kW 101hp(G 4.0T eng). CX50 37kW 50hp(G 2.7 eng). CX60 44kW 60hp(G 2.7T eng). CX70 52kW 71hp(G 4.2 eng). CX80 59kW 80hp(1004.40T eng). CX90 66kW 90hp(G 4.0T eng). D155. D179. D206. D239; DT239. D310. D354; D444(BD 154 eng). D358. DH4; FH4; W4(1.8L eng). DH7(219 CID eng). FCD Utility; Super FCD. H25B. H50. H60B; H65C; H530. Hydro 84. L100; L100E. L100B(IHC BD264 eng). L100BII. L125B. L125B II. Maxi-Sneaker. PJN55; PJV55 40kW 55hp(1000.3A eng). PJN55; PJV65 48kW 65hp(1000.4A eng). PJN55; PJV75 55kW 75hp(1000.4A eng). Super B450; Super BMD; BWD6; BTD6; BMD; Super BRD6; B45; Super W6; W9; WD9. TD7E. TD8B. TD8B. TD8E. W3D; W3G(G159/G188 eng). W3D; W3G; W5AD; W5AG; W5D; W5G(G188D eng). W4 1800D. W4(1800D eng). W5AD; W5D; W5G(G159/G188D eng). Caterpillar 205. 205(Perkins eng). 205; 206(4.236 eng). 206. 206(4.236 eng). 211. 211(4.236 eng). 211(4.236 eng). 212. 212(4.236 eng). 212(Deutz eng). 213. 213; 214(Perkins eng). 214. 224. 224(6.354.4 eng). 3011C. 3054. 416. 416(4.236; T4.236 eng). 416; 416 Mk II(4.236 eng). 426. 426(4.236 eng). 426; 426 Mk II(4.236; D4.236 eng). 428. 428 53kW 72hp(4.236 eng). 428; 428B Mk II(4.236; T4.236 eng). 436. 436; 436 Mk II(4.236 eng). 438. 438; 438 Mk II 58kW 79hp(4.236 eng). 438; 438 Mk II(4.236 eng). AP1200. AP1200(6.354 eng). AP800. AP800; AP800B(4.236 eng). AP800B. B20(Perkins eng). BP100(4.236 eng). C1.1. C1.5. C1.5. C1.6. C2.2. C2.2. CB335D. CB335D(3014 eng). CB424(4.236 eng). CP323. CP323; CS323(4.236 eng). CP433. CP433B. CP433B; CS433B(T4.236 eng). CS323. CS431. CS431B. CS431B(T4.236 eng). CS433. CS433B. PR75. PR75(4.236 eng). PS110. PS110; PS130; PS180(4.236 eng). PS130. PS180. R40; RT40(4.236 eng). R50; RT50(4.236 eng). R60(4.236 eng). R80(4.236 eng). RC60(4.236 eng). RT50. RT50. RT50; RTC60. RT50SA. RT50SA. RT50SA. RT60. RT60. RT60. RT60; RTC60(4.236 eng). RTC60. T100D(Perkins eng). T30; T30B; T30C(Perkins eng). T30; T40;T50; T60(3.152 eng). T30B; T35B; T40B; T45B; T50B; T60B(3.152 eng). T40C. T45C. T50C. T60; T60B(Perkins eng). T60D(4.2482 eng). T70D(4.2482 eng). T80D(4.2482 eng). T90D(4.2482 eng). TC100D(4.2482 eng). TC120D(Perkins eng). TC250; TF250(John Deere eng). TC60C. V100(Perkins eng). V100F(4.2482 eng). V110. V110C(4.236 eng). V120(4.236 eng). V130(Perkins eng). V135C(4.236 eng). V140(4.236 eng). V150; V155B(Perkins eng). V155C(4.236 eng). V160(6.354 eng). V180(6.354 eng). V200(6.354 eng). V225(6.354 eng). V250(6.354 eng). V300(6.354 eng). V30C(Perkins eng). V35C(Perkins eng). V40C(Perkins eng). V40D SA(4.2032 eng). V40E(4.2032 eng). V45C(Perkins eng). V50C(Perkins eng). V50D SA(4.2032 eng). V50E(4.2032 eng). V60; V60B(Perkins eng). V60C. V60D. V60E. V70C. V70D. V70E. V70F(4.2482 eng). V80C. V80D. V80E. V80F(4.2482 eng). V90E. V90F(4.2482 eng). VC110F(4.2482 eng). VC60C(Perkins eng). VC60D SA(4.2032 eng). VC60E(4.2032 eng). WE601B(4.236 eng). WE851B(6.354 eng). Challenger MT434; MT444(Perkins eng). MT454; MT464(Perkins eng). Chicago Pneumatic 185DZ(Chrysler-Nissan CN4-33 eng). Chrysler Dodge 100 Commando Mk I G08; G09(4.236 eng). 100 Commando Mk I G08; G09; G10; G11; G12; G13; G15; G16(6.354; 6.354.2 eng). 100 Commando Mk I G11; G12; G13; G14; G15; G16; G1385; G1611(Mercedes OM352 eng). 100 Commando Mk I G11; G12; G13; G15; G16; G18(T6.354 eng). 100 Commando Mk II G08; G09; G10; G11; G12; G13; G15; G16(6.354.4 eng). 100 Commando Mk II G11; G12; G13; G15; G16; G18; G20(T6.354.4 eng). 100 Commando Mk II G18; G20(Perkins eng). 100 Commando Mk II Z3; Z6(T6.354.4 eng). 100 G08(4.236 eng). 100 G08; G09; G10; G11; G12; G15(6.354.4 eng). 100 G17; G18; G20(T6.354.4 eng). 200 K3820P(Barreiros eng). 200 K3820P(Chrysler eng). 26/26D; 42/38TD; 42/38RD; 62/26; 64/26H; 64/26HD; 64/26VD; 64/34D; 82/35D; C2626 Turbo 300; C3064; C3064 Turbo 300; C3464 Turbo 300; C3582 Turbo 300; C3784 Turbo 300; R3784 Turbo 300; C38; C38T Turbo 300; C38T Turbo 350; C3820P(Turbo eng). 2900(A-24 eng). 2900(D34 eng). 300 C32T; C3084(Barreiros eng). 300 CT38; R38(Barreiros BS36 11.9L eng). 300 G2464 6x4 Rigid(Barreiros BS16 9.35L eng). 300 R3620P; R3820; R3820P; 4238RD; 4238TD(BS36 11.9L eng). 300C(BS 16 eng). 300C(BS 36 eng). 42/14; 42/14B(D36 eng). 42/17; 42/17B; 42/17 Short and Normal Chassis; 42/20AB; 42/40B Short and Normal Chassis(B-26 eng). 42/20; C17 Turbo 200; C20 Turbo 200; C2264; C2264C; C2264N; C2464N; C2662 Turbo 200; C2664 Turbo 200(BS-16 eng). 42/20GR. 42/20ND; 42/20C; C 7-A; C20(B-26 eng). 42/38 RB Turbo 300; 64/26HB Hormigonera Turbo; 82/35; 82/58 Turbo 300; 82/35B; 42/38TB; 26/26B; 26/26B Turbo 300; 84/37 Turbo 300; 42/38TB Turbo 300; 64/34 Turbo 300; 64/26VB Modern Cab. 42/38; 42/38R; 42/38T; 62/26(B-36 Unified eng). 42/45(C-60 eng). 50 82kW 112hp(6.247 eng). 50 S35; S46; S56; S66(6.247 eng). 50 S35; S46; S56; S66; S75(4.236 eng). 50 S46; S56; S66(T4.38 eng). 50 S56; S66; S75(90; 110 eng). 50 U1(4cyl eng). 500 K2011P; K2211P(T6.354 eng). 500(6.3723V eng). 500K(T6.354 eng). 500K(V8.510 eng). 500K(V8.540 eng). 5500. 64/26V Old Cab. 7070 Type AD; 7070 Type ND(D34 eng). A 131B; B 210 I; Gran Ruta; 3700E/E; 4600; 4601(D34; D36 eng). A14; A16; A23; A24; A45; A60; A90. A-440; R-335; R-335K; R-350; R-350S; R-438; R-500; R-5000; R-7000. AEC(A-131V; CIB 245; A 501B; S 53001; 6000L; 6000U; Super Azor eng). Azor; Super Azor; Condor; 42/16; 42/16B; 42/16 Short; Normal Chassis. B-212(B-26 eng). B-24. B-26. B-312(D34 eng). B-36; BS-36; BSS-36. BS-16. BS-210 200(BS-16 eng). BS-26. BS-312 300(BS-36 eng). C17 157kW 214hp(Barreiros-B 26 eng). C17 157kW 214hp(Barreiros-BS 16 eng). C20 157kW 216hp(Barreiros-B 26 eng). C20 157kW 216hp(Barreiros-BS 16 eng). C24. C2626 201kW 275hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). C2662 157kW 215hp(Barreiros-BS 16 eng). C2664 157kW 215hp(Barreiros-BS 16 eng). C3064 158kW 216hp(Barreiros-B 36 eng). C3464 201kW 275hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). C3582 201kW 275hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). C3784 201kW 275hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). C38 200kW 275hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). C3820P 201kW 275hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). C3864 Export 201kW 275hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). C38T/1 235kW 320hp(Barreiros-BSS36 eng). C-60; C-65. Centauro Concrete Mixer. Commando 100 RG(6.354.2 eng). Commando 100 RG(T6.354 eng). Commando 100(6.354 eng). Commando 100(T6.354 eng). Commando 100G(4.236 eng). Commando 100G(V8.540 eng). Commando G(4.236 eng). Commando G08; G09(4.236 eng). Commando G08; G09; G10; G11; G12; G13; G15; G16; G18(6.354; 6.354.2 eng). Commando G08; G09; G10; G11; G12; G13; G15; G16; G18(T6.354; T6.354.2 eng). Commando G11-16(MB-OB 352 eng). D300(4.236 V eng). D307(4.203 eng). D307(6.354 eng). D307; A308; D308; R308; T308; D309; D407(Perkins eng). D308(4.203 eng). D308(6.354 eng). D308(A.E.C-410/470 eng). D308; D309; D310(Leyland AV410; AV470 eng). D309 88kW 120hp(4.203 eng). D309 88kW 120hp(6.354 eng). D309 88kW 120hp(A.E.C-410/470 eng). D309U;D 3091(D36 eng). D310(A.E.C-410/470 eng). D-34; D-36. DKC Walk Thru(4.203 eng). DKCB Walk Thru(4.203 eng). DKCF Walk Thru(4.236 eng). DPB 1500(4.108 eng). DPB 2000(4.108 eng). DPB 2500(4.108 eng). G08; G10; G13(6.354 eng). Gamecock 5 Ton; 6 Ton(6.354 eng). Halcon CA-262; 42/55; 42/65. Horizon 1.9D 1891cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(XUD9 eng). Horizon 1.9D 1891cc Diesel 48kW 65hp(XUD9 eng). K1000; K1050(6.354 eng). K1050(6.354 eng). K1050(T6.354 eng). K1050; K1100(V8.510 eng). K2011; K2211P(T6.354 eng). K2213T; K2413R; K2813P(V8.605 eng). K241P(V8.605 eng). K3820P 197kW 270hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). K500; K600; K700; K800; K950(6.354 eng). K500; K600; KL600; K800; K850; K900; K950; K1000; K1050(6.354 eng). KB200; KB300; KB400(4.203 eng). KB400(4.236 eng). KC Walktrough(4.236 eng). KC200; KC300; KC400(4.203 eng). KC400(4.236 eng). KCB Walktrough(4.203 eng). KCF Walktrough(4.236 eng). KL600(6.354 eng). KL600(6.354 V eng). KP700; KP850(6.354 eng). KP950; KP1000(V8.510 eng). KT-KR 900(V8.510 eng). PB1500(4.108 eng). PB2500(4.108 eng). PBRN2000(4.108 eng). PC500; PD500; L600; PC600; PD600. PR1500; PR2000; PB2500; PBRN2500(4.108 eng). R-545; R-545EC; R-545I; R-545IVA. S Truck(6.354.2 eng). S46; S56; S66(4.236 eng). S46; S56; S66(T438 eng). Saeta 35; 75 2800E/E; 2900E/E; 4600; 4601(D34; D36 eng). Saeta 45; 55; 65; 75(D34 eng). Seata 15; 25; 35. Seata 45; 55; 65; 70; 75(A-90 eng). Seata 4x4(D-90 eng). Seata 5T(A-16 eng). Seata; Super Saeta. Solara 1.9D Escorial Diesel(XUD9 eng). SXA-90F; GLA 265; S 35V; 2900; 4600; 4600V. T100 87kW 118hp(6.354.4 eng). T308(4.203 eng). T308(6.354 eng). VC4; VC5; VC7(4.236 eng). W500(6.354 V eng). WAAS; WCAS; VCAW(6.354 eng). WAFS; WCFS(4.236 eng). Walk Thru KC25; KC30; KC40(4.203 eng). Walk Thru KC40; KC60(4.236 eng). Citroen 350 Diesel(4.236 eng). 350 Diesel(D0834 eng). 370 Diesel(4.236D eng). 450K Diesel(4.236D eng). C 25 2.5D 2500cc Diesel 54kW 73hp(CRD93L U25-661 eng). C 32/35/45 C 32 2.2D 2175cc Diesel 46kW 62hp(CRD90 eng). C 32/35/45 C 35 2.5D 2499cc Diesel 50kW 70hp(CRD90 eng). C 32/35/45 C 35 2.5D 2499cc Diesel 50kW 70hp(CRD93B eng). C15D 1.8 Litre Diesel 1769cc 60bhp. C25. C25D; C25 Mk II 2.5 Litre Diesel. CX 2.2D 2175cc Diesel 49kW 67hp(M22-621 eng). CX 2.5D 2482cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(M25-629 eng). CX 2.5D 2500cc Diesel 54kW 73hp(M25-660 eng). CX 2.5D Break 2500cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(M25-629 eng). Delivery C25D Diesel; C25 Mk II Diesel. Delivery CS35; C35RD Diesel. H1000 1946cc Diesel 37kW 54hp(Peug. XDP 4/88 eng). H1600 1946cc Diesel 37kW 52hp(Peug. XDP 4/88 eng). HY 1500kg(4cyl & 6cyl Indenor eng). HY Van Diesel(4.99 eng). Jumper. Jumper 1.9 Litre. Jumper 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel. Jumper 2.5 Litre Diesel. Jumper 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel. Jumper I (Relay) 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 50kW 68hp(D9B XUD9 eng). Jumper I (Relay) 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 51kW 70hp(D9B XUD9 eng). Jumper I (Relay) 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(D8C XUD9UTF eng). Jumper I (Relay) 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 68kW 92hp(D8C XUD9UTF eng). Jumper I (Relay) 1.9TD 4x4 1905cc Diesel 68kW 92hp(D8C XUD9UTF eng). Jumper I (Relay) 2.5 TDi 2446cc Diesel 79kW 108hp(THX; THZ DJ5TED eng). Jumper I (Relay) 2.5D 2446cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(T9A DJ5 eng). Jumper I (Relay) 2.5D 2446cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(T9A eng). Jumper I (Relay) 2.5D 2446cc Diesel 79kW 107hp. Jumper I (Relay) 2.5D 4x4 2446cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(T9A DJ5 eng). Jumper I (Relay) 2.5D 4x4 2446cc Diesel 79kW 107hp. Jumper I (Relay) 2.5TD 2446cc Diesel 76kW 103hp(T8A DJ5T eng). Jumper I (Relay) 2.5TD 4x4 2446cc Diesel 76kW 103hp(T8A DJ5T eng). Jumper I 1.9 Diesel(D9B XUD9 eng). Jumper I 1.9 TurboDiesel(D8C XUD9TF DHX eng). Jumper I 2.5 Diesel(T9A DJ5 eng). Jumper I 2.5 Diesel(T9A DJ5 eng). Jumper I 2.5 TurboDiesel(T8A DJ5T eng). Jumper I 2.5 TurboDiesel(T8A DJ5T eng). Jumper I 2.5 TurboDiesel(THX-THZ DJ5TED eng). Jumper I 2.5 TurboDiesel(THX-THZ DJ5TED eng). ND Diesel(D0834M eng). Relay 1.9 Litre Diesel(XUD.9AU eng). Relay 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel(XUD.9UTF eng). Relay 2.5 Litre Diesel(DJ5 eng). Relay 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel(DJ5T; DJ5TED eng). Relay 270S 1.9 Litre Diesel(XUD.9AU eng). Relay 270S 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel(XUD.9UTF eng). Relay 320S; 320M; 320L; 350L; 350M; 320 Chassis Cab; 350 Chassis Cab(DJ5 eng). Relay 320S; 320M; 320L; 350L; 350M; 320 Chassis Cab; 350 Chassis Cab(DJ5T eng). Relay I 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 50kW 68hp(D9B XUD9 eng). Relay I 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 51kW 70hp(D9B XUD9 eng). Relay I 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(D8C XUD9UTF eng). Relay I 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 67kW 92hp(D8C eng). Relay I 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 67kW 92hp(DHX eng). Relay I 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 68kW 92hp(D8C XUD9UTF eng). Relay I 1.9TD 4x4 1905cc Diesel 68kW 92hp(D8C XUD9UTF eng). Relay I 2.5 TDi 2446cc Diesel 79kW 108hp(THX; THZ DJ5TED eng). Relay I 2.5D 2446cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(T9A DJ5 eng). Relay I 2.5D 2446cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(T9A eng). Relay I 2.5D 2446cc Diesel 79kW 107hp. Relay I 2.5D 4x4 2446cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(T9A DJ5 eng). Relay I 2.5D 4x4 2446cc Diesel 79kW 107hp. Relay I 2.5TD 2446cc Diesel 76kW 103hp(T8A DJ5T eng). Relay I 2.5TD 4x4 2446cc Diesel 76kW 103hp(T8A DJ5T eng). T23 Diesel(4.192 eng). T55 Diesel(6.283 eng). T55 Diesel(6.305 eng). U23 Diesel(4.192 eng). Visa 1.7D 1757cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(161A XUD7 eng). Claas 202 Mega II 118kW 161hp(1006.6T eng). 203 Mega II 125kW 170hp(1006.6T eng). 88SL Dominator. 945. 964. Commander 112 CS(V8.540 eng). Commandor 112CS(V8.540 eng). Commandor CO112 CS(V8.540 eng). Dominator (0) 130 Type 156(1006-6T eng). Dominator (0) 140 Type 200(1006-6T eng). Dominator (0) 150 Type 200(1006-6T eng). Dominator (6) 106; 106 SL 150kW 204hp(V8.540 eng). Dominator (8) 108 S(V8.540 eng). Dominator (8) 58 48 Spezial(1006.6 eng). Dominator (8) 68(1006.6 eng). Dominator (8) 78 S(1006.6 eng). Dominator (8) 88 SL(1006.6 eng). Dominator (8) 88 SL(1006.6T eng). Dominator (8) 98; 98 S 118kW 160hp(1006.6T eng). Dominator (8) 98; 98 S 118kW 160hp(T6.60 eng). Dominator 106(V8.540 eng). Dominator 108S(V8.540 eng). Dominator 112CS(V8.540 eng). Dominator 56(4.248 eng). Dominator 56S(4.248 eng). Dominator 58; Dominator 58S(4.248 eng). Dominator 68; 68R; 68S(4.258 eng). Dominator 68SL(1006.6T eng). Dominator 78 Classic(1006.6 eng). Dominator 80; 85; 86; 96(6.372 eng). Dominator DO112 CS 132kW 180hp(V8.540 eng). Dominator VX 88 VX 115kW 156hp(1006.6T eng). Dominator VX 88 VX 117kW 159hp(1006.60TW eng). Dominator VX 98 VX 147kW 200hp(1006.60TW eng). Jaguar 682S; 682SL(TV8.540 eng). Lexion 405 125kW 170hp(1006.6TW eng). Lexion 405(1006.6 eng). Lexion 405(1006.6TW eng). Lexion 410 140kW 191hp(1006.6TA eng). Lexion 410; 415(1006.6T eng). Lexion 410; 415(100606TA eng). Lexion 415 147kW 200hp(1006.6TA eng). Lexion 440 183kW 250hp(1306-9TA eng). Medion 310 136kW 185hp(1006.60TA eng). Medion 310; 330(1006.60 eng). Medion 320 147kW 200hp(1006.60TA eng). Ranger 911 T 74kW 101hp(4.236T eng). Ranger 920 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 925 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 928 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 940 GX 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 945 GX 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 960 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 964 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 964 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 965 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 965 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 970 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 974 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 974 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Ranger 975 79kW 108hp(1004.4T eng). Ranger 975 Plus 516 79kW 108hp(1004.40T eng). Clark 125A III(Leyland 690 eng). 125A; 125A III(Leyland 680 eng). 35A II; 35AWS(Leyland 401 eng). 35A; 35AS; 35AWS; 35F; 35R(4.236; 248 eng). 35A; 35AWS; 35F; 35R(Ford 2701E eng). 45A; 45AWS; 45R(4.236; 248 eng). 45B(6.354 eng). 45R(Leyland 370 eng). 55 III; 55A III(T6.354 eng). 55A; 55AWS; 55R(6.354 eng). 65(6.354 eng). 65(T6.354 eng). 65; 65R(Leyland 401 eng). 65AWS; 65R(Leyl. 370/401 eng). 65AWS; 65R(T6.354 eng). 662; 664(Ford 2701E eng). 75 III(Leyl. 370 eng). 75 III(Volvo D70A eng). 75A III(Volvo TD70A eng). 75A(AV8.510 eng). 85 III(Leyland 400 eng). 85 III(Volvo D70A eng). 85A(Leyland 680 eng). C500. C500. C500 Y100D; H500 Y100D(4.236 eng). C500 Y110D; H500 Y110D(4.236 eng). C500 Y120D; H500 Y120D(4.236 eng). C500 Y20; H500 Y20; C500 Y20D; H500 Y20D(3.152; 4.108 eng). C500 Y25; H500 Y25; C500 Y25D; H500 Y25D(3.152; 4.108 eng). C500 Y30; H500 Y30; C500 Y30D; H500 Y30D(3.152; 4.108 eng). C500 Y40D; H500 Y40D; C500 DEX; H500 DEX(4.203 eng). C500 Y45D; H500 Y45D(4.203 eng). C500 Y50D; H500 Y50D(4.203 eng). C500 Y55D; H500 Y55D(4.203 eng). C500 Y60D; H500 Y60D(4.203 eng). C500 Y60D; H500 Y60D(4.236 eng). C500 Y70D; H500 Y70D(4.236 eng). C500 Y80D; H500 Y80D(4.236 eng). UT60(219 eng). CMC 6T60(Ford eng). CMI H16. SF100. TC250; TF250(3164D; 3179D eng). Coles Adonis Mobile(4.236 eng). Adonis Mobile(4.236 eng). Adonis Mobile(Ford 2711E eng). Adonis Mobile(Ford 2711E eng). Aeneas Mobile(4.236 eng). Aeneas Mobile(Ford 2701E eng). Aeneas Mobile; Argus Mobile(4.236 eng). Aeneas Mobile; Argus Mobile(Ford 2701E eng). Argus Mobile(Ford 2701E eng). Endurance Mobile(6.354 eng). Endurance Mobile(Ford 2713E; 2714E eng). Endurance(6.354 eng). Endurance(Ford 2713/14E eng). Hydra Husky 10/12T; 13/17T(6.354 eng). Hydra Husky 10/12T; 13/17T(Ford 2714E eng). Hydra Husky 150T Mk II; 18/22 TSC; 20/25 TSC; 23/25TSC(Leyland AV505 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 10/12T(466 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 10/12T(6.354 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 10/12T(Ford 2714E eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 10/12T(Leyland 401 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 13/17T(6.354 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 13/17T(Ford 2714E eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 13/17T(Leyl. AV504/505 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 16/18T(Leyl. AV504/505 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 18/22T(Leyl. AV504/505 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 18/22TSC(Leyland AV505 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 20/22T(Leyl. AV504/505 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 20/25TSC(Leyland AV505 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 23/25TSC(Leyland AV505 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 25/30T(466 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 25/30T(Leyland AV760 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 25/30T(T6.354 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 30/30T(466 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 30/30T(Leyl. AV760 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 30/35T(466 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 30/35T(Leyl. AV760 eng). Hydra Husky; Hydra Truck 30/35T(T6.354 eng). Hydra Truck 10/12T(466 cu in eng). Hydra Truck 10/12T(Leyland 401 eng). Hydra Truck 13/17T; 16/18T; 18-22; 20/22T(Leyland AV504; AV505 eng). Hydra Truck 25/30T; 30/30T; 30/35T(466 cu in eng). Hydra Truck 25/30T; 30/30T; 30/35T(Leyland AV760 eng). Hydra Truck 25/30T; 30/30T; 30/35T(Scania DS11 eng). Hydra Truck 25/30T; 30/30T; 30/35T(T6.354 eng). Proteus Mobile(4.236 eng). Proteus Mobile(4.236 eng). Proteus Mobile(Ford 2701E eng). Proteus Mobile(Ford 2701E eng). Speed(6.354 eng). Speed(Ford 2713E eng). Speedcrane(6.354 eng). Speedcrane(Ford 2713E eng). Vigorous Mobile; Port Tower(6.354 eng). Vigorous Mobile; Port Tower(Ford 2713E; 2714E eng). Vigorous Mobile; Port Tower(6.354 eng). Vigorous Mobile; Port Tower(Ford 2713/14E eng). Zealous Truck; Port Tower(6.354 eng). Zealous Truck; Port Tower(Ford 2714E eng). Zealous Truck; Port Tower(Leyland AV760 eng). Zealous Truck; Port Tower(6.354 eng). Zealous Truck; Port Tower(Ford 2714E eng). Zealous Truck; Port Tower(Leyland AV760 eng). Collins 304. Compair Holman 125DS(Ford 2722 eng). 152DS(Ford 2722 eng). 152GT; 180GT. 152GT; 180GT; 280D. 152GT; 180GT; 280D(Ford 2704E; 2711E eng). 152GT; 180GT; 280D; D370(6.354 eng). 175; D250(4.236 eng). 175; Zitair 175. 180DS(Ford 2722 eng). 280D(6.354 eng). 390D. 45(4.107 eng). 66(4.107 eng). 85DS; 100DS. 85DS; 100DS(D3.152 eng). CA1; CA1S; CA1SS. CA1; CA1S; CA1SS(D3.152 eng). CK160S. CR125; CR125S; CR140; CR140S; CR140SS; CV125; CVR125(4.236 eng). CR125; CR125S; CR140; CR140S; CR140SS; CV125; CVR125(Ford 2711E eng). CR125; CR125S; CV125; CV125S; CV125SS; CVR125; CR140; CR140S; CR140SS;R160; CR160S; CV160; CV160S; CV160SS; CVR160; CR175; CR175SS(4.236 eng). CR125; CR125S; CV125; CV125S; CV125SS; CVR125; CR140; CR140S; CR140SS;R160; CR160S; CV160; CV160S; CV160SS; CVR160; CR175; CR175SS(Ford 2711E eng). CR160; CR160S; CR160SS; CR175; CR175S; CR175SS; CV160; CVR160(4.236 eng). CR160; CR160S; CR160SS; CR175; CR175S; CR175SS; CV160; CVR160(Ford 2711E eng). CR250; CR250S; CR275; CR275S; CV250(Ford 2713E eng). CR250; CR250S; CV250; CV250S; CR275; CR275S; CR275SS(Ford 2713E eng). CR400; CR400S; CR400SS; CV400(V8.510 eng). CR400; CR400SS; CV400(V8.510; V8.540 eng). CV250; CR275; CR275S; CR275SS(6.354 eng). CVR125-160(4.236 eng). CVR125-160(Ford 2711E eng). D250. GT Portable 130; 180(Ford 2701E eng). GT(Ford 2701E eng). H5000; H6000(1000 eng). H90D; H1500(Ford eng). H90D; H1500(Perkins eng). H90D; H150D. R37APX. RJE3000(Lister TX eng). RJE3000; RJE4000(Lister TS eng). RJE4000(Lister TX eng). Rotair 37APX(6LE eng). Rotair 37HPX. Rotair 37HPX(6LE eng). Rotair 37HPX(Rolls Royce SF65C eng). Rotair 60; Rotair 60P; Rotair 75. UV3(4.236 eng). UV3(Ford 2711E eng). WR120(Ford 4cyl eng). WR120; WR125. WR125(Ford 4cyl eng). WR125(Ford 592E eng). WR125; WR160. WR125; WR160(4.236 eng). WR160; WR210; WR250. WR210(6.354 eng). WR210; WR235; WR280(Ford 2713E eng). WR210; WR235; WR280(Ford 590E eng). WR210; WR250. WR250(6.354 eng). WR250(Ford 2713E eng). WR380. WR380(Rolls Royce C6NFL eng). WR600(Rolls Royce C6NFL eng). WR600; WR630. WR85. WR85. WR85(3-152 eng). WR85(Leyland OE138 eng). Zitair 150. Zitair 150(D3.512 eng). Zitair 175(4.236 eng). Zitair 250. Zitair 250(4.248 eng). Zitair 400. Zitair 400-125(1006-6 eng). Zitair 85; 100; 125(Lister TX2 eng). Consolidated Diesel 105RO-1. 125; 160. 125; 160. 125; 160. 12SRO-1. 140RO-1. 160. 210. 210. 210; 260. 260. 365RO-2. 600RO-2. 600RO-2. 85RO-1; 125-RO-1. 900RO-2. Consolidated Pneumatic 125; 125RG-1(Hercules G-2000 eng). 125RG-2(Ford 590/592/2701E eng). 125RO-1(4.203 eng). 125RO-1(Ford 2711E eng). 125RO-1(Leyland 498 eng). 125RO-2(4.236 eng). 125RO-2(Ford 220 eng). 140RO-1(Ford 2711E eng). 140SS(Ford 2711E eng). 160RG2(Ford 590/592/2701E eng). 160RO2(4.203 eng). 160RO2(4.236 eng). 160RO2(Ford 2711E eng). 160RO2(Leyland 498 eng). 185 SS(Ford 2711E eng). 210RO-2(6.354 eng). 210RO-2(Ford 2703E eng). 250RG-2(Hercules G-3400 eng). 250SS(Ford 2702E eng). 250SS(Ford 2714E eng). 260RO2(6.354 eng). 260RO2(Ford 2702E eng). 260RO2(Ford 2704E eng). 260RO2(Ford 2714E eng). 105 RO-1(Leyland 120 eng). 365RO-2(Leyland 410 eng). 600RO-2(Leyland 690 eng). 600RO-2(RR C6NFL eng). 85RO-1(4.154 eng). 85RO-1(D3.152 eng). 900RO-2(RR C6TFL eng). CP140S(Ford 2711E eng). Continental TMD27. Conveyancer TC Mk IV(Leyland OE138 eng). TC10(4.236 eng). TC12(4.236 eng). TC4SS(4.203 eng). TC5(Leyland OE138 eng). TC5SS(4.203 eng). TC6(Leyland OE138 eng). TC6SS(4.203 eng). TC6TS(4.236 eng). TC7SS(4.203 eng). TC7TS(4.236 eng). TC8TS(4.236 eng). Coventry Climax 120DA; 120GA; 120PA(Ford 2701/2712E eng). 150DA(6.354 eng). 180DA(6.354 eng). 30DA; 30DC(4.203 eng). 100DA; 100GA; 100PA(Ford 2701/2712E eng). 40DA; 40DC(4.203 eng). 50DA; 50DC(4.203 eng). 60DA; 60DC; 60GA; 60PA(Ford 2701/2712E eng). 70DA; 70DC; 70GA; 70PA(Ford 2701/2712E eng). 80DA; 80DC; 80GA; 80PA(Ford 2701/2712E eng). TR25. Dacia 1304 1.9 Diesel 1870cc Diesel 45kW 62hp(F8Q eng). 1305 1.9 Diesel 1870cc Diesel 45kW 62hp(F8Q eng). 1307 1.9 Diesel 1870cc Diesel 45kW 62hp(F8Q eng). Duster 1.6D Diesel. David Brown 1190(165001 eng). 1194. 1200. 1200 48kW 65hp(David Brown eng). 1210. 1210 49kW 66hp(David Brown eng). 1210(219 eng). 1212. 1212 48kW 65hp(David Brown eng). 1290. 1290(195001 eng). 1294. 1390(220001 eng). 1394. 1410. 1410; 1412. 1412 59kW 80hp(David Brown eng). 1490. 1490(219T eng). 1494. 1594. 1594. 1690; 1690T. 1694. 750. 770. 770; 770A; 770B 24kW 32hp(David Brown eng). 775. 780. 780. 780 26kW 36hp(David Brown eng). 810. 855(David Brown 355011 eng). 880. 880 29kW 40hp(3 Cyl; 4 Cyl eng). 885. 885. 885 32kW 43hp(David Brown eng). 890. 895. 900. 900; 900 Linedrive(Gas eng). 950. 950. 990. 990 Linedrive. 990; 990A; 990B 38kW 52hp(David Brown eng). 995. 995. 995 43kW 59hp(219TB eng). 996. 996. 996. 996(219 TB eng). Davis 1000 Task Force(Ford 201 eng). 1000(Ford 201 eng). 550. 550 Road Runner. 70+4 Ditcher(Ford 201 eng). 700; 800(Lister HR2 eng). 70-4(Ford eng). DH7(David Brown eng). Maxi Sneaker(Leyland eng). Task Force 300; 500(Lister ST2 eng). Task Force 700(Lister HR2 eng). Dechentreiter JD180(4-99 eng). JD210(4-99 eng). JD210S(4.236 eng). JD240(4-99 eng). JD240S(4.236 eng). JD240S(4.236 eng). JD270(4.270 eng). JD270S(6.354 eng). JD290(4.270 eng). JD300(4.270 eng). JD300S(6.354 eng). JD360S(6.354 eng). JD420S(6.354 eng). JD540S(6.354 eng). Demag AC25 156kW 213hp(210Ti eng). Desta DV25C 43kW 59hp(704.30 eng). DV30C 43kW 59hp(704.30 eng). DV35C 43kW 59hp(704.30 eng). Detroit Diesel 6.0 Litre Phaser. Phaser 4.0 Litre. Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1800D 49kW 66hp(Q20B 4.236 eng). Agroclimber F100 M-N 70kW 95hp(Lamborghini; Typ: 1000.4 WT eng). Agroclimber F90 M-N-C 64kW 87hp(Lamborghini; Typ: 1000.4 WT eng). Agroclimber V70 C-N 51kW 70hp(Lamborghini; Typ: 1000.3 WT eng). Agroclimber V80 N-M-L 56kW 76hp(Lamborghini; Typ: 1000.4 W eng). AgroCompact 60F; 60V; 60AF 44kW 60hp(1000.3W eng). AgroCompact 70F; 70V; 70AF 51kW 70hp(Same 1000.4 W; 1000.3 WT eng). AgroCompact 80F; 80V; 80AF 59kW 80hp(Same 1000.4 W eng). AgroCompact 90F; 90V; 90AF 65kW 89hp(Same 1000.4 WT eng). Agrofarm COM3 410G. Agrofarm COM3 410T Ecoline 63kW 85hp. Agrofarm COM3 420T Ecoline 73kW 99hp. Agrofarm COM3 430G. Agrolux 100 70kW 96hp(Same; Typ: 1000.4 WT eng). Agrolux 310 46kW 62hp(Same; Typ: 1000.3 WT - HRT eng). Agrolux 320 54kW 72hp(Same; Typ: 1000.3 WTI - HRT eng). Agrolux 320P. Agrolux 4.75 54kW 73hp(1000.4-W4 eng). Agrolux 4.75E(1000.4-W4 eng). Agrolux 4.80 54kW 73hp(1000.4 W eng). Agrolux 4.80E. Agrolux 410 55kW 75hp. Agrolux 57 40kW 55hp(1000.3 W eng). Agrolux 65 46kW 62hp(Same; Typ: 1000.3 WT eng). Agrolux 67 51kW 70hp(1000.3 WT eng). Agrolux 70; 70A 52kW 70hp(F4L 913 eng). Agrolux 75 53kW 72hp(Same; Typ: 1000.3 WTI eng). Agrolux 77 . Agrolux 77LP. Agrolux 80 58kW 78hp(F4L 913 eng). Agrolux 85 63kW 85hp(Same; Typ: 1000.4 W eng). Agrolux 87 . Agrolux 87LP. Agrolux 90 65kW 88hp(F4L 913T eng). Agrolux 95 68kW 92hp(Same; Typ: 1000.4 WT eng). Agrolux 97 . Agrolux 97LP. Agrolux COM3 310(1000.3-WT E3 PF47 eng). Agrolux COM3 320(1000.3-WTIE3 PF47 eng). Agrolux COM3 320P. Agrolux COM3 410. Agrolux COM3 65(1000.3-WT E3 PF47 eng). Agrolux COM3 75(1000.3-WTIE3 PF47 eng). Agrolux F57. Agrolux F67. Agromaxx 60 . Agromaxx 60HD. Agroplus F100. Agroplus F70. Agroplus F75. Agroplus F90. Agroplus S100 70kW 95hp(1000.4 WT Euro II eng). Agroplus S70 51kW 70hp(1000.3 WT Euro II eng). Agroplus S75 54kW 74hp(1000.4 W Euro II eng). Agroplus S90 64kW 87hp(1000.4 WT Euro II eng). Diamond Diamond Trucks fitted with Perkins 6.354 engine. Diamond Reo P2000D; DF3000; P3000D; DF4000; P4000D; DF5000(6.354 eng). Ditch Witch R100(6.354 eng). R65(Ford 192DF eng). Dodich DM451(Ford 2712E eng). DM481(Ford 2701E eng). DM491(Ford 2412E eng). DM651(Ford 2715E eng). Domain Unitair 160(6.354 eng). Unitair 75(4.154 eng). Doosan Daewoo 170(Perkins eng). 1760XL(704.30 eng). D35S; D40S(4.2482 eng). D50; D60; D70(4.236 eng). DH170. DH170(1006-6HR eng). DH170(1006-6HR eng). Lublin 2.4D 3302 2417cc Diesel 52kW 71hp(4C90 eng). Lublin 2.4TD 3304 2417cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(4CT90-1 eng). Dorman 12J; 12JT. 12JT; 12JTCA. 12Q; 12QT; 12QTCA; 12QTCW. 12QT; 12QBTCA. 12QTCW. 3DA. 3DA; 4DA. 4DA. 4DA. 4DA. 6DA. 6DA. 6DA. 6DA; 6DAT. 6DAN. 6DAN. 6DAT. 6DAT. 6QT; 6QTCA; 6QTCW. 6QT; 6QTCA; 6QTCW. 6YLET. 6YLET. 8DA. 8DA. 8DA. 8JTCA. 8JTCA. 8Q; 8QT. 8Q; 8QT. 8Q; 8QT; 8QTCA; 8QTCW. 8QBTCA. 8QTCN. 8QTCN. Douglas DC 12-4(Leyland 690 eng). NS 8A; NS 8B(6.354 eng). NS V8.112(6.354 eng). NS V8.170(V8.540 eng). Dresser 125C(Dresser D239 eng). 125E(Dresser DT239 eng). 165(Dresser D310 eng). 100C(Dresser D206 eng). 500E(Dresser D155 eng). TD12(DT239 eng). TD7C(D206 eng). TD7E(D239 eng). TD8E(D239; DT239 eng). Drott 30EC; 30YC; 30YM; 35EC; 35YC(6.354 eng). 40EC; 40ER; 40YC; 40YR2(6.354 eng). 85RM2(Ford 220 eng). B100. B125; BTD125. Ducati DDD; IS9; IS11; IS16; IS18; IS20; IS21S; IS22. Dumpersa 2500 Articulado(Lombardini LDA-672 eng). Dynamic 4000B Swinger. Swinger 160B(Perkins eng). Dynapac CA15(3-53 eng). CA15(3-71 eng). CC21A(Ford 77bhp eng). CP15(Perkins eng). Ebro 100/8D 110kW 150hp(T6.354.3 eng). 350(3152-4203 eng). 460(3152-4203 eng). 460(AD3.152 eng). 470(4.236 eng). 480(4.248 eng). 50/5D 52kW 71hp(4.203 eng). 55/6D(4.236 eng). 60/7D 73kW 100hp(6.305 eng). 6040; 6050. 6060; 6070; 6080. 6067(4.236 eng). 6070(4.236; 4.248 eng). 6077(4.248 eng). 6079(4.236; 4.248 eng). 6080(4.236; 4.248T eng). 6090(4.236; 4.248T eng). 6095(6.354; T6.354 eng). 6100(6.354; T6.354 eng). 6100; 6100DT; 6130DT. 6115(6.354; T6.354 eng). 6120(6.354; T6.354 eng). 6125(6.354; T6.354 eng). 65/7D 60kW 82hp(T4.236 eng). 66/7T 73kW 100hp(6.305 eng). 684(6305 eng). 684E(6305 eng). 684EX(6305 eng). 7000(6.305 eng). 8070; 8070 4WD(EBRO MG-38 eng). 8950DT. C 53kW 73hp(4.203 eng). D150(4.236 eng). D150; D350; D450 53kW 73hp(4.203 eng). D350(4.236 eng). D500 53kW 73hp(4.203 eng). D550(4.236 eng). D600; 700 73kW 100hp(6.305 eng). E100 94kW 129hp(6.305 eng). E100 94kW 129hp(6.354 eng). E110 73kW 100hp(6.305 eng). E110-8D 94kW 129hp(6.354 eng). E125 94kW 129hp(6.354 eng). E183 54kW 73hp(6.305 eng). E35 52kW 71hp(4.203 eng). E-35(4.236 eng). E35; E60. E60 65kW 89hp(4.203 eng). E60 65kW 89hp(4.236 eng). E70 65kW 89hp(4.236 eng). E90 65kW 89hp(4.236 eng). E90 T 65kW 89hp(4.236 eng). E95 94kW 129hp(6.305 eng). E95 94kW 129hp(6.354 eng). E95T 73kW 100hp(6.305 eng). F275. FF100 37kW 51hp(4.99 eng). FF108 41kW 57hp(4.108 eng). FF260 36kW 49hp(4.108 eng). FF275 42kW 57hp(4.108 eng). FF350 49kW 67hp(4.165 eng). L35 47kW 64hp(4.165 eng). L35 56kW 76hp(A4.28 eng). L35.08(A 4.28 II eng). L35S; L35SF 62kW 84hp(4.236 eng). L45.08 61kW 84hp(A4.28II eng). L45; L45F 43kW 59hp(4.236 eng). L60 59kW 80hp(4.236 eng). L60-1; L60-2; L60-3; L75-1; L75-2; L75-3(4.236 eng). L80 Turbo 72kW 98hp(4.236 eng). L80(4.236 eng). L80; L80F 51kW 70hp(4.236 eng). M100 74kW 100hp(6.354.3 eng). M125 85kW 116hp(6.354.3 eng). P112 94kW 129hp(6.354 eng). P137 94kW 129hp(6.354.3 eng). P137; P160; P170. P160 94kW 129hp(6.354 eng). P170 133kW 183hp(V8.540 eng). P170 Turbo 120kW 164hp(6.354 eng). P190 133kW 183hp(V8.540 eng). P200 133kW 183hp(V8.540 eng). P260 133kW 183hp(V8.540 eng). P270T 133kW 183hp(V8.540 eng). Trade Trade 2.0 JX 20 31kW 42hp(Nissan-LD 20 E eng). Eddison Eddipactor. Eddipactor. Eder 805M; 805R. 815M; 815R-RLC. 825M; 825R-RLC; 835M; 835R-RLC. M805; R805 52kW 71hp(4.236 eng). M805; R805(4.236 eng). M805B; R805B 71kW 97hp(1004.4T eng). M815; R815 70kW 95hp(4.236 eng). M815B; R815B 71kW 97hp(1004.4T eng). M825; R825 80kW 109hp(6.354.4 eng). M835; R835 110kW 150hp(T6.354.4 eng). M835; R835(T6.354.4 eng). Eicher 2070A 51kW 70hp(Same 1000.4W eng). 2080A 59kW 80hp(Same 1000.4W eng). 2090 A 65kW 88hp(Same 1000.4W eng). 2100A 76kW 103hp(Same 1000.4W eng). 3048; 3048A 3257/3258 35kW 48hp(EDL3-7 eng). 3048; 3066. 3056; 3056A 3357/3358 41kW 56hp(EDL3-8 eng). 3066; 3066A 3457/3458 48kW 66hp(EDL3-9T eng). 3075; 3075A 3557/3558 55kW 75hp(EDL4-1 eng). 3085. 3085; 3085A 3655/3656 62kW 85hp(EDK4-12 eng). 3088 3657 65kW 88hp(EDL4-2T eng). 3088(EDL4T eng). 3105; 3105A 3021; 3022 77kW 105hp(EDK6-4 eng). 3105; 3133. 3108A 3026 79kW 108hp(EDL6-4 eng). 3133A 3024 98kW 133hp(EDK6-5 eng). 3155(3.152 eng). 3155; 3255; 3256(3.152 eng). 3255(3.152 eng). 3256(3.152 eng). 330 3055 22kW 30hp(EDK2-3 eng). 330 3055; 330AS 3714A-77; 330S 3713-77; 334S 3705-77; 334AS 3706A-77(EDK 2-3; EDK 2-7 eng). 330AS 3714 22kW 30hp(EDK2-3 eng). 330S 3713 22kW 30hp(EDK2-3 eng). 334AS 3706-2 25kW 34hp(EDK2-7 eng). 334S 3705-2 25kW 34hp(EDK2-7 eng). 3355(4.203 eng). 3355; 3356(4.203 eng). 3356(4.203 eng). 342AS 3710(EDK3-4 eng). 342S 3709(EDK3-4 eng). 342SS 3709-77; 342AS 3710A-77; 350P 3719; 352S 3711-77; 352AS 3714-77; 365S 3717; 365AS 3717A; 542AS; 566S; 566AS(EDK 3-4; EDK 3-7; EDK 4-11 eng). 350P 3719(EDK3-4/7/11 eng). 352AS 3712/3716(EDK3-3/3-7 eng). 352S 3711/3715(EDK3-3/3-7 eng). 3554(EDK4 eng). 3554(EDK4 eng). 3656(EDK4TB eng). 3656(EDK4TB eng). 365AS 3718 48kW 65hp(EDK4-8 eng). 365S 3717 48kW 65hp(EDK 4-8 eng). 4038 3155 28kW 38hp(AD3.152 eng). 4038; 4048; 4048A. 4048 3255 35kW 48hp(AD3.152 eng). 4048A 3256 35kW 48hp(AD3.152 eng). 4056; 4056A 3355/3356 41kW 56hp(AD4.203 eng). 4060; 4060A 3355/3356 44kW 60hp(AD4.203 eng). 4060; 4072; 4466; 4466A. 4066 3455 48kW 66hp(AD4.236 eng). 4066A 3456 48kW 66hp(AD4.236 eng). 4072; 4072A 3555/3556 53kW 72hp(A4.248 eng). 530SK; 530ASK 3719/3720 22kW 30hp(EDK2-10 eng). 534S; 534AS 3719/3720 25kW 34hp(EDK2-11 eng). 535S; 535SK; 535AS; 535ASK 3719/3720 26kW 35hp(EDL2-1 eng). 542SK; 542ASK 3723K/3724K 31kW 42hp(EDK3-8/EDL3-3 eng). 550P; 550PA 3725P/3726P 37kW 50hp(EDK3-10 eng). 552S; 552AS 3725S/3726S 38kW 52hp(EDK3-7 eng). 554S; 554AS; 554P; 554PA; 554PAB 3725/3726 40kW 54hp(EDL3-1 eng). 565S; 565AS 3727S/3728S 48kW 65hp(EDK4-11 eng). 566S; 566AS; 566P; 566PA; 566PAB 3725/3726 48kW 66hp(EDL3-5 eng). Bueffel 74 3553; Bueffel 74 3554A 54kW 74hp(A4.248 eng). Buffel 74. Buffel 74 3553; 3554A(A4.248 eng). Koenigstiger 74 3253; 74A 3253; 74 3254; 74A 3254 33kW 45hp(AD3.152 eng). Konigstiger 74. Konigstiger 74 3253; 3254A(AD3.152 eng). Mammut 1174(Perkins eng). Mammut 174. Mammut 74 Mk I 3353; 3354A 40kW 55hp(AD4.203 eng). Mammut 74 Mk II 3453 48kW 65hp(A4.236 eng). Mammut I 74 3553; 3354A(A4.203 eng). Mammut II 74 3453(A4.236 eng). Tiger 74. Tiger 74 3153 26kW 35hp(3.144 eng). Tiger 74 3153(A3.144 eng). Enasa 5715. S213; S215; S311; S315; 5721; 5740. Epple EM1040(6.354 eng). EM1240 S(T6.354 eng). EM1240(6.372 eng). EM210(4.99 eng). EM211(4.107 eng). EM840(D4.203 eng). EM940(4.236 eng). ERF 25R3; 31R4(Rolls-Royce Eagle 220; 265 eng). 38R2(Rolls-Royce Eagle 220; 265 eng). 6.21(210Ti eng). A340(RR 220 Eagle eng). A64(RR 205 eng). A64(RR 220 eng). A64R 205; A64R 220; A66R 205; A66R 220; A66R 260; A66R 265T; A66R 270T(Rolls Royce 205; 220; 260; 260T eng). A64R 205; A64R 220; A66R 205; A66R 220; A66R 260; A66R 265T; A66R 270T(Rolls Royce 265T eng). A66(RR 205 eng). A66(RR 220 eng). A66(RR 260 eng). A66(RR 265T eng). A66(RR 270T eng). ALAR 340; AMCR 340; AMGR 340(Rolls Royce 220 Eagle eng). B25R 3; B31R 4; B35R 2(Rolls Royce 220 eng). B31R4 159kW 214hp(Rolls R. E220 eng). B35R2 160kW 214hp(Rolls R. E220 eng). B38R2 213kW 285hp(Rolls R. 265L eng). B38R2 213kW 285hp(Rolls R. 290L eng). B38R2(Rolls Royce 280 eng). E6.15(T6.354.4 eng). E6.15R; E6.15T(T6.354 eng). EC(210T1 eng). EC6.21(210Ti eng). EC6.21PTP2 4x2(210T1 eng). Fire Appliance FAP 140; FEP 140; SEP 160(V8.510 eng). M16 P2(T6.354.4 eng). M16P2(T6.354.4 eng). Erickson Husky(Lister eng). Etec 812EHS 67kW 91hp(1004.4 eng). 816EHS 84kW 115hp(1004.4T eng). FAI 1000 71kW 97hp(T4.236 eng). 100BDT; 100DT; 100RTD(Perkins eng). 264D(4.236 eng). 266D(4.236 eng). 100DT. 500GT; 750GT; 850C; 1200C. 61B; 61BDT; 65B; 66BDT; 67B; 67RBT; 70B; 70BTD; 75BTD. 61B; 61BTD(Perkins eng). 65B; 65BDT(Perkins eng). 65B; 67B; 67BDT; 70B; 80B; 80BDT; 100RDT. 66B; 66BTD(Perkins eng). 70B; 70BTD(Perkins eng). 75B; 75BTD(Perkins eng). 80 500GT; 750GT; 850C; 1200C Super(4.236 eng). 80B; 80BDT; 100RDT; 100BDT. 80B; 80BTD(Perkins eng). 900 55kW 75hp(4.236 eng). Synth Esis 675(4.236 eng). Synth Ter 890(4.236 eng). WB91(4.236 eng). Farymann 114W. 115W. 44A. 57W. 58W. 66A. 85W. 86W. Fendt Farmer 108. Farmer 108; 108S; 108SA 55kW 75hp(MWM D 226-4 eng). Farmer 108S; 108LS. Fenwick 405DBPJ; ZOOMD 15;D 20;D 25;D 30. DCP205; 206(3.144 eng). DP105; DDP155(4.99 eng). DS32(3.144 eng). Fenwick Loaders fitted with Indenor TMD 4/XD 4 engine. Fenwick Loaders fitted with Perkins 4.99 engine. KFP 501; KFDP 501(4.192; 4.203 eng). MDP505(6.288 eng). SD3Z(3.144 eng). SDP501(4.192 eng). SDZ-SDC MAP(3.144 eng). SDZ-SDC(3.152 eng). Senior(3.144 eng). Yard King(4.192 eng). Fermec 640B(1004.42 eng). 650B; 660B(1004.40T eng). 750(1004.4 eng). 760; 860; 960; 965(1004.4T eng). 860. Ferrari 933(Slanzi DVA 1750S eng). 94S-LT(Slanzi DVA 1750S eng). 95RS-3C(Slanzi DVA 1750 eng). Fiat 1000. 115-90. 1180; 1180DT(8065 eng). 1280. 130-90; 130-90DT; 140-90; 140-90DT(8065 eng). 130C. 131 2.0D 1995cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(8144.65 eng). 131 2.5D 2428cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 eng). 131 2.5D Super AF 2428cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 eng). 132 2.0D 1995cc Diesel 44kW 60hp. 132 2.5D 2445cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 eng). 1380; 1380DT. 140-90(Fiat 8065.25 eng). 150CH. 241TN 1900cc Diesel 35kW 47hp(237 AZ 000 eng). 242; 242E 2.2D 242/15+18 2175cc Diesel 46kW 63hp(Citroen B22/615D eng). 242; 242E 2.5D 2482cc Diesel 52kW 71hp(Citr. CRD93+B25/637 eng). 350; 355; 400; 450; 455. 4230; 4430. 455C. 466; 566(Fiat eng). 480; 500; 540; 550; 553; 555; 600; 605C; 638. 480-8; 480-8DT(Fiat eng). 55-65. 55-66; 55-66LP; 55-66S; 55-66T. 55-90(8045.05 eng). 565C; 566. 580; 580DT(8035 eng). 605C. 60-65. 60-66; 60-66DT; 60-66LP; 60-66S(8035 eng). 60-90(8045.05 eng). 640; 640DT. 65-46; 65-46DT(8045 eng). 65-56. 65-66; 65-66S. 665C; 666(Fiat eng). 680. 680; 680DT(8045 eng). 70-56. 70-65(3 Cyl eng). 70-66. 70-66F; 70-66LP; 70-66S. 70-75(8045.06 eng). 70-76. 70-88. 70-90(8045.05 eng). 72-85(Fiat eng). 765C; 766(Fiat eng). 780. 780; 780DT. 780DT. 80.90. 8035. 8041. 8045. 805C(Fiat eng). 8061. 8065. 80-65(Fiat eng). 80-66; 80-66F; 80-66S(Iveco 8045E eng). 80-75. 80-76. 80-88. 80-90(8045.5 eng). 8131; 8140; 8141; 8160. 8140. 82.94. 82-85(Fiat eng). 82-93; 82-94. 850. 85-55(Fiat eng). 855C(Fiat eng). 85-90. 880-5; 880-5DT(8055 eng). 88-85(Fiat eng). 88-93. 88-94. 955C. 980; 980DT(8045 eng). Argenta (132A) 2500D 2429cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 eng). Argenta (132A) 2500TD 2428cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(8144.61.500.81 eng). BI30; BMI30; BI35B; BMI35B; DM12; D15; DLI15; DM20; DM25; DM30; DMI30;M40; DM50; DM60. D140C. D15; DIL15. Daily 2.5 Litre Diesel 30F8;32F8;35F8;40F8;35.8. Daily 2.5 Litre Diesel 30F8;32F8;35F8;40F8;35.8. DIM20. DIM35B; DM40. DM12. DM15; DM20. DM20; DM25. Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.0D 1995cc Diesel(Citroen CRD eng). Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.4D 2428cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 eng). Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.4TD 2428cc Diesel 68kW 92hp(8144.21 eng). Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.5D 2500cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(8144.67 eng). Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.5TD 2500cc Diesel 70kW 95hp(8140.27 eng). Ducato 18;Ducato 18 Maxi. Ducato 2.5 Litre 4x4 Sofima 2499cc Diesel. Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9 TDi 1929cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(230 BNAB eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 50kW 68hp(DJY XUD9A eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9D 1929cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(230 A2.000 eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(DHX XUD9TE eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9TD 1929cc Diesel 60kW 82hp(230 A3.000 eng). Ducato 94 (230/231/232/234) 1.9TD 1929cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(230 A4.000 eng). Ducato Maxi Maxi 18 2.5 Litre Sofima 2499cc Diesel. F130; F140(Fiat 8065.25 eng). Regata (138) 1.7D 1677cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(149 B3.000 eng). Regata (138) 1.7D 1698cc Diesel 43kW 58hp(138 B6.000 eng). Regata (138) 2.0D 1911cc Diesel 48kW 65hp(149 A1.000 eng). Regata (138) 2.0D Weekend 1911cc Diesel 48kW 65hp(149 A1.000 eng). Ritmo (138A) 1.7D 1677cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(149 B3.000 eng). Ritmo (138A) 1.7D 1698cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(138 A.5000 eng). Ritmo (138A) 1.7D 1698cc Diesel 43kW 58hp(138 B6.000 eng). Ritmo (138A) 1.7D 55 1714cc Diesel 43kW 58hp. Fiat Allis 1000 74kW 100hp(Fiat eng). 1000S 81kW 110hp(8065 eng). 1000S; 1000DT; 1000N. 11180; 1180DT 85kW 115hp(8065.04 eng). 115.90; 115.90DT; 130.90; 130.90DT(8065.05 eng). 115-90 85kW 115hp(8065.05 eng). 1180; 1180DT; 1280; 1280DT; 1380; 1380DT. 1280; 1280DT 90kW 123hp(8065.24 eng). 130.90DT; 130.90; 140.90DT; 140.90DT; 140.90(8065.25 eng). 130-90 96kW 130hp(8065.25 eng). 1380; 1380DT 99kW 135hp(8065 eng). 140.90(Fiat 8040.25 eng). 140-90 103kW 140hp(8065.25 eng). 1F120DT(8065.05 eng). 250 18kW 25hp(8025; 8205 eng). 250 Nastro Doro; 255. 255(8025; 8205 eng). 300 23kW 31hp(8205; 8025 eng). 300; 300DT; 350; 350 Special; 355; 355CM. 345B(4.248 eng). 350C(8025; 8205 eng). 355C. 355C; 355F(8025; 8205 eng). 400 28kW 38hp(8035.01 eng). 400; 420; 420DT; 440; 440DT; 450; 450DT/DAL/UTB; 455C; 455DAL. 40CL. 420(8035.01 eng). 420; 420DT; 450; 460; 460DT; 460DTV; 480; 480 Vigneto; 500DT Special; 555. 440(8035 eng). 446(8035.02 eng). 450 33kW 45hp(8035 eng). 450-8(8035 eng). 455C(8035.00 eng). 455C; 455C Super. 455CI. 45-76(8035.06 eng). 460(8035 eng). 460; 460DT; 460V. 465C. 465C(8035.02 eng). 466 37kW 50hp(8035 eng). 466; 466DT; 566; 566DT; 666; 666DT; 766; 766DT. 470 Frutteto. 470(8035 eng). 470; 470DT; 470S. 474 Vigneto; DT; DTE. 474(8035.02 eng). 480 35kW 48hp(8035 eng). 480; 480DT; 480-8; 480-8DT; 500; 500S; 500DT/S; 505C; 540S; 540DT; 550; 555. 480-8(8035 eng). 500 37kW 50hp(Fiat eng). 500-8; 500-12. 505C. 505C Vigneto; 505CM; 605C; 605C Super(8035 eng). 540; 540-8; 540-12 40kW 54hp(Fiat eng). 545 S. 55.90; 55.90DT; 60.90; 60.90DT(8035 eng). 550 40kW 55hp(Fiat eng). 555. 55-76(8035.06 eng). 55-90 40kW 55hp(8035.06 eng). 565C(8035.04 eng). 565C; 566; 566DT. 566. 570(8035.04 eng). 570; 570DT; 670; 670DT. 570DT Fruttero; Vigneto. 580 43kW 58hp(8035.04 eng). 580; 580DT; 680; 680DT; 780; 780DT; 980; 980DT. 600 44kW 60hp(Fiat eng). 600; 605C. 605; 605C. 60-66(8035.05 eng). 60-90 44kW 60hp(8035.05 eng). 638. 640 47kW 64hp(Fiat eng). 640; 640DT(8045 eng). 640-8; 640-12. 65.46; 65.66. 65.90; 65.90DT; 70.90; 70.90DT; 80.90; 80.90DT. 65-46(8035.05 eng). 65-66. 65-88(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 65-90 48kW 65hp(8045.06 eng). 65-93(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 65-94 48kW 65hp(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 65B. 65B(8065 eng). 665C(8045.02 eng). 665C; 665 Montagna; 666; 666DT; 765C; 766; 766DT; 775C. 666 50kW 68hp(8045.02 eng). 670. 670; 670DT; 670 Frutteto. 680 50kW 68hp(8045.02 eng). 680; 680DTH; 780; 780DT; 840(8045 eng). 70.65 Montagna; 80.65. 70.66DT; 80.66LB. 70.75C. 70.90; 70.90DT; 80.90(8045.05; 8045.06 4cyl eng). 70-65(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 70-66(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 70-76(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 70-88(8045.06 eng). 70-90 51kW 70hp(8045.06 eng). 70C; 80C; 90C. 72-93(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 72-94 51kW 70hp(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 765C(8045.04 eng). 766(8045.04 eng). 780 57kW 78hp(8045.04 eng). 80.55. 805C; 855C. 80-65(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 80-66; 80-66DT(8045.05 eng). 80-66F. 80-75(8045.05 eng). 80-76(8045.05 eng). 80-76F. 80-88(8045.05 eng). 80-90 59kW 80hp(8045.05 eng). 80C; 90C Agricultural(CO3/130T eng). 82-85(8045.05 eng). 82-86F. 82-93(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 82-94 59kW 80hp(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 855 C(8045.04 eng). 85-55(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 85-90 63kW 85hp(Fiat eng). 880 65kW 88hp(C03/75 eng). 880; 880DF; 880DT. 880-5 65kW 88hp(8055.04 eng). 88-93(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 88-94 63kW 85hp(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 8B. 8B; AD8B. 90.90; 90.90DT; 100.90DT(8065.06 eng). 900 66kW 90hp(Fiat eng). 900; 900DT. 905C. 905C. 980 72kW 98hp(8065.02 eng). 980; 980DT. AD4; AD4C; FL4. AD7C; AD7D; BD7C; BD7D(CO 3/130HT eng). AD8; BD8. FB7 51kW 70hp(8045 eng). FB7; FB7D(8045 eng). FB7B 60kW 82hp(8045T eng). FD145. FD5. FD7; FD7LP 60kW 82hp(8065 eng). FE12L; FE12LC(8045 eng). FE12R 48kW 65hp(8041 eng). FE16 60kW 82hp(8065 eng). FE18HD; FE18LC 67kW 91hp(8065 eng). FG10(8065T eng). FL145. FL4C(8035 eng). FL4D; FL4L. FL4L; FL4M 37kW 50hp(8035 eng). FL5. FL5 49kW 67hp(8045 eng). FL5; FD5. FL55 37kW 50hp(8035 eng). FL5B. FL5B 52kW 71hp(8045 eng). FL7 60kW 82hp(8065 eng). FL7B 63kW 86hp(8065 eng). FL8C; FL8BTA; FL8C. FL9. FL9. FL9 68kW 93hp(CO3/130 eng). FR10; FR12. FR10; FR12(8065DT eng). FR100(8065 eng). FR100(Iveco eng). FR10B 85kW 116hp(8065 eng). FR7. FR7. FR7 52kW 71hp(8045 eng). FR70 55kW 75hp(8045 eng). FR7B 63kW 86hp(8065 eng). FR9. FR90 67kW 91hp(8045T eng). FW110. FW130. FW90. M65C(A4.248 eng). S60; S65; SR70. S70M; S90M. S9; SL9; SR9. TL5. W50; W50H 37kW 50hp(704.30 eng). W60; W60H 42kW 57hp(704.30 eng). W70; W70H 44kW 60hp(704.30 eng). Foden 04. 04A032R2208(RR Eagle220/280 eng). 04A32R2208; 04A032R808(Rolls Royce Eagle 220; 280 eng). 08. 08R030R2208(Rolls Royce Eagle 220 Mk II eng). 08R030R2208(RR Eagle220MKII eng). 2000. 410. 4A 6/32; 6A 6/32; 4DL 6/24; 6L 6/22; 8L 6/24; 8L 6/26; 8L 6/30(Leyland 680 eng). 4ae 6/30(MkVI eng). 4AR 6/34. 6 Wheel(Leyland 680 eng). 6L 6/22; 8L 6/24; 8L 6/26; 8L 6/30(Leyland 680 eng). 8L6. 8XB6. 8XB6/30(Ley. 680T eng). 8XB6/30FT(Leyland 680T eng). FL17(Leyland EO 680 eng). Foden Mixers fitted with Ford engine. Foden Trucks fitted with Leyland 680 engine. S104; S106; S108. S104R(210i eng). S104R; S106T; S108T(210i eng). S106T(210i eng). S108T(210i eng). Ford 1124. 1164(Ford eng). 1164; 1174; 1454. 1164P(T6.354 eng). 1174; 1254; 1464. 13-Six; 16-Six(Ford 4500 eng). 1454. 158D. 175D. 183. 2000. 2000 Dexta; 3000 Super Dexta. 2000(158 eng). 2000; 2100; 2110; 2120; 2150; 2310. 2000; 3000; 4000; 5000. 201D. 2100. 2110; 2120(3 Cyl eng). 220 Four Diesel. 220 Four Diesel. 230A; 230B. 230A; 530A. 231(Ford 2.6L eng). 231; 233(158 eng). 2310. 233; 333. 233D. 234; 334; 335. 2401E. 2401E York Diesel. 2401E York Diesel. 2402E. 2402E Diesel. 2402E Diesel. 242. 250; 250C; 260C(3 Cyl eng). 2502E Diesel. 2502E; 2504E; 2512E; 2514E Diesel. 2504E Diesel. 2512E Diesel. 2514E Diesel. 254. 256. 2600. 2600; 3600. 2610. 2610; 3610. 2701E Diesel. 2701E; 2702E; 2711E; 2712E Diesel. 2702E Diesel. 2703E Diesel. 2703E; 2704E; 2713E; 2714E; 2715E Diesel. 2704E Diesel. 2704ET. 2704ET Diesel. 2704ET Diesel. 2708E Diesel. 2708E; 2709E Diesel. 2709E Diesel. 2711E Diesel. 2711E; 2712E. 2712E Diesel. 2713E Diesel. 2713E; 2714E; 2715E. 2714E Diesel. 2715E Diesel. 2720E Diesel. 2720E; 2722E; 2723E; 2725E; 2725T; 2725TE; 2726T; 2726TM Diesel. 2722E Diesel. 2723E Diesel. 2725E; 2725ET; 2725T Diesel. 2726T; 2726TM Diesel. 2728E; 2728TIM Diesel. 2728E; 2728TIM Diesel. 2810; 2910. 2910; 3910. 3000. 3000 Diesel. 3000; 3055; 3100; 3120; 3150; 3190; 3300; 3400; 3500; 3550. 3100(Ford eng). 3120. 3230. 333(3 Cyl eng). 334. 335(2.9L eng). 335(3 Cyl eng). 340(Ford 2.9L eng). 340; 340A; 340B(Ford eng). 3400. 3430. 345. 345C(3 Cyl eng). 345D(3 Cyl eng). 3500. 3550. 3550; 4550(Ford 3cyl eng). 360. 3600. 3610. 363. 363DF. 380. 3900. 3910. 3930. 4000. 4000 Diesel. 4000 Major. 4000; 4010(Ford eng). 4010. 401D. 4030; 4031; 4040(Ford 4 Cyl eng). 4100. 4100(Ford 3L 3cyl eng). 4110. 4110; 4130. 4140; 4190. 4140; 4190; 4200. 420(3.0L eng). 420(Ford 183 eng). 420(Ford 183 eng). 4200. 4230(Fiat eng). 431(3.0L eng). 4400; 4410; 4500. 4400; 4410; 4500. 4430. 445. 445(Ford eng). 445; 445A(Ford 3 Cyl eng). 445; 445A(Ford eng). 445C(Ford 3 Cyl eng). 445C; 445D. 445D(Ford 3 Cyl eng). 450. 450(Ford 3 Cyl eng). 455(Ford 3 Cyl eng). 455; 455C; 455D. 455C(Ford 3 Cyl eng). 455D(Ford 3 Cyl eng). 4600. 4600(Ford 3.3L 3cyl eng). 4610. 4610(210 Gas eng). 4610; 4610SU(201 eng). 4630. 4630(201 eng). 4830. 5000 Diesel. 5000 Super Major. 5000(233; 256 eng). 5000; 5100; 5200. 500D; 501D; 600D; 601D; 700D; 701D; 801D; 901D; 1801D(Ford eng). 5030(256 eng). 5100; 5200(Ford eng). 5110. 515(Ford 3 Cyl eng). 515; 532; 535(Ford eng). 530A; 530B. 531; 532; 535(Ford 3 Cyl eng). 535. 540(Ford 3.3L eng). 540; 540A; 540B(Ford 201 eng). 545(Ford eng). 545; 545A. 545; 545A(Ford eng). 545C(Ford 3 Cyl eng). 545C; 545D. 545D(Ford 3 Cyl eng). 550(3.3L eng). 550(Ford 201 eng). 550; 555. 5500(223 eng). 5500; 5550. 5530. 555. 5550. 555A. 555A; 555B. 555C(Ford 256 eng). 5600. 5600; 5700; 6600; 6700. 5610(256 eng). 5610; 5710. 5700. 5900. 6000(Ford 4cyl & 6cyl eng). 601(134; 144 eng). 622. 622(6 Cyl 254 eng). 630; 640(4 Cyl Diesel 242 eng). 630; 640(6 Cyl Diesel 363 eng). 642(6 Cyl 380 eng). 642(6-380 eng). 650(Ford 256 eng). 650(Ford 4 Cyl eng). 650(Ford 4.2L eng). 6500. 6500; 7500. 6530. 655; 655A. 655C(Ford 4 Cyl eng). 6600; 6600C. 6610 Four E(Ford eng). 6610(268 4.4L eng). 6610; 6610 Mk II(4cyl eng). 6700. 6710(4.4L eng). 6710; 6710 Mk II. 700(134; 144 eng). 7000. 7000(256T eng). 7095; 7400. 7100(Ford eng). 7200(256T eng). 750(Ford 256 eng). 750; 755; 755A; 755B(Ford 4 Cyl eng). 7500(Ford 4 Cyl eng). 7500; 7600. 7600(4 Cyl eng). 7600; 7700. 7610. 7610 Four E(Ford eng). 7610; 7610 Mk II; 7710; 7710 Mk II(4cyl eng). 762H 6610. 7700. 7710. 7910. 8000. 8000(401 eng). 801. 8100. 8200; 8260; 8400. 8200; 8260; 8400(Ford eng). 8600. 8600(401 eng). 8670; 8700. 8700. 9000(401 eng). 9000; 9200; 9260. 901(172 eng). 9200; 9260(Ford eng). 95/100. 95; 100. 957; 964 7600(Ford 4cyl eng). 9600. 9600(401T eng). 9700. 9700. A0306 34kW 46hp(York/Standard eng). A0309 47kW 64hp(York eng). A0406 34kW 46hp(York/Standard eng). A0409 47kW 64hp(York eng). A0506 34kW 46hp(York/Standard eng). A0509 47kW 64hp(York eng). A0609 47kW 64hp(York eng). A0709 47kW 64hp(York eng). A62(4 Cyl eng). A62(Ford 4256T eng). A64; A66. A64; A66(4 Cyl eng). AO306; AO406; AO506; AO606; AAO706(2.4L HR York eng). AO309; AO409; AO509; AO609; AA0709(Ford 3.5L eng). BDS666. BSD329. BSD329; BSD332; BSD333; BSD333H. BSD332. BSD332; BSD333; BSD333H. BSD333. BSD333H. BSD442. BSD442; BSD444. BSD442; BSD444. BSD444. BSD444T Turbo. BSD444T Turbo. BSD444T; BSD444TS. BSD661TI Turbo. BSD666. BSD666T Turbo. BSD666T; BSD666Ti Turbo. Cargo. Cargo 0608 59kW 80hp(5AA/254CID eng). Cargo 0608; 0708; 0808(Ford 4.2L Dorset eng). Cargo 0609 63kW 90hp(90/5 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 0609; 0709; 0809(Ford 4.2L eng). Cargo 0708 59kW 80hp(5AA/254CID eng). Cargo 0709 63kW 90hp(90/5 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 0711 81kW 110hp(110/6 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 0711 81kW 110hp(6AA/365CID eng). Cargo 0711; 0811; 0911; 1011; 1111; 1211; 1311; 1411; 1711 Ford 6.0 Litre. Cargo 0711; 0811; 0911; 1011; 1111; 1211; 1311; 1411; 1711(Ford Dorset 6.0L eng). Cargo 0712 89kW 120hp(7AA/380CID eng). Cargo 0712; 0812; 0912; 1012; 1112; 1312; 1512; 1712; 1912(Ford Dorset 6.2L eng). Cargo 0713 94kW 128hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 0713; 0813; 0913; 1013; 1113; 1213; 1313; 1413; 1513; 1613; 1713; 1913 Ford 6.2 Litre. Cargo 0808; K 59kW 80hp(5AA/254CID eng). Cargo 0809; K 63kW 90hp(90/5 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 0811 81kW 110hp(110/6 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 0811 81kW 110hp(6AA/365CID eng). Cargo 0812; K 89kW 120hp(7AA/380CID eng). Cargo 0813; K 94kW 128hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 0814 106kW 144hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 0815; 0915; 1115; 1215; 1315; 1415; 1515; 1615; 1715; 2015; 2115(Ford 6.0L eng). Cargo 0911 81kW 110hp(110/6 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 0911 81kW 110hp(6AA/365CID eng). Cargo 0912 89kW 121hp(7AA/380CID eng). Cargo 0913 94kW 128hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 0914 106kW 145hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 0914; 1114; 1314; 1514; 1614; 2014; 2114(Ford Dorset 6.0L eng). Cargo 0915 110kW 150hp(150/6 CA-Dover eng). Cargo 0915 110kW 150hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 1011 81kW 110hp(110/6 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1011 81kW 110hp(6AA/365CID eng). Cargo 1012 89kW 121hp(7AA/380CID eng). Cargo 1013 94kW 128hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1014 106kW 144hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 1111 81kW 110hp(110/6 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1111 81kW 110hp(6AA/365CID eng). Cargo 1112 89kW 121hp(7AA/380CID eng). Cargo 1113 97kW 132hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1113 97kW 132hp(MWM-D 229-6 eng). Cargo 1114 103kW 140hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 1114 103kW 140hp(NA 6.6 eng). Cargo 1115 110kW 150hp(150/6 CA-Dover eng). Cargo 1211 81kW 110hp(110/6 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1211; K 83kW 110hp(6AA/365CID eng). Cargo 1212; K 89kW 121hp(7AA/380CID eng). Cargo 1213 94kW 128hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1214; K 106kW 144hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 1215 114kW 155hp(150/6 CA-Dover eng). Cargo 1311 81kW 110hp(110/6 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1311; K 83kW 112hp(6AA/365CID eng). Cargo 1312; K 89kW 121hp(7AA/380CID eng). Cargo 1313 97kW 132hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1313 97kW 132hp(MWM-D 229-6 eng). Cargo 1314 103kW 140hp(NA 6.6 eng). Cargo 1314; K 106kW 144hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 1412; K 89kW 121hp(7AA/380CID eng). Cargo 1413 94kW 128hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1414; K 106kW 144hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 1512; K 89kW 121hp(7AA/380CID eng). Cargo 1513 94kW 128hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1514 103kW 140hp(NA 6.6 eng). Cargo 1514; K 106kW 144hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 1613 94kW 128hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1614 106kW 144hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 1712 89kW 121hp(7AA/380CID eng). Cargo 1713 94kW 128hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 1912 89kW 121hp(7AA/380CID eng). Cargo 1913 94kW 128hp(130/7 AA-Dover eng). Cargo 2014 106kW 144hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 2114 106kW 144hp(6CA/363CID eng). Cargo 3214 97kW 132hp(FTO ATA 7.8 eng). Courier 1.8 Litre 1753cc Diesel 60bhp. Courier 1.8 Litre 1753cc Diesel 60bhp. Courier 1.8 Litre 1753cc Diesel 60bhp. Courier 1.8 Litre 1753cc Diesel OHC 59bhp. D0507; D0607; D0610; D0707; D0710; D0807; D0810; D0907; D0910(Ford 255; 265; 365 cu in eng). D0610 76kW 104hp(365 CID eng). D0707; D0807 56kW 76hp(255 CID eng). D0710; D0810 76kW 104hp(365 CID eng). D0910 76kW 104hp(365 CID eng). D1010 76kW 104hp(365 CID eng). D1010; D1110; D1210; D1211; D1314; D1414(Ford 365 cu in eng). D1110; 1210 76kW 104hp(365 CID eng). D1111 85kW 116hp(380 CID eng). D1210; D1211; D1311; D1314; D1411(Ford 380 cu in eng). D1211 85kW 116hp(380 CID eng). D1311; D1314; D1411; D1414(Ford 360 cu in eng). D1311; D1411 85kW 116hp(380 CID eng). D1314 106kW 144hp(Dorset T360 eng). D1414; D1614 106kW 144hp(Dorset T 360 eng). D200(255 CID eng). D200; D300; D400; D500; D550(Ford 240 cu in; 265 cu in eng). D200; D300; D400; D500; D550(Ford 330 cu in; 365 cu in eng). D300(255 CID eng). D300(330 CU eng). D400(255 CID eng). D400(330 CU eng). D500(330 CU eng). D600(330 CU eng). D600; D700; D750(Ford 330 cu in; 365 cu in eng). D700(330 CU eng). D750(330 CU eng). D750(365 CID eng). D750; D800; D900(Ford 380 cu in eng). D750; D800; D900(Ford 380 cu in eng). D800(356 CID eng). D800; DT800; D900; D1000(Ford 360 cu in eng). DA1007(Ford 255 cu in eng). DA1610; DA1710; DA2014; DA2114(Ford 365 cu in eng). Dexta 2000; Super Dexta 3000(3cyl eng). DT1310; DT2014; DT2214(Ford 365 cu in eng). DT1400; DT1500(Ford 360 cu in eng). DT1711; DA1911(Ford 380 cu in eng). Escort 1.8 Litre Diesel. Escort 1.8 Litre Diesel. Escort 1.8 Litre Diesel. Escort 1.8 Litre Diesel. Escort 1.8 Litre Diesel. Escort 1.8 Litre Diesel; Turbo Diesel. Escort 1.8 Litre Turbo Diesel. Escort 1.8 Litre Turbo Diesel Intercooled. Escort 1.8 Litre Turbo Diesel Non Intercooled. Escort Cabriolet 1.8TD ALL 1753cc Diesel 51kW 70hp(RVA eng). Escort Cabriolet 1.8TD ALL 1753cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(RFD/RFK eng). Escort Express 1.6D 1597cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(LTA eng). Escort Express 1.7D 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp. Escort Express 1.8 Litre Diesel; Turbo Diesel. Escort Express 1.8 Litre Diesel; Turbo Diesel. Escort Express 1.8D 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTH eng). Escort Express 1.8D 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTH eng). Escort Express 1.8D 1753cc Diesel 51kW 70hp(RVA eng). Escort III 1.6D 1597cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(LTA eng). Escort IV 1.6D 1597cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(LTC eng). Escort IV 1.8D Turnier 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTB eng). Escort V 1.8D 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTH eng). Escort VI 1.8D 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTH eng). Escort VI 1.8TD 1753cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(RFK eng). Escort VII 1.8D 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTH eng). Escort VII 1.8TD 1753cc Diesel 51kW 70hp(RVA eng). Escort VII 1.8TD 1753cc Diesel 55kW 75hp. Escort VII 1.8TD 1753cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(RFD/RFK eng). F100 37kW 51hp(4.203 eng). F350 43kW 58hp(6.305 eng). F4000 63kW 85hp(FTO 4.4 eng). F4000 99kW 135hp(FTO Quartz 329 eng). F4000 99kW 135hp(NA 4.4 eng). F4000 99kW 135hp(TC 4.4 eng). FC; NC(Ford 300 series 4.240L; 330 series 4.255L eng). Fiesta 1.8 Litre Diesel 1753cc 60bhp. Fiesta 1.8 Litre Diesel 1753cc 60bhp. Fiesta 1.8 Litre Diesel 1753cc 60bhp. Fiesta 1.8 Litre Diesel 1753cc 60bhp. Fiesta 1.8 Litre Diesel 1753cc 60bhp. Fiesta 1.8 Litre Diesel 60bhp. Fiesta 1.8 Litre Diesel 60bhp. Fiesta 1.8 Litre Diesel 60bhp. Fiesta 1.8 Litre Diesel 60bhp. Fiesta Courier I 1.8D F3L 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp. Fiesta Courier I 1.8D F5L 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTC eng). Fiesta Courier II 1.8D 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp. Fiesta II 1.6D FBD 1608cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(LTB eng). Fiesta III 1.8D GFJ 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTC eng). Fiesta III 1.8TD GFJ 1753cc Diesel 57kW 77hp. Fiesta IV 1.8D 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTJ/RTK eng). Granada 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel 115bhp. H41(Ford 401DF eng). H42; H44; H47(Ford 4cyl eng). H45. H45(V8 eng). H48(Ford 6 Cyl eng). H48; H48CL; H48CK; P48(Ford 401DF eng). K0910; K1010; K1110; K1111; K1210; K1211(Ford 365 cu in 5.98L eng). K1010; K1110; K1111; K1210. K1110; K1111; K1210; K1211(6.2L 380 cu in eng). K500; K600; K700; K750; K910. L25; L30. L550(Kubota V1902 eng). Major 4000; Major 5000(3cyl & 4cyl eng). Mondeo 1.8 Litre Turbo Diesel. Mondeo I (BNP/GBP) 1.8TD 1753cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(RFN eng). Mondeo I (BNP/GBP) 1.8TD 1753cc Diesel 66kW 90hp. Mondeo II (BAP/BFP/BNP) 1.8TD 1753cc Diesel 66kW 90hp. Multi 50(Perkins eng). N0708 56kW 76hp(255 CID eng). N0708; N0808(Ford Dorset eng). N0710 76kW 104hp(365 CID eng). N0710; N0810; N0812; N0910(Ford Dorset eng). N0808 56kW 76hp(255 CID eng). N0810 76kW 104hp(365 CID eng). N0812 85kW 116hp(380 CID eng). N0814 106kW 144hp(Dorset T 360 eng). N0814; N1114; N1414; NA1814(Ford Dorset eng). N0910 76kW 104hp(365 CID eng). N0912 85kW 116hp(Dorset 380 CID eng). N0914 78kW 106hp(Dorset T 360 eng). N1114 106kW 144hp(Dorset T360 eng). N1414 106kW 144hp(Dorset T 360 eng). NA1814 106kW 144hp(Dorset T 360 eng). NA2214 78kW 106hp(Dorset T 360 eng). Orion 1.6D 1597cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(LTA eng). Orion 1.6D 1597cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(LTC eng). Orion 1.8 Litre Diesel. Orion 1.8 Litre Diesel. Orion 1.8 Litre Diesel. Orion 1.8D 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTB eng). Orion 1.8D 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTH eng). Orion 1.8TD 1753cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(RFK eng). P100 1.8TD 1753cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(RFA eng). P100 Pick up 1.8 Litre Turbo Diesel. P42; P45. P44(Ford 6cyl eng). Ploughmaster/75. Ploughmaster; 75. R(Ford 130; 150 Dover eng). R(Ford 330; 360; 365; 380 cu in eng). R(Ford 360; 365 cu in eng). R1011; R1111(Diesel 365CID eng). R1014; R1114(Dorset/Turbo eng). R192; R226(Diesel 365CID eng). Scorpio (Granada) 2.5D Turnier 2500cc Diesel 85kW 116hp(SCB eng). Scorpio (Granada) 2.5TD 2500cc Diesel 85kW 116hp(SCB eng). Scorpio 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel 115bhp. Scorpio 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel 115bhp. Scorpio 2.5TD 2500cc Diesel 85kW 115hp(SCC eng). Scorpio 2.5TD 2500cc Diesel 92kW 125hp(VM eng). SSD437M. SSD437M. SSD655M; SSD655MT. SSD655M; SSD655MT 5.5 Litre. SSD681M; SSD681MT. SSD681M; SSD681MT 8.1 Litre. Super 4; 654; 754; 764; 944; 1454; 4600-Four; 6600-Four; 7600-Four(Ford eng). Super 6; 954; 1004; 1124; FC1004(Ford eng). Super County Four. Super County Six 1124. Super County Six 1164. Transit 2.4 Litre York 2360cc Diesel. Transit 2.4D 2332cc Diesel 46kW 63hp(4AA eng). TW24. TW30. YSD424M. YSD424M 2.4 Litre. YSD635M. YSD635M 3.5 Litre. Fortschritt E521(Perkins eng). E525(Perkins eng). Fox River 6200; 6244(T6.354 eng). 6250(T6.354 eng). 6350(V8.540 eng). Frigiking Frigiking Refrigeration Units fitted with Ford 4.172 engine(Ford 4.172 eng). Frigiking Refrigeration Units fitted with Ford 6-172 engine(Ford 6-172 eng). VA3. VA3(Ford 220 eng). VA3(Ford 220 eng). Fruehauf Fruehauf Tankers fitted with Ford 2701E engine(Ford 2701E eng). Fuchs 350R 103kW 140hp(1006.6T eng). 712D; 712M 59kW 80hp(1004-4 eng). 712K; 712M; 712R 59kW 80hp(1004.4 eng). 720. 720K; 720M; 720R 54kW 74hp(4.236 eng). MHL340 88kW 120hp(1006.6 eng). Gardner SP185(Ford 254 eng). SPHDA185(Ford 250 eng). Gaz 53; 53 Gazon(4.236 V eng). Gehl 4600; 4610(4.108 eng). 552 Dynalift; 553 DynaLift(1004-4 eng). HL4400 HydroCat(Perkins eng). HL4400(4.108 eng). HL4400(4.108 eng). HL4600(4.108 eng). HL4600(4.108 eng). SL3825(V1305-B Kubota eng). SL3825SX(Kubota V1305B eng). SL4610 33kW 45hp(4.108 eng). SL4610(4.108 eng). SL4610; SL4615(4.108 eng). SL4615(4.108 eng). SL4625(Kubota V2203 eng). SL4625DX(V2203-B Kubota eng). SL4625SX(V2203-B Kubota eng). SL5625 44kW 60hp(4.154 eng). SL6620 44kW 60hp(4.154 eng). SL6620(4.154 eng). Gehlmax KL168 24kW 33hp(Perkins eng). KL178 25kW 34hp(Perkins eng). KL298 32kW 44hp(Perkins eng). Gerlinger Swinger 180(TMD27 eng). Godwin CD100M; Heidra 100(Lister-Petter TS2 eng). DPC6(Lister HR3 eng). DPC8; Astra 75(Ford 2713E eng). Goldoni 240 Universal(Slanzi eng). 30; 30RS Transcar(Slanzi DVA1030G eng). 3050DT(VM eng). 3060 Vigneron Turbo(VM eng). 1040 SC 29kW 40hp(Slanzi eng). 40 (Transcar)(Slanzi eng). 452(4.108 eng). 454(4.108 eng). 602 Compact(Lomb. 833/5LD825-3 eng). 604 Compact(Lomb. 833/5LD825-3 eng). 652 Compact(Lombardini eng). 654 Compact(Lombardini eng). 664D(VM eng). 926; 926DT; 926RS(Slanzi DVA 1030 eng). 940 29kW 40hp(Slanzi eng). C45L; C45M; C45N; C45S(VM 3105 SUN eng). C45L; C45M; C45N; C45S(VM RA394 eng). Gradall 532(Perkins eng). 534B6; 534B8; 534B9(Perkins eng). 542(Perkins eng). 544(Perkins eng). G600; M2460(Leyland eng). Green Thomas Contractor 5 1/2-6 1/2 Ton(3.152 eng). Contractor 5 1/2-6 1/2 Ton(Ford 2504E eng). DPRM(Ford 2711E eng). Pacemaker; GOD; Workman 8-17 Ton(4.236 eng). Pacemaker; GOD; Workman 8-17 Ton(Ford 2711E eng). Grove 23 Ton(Ford 6 cyl eng). 25 Ton(Leyland 600 eng). AP408(6.354.4 eng). AP408(Leyl. 6.98 eng). AP408; AP415(6.354.4 eng). AP408; AP415(Leyland 6.98 eng). AP415(6.354.4 eng). AP415(Leyl. 6.98 eng). H1564; 2564(Leyland 680 eng). RT518(6.354.4 eng). RT522(6.354.4 eng). RT615S(6.354.4 eng). RT615S; RT620S; RT625S; RT628S(6.354.4 eng). RT620S(6.354.4 eng). RT625S(6.354.4 eng). RT628S(6.354.4 eng). Hagie 470. 647. 8400(4.236 eng). Hanomag Henschel 10E 27kW 37hp(4.108 eng). 15F 41kW 56hp(3.152.4 eng). 22C; 22CL; 33C; 33CL(4.248; 6.354 eng). 44C; 44D(Turbo eng). 55C; 55C Super. 5C(4.108 eng). 5C(4.108 eng). 6D 27kW 37hp(4.108 eng). B Mk IV(Perkins eng). B11C(Hanomag eng). B11C; B14C; B18C; C11C; C14C; D18C. B14C(Hanomag eng). B4. B6. B6(Hanomag eng). B8C. B8C(Hanomag eng). C55C Super. HD60. HD60(Perkins eng). MF11. MF200; MF200B. MF22. MF22C; MF22X. MF300; MFD300B; MFD300DD; MF300L; MF300C(A4.248; A4.318 eng). MF3366; MF3366AD(A4.300 eng). MF33B. MF400; MFD400B; MF400C; MFD400C; MFD400DD; MFD400PS; MFD402C(A6.354 eng). MF40S; MF40R. MF44C. MF450S. MF5. MF500B. MF500C; MF500SA(T6.354.4 eng). MF50BA. MF50D; MF50D Elite; MF50D/4; MF50H; MF50HX. MF50R+B. MF55C. MF70. MF911. MFC44C; MFC55C. MFD402C. MFD450D; MFD450LC. Hatra M100; R100(Ford 2703 eng). Haulamatic 4-10(466 cu in eng). 4-10(6.354 eng). Heathfield DF20; DF24; DF25E. DG35. H11. H19. Hein Werner C10 ; C10HD ; T10 ; T10HD ; C12B ; T12HD(6.354 eng). C12HD; C14; C14A(6.354 eng). Henley Hawk 4000-6000 lbs(4.203 eng). Hawk(4.203 eng). Hercules 15000-26000 lbs(6.354 eng). Hercules 15000-26000 lbs(Ford 2615E eng). Hercules(6.354 eng). Hercules(Ford 2615E eng). Hermes(Leyland UE680 eng). Hermes(Leyland UE680 eng). Heron(Rolls Royce Eagle eng). Heron(Rolls Royce eng). Heron(V8.510 eng). Husky 6000-12000 lbs; 4-5 Ton(4.236 eng). Husky 6000-12000 lbs; 4-5 Ton(Ford 2712E eng). Husky(4.236 eng). Husky(Ford 2712E eng). Sideloader(4.236 eng). Sideloader(Ford 2712E eng). Hercules D1500; D1700. D2000; D2300. D3000; D3000T. D3400. Hesston 1180; 1180DT. 130-90; 130-90DT; 140-90; 140-90DT(Fiat 6 Cyl 8065 eng). 1380; 1380DT. 420(AD4-235 eng). 466. 480. 500(Ford 4-172 eng). 566. 580. 60-66; 60-66DT(Fiat 3 Cyl 8035 eng). 620(AD4-235 eng). 640. 6400(Perkins eng). 6450; 6455(Perkins eng). 65-46; 65-46DT(Fiat 8045 eng). 6650; 6655(Perkins eng). 665C; 666; 766. 666; 766. 680. 70-66; 70-66DT; 80-66; 80-66DT(Fiat 8045 eng). 780. 80-90(Fiat 4 Cyl 8045 eng). 8100(Iveco eng). 8200(Iveco eng). 980. Himoinsa GEHIW-40; GOHIW-40(Iveco 8045 eng). GEHIW-40X; GOHIW-40X(Iveco 8041 eng). Hitachi EX135(Fiat 8045.25T eng). EX30-2. FH120; FH130. FH150; FH150W. FH85W(Perkins eng). FR100(Iveco eng). FR100L(Fiat eng). FR130; FR130-2(Iveco eng). SL65B(New Holland BSD332T eng). UH06DT; UH07(6.354 eng). W50; W60; W70(704.30 eng). W90(Iveco 8045 eng). Hobart D403P(Perkins eng). Holder B50; BS50. B51; BS51. Hotchkiss D90(6.305 eng). DH50(4.192 eng). DH80(6.305 eng). DP60; DP70; DP80(4.236 eng). Hough HA; HAB; HAC(Hercules D2300 eng). HF; HFC; HFH(Hercules D2300 eng). HF; HFH; HFC(Hercules D2300 eng). Huerlimann Club H-358-4 48kW 65hp(1000.3AD eng). Club H-468-4 Basso(1000.4W eng). Club H-468-4(1000.4W eng). COM3 H361 XF. COM3 H476 XF. COM3 H481 XF. COM3 H491 XF. COM3 XF100. COM3 XF100. COM3 XF70. COM3 XF70. COM3 XF75. COM3 XF75. COM3 XF90. COM3 XF90. H335. H335F. H345. H345. H345 33kW 45hp(983L eng). H351 37kW 50hp(983LA eng). H355. H355; H360; H460; H465; H470; H480; H485. H355; H360; H460; Hh465; H470; H480; H485; H490. H3-55; H4-65; H4-85. H355F. H356. H356; H466; H466-4. H358(H-1000.3 W eng). H358.4. H358-4; H358 Prestige. H35FDT. H360. H361 Frutteto; H476 Frutteto. H361; H361F; H361V; H361XF 44kW 60hp(1000.3; Same 1053 P eng). H362; H372(H-1000.3 AT eng). H372 Turbo. H4105DT Turbo 76kW 103hp(H-1000.4 WT eng). H460. H465. H466; H466.4 48kW 65hp. H468; H468.4 51kW 70hp(H-1000.4 W eng). H468; H478; H478-4; H478 Prestige. H470 55kW 75hp. H476; H476F; H476XF; 476.4 55kW 75hp(H-1000.3 WT eng). H478; H478.4 65kW 88hp(H-1000.4 W1 eng). H480 60kW 82hp. H481XF 59kW 80hp(H-1000.4 W eng). H485. H486 Turbo. H488 Turbo 65kW 88hp(H-1000.4 WT eng). H488; H490; H5110. H488T. H490. H490 Turbo 70kW 95hp. H491XF 64kW 87hp(H-1000.4 WT eng). H5110 85kW 115hp. H5110(5cyl eng). H606 XA DT 44kW 60hp(1000.3W1 eng). H607 XA DT 52kW 71hp(1000.4W4 eng). H6165 DT 120kW 164hp(1000.6WTI eng). H6190 139kW 190hp(1000.6WTIR eng). H655 XA 41kW 56hp(1000.3A eng). H656 XA DT; H656 XA T 47kW 64hp(1000.3W1 eng). H657 XA 53kW 72hp(1000.4A eng). H658 XA 61kW 83hp(1000.4AT eng). H706 XN 44kW 60hp(1003.3W eng). H707 XN 51kW 70hp(1000.4W eng). H708 XN 59kW 80hp(1000.4W eng). H709 XN 65kW 89hp(1000.4W eng). H908 XT DT 63kW 86hp(1000.4WT3 eng). H909 XT DTA 70kW 95hp(1000.4WT2 eng). H910.4 XT DTA 76kW 104hp(1000.4WT1 eng). HH478-4. Joker 60(1000.3-W3 eng). Joker 70(1000.3-WT3E eng). Joker 75.4(1000.4-W4 eng). Joker 75.4E(1000.4-W4 eng). Joker 80.4. Joker 80.4E. Joker COM3 65(1000.3-WTIE3 PF47 eng). Joker COM3 75(1000.3-WTIE3 PF47 eng). XB COM3 105. XB COM3 105 T Tradition. XB COM3 90. XB COM3 90 T Tradition. XB-75T; XB-75TB 55kW 75hp(1000.4 W EURO II eng). XB-85T; XB-85TB 63kW 85hp(1000.4 WT EURO II eng). XB-95T; XB-95TB 67kW 91hp(1000.4 WT EURO II eng). XE COM3 65(1000.3-WTE3 PF47 eng). XE COM3 75(1000.3-WTIE3 PF47 eng). XE COM3 80. XE Tradition 55 . XE Tradition 70 . XE Tradition F 70 . XS100. XS75. XS90. Hustler Super Z(3013 eng). Hydramac 2200(TMD27 eng). H115TS; H115 Super(T6.354.4 eng). H75; HDS; HG75(4.236 eng). H95; H95 Europa; HG95(6.354.4 eng). Hydrema 26F4 Centre Post(Ford 3cyl eng). 26F4(Ford 3cyl eng). 604; 614. 800; 805; 807; 808. 800MBC; 805(4.248 D eng). 805(4.248 eng). 807 4x4; 808 4x4(4.248 D eng). 808; 808S; 808T. 808; 808S; 808T(1004-4T eng). 905; 906; 918. 910 10 Ton. Hydrovane 125DS(Ford 2722E eng). 152DS(Ford 2722E eng). 152GT; 180GT; 280D(6.354 eng). 152GT; 180GT; 280D(Ford 2704E; 2711E eng). 180DS(Ford 2722E eng). 390D. 85DS; 110DS(D3.152 eng). GT Portable 130; 180 c.f.m.(Ford 2701E eng). H90D; H150D. HV4P; HV4PG; HV5P(4.108 eng). HV7(Ford 2722E eng). HV7F. Hymac 1050(Volvo D70D eng). 1051(Volvo D70D eng). 121 B(4.248 eng). 121B(4.248 eng). 121B; 141B(4.248 eng). 141B(4.248 eng). 141B(4.248 eng). 161(6.354 eng). 161(6.354 eng). 181(6.354 eng). 181(6.354 eng). 181; 191(6.354 eng). 191(6.354 eng). 191(T6.354 eng). 221(T6.354 eng). 221(T6.354.4 eng). 221(T6.354.4 eng). 270(Ford eng). 270; 370; 570(Ford eng). 270; 570(Ford eng). 35AWS(Perkins eng). 35AWS(Perkins eng). 35AWS(Perkins eng). 370(Ford eng). 370; 370C(Leyland eng). 370C(Ford eng). 370C(Ford eng). 370C(Ford eng). 370C(Leyland 4.98 eng). 370C(Leyland eng). 480(Perkins eng). 480(Perkins eng). 480(T6.354 eng). 500(154H eng). 570(Ford 5000 eng). 570(Ford 5000 eng). 580; 580T(Ford 2703E eng). 580BT(Ford 2703/13E eng). 580BT; 580C(6DA eng). 580BT; 580C; 590(6DA eng). 580BT; 580C; 590(Ford 2703; 2713E eng). 580BT; 590; 610C(Ford eng). 580C(Ford 2703/13E eng). 580C; 580D(6.354; T6.354 eng). 580C; 580D(6.354; T6.354 eng). 580C; 580D(Ford eng). 580C; 580D(T6.354 eng). 590(6DA eng). 590(Ford 2703/2713E eng). 590; 890(T6.354 eng). 590C(Ford 2713/2715E eng). 590C(Ford 2713E; 2715E eng). 590C(Ford eng). 590C(T6.354 eng). 590C(T6.354 eng). 590C(T6.354 eng). 595(6.354; T6.354 eng). 595(Ford 2715E eng). 595; 596(6.354; T6.354 eng). 595; 596(Ford 2715E eng). 595; 596(Ford eng). 595; 596(T6.354 eng). 596(6.354; T6.354 eng). 596(Ford 2715E eng). 610C(6.354 eng). 610C(6.354 eng). 610C(Ford 2703/2713E eng). 610C(Ford 2703E; 2713E eng). 610C(Ford eng). 610C(Ford eng). 610C(Perkins eng). 630; 630LGP; 630W. 690. 690(466 eng). 690(Perkins eng). 690(T6.354 eng). 690; 890(466 cu in eng). 690; 890(T6.354 eng). 880C(Volvo D70D eng). 880C(Volvo eng). 880C; 1050; 1051; 1150(Volvo D70D eng). 890(466 eng). 890(Perkins eng). 890(T6.354 eng). H25B. H60B. H65C. L100B. L100B II. L125B. L125B II. L165. TD8B. W161(6.354.4 eng). W161(6.354.4 eng). Hyster C200A; C200B; C210A(F3L812 eng). C225A(4.236 eng). C225A(6.354 eng). C225A; C250A; C340A; C340D; C350A; C350B; C350D; C530A; C550A; C610A; C615A; C615B; C620B; C625A; C625B; C627B(4.236; 6.354 eng). C250A(6.354 eng). C330A(4.154 eng). C330A; C530A(4.154 eng). C340A; C340B(6.354 eng). C340A; C340D(4.236 eng). C350A; C350B; C350D(4.236 eng). C350A; C350B; C350D(6.354 eng). C500A(6.354 eng). C530A(6.354 eng). C550A(6.354 eng). C550A(6.354 eng). C610A(6.354 eng). C615A; C615B(6.354 eng). C625A; C625B(6.354 eng). C627B(6.354 eng). H100; H100C(4.203 eng). H100B(Perkins eng). H100C(4.236 eng). H100C; H100RC; H100SC; H100TC; H120C; H120RC; H120SC; H120TC(6.305 eng). H100C; H120C; H110F; H150F(4.236 eng). H110F(4.236 eng). H120; H120C(4.203 eng). H120B(Perkins eng). H120C(4.236 eng). H150F(4.236 eng). H30E; H30F; H30H; H30HE; H30UE; H30YE(Perkins eng). H30E; H30UE; H30YE; H30HE; H30F; H30H; H60B; H60C; H60F; H60H; H90B; H90C; H100B; H120B(Perkins eng). H360A; H400A; H460A(6.354 eng). H40F(4.203 eng). H40JS(Perkins eng). H40JS; H60JS. H60; H60C; H70; H80; H80C; H100; H100C; H120; H120C(4.203 eng). H60B; H60C; H60F; H60H(Perkins eng). H60E; H110E. H60F(4.203 eng). H60JS(Perkins eng). H70(4.203 eng). H80; H80C(4.203 eng). H90B; H90C(Perkins eng). KE(4.203 eng). KE(4.203 eng). M200H(6.354 eng). M200H; M400H(6.354 eng). M400H(6.354 eng). P125A(Perkins eng). P125A; P150B; P180A; P200B(Perkins eng). P150B(6.354 eng). P150B(Perkins eng). P150B; P200B(6.354 eng). P150B; P200B(Perkins eng). P180A(Perkins eng). P40A(4.154 eng). P40A; P50A(4.154 eng). P50A(4.154 eng). P60A(4.236 eng). P60A; P80A(4.236 eng). P80A(4.236 eng). RC100; H150E; RC150; SC150; TC150; RC160; SC160; TC160; TC165; RC180; RC180E; SC180; TC180; TD180; H185; H200; M200E; M200F; RC200; SC200; TC200; TD200; H225E; TC225; TD225; H250E; H300E; M300E; M300F(P6 eng). S125A; S150A; S60E; S100E(Perkins eng). S3.0XM. S30C; S50C; S60B; S100(Perkins eng). S30ES; S60ES(Perkins eng). Ikarus 543.17 PSG 4 49kW 67hp(Renault-720 eng). IME M93(Indenor XDP6.90 eng). SM80; SM90(Indenor XDP6.90 eng). Indenor TMD 804. TMD4; TMD80; TMD85. XD; XDF 4.90 Diesel; XDP 4.85; 4.88. XD2; XD2P; XD2P 4.94; XD3. XD2S. XDP 6/90. XLD 4 Cyl Diesel. Ingersoll Rand DR140; DR175(Ford 2701E eng). DR250(6.354 eng). DR250; DRAP250(Ford 2714E eng). DR250; DRAP250; DRP250(6.354 eng). DR85; DRP85; DRAP85; DR100; DR100S(3.152 eng). DRAF125; DRAF125S; DRAF140; DRAF150; DRF150; DR150; DRAF175(4.236 eng). DRAF125; DRAF125S; DRAF140; DRP140; DRP140S; DRAF150; DR150S; DRF175; DRF175S(Ford 2711E eng). DRAF125; DRAF175(Ford 2701E eng). DRAF250; DRF250; DRF250S; DR250(Ford 2704E; 2714E eng). DRAP125; DRAP140; DRAP150; DRAP175(4.236 eng). DRF85; DRF85S; DR100; DR100S(Ford 2504E eng). DRP100(Perkins eng). DRP100; DRF140; DRP140. DRP140; DRP140S(Perkins eng). DRR365; DR600; DRR600(Rolls Royce C4NFL; C6NFL eng). DXL175(Hercules D2300 eng). DXL175(Hercules D2300 eng). IKA160; IKA210(IHC eng). P140WP(3.152 eng). SP42(Ford 2514E eng). Iveco 100.13(8060.04 eng). 100-13 Z 96kW 130hp(8060.04.660 eng). 109.14 Mk III; 109.14 Mk IV; 109.14 Zeta. 109-14 Z 102kW 139hp(8060.04.689 eng). 109-14 Zeta 102kW 139hp(8060.05.289 eng). 110.14. 110A1. 110AI(8060.02 eng). 110EL; 110P; 110R; 110T. 110NC 107kW 145hp(OM 8360.04.200 eng). 110NC 107kW 145hp(OM 8360.04.300 eng). 110NC(8060.02 eng). 110NC; 110NR; 110NT; 110PC(8060.02 eng). 110NC; NR 90kW 122hp(8060.02.000 eng). 110NC; NT 13 99kW 135hp(8060.04.000 eng). 110NC; PC 90kW 122hp(8060.02 eng). 110NL. 110NT 90kW 122hp(8060.02.000 eng). 110P; R; T 90kW 122hp(Fiat-8060.02 eng). 115.14. 115.14; 135.14. 115.17. 115.17; 135.17. 120.13. 120.13(8060.04 eng). 130NC 107kW 145hp(CP 3/42.300 eng). 130NC 107kW 145hp(OM-8360.04.300 eng). 130NC(OM CP3 eng). 130R; 130T 107kW 145hp(CP 3/42.. eng). 135.14(8060.02 eng). 135.17 Mk I. 145.17; 145.17R(8060.25 eng). 150F20; 159F20; 159NC29; 159.20T. 150NC 17 89kW 121hp(OM-8360.03 eng). 1713; 1913(Ford 130 6224cc Nat Asp 6cyl eng). 190. 2015; 2115(Ford 150 5947cc 6cyl eng). 20C; 24C; 34C; 36C; 36TCA; 38D; 46C; 46TC(OM603 eng). 242/15 46kW 62hp(Citr.-B22/615D. eng). 242/18 46kW 62hp(Citr.-B22/615D. eng). 242E 37kW 50hp(Citr. B 25/637 eng). 242E 37kW 50hp(Citr. CRD 93 B eng). 24C. 260; 260T(V85S eng). 28.8. 28F8(Sofim 8140 eng). 30.8. 30.8; 30.8 New Daily. 300-680 Turbo City 315.8.13 95kW 130hp(8060.04.051 eng). 300-680 Turbo City 315.8.17 123kW 168hp(8060.24.652 eng). 300-680 Turbo City 316.8.13 92kW 125hp(8060.04.052 eng). 300-680 Turbo City 682 N 3; N 4 130kW 177hp(203A/61 eng). 30F8; 32F8(Sofim 8140 eng). 30F8; 32F8; 35F8; 35.8; 35.9; 40F8(Sofim 8140 eng). 30U8 39kW 53hp(Fiat-8140.61 eng). 314.2(8060.11 eng). 314.2; 314.3; 315(8060.12 eng). 314/2; 314/3. 315.8.13; 316.8.13(8060.04 eng). 315.8.17(8060.24 eng). 32.8. 34C(CO 3.31 eng). 35.10. 35.10. 35.12. 35.8. 35.8; 35.8 New Daily; 35.9. 100EC 90kW 122hp(8060.02 eng). 100EC(8060.02 eng). 100F 13 71kW 96hp(8060.04 eng). 100F; F13(8060.04 eng). 100N 90kW 122hp(8340.05.291 eng). 100N 90kW 122hp(Fiat-8060.02 eng). 100NC 90kW 122hp(8060.02 eng). 100NC(8060.02 eng). 35F8. 35U8 39kW 53hp(Fiat-8140.61 eng). 36C; 38D(CO 3.31 eng). 40 60kW 82hp(Fiat-8040.02 eng). 40.10. 40.10. 40.12. 40.8. 40/35. 40/35 OM 60kW 82hp(8040.02 eng). 40F8. 40NC 60kW 82hp(8040.02.360 eng). 40NC; 40NC35; 50NC. 40U8 39kW 53hp(Fiat-8140.61 eng). 414; 416. 416A. 45.10. 45.10. 45.12. 49.10. 49.10. 49.12. 50- 8 Z 63kW 85hp(8040.04.200 eng). 50 82kW 112hp(CO 3/41 eng). 50.8(Fiat 8040.04 eng). 50.8; 55.8; 60.8(8040.02 eng). 50A1. 50A1(8040.02 eng). 50A1; 65PC(Sofim 8040; 8060 eng). 50AL; 50NC(Fiat 8040.02 eng). 50F8 46kW 63hp(8040.04.200 eng). 50F8; 60F8; 70.12; 90PM. 50NC. 50NC 60kW 82hp(8040.02 eng). 50NC 60kW 82hp(8040.02 eng). 50NC; 55NC(8040.02 eng). 50NC; 55NC; 80NC; 80NR; 80NT; 100EC(Fiat 8060 eng). 55 110kW 150hp(CO 3/41 eng). 55.8(Fiat 8040.04 eng). 55-13 Z 99kW 135hp(8060.04.658 eng). 55-14 Zeta 101kW 138hp(8060.05.246 eng). 55F 9 49kW 66hp(OM-8340.04 eng). 55L. 55L; 70L(Fiat 8160 eng). 55NC(Fiat 8040.02 eng). 59.10; 59.12. 60- 8 Z 46kW 63hp(8040.04.200 eng). 60.8(Fiat 8040.04 eng). 616(237AG eng). 616L; 616N2; 616N2A; 616N3; 616N4. 616N2. 616N2(803 A eng). 616N2; 616N4(804 A eng). 616N3 46kW 62hp(8030.02 eng). 616N3; 616N4 60kW 82hp(8040.02 eng). 616N3; 616N4 60kW 82hp(8040.02 eng). 619N1 191kW 260hp(8210.02 eng). 625N1; 625N2; 625N3; 625N3S. 625N2; 625N3. 625N2P. 625N2P. 625N3P 56kW 76hp(8040.02.041 eng). 645N1; 645N2; 645N3; 650E(806A; 8060.02 eng). 645N1; 645N3; 650E; 650E1; 650N1; 650N2; 650N3; 655N; 655N1A; 655N1B; 662N; 662N1; 662N2; 662N1P; 662N3P; 662N3PR. 650N. 650N(213 A eng). 650N1; 650N2; 650N3(8060 eng). 65-10 Z 74kW 100hp(8340.04.200/250 eng). 65-14 Z 99kW 135hp(8060.04.620; 8060.04.621 eng). 655N(806A; 8060.02 eng). 65P; 65PC. 65P; 65PC. 65P; 65PC; 75P; 75PC; 90P; 90PC(Fiat 8040; 8042; 8060 eng). 65PC 60kW 82hp(8040.02 eng). 65PC 60kW 82hp(8040.04.280 eng). 662N1; 662N2(806A; 8060.02 eng). 662N1; 662N2; 662N3(8060 eng). 662N2P; 662N3; 662N3P(8060.82 eng). 672N. 672N(8060.82 eng). 672N(806A; 8060.02 eng). 6RB1. 70L. 75-13 W Zeta 102kW 138hp(8060.05.270 eng). 75-14 PM Z 99kW 135hp(8060.04.070 eng). 75P; 75PC(Iveco eng). 75P; 75PC(OM eng). 75PC 90kW 122hp(8060.02.070 eng). 79.10; 79.13; 80.13; 90.13; 100.13(Fiat 8060 eng). 79.14(8060.04 eng). 79-13 Z 71kW 96hp(8060.04.060; 8060.04.660 eng). 79-14 Z 102kW 139hp(8060.04.660 eng). 79F13 96kW 131hp(8060.04.660 eng). 79F13(8060.04 eng). 80.13(GAMMA Z eng). 80.13; 90.13; 100.13. 80.14; 80.14W 4x4; 80.16 4x4; 110.14; 110.14P 4x4(8060.05 eng). 80.16W; 90.16W(8060.24; 8060.25 eng). 80.17. 80.17W Lorraine 170. 8035. 8035; 8040; 8045-1. 8040. 8040.25. 8041. 8041 M08; 8041 M09. 8045. 8045.1; 8060.1. 804AM; 8031i; 8035i; 8035M; 8040i; 8041i; 8041C; 8045i.05; 8045i. 804AM; 804M. 804i; 8041i 05; 806AM; 806SM; 806i; 806i TC; 8051i; 8060i 8060Si; 8061i; 8061Si 25; 8065i. 8051. 806. 806; 852. 8060. 8060.24; 8060.25. 8060; 8060i; 8065; 8065i. 8061. 8061 M12; 8061 M14. 8061.25. 8062.24; 8062.25. 8065. 8065. 8065 M12. 806AM. 80F(8060.04 eng). 80F; 80F13; 80NC; 80NR; 80NT; 90F; 90F13; 90NC; 100F; 100F13; 100EC; 100NC; 100NT; 110NC; 110NL; 110NR; 110PC; 110NT. 80F13 71kW 96hp(8060.04 eng). 80NC(8060.02 eng). 80NC; 80NR; 80NT. 80NC; 80NT 90kW 122hp(8060.02 eng). 8131. 8131i; 8140.61; 8141i; 8160. 8140. 8140.21 Turbo. 88141. 88160. 90.13(GAMMA Z eng). 90F(8060.04 eng). 90F13 71kW 96hp(8060.04.055 eng). 90NC 90kW 122hp(8060.02 eng). 90NC 90kW 122hp(8060.02 eng). 90NC(8060.02 eng). 90P; 90PC. 90P; 90PC. 95.14. 95.14. 95.17; 109.17; 110.17; 115.17(8060.24; 8060.25 eng). A30.8; A35.8; A40.8; A40.10. A30.8; A35.8; A40.8; A40.10(8140.61 eng). A40.8; A40.10(8140.21 eng). A55.13; A90.13; A90.14. A60-10 73kW 100hp(OM-8340.04.040 eng). A70-12 84kW 115hp(OM-8340.05.200 eng). A70-14 101kW 138hp(8060.05.246 eng). A79-14 101kW 138hp(8060.05.285 eng). A90.13. BE8440; BM8440 Model B73/50(Fiat 8210 eng). Cargo 0608; 0708; 0808(Ford 4.2L Dorset eng). Cargo 0609; 0709; 0809(Ford 90 4cyl eng). Cargo 0711; 0811; 0911; 1011; 1111; 1211; 1311; 1411; 1711(Ford 110 5947cc Nat Asp 6cyl eng). Cargo 0711; 0811; 0911; 1011; 1111; 1211; 1311; 1411; 1711(Ford Dorset 6.0L eng). Cargo 0712; 0812; 0912; 1012; 1112; 1312; 1512; 1712; 1912(Ford Dorset 6.2L eng). Cargo 0713; 0813; 0913; 1013; 1113; 1213; 1313; 1413; 1513; 1613; 1713(Ford 130 6224cc Nat Asp 6cyl eng). Cargo 0815; 0915; 1115; 1215; 1315; 1415; 1515; 1615; 1715(Ford 150 5947cc 6cyl eng). Cargo 0914; 1114; 1314; 1514; 1614; 2014; 2114(Ford Dorset 6.0L eng). Daily 2.5 Litre Diesel 35.8 75bhp. Daily 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel 35.10; 40.10; 45.10; 49.10; 4x4 40.10W(8140.21 Di 2445cc eng). Daily 30.F8; 32F8; 35.8; 35F8; 40F8 2.5 Litre Diesel. Daily 35.10; 40.10; 45.10; 49.10; 4x4 40.10W 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel 8140.21 Di 2445cc. Daily 35.8 2.5 Litre Diesel 75bhp. Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 30-8 2445cc Diesel 60kW 82hp(8140.61.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 30-8 60kW 82hp(8140.61.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 35- 8 2445cc Diesel 60kW 82hp(8140.61.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 35- 8 60kW 82hp(8140.61.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 35-10 Turbo 2445cc Diesel 76kW 103hp(8140.21.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 35-10 Turbo 76kW 103hp(8140.21.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 40- 8 2445cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(8140.61.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 40- 8 55kW 75hp(8140.61.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 40-10 Turbo 2499cc Diesel 76kW 103hp(8140.27 S eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 40-10 Turbo 76kW 103hp(8140.27 S eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 45-10 Turbo 2445cc Diesel 76kW 103hp(8140.21.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 45-10 Turbo 76kW 103hp(8140.21.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 49-10 Turbo 2445cc Diesel 77kW 105hp(8140.21.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 49-10 Turbo 2445cc Diesel 77kW 105hp(8140.21.214 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 49-10 Turbo 77kW 105hp(8140.21.200 eng). Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 49-10 Turbo 77kW 105hp(8140.21.214 eng). Daily II (89-99) 30-8 H 2499cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(8140.07.2700 eng). Daily II (89-99) 30-8 H 55kW 75hp(8140.07.2700 eng). Daily II (89-99) 35- 8 2499cc Diesel 60kW 82hp(8140.07.2700;12 eng). Daily II (89-99) 35- 8 60kW 82hp(8140.07.2700;12 eng). Daily II (89-99) 35- 8 H 2499cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(8140.07.2700 eng). Daily II (89-99) 35- 8 H 55kW 75hp(8140.07.2700 eng). Daily II (89-99) 40- 8 2499cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(8140.07.2700 eng). Daily II (89-99) 40- 8 55kW 75hp(8140.07.2700 eng). Ducato 2.0 Litre Diesel(Citroen CRD eng). Ducato Maxi 4x4 2.5 Litre Sofima 8144.67 2499cc Diesel. Grinta 30 OM 8 39kW 53hp(8140.61 eng). Grinta 32 OM 8 39kW 53hp(8140.61 eng). Grinta 35 OM 8 39kW 53hp(8140.61 eng). Grinta 40 OM 8 39kW 53hp(8140.61 eng). H120.13ANW(8060.04 eng). M115-14 100kW 139hp(8060.04.630 eng). M115-17 130kW 175hp(8060.24.601 eng). M145-17 130kW 175hp(8060.25.600 eng). M95-14 102kW 139hp(8060.04.669 eng). MK110-14 99kW 135hp(8060.04.639; 8060.04.675 eng). MK110-17 W 130kW 175hp(8060.24.678 eng). MK135-14 102kW 139hp(8060.04.630 eng). MK135-17 130kW 175hp(8060.24.601 eng). MK80-14 PM 73kW 99hp(8060.04.670; 8060.04.672 eng). MK80-16 118kW 160hp(8060.24.670; 8060.24.671 eng). MK90-13 96kW 130hp(8060.04.055; 8060.04.060 eng). MK90-13 96kW 130hp(Fiat-8060.04. eng). MK90-14 101kW 138hp(8060.05.246 eng). MK90-16 PM 118kW 160hp(8062.24.070 eng). N100. OM100; OM110; OM120; OM130(Fiat 8060 eng). OM110; OM110A/1; OM110P; OM110R; OM110T; Fiat OM110NC; OM110NR; OM110NT; OM110PC. OM40; OM40.35; Fiat OM40NC; OM40NC 35; OM50NC; OM55NC. OM65(Iveco eng). OM65(OM eng). OM75(Iveco eng). OM80; OM90P; OM90PC; OM100; Fiat OM80NC; OM90NC; OM100EC; OM100EL; OM100NC(8060.02 eng). OM80NC(CO3/7 eng). OM90(Iveco eng). Orsetto 2A. Orsetto Orsetto N-L (804 A 5.001 eng). PKPK 450(4.236 eng). Poker 315.8.17 IVECO 124kW 168hp(Fiat-8060.24 eng). Pokerino. R81. SC28(Saviem 797 eng). SG5(Saviem 712-01 eng). Z100; Z100A(F5L912 eng). Z110 81kW 110hp(8060.04.661 eng). Z110 81kW 110hp(8060.04.661 eng). Z110; Z110A(8060 eng). Z120 TA 96kW 120hp(8060.24.661; 8060.24.64 eng). Z120; Z220; Z230; Z350(8060.24; 8060.25 eng). Z220 96kW 120hp(8060.04.662 eng). Z220 96kW 120hp(8060.04.662 eng). Z220 96kW 120hp(8060.05.662 eng). Z220 T 96kW 120hp(8060.24.661 eng). Z220 T 96kW 120hp(8060.24.662 eng). Z230 T 96kW 130hp(8060.24.662; 8060.24.673 eng). Z235 T 100kW 135hp(8060.25.630; 8060.25.631 eng). Z340 T 103kW 140hp(8060.24.643 eng). Zeta 50.8; 55.8; 60.8(8040.04 eng). Zeta 50.9; 65.9(8040.05 eng). Zeta 65.14; 79.14; 85.14(8060.04; 8060.05 eng). Zeta 79.13; 80.13; 90.13; 100.13; 110.13(8060.04 eng). Zeta 79.14.1(8060.25 eng). Zeta 95.14.1; 109.14.1(8060.05 eng). Zeta 95.14; 109.14(Fiat 8060.04 eng). Jacobsen F10; HF15(Perkins eng). G20D(AD3.152 eng). HR15(4.236 eng). Jaeger DS175A. JCB 100(6.354 eng). 1000(6.354 eng). 1000(6.354 eng). 1000(Ford 2703 eng). 110(1006.6 eng). 110; 110B; 110C(4.248 eng). 1115 Fastrack. 1115 Fastrack. 112(6.354 eng). 112(6.354 eng). 114(T6.354 eng). 114(T6.354 eng). 125. 1250(6.354 eng). 1250(6.354 eng). 130(1006.6T eng). 135 Eco(Perkins eng). 1400B; 1700B(Perkins eng). 145(Turbo eng). 1500(Leyland 680 eng). 150Robot; 165 Robot(1.9L eng). 150Robot; 165 Robot(Peugeot XUD9 1.9L eng). 150T(160TW eng). 1550; 1550B(Perkins eng). 160 Robot; 160HF Robot(104.22 eng). 160 Robot; 160HF Robot(404C-22; 404C-22T eng). 160 Robot; 160HF Robot(404D-22; 404D-22T eng). 165 Robot. 165(Peugeot 1.9T eng). 170Robot; 170HF Robot(104.22 eng). 170Robot; 170HF Robot(404C-22; 404C-22T eng). 170Robot; 170HF Robot(404D-22; 404D-22T eng). 1750(6.354; T6.354 eng). 1750(Leyland 400 eng). 1750(T6.354 eng). 180 Robot; 180HF Robot(404C-22; 404C-22T eng). 180 Robot; 180T Robot(404D-22; 404D-22T eng). 180T Robot(404C-22; 404C-22T eng). 1CX. 1CX 31kW 42hp(Peugeot XVD9 1.9 eng). 1CX HF(104.22 eng). 1CX HF(404C-22 eng). 1CX HF(404D-22 eng). 1CX(104.22 eng). 1CX(404C-22 eng). 1CX(404D-22 eng). 1CX(Peugeot 1.9 eng). 1CX; 1D(Petter PH2 eng). 2. 2; 2B(BMC 10-42 eng). 2; 2B(BMC 10-45 eng). 2; 2B; 2D; 2DS; 2SB; 3; 3C; 3CS; 3CX; 3C11; 3CS11; 3D; 3S; 3X; 4C; 4D(Leyland 10/42; 10/45; 10/60; 10/65; 231 eng). 2; 2B; 2D; 2DS; 2SB; 3; 3C; 3CX; 3CS; 3C11; 3CS11; 3D; 3S; 3X; 4C; 4D(Leyland 4.98 eng). 2; 2B; 3; 3CS; 4(Ford 956E eng). 2; 2B;2D; 2DS; 2SB(Ley. 10-42/45/60/65 eng). 2000(Leyland 680 eng). 2000(Leyland AD400 eng). 208S. 210S; 210SL; 210SU(1004-4 eng). 2CX. 2CX 4 34kW 46hp(D3.152 eng). 2CX II 4x4x4 48kW 65hp(1004.4 eng). 2CX(1004.4 eng). 2CX; 2CX(D3.152 eng). 2CX; 2CX(D3.152 eng). 2CXL 4x4x4 32kW 44hp(D3.152 eng). 2CXL 4x4x4 48kW 65hp(1004.4 eng). 2CXL(Perkins eng). 3(BMC 10-42 eng). 3(Leyland 10-45 eng). 3000(Leyland 680 eng). 3C 4 56kW 76hp(4.236 eng). 3C Mk II(4.248 eng). 3C Mk III; 3D Mk III(Leyland 4.98NT eng). 3C(Leyl. 231 eng). 3C; 3C Mk III; 3CX; 3CXT; 3D; 3D Mk III; 4C(6.354; T6.354 eng). 3C; 3C Mk III; 3CX; 3CXT; 3D; 3D Mk III; 4C(T4.236 eng). 3C; 3C2 55kW 75hp(4.236 eng). 3C; 3CX; 3CXT; 3D(Leyl. 4.98TT Turbo eng). 3C; 3CX; 3D; 3DS; 3DX; 3S; 3X(Leyl. 4.98NT eng). 3C; 3D; 3S; 3X(Ley. 10-42/45/60/45 eng). 3C; 3D; 4(BMC 10-60 eng). 3CX. 3CX. 3CX. 3CX. 3CX 2 56kW 76hp(4.236 eng). 3CX 2/2S 57kW 78hp(1004.4 eng). 3CX 2ED; 3CX SED 57kW 78hp(1004.4 eng). 3CX 4 57kW 78hp(1004.4 eng). 3CX 4 ED 67kW 91hp(T1004.4 eng). 3CX 4ED 56kW 76hp(4.236 eng). 3CX 4ST 67kW 91hp(T1004.4 eng). 3CX 4x4 67kW 91hp(T1004.4 eng). 3CX 4x4EDT 67kW 91hp(T1004.4 eng). 3CX 54kW 74hp(4.236 eng). 3CX Turbo(T4.236 eng). 3CX; 3D; 4C; 4CX(1004.4HR 3.99L eng). 3CXT; 4C(T4.236 eng). 3D 4STED 67kW 91hp(T1004.4 eng). 3DB 4EDT 60kW 82hp(T4.236 eng). 3DS 2ED 56kW 76hp(4.236 eng). 3DS 4 56kW 76hp(4.236 eng). 3DS; 3DX; 4C(Leyland 4.98NT eng). 406. 406 34kW 46hp(D3.152 eng). 406(3.152 eng). 407 43kW 59hp(1004.4 eng). 407(Perkins eng). 407BZX 47kW 64hp(1004.40 eng). 408. 408 43kW 59hp(1004.4 eng). 408(Perkins eng). 409 43kW 59hp(1004.4 eng). 409(1004-4 eng). 409(Perkins eng). 410 54kW 74hp(1004.4 eng). 410 54kW 74hp(4.236 eng). 410(4.236 eng). 410(4.236 eng). 410(Leyl. 4.98 eng). 410(Leyland 4.98 eng). 410(Leyland eng). 410; 415(1004.4HR; THR eng). 410M(4.236 eng). 410WD(1004.4HR eng). 411 56kW 76hp(1004.4 eng). 411(Perkins eng). 411BZX(1004.40 eng). 412. 412 Farm Master(4.236 eng). 412 Farm Master(Perkins eng). 412(T4.236 eng). 412(Turbo eng). 412; 415(4.236; T4.236 eng). 412E. 412E. 413(6.354 eng). 413; 418(6.354; T6.354 eng). 413; 418(6.354; T6.354 eng). 414. 415 66kW 90hp(1004.4T eng). 415(4.236 eng). 415(4.236T eng). 415WD(1004.4THR eng). 416 70kW 95hp(1006.6 eng). 416(Perkins eng). 416(Perkins eng). 418(T6.354 eng). 420 80kW 109hp(6.354 eng). 420(6.354 eng). 420(6.354.4 eng). 420WD(6.354.4 eng). 423(Leyl. 680 eng). 423(Leyland 680 eng). 425. 425 80kW 109hp(1006.6 eng). 425(1006.6 eng). 425(6.354 eng). 428. 428(Leyl. 690 eng). 428; 428C(Leyland eng). 430. 430 102kW 139hp(T6.354 eng). 430(T6.354.4 eng). 430WD(T6.354.4 eng). 435. 435. 435 115kW 157hp(1006.6 eng). 435(Perkins eng). 435(Perkins eng). 436B(Perkins eng). 4C(Leyl. 4.98TT Turbo eng). 4C; 4CX Turbo(T4.236 eng). 4C; 4D(Leyl. 10-60/65 eng). 4CX. 4CX 4x4x4 72kW 98hp(T1004.4 eng). 4CX Perkins(Turbo eng). 505-10. 505-19; 505-36. 505-22. 505-22(Perkins eng). 506-36. 506B Loadall(1004-4HR eng). 508-40 Loadall. 508-40; 510-40(Perkins eng). 510-40 Loadall(Perkins eng). 520; 520/2; 520/4; 520HL; 520M; 520M/4(4.236 eng). 520-40(404C-22; 404D-22 eng). 520-55(Perkins eng). 520HL-2; 520HL-4. 520M/2; 520M/4(Leyland 4.98NT eng). 520M-2/4. 525 Loadall. 525; 525B; 525B/2; 525B/4; 525B-HL(4.236 eng). 525-38(Perkins eng). 525-50(1004 eng). 525-58. 525-58(1004.4HR; 1004.4HRT eng). 525-58(Turbo eng). 525-58; 525-67. 525-67. 525-67(1004.4HR eng). 525B F-L. 525B-2; 525B-4. 525B-2; 525B-4. 525B-4HL Loadall; 530B-HL Loadall(Perkins eng). 526-55(Perkins eng). 530 Compensated(4.236 eng). 530/120(Perkins eng). 530; 530/2; 530/4; 530HL/2; 530HL/4(4.236 eng). 530-110(Perkins eng). 530-120; 530-120(Perkins eng). 530-67(1004.4HR eng). 530-95(Perkins eng). 530B. 530B(4.236; T4.236 eng). 530B2; 530B4(4.236 eng). 530-HL. 535-67(Perkins eng). 540B(T4.236 eng). 540B2; 540B4(Perkins eng). 540BM2(Perkins eng). 5C(4.248 eng). 5C(6.354 eng). 5C(6.354 eng). 5C; 6; 6C; 6D; 7; 7B; 7C; 8; 8C; 8D; 805; 806; 806B; 806C; 807; 807B; 807C; 808; 808D(6.354; T6.354 eng). 5C; 806; 806B; 807(4.248 eng). 6(4.236 eng). 6; 6C; 6D; 7; 7C; 805(Ford 590E; 2711E eng). 6; 805B; 805BT(4.236; T4.236 eng). 6C(6.354 eng). 6C(Ford 2703 eng). 6C; 6D(6.354 eng). 6C; 6D(Ford 590E/2711E eng). 7; 7B; 7C(6.354 eng). 7; 7B; 7C(Ford 590E/2711E eng). 700. 700(Leyland 231 eng). 700(Leyland 231 eng). 700(Leyland 4.98 eng). 700(Leyland 4.98 eng). 702(4.236 eng). 702(4.248 eng). 702; 704(4.236 eng). 702; 704(4.236 eng). 702; 704(4.248 eng). 704(4.236 eng). 704(4.248 eng). 712. 712 84kW 115hp(1006.6 eng). 712(6.354.4 eng). 712(6.354.4 eng). 712; 716(1006HR; 1006H eng). 716. 716 102kW 139hp(1006.6 eng). 7C(6.354 eng). 8; 8C; 8D(6.354 eng). 8; 8C; 8D(T6.354 eng). 8008 Micro(403C-07; 403D-07 eng). 801. 801.4(103.10 eng). 801.4; 801.5; 801.6 12kW 16hp(103.10 eng). 801.5; 801.6(103.10 eng). 801.5; 801.6(Perkins eng). 801; 801.4(103.10 eng). 801-4. 801-5. 8015(103.10 eng). 8015; 8015-2(103.10 eng). 8016 13kW 18hp(103.10 eng). 8016; 8017; 8018(103.10 eng). 8017 13kW 18hp(103.10 eng). 8018 13kW 18hp(103.10 eng). 802. 802. 802 Super 24kW 33hp(103.15 eng). 802 Super; 803 Plus; 803 Super(103.15 eng). 8025. 803. 803. 803 24kW 33hp(103.5; 103.15 eng). 803 Plus. 803 Plus; 803 Super 24kW 33hp(103 eng). 803(103.05 eng). 803(103.05 eng). 803; 804(Perkins eng). 8032Z; 8032 ZTS(403-15 eng). 804. 804 Super 20kW 27hp(403-15 eng). 804(103 eng). 805. 805(4.248 eng). 805(4.248 eng). 805(Ford 2711E eng). 805(Perkins eng). 8052. 8052 34kW 46hp(Perkins eng). 805B Turbo(T4.236 eng). 805B(6.354 eng). 805B; 806B; 807B(Ford 2715E eng). 805BT(Perkins eng). 806(4.248 eng). 806B(Ford 2715E eng). 806C(6.354.4 eng). 806C; 807C; 807CL(6.354.4 eng). 806C; 807C; 807CL(Perkins eng). 807(Perkins eng). 807B(6.354 eng). 807B(Ford 2715E eng). 807C; 807CL(6.354.4; T6.354.4 eng). 808(T6.354 eng). 808(T6.354 eng). 80C. 811(T4.236 eng). 812 Super; 814 Super; 816 Super(6.354.4P 109bhp eng). 812; 814; 817; 818; 820(6.354 eng). 814. 814 Super(6.354.4 100bhp eng). 814S. 814S 84kW 115hp(1006.6 eng). 814S 84kW 115hp(1006.6 eng). 817(6.354.4 eng). 818 Super; 820 Super(T6.354 eng). 820(6.354 eng). 820D(T6.354 eng). 820S 103kW 140hp(T6.354 eng). 8C; 8D. 900(6.354 eng). 900; 902; 907; 1000; 1250; 1750(6.354; T6.354 eng). 902(6.354 eng). 907(6.354 eng). 907(Leyland UE400 eng). 907(T6.354 eng). 907(T6.354 eng). 907; 1750(Leyland 400 eng). 908(Leyland 680 eng). 908; 1500; 2000; 3000(Leyland 680; 690 eng). 926. 926(4.236 eng). 926; 930; 940(4.236 eng). 926-2; 926-4; 930-2; 930-4(1004.4HR eng). 930. 940. CB110(4.248 eng). Fastrac 110(1006.6 eng). Fastrac 1115(1006.6 eng). Fastrac 1115S(1006.6 eng). Fastrac 1125(1006.6 eng). Fastrac 1135. Fastrac 1135 737114. Fastrac 115(1006.6 eng). Fastrac 1155(1006.6 eng). Fastrac 125. Fastrac 125. Fastrac 125(1006.6 eng). Fastrac 125-30. Fastrac 125-30. Fastrac 125-55. Fastrac 125-65. Fastrac 130. Fastrac 130 T50(1006.6T eng). Fastrac 130 T65(1006.6T eng). Fastrac 130(1006.6T eng). Fastrac 130(1006.6T eng). Fastrac 130(1006.6T eng). Fastrac 135. Fastrac 135(1006.6THR eng). Fastrac 135T. Fastrac 145 T30(1006.6T eng). Fastrac 145 T40. Fastrac 145 T55. Fastrac 145 T65. Fastrac 145(1006.6T eng). Fastrac 145T. Fastrac 145T(1006.6T eng). Fastrac 150 T40. Fastrac 150 T65. Fastrac 150T. Fastrac 150T(160TW eng). Fastrac 155. Fastrac 155(1006.6T4 eng). Fastrac 155T. Fastrac 155T(Perkins eng). Fastrac 2115; 2115-4WS; 2115-4WC 95kW 130hp(1006.6T eng). Fastrac 2125; 2125-4WS; 2125-4WC 102kW 139hp(1006.6T eng). Fastrac 2135; 2135-4WS; 2135-4WC 108kW 147hp(1006.6T eng). Fastrac 2150 116kW 158hp(1006.6TW eng). Fastrac 3155 123kW 168hp(1006.6T4 eng). Fastrac 3155(1006-6T eng). Ground Hog 6x4(403C-07; 403D-07 eng). Loadall 505-19(Perkins eng). Loadall 505-22(Perkins eng). Loadall 505-36(Perkins eng). Loadall 508-40(Perkins eng). Loadall 510-40(Perkins eng). Loadall 520; 520-2; 520-4(Leyl. 4.98 eng). Loadall 520; 520M; 520M-2; 520M-4(4.236 eng). Loadall 520-55(Perkins eng). Loadall 525-38(Perkins eng). Loadall 525-58(1004.4 eng). Loadall 525-58(T1004.4 eng). Loadall 525-67(1004.4 eng). Loadall 527(Perkins eng). Loadall 530(4.236 eng). Loadall 530-110(Perkins eng). Loadall 530-120(Perkins eng). Loadall 530-67(1004.4 eng). Loadall 530-95(Perkins eng). Loadall 530B; 530B-2; 530B-4(4.236 eng). Loadall 530B; 530B-2; 530B-4(T4.236 eng). Loadall 535(Perkins eng). Loadall 540; 540B; 540B-2; 540B-4(T4.236 eng). Loadall 540BM2(Perkins eng). Robot. Robot 110; 110B; 110C(4.248 eng). Robot 112; 112C; 112E(6.354 eng). Robot 114(T6.354 eng). Robot 150(Peugeot eng). Robot 150(Peugeot XUD9 1.9 eng). Robot 165(Peugeot eng). Robot 165(Peugeot XUD9 1.9 eng). Robot 170 9802/4530(104.22 eng). Robot 170 9802/4570(404C-22;404C-22T eng). Robot 170 9802/5470(404D-22;404D-22T eng). Robot 170 Robot. Robot 170 Robot 9802/4530(400 Series eng). Robot 170HF 9802/4530(100 eng). Robot 170HF 9802/4530(400 Seris eng). Robot 170HF 9802/4570(404C-22;404C-22T eng). Robot 170HF 9802/4570(404D-22; 404D-22T eng). Robot 180 Robot 44kW 60hp(404DT-22 eng). Robot 185(Perkins eng). T2 Micro Plus(403C-07; 403D-07 eng). TH520; TH520-2; TH520-4(Leyland 4.98 eng). TH520; TH520-2; TH520-4; TH525; TH525-4(4.236; T4.236 eng). TH520; TH520-2; TH520-4; TH525; TH525-4(Leyland 4.98 eng). TH520; TH520M; TH525; TH525-4; TH525B; TH530(4.236; T4.236 eng). TLT25D; TLT30D(104.22 eng). TLT25D; TLT30D(404.22 eng). TLT30D HL; TLT35D(404C.22T eng). Jelcz W842K 235kW 320hp(WS Mielec MD111 eng). John Deere 1120; 1120LS 36kW 49hp(3164D eng). 1130 38kW 52hp(3164D eng). 1520. 1520 35kW 47hp. 152D. 155. 164D. 165. 1830. 1830 45kW 60hp(4219D eng). 2010 35kW 47hp. 2010; 2010C; 2010D. 2020. 2020. 2020 40kW 54hp(John Deere eng). 2020 44kW 60hp(4202D eng). 2030. 2030 50kW 68hp(4219D eng). 2100. 2120. 2120. 2120 50kW 68hp(4219D eng). 2130. 2130 55kW 75hp(4239D eng). 219D. 2250(219 eng). 2270(John Deere eng). 232. 248. 24D. 2510. 2510 37kW 50hp. 2520. 2520 46kW 62hp(John Deere eng). 300B. 301A. 302. 302A. 303. 3030. 310 24kW 33hp(3152D eng). 310A. 3164D. 329D. 330(John Deere eng). 3300. 3300(Gas eng). 1010. 1010; 1010C; 1010D. 1020. 1020; 1020OU; 1020VU 32kW 44hp(3152D eng). 1030 34kW 46hp(3164D eng). 105. 401B. 401C. 410. 410. 4219D. 430. 430(John Deere eng). 4400(219; 329 eng). 45. 450. 450B. 482(219 eng). 482(329 eng). 499(219 eng). 510 29kW 40hp(3152D eng). 530. 530. 544. 55. 600; 600A(152 eng). 630. 630. 6329D. 6600(329 eng). 699(303 eng). 699(329 eng). 700; 734(152 eng). 710 37kW 50hp(4152D eng). 730. 730(6.354 eng). 730(John Deere eng). 820; 820VU 26kW 35hp(3152D eng). 920 30kW 41hp(3152D eng). 925. 930. 930; 940. 932. 935. 940. 940. 942. 945. 948. 95(John Deere eng). 950. 952. 960. 970 82kW 111hp(Yanmar eng). 9900. JD165. JD24. JD300. JD300. JD301. JD301. JD310. JD310. JD350. JD350B. JD380. JD380. JD400; JD401. JD400; JD401. JD401A. JD440. JD440; JD440A; JD440B. JD480. JD480. JD480A; JD480B. JD480A; JD480B. JD540; JD540A. JD544; JD544A. JD570; JD570A. JD820. JD920. ME8TB; M63VA. Johnston 200B(330 cu in eng). D1210(4.236 eng). D1210(Ford 6 cyl eng). Johnston Trucks fitted with Leyland 6.98 Litre engine. Junior(Perkins eng). MK11D; MK200D(4.236 eng). MK11D; MK200D(Ford 2703 eng). MK11F; MK200F(Ford 6 cyl eng). MK11R; MK200LR(Leyland 5.7L eng). Perkins 4.236 Auxiliary. Jones 1F6(Ford 2711E eng). 1F8; 1F10(Ford 2713E eng). 355(Perkins eng). 461HT; 565HLB; 566HLB; 661HT; 851C; 851M; 851T; 971C(6.354 eng). 561HT(6.354 eng). 561HT(Leyland AV691 eng). 565C; 565M(4.236 eng). 565T(4.236 eng). 565T(Leyland AV691 eng). Amethyst 15/18; Onyx 12/14(466 cu in eng). Amethyst 15/18; Onyx 12/14(Leyland 401 eng). Opal(Ford 2703E eng). Joy D100S(Ford 172D eng). RPS175(Hercules D2300 eng). Kaelble SL11 101kW 138hp(1006.6 eng). Kalmar 10DK(Volvo D 70 eng). 12DK(Volvo D 70 eng). 15DK(Volvo D 70 eng). 3-500(4.236 eng). 3-500; 4-400; 5-500; 5; 5-600(4.236 eng). 4-500(4.236 eng). 5.5-600(4.236 eng). 5-500(4.236 eng). 5D(Volvo D70 eng). 5D; 8DK; 10DK; 12DK; 15DK; 65D; SL 8; SL 12; SL 15;. 5D; 8DK; 10DK; 12DK; 15DK; 65D;(Volvo D 70 eng). 65D(Volvo D 70 eng). 8DK(Volvo D70 eng). CQD2.5. Ljungby LT10(Volvo D 70 eng). Ljungby LT12(Volvo D 70 eng). Ljungby LT15(Volvo D 70 eng). Ljungby LT5(Volvo D 70 eng). Ljungby LT6(Volvo D 70 eng). Ljungby LT8(Volvo D 70 eng). LT5; LT 6; LT 8; LT 10; LT 12; LT 15; SL 8; SL 12; SL 15(Volvo D70 eng). SL Mk IV(Ford 2701E eng). SL12(Volvo D 70 eng). SL15(Volvo D 70 eng). SL4; SL5(Ford 2701E eng). SL5(Ford 2701E eng). SL6(Ford 2704E eng). SL6(Ford 2704E eng). SL8(Volvo D 70 eng). Karrier Bantam FB (4.203 eng). WC (4.236 eng). Kato HD350(4.236; 4.248 eng). HD350G(6.354 eng). HD550(6.354 eng). Kioti DK65; DK65C(Daedong 903.27T eng). Kobelco B100. Kockums 110(Ford 2701E eng). 115(Ford 2701E eng). 130(Volvo D70 eng). 230(Volvo D67/D70 eng). 411B(Ford-2704E eng). Koehring 5030 SkyTrac. 5522(Perkins eng). 7038(Ford eng). 8038(Ford eng). Fox 6250(T6.354 eng). Komatsu 266D. FA196(Perkins eng). PC120-5K; PC150HD-5K; PC150NHD-5K(1004.4T eng). PC180LC-5K; PC180LLC-5K; PC180NLC-5K(1006.6T eng). PC210; PC210LC-5K(1006.6T eng). PC95-1; PC95-2(1004.4 eng). Kramer 318 37kW 50hp(704.30 eng). 350; 351; 450; 452 Export. 418 44kW 60hp(704.30 eng). 520 Mk II 53kW 72hp(1004-4LR eng). 612DSM; 612DSBM; 612DSIM(1004-4T eng). 616 Mk II 73kW 100hp(1004-40T eng). 616S 75kW 102hp(1004-4T eng). 620 Mk II 60kW 82hp(1004-4 eng). 720 Mk II 74kW 100hp(1004-4T eng). 812 Mk III 72kW 96hp(1004-40T eng). Kubota 6030; 6030DT; 6030F. 7030; 7030DT; 7030F. M4950; M4950DT. M4950; M4950DT; M4950F. M5500 46kW 63hp(Kubota D3000 eng). M5500; M5500DT. M5500DT 40kW 55hp(D3000-A eng). M5950 45kW 61hp(Kubota D3200-A eng). M5950(D3200A eng). M5950; M5950DT; M5950F. M5950C(D3200 eng). M5950DT 43kW 58hp(D3200 eng). M5950DTC 43kW 58hp(D3200 eng). M5950DTS(D3200 eng). M5950DTS; M5950S(D3200 eng). M5950S(D3200 eng). M5970(D3200-A eng). M6030 49kW 66hp(Kubota D3200-1A eng). M6030(D3200-1A eng). M6030(D3200-2A eng). M6030(Kubota V4000 eng). M6030DT 42kW 57hp(D3200-2A eng). M6030DTN 42kW 57hp(D3200-2A eng). M6030DTNB 42kW 57hp(D3200-2A eng). M6950(Kubota V4000-2A eng). M6950; M6950C 52kW 71hp(Kubota V4000-2A eng). M6950DT 49kW 66hp(V4000-2A eng). M6950DTC 49kW 66hp(V4000-2A eng). M6950DTS(V4000-2A eng). M6950DTS; M6950S(Kubota V4000-2A eng). M6950S(V4000-2A eng). M6970(V4002-A eng). M7030 57kW 77hp(Kubota V4000-3A eng). M7030(V4000-3A eng). M7030; M7030MDT(V4000 eng). M7030DT(V4000-3A eng). M7030DT(V4000-3A eng). M7030DT(V4000-3A eng). M7030DTN-B 50kW 68hp(V4000-5A eng). M7030MDT(V4000 eng). M7030N 50kW 68hp(V4000-4A eng). M7030SU 50kW 68hp(V4000-3A-1 eng). M7030SU(V4000-3A1 eng). M7030SUDT 50kW 68hp(V4000-3A-1 eng). M7500 60kW 81hp(Kubota V4000 eng). M7500; M7500ACL; M7500DT. M7500ACL(V4000 eng). M7500DT 52kW 71hp(V4000-DT eng). M7500DTACL(V4000 eng). M7950. M7950 60kW 81hp(Kubota V4300-A eng). M7950; M7950DT; M7950F. M7950DT 56kW 76hp(V4300-A eng). M7950S(V4300 eng). M7970(V4300-A eng). M8030 65kW 88hp(Kubota V4300-1A eng). M8030(V4300 eng). M8030(V4300-1A eng). M8030; M8030DT; M8030F. M8030; M8030MDT(V4300-1A eng). M8030DT(V4300-1A eng). M8580. M8950 63kW 86hp(Kubota V4300-T-A eng). M8950(V4300-T-A eng). M8950(V4300-T-A eng). M8950DT; M8950F. M8950DTS(V4300-T-A eng). M8950S(V4300-T-A eng). M8970. RW25. Lada Niva / 4x4 /Taiga 1.9 Diesel 1905cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(XUD-9SD eng). Niva / 4x4 /Taiga 1.9D 21215 1905cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(XUD-9A eng). Lamborghini 105DT Formula 77kW 105hp(1000.4WT eng). 1156; 1156DT. 1556DT. 1R1156; R1156DT. 105 Formula(1000.6WT eng). 550DT. 554-50; 554-50DTA Crono 37kW 50hp(1000.3A3 eng). 564-60 DTA Crono 44kW 60hp(1000.3A4 eng). 574-70DTA Crono 51kW 70hp(1000.3AT eng). 654-55 DTA; 654-55 2RM Sprint 41kW 56hp(1000.3W eng). 660F Plus; 660F Plus DT 44kW 60hp(1000.3A2 eng). 660S; 660V Agile 44kW 60hp(1000.3W eng). 664-60DT Sprint 44kW 60hp(1000.3W1 eng). 674-70. 674-70; 774-80. 674-70DT Grand Prix LS 51kW 70hp(1000.4W eng). 674-70DT Sprint 52kW 71hp(1000.4W4 eng). 674-70N. 754. 770S Agile 51kW 70hp(1000.3T eng). 774-80DT Grand Prix LS 59kW 80hp(1000.4W eng). 774-80N. 775F Plus 55kW 75hp(1000.3A eng). 775V Agile 55kW 75hp(1000.4A eng). 850DTA Premium 63kW 86hp(1000.4WT3 eng). 874-90; R874-90 Grand Prix(Turbo eng). 874-90DT Grand Prix LS 65kW 88hp(1000.4WT eng). 880S Agile 59kW 80hp(1000.4W eng). 950. 950DTA Premium 70kW 95hp(1000.4WT2 eng). 990F Plus DT 64kW 87hp(1000.4WT1 eng). 990S Agile 65kW 89hp(1000.4WT eng). Agile 660(Same 1000.3W eng). Agile 660-S. Agile 770; Agile 880(Same 1000.3W; 1000.4W eng). Agile XAG770-S. Agile XAG880-S. Agile XAG990-S. C Ergomatic 674-70 . C Ergomatic 774-80 . C Ergomatic 874-90 Turbo . C352; C352L/C352S/C352SL. C352; C352L; C352R; C352S(DA982 eng). C353L; C353LLL. C353L; CL653; CL653L. C483. C483. C503(983P eng). C503; C603(Same 983P eng). C503S. C503S; C553S. C553P(1053P eng). C553P; C653P(Same 1053P eng). C553S. C554; C554 Compact Ergom.. C554; C554 Compact Ergomatic. C583. C583. C603(983P eng). C653. C653. C653. C653P(1053P eng). C664 Ergomatic. C664 Ergomatic. C683. C683. C683; R683. C684; R684. C754; R754; R754DT; R784; R784DT; R854; R854DT. C774-80. C774-80 Ergomatic; R774-80; R774; R774DT; R774-80 Grand Prix. C784. C784; R784; R874-80. Crono CRO55F Target. Crono CRO70F Target. F-Plus 660FPL. F-Plus 775FPL. F-Plus 880FPL. F-Plus 990FPL. Grand Prix 674-70(L1000 4W eng). Grand Prix 774-80(L1000 4W eng). Grand Prix 874-90(L1000 4WT eng). R1056; R1056DT; R1256; R1256DT. R1156; R1156DT. R1556DT. R1556DT. R235; R235DT. R235; R235DT(DA982 eng). R235; R235DT; R235S. R3.75T. R3.85T. R3.95T. R345. R345. R483. R483. R500. R500. R550DT. R574-60N; R674-70; R674-70N; C674-70 Ergomatic; R674-70. R583. R583. R600; R600DT. R600; R600DT. R653. R653; R653DT; R654; R654DT. R653; R653DT; R654; R654DT; R684. R654; R654DT. R660 Frutteto; R660 Vigneto; R775 Frutteto. R660; R660DT. R660; R660DT(1053P eng). R660F; R660V(1000.3-A eng). R674; R674DT; R674-70. R674-70. R683. R684. R700; R700DT. R700; R700DT. R754; R754DT. R754; R754DT; R754 Ergomatic; R854; R854DT. R774-80. R775. R775 Frutteto; R775 Vigneto. R784. R784; R784DT. R854; R854 DT. R874-90 Turbo. R955; R955DT. Triump 80. Triump 80. Lancer Boss 1000(6.354 eng). 10D/105J; 10D/125J(6.354 eng). 10D/105J; 10D/125J(6.454 eng). 2/35D; 2/45D(Ford eng). 200(Ford eng). 2-35D; 2-45D(Ford eng). 3/66D(3.152 eng). 3/66D(3-152 eng). 3/66D(Leyland eng). 3/66D(Leyland eng). 300 Mk III A(4.203 eng). 300 Mk III A(Ford 2401E eng). 300(3.152 eng). 300(Leyland eng). 3D/705 Mk III A(4.203 eng). 3D/705 Mk III A(Ford 2401E eng). 3D/705(4.203 eng). 3D/705(Ford 2401E eng). 5/5; 5/6(6.354 eng). 5/5; 5/6(6.354 eng). 5/5; 5/6(Ford 2701E/2711E eng). 5/5; 5/6(Ford 2701E; 2711E eng). 500(6.354 eng). 500(Ford 2701E/2711E eng). B Mk III(6.354 eng). B Mk III; BDP Mk IIIA; C Mk IIIA; CDP(6.354 eng). BDP Mk III A(6.354 eng). C Mk III A(6.354 eng). CDP(6.354 eng). Front(3.152; 4.203 eng). Front(4.248; 6.354 eng). H Mk III(4.203 eng). H Mk III(Ford 2701E/2711E eng). HD10; HD10C(Ford 2701E/2711E eng). HD12(Ford 2701E/2711E eng). HD14; HD14C(Ford 2701E/2711E eng). HD15P Mk III; HMD88 Mk III(4.203 eng). HD15P Mk III; HMD88 Mk III(Ford 2701E; 2711E eng). HD15P(4.203 eng). HD15P(Ford 2701E/2711E eng). HD8(Ford 2701E/2711E eng). HD8; HD10; HD10C; HD12; HD14; HD14C; HD15P(Ford 2701E; 2711E eng). HMD88(4.203 eng). HMD88(Ford 2701E/2711E eng). Lancer Boss Forklifts fitted with Perkins 3.152; 4.203 engine. Lancer Boss Forklifts fitted with Perkins 4.248; 6.354 engine. Lancer Boss Forklifts fitted with this Fuel Filter. M Mk III(4.203 eng). MB7-10(4.203 eng). MD6 Mk III; MD6P Mk III; ML6C Mk III; MD7 Mk III; MD7C Mk III; MB7/10 Mk III(4.203 eng). MD6; MD6P(4.203 eng). MD7; MD7C(4.203 eng). ML6C(4.203 eng). P Mk III(4.203 eng). P30. PD4; PD4C; PD4CP(4.203 eng). PD4C Mk III; PD4P Mk III; PD4 Mk III; PD5 Mk III; PT56 Mk III(4.203 eng). PD5(4.203 eng). PT56(4.203 eng). RH20. RH25. RH30. Land Rover 109 DL3 2236cc Diesel 46kW 63hp. 109 DP3 2236cc Diesel 46kW 63hp. 109 OL3 2236cc Petrol 51kW 69hp. 109 OP3 2236cc Petrol 51kW 69hp. 88 DL3 2236cc Diesel 46kW 63hp. 88 DP3 2236cc Diesel 46kW 63hp. 88 OL3 2236cc Petrol 51kW 69hp. 88 OP3 2236cc Petrol 51kW 69hp. 90; 110 2.3D 2285cc Diesel 43kW 59hp. 90; 110 2.5D 2494cc Diesel 51kW 70hp. 90; 110 2.5TD 2494cc Diesel 63kW 86hp. Defender 110(2.5D eng). Defender 90. Landini 10000 S2; 10000 S4(Perkins eng). 10000; 12000; R10000; DT10000; R12500; DT12500. 10500; 12500; 13500. 10500R(Perkins eng). 111500C(Perkins eng). 112000(Perkins eng). 112500DT; 112500R(Perkins eng). 13000(A6.354.4 eng). 13000C(Perkins eng). 13000DT; 13000 Mk II 4(Perkins eng). 13500C(Perkins eng). 14500(AT6.354.4 eng). 16500DT Turbo Intercooler(AT6.3544.4 eng). 16500DT(Turbo Intercooled eng). 3000; 3200; R3000; DT3200; DTV3200; R3200; RV3200. 3300(4.236 eng). 3300(8051; 8061 eng). 3350(8051; 8061 eng). 3450(8051; 8061 eng). 3500(Aifo eng). 3550(8061.25 eng). 3650(8061.25 eng). 3750(8061.25 eng). 4000; 4500 Super; 5000; 7000. 4500(Perkins eng). 4500; 5500; 5500C; 5500CS; 5500CL. 4830F(A3.152S eng). 55 F/V (Advantage) 33kW 45hp(AD3.152S eng). 5500(Perkins eng). 5505(Perkins eng). 5505; C5500; CS5500. 5530(Perkins eng). 5530F2; 5530F4; 5530L4; 5530V2; 5530L4. 55F; 55L; 55V(3.152 eng). 5830; 5830/2; 5830/4(Perkins eng). 5830; 5830TD. 5840/2; 5840/4(Perkins eng). 60 F/V (Advantage) 43kW 59hp(AT3.152.4 eng). 6000; 6500; 6500 Mk II; 7500; 7550; 8500; 8550. 6030/2; 6030/4(AT3.152.4 eng). 6030F2; 6030F4(AT3.152.4 eng). 6030F2; 6030F4; 6030/2; 6030/4; 6030L4; 6030V2; 6030V4; 6040/2; 6040/4(AT3.152 eng). 6040/2; 6040/4(AT3.152.4 eng). 60F; 60L(T3.152 eng). 65 V/GT (Advantage) 48kW 65hp(AD4.236D eng). 6500; 7500. 6505. 6505(Perkins eng). 6530(A4.236 eng). 6530F2; 6530F4; 6530L4; 6530V2; 6530V4(A4.236 eng). 6560; 6860; 6880(A4.236 eng). 6580(4.236 eng). 6650(Perkins eng). 6650/2; 6650/4; C6830F; 6830/2; 6830/4; 6840/2; 6840/4. 6830(Perkins eng). 6840(Perkins eng). 6860(Perkins eng). 6880(4.236 eng). 75 Blizzard 52kW 71hp(AD4.236 eng). 75 F/FGT/V (Advantage) 52kW 71hp(AD4.236 eng). 7500(Perkins eng). 7530; 7530F2; 7530F4(Perkins eng). 7530; R7530; 7530F2; 7530F4; 7550; 7550/2; 7550/4; 7580. 7550; 7550/2; 7550/4(Perkins eng). 7560; 7860; 7880(A4.236 eng). 7580(Perkins eng). 7800C; 7830C(Perkins eng). 7830/2; 7830/4(A4.236 eng). 7860 52kW 71hp(AD4.236 eng). 7880 View Master 52kW 71hp(AD4.236 eng). 8000R; 8000DT; 8000S(Perkins eng). 85 Blizzard 59kW 80hp(AD4.248 eng). 85 F/GT (Advantage) 59kW 80hp(AD4.248 eng). 8500. 8500. 8500(Perkins eng). 8530/2; 8530/4(AD3.152S eng). 8530/2; 8530/4(AD3.152S eng). 8530F2; 8530F4; 8530L4; 8830/2; 8830/4; 8850/2; 8850/4(A4.248 eng). 8550/2; 8550/4(A4.248 eng). 8560; 8860; 8880(A4.248 eng). 8830/2; 8830/4(A4.248 eng). 8850/2; 8850/4(A4.248 eng). 8860 59kW 80hp(AD4.248 eng). 8880 View Master 59kW 80hp(AD4.248 eng). 9000; 9500. 9000R(Perkins eng). 9080 63kW 86hp(AT4.236C eng). 95 Blizzard 63kW 86hp(AT4.236C eng). 95 GT (Advantage) 66kW 90hp(T4.236 eng). 9500 Special(Perkins eng). 9880(AT4.236 eng). Atlas Trekker 80 DT(1004-42 eng). C13500C. C4830F(A3.152S eng). C6000; DT6000; R6000. C7800; C7830; R8830; DT8830. CL4000 Mk II. CL5000. CL8000. DT3200; DTV3200; R3200; RV3200. DT50; R50(AD3.152 eng). DT5560; R5560; DT5860; R5860(AD3.152 eng). DT60; R60(AT3.152 eng). DT6060; R6060(AT3.152 eng). DT65; DT65F; DT65GT; DT65L; R65; R65F; R65GT; R65L(A4.236 eng). DT75; DT75F; DT75L; DT75GT; R75; R75F; R75GT; R75L(A4.236 eng). DT85; DT85F; DT85L; DT85GT; R85; R85F; R85GT; R85L(A4.248 eng). DT95; DT95F; DT95L; DT95GT; R95; R95F; R95GT; R95L(A4.236 eng). Ghibli 100 (1004-40T eng). Ghibli 80 (1004-42 eng). Ghibli 90 (1004-40T eng). Globus 50 35kW 48hp(903.27 eng). Globus 55 TOP; 55 DT TOP 40kW 54hp(903.27 eng). Globus 55(903.27 eng). Globus 60 42kW 57hp(704.30 eng). Globus 65 TOP; 65DT/DT TOP 49kW 67hp(1004-40 eng). Globus 65(1004-40 eng). Globus 70 49kW 67hp(704.30 eng). Globus 75; Globus 80(1004-42 eng). Globus 80GT(1004-42 eng). Legend 165(1006-6 eng). Legend I 105 (Legend) 76kW 104hp(1006.HR4 eng). Legend I 115 (Legend) 81kW 110hp(1006.6HR3 eng). Legend I 130 (Legend) 92kW 125hp(1006.6TLR2 eng). Legend I 145 (Legend) 101kW 138hp(1006.6THR2 eng). Legend I 165 (Legend) 117kW 160hp(1006.6THR2 eng). Mythos 110; 110DT 77kW 105hp(1006-60 eng). R10500; C11500; C13000; DT13000. R14500; DT11500. R14500; R14500 Mk II Turbo(AT6.3544 eng). R3000. R4500. R5000S. R6500; CL6500. R7500. R7500; DT7500. R8000. R8000 Super; R8000S. R8000; R8000DT; R8500. R9000; 9500 Special(A6.354 eng). Rex 105F; 105GE; 105GT(1104C-44T eng). Rex 60; Rex 65(903.27; 903.27T eng). Rex 60F; 60L; 60V; 60VDT; 60FDT; 60GEDT 40kW 55hp(903.27 eng). Rex 65V; 65VDT; 65DT 47kW 64hp(903.27T eng). Rex 90F(1004-40T eng). Trekker 80(1004-42 eng). Trekker 90; 100(1004-40; 1004-40T eng). Lannen CM8; CM8-4; S9; S10(Valmet 411CS eng). M12; T14; M16; T18; UM1280; UM1680; UM1880(Valmet 411C; 411CS eng). UM1680; UM1880(Valmet 411BS eng). UM352; UM352C; UM352L; UM353C; UM353CC; UM355(Leyland 4.98 eng). UM352; UM352C; UM353C; UM355(Valmet 411B eng). UM8CC(Leyland 4.98 eng). Lanz 1010; 2010. T310; T510; T710. Laverda 3300(4.236 eng). 3300AL; 3350AL(Aifo 8051; 8061 eng). 3350; 3450(Aifo 8051.1; 8061.1 eng). 3400R(Fiat eng). 3500R(Fiat eng). 3550; 3550AL; 3750(8061.SI 25 eng). 3550R(Fiat eng). M112(Fiat 8065 eng). M112AL(Fiat 8061 SI eng). M120; M120R(6.354 eng). M132(6.372 eng). M132(6.372 eng). M132A(Ford 2715E eng). M152(OM CP-3-1 eng). M84; M92(M92 4.236 eng). MFL110AL(Fiat CO3-3 eng). Lehman Lehman Engines fitted with Ford 242 engine. Lehman Engines fitted with Ford 254; 363; 380 engine. Leroi Q185(4.236 eng). Q250(4.236 eng). Leyland Daf BL 10/42. 10/42(2.82L eng). 10/60(3.77L eng). 10/60; 10/62. 10Meter(Leyland 608 eng). 1160(6.98NV eng). 154. 154. 154 1.5L. 154(1.5 eng). 160(411 eng). 2.10/60. 2100(Leyland eng). 2100; 4100. 2100; 4100(6.8L eng). 240; 250. 244. 244(Leyland eng). 245. 245(3.152 eng). 245; 253(3-125 eng). 245; 255(Leyland eng). 2500TC Triumph 2.5TC 2498cc Petrol 74kW 100hp. 253(2.5 Leyl. eng). 253(2.5L eng). 253(3.152 eng). 253; 270; 285(6.8L eng). 255(Leyl. eng). 255; 270. 262(Leyland eng). 262; 272. 270(Leyland eng). 272(Leyland eng). 285(Leyland eng). 285; 485. 3/45; 4/65(3cyl & 4cyl eng). 300; 350; 600; 650; 680; 800X; 850; 994. 302. 302(1.8 eng). 331; 360; T331; T360; T360/1; T380. 342(Leyland eng). 342; 460. 344(3.4L eng). 344(Leyl. 3.8 l eng). 344; 384(3.8L eng). 345EA. 345FG(4/98 eng). 350. 350EA(2.5 eng). 350FG. 350FG(4/98 eng). 1025(6.98 DV eng). 360FG. 360FG(4/98 eng). 360WF. 370. 375. 384(3.8L eng). 384(Leyl. 3.8 l eng). 399. 4.98(3.8 l eng). 4/25(1500; 1622 eng). 400. 400 2.5 Litre Leyland Diesel. 400 2.5 Litre Peugeot Diesel. 400 2.5 Litre Peugeot Diesel. 400 2.5D 2494cc Diesel(Peugeot eng). 400 2.5D 428-435 2500cc Diesel 52kW 71hp(Rover BN 52 eng). 400; T400. 400FM. 401. 402. 410 Diesel; 410 Turbo Diesel. 4100(Leyland eng). 412. 420EA; 420FG. 420FG(4.98 eng). 420FG; 420WF. 440EA. 460(4cyl eng). 485(Leyland eng). 4N85. 4N85; 6N125. 4T110. 4T110; 4TX125; 6T165; 6TX200. 4TX125. 502(3.152 eng). 502(3.152 eng). 546(Leyl. 6.98 eng). 546(Leyland 698 eng). 550FG. 550FG(4.98 eng). 6.98DV; 6.98NV. 6.98TV Turbo Diesel. 600. 600; 650; 680; 800X; 850; 944 Hippo. 680. 680 Horizontal Diesel. 690. 691; 700; 760. 6N125. 6T165. 6TX200. 700FG. 700FG(4.98 eng). 800. 801. 830(6.98 NV eng). 90. 900. 900 FG. 900FG(6.98 DV eng). AD400. AEC Militant(AV760 eng). Atlantean 110kW 150hp(0.600 PP eng). Atlantean 110kW 150hp(0.680 eng). Atlantean AN68(Leyland 680; 690 eng). Atlantean(Leyland 680/4000 Series eng). AZ1900(DD575; DS575 eng). Bear (Leyl. 401/410 eng). Bear (Leyl. 680 eng). Beaver; Super Beaver(0.600 eng). Beaver; Super Beaver(Leyl. 680/690 eng). Big J4; J4T(AEC AV505 eng). Big J4; J4T(AEC AV506 eng). Big J4; J4T(Leyland 401 eng). Big J4; J4T(RR 220/250 eng). Big J4; J4T(RR 265 Eagle eng). Big J4T(Rolls-Royce 265 eng). Big J6; J6T(AEC 505 eng). Big J6; J6T(AEC AV506 eng). Big J8(Rolls-Royce 205 eng). Big J8; J8T(AEC AV505 eng). Big J8; J8T(AEC AV506 eng). Big J8; J8T(Leyl. 680 eng). Big J8; J8T(RR 205 eng). Big J8; J8T(RR 220/250 eng). Bison (L 12 eng). Boxer (6.354 eng). Bristol LH(Leyland 402 eng). Buffalo/Buffalo Super Buffalo (L12 eng). BX1000; BX1160(6.98 DV eng). BX1034(6.98 NV eng). BX1043(6.98 NV eng). BX1200; BX1300(6.98 DV eng). BX1235; BX1325(6.98 NV eng). BX1425; BX1450(6.98 NV eng). BX1425; BX1600(6.354 eng). BX1425; BX1600(6.98 DV eng). BX1425; BX1600(6.98 TV eng). BX1450(6.98 NV eng). BX16TF(6.354 eng). BX16TF(6.98 DV eng). BX18; BX19(6.98 eng). BX1800(6.354 eng). BX1800(6.98 eng). BX19TA; BX19TF(6.354 eng). BX20(6.354 eng). BX20TF(6.98 NV eng). BX984(6.98 NV eng). CA81A(Leyl.EO 401/520 eng). Captain 1.5 l. Captain 1.5 litre Navigator. Captain Diesel. CD21D; CD21F(Leyl.EO 401/475 eng). CD65B(Leyl.EO 401/396 eng). CD65BTR(Leyl.EO 401/443 eng). CH13A; CH13C(Leyl.EO 370/173 eng). CH13DTR(Leyl.EO 401/475 eng). CH15 A(Leyl.EO 370/173 eng). CH51ATR; CH53ATR(Leyl.EO 401/475 eng). CH55TR(Leyl.EO 401/475 eng). CH5TTR(Leyl.EO 401/475 eng). CH71(Leyl.EO 370/179 eng). Chieftain (Ley. 350/370 eng). Chieftain (Ley. 375/400 eng). Chieftain (Ley. 401/402 eng). Chieftain (Ley. 410 eng). Chieftain Mk I(EN 335 eng). Chieftain Mk II(EN 335 eng). Clydesdale (Ley. 400 eng). Clydesdale (Ley. 401/402 eng). Clydesdale (Ley.350/370/375 eng). Clydsdale ECD23 LV; LY(Leyland 402 eng). Clydsdale ECD23 LW; ECD25 Axle; ECD27 AXLW(Leyland 401 eng). Clydsdale ECD29 XLW(Leyland 600 eng). Commander Diesel. Commodore Diesel. Commodore Diesel. Constructor Super(Rolls-Royce 260; 280 eng). Convoy 400 VH C35 3.5 Diesel Diesel 73kW 100hp(And. 4CT90-1/BEA07 eng). Convoy 400 VH C35 3.5 Diesel Diesel 73kW 100hp(Andoria 4CT90-1/A7 eng). Cruiser 191kW 260hp(411 eng). Cruiser 191kW 260hp(420 eng). Cub(Leyland 6.98 eng). Eland EL 40 (Ley. 401/410 eng). Eland EL 41 (Ley. 401/410 eng). F600 58kW 79hp(DE 385 eng). F700. F700; F700DE. F900(DE385 eng). F900; F1100(DE 385 eng). FA1100. FA700DE. Freighter(6.354.4 eng). Freighter(Leyland 402; 411; 420 eng). Freighter(Leyland 6-98NV; 6-98TV eng). J2; J4; JU180(1.5 eng). J2; J4; JU190(1.5 eng). J2; J4; JU200J(1.5 eng). J2; J4; JU250JU(1.5 eng). Land Rover. Landtrain 19.28 209kW 282hp(TL12 eng). Landtrain 30.21 151kW 212hp(L12 eng). Landtrain 30.21 151kW 212hp(L12 eng). Landtrain 30.28 209kW 282hp(TL12 eng). Landtrain(TL12 eng). LD (BMC 2.2 eng). Leopard (0.600 eng). Leopard PSU3; PSU4; PSU5(Leyland 680 eng). Leopard(Leyland 680 Horizontally Mounted eng). Levend 1.8 Diesel 37kW 50hp(Rover B-series eng). Leyland Daf BL Compact Tractors fitted with 4 Cyl Petrol engine. Leyland Daf BL Engines fitted with Bowl-Less Filter. Leyland Daf BL Trucks fitted with CAV Bowl-less Filter. Lowlander(Ley. 600 eng). Lowlander(Leyland 600 eng). LR1000(Leyl. 5.1/5.7 eng). LR950(Leyl. 5.1/5.7 eng). LTL12. Mammoth Major 2 TG6LB; TG6RB; TG6RBE(AV 760/5 eng). Mammoth Minor 2 TG6RF(AV 760/5 eng). Mammoth Minor TG6RF(AV 691/5 eng). Mandator 2 TG4L; TG4R; TG4RE(AV 760/5 eng). Marathon 211kW 287hp(TL 12/10 eng). Marshal 3 TGM 6RT(AV 505 eng). Marshal Marshal 2 TGM 6RA; 6RS; 6RT(AV 505/5 eng). Marshal Marshal 3 TG 6RT(AV 760 eng). Mercury 2; 3 TGM4R(AV 505/5 eng). Mercury 5 TGM4R(AV 506/6 eng). Mini. National Mk II(Leyland 680 eng). National Mk II(Leyland 680/400 Series eng). National Mk II(Leyland L11; TL11 eng). Navigator Diesel. Octupus OT68-26(Leyland 680 eng). Olympic (0.680 eng). Oxford Saloon (1.5 eng). Panther (0.680 eng). Ranger(Leyland 411 eng). Reiver (Ley. 401 eng). Reiver (Ley. 402 eng). Reiver (Ley. 410 eng). Reiver (Ley. 411 eng). Reiver (Ley. EN335 eng). Reliance Reliance 6 MU2L; MU2R(AH 505/6 eng). Reliance Reliance 6 U2R(AH 691/6 eng). Reliance Reliance 8 U3ZL; U3ZR(AH 760/6 eng). Reliance(AH505/691/760 eng). Roadliner(Leyland 801 eng). Roadliner(V8.510 eng). Roadliner(V8.510 eng). Roadrunner. Roadrunner 10.12 85kW 115hp(6.98 NV eng). Roadrunner 6.10 71kW 97hp. Roadrunner 6.10; 6.12; 8.10; 8.12; 10.12(Leyland 6.98DV; 6.98NV eng). Roadrunner 6.12 85kW 115hp(6.98 NV eng). Roadrunner 8.12 85kW 115hp(6.98 NV eng). Roadtrain 16.25; 16.29(Rolls-Royce 290; 300Li; 340Li eng). Roadtrain 16.28 T45(TL 12/41 eng). Roadtrain 19.28 T45(TL 12 eng). Roadtrain(Leyland TL12 eng). Roadtrain(Rolls-Royce 290; 300Li; 340Li eng). Sea Lord. Sea Lord. Sea Lord Diesel. Sherpa I 1.8 Diesel 185/215/240 1800cc Diesel (Rover B Series eng). Sherpa I 1.8 Diesel 200/230/250/255 1800cc Diesel (Rover B Series eng). Sherpa II; Sherpa II Combi 9 2.5D 285 2494cc Diesel 49kW 67hp(Rover 12J eng). Sherpa II; Sherpa II Combi 9 2.5D 310 2494cc Diesel 49kW 67hp(Rover 12J eng). Sherpa II; Sherpa II Combi 9 2.5D 400 2494cc Diesel 49kW 67hp(Rover 12J eng). Sherpa II; Sherpa II Combi 9 2.6D 2594cc Diesel 59kW 80hp(K25D eng). Super Chieftain (Ley. 350/370 eng). Super Chieftain (Ley. 401/402 eng). Super Chieftain (Ley. 410 eng). Super Chieftain (Ley. 411 eng). Super Chieftain (Ley.375/400 eng). Super Clydesdale (Ley. 400/401 eng). Super Clydesdale (Ley. 411 eng). Super Eland EL40(Ley. 401/410 eng). Super Eland EL41(Ley. 401/410 eng). Super Reiver RE20(Ley. 400/401 eng). Super Reiver RE27; RE29; RE31; RE31C; RE31D; RE31F(Leyl.EO 401/475 eng). Super Reiver RE29(Ley. 400/401 eng). Super Reiver RE31(Ley. 400/401 eng). Super Reiver RE33A; RE35A(Leyl.EO-401/396 eng). Terrier TR650(4/98NV eng). Terrier TR738(4/98NV eng). Terrier TR750(4/98NV eng). Tiger (0.600 eng). Tiger; Royal Tiger(0.600 eng). Tiger; Royal Tiger(0.680 eng). Titan (0.600 eng). TR5; TR6 2498cc Carb. TR6 2498cc Petrol Injection. Triumph 2000 2.0 1998cc Petrol 65kW 88hp. Triumph 2000 2.0 1998cc Petrol 66kW 90hp. Triumph 2000 2.0 Mk II 1998cc Petrol 66kW 90hp. Victor (Ley. 680 eng). Victor (Ley. EN335 eng). Victory Mk II(Leyland 680 eng). Viking EVK41L(Ley. 370/401 eng). Viking EVK41L; EVK55BL(Leyland 370; 401 eng). Viking EVK55BL(Ley. 370/401 eng). Viking EVK5Y; EVK5L; EVK5YL(Leyland 402 eng). Viking EVK5Y; EVK5YL; EVK5L(Ley. 402 eng). Warrior(AV505 eng). Worldmaster (0.600 eng). Worldmaster (0.680 eng). Worldmaster(Leyland 680; 680V eng). Liebherr 244; 253; 270; 285; 344; 384; 2100; 4100(Leyland 4.98; 6.98 eng). 554. 900. Lifton LS5000; LS 6000(1004.4 eng). Limb LUXS 60 TLS 43kW 58hp(1103C-33 eng). LUXS 80 TLS 60kW 82hp(1104C-44 eng). LUXS 85 63kW 85hp. Lincoln SAE400. Linde Lansing 6-600. 72.0. H25T. H25T. H25T(Perkins eng). H30. SL Mk III(3.152 eng). SL Mk IV(4.236 eng). SL10(6.354 eng). SL10; SL10B; SL10; SL13(6.354 eng). SL10; SL13. SL13(6.354 eng). SL3(3.152 eng). SL3.5(4.236 eng). SL3.5; SL4; SL5; SL6; SL7; SL7C(4.236 eng). SL3.S; SL4; SL5; SL6; SL7; SL7C. SL5(4.236 eng). SL6(4.236 eng). SL7; SL7C(4.236 eng). Lindner 948; 948A 35kW 48hp(903.27 eng). 958; 958A 43kW 58hp(903.27Turbo eng). Geotrac 50 40kW 54hp(903.27 eng). Geotrac 60 46kW 63hp(903.27T eng). Geotrac 65 48kW 65hp(903.27T eng). Unitrac 100 74kW 100hp(135 Ti eng). Unitrac 55 41kW 56hp(903.27T eng). Unitrac 65 47kW 64hp(903.27T eng). Unitrac 95 67kW 91hp(110 eng). Lister Petter 353. 353. 353 Type. 367. ARMD220(Ford 2714E eng). ARMD220; ARMD260; ARMD260S(Ford 2714E eng). ARMD260; ARMD260S(Ford 2714E eng). BS649(Lister BS649 eng). CD; CR; CS. CR3. CR3. CS4; CS6; CTS6. CS4; CT4. CS6; CT6. HA. HA Mk II. HA Mk III. HA Mk IV. HA2; HA3; HA4 Diesel. HA2; HB2. HA3; HB3. HA4. HB. HB Mk II. HB Mk III. HB Mk IV. HB2; HB3. HB4; HB6. HB6. HB6. HL; HLT. HL; HLT Mk III. HL; HLT Mk IV. HL3. HL4; HL6; HLT6. HL6; HLT6. HR Mk II. HR Mk III. HR Mk IV. HR; HR2; HR3. HR; HRW; HRWS; HW; HWS. HR2; HR2A; HR3. HR3; HR3A. HR4; HR6; J4; JW6. HR5. HR5; HR6; HRW2; HRW3; HRW4; HRW5; HRW6; HRWM; HRWSM. HR5; HR6; HRW2; HRW3; HRW4; HRW5; HRW6; HRWM; HRWSM. HR6. HR6A; HRS6. HRS. HRS6A. HRW Mk II. HRW Mk III. HRW Mk IV. HRW2M; HR2MA; HRW2MA; HRW2MGR; HRW3M; HR3MA; HRW3MA; HRW3MGR. HRW4; HR4MA; HRW4MA; HRW4MGR; HR6MA; HRS6MA; HRS6MGR; HRW6M;WS6MA; HRWS6MGR. HRW5. HRW6. HRWM; HRWSM. HW Mk II. HW Mk III. HW2. HW2; HW3. HW3. HW6. J4. JA. JA; JAS; JW; JWS; JWSC. JA; JAS; JWSC. JAS. JW. JW; JWS. JW6. JWS. JWSC. LPA2. LPA2 Alpha. LPA3. LPA3 Alpha. LPW2; LPWS2. LPW3; LPWS3. LPW4; LPWS4. LPWT4. LR Mk I. LR Mk II. LR Mk III. PD1; PD2; PD3; PD4; PDM2; PDM3; PDM4; PDV6; PDV8; PDVM6; PDVM8. PDL. PDL. PDL30. PH3 Rootes-Lister. PPD4RMR. PPDL. PPDVM6. PPDVM8. R140; R140S(Ford 2711E eng). R140; R140S; R175PD(Ford 2711E eng). R175PD(Ford 2711E eng). SLM Mk IV. SLM4. SLM4. SR Mk IV. SR4. SR4. SR4MA; SR4MGR; SW2MA; SW2MGR. ST Mk I. ST Mk II. ST Mk III. ST1; ST2; ST3. ST3. STW Mk II. STW Mk III. STW2; STW3. STW3. SW2MA; SW2MGR; SR4MGR; Gearbox. TL. TL Mk II. TL Mk III. TL2. TL2; TL3. TL3. TR Mk I; TS Mk I. TR; TS Mk II. TR; TS Mk III. TR1; TR2; TR3. TR1; TS1. TR2; TS2. TR3 1800rpm upwards. TR3; TS3. TS1; TS2; TS3. TS2. TS3. TS3MGR. TX Mk II. TX Mk III. TX2. TX2; TX3. TX3. TX3 1800rpm upwards. Lockwood 2655(Ford 401D eng). Lokomo 909(4.248 eng). 925(6.354 eng). A330NS; A350NS; A331NS; A351NS(Leyland 760 eng). A330NS; A350NS; A331NS; A351NS(Perkins eng). A331NS(Scania DS8 Turbocharger eng). A331NS(Valmet 411BS eng). A351NS(Valmet 411BS eng). AH132(Valmet 611CS eng). M131; M133(Valmet 411C eng). M313N; MS313N(Valmet 611CS eng). T320; T320B; T325; T325B; M325; M325B(6.354 eng). T325C; M325C; T325D; T326(Valmet 611C; 611CS eng). T340; T340B(Scania D8 eng). T340C; T340D(Valmet 611CS eng). Lombardini 5LD 675-2; 5LD 825-2; 5LD 825-2L; 5LD 930-3. L40. LDA673; LD674. LDW2004T CHD. LDW2204 CHD Plus. Long 2260. 2310. 2360; 2460(D115 eng). 2510(D115 eng). 260; 310; 310C. 2610. 3/45. 344. 350(Allis Chalmers eng). 360; 360C. 384. 4/25. 4/65. 445; 460; 460DT; 510; 550; 560; 560DT; 610. 5N1. R9500 Special(6.354 eng). Macgen MPG40(Fiat 8041 eng). Maco Meudon MAP23(F1/2L 511W eng). Mahindra CJ3 (Armada/Indi/Marksman) 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 50kW 68hp(PSA XUD9AY eng). CJ3 (Armada/Indi/Marksman) 2.3D 2345cc Diesel(PSA eng). CJ3 (Armada/Indi/Marksman) 2.5D 2498cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(PSA XD3P eng). CJ3 (Armada/Indi/Marksman) 2.5D 2523cc Diesel(PSA eng). MAN 10.126F 93kW 126hp(Saviem-597.04 eng). 11.136 U900 100kW 136hp(D 0216 MXUL eng). 11.136H; HK220 100kW 136hp(Saviem-797.03 eng). 11.136U. 11.136U; 13.136U(D0216MXUL eng). 13.136U. 13.136U 900 100kW 136hp(D 0216 MXUL eng). 15.136F 137 100kW 136hp(Saviem-797.04 eng). 4.70; 5.70F(RVI 712 eng). 5.126; 5.136; 6.126; 6.136; 7.126; 7.136; 8.126; 8.136; 9.126; 9.136; 10.126; 10.136; 11.136; 12.136; 13.136; 15.136; 16.136(Saviem 597; 797 eng). 5.126F; FK 93kW 126hp(Saviem-597.02 eng). 6. 90 F 482 66kW 90hp(Saviem-720 eng). 6.126 F 93kW 126hp(Saviem-597.02 eng). 690. 690; 720; 790(Saviem 720 eng). 7. 90F; 7. 90FK 480 66kW 90hp(Saviem-720 eng). 7.126H 93kW 126hp(Saviem-597.03 eng). 7.136F; 7.136FK 104 100kW 136hp(Saviem-797.02 eng). 790(Saviem eng). 9.126H; 9.126HA; 9.126HK; 9.126HKA; 9.126HS; 9.126HSA 93kW 126hp(Saviem-597.03 eng). 9.136F 104 100kW 136hp(Saviem-797.02 eng). D0216. D0216. D720; D727. D720;D 797. Maniscope MT450(4.236 eng). MT450(T4.236 eng). Manitou 2000(4.203 eng). 4RM. 4RM. 4RM20C; 4RM25C(IHC BD154 eng). 4RM-20HP. 4RM26; 30NPE. 4RM26N; 4RM30N(IHC D179 eng). 4RM26NF(Ford 2512E eng). 4RM30; 4RE30; 4RE40; 4RE50(4.203 eng). 4RM30; 4RE30; 4RE40; 4RE50; 4RE60(4.236 eng). 4RM35; 4RM36; 4RM40; 4RM50(IHC D179 eng). 4RM36K; 4RM40K; 4RM50K(IHC D239 eng). 527. 629T-120LS. KF50. KF50. M2 26CP; M2 30CP; M4 26CP; M4 30CP; 440CP(4.236 eng). M2; M4. M226-30CP26CPUK; M426-30CP26CPUK. M230; M240; M250CP(4.236 eng). M26.2; M26.4; M30.2; M30.4(1004.4 Atmo eng). M26-4. M4. M4 40CP. M40.4; M50.4(1004.4 Atmo eng). M426CF. MA460; MA470(1004.4 eng). MB20; MB25(IHC 40bhp eng). MB21; MB22; MB26; MB30. MB21C; MB26C(IHC BD154 eng). MB21NP; MB22NP; MB26NP; MB 30NP; 4RM22NP; 4RM26NP; 4RM30NP(IHC BD154 eng). MB25M; MB25PF; MB25TC; MB26; MB30M; MB30TC; MC40TC; MC50TC(Ford 2512E eng). MB25P; MB60H(4.236 eng). MB26; MB30; MB40(IHC D179; D239 eng). MB50K; MC50K; MC60K(IHC D239 eng). MC20; MC25; MC30; MC40; MC40C; MC40TC(IHC BD154 eng). MC20C; MC20H; MC25C; MC25H; MC30C; MC30H; MCE20C; MCE25C; MCE30C. MC30; MC40; MC50; MC60T; MC70T Powershift(1004.4 Atmo eng). MC40; MC50. MC40CP; MCE40CP; MC50CP(4.236 eng). MC40P; MC50P; MCE40CP. MC8 3 Ton. MC80; MC90; MC100(Ford 2714E eng). MLT523. MLT523; MLT523A(1103C-33 eng). MLT524T. MLT526(1004-40; 1004-42 eng). MLT526T. MLT626(1004-4 eng). MLT627T. MLT629; MLT633TLS(1004-40; 1004-42 eng). MLT629-120LS. MLT630. MLT730(1004-40; 1004-42 eng). MS120D(Perkins eng). MSI40; MSI50(1004.4 Atmo eng). MT1030S. MT1030S; MT1033HL(Perkins eng). MT1230(Perkins eng). MT1232(Perkins eng). MT1232; MT1330(Perkins eng). MT1232ST; MT1330SL. MT1233(Perkins eng). MT1330(Perkins eng). MT1330(Perkins eng). MT1337(Perkins eng). MT1637(Perkins eng). MT1637(Perkins eng). MT1740SL(Perkins eng). MT222CP; MT225CP; MT231CP; MT422CP; MT425CP; MT431CP. MT222CP; MT255CP; MT231CP; MT422CP; MT425CP; MT431CP. MT225CP; MT231CP; MT422CP; MT425CP; MT431CP(4.236 eng). MT225CP; MT425CP. MT225H; MT425H. MT727. MT728. MT728-4. MT728-4. MT728-4(Perkins eng). MT728-4; MT1232S. MT732(1004.42 eng). MT835-120LS; MT845T(1004.40 eng). MT928-4. MT932. MT932(Perkins eng). MT940L-TWLS(1004-40 eng). MTL626UK. MVT628(1004.40 eng). MVT665T; MVT675T(1004-40 eng). TMT55; TMV55(404C-22 eng). Marlow H; M(3.152 eng). MLN. Marna M1. M2. M3. M4. ML2. Marshall 100 2WD(Leyland 3.77L eng). 100 4WD(Leyland 5.7L eng). 120D(Ford 2715E eng). 154. 154. 302. 302(Leyland 1.8 TD eng). 502. 502(D3.152 eng). 502(D3.152 eng). 752(4.236 eng). 752X; XL; 754X; 754XL(4.236 eng). 754(4.236 eng). 75D(6.354 eng). 804. 852(T4.236 eng). 852X; 852XL; 854X; 854XL(T4.236 eng). 854(T4.236 eng). 904(Leyl. 4.98TT eng). 904XL(Leyland 4.98TT eng). 954(T4.236 eng). 954XL(T4.236 eng). Britannia(4.236 eng). TM110; TM135; TM155(6.354.4 eng). TM120(Ford 2725E eng). Massey Ferguson 100. 1004(A4.318 eng). 1007(T4.236 eng). 1080 60kW 81hp(A4.318 eng). 11(4.248 eng). 1100 69kW 94hp(A6.354 eng). 1134(AT6.354.4 eng). 1185. 1200. 1200(A6.354 eng). 1250 22kW 30hp. 130 21kW 29hp(A4.107 eng). 132S(Eicher EDK2 eng). 133 26kW 35hp(A3.144 eng). 133S 28kW 38hp(A3.144 eng). 134V(AD3.152 eng). 135. 135. 135. 135. 135 31kW 42hp(AD3.152 eng). 135 33kW 45hp(Perkins eng). 135V. 139(Eicher EDK3 eng). 142; 142S(Eicher EDK3 eng). 148 35kW 48hp(AD3.152 eng). 152; 152P 35kW 48hp(AD3.152 eng). 152V; 152S; 152F. 154S; 154V; 154F(AD 3.152 eng). 155(AD 4.203 eng). 158 41kW 56hp(AD 4.203 eng). 164S; 164V(AD 3.152 eng). 165. 165 43kW 59hp(AD4.203 eng). 165 Mk III 43kW 59hp(A4.212 eng). 165(A4212 eng). 168. 168; 168P 48kW 65hp(A4.236 eng). 1694. 174F; 174S; 174V(A 4.236 eng). 175 46kW 63hp(Perkins eng). 177(A4.236 eng). 178(A4.248 eng). 180 47kW 64hp(AD4.236 eng). 184(A4.248 eng). 184S(A4.236 eng). 185(AD4.236 eng). 188 53kW 72hp(A4.248 eng). 194 F(A4.248 eng). 194; 194A; 194S(A4.248 eng). 200(Perkins eng). 2135. 22(Hanomag eng). 2210 40kW 54hp(903.27 eng). 2210(903.27 eng). 2210; 2220. 2220(903.27 eng). 2225(Perkins eng). 230 26kW 35hp(Perkins eng). 231 28kW 38hp(Perkins eng). 233(AD3.152 eng). 234 S(AD3.152 eng). 235 28kW 38hp(AD3.152 eng). 235 S 28kW 38hp(AD3.152 eng). 24. 240 37kW 50hp(A4.236 eng). 243 38kW 52hp(Perkins eng). 245 32kW 43hp(AD3.152 eng). 25(A4.107 eng). 250. 250. 253A 42kW 57hp(AD3.152 eng). 254 33kW 45hp(AD3.152 eng). 254S 33kW 45hp(AD3.152 eng). 255 35kW 48hp(AD3.152 eng). 260 41kW 56hp(AD3.152 eng). 260(AD4.203 eng). 2620. 2620(A6.354.4 eng). 2625(A6.354.4 eng). 263(3.152 eng). 263; 263T 48kW 65hp(A/T3.152 eng). 2640 67kW 91hp(A6.354.4 eng). 2645. 2645(A6.354.4 eng). 2652. 2675(6.354 eng). 2680(AT6.354.4 eng). 2680(Perkins eng). 2685. 2685(AT6.354.4 eng). 27. 2705(6.354 eng). 2720. 2720(AT6.354.4 eng). 2725(AT6.354.4 eng). 273; 273A(A4.236 eng). 274 44kW 60hp(A4.236 eng). 274S; 274SK 44kW 60hp(A4.236 eng). 275 49kW 67hp(A4.236 eng). 2775; 2805(V8.640; TV8.640 eng). 283 65kW 89hp(A4.236 eng). 284S; 284SK 50kW 68hp(A4.236 eng). 293(A4.248 eng). 294A; 294S; 294SK 55kW 75hp(A4.248 eng). 298 59kW 80hp(Perkins eng). 30 20kW 27hp(A4.107 eng). 300(Perkins eng). 300; 300D. 3080. 3080 74kW 101hp(A6.354.4 eng). 3085. 3085 74kW 101hp(1006-6 eng). 3090 79kW 107hp(A6.354.4 eng). 3095. 3095. 3095 79kW 108hp(1006-6 eng). 3125. 3245; 3255(Perkins eng). 33115(1006-6 eng). 33125(1006-6T eng). 3315 40kW 55hp(903.27 eng). 3315(903.27 eng). 3315; 3325(903.27 eng). 3325 47kW 64hp(903.27T eng). 3325(903.27T eng). 333(AD3.152 eng). 3330(1004.4 eng). 3330(Perkins eng). 3330F. 3340(1004.42 eng). 3340(Perkins eng). 33B(Hanomag eng). 340(AD3.152 eng). 342(AD3.152 eng). 342(AD3.152 eng). 35. 35 28kW 38hp(A3.152 eng). 35 Mk II. 350. 352(AT3.152.4 eng). 353(AD3.152 eng). 354-2S; 354-2V 35kW 48hp(A3.152 eng). 354-2S; 354-2V 35kW 48hp(A3.152 eng). 354F; 354S; 354V. 354GE; 354S; 354V(AD3.152S eng). 1014 70kW 95hp(A6.351.1 eng). 362. 362 46kW 63hp(A4.236 eng). 363 46kW 63hp(T3.152 eng). 363(AT3.152.4 eng). 364-2V 43kW 59hp(AT3.152.4 eng). 364-4V 43kW 59hp(AT3.152.4 eng). 3645 107kW 145hp(1006-6THR eng). 3645(1006.6T eng). 364F; 364S; 364V(AT3.152.4 eng). 3650 96kW 131hp(AT6.354.4 eng). 3650(1006.6T4 eng). 3655 114kW 155hp(1006-6T eng). 3655(1006.6THR4 eng). 3660. 373 46kW 63hp(A4.236 eng). 374-2S 46kW 63hp(A4.236 eng). 374-4A; 374-4F; 374-4S; 374-4V 46kW 63hp(A4.236 eng). 377(A4.236 eng). 377FS(A4.236 eng). 383 60kW 81hp(A4.236 eng). 384 48kW 65hp(Perkins eng). 384-4A; 384-4V 52kW 71hp(A4.236 eng). 387(A4.236 eng). 393 59kW 95hp(Perkins eng). 393/2; 393/4(AT4.236 eng). 394-4A; 394-4FS; 394-4V 59kW 80hp(A4.248 eng). 397 Turbo(T4.236 eng). 397(A4.248 eng). 399. 399 81kW 110hp(A6.354.4 eng). 400(Perkins eng). 40S; 40R(Perkins eng). 410. 4215; 4215A 38kW 52hp(903.27 eng). 4220; 4220A 44kW 60hp(903.27T eng). 4225. 4225; 4225A 48kW 66hp(4.41 eng). 4225; 4225A(1004.40 eng). 4233(1004.42 eng). 4235; 4235A 55kW 75hp(4.41; 1004-4T eng). 4235; 4240(1004.40 eng). 4240. 4245(1004.4 eng). 4245; 4245A 63kW 86hp(1004.4TLR eng). 4255 70kW 95hp(Perkins eng). 4260A 73kW 100hp(1006.6HR4 eng). 4260A; 4270A(1006 eng). 4265. 4265(1004.4 eng). 4270 81kW 110hp(Perkins eng). 4270(Perkins eng). 4270A 81kW 111hp(1006.6HR3 eng). 4315 40kW 55hp(903.27 eng). 4315; 4320(903.27 eng). 4320 48kW 65hp(903.27T eng). 4325 48kW 65hp(1004.40 eng). 4325(1004.4 eng). 4335 57kW 78hp(1004.42 eng). 4335(1004.4 eng). 4345 67kW 91hp(1004.40TW eng). 4345(1004.40T eng). 4345; 4355(1004-4TW eng). 4355. 4355 74kW 100hp(1004.40TW eng). 4355(1004.40T eng). 4360 79kW 108hp(1006.60 eng). 4360(1006.6 eng). 4365 77kW 105hp(1004.40TWG eng). 4365(1004.4 eng). 4370 87kW 119hp(1006.60T eng). 4370(1006.60T eng). 44C(Hanomag eng). 450S(Perkins eng). 465(1006-6 eng). 475(1006-6T eng). 50. 500B(Perkins eng). 50B; 50R(Perkins eng). 50BA(Perkins eng). 510(6.354 eng). 5455. 550. 55C; 55C Super(Hanomag eng). 595 65kW 89hp(A4.318 eng). 5C(Perkins eng). 6190. 6235 55kW 75hp(1004-40T eng). 6235(1004.40T eng). 6235(1004.40T eng). 6245 63kW 86hp(1004-40T eng). 6245(1004.40T eng). 6255. 6255 70kW 95hp(1004-40T eng). 6255(1004.40T eng). 6260 77kW 105hp(1006-60NA eng). 6260(1006.60 eng). 6265. 6265 77kW 105hp(1004-4T eng). 6265(1004.40T eng). 6270. 6270 85kW 116hp(1006-6T eng). 6270(1006.60T eng). 6280 92kW 125hp(1006-6T eng). 6280(1006.60T eng). 6290 99kW 135hp(1006-6T eng). 6290(1006.60T eng). 65 40kW 55hp(A4.192 eng). 65 40kW 55hp(AD4.203 eng). 66180 88kW 120hp(1006.6TLR2 eng). 698 58kW 79hp(Perkins eng). 699 63kW 86hp(Perkins eng). 70(Perkins eng). 760(AT6.354 eng). 8120 107kW 146hp(1006.6THR3 eng). 8120(1006-6T eng). 8210 107kW 146hp(1006.6T eng). 8220 114kW 155hp(1006.6T eng). 8450(1006.6T eng). 860. 860(Fermec eng). 911(Perkins eng). D402C(Perkins eng). D450D; D450LC(Perkins eng). DT7000(AD4.203 eng). FE65(A4.192 eng). FE65(A4.203D eng). HD60(Perkins eng). MF100. MF100(Perkins eng). MF1005(6.354 eng). MF1007(Perkins eng). MF1014(Perkins eng). MF1045. MF1080(4.318 eng). MF1080(AD4.236 eng). MF1085. MF11. MF11(4.248 eng). MF11(4.248 eng). MF1100(6.354 eng). MF1100(Waukesha F320G eng). MF1105(6.354 eng). MF1130(6.354 eng). MF1134(Perkins eng). MF1135(6.354 eng). MF1150(AV8.510 eng). MF1200(A6.354 eng). MF130. MF135(Perkins eng). MF135(Perkins eng). MF140; MF140S(Perkins eng). MF148(Perkins eng). MF150(Perkins eng). MF152; MF152 Mk III(Perkins eng). MF154-4(Perkins eng). MF154-4S(Perkins eng). MF154F; MF154S; MF164F; MF164S(Perkins eng). MF155(Perkins eng). MF158(Perkins eng). MF165(A4.212 eng). MF165(AD4.203 eng). MF165(G176 eng). MF168(Perkins eng). MF174-4(Perkins eng). MF174-4S(Perkins eng). MF174F; MF174S; MF174V(Perkins eng). MF175(AD4.236 eng). MF178(Perkins eng). MF180(AD4.236 eng). MF184-4(Perkins eng). MF184S(Perkins eng). MF185; MF188(Perkins eng). MF186. MF186; MF187(Perkins eng). MF187-6(A6.354 eng). MF187H(A4.236 eng). MF194-4(Perkins eng). MF194F; MF194S(Perkins eng). MF20. MF20(3.152 eng). MF20(AD3.152 eng). MF20(D3.152 eng). MF20; MF20C(3.152 eng). MF200. MF200(V8 eng). MF202; MF204. MF203. MF203; MF205. MF203; MF205. MF205. MF206(A4.236 eng). MF206(Perkins eng). MF20D(AD3.152 eng). MF20E(Perkins eng). MF20F; MF20S(Perkins eng). MF2135. MF2135; MF2155; MF2200; MF3165. MF220(4.248 eng). MF2200. MF2200. MF2203(3.152 eng). MF2205(3.152 eng). MF2205(Perkins eng). MF2244(3.152 eng). MF231(AD3.152 eng). MF231S(Perkins eng). MF233; MF234C(Perkins eng). MF24(Perkins eng). MF24; MF25. MF240(Perkins eng). MF240; MF240N(Perkins eng). MF240S; MF240SBB(T3.152 eng). MF241(AD3.152 eng). MF243(Perkins eng). MF244. MF25(A4.99 eng). MF250(Perkins eng). MF2500. MF2500. MF2500(Perkins eng). MF251XE(Perkins eng). MF253 UK(Perkins eng). MF254(Perkins eng). MF254-4(Perkins eng). MF255T(T3152 eng). MF256(AD4.236 eng). MF25D. MF260(Perkins eng). MF2620; MF2625(A6.354 eng). MF263(903.27T eng). MF264(Perkins eng). MF2640(Perkins eng). MF2645(Perkins eng). MF2685(Perkins eng). MF271(Perkins eng). MF2720; MF2725(Perkins eng). MF273(Perkins eng). MF274; MF274-4(Perkins eng). MF275; MF275DT; MF275ST(P4000 4.1L eng). MF281(Perkins eng). MF281X; MF281XE(Perkins eng). MF282(A4.248 eng). MF285. MF29; MF29XP; MF31; MF31XP(Perkins eng). MF293(Perkins eng). MF294; MF294-4(Perkins eng). MF298(Perkins eng). MF30(Perkins eng). MF30(Perkins eng). MF30(Perkins eng). MF300. MF300(A4.248 eng). MF300(Perkins eng). MF302. MF302. MF304. MF304. MF307(Perkins eng). MF3080(6.354 eng). MF3085(6.354 eng). MF3090; MF3095(Perkins eng). MF30E. MF30E(Perkins eng). MF30E(Perkins eng). MF30H(Perkins eng). MF31. MF31(Perkins eng). MF3115(Perkins eng). MF3120; MF3120T(1006-6 eng). MF3125(Perkins eng). MF3140(1006-6 eng). MF3165. MF3165S; MF3165R(3.152 eng). MF320(A4.318 eng). MF320(A4.318 eng). MF3210; MF3225; MF3235. MF33. MF33(4.248 eng). MF3303(A4.203 eng). MF3303; MF3305(4.203 eng). MF3303; MF3305(4.212 eng). MF3305(A4.212 eng). MF3306(4.300 eng). MF3350; MF3355(Perkins eng). MF3366. MF3366(4A300 eng). MF340(Perkins eng). MF35(Perkins eng). MF35(Perkins eng). MF350. MF350(4.248 eng). MF350; MF350S(A4.248 eng). MF353S. MF356. MF356. MF356. MF356. MF356(A3.152 eng). MF360. MF3610(Perkins eng). MF362. MF363; MF363S(Perkins eng). MF3645(Perkins eng). MF364F; MF364S. MF364S; MF364GE; MF364V(AT3.152S eng). MF3655(Perkins eng). MF373(Perkins eng). MF373S(Perkins eng). MF374F; MF374S; MF374V(Perkins eng). MF377(Perkins eng). MF384S; MF384GE; MF384V; MF384H(A4.236 eng). MF384S; MF394S. MF392S(4.236 eng). MF393S(Perkins eng). MF394F; MF394S(Perkins eng). MF394FQ; MF394GE; MF394SQ(Perkins eng). MF397(Perkins eng). MF399(1006.6 eng). MF399(6.354 eng). MF40(3.152 eng). MF40(Perkins eng). MF40(Perkins eng). MF400(A4.248 eng). MF400(A6.354 eng). MF400; MF410; MF415. MF40E(Perkins eng). MF40R; MF40S. MF4243; MF4245; MF4253; MF4255(1004.40TW eng). MF4260(1006-60 eng). MF4263(1006-60 eng). MF4265(1004.40TW eng). MF4325; MF4335(1004.4 eng). MF435(Perkins eng). MF4360; MF4370(1006.6 eng). MF44(6.354 eng). MF44; MF44B. MF440(A4.248 eng). MF440(Perkins eng). MF450(A6.354 eng). MF450; MF450S(A6.354 eng). MF451(903.27 eng). MF471; MF481(1104C eng). MF487(Perkins eng). MF487(Perkins eng). MF491; MF492(1104C-44T eng). MF50. MF50; MF50B; MF50R; MF50S. MF500. MF500(A6.354 eng). MF500(AV8.510 eng). MF500; MF500B; MF500D; MF500L(AV8.510 eng). MF500; MF510; MF515. MF506. MF507. MF507(Perkins eng). MF50A(4.203 eng). MF50A(AD4.203 eng). MF50D(Perkins eng). MF510(A6.354 eng). MF515(A6.354 eng). MF520(Perkins eng). MF520; MF525. MF525(Perkins eng). MF5285(Perkins eng). MF530(A6.354.4 eng). MF530; MF530S; MF535. MF5340(Perkins eng). MF5355(Perkins eng). MF540(4.318 eng). MF55. MF55(V8.510 eng). MF550(6.354 eng). MF550(Perkins eng). MF560(Perkins eng). MF560; MF565. MF60(AD4.236 eng). MF615 45kW 61hp(VM HR494 eng). MF620(A6.372 eng). MF620; MF625. MF6235; MF6245(1004-40T eng). MF6255(1004-40T eng). MF6260(1006.60NA eng). MF6265(1004-40TW eng). MF6270; MF6280; MF6290(1006-6T eng). MF630; MD630. MF630S; MD630S. MF65. MF65D(Perkins eng). MF65D(Perkins eng). MF65R; MF65S. MF660; MF665. MF685S(A4.236 eng). MF698(Perkins eng). MF699(Perkins eng). MF70. MF70(4.318 eng). MF740. MF750 59kW 80hp(1004-4 eng). MF750(Perkins eng). MF750(Perkins eng). MF760. MF760 67kW 91hp(1004-4T eng). MF8; MF16; MF20(Perkins eng). MF80(A6.354 eng). MF800; MF810; MF815. MF811(4.108 eng). MF820; MF825; MF835. MF8210; MF8220(1006.6TW eng). MF840; MF845. MF850(A6.372 eng). MF850; MF855(A6.354 eng). MF86. MF86(Perkins eng). MF860 67kW 91hp(1004-4T eng). MF860(6.354 eng). MF865 67kW 91hp(1004-4T eng). MF865(6.354 eng). MF865(V8.540 eng). MF87(4.236; 4.27 eng). MF87(A4.236 eng). MF87-6(A6.354 eng). MF885(Perkins eng). MF885(Perkins eng). MF960 67kW 91hp(1004-4T eng). MF960(Perkins eng). MF965 67kW 91hp(1004-4T eng). MF99(A4.236 eng). MX271X; MF271XE(Perkins eng). Super 90. Super 92. TE20. Matbro Bray 280. 2WD(Ford eng). 2WD(Ford eng). 300. 350. 4WD(Perkins eng). 5000(Ford 2703E eng). 522. 522(6.354 eng). 522(6.354 eng). 522(Ford 2713E eng). 522(Ford 2713E eng). 522; 552. 530(4.236 eng). 530; 534(4.236 eng). 530; 540. 534(4.236 eng). 536. 536(6.354 eng). 536(6.354 eng). 536H(Ford 2703E/13E eng). 536H(Ford 2703E; 2713E eng). 536H; 546. 540. 540(4.236 eng). 540(4.236 eng). 540(Ford 2701E/12E eng). 540(Ford 2701E; 2712E eng). 544. 544(4.236 eng). 544(4.236 eng). 546. 546(6.354 eng). 546(6.354 eng). 546(Ford 2703E/13E eng). 546(Ford 2703E; 2713E eng). 552. 552(6.354 eng). 552(6.354 eng). 552(Ford 2713E eng). 552(Ford 2713E eng). 552(T6.354 eng). 552(T6.354 eng). 562(Leyl. 401 eng). 562(Perkins eng). 562; 566. 562; 566(Leyland 401 eng). 562; 566(Perkins eng). 562; 566AWS. 566(Leyl. 401 eng). 566(Perkins eng). 7000; 10000(Ford 2704E eng). BL450(Ford 6D/2701E eng). BL450; BL530; BL534(Ford 6D; 2701E eng). BL530(Ford 2701E eng). BL530; BL534. BL534(4.236 eng). BL534(Ford 2701E eng). BL534; BL540(4.236 eng). BL536(Ford 2703/04E eng). BL536; BL540; BL546; BL552(Ford 2703E; 2704E eng). BL540. BL540(4.236 eng). BL540(Ford 2703E/04E eng). BL546(Ford 2703E/04E eng). BL552(Ford 2703E/04E eng). BL560(Leyl. 400 eng). BL560(Leyland 400 eng). BL560; BL570. BL570(Leyl. 680 eng). BL570(Leyland 680 eng). Economat 70; 80; 90(LPG3-152; P3-152 eng). Goose Engine Driven(4.236 eng). Goose Engine Driven(Ford 2711E eng). M10000(T6.354 eng). M150; M180; M200(T6.354 eng). M200(T6.354 eng). M40 Mk III; M50 Mk III; M60 Mk III(4.203 eng). M40(Leyland 120 eng). M5000; M7000(6.354 eng). M60; M80(4.236 eng). M80; M100; M120; M150(6.354 eng). Mastiff 1000(T6.354 eng). Mastiff 4000(4.236 eng). Mastiff 4000(Ford 2701E; 2713E eng). PS1000; PS10000; PS10000B. PS10000(T6.354 eng). PS10000; RS10000(T6.354 eng). PS10000; RS10000A; RS10000C(6.354 eng). PS10000; RS10000B(T6.354.4 eng). PS10000A; PS10000C(6.354 eng). PS10000B(T6.354.4 eng). PS4000; PS4500; PS5000; PS6000; PS7000; PS7500; RS4000; RS4500(Ford eng). PS4000; PS4500; PS5000; PS6000; PS7000; PS7500; RS4000; RS4500(Perkins eng). PS4000; RS4000. PS4000; RS4000(6.354 eng). PS4000; RS4000(Ford 2711 eng). PS4000; RS4000C(Ford 2722 eng). PS4000C(Ford 2722 eng). PS4000C; RS4500C. PS4500; PS5000; PS7000; PS7500; RS4500; RS5000; RS7000; RS7500. PS4500; RS4500(6.354 eng). PS4500; RS4500(Ford 2713/14 eng). PS4500; RS4500; RS5000; RS7000; RS7500. PS5000; PS7000; PS7500. PS5000; RS5000(6.354 eng). PS5000; RS5000(Ford 2713/14 eng). PS5000; RS5000C(Ford 2723 eng). PS5000C. PS5000C(Ford 2723 eng). PS6000; RS6000(6.354 eng). PS6000; RS6000(Ford 2713/14 eng). PS7000; RS7000(6.354 eng). PS7000; RS7000(Ford 2713/14 eng). PS7500; RS7500(6.354 eng). PS7500; RS7500(Ford 2713/14 eng). PS7500; RS7500C(6.354.4 eng). PS7500; RS7500C(Ford 2725 eng). PS7500C. PS7500C. PS7500C(6.354.4 eng). PS7500C(Ford 2725 eng). PS9000. PS9000(Ford 2704ET eng). PS9000; RS9000(Ford 2704ET eng). RS4500C. RT100; RT120(4.236 eng). RT40; RT50; RT60(3.152 eng). RT70; RT80; RAM40(4.203 eng). S180; S200; S220; S2600(6.354 eng). S180; S200; S220; S2600(Ford 2714E eng). S200WT; S260WT(6.354 eng). S200WT; S260WT(Ford 2714E eng). S60; S80; S100; S120(Ford 2711E; 2701E eng). Teleram C(Ford 2722E eng). Telestar (Ford 2722 eng). Telestar 2522; 2524(Ford 2722E eng). Telestar(Ford 2722 eng). TR250. TR250. TR250(Perkins eng). Tristar 435(4.236 eng). TS270. TS270. TS280. VY100 Heavy Duty(Ford 2701E eng). VY180; Y200; Y220; Y260 Heavy Duty(Ford 2704E; 2714E eng). Yard Lift Y60; Y70; Y80; Y100; Y120; Y150(Ford 2701E eng). Yard Lift Y60; Y80; Y100; Y120; Y150(Ford 2711E eng). Mazda 121 (JASM/JBSM) 1.8D JASM/JBSM 1753cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(RTJ; RTK eng). McCormick C50; CX50; C60(903.27 eng). CX60(903.27T eng). F100(1004-40T eng). F60(2.7L eng). F70(1004-40 eng). F80(1004-42 eng). F90(1004-40T eng). T90; T100(1004.40T eng). V60(2.7L eng). V65(2.7L eng). V70(2.7L eng). V80(1004-42 eng). Meili MA1500(4.108 eng). Menzi Muck 6000 Plus(Perkins eng). A-Klasse 70/71 (1004-4T eng). Mercedes 800(Perkins eng). MB Trac 900. Mercury Mercruiser 20(4.99 eng). 30(4.99 eng). 40(4.236 eng). 60(4.236 eng). 70(4.236 eng). Rover Diesel 60. Rover Perkins Diesel. Merlo P26.6EVT. P26.6SP. P27.9 EVX. P28.7. P28.7(Perkins eng). P28.7EVT. P30.11XS. P30.12(Perkins eng). P30.13(Perkins eng). P30.13EVS. P30.9KT. P35.13K. P40.16(Perkins eng). P60.10EV. Mermaid 105; 130. 397. 595; 595ET; 595ET-INT. Miag DFZ23(4.203 eng). DGF20(4.203 eng). DGF25(4.203 eng). DGF30(4.203 eng). DGF35(4.203 eng). DGF40(4.203 eng). DK12(4.203 eng). Miller Electric 55D(Continental eng). Minneapolis Moline A4T1350D. A4T1400. A4T1400D. A4T1600. G1000. G1000 Vista(504-6 eng). G1050. G1350. G707; G708(504-6 eng). G750. G850. G900. G940. G950. Jet Star 3. M670. Morbark 20/36. Motori VM 1051SU; 1052SU; 1151SU; 1152SU; 1152DAN; 1153DAN. 1053SU. 112. 114. 195SV. 2105SUN. 295SV; 298SV. 101SU; 102SU. 103SU; 104SU. 395. 951SU; 952SU. 953SU; 954SU; 956SU. HR192A; HR292A. HR392A; HR394HP. HR392SHIR; RA394. HR394HPT 3 Cyl. HR494HP. Moxy D15S(Scania eng). D15S(Scania eng). D15S(Scania eng). Muir Hill 10B; 2WL(Fordson Major eng). 12B(Ford 592E eng). 141(Ford 2704ET eng). 141(T6.354 eng). 14B(Ford 2711E eng). 101 Radahl(Ford 2704E eng). 101/13TD; 101/20TD; 111; 121(6.354 eng). 101/13TD; 101/20TD; 111; 121(Ford 2715E eng). A4000; B4000(Ford 2711E eng). A4000; B4000; F4000(4.236 eng). A4000; B4000; F4000(4.236 eng). A4000; B4000; F4000(Ford 2701E eng). A4000; B4000; F4000(Ford 2711E eng). A5000; B5000; F5000(6.354 eng). A5000; B5000; F5000(Ford 2711E eng). A5000; B5000; F5000(Ford 2714E eng). A5000; B5000; F5000; A6000; B6000; F6000(6.354 eng). A5000; B5000; F5000; A6000; B6000; F6000(Ford 2714E eng). A6000; B6000; F6000(6.354 eng). A6000; B6000; F6000(Ford 2714E eng). B4000; F4000(Ford 2701E eng). B5000(Ford 2711E eng). B6; 101SB(Ford 2704E eng). BD4(Ford 4D eng). BD6; FD6(Leyland UE370 eng). BD8; FD8(Leyland 400 eng). LH1(P3.144 eng). MH101(6.354 eng). MH101(Ford 2714E eng). MH101(Ford 2714E eng). MH101(Ford 361 eng). MH101; MH110(Perkins eng). MH111(6.354 eng). MH111(6.354 eng). MH111(6.354 eng). MH121(Ford 2715E eng). MH121(Ford eng). MH141(Ford 2704E eng). MH141(Ford 2704E eng). MH141(T6.354 eng). MH141(T6.354 eng). MH161(Perkins eng). Mustang 440; 441; 445(4.108 eng). 545(4.154 eng). NCK 505 Hoe/Scraper(RR C6N eng). 505(Rolls Royce C6N eng). H14C(Ford 2704ET eng). H14C(Ford 2704ET eng). New Holland 1068(Perkins eng). 1069(Perkins eng). 1075(Perkins eng). 1100 Speedrower(Ford 256 Gas eng). 1100 Speedrower(Perkins eng). 1100 Speedrower(Perkins eng). 1112(Ford 256 eng). 1114(Ford 256 eng). 1118(Ford 268 4.4L eng). 1118(Ford 360 eng). 1164 County. 1164 County. 1360. 1400(Ford 2715E eng). 1400(Ford 380 eng). 1400(Perkins eng). 1495(Ford 256 eng). 1495(Perkins eng). 1495(Perkins eng). 1496(Perkins eng). 1499(Ford 268T eng). 1520. 1520 17kW 23hp(Ford 2712E eng). 1525(Ford 2713E eng). 1525(Ford 2715E eng). 1530. 1530(6.354 eng). 1530(Ford 2713E eng). 1530(Ford 2715E eng). 1540 AL(Ford 2704ET eng). 1540(Ford 2715E eng). 1545(Ford 2715E eng). 1550(Ford eng). 1770(Ford 2704E eng). 2000 Dexta. 2310 24kW 32hp. 2600 24kW 32hp. 2610 27kW 37hp(Ford eng). 2910 27kW 37hp(Ford eng). 3000. 3000 Dexta. 3430. 3430 34kW 46hp(Ford eng). 3600 29kW 40hp(Ford eng). 3610 31kW 42hp(Ford eng). 3910 35kW 47hp(Ford eng). 3930. 3930 37kW 50hp(Ford eng). 4000. 4000. 4000 Major. 4100 33kW 45hp(Ford eng). 4110 35kW 48hp(Ford eng). 4130 46kW 63hp(Ford eng). 445D. 4550. 4550. 455C. 4600. 4600 38kW 52hp(Ford eng). 4610. 4610 45kW 61hp(Ford eng). 4630. 4630 44kW 60hp(Ford eng). 4630(192T eng). 4630(Ford 201 eng). 4830. 5000. 5000 Major. 5030 46kW 62hp(Ford eng). 5100. 5110 48kW 65hp. 535. 550. 550. 5530. 5600 46kW 63hp(Ford eng). 5610. 5610 53kW 72hp(Ford eng). 5900. 6410. 6410 59kW 80hp. 6530. 655 Special. 6600. 6600 56kW 76hp(Ford eng). 6610. 6610 60kW 82hp(Ford eng). 6710 53kW 72hp. 6810 67kW 91hp. 7000. 7000 70kW 95hp(Ford eng). 7410. 7600 63kW 85hp(Ford eng). 7610. 7610 72kW 98hp(Ford eng). 7700. 7700 62kW 84hp(Ford eng). 7710. 7710 72kW 98hp(Ford eng). 8000 78kW 106hp(Ford eng). 8030(Iveco 8061 eng). 8040(Iveco 8061 eng). 8050. 8050(Ford 2715E eng). 8050(Ford 2723E/2725E eng). 8050(Iveco 8061.S3 eng). 8055(Ford 2723E eng). 8060(Ford 2715E eng). 8060(Ford 2723E/2725E eng). 8060(Iveco 8061.S3 eng). 80-66(Iveco 8045E eng). 8070(Ford 2704ET eng). 8070(Ford 2715E eng). 8070(Ford 2723E/2725E eng). 8070(Iveco 8061.S3 eng). 8070(Iveco 8361.1 eng). 8080(Ford 2715E eng). 8080(Ford 2723E/2725E eng). 8080(Iveco 8061.S3 eng). 85. 850. 8500(Perkins eng). 8600 82kW 111hp(Ford eng). 9000 96kW 131hp(Ford eng). 907; 910; 912(Ford 256 eng). 985(Ford 263 eng). 985(Ford 6.330 eng). 995(Ford 263 eng). 995(Ford 6.330 eng). 995(Perkins eng). 995(Perkins eng). Force II 2910(2868cc 3cyl eng). Force II 3910; 3910DT(3147cc 3cyl eng). Force II 4110; 4110N; 4610; 4610N. Force II 5610(4195cc 4cyl eng). Force II 6610(4393cc 4cyl eng). Force II 7610; 7710(4393cc 4cyl eng). L-450(Kubota D1402 eng). L455(Kubota B1402B eng). L455(Kubota D1402B eng). L518 146kW 199hp(Iveco eng). L520 MCS 146kW 199hp(Iveco eng). L552; L553(Kubota V1902 eng). L-553(Kubota V1902-B eng). L555(4.108 eng). L555(Kubota V1902 eng). L-555(Kubota V1902-B eng). L-600(Onan eng). L600(Onan L423 eng). L655 2wd; 4wd(Ford 4cyl eng). L778(192 eng). L778(Ford 192 eng). L779(4.203 eng). L779(4.203.2 eng). L783(4.203.2 eng). L783(Ford eng). L783; L785(Ford BSD333 eng). L783; L785(Perkins eng). L785(4.203.2 eng). L785(Ford BSD 3cyl 3294cc eng). L785(Ford eng). L785(Perkins eng). LB620(Onan L423 eng). LM840 70kW 95hp(AK092D eng). LM840; LM850; LM860(Perkins eng). LM850 76kW 102hp(AK092D eng). LM860 76kW 102hp(AK092D eng). LW50; LW50B(Perkins eng). M122(Ford 2701 eng). M77(Ford 4000 eng). Major. TR70(Ford 363TD eng). TR75(Ford 2704ET eng). TR75(Ford eng). TW10 81kW 110hp(Ford eng). TW15 89kW 121hp(Ford eng). TW20 100kW 136hp(Ford eng). TW25(Ford eng). TW30 120kW 163hp(Ford eng). TW35(Ford eng). TW5(Ford eng). New Idea 706(Ford eng). 706D(6.354 eng). 706D(Perkins eng). 707D(Perkins eng). 708(6.354T eng). 708; 709; 801(3.354T eng). 709(6.354T eng). 717(Perkins eng). 717; 767(Perkins eng). 737; 767(Perkins eng). 800(Perkins eng). Nissan 100/8D(T6.354.3 eng). 470; 480 Dexta(P3 eng). 55/6D(4.236 eng). 60/7D; 66/7T(6.305 eng). 60/7D; 66/7T(6.305 eng). 6040; 6045(AD3.152 eng). 6070; 6075; 6079; 6080. 6090; 6100; 6120; 6125(T4.236; A6.354; T6.354 eng). 65/7D(T4.236 eng). 684; 684E; 684EX(6.305 eng). 99/9T; 110/8D(6.354 eng). 99/9T; 110D(6.354 eng). D150; D350; D450(4.203 eng). D150; D350; D550(4.236 eng). D-550P; D-601; D-602; D-603; D-702P; D-703; D-6003D. D600; D700(6.305 eng). E-35; E-60; E-70; E-90(4.203; 4.236 eng). E-60(4.203 eng). E-95; E-110(6.305 eng). E-95; E-110; E-125(6.354 eng). Ebro 100/8D(T6.354.3 eng). Ebro 55/6D(4.236 eng). Ebro 60/7D; 66/7T(6.305 eng). Ebro 65/7D(T4.236 eng). Ebro 99/9T; 110D(6.354 eng). Ebro D150; D350; D450(4.203 eng). Ebro D150; D350; D550(4.236 eng). Ebro D550P; D601; D602; D603; D702P; D703; D6003D. Ebro D600; D700(6.305 eng). Ebro E35; E60; E70; E90(4.203; 4.236 eng). Ebro E60(4.203 eng). Ebro E95; E110(6.305 eng). Ebro E95; E110; E125(6.354 eng). Ebro L35(4.165 eng). Ebro L45(4.236 eng). Ebro L60; L80(4.236 eng). Ebro L80(T4.236 eng). Ebro M100; M125; P112; P137; P160. Ebro P137; P160; P170(T6.354 eng). Ebro P190; P200; P260; P270; P320(V8.540; V8.640 eng). L-35(4.165 eng). L-45(4.236 eng). L-60; L-80(4.236 eng). L-80(T4.236 eng). M-100; M-125; P-112; P-137; P-160. P-137; P-160; P-170(T6.354 eng). P-190; P-200; P-260; P-270; P-320(V8.540; V8.640 eng). Patrol I 2.7D K160/W160 Diesel 51kW 70hp(MD-27 eng). Patrol I 2.8D K160/W160 Diesel 56kW 76hp(A 4.28 M24 eng). Patrol I 2.8TD Diesel 70kW 95hp(A 4.28 TD eng). Oliver 1250A; 1255; 1265. 1355. 1365. 1465. 1514. 1555(232D eng). 1600D. 1650 D. 1650(Waukesha Diesel A eng). 1650(Waukesha Diesel A eng). 1655. 1655 52kW 71hp(265G; 283D eng). 1678. 1750 59kW 80hp(Waukesha eng). 1750(Waukesha eng). 1755. 1800D. 1850 68kW 92hp(Waukesha eng). 1850(6.354 eng). 1855. 1865. 1870. 1950T. 1955. 2055. 2155. 2455. 2655. Onan 30MDEH; 30MDH. 30MDEH; 30MDH. MDTA25. Orenstein and Koppel A25; A30; A41; A50(Ford 2711; 2712 eng). A25; A30; A41; A50; V26; V80(Ford 2712E eng). A25; V25(Ford 2711/12E eng). A26; V26 44kW 60hp(4.203 eng). A30; V30 44kW 60hp(4.203 eng). A30; V30(Ford 2711/12E eng). A35; V35(Ford 2711/12E eng). A40; V40(Ford 2711/12E eng). A50(Ford 2712E eng). A50(Ford 2712E eng). L6.5; L6.5FT 42kW 57hp(704.30 eng). L8.5 44kW 60hp(704.30 eng). MH2.10; RH2.10 54kW 74hp(1004.4 eng). MH2.12; RH2.12 58kW 79hp(1004.4 eng). P137; P160; P170(6.354.3 eng). V16; V20; V25; V26. V30(4.203 eng). V16; V20; V25; V26; V30(4.203 eng). V26; V35; V40; V80(Ford 2711; 2712 eng). Owatonna 1000; 1200; 1700(4.248 eng). 1700(4.248 eng). 285(4.236 eng). 285(4.236 eng). 880(4.248 eng). 880(4.248 eng). 880(Ford 256 eng). 880(Ford 256 eng). Mustang 445(4.108 eng). Palmer AD2; AD21. PAL64 . PAL64. PBD220 . PBD220; PBD330; PBD466. PBD330 . PBD466 . Parker Rock Ranger. Parsons Barracuda Force 12 (Ford-Sabre 2704). Barracuda Mk II (Ford-Sabre 2704). Barracuda Mk II; Force 12. Marlin. Pike Mk II; Porbeagle Mk II. Pegaso 1061 147kW 200hp. 1061/50; 1061L/50; 1061BL/50; 1063/50; 1066/51; 1066/52; 1080/50; 1080/53; 1080/60; 1080/61; 1080/63; 1080/65; 1080/70; 1080L/50; 1080L/53; 1080L/60; 1080L/63; 1083/50; 1083/53; 1083/61; 1086/51; 1086/52; 1086/53; 1086/62; 1086/64. 1061; 1061A; 1061EL; 1061L; 1061LA; 1063; 1063A; 1063LA; 1064; 1064A 2; 1064/1; 1064/2; 1065; 1065/1; 1065/1L; 1065/32; 1065/35; 1065/40; 1065A; 1065A 1; 1065LA; 1065LA 1. 1063 147kW 200hp. 1064 147kW 200hp. 1065A/1C; 1065B; 1065B/1; 1065B/3; 1065B/4; 1065B/5; 1065B/6; 1065B/8; 1065BL; 1065BL/1; 1065BL/6; 1065BL/8; 1065BV; 1065BV/3. 1065B 125kW 170hp. 1065BV/5; 1065BV/6; 1065L; 1065LB/3; 1065LB/4; 1065LB/5; 1065V; 1066A; 1066A/1; 1066A/2; 1066/1; 1066/2; 1066/3; 1067; 1080; 1080/3; 1080/11; 1080/14; 1080/20; 1080/21; 1080/23; 1080/24; 1080L; 1080L/3; 1083; 1083/3; 1083/10; 1083/30; 1086/2; 1086/3. 1066 191kW 260hp. 1066/50 191kW 260hp. 1067. 1080 147kW 200hp. 1080L; 1135/50; 1135EL/50; 1135/55; 1135L/50; 1135/60; 1135L/60; 1180/50; 1180/53; 1180L/53; 1180/60; 1180L/60; 1183/50; 1183/53; 1183/60; 1183/70; 1183/80; 1186/52; 1186/54; 1186/62; 1186/64; 1186/70; 1186/80; 2040/51; 2135/50. 1083 147kW 200hp. 1084. 1084; 1084/5; 1084/8. 1086 191kW 260hp. 1087/10 225kW 306hp. 1087/10; 1089; 1181L; 1184/10; 1187/10; 1190; 1228T; 1231R; 1231T; 1331; 1331R; 1431. 1087/10; 1089; 1181L; 1184/10; 1187/10; 1190; 2081C; 2081LC; 2081/60; 2082/60; 2082/80; 2089/60; 2089/80; 2090; 2091; 2181/60; 2182/60; 2189/60; 2190; 3088/92; 3089/1; 3089/2; 3181; 3188/92; 3189; 3500; 3560; 3560/1; 3560/3; 3560/4; 3562/1; 3570. 1088 191kW 260hp. 1088; 1088GL; 1088V; 1088/50; 1088/53; 1088/60; 1088/63; 1088/64; 2011/50; 2040/50; 2041T; 2080/50; 2080/51; 2080/54; 2080/60; 2080/61; 2080/63; 2080/64; 2088/50; 2088/60; 3060L/50; 3075/50; 3088; 3088/2; 3088/10; 3088/12; 3088/22; 3052. 1089. 1089C 228kW 310hp. 1090 L/1. 1090; 1090L; 1090V; 1090LDR; 1090VDR; 1090S; 1091; 1091/1; 1091L/1; 1091EL; 1091EL/1; 1091V; 1091V/1; 1095; 1095/1; 1095/40; 1095A; 1095ADR; 1095L; 1095LA; 1095LADR; 1095L/1; 1095LDR; 1095LDR/1; 1095DR; 1095DR/1; 1095VDR. 1090; L; LDR; S; V; VDR. 1091. 1091 EL; EL/1. 1091 V; V/1. 1091/1. 1091/3. 1091/3; 1098/3; 1120; 1120EL; 1120L; 1120V; 1121; 1121EL; 1121L; 1121/5; 1121EL/5; 1121L/5; 1125; 1125L; 1125EL; 1126; 1126L; 1214. 1095. 1096. 1096; 1096/1; 1096L; 1096L/1; 1096LDR. 1096LDR/1; 1096DR; 1096DR/1; 1098; 1098L; 1098DR; 1098LDR; 1098/1; 1098L/1; 1098DR/1; 1098LDR/1; 1100L; 1100/1; 1100L/1; 1101/1; 1101L/1; 2030DR; 2031DR; 3040; 3040A; 3040/22; 3041; 3041/1. 1098. 1098 DR; DR/1. 1098 L; L/1. 1098 LDR; LDR/1. 1098/1. 1098/3. 11100 66kW 90hp. 11100/1. 11100L; 11100L/1. 11101/1 66kW 90hp. 11101L/1. 11120. 11120EL; 11120L; 11120V. 11121 99kW 135hp(9130.19 eng). 11121/5. 11121EL; 11121EL/5. 11121L; 11121L/5. 11125. 11125EL; 11125L. 11126 99kW 135hp(9130.19 eng). 11126L. 11127. 11127L; 11127L/5. 11130 110kW 150hp. 11135 110kW 150hp. 11135/1 125kW 170hp(9100.50 eng). 11135/50 165kW 225hp(9220.2 eng). 11136 147kW 200hp. 11140. 11145 165kW 225hp. 11180. 11180/11; 11180/21. 11180/50; 11180/53. 11180/60. 11180L/50; 11180L/53; 11180L/60 191kW 260hp. 11181L. 11183. 11183/3; 11183/10 147kW 200hp(9105.47 eng). 11183/50; /53. 11183/60; 11183/70; 11183/80. 11184/10 225kW 306hp(9156.5 eng). 11186/52; 11186/54 191kW 260hp. 11186/62; 11186/64. 11186/70; 11186/80. 11187/10 228kW 310hp(9156.5 V3y4 eng). 11190. 1127; 1127L; 1127L/5; 1130; 1130L; 1130EL; 1135; 1135L; 1216; 3046; 3046T; 3046/50; 3046/51; 3046/52; 3047TC; 3550; 3550/1. 1135/1; 1135/15; 1135L/1; 1135/30; 1135L/30; 1136; 1136L; 1180; 1180/11; 1180/21; 1183; 1183/3; 1183/10; 1217; 2135; 2180/11; 3060LA; 3060GLA. 1140; 2011; 2011/1; 2011A; 2012; 2020; 2020B; 2020B 4; 2022; 2040; 2040/1; 2041; 2045; 2080; 2080/1; 2080/4; 2080/11; 3050; 3050/4; 3050/7; 3050/8; 3050/23; 3050DV; 3050M; 3050T; 3060; 3060L; 3060G; 3060GL; 3070; 3075; 3076. 1145; 1145L. 1214 99kW 135hp(9130.23 eng). 1214.14 99kW 135hp(94A1AX9130.23 eng). 1216 114kW 155hp(9135.15 eng). 1217 125kW 170hp(9100.55 eng). 1217.14; 1217.17(94T1BX eng). 1217.20(95A1BX eng). 1217; 1231R; 1231; 1331; 1431. 1217; 2217.15; 2323K; 2323.26K. 1223 165kW 225hp(9222.00 eng). 1223.20; 1323.26G; 2323K; 2323.26K(95T1BX 9222.11 eng). 1223; 2321K. 1223; 2321K. 1226.20; 1226.38T; 1326.26G(95R1AX eng). 1228T; 1231R; 1231T; 1331; 1331R; 1431; 1431G; 2331K; 2331R; 2331T; 2431K. 1331.26R 228kW 310hp(96T1CX9156.73 eng). 2011 191kW 260hp. 2012 147kW 200hp. 2020 125kW 170hp. 2030DR. 2031DR 99kW 135hp. 2040 191kW 260hp. 2040/51. 2080 147kW 200hp. 2081/60. 2081; 2082; 2089; 2090; 2091; 2181/60; 2182/60; 2189/60; 2190; 2331; 2431K. 2081C; LC 228kW 310hp. 2082/60; 2082/80 259kW 352hp. 2088/50 191kW 260hp. 2089/60; 2089/80 259kW 352hp. 2090 225kW 306hp. 2091. 2180/51; 2180/54; 2180/61; 2180/64; 2180/70; 2180/80; 3054; 3060LA/50; 3060GL/50; 3060GLA/50; 3065; 3065/10; 3076D; 3076/60; 3188/2; 3454. 22135 125kW 170hp(9100.50 eng). 22135/50. 2217 125kW 170hp(9100.57 eng). 2217; 2323; 2326. 2217; 2323K. 22180/11 147kW 200hp. 22180/51; 22180/54. 22180/61; 22180/64. 22180/70; 22180/80. 22181/60 225kW 306hp(9156.5 eng). 22182/60 259kW 352hp(9156.3 eng). 22188/60 191kW 260hp. 22189/60 259kW 352hp(9156.3 eng). 22190 225kW 306hp(9156.5 eng). 2321K 160kW 217hp(9222.01 eng). 2331K 228kW 310hp(9156.17 eng). 2431K. 2600 545H. 2600 545H. 2605 645HB. 2605 645HB. 3040. 3040/22 99kW 135hp. 3041 99kW 135hp(9132.18 eng). 3041/1. 3045/20; 3045/21; 3045/22; 3045/23; 3045/24 92kW 125hp. 3045/40; 3045/42. 3045D. 3045D; 3045/20; 3045/21; 3045/22; 3045/23; 3045/24; 3045/40; 3045/42. 3046. 3046/10; 3078; 3080/50; 3080/63; 3180/50; 3180/70; 3180/80. 3046/50; 3046/51; 3046/52. 3047TC. 3050 125kW 170hp(9100.40 eng). 3054. 3060GLA. 3060GLA/50. 3060LA. 3060LA/50; 3060GL/50. 3065. 3065/10. 3075 147kW 200hp. 3076/60. 3076D. 3080. 3080 147kW 200hp. 3088/92 225kW 306hp. 3088/92; 3089; 3181; 3188/92; 3189; 3500; 3560; 3562/1; 3570. 3089/1; 3089/2 259kW 352hp. 33180 147kW 200hp. 33181. 33188/2. 33188/92 225kW 306hp(9156.5 eng). 33189. 3500. 3540 165kW 225hp(9222 eng). 3545. 3550. 3550/1. 3560 228kW 310hp(9156/33 eng). 3560/1; 3560/3; 3560/4. 3562/1. 3570. 5021A. 5021A; 5045; 5061DR; 5062A; 5062B; 5065DR; 5067DR; 5080; 5081; 5081/1; 6021A; 6042; 6042/1; 6042/2. 5022 110kW 150hp. 5022/10. 5022; 5022C; 5022CL; 5022CLN; 5022IV; 5022V; 5022/10; 5030; 5030/1; 5030/1L; 5030L; 5030L/3; 5031; 5031/B; 5031N; 5031NB; 5031/1; 5031L; 5031L/2; 5031L/3. 5023 136kW 185hp(9101.12 eng). 5023/1. 5023; 5023/1; 5023CL; 5023CLA; 5023CLN; 5023DL/5; 5024; 5024CL; 5024CLN; 5024DL/5; 5030E; 6031A; 6031A/2; 6031N; 6031N/2; 6035; 6035A; 6035A/1; 6035A/2; 6035A/3; 6035/4; 6035/5; 6036; 6037A; 6038; 6038A/2. 5023DL; 5023DL5. 5024 147kW 200hp. 5024DL; 5024DL5. 5025; 5025CLN. 5025; 5025CLN; 5026; 5026N; 5035; 5035N; 5035NB. 5026; 5026N. 5030/1; 5030/1L. 5030E. 5030L/3 125kW 170hp(9100.15 eng). 5031 147kW 200hp. 5031/1. 5031/3. 5031/3; 5031L/1; 5032/1; 5032/2. 5031L/1. 5031L/2; 5031L/3. 5031L/4. 5031L/4; 5032. 5032. 5032/1; 5032/2. 5034L/1; 5034L/2. 5034N. 5034N; 5034L/1; 5034L/2; 5065C; 5071; 5071/1; 5073; 5074; 5075; 6030; 6030NA; 6046; 6046/1; 6046/2; 6047. 5035 191kW 260hp. 5035; 5035N; 5035NB. 5035NA. 5035NA. 5036/1 228kW 310hp(9156.26 eng). 5036; 5036/1; 5036S; 5036S/1. 5036; 5036S. 5036S/1. 5045. 5061DR 92kW 125hp. 5062A; 5062B 92kW 125hp. 5063DR; 5063DR/1; 5063DR/2 99kW 135hp(9130.17 eng). 5063DR; 5063DR/1; 5064A; 5064A/1; 5064A/2; 5064B. 5064 99kW 135hp(9130.15 eng). 5064A; 5064A/1; 5064A/2; 5064B. 5065C. 5065DR 92kW 125hp. 5067DR 99kW 135hp. 5068 125kW 170hp(9135.30 eng). 5070. 5070/1; 5070/2 125kW 170hp. 5070; 5070/1; 5071/2; 5071/3. 5071. 5071/1. 5071/3 147kW 200hp. 5072 92kW 125hp. 5073 125kW 170hp. 5074 125kW 170hp(9106.6 eng). 5075 125kW 170hp. 5080 66kW 90hp. 5081 92kW 125hp(9025.10 eng). 5081/1. 5117. 5117. 5123. 5123. 5226.23. 5226.23(95R3AX eng). 5231(96T3CX eng). 5231(96T3CX eng). 5317. 5317 125kW 170hp(9135 eng). 55117 125kW 170hp(9100.56 eng). 55123 165kW 225hp(9222.02 eng). 5720/10. 5720/10; 5720/20; 5720/21. 5720/20. 5730/21. 6021 92kW 125hp. 6025 110kW 150hp. 6030 136kW 185hp(9101.8 eng). 6031A; 6031A/2 147kW 200hp(9101.8 eng). 6031N; 6031N/2. 6035 136kW 185hp(9101.8 eng). 6035/4; 6035/5. 6035A; 6035A/1; 6035A/2; 6035A/3. 6036 136kW 185hp(9101.8 eng). 6037A. 6038 147kW 200hp(9107 eng). 6038A/2. 6042 92kW 125hp. 6042/1; 6042/2. 6046 147kW 200hp(9106.6 eng). 6046/1; 6046/2. 6047. 6050 155kW 210hp. 6055 155kW 210hp. 6100. 6100. 6100S 228kW 310hp(9156.9 eng). 6420. 6420. 6420 147kW 200hp(9152.05 eng). 6424. 6424. 6424 176kW 240hp(T3/00061 eng). 9020. 9020/10; /11. 9020; 9020/10; 9020/11; 9025; 9025/3; 9026; 9026/13; 9026/14; 9040; 9042; 9130; 9130/2; 9130/5; 9130/16; 9130/17; 9130/23; 9132/2; 9132/10; 9132/11; 9132/18. 9025. 9025/3. 9026. 9026/13; 9026/14. 9040. 9042. 9100/1; 9100/4; 9100/15; 9100/40; 9100/41; 9100/50; 9100/55; 9101; 9101/11; 9103; 9103/1; 9103/5; 9103/6; 9103/7; 9104. 9100/12; 9100/18; 9101/8; 9106/5; 9107; 9107/2. 9100/42; 9220/3. 9100/55; 9108; 9109/1; 9109/5; 9109/9; 9109/13; 9109/14; 9109/16; 9109/41; 9220/1; 9220/2; 9220/24. 9100/56. 9100/57; 95A1DZ. 9105/10; 9105/11; 9105/12; 9105/14; 9105/15; 9105/17; 9105/18; 9105/19; 9105/44; 9105/45; 9105/47; 9105/48; 9106; 9106/2; 9106/4; 9106/6; 9106/7; 9113. 9135; 9135/1; 9135/5; 9135/13; 9135/15. 9154. 9156/15. 9156; 9156/3; 9156/5; 9156/8; 9156/9; 9156/11; 9156/13; 9156/15; 9156/17; 9156/26; 9156/73; 9157; 9157/3; 9157/8. 9220/2; 9222/00. 9220/24. 9220/3. 9220; 9220/1; 9220/2. 9222/00. 9222/02. 9222/02; 9222/11. 9222/11. 94A1AX. 94A1AX. 94T1BX. 94T1BX. 95A1BX. 95A1BX. 95A1DZ. 95R1AV. 95R1AV; 95R1BX; 95R3AX; 95R3EW. 95R1AX. 95R1BX. 95R1BX; 95T1BX; 91T1BV. 95R3AX. 95T1BV. 95T1BX. 96T1AX; 96T1CV; 96T1CX. 96T1AY. 96T1CV. 96T1CX. 96T3CX. 99100/1; 99100/4. 99100/12. 99100/15. 99100/18. 99100/40; 99100/41. 99100/42. 99100/50; 99100/55. 99100/56. 99100/57. 99101. 99101/11. 99101/8. 99103. 99103/1; 99103/5; 99103/6; 99103/7. 99104. 99105/10; 99105/11; 99105/12; 99105/14. 99105/15; 99105/17; 99105/18; 99105/19. 99105/44; 99105/45; 99105/47; 99105/48. 99106. 99106/2; 99106/4. 99106/5. 99106/6; 99106/7. 99107. 99107/2. 99108. 99109/1; 99109/5; 99109/9. 99109/13; 99109/14; 99109/16; 99109/41. 99113. 99130. 99130/16; 99130/17. 99130/2; 99130/5. 99132/10; 99132/11; 99132/18. 99132/2. 99135. 99135/1; 99135/5. 99135/13; 99135/15. 99154. 99156. 99156/11; 99156/13; 99156/15; 99156/17. 99156/26. 99156/3; 99156/5; 99156/8; 99156/9. 99156/73. 99157. 99157/3; 99157/8. J4 1100 37kW 50hp(9731.10 eng). J4 800 37kW 50hp(9731.10 eng). Mider 1223 230(95R1BX eng). Mider 1226 260(95R1AX eng). Mider 1226.20 260(95R1AX eng). Mider 1226.38T 260(95R1AX eng). Mider 1226PC; 1226T; 1226TP 260(95R1AX eng). Mider 1326.26G 260(95R1AX eng). Mider 2326.30(95R1AV eng). Tecno 1217.14(94T1BX eng). Tecno 1217.17(94T1BX eng). Tecno 1217.20(95A1BX eng). Tecno 1223.20(95T1BX 9222.11 eng). Tecno 1231.38 T(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1231R(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1231T(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1323.26G(95T1BX 9222.11 eng). Tecno 1331.26(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1331.38R(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1331; 1331R(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1431; 1431G(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 2323.26K(95T1BX 9222.11 eng). Tecno 2323K(95T1BX 9222.11 eng). Tecno 2331.26K(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 2331.38R; 2331.38T(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 2331K; 2331R; 2331T(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 2431.36K(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 2431K(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Troner 2011/1. Troner 2011/50. Troner 2011; A. Troner 2012. Troner 2020; 2020B; 2020B4. Troner 2022. Troner 2040. Troner 2040/1; 2040/50. Troner 2041; 2041T. Troner 2045. Troner 2080. Troner 2080/1; 2080/4; 2080/11. Troner 2080/50; 2080/51; 2080/54. Troner 2080/60; 2080/61; 2080/63; 2080/64. Troner 2088/50; 2088/60. Troner 2217. Troner 2217.15. Troner 2323.26K. Troner 2323K. Troner 3046/10. Troner 3050/7; 3050/8; 3050/23. Troner 3050; 3050DV; 3050M; 3050T. Troner 3052. Troner 3060. Troner 3060G; 3060GL. Troner 3060L; 3060L/50. Troner 3070. Troner 3075. Troner 3075/50. Troner 3076. Troner 3078. Troner 3080. Troner 3080/50; 3080/63. Troner 3088. Troner 3088/2; 3088/10; 3088/12; 3088/22. Troner 3180/50; 3180/70; 3180/80. Pel Job EB36 27kW 37hp(VM 394HR eng). EB36(VM eng). EB406 25kW 34hp(VM 394HR eng). Pellenc 3300(1006.60T eng). Perkins 1000. 1004-4 67kW 91hp. 1004-4; 1004-4HR; 1004-4T; 1004-4THR; 1004-4TW; 1006-6; 1006-6HR; 1006-6T; 1006-6THR; 1006-6TW; 1006-6TWHR. 1004-4T; 1004-4TW 85kW 116hp. 1006-6 99kW 135hp. 1006-6T; 1006-6TW 123kW 167hp. 2006-12T. 2006-12T1; 2006-12T2; 2006-12TA; 2006-12TW; 2006-12TWH. 2006-12TA 282kW 383hp. 2006-12TW 248kW 337hp. 3.144. 3.144; P3-144; P3-144.1; P3-144M; P3.144TA. 3.152; 3.152.2; 3.152.4. 3.152; 3.152.2; 3.152.4; B3.152; D3.152; D3.152.4; F3.152; F4.152; G3.152; P3.152; T3.152.4. 3HD Heavy Duty 46 3 Cyl 46bhp. 4.107. 4.107. 4.107; 4.107A; 4.107M; 4.107TA; 4.107V. 4.1077. 4.107M. 4.108. 4.108. 4.108. 4.108; 4.108M; 4.108V; T4.108; 4.248TA. 4.108M; 4.236M. 4.154. 4.154. 4.154; 4.154A. 4.165. 4.165. 4.192. 4.192; 4A.192; P4.192; P4.192Y. 4.192; P4.192; 4.203; 4.203TA; P4.203; A4.212. 4.203; 4.203.2. 4.203; 4.203.2; AD4.203; D4.203; G4.203. 4.203; 4A.203; AD4.203; D4.203; P4.203. 4.212. 4.236. 4.236; 4.236M; A4.236; AT4.236. 4.236; A4.236; 4.236M; 4.236TA; C4.236; G4.236; T4.236; 4.248; 4.248.2. 4.248; 4.248.2. 4.248; AT4.248. 4.270. 4.270; 4.270M; 4.270TA. 4.270D. 4.270M; 6.305M. 4.288. 4.288. 4.300. 4.300; A4.300. 4.300; A4.300; 4.300TA. 4.318. 4.318. 4.99. 4.99. 4.99; 4.107. 4.99; 4A.99. 403C-11. 403C-15 25kW 34hp. 404C-22 38kW 52hp. 404C-22T (Turbo). 4HD Heavy Duty 76 4 Cyl 76bhp. 6.247. 6.247; P6.247. 6.288. 6.288. 6.288; 6.305. 6.305. 6.305; 6.305A; 6.305V. 6.354. 6.354. 6.354.4. 6.354; 6.354.1; 6.354.2; 6.354T; 6.354HT; 6.354M; 6.354TA; 6.354V; A6.354; C6.354.2; H6-354V; HT6.354; HT6.354M; T6.354; T6.354M; T6.354.1; T6.354.3. 6.354; 6.354M; A6.354; H6.354; H6.354M; HT6.354; HT6.354M; T6.354; T6.354M. 6.354M; HT6.354M; T6.354M; T6.354.4. 6.372. 6.372. 6.372.4. 6.372; 6.372.4. 6.44Q14; 6.440; T6.440. 6HD Heavy Duty 100 6 Cyl 99bhp. 6HD Heavy Duty 150T 6 Cyl 150bhp Turbo. 704-26. 704-30 43kW 58hp. 704-30T. 8HD Heavy Duty 153 8 Cyl 153bhp. 903-27 36kW 49hp. 903-27T 48kW 65hp. A4.212. A4.318; 4.318.2. A4-212; AG4-212. AD3.152; D3.152; AT3.152; 3.152. B3.153. Barracuda Mk II; Force 2. F3.152; P3.152. F3; P3; F4; L4-M; P4; P6; R6; S6. HT6.354M. M65. P110; P125(TV8.540 eng). P13.5; P16; P22; P27(3.152; 3.152.4 eng). P3. P3.144. P3.152M. P40; P56(4.236; T4.236 eng). P55; P85(6.354.4; T6.354.4 eng). P6; R6; S6. Phaser 110T; 110Ti. Phaser 120Ti. Phaser 125; 135 6 Cyl. Phaser 135Ti. Phaser 145T; 160T; 180Ti 210Ti 6 Cyl Turbo. Phaser 160T. Phaser 180Ti. Phaser 90. Phaser 90; 110; 110T; 120Ti 4 Cyl Turbo. Pike Mk II; Porbeagle Mk II. Range 4; M135 6 Cyl. Range 4; M90 4 Cyl. T4.236. T6.354. T6.354.4. T6.354.4; ST6.354.4. TV8.540. V8.510. V8.510; V8.540. V8.540. V8.540; TV8.540. V8.640; TV8.640. Pettibone Mulliken 6-12(4219D eng). Peugeot 305 1.5D 1548cc Diesel 36kW 49hp(149 XID eng). 305 1.9D 1891cc Diesel 48kW 65hp(162 XUD9 eng). 305 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(162 XUD9 eng). 305 1.9D Break 1891cc Diesel 48kW 65hp(162 XUD9 eng). 305 1.9D Break 1905cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(162 XUD9 eng). 504 1.9D M20 1948cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(XD4x88 eng). 504 2.1D A20; M20 2112cc Diesel 48kW 65hp(XD4x90 eng). 504 2.3D A40; A45 2304cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(134 XD2 eng). 504(2.1L eng). 504(2.1L eng). 504(2.3L eng). 504(2.3L eng). 504(2.3L eng). 504(2.3L eng). 505 2.3TD 2304cc Diesel 59kW 80hp(147 XD2S eng). 505 2.5 Litre GLD; GRD; SRD Diesel(XD3 eng). 505 2.5 Litre GTD Turbo Diesel(XD3T eng). 505 2.5D 2498cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(155 XD3 eng). 505 2.5D 2498cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(155 XD3 eng). 505 2.5TD 2498cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(152A XD3T eng). 505 2.5TD 2498cc Diesel 70kW 95hp. 505 2.5TD 2498cc Diesel 77kW 105hp(152B XD3TE eng). Boxer. Boxer. Boxer 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel(DJ5TED 106bhp eng). Boxer 270S 1.9 Litre Diesel(XUD.9AU eng). Boxer 270S 1.9 Litre Diesel(XUD.9AU eng). Boxer 270S 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel(XUD.9UTF eng). Boxer 270S 1.9 Litre(XUD.9UTF eng). Boxer 320L M; S; C/Cab; 350L; M; C/Cab 2.5 Litre Diesel(Peugeot DJ5 85bhp eng). Boxer 320L M; S; C/Cab; 350L; M; C/Cab 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel(Peugeot DJ5T 101bhp eng). Boxer 320S; 320M; 320L; 320 Chassis Cab; 350M; 350L; 350 Chassis Cab 2.5 Litre Diesel(DJ5 eng). Boxer 320S; 320M; 320L; 320 Chassis Cab; 350M; 350L; 350 Chassis Cab 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel(DJ5T eng). Boxer I 1.9 Diesel(D8C XUD9AU eng). Boxer I 1.9 Diesel(D8C XUD9AU eng). Boxer I 1.9 TurboDiesel(DHY-D8C XUD9TE-F eng). Boxer I 1.9 TurboDiesel(DHY-D8C XUD9TE-F eng). Boxer I 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(D8C XUD9AU eng). Boxer I 1.9D 230L 1905cc Diesel 50kW 68hp. Boxer I 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(DHY XUD9TE eng). Boxer I 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 68kW 92hp(D8C XUD9UTF eng). Boxer I 2.5 D(T9A DJ5 eng). Boxer I 2.5 D(T9A DJ5 eng). Boxer I 2.5 TD(T8A DJ5T eng). Boxer I 2.5 TD(T8A DJ5T eng). Boxer I 2.5 TDi 2446cc Diesel 79kW 107hp(THX DJ5TED eng). Boxer I 2.5D 2446cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(T9A DJ5 eng). Boxer I 2.5TD 2446cc Diesel 76kW 104hp(T8A DJ5T eng). J5 1.0; 1.3 Litre Diesel; Turbo Diesel. J5 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 51kW 70hp(D9B XUD9A eng). J5 2.5D 2498cc Diesel 54kW 73hp(CRD93 U25/661 eng). J5 2.5D 2500cc Diesel 54kW 73hp(CRD93 U25/661 eng). J5 2.5D 4x4 2500cc Diesel 54kW 73hp(CRD93 U25/661 eng). J5 2.5TD 2500cc Diesel 70kW 95hp(CRD93LS U25/673 eng). J5 2.5TD 4x4 2500cc Diesel 70kW 95hp(CRD93LS U25/673 eng). J7 1.9 Diesel 1948cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(XDP88 eng). J7 2.0 Diesel 1948cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(XDP88 eng). J7 2.1 Diesel 2110cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(XDP90 eng). J7 2.1 Diesel 2112cc Diesel 42kW 57hp(XDP90 eng). J7 2.1 Litre Diesel. J7 2.3 Diesel 2304cc Diesel 36kW 49hp(XD2P94 eng). J7 2.3 Diesel 2304cc Diesel 49kW 67hp(XD2P94 eng). J7 2.3 Litre Diesel. J9 1.4; 1.8 Litre Diesel. J9 2.1; 2.3; 2.4; 2.5 Litre Diesel. J9 2.1D Diesel 41kW 55hp(XDP4 eng). J9 2.3D Diesel 49kW 66hp(XD2P eng). J9 2.5D Diesel 53kW 72hp(XD3P eng). Plaxton Lorraine 170 123kW 168hp(Fiat-8060.24 eng). Lorraine 240 177kW 240hp(8220.22 eng). Lorraine 240 177kW 240hp(Unic-8460.21 eng). Lorraine 300 224kW 304hp(Fiat-8210.22 eng). Poclain LC2P; LY2P(Agrom 6R316 eng). LC80; LC80M; LY80; LY80M(Agrom 6R316 eng). LCL(Agrom 6R316 eng). LCL; LC80; LC80M; LY2P; LY80(Agrom 6R316 eng). TC; TCB; TCS; TC45; TC45A; TC45S; TC45STY; TP45; TX; TY30; TY44E; TY44S; TY45; TYS; TY2P; TX45(Agrom 4R316 eng). TC45; TC45A(Agrom 4R316 eng). TCS(Agrom 4R316 eng). TY2P(Agrom 4R316 eng). TY45A(Agrom 4R316 eng). TYS(Agrom 4R316 eng). Powerscreen Warrior 1400. Pramac GBL15(403C15G eng). GBL22(404C22G eng). Priestman Bogmaster VC(6.354 eng). Bogmaster VC(6.354.4 eng). Bogmaster VC(Ford 2713E eng). Bogmaster VC(Ford 2725E eng). Bogmaster VC(T6.354.4 eng). Bogmaster(6.354 eng). Bogmaster(Ford 2713E eng). Lion (Leyland 401 eng). Lion (Lister HR6 eng). Lion IIIA(Lister HR6 eng). Lion(Leyland 401 eng). Mustang (466 eng). Mustang (6.354 eng). Mustang (6DA eng). Mustang (6LE eng). Mustang (Ford 2703/13/14E eng). Mustang (T6.354 eng). Mustang 100M; 108S; 120; 120 Mk II; 150; 160; 220(466 cu in eng). Mustang 100M; 108S; 120; 120 Mk II; 150; 160; 220(6.354 eng). Mustang 100M; 108S; 120; 120 Mk II; 150; 160; 220(6DA eng). Mustang 120 Mk III(6.354 eng). Mustang 120 Mk III(Ford 2703E eng). Mustang 168S(T6.354 eng). Mustang 2-12; 2-15; 2-18(6.354.4 eng). Mustang 220 Mk II; 220 Mk III(466 cu in eng). Mustang 320(6LE eng). Mustang 90; 108S; 120; 150; 160(Ford 2713E; 2714E eng). VC15; VC15 Bogmaster(6.354.4 eng). VC15; VC15 Bogmaster(Ford 2725E eng). VC20/15; VC20/20(T6.354.4 eng). Pro Tec Boxer 107(1004.42 eng). Boxer 110(1004.40T eng). Quincy QS160D; QS160DS; QS160DU. QS250D. Ransomes Jacobsen 654B(6LE eng). HM6010. Super Cavalier(6.354 eng). Raygo Rascal 300A; Rustler 304A(4219 eng). Rascal 300A; Rustler 304A(Ford 256D eng). Rascal 320A(Ford 256D eng). Reform Werke Metrac G5 34kW 46hp(Kubota V 2203 B eng). Metrac H6 42kW 57hp(704.30 eng). Metrac H7 46kW 63hp(704.30 eng). Mounty 65 46kW 63hp(704.30 eng). Mounty 80 59kW 80hp(703-30T eng). Muli 145(Perkins eng). Muli 150(Perkins eng). Muli 45(Perkins eng). Muli 455SL 42kW 57hp(704.30 eng). Muli 50(Perkins eng). Muli 500(3.152.4 eng). Muli 555SL 42kW 57hp(704.30 eng). Muli 565G; 565SL 46kW 63hp(704.30 eng). Muli 575 S 58kW 80hp(704.30T eng). Muli 575G; 575SL 54kW 74hp(704.30T eng). Muli 600(4.203.2 eng). Muli 770(Peugeot XD3TP eng). Muli 865(704.30 eng). Muli 875 54kW 74hp(704.30T eng). Muli 970 Turbo(Peugeot eng). Muli 970(Peugeot XD3TP eng). Muli 990(Peugeot XD3TP eng). Reliance Halco Tiger (6.354 eng). Halco Tiger (Ford-2703 E eng). RM40(Perkins eng). RM50(Perkins eng). RM60(Perkins eng). RM70(Perkins eng). Renault 106.14 RS; 106.14 TX. 106.54 TL. 106-14 SP. 106-54 74kW 101hp(MWM TD226-B6 eng). 110.150Ti 117kW 159hp(MIDS 06.02.12 B eng). 110.170 127kW 172hp(MIDR 06.02.12 D eng). 110.170Ti 134kW 182hp(MIDR 06.02.12 D eng). 110.54 TX. 110.54 TZ. 110-14; 113-12; 113-14. 110-54; 120-54(MWM D226-6 eng). 11-136; 75-130 4x4; 95-130 4x4(797 eng). 113.12TS; 113.14TS(MWM D227-6 eng). 113.12TX; 113.14TX; 133.14TX; 145.14TX(MWM D227-6 eng). 113.14 TX. 1151; 1151-4(MWM D226-6 eng). 1181; 1181-4(MWM D226-6 eng). 120.54 TX/Nectra. 120.54 TZ. 120-14; 133-12; 133-14. 133.14TS(MWM D226-6 eng). 133.14TS; 133.14TX. 133.54TX; 133.54TZ. 133-54; 145-54(MWM D226-6 eng). 1401.4. 145.14TX. 145.54TX; 145.54TZ. 145-14. 1451-4 R7694(MWM TD226-6 eng). 155.54TX; 155.54Z; 155.54 Nectra. 155-54 TZ 107kW 146hp(MWM TD226-B6 eng). 160(Allis Chalmers eng). 17.14TS; 42.70; 42.70F; 44.70F. 180.94TZ. 301(MWM D327-2R eng). 301; 3R 351M(MWM D327-2R eng). 321.4; 421M(MWM D325-3 eng). 32-50. 32-60. 34-60. 350; 380K(4.236 eng). 351M(MWM D 327-2R eng). 103.12RS; 103.12TS; 103.12TX(MWM eng). 103.14RS; 103.14TX. 103.54. 103.54. 103.54TM; 103.54TX. 103-12; 103-14. 103-52; 103-54(MWM TD226-4 eng). 361; 361M(MWM D325-3 eng). 361; 361M(MWM D325-3 eng). 385; 385 Master 1; 385 Master 2. 421(MWM D327-3 eng). 421; 461; 461M; 461S; 462(MWM D327-3; D327-3R eng). 421M(MWM D325-2 eng). 42-70F; 42-70V. 440; 450; 480K(4.236 eng). 44-70F; 44-70V. 456(MWM D325-3 eng). 460(MWM D325-3 eng). 461; 461M; 461M Special(MWM D327-3R eng). 462(MWM D327-3 eng). 466S(MWM D327-3R eng). 480S; 480V(MWM D327-3 eng). 486(MWM D325-3 eng). 486; 489(MWM D226-4R eng). 489(MWM D226-3 eng). 490S R7398-A-L. 496(MWM D226-4R eng). 498(MWM D325-6R eng). 50 68kW 92hp(90 eng). 50 7211(MWM 325-2 eng). 50 82kW 112hp(110T eng). 50; 51; 53; 56; 60; 61; 70; 78; 82; 86; 456(MWM D325.3 eng). 500; 530; 550; 560K(4.236 eng). 501-4. 50S; 50SV(MWM D327-2 eng). 51 7256(MWM 325-3 eng). 51TP; 70; 80; 89. 51TP; 80(MWM D325-3R eng). 53 7213(MWM 325-2 eng). 545.4; 571.4; 651.4(Carraro 285/315 eng). 55 7231(598-30; 714; 715 eng). 55; 57; 58; 88. 551; 551-4(MWM D226-3 eng). 551-43. 556; 556S(MWM D226-3 eng). 56 7251(MWM 325-3 eng). 57 7241(598-30; 714; 715 eng). 58.12 LS(MWM D 226-3 eng). 58.14 LS(MWM D 226-3 eng). 58.32 MX. 58.34. 58.34MX. 58-12LS; 58-14LS. 58MX; 65MX(MWM D226-3 eng). 597 Diesel 6 Cyl. 60 7253(MWM 325-3 eng). 60; 70; 80; 321.4; 361; 421; 461M. 600KB; 620KB; 660KB; 680KB; 700KB; 771KB; 880KB; 880KBT; 881KB; 881KBT; 950; 950KB; 951KB(MD 04.20.30 eng). 600M(MWM D 226-3 eng). 600M; 600 MI. 601-4. 60S(MWM D325-3 eng). 61 7254(MWM 325-3 eng). 61.12RS. 61.12RS; 61.14(MWM D226-3 eng). 61.14S; 61.14RS(MWM D325-3 eng). 61RS; 65LS. 65.12LS. 65.12LS; 65.14LS(MWM D226-3 eng). 65.32MX. 65.32MX(MWM D226-3 eng). 651; 651-4(MWM D227-4 eng). 652(MWM D227-4 eng). 656; 656S(MWM D227-4 eng). 68.12RS. 68.12RS; 68.14RS; 75.12RS; 75.12TS; 75.14RS; 75.14TS. 68.14 RS. 681(MWM D227-4 eng). 68-12; 68-14. 70(MWM D305-3R eng). 70.12LB. 70.12SP. 70.12SP; 70.14SP; 80.12TX; 80.14TX; 85.12LS; 84.14LS(MWM eng). 70.14LB. 70.14SP. 70.14SP(Perkins eng). 70.230 160kW 228hp. 700H; 700M; 704H; 704M; 720H; 720M; 724H; 724M. 700M. 70-12; 70-14; 80-12; 80-14. 701-4F. 701-4F(MWM D227-4 eng). 70-32; 70-34; 75-32; 75-34(4.236 eng). 704M. 720 Diesel 4 Cyl. 720M. 724M. 7252(MWM 325-3 eng). 75 Ceres(MWM eng). 75.12RS; 75.12TS. 75.12RS; 75.12TS. 75.14RS; 95.12TX; 94.14TX; 103.12TX; 103.14TX; 106.14TX. 75.32MX. 75.32MX. 750MI; 754 MI. 751; 751S; 751-4(MWM D226-4 eng). 75-12; 75-14; 77-12 TS; 77-14TS. 752(MWM D226-4 eng). 77; 86; 95. 781; 781-4(MWM D226-4 eng). 782; 782-4(MWM D226-4 eng). 797 Diesel 6 Cyl. 798 Turbo Diesel 6 Cyl. 80 7282(MWM 325-3 eng). 80(MWM D305-3R eng). 80(MWM D325-3R eng). 800(MD 04.20.30 eng). 800M; 804M; 850MI; 854MI. 80-12. 80-12TX; 80-14TX; 85-12; 85-14. 80-14. 80-32; 80-34; 85-32; 85-34(MWM D226-4 eng). 80S; 80V(MWM D327-3 eng). 85(MWM eng). 85.12 LS(MWM TD226-4 eng). 85.14 LS(MWM TD226-4 eng). 85.34MX. 85.34TX. 851; 851-4; 851-4S(MWM TD226-4 eng). 86. 86 7281(MWM 325-3 eng). 88(598-30; 714; 715 eng). 880(MD 04.20.30 eng). 881K; 881KB(MD 04.20.30 eng). 881KBT(MD 04.20.30 eng). 89(D 226-3 eng). 89; 92(MWM D226-3R eng). 89; 92; 94; 96; 98(Perkins eng). 891; 891-4(MWM D227-6 eng). 90.34MX; 90.34MX Tracfor. 90.34TX. 900MIH; 904 MIH. 90-32; 90-34. 90S; 90V; 90VE. 91.15. 91TP(MWM D325-4R eng). 91TP; 94(MWM D325-4R eng). 92. 921; 921-4(MWM D227-6 eng). 94(MWM 226-4 eng). 94(MWM 325-4 eng). 94(MWM D325-4R eng). 95.12; 95.14; 103.12; 103.14. 95.12TX(MWM TD226-4 eng). 95.14TX(MWM TD226-4 eng). 950 MI; 954 MI. 950; 951KB(MD 04.20.30 eng). 950KB6 135kW 184hp(MID 06.20.30 eng). 950KB6S 162kW 220hp(MIDS 06.20.30 eng). 950KB6SA 162kW 220hp(MIDS 06.20.30 eng). 950KBT6S 162kW 220hp(MIDS 06.20.30 eng). 951; 951-4(MWM D227-6 eng). 95-12; 95-14. 96(MWM 325-4 eng). 96(MWM D226-4R eng). 96; 496(MWM D226-4R eng). 97.498; 98.498. 98(MWM 325-4 eng). 98(MWM 325-6R eng). 981; 981-4(MWM D227-6 eng). Ares 556; Ares 556S(MWM D226-3 eng). B110 Master D(Sofim 8140.07 eng). B110 Messenger FN40; FN60 78kW 106hp(Sofim-8140.27 eng). B110.35; B110.50; B110.60(Sofim 8140.27 eng). B120 Messenger FN40; FN60 85kW 116hp(Sofim-8140.47 eng). B120(Sofim 8140.47 IDR eng). B70 Master D(Sofim eng). B90 92kW 98hp(Sofim-8140.27 eng). B90 Master D(Sofim eng). B90 Turbodiesel Master D(Sofim eng). C130. Ceres 65; Ceres 70; Ceres 70 X; Ceres 75; Ceres 75 X(MWM eng). Ceres 70; Ceres 70 X(MWM D 226-3 eng). Ceres 75; Ceres 75 X(MWM eng). Ceres 85; Ceres 85 X(MWM D 226-4 eng). Ceres 85; Ceres 85 X; Ceres 95; Ceres 95 X(MWM eng). Ceres 95; Ceres 95 X(MWM D 226-4 eng). Clio 1.9 Litre Diesel 1870cc 65bhp. Clio I 1.9D B/C/S576;B/C/S5 1870cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(F8Q 732 eng). CLR230 166kW 226hp(MIDR 06.02.26 D eng). D17; D20(B26 eng). D17; D20; D20 Turbo 200(B26 eng). D20 Turbo 200 157kW 214hp(Barreiros-BS 16 eng). D20 Turbo 200(BS16 eng). D210.17 162kW 220hp(Barr. BS 16 A eng). D210.20 155kW 210hp(Barr. BS 16 A eng). D210.20; D230.20; D230.26(BS16A; BSR16 eng). D230.20 169kW 230hp(Barr. BSR 16 eng). D230.26 169kW 230hp(Barr. BSR 16 eng). D2626 Turbo 300; D2626 Turbo 350(BS36; BSS36 eng). D2662 Turbo 200; D2664 Turbo 200(BS16 eng). D2662; D2664 Turbo 200(BS16 eng). D270.20 200kW 272hp(Barr. BS 36 A eng). D270.20(BS36A eng). D270.26 200kW 272hp(Barr. BS 36 A eng). D270.26; D270.34; D270.35(BS36A eng). D270.34 200kW 272hp(Barr. BS 36 A eng). D270.35 200kW 272hp(Barr. BS 36 A eng). D270.38 200kW 272hp(Barr. BS 36 A eng). D270T 200kW 272hp(Barr. BS 36 A eng). D270T(BS36A eng). D300 200kW 272hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). D300DD(Barr. BSR 36 C eng). D3064 159kW 216hp(Barreiros-B 36 eng). D3064(BS36 eng). D3064; D3464 Turbo 300; D3582 Turbo 300; 350; D3784 Turbo 300(B36; BS36; BSS36; BRS36 eng). D320 T 235kW 320hp(Barr.-BSR 36 C eng). D320.34 235kW 320hp(Barr. BSR 36 C eng). D320.34; D320.37(BSR36C eng). D320.37 235kW 320hp(Barr. BSR 36 C eng). D320.38(BSR36C eng). D320T(BSR36C eng). D3464 Turbo 300 200kW 272hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). D3464 Turbo 300 200kW 272hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). D3464 Turbo 300(BS36; BSS36 eng). D3582 Turbo 350 230kW 313hp(Barr. BSS 36 eng). D3784 Turbo 300. D3784 Turbo 300 200kW 272hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). D3784 Turbo 300(BS36 eng). D3784 Turbo Standard Cab(BS36 eng). D38 Turbo 300; D350; D38T Turbo 300; D350; D38TR Turbo D350; D355(B36; BS36; BSS36; BSR36 eng). D38; D38T Turbo 350 230kW 313hp(Barr. BSS 36 eng). D38; D38T; D38TR Turbo 300 200kW 272hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). D38TR Turbo 355 235kW 320hp(Barr. BSR 36 C eng). DD2626 Turbo 300 200kW 272hp(Barreiros-BS 36 eng). DD2626 Turbo 350 230kW 313hp(Barr. BSS 36 eng). DD2662 Turbo 200 157kW 214hp(Barreiros-BS 16 eng). DD2664 Turbo 200 157kW 214hp(Barreiros-BS 16 eng). DG340.20(BSR36D eng). DR320 T 235kW 320hp(Barr. BSR 36 C eng). DR320.20 235kW 320hp(Barr. BSR 36 C eng). DR320.20; DR320.26; DR320.35; DR320.38; DR320T(BSR36C eng). DR320.26 235kW 320hp(Barr. BSR 36 C eng). DR320.35 235kW 320hp(Barr .BSR 36 C eng). DR320.37 235kW 320hp(Barr. BSR 36 C eng). DR320.38 235kW 320hp(Barr. BSR 36 C eng). DR340 T ADR 261kW 355hp(Barr. BSR 36 D eng). DR340.20 261kW 355hp(Barr. BSR 36 D eng). DR340.26 261kW 355hp(Barr. BSR 36 D eng). DR340.26; DR340.35; DR340.38; DR340T(BSR36D eng). DR340.35 261kW 355hp(Barr. BSR 36 D eng). DR340.37 261kW 355hp(Barr. BSR 36 D eng). DR340.38 261kW 355hp(Barr. BSR 36 D eng). Espace I 2.1TD Turbodiesel J/S115 2068cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(J8S 774 eng). Espace II 2.1TD J/S635/J634 2068cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(J8S 778 eng). Espace II 2.1TD J63E 2068cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(J8S 612 eng). Express; Extra 1.6 GTD F404 Diesel 40kW 54hp(F8M eng). Express; Extra 1.9 GTD Diesel 47kW 65hp(F8Q eng). Extra 1.6 Litre Diesel F404 w/o Oil Cooler 1595cc 55bhp. Extra 1.6 Litre Diesel F404 w/Oil Cooler 1595cc 55bhp. Extra 1.9 Litre Diesel F401870cc 65bhp. Extra 1.9 Litre Diesel F401870cc 65bhp. G200 Manager(MIDR 06.02.26 H/Q eng). G210 Manager(MIDR 06.02.26 W eng). G230Ti Manager(MIDR 06.02.26 X eng). G280 Manager(MIDS 06.20.45 B eng). GAK4-50(6.288 eng). GAK5; GAK50; GAK60; GAK65; GBK65; GBO65; GLA5-19; GLB5-19; GAF515F; GF12; GR12; GLC6. GAK50(6.288 eng). GB131 98kW 133hp(797-26 eng). GB131(797 D eng). GB190; GC190; GC190A; GF190; GF190A; GR190; GR190A(MID 06.20.30 eng). GB191 141kW 192hp(MID 06.20.30 eng). GB191; GB191A; GC190; GC191; GC191A; GC191B;GC191BOM; GF190; GF191; GF191A; GR191; GLR190; GLR190A; GR190BOM; HB170BOM(MID 06.20.30; MDS 06.35.40 eng). GB280; GLH280(MD/MDS/MIDS 06.35.40; MIDS 06.20.45 eng). GBH12 6x6; GBH 260 6x4(MID 63.54.00 eng). GBH280 206kW 280hp(MDR 06.35.40 eng). GBH280 206kW 280hp(MDS 06.35.40 A eng). GBH280 206kW 280hp(MDS 06.35.40 eng). GBH280 206kW 280hp(MDS 06.35.40 H eng). GBH280; GR280; TR280; TLM280; TLR280C(MIDS 06.35.40 TD eng). GC191 141kW 192hp(MID 06.20.30 eng). GF 191. GF151D(Renault 798 eng). GF191 141kW 192hp(MID 06.20.30 eng). GL900; GL900E(M420/30 eng). GLM260 160kW 217hp(M 635 ET eng). GLM280; GLR280(MD/MDS/MIDS 06.35.40; MIDR 06.20.45 eng). GLR160; HB17BOM; S170HB 190BOM; GC; GF; GLC; GLR; GR190-A; B; BOM; GB; GC; GF; GLR; GR191-A; B; CIT; BOM; TB191; B; C; E; F; G; TB231(MID 06.02.30 eng). GLR190 141kW 192hp(MID 06.20.30 G eng). GLR200; C210; C210-19; G210-16; G210-17; G210-18; G210-19; G210-A; G210-BOM(MIDS 06.20.30 eng). GLR210 153kW 210hp(MID 06.20.45 eng). GR191 141kW 192hp(MID 06.20.30 eng). GR260 190kW 259hp(M 635 ET eng). GR280; GR280A; GRH280B(MD/MDS/MIDS 06.35.40; MIDR 06.20.45 eng). GR305; GRH305(MDR 06.35.40 eng). GR320 224kW 305hp(V 835 eng). HB 170(MID 06.12.02 eng). HB15; HB17; HB19; HB26; HB190(MID/MIDS 06.20.30 eng). HF 26V; 26VR. HF15; HF17; HF19(MID/MIDS 06.20.30 eng). HM15; HM17; HM19; HM26(798 eng). HR15(797 eng). J 19; JL 19; JL20. JE9; JE11; JE13; JE15(Renault 797 eng). JK50; JK55; JK59; JK60; JK60A; JK60B; JK65; JK75(720 4cyl eng). JK60; JK65 48kW 65hp(720-01; 720-08; 720-12 eng). JK60B 67kW 90hp(720-12 eng). JK65 66kW 90hp(720-12 eng). JK75 66kW 90hp(720-01; 720-08; 720-12 eng). JK75 66kW 90hp(720-12 eng). JL19; JL20; JL21; JL23; JL25; JL28; JL29(Fulgur-F 644; eng). JN60 72kW 98hp(797 eng). JN60; JN60A; JN75; JN79; JN85; JN90; JN95(Renault 797; 798 eng). JN75 72kW 98hp(797-10 eng). JN75; JN85; JN90(720 4cyl eng). JN80 72kW 98hp(797 eng). JN85 72kW 98hp(797-10 eng). JN90 72kW 98hp(797-10 eng). JN95 72kW 98hp(797 eng). JP11A 72kW 98hp(797-10 eng). JP13A 72kW 98hp(797-10 eng). JP13B; JP13C 82kW 111hp(798-10; 798-13 eng). JP14B 72kW 98hp(797 eng). JP7; JP 11; JP13A; JP13B; JP13C; JP14; JP14BOM; JP15(797 6cyl eng). JR 19A; 19B; 21A; 21B; 21C Turbo Diesel 6 Cyl(798 eng). JR19; JR19A; JR19B; JR21; JR21A; JR21B; JR21C(Renault 798; MIDR 06.02.12 eng). JR19; JR21 82kW 111hp(798-10; 798-13 eng). JR19A 81kW 110hp(798 eng). JR21 81kW 110hp(798 eng). JX 21 72kW 98hp(797 eng). JX21AT; JX21BT; JX21CT(Renault 797 eng). Manager G280(MD/MDS/MIDS 06.35.40; MIDR 06.20.45 eng). Master 1(MWM D308-4 eng). Master 2.1 Litre 2068cc(852 eng). Master 2.4 2445cc Diesel and Sofima Diesel. Master 2.5 Litre Diesel 2499cc 76bhp. Master I 2.1 Diesel CAV System H72mm(J8S-330 eng). Master I 2.1D R..3 2100cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(J8S 330 eng). Master I 2.5D Q..4 2445cc Diesel 52kW 72hp(Sofim-8140.61 eng). Master I 2.5TD 2499cc Diesel 69kW 94hp(S9U 714 eng). Master I 2.5TD CAV System H72mm(Sofim 8140.27-S9U714 eng). Master I 2.5TD R..5 2499cc Diesel 72kW 98hp(Sofim-8140.27 eng). Midliner M120.12/C-P; M140.12/C; M140.13/C; M140.13/C-P; S140.08/A; S140.08B(MIDS 06.02.12C 5490cc 6cyl 140bhp eng). Midliner M120.12/C-P; M160.12/C-P; M160.13/C; M160.13/C-P; M160.15/D; S160.08/A; S160.08B(Renault MIDS 06.02.12B 5490cc 6cyl 159bhp eng). Midliner S08-130; S08-130L(Renault 797 5490cc 130bhp Nat Asp eng). Midliner S08-150; S12-150; S13-150(Renault MIDS 06.02.12 5490cc 6cyl 154bhp eng). MX65(WM D226-3 eng). N71. N71(P3.144 eng). Nuovo N71. OK O5K; O10K(4.236 eng). PR100 166kW 226hp(BS 16 eng). PR100 166kW 226hp(V8.510 eng). PR100 166kW 226hp(V8.510 eng). PR100; PR100A; PR100B; PR100PA; PR100PL; PR100PRS(V8.510 eng). PR100B 125kW 170hp(MV 08.00.10 eng). PS130.09; PS150.09; PS160. R11 1.6 TD;GTD B/C/S374 1585cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(F8M 730 eng). R1151-4; R1181-4; R1181-4 S. R12 1.5D Diesel 28kW 38hp(Sava eng). R1451.4; R1451.4 Turbo; 145.14TX(MWM TD226-6; TD228-6 eng). R18 2.1 TD;GTDD 1344 2053cc Diesel 49kW 67hp(J8S 711 eng). R18 2.1D 2068cc Diesel 53kW 72hp. R19 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel 1870cc 93bhp. R19 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel Intercooled 1870cc. R19 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel w/AirCon(1870cc eng). R19 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel w/o AirCon(1870cc eng). R19 1.9D 534 1870cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(F8Q 742 eng). R19 1.9D 53I 1870cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(F8Q 742 eng). R19 1.9TD 1870cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(F8Q 744 eng). R19 Chamade 1.9 Litre Diesel w/AirCon(1870cc eng). R19 Chamade 1.9 Litre Diesel w/o AirCon(1870cc eng). R20 2.1TD 1276 2053cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(852 eng). R21 1.9D 1870cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(F8Q 710 eng). R25 2.1 GTD B296 2053cc Diesel 46kW 63hp(J8S 706 eng). R25 2.1 Litre Diesel 2068cc. R25 2.1TD D;DX B29W;B290 2068cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(J8S 738 eng). R30 2.1TD 1270 2068cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(J8S 702 eng). R301; R351M. R310; R310 Turboliner(MIDR 06.35.40 C eng). R321.4; R351.4; R451.4; R481.4; R545.4; R571.4; R581.4; R651.4(Carraro 285/315 eng). R32-50; R32-60; R34-60(MWM D325-3 eng). R35M(MWM D327-2 eng). R361. R385 Master 1(ADK1105V eng). R421; R421 M. R42-70 VR44-70 F; R44-70 F. R456; R460. R456; R460; R486(MWM 325-3 eng). R460 S; R480 S(MWM D325-3 eng). R461; R461M:R461S; R461 S; R462; R466 S. R462; R551. R480S; R480V(MWM D327-3 eng). R486 7285; R489. R490 S. R490S R7398AL. R496; R498. R5 II 1.6 TD;GTD B/C/S404 1585cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(F8M 730 eng). R50 S. R50; R50S; R50SV; R53(MWM D327-2 eng). R50; R51; R53; R56. R51; R51TP; R53; R56; R56 4x4; R60; R60S; R61; R70; R70S; R80; R82; R86; R361; R480S; R486(MWM 325-3; D327-3 eng). R521 S. R55(715.30 eng). R55; R57. R551; R551 S; R551-4; R551-4 S. R555; R651; R651S; RS651.4; R651.4S; R652; R656; R681; R681.4(MWM D227-4 eng). R57; R88(714.30; 598.30 eng). R60 S; R80 S(MWM D325-3 eng). R60; R70. R60S(MWM D325-3 eng). R61.14S; RS61.14(MWM D325.3 eng). R651; R651 S; R651-4; R651-4 S; R652; R656; R656 S. R681; R681 S; R681-4; R681-4S. R751; R751 S; R751-4; R751-4 S; R752; R752-4. R751; R751S; R751.4; R752; R781; R781.4; R782; R921; R951; R981;(MWM D226.4 eng). R77 Master 1. R77; R86(7281 eng). R78 Master 2. R781; R781 S; R781-4; R781-4 S. R782; R782-4. R782; R921; R951; R981(MWM D226-4 eng). R80; R82; R86; R89; R92. R80S; R421; R461; R461M; R461S; R462(MWM D327-3 eng). R851. R851; R851 S; R851-4; R851-4 S. R851; R851.4; R851.4S(MWM TD226-4 eng). R86 7281; R89; R92. R89; R92; R421; R461; R489; R551; R551S; R551/4; R551/4S; R556; R556S(MWM D226-3 eng). R89; R92; R94; R96; R98(Perkins eng). R891; R891 S; R891-4; R891-4 S. R891; R891.4; R921.4; R951; R951.4; R981; R981.4; R1151.4; R1181; R1181.4(MWM D226-6; D227-6 eng). R9 1.6 TD;GTD L424 1585cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(F8M 730 eng). R90 S. R90S; R90V; R90VE. R91; R94; R96; R98. R91; R94; R96; R98(MWM D325-4 eng). R94; R96; R496; R75; R751S; R751/4; R752; R781; R781/4(MWM D226-4 eng). R951; R951-4; R952. R98; R498(MWM D235-6 eng). R981; R981 S; R981-4; R981-4 S. Rapid 1.6D F404 1585cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(F8M 760 eng). Rapid 1.9D 1870cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(F8Q 640 eng). Rapid 1.9D F40P/40N/40E 1870cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(F8Q 774 eng). S08.130 Midliner(R 797 eng). S08.150 Midliner(MIDS 06.02.12 eng). S100 Midliner(T4.38 eng). S100(LJ 80-322 eng). S100.06; S100.07; S100.08A; S100.09(Renault 797 eng). S110 Midliner(797-21 eng). S130.06; S130.08; S130L.08; S130.09; S130.13; S130.14; S130.14A; S130.14BOM; S130.14Cti(Renault 797 eng). S140 Midliner(MIDS 06.02.12 C eng). S150 Midliner(798-10 eng). S150 Midliner(MIDR 06.02.12/26 eng). S150.08; S150.09; S150.14(Renault MIDR/MIDS 06.02.012 Turbo Intercooler eng). S150.11; S150.13; S150.14; S150.14 Cit BOM; S150B.11; S150B.13; S150B.14; S150B.14 Cit; S150B.14 BOM; S85.150 4x4; GF151D(798 eng). S150Ti Midliner(MIDS 06.02.12 B eng). S16; 24(Renault 580 eng). S160 Midliner(MIDS 06.02.12 B eng). S170 Midliner(MIDR 06.02.12 D eng). S170(Renault MID 06.20.30 eng). S180 Midliner(MIDR 06.02.26 V eng). S28(Perkins eng). S45; S53; S105 S 105 110kW 150hp(Fulgur 130 H eng). S45; S53; S105 S 45; 53; 105(597 eng). S45GT; S53M; S105M(Renault 597 eng). S5; S6(Renault 591 eng). S5; S6(Renault 591 eng). S6; 7; 8(6.354 eng). S6; S7; S8; S11(6.354 eng). S800; S1000(6.354 V eng). S90(720 eng). S90(720 eng). S90.09; S90.09BOM; S90.09Cti(Renault 720 eng). SB2 40kW 54hp(599 eng). SB2 Diesel 40kW 54hp(817 eng). SB2 Trafic 51kW 70hp(599-04 eng). SB2; SG2; SG3; SG4; SG5; SG5; SG5TP4 4x4(580; 599-04; 712; 720; 797 eng). SB2; SG2; SG3; SG4; SG5; SM5; SM8(817 eng). SC50 99kW 135hp(597 eng). SC5P; SC6P. SC6(Renault 597 eng). SG1 46kW 62hp(Peug. XDP 4/90 eng). SG1(Indenor eng). SG2 61kW 82hp(712-01-03 eng). SG2 Export 61kW 82hp(712-18 eng). SG2; SG3; SG4; SG5. SG3 53kW 72hp(712-01-03 eng). SG4 67kW 91hp(720 eng). SG4 67kW 91hp(817 eng). SG4 Export 67kW 91hp(712-18 eng). SG4 Super Galion 68kW 92hp(712-01-01 eng). SG5 74kW 100hp(712-0-02 eng). SG5 74kW 100hp(720-01-01 eng). SG5; SG5C; SM5(720 4cyl eng). SG5; SM8(597; 797 eng). SM5 74kW 100hp(712-0-02 eng). SM5 74kW 100hp(720-01-02 eng). SM5; SM6; SM7; SM8; SM8T; SM8TM; SM10; SM12; SM13; SP123(597; 797 eng). SM6 93kW 126hp(597.02 eng). SM6A; SM6B; SM6C 99kW 135hp(597 eng). SM7 110kW 150hp(597.02 eng). SM7 110kW 150hp(797-10 eng). SM7; SM8; SM8-13; SM8-15(798 eng). SM8 4x4(597 6cyl eng). SM8 72kW 98hp(797 eng). SM8 99kW 135hp(597 eng). SM8 99kW 135hp(597.02 eng). SM8.13 110kW 150hp(797-10 eng). SM8TU 125kW 170hp(798-11 eng). SM8TY; SM8M 110kW 150hp(797-10 eng). Stradair 05; 10; 10K; 350K; 380K; 440K; 450K; 480K; 500K; 530K; 550K; 560K(4.236 eng). Stradair 20; 20K; 30; 30K; 40; 50; GBK 80; 770K; 771K; 880K; 881K. Super 2D(Indenor XDP4.85 eng). Super 4D; Super 5D; Super 6D; Super 7(591 eng). Super 5(592.30 eng). Super 5D(709.31 eng). Super 7; Super 7D(P3.144; P3.152 eng). TB0; TF12; TR12; TLB5.19. TB191; TB191B; TB191C; TB191E; TB191F(Renault MID 06.20.30; MDS 06.35.40 eng). TBH280 206kW 280hp(MDR 06.35.40 eng). TBH280 206kW 280hp(MDS 06.35.40 eng). TBH280; TLM280; TLR280; TLR280A; TLR280C; TLR280E(Renault MD/MDS/MIDS 06.35.40; MIDR 06.20.45 eng). TBH280D 206kW 281hp(MDS 06.35.40 H eng). TL900(M420/30 eng). TLM280 206kW 280hp(MIDS 06.35.40 D eng). TLR280 130kW 177hp(MDS 06.35.40 eng). TLR280; TLR280A; TLR280C; TLR280E 206kW 280hp(MDR 06.35.40 eng). TLR280; TLR280A; TLR280C; TLR280E 206kW 280hp(MDS 06.35.40 eng). TR280 206kW 280hp(MDR 06.35.40 eng). TR280 206kW 280hp(MDS 06.35.40 A eng). TR280 206kW 280hp(MDS 06.35.40 eng). TR280 206kW 280hp(MDS 06.35.40 I eng). TR280; TR280A; TR280A1; TR280C; TR280E(Renault MD/MDS/MIDS 06.35.40; MIDR 06.02.45 eng). Trafic 2.1 Litre Diesel(852 720 750 59bhp eng). Trafic 2.1 Litre Diesel(J8S 758 64bhp eng). Trafic 2068cc. Trafic I 2.1D 2068cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(J8S 758 eng). Trafic I 2.1D P..3 2068cc Diesel 43kW 59hp(852 720/750 eng). Trafic I 2.5D 4x4 TXW 2499cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(S8U 750/752/758 eng). Trafic I 2.5D P..4 2499cc Diesel 55kW 76hp(S8U 720/752 eng). Trafic I 2.5D T..4; V..4 2499cc Diesel 55kW 76hp(Sofim-8140.67 eng). TRM2000; TRM4000. TS95; TS103; TX95; TX103; TX113; TX133; TX145. Richier A625(Ford 256T eng). H15P2. H15P2; P15P2(Perkins eng). H42; P42(4.236 eng). H42; P42(4.236 eng). H45; P45(Ford 256T eng). H45; P45(Ford 256T eng). H48 CK; CL; C; P48(Ford 401DD eng). H48; P48(Ford 401DD eng). H52(Ford 401Ti eng). H52; P52(Ford 401Ti eng). R716; RC716(Perkins eng). V215; V215L; VP215; VP215L(F5L912 eng). V685; VP685(Perkins eng). Rolls Royce Eagle Range. Eagle Range 205; 220; 260; 265; 265L; 265Li; 265Li-S; 280; 290L; 320Li; 340; 340Li; 350; 350Li; 380. Eagle Range 205; Eagle Range 220; Eagle Range 260. Rossi 1006; 4D1600(6.354 eng). 1300CRCR; 1350SRL; 1350CRCR(Seat 8045.1 eng). 1600HD(6.354 eng). 1800DHA; 1800HDA; 1800HDS(V8.540 eng). 500C; 550HD(3.152 eng). 500HDA; 500HDS(4.203 eng). 55HDS(3.152 eng). 60SA; 70CSA; 65SA; 120SA; 1004(4.236 eng). 650HDS(4.236 eng). 75(Ford eng). 850DA 111S(Fiat 8035.1 eng). 850HDA(4.318 eng). 90HDA; 950HDA(Fiat 8065.1 eng). 950HDA(6.354.1 eng). Ruston 150RH(6.354.4 eng). 150RH(6.354.4 eng). 150RH(F5L912 eng). 150RH(Ford 2712 eng). 150RH(Ford 2712E eng). 15RBH(6.354 eng). 15RHB(6.354 eng). 16RBH(6.354 eng). 16RBH(6.354 eng). 190-4(Ford 2715E eng). 190-4(Ford 2715E eng). 1YB. 1YB; 2YB. 1YBA. 1YBA; 1YWA Mk I; 1YWA Mk II; 1YB; 2YB; 2YBA; 2YWA. 1YBA; 1YWA Mk I; 1YWA Mk II; 2YBA; 2YWA Mk I; 2YWA Mk II. 1YWA MkI; 1YWA MkII. 220RH(Ford 2715E eng). 220RH(Ford 2715E eng). 220RH(T6.354 eng). 220RH(T6.354.4 eng). 22RB. 22RB; 22RBH; 22RB1CD. 22RBH(6DA eng). 22RBH; 25SC(6DA eng). 25SC(6DA eng). 2YBA. 2YBA. 2YDA. 2YDA; 3YDA. 38RB(Ruston 6YDAX eng). 38RB(Ruston 6YDAX eng). 3YDA. 3YEX. 3YWA. 3YWA. 4YDA. 4YDA; 6YDA. 61RB(8JT eng). 61RB(8JT eng). 69RB. 6VPHL. 6VPHL. 6VPHL; 2YDA; 3YDA; 4-6. 6YDA. 6YDAX; 6YEX. 6YDX. 6YDX. 6YDX. 71RB(8JT eng). Rover. Rover Industrial. Sabb F4.144 (2401E). F4.254 (2712E). F4.415 (2722E). F6.216 (2402E)(Marine Engine eng). F6.363T/Ti (2704E/ET)(Marine Engine eng). F6.380 (2715E)(Marine Engine eng). F6.595 (2726T)(Marine Engine eng). F6.595T/Ti (2728TIM)(Marine Engine eng). F6.622 (2725E)(Marine Engine eng). Sabre 330. Saeta 1400(Barreiros C-60 eng). 15(Barreiros C-60 eng). 1500 49kW 67hp(Barreiros C-60 eng). 25(Barreiros C-60 eng). 35(Barreiros A-60 eng). 42(Barreiros A-60 eng). 45(Barreiros-A-90 eng). 4X4 TT (Barreiros D-34 eng). 55 110kW 150hp(Barreiros A-90 eng). 665 66kW 90hp(Barreiros 0-135 eng). 665 66kW 90hp(Barreiros A-90 eng). 665 66kW 90hp(Barreiros D-36 eng). 775 66kW 90hp(Barreiros D-36 eng). Super (Barreiros D-135 eng). Super (Barreiros D-36 eng). Super Super 75 (Barreiros A-90 eng). Salev 33253PE(3.144 eng). 33253PE(3.152 eng). Sama 461E(MWM D327-3 eng). 651; 751; 851-4(MWM D227-4R eng). 7T45. N71; T45. Sambron 2504L; 2504T(4.236 eng). AM10; AM10H(Agrom 372 eng). AM10; AM10H(Agrom 372 eng). AM22; AM22F; AM22H; AM22HA(D3.152 eng). AM22; AM22F; AM22H; AM22HA; AM32; AM32F; AM32H; AM32HA; AM252; AM252F; AM252H; AM252HA; S25; S25H; S25HB(3.152 eng). AM252; AM252F; AM252H; AM252HA(D3.152 eng). AM32; AM32F; AM32H; AM32HA(D3.152 eng). AM352; AM352F; AM352H; AM352HA; AM352R(4.236 eng). AM44; AM44F; AM44H; AM44HA; AM44R(4.236 eng). AM44F; AM44H; AM44HA; AM44R; AM354F; AM354-H; AM354HA; AM354R(4.236 eng). F2504; F2504T; G2504; G2504T(4.236 eng). S25; S25H; S25HB(D3.152 eng). Same 110Antares. 50 Taurus. 60 Taurus. 60 Taurus. 80 Mk II Explorer. 90 Explorer. 982L; 982LP; 1052L; 1052LP 2 Cyl. 983L; 983P; 1053L; 1053P 3 Cyl. 984L; 1054L 4 Cyl. 985L; 1055L 5 Cyl. Antares 110; Antares 130(1000.6A; 1000.6AT eng). Argon 50(1053P eng). Argon Classic 55; Argon F Classic 55(1000.3W eng). Argon Classic 70; Argon F Classic 70(1000.3WT eng). Aster 60. Aster 60(1000.3-A eng). Aster 70 Turbo(1000.3-AT eng). Aster 70(1000-3AT eng). Atlanta 42; Atlanta 45; Centauro 60. Aurora 45 2RM; Aurora 45 4RM Vigneto. Aurora 45; Aurora 45 Vigneto. Buffalo 120. Buffalo 120 2RM; 4RM; 130 4RM. Centauro 60. Centauro 65. Centauro 65; Centauro 75; Corsaro 70. Centauro 70 Export. Centauro 70 Export 50kW 68hp(100.4P eng). Centauro 70 Special; Centauro 70 Syncro 50kW 68hp(100.4P eng). Centauro 70 Syncro. Centurion 75. Centurion 75 Export. Centurion 75 Export; Centurion 75 Special 55kW 75hp(105.4P eng). Centurion 75 Special. Condor 55. Condor 55 40kW 55hp(100.3P eng). Condor 55 Synchro. Condor C. Condor C 37kW 50hp(983L eng). Corsaro 60. Corsaro 60; 70 2RM; 70 4RM. Corsaro 70 Frutteto. Corsaro 70 Frutteto 48kW 66hp(984P eng). Corsaro 70 Synchro; DT. Corsaro 70DT; Corsaro 70 Syncro. Delfino 32. Delfino 32. Delfino 32. Delfino 32 2RM; 4RM Frutteto. Delfino 32 Speciale. Delfino 35 4RM; 35 4RM Frutteto. Delfino 35 Deserto. Delfino 35 Deserto. Delfino 35; 35 Frutteto. Delfino; Delfinoo 35. Dorado 56(1000.3W eng). Dorado 60. Dorado 60 DT 44kW 60hp(1000.3-A5 eng). Dorado 65 DTA 45kW 64hp(1000.3-A5 eng). Dorado 66(1000.3W eng). Dorado 70 DT 52kW 71hp(1000.4-A5 eng). Dorado 70(1000.4A eng). Dorado 76(1000.4W eng). Dorado 86(1000.4W eng). Dorado F100 74kW 100hp. Dorado F100; Dorado S100(1000.4W eng). Dorado F55 40kW 55hp. Dorado F70 51kW 70hp. Dorado F70; Dorado S70(1000.3W eng). Dorado F75 55kW 75hp. Dorado F75; Dorado S75(1000.4W eng). Dorado F90 66kW 90hp. Dorado F90; Dorado S90(1000.4W eng). Dorado S100 70kW 95hp(1000.4 WT EURO II eng). Dorado S70 51kW 70hp(1000.3 WT EURO II eng). Dorado S75 54kW 74hp(1000.4 W EURO II eng). Dorado S90 64kW 87hp(1000.4 WT EURO II eng). Drago 100. Drago 100. Explorer 55 Export; Explorer 60; 60 Special; 60II; Explorer 65 Export; Special; Explorer 75. Explorer 60 Frutteto; 75 Frutteto. Explorer 60; Explorer 70; Explorer 75; Explorer 80; Explorer 85; Explorer 90. Explorer 60DT. Explorer 65C Ergomatic; 75C Ergomatic. Explorer 70; Explorer 70C Special; Eplorer 70 II. Explorer 70C(1000.4A eng). Explorer 70C; 80C; 90C. Explorer 75 Export; Special; 85 Export; 85 Special. Explorer 75T; 75TB. Explorer 80 II; Explorer 80 Special; Explorer 80 Special Basso; Explorer 80C Ergomatic. Explorer 85(1000.4WT eng). Explorer 85T; 85TB. Explorer 95; Explorer Classic 95(1000.4WT eng). Explorer 95T; 95TB. Explorer Classic 75(1000.4W eng). Explorer I 100. Explorer I 55 40kW 55hp(916.3A eng). Explorer I 65; 65 C 48kW 65hp(916.4A eng). Explorer I 70; 70 Export/Special 51kW 70hp(1000.4A eng). Explorer I 75; 75C 55kW 75hp(916.4A eng). Explorer I 80; 80 Export/Special 59kW 80hp(10004.A eng). Explorer I 85. Explorer I 90. Explorer I 95. Explorer II 80. Explorer II 90(1000.4AT eng). Explorer II C 60 DT 44kW 60hp. Explorer II C 70 DT 52kW 71hp(1000.4-A eng). Explorer II C 70 Top 52kW 71hp(1000.4-A eng). Explorer II C 80 DT 59kW 80hp(1000.4A eng). Explorer II C Special 70. Explorer II C Special 80. Explorer II C Special 90. Falco 2RM; 4RM. Falco 50. Falco C. Falco CC; Falco CL; Falco CN. Falcon 2RM; 4RM. Falcon 50. Falcon 50. Falcon C. Falcon CC; CL; CN. Fox 35 26kW 36hp. Fox 35; Fox 45; Fox 55. Fox 45 33kW 45hp. Fox 55 41kW 56hp. Frutteto 60. Frutteto 85(1000.4AT eng). Frutteto II 100 70kW 95hp(1000.4 WT EURO II eng). Frutteto II 100(1000.4WT eng). Frutteto II 55 40kW 55hp(1000.3 W EURO II eng). Frutteto II 55(1000.3W eng). Frutteto II 60. Frutteto II 60(1000.3A eng). Frutteto II 60DT 44kW 60hp(1000.3-A2 eng). Frutteto II 70 51kW 70hp(1000.3 WT EURO II eng). Frutteto II 70(1000.3WT eng). Frutteto II 75 54kW 74hp(1000.4 W EURO II eng). Frutteto II 75(1000.4A eng). Frutteto II 75DT 55kW 75hp(1000.4-A3 eng). Frutteto II 85. Frutteto II 85DT 63kW 86hp(1000.4-AT1 eng). Frutteto II 90 64kW 87hp(1000.4 WT EURO II eng). Frutteto II 90(1000.4WT eng). Italia 35. Italia V; Italia VDT. Italia V; VDT; Italia 35. Jaguar 95 Export. Krypton 105(1000.4WT eng). Krypton 95(1000.4WT eng). Krypton F100(1000.4WT eng). Krypton F80(1000.4W eng). Krypton F90(1000.4WT eng). Leone; Leone 70; 75. Leopard 85. Leopard 85 62kW 85hp. Leopard 85 Export. Leopard C. Leopard C 55kW 75hp(105.4P eng). Mercury 85 61kW 83hp(105.4P eng). Mercury 85; Export; Special. Mini Taurus 55; 60. Minitauro 50; 55. Minitauro 55. Minitauro 60 Synchro. Minitauro 60 Syncro. Minitauro 60; 60 Frutteto. Minitauro 60; Minitauro 60 Frutteto. Minitauro C. Minitauro C. Minitauro; Frutteto. Pantera. Panther 88. Panther 88. Panther 95. Ranger 45; 45 Frutteto. Ranger 45; 45 Frutteto. Rock 55 40kW 55hp(1000.3 A eng). Rock 60 44kW 60hp(1000.3 A eng). Rock 60(1000.3A eng). Rock 70 51kW 70hp(1000.4 A eng). Rock 70(1000.4A eng). Row Crop 80. Row Crop 80. Row Crop 85. Row Crop 85. S60. Saturno 80. Saturno 80 2RM; 4RM. Saturno 80 Synchro. Silver 80 DTA 59kW 80hp(1000.4-A4 eng). Silver 85(1000.4WT eng). Silver 90 DTA 66kW 90hp(1000.4-AT2 eng). Silver 90(1000.4AT eng). Silver 95(1000.4WT eng). Sirenetta. Sirenetta 2RM; 4RM. Solar 50. Solar 55; 55C; 55C Compact 60. Solar 60C Ergomatic. Solar C55; Solar C60(1053P eng). SolaR50(Same 983L eng). SolaR55. SolaR60(Same 1053P eng). Taurus 60 43kW 59hp(105.3P eng). Taurus 60 Export. Taurus C. Taurus C 46kW 63hp(105.3P eng). Tiger 100. Tiger 100 2RM; 4RM. Tiger 105 Export. Tiger 6. Vignero 35. Vignero 45. Vignero 50. Vignero 60. Vignero 62(1000.3-A eng). Vignero 70. Vigneron 35; 45; 50. Vigneron 60; 62; 70. Vigneron 62(1000.3A eng). Sanderson 623. 623SC. 725. FBR 45TR(Ford 3cyl eng). Plantman 2 50TC; 60TC; 504TC; 604TC(Ford 4610 eng). Plantman 2; 26; 30; 264; 304(4.236 eng). Plantman 80TC; 100TC; 804TC; 1004TC(Ford 6610 eng). PM2264. SB50; SB55TC; SB504; Plantman 365; 550; Teleporter 227; 2277; 247; Ford Skid Unit. SB55TC. SB70; SB704; Teleporter 227S; 227TS; 247TS; Teleporter 2; PFC48 Ford Skid Unit. SB704TC. Scorpion 340(Lombardini LDA673 eng). Scorpion 350(Lombardini LDA833 eng). Scorpion 370(Lombardini LDA834 eng). Teleporter 2/11-40(T4.236 eng). Teleporter 2/6-22; 2/7-25; 2/5M-26; 2/11-30(Ford BSD444 eng). TL7. Santana 2000; 2500 3.5 Diesel 3429cc Diesel 70kW 96hp. Saurer Grinta 30 OM 8 39kW 53hp(Fiat-8140.61 eng). Sava 5701 56kW 76hp(9702.3 eng). 5715 52kW 71hp(9716 eng). 5720 66kW 90hp(9042/11 eng). 5721 52kW 71hp(9716/2 eng). 5723 56kW 77hp(9700 eng). 5740 48kW 65hp(9716/12 eng). 5741 56kW 76hp(9702/5 eng). A503 85kW 115hp. A504 85kW 115hp. J4 1000 37kW 50hp(9731/10 eng). J4 1100 37kW 50hp(9731/10 eng). J4 5730 34kW 46hp(9720/6 eng). J4 700 28kW 38hp(9720/6 eng). J4 800 37kW 50hp(9720/6 eng). JO4 33kW 46hp(9720 eng). S213 52kW 71hp(9716 eng). S215 52kW 71hp(9716/12 eng). S311 52kW 71hp(9716 eng). S315 52kW 71hp(9716/12 eng). S551 56kW 77hp(9702 eng). SH250; SH400; SH450; SH550 56kW 77hp(9702 eng). Saxby Tracma 1500B(Peugeot 4-88; 4-90 eng). TD3500(4.236 eng). TD6000(Berliet MD 420-30 eng). Scammell Crusader (RR 260/280 eng). Handyman 4(Leyl. 680 eng). Handyman 4(RR Eagle 220 eng). Himalayan (Leyl. 680 eng). Routeman 3(Leyl. 680 eng). Routeman 3(RR Eagle 220 eng). Super Contractor Super Contractor 6x4 (RR 260/280 eng). Trunker 3(Leyl. 680 eng). Trunker 3(RR 220 eng). Scania D10; DS10; DS10 Super 75. D400; D420; D440; D441-446; D600; D631-646; D800. D5. D7. DS5. L50. L50. L51; L55; L56; LS56; L66. L76; L76S(D11; DS11 eng). L80; LB80. L80; LB80(D8 eng). LL80 120kW 163hp(D 8 eng). LL85 120kW 163hp(D 8 eng). SAMLT(DS eng). Schaeff H30(4.236 eng). H40(4.236 eng). HML30E; HML30F; HML30FGA 46kW 63hp(4.236 eng). HML40A; HML40B; HML40BGA; HML40GA 54kW 74hp(4.236 eng). HR30 46kW 63hp(4.236 eng). HR30A 48kW 65hp(1004.4 eng). HR40 54kW 74hp(4.236 eng). HR40B 54kW 74hp(4.236 eng). HR40GA; HR40SV 54kW 74hp(4.236 eng). HS40; HS40C; HS40D 38kW 52hp(T3.152.4 eng). SKB1000 54kW 74hp(4.236 eng). SKB1000 Turbo 70kW 95hp(T4.236 eng). SKB900 50kW 68hp(4.236 eng). SKB902 52kW 71hp(4.234 eng). SKL820 A 27kW 37hp(4.108 eng). SKL823 37kW 50hp(704.30 eng). SKL830 A 35kW 48hp(D3.152.4 eng). SKL831 29kW 40hp(504-2 eng). SKL831 A 40kW 55hp(504-2T eng). SKL831 Turbo 35kW 48hp(504-2T eng). SKL833 44kW 60hp(704.30 eng). SKL833(704.30 eng). SKL840 A 44kW 60hp(4.236 eng). SKL841 40kW 55hp(T3.152.4 eng). SKL841 A 45kW 61hp(4.236 eng). SKL843 52kW 70hp(1004-4 eng). SKL843(1004-4 eng). SKL850A(4.236 eng). SKL851 47kW 64hp(4.236 eng). SKL851A 54kW 74hp(4.236 eng). SKL851B 59kW 80hp(1004.4 eng). SKL853 59kW 80hp(1004-4 eng). SKL861A 70kW 95hp(T4.236 eng). SKL871 88kW 120hp(1006.6 eng). SKS631 40kW 55hp(4.236 eng). SKS633 44kW 60hp(704.30 eng). SKS661 59kW 80hp(1004.4 eng). SKS661 74kW 101hp(1004.4T eng). SMB2041 54kW 74hp(4.236 eng). SMB2041 59kW 80hp(T1004.4 eng). SMB2041(1004-4 eng). STL633 47kW 63hp(704.30 eng). Schopf L100(6.354 eng). L60(4.203 eng). Seat 131 1.8D Diesel 36kW 49hp(4.108 eng). 131 2.5D 2445cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 eng). Ibiza 1.7 Litre Diesel 54bhp. Ibiza I 1.7D 1698cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(022 A.5000 eng). Ibiza I 1.7D 1714cc Diesel 42kW 57hp(022 A.5000 eng). Malaga 1.7 Litre Diesel 55;58bhp. Malaga 1.7D 1698cc Diesel 41kW 56hp. Malaga 1.7D 1714cc Diesel 42kW 57hp(022 A.5000 eng). Ritmo 1.7D Diesel 40kW 54hp. Ronda 1.7D 1698cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(022 A.5000 eng). Ronda 1.7D 1698cc Diesel 41kW 56hp(022 A.5000 eng). Seddon Atkinson 13-4(6.354 eng). 13-4(6.372.3 eng). 13-4(RR 220/260Eagle eng). 13-4(T6.354 eng). 13-4; 18-4; 20-4(6.354 eng). 13-4; 20-4; 32-4; 34-4(Rolls Royce 220; 260 Mk I; Mk II eng). 13-4-14; 13-4-16. 13-4-T6; 20-4-T6; 24-4-T6(T6.354 eng). 16-4(V8.540 eng). 16-4; 26-4; 28-4; 32-4(V8.605 eng). 185 4354. 200 67kW 91hp(6.354 eng). 200 67kW 91hp(6.354.4 eng). 200 67kW 91hp(IH D310 eng). 200 67kW 91hp(IH D358 eng). 200(6.354 eng). 200(IHC D310 eng). 200(IHC D358 eng). 201 R14P354(6.354 eng). 201 R16N35B(IH D358 eng). 201 R16N35B(IHC D358 eng). 201 R17N13(IH D358 eng). 201 R17N13(IHC D358 eng). 201 R17P16(T6.354.4 eng). 20-4(6.354 eng). 20-4(T6.354 eng). 211 R17P16(160T eng). 211 R17P16(T6.354.4 eng). 211 R17P16; R17P18(160Ti; 180Ti eng). 211 R17P18(180Ti eng). 211 R17P18(180Ti eng). 211 R17P21(210Ti eng). 211 R17P21; R17.21P(210Ti eng). 24-4(T6.354 eng). 275. 32-4(RR 220/260Eagle eng). 401 T17R30(Rolls Royce 300Li eng). 401(Rolls Royce 290L eng). 411 T17R30(Rolls Royce 300Li eng). 411 T17R30(RR 300Li eng). 411 T22R34; T24R34(Rolls Royce 340Li eng). Borderer (RR Eagle 280Mk3 eng). Borderer (RR Eagle220MkII eng). Borderer; Leader(Rolls Royce Eagle 220 Mk III eng). Borderer; Leader(Rolls Royce Eagle 280 Mk III eng). Leader (RR Eagle 280Mk3 eng). Leader (RR Eagle220MkII eng). Middy Bus (4.236 eng). Middy(4.236 eng). Municipal Mk II(6.354.4 eng). Pegaso Troner 1236.38TX(Pegaso 11 900cc eng). Pennine 4; 5(6.354 eng). Pennine 4; 5(V8.510 eng). Pennine 4; 5; 6(6.354.4 eng). Pennine 6(T6.354 eng). Strato 210 P17 (210Ti eng). Strato 210P17(210Ti eng). Strato Troner 1236.38TX (Peg.11.9 eng). Weightmaster (6.354 eng). Weightmaster (RR Eagle MkIII eng). Weightmaster 4 Wheel; 6 Wheel; 8 Wheel(6.354 eng). Shibaura SE6300. SE6340. SE8300. SE8340. SF1040T. Sisis Greenstar(103.10 eng). Sisu BGBH90BO(AEC-AV 505/5 eng). BK86(AEC-AH 760 eng). BK90BO(AEC-AH 505/6 eng). BT53 CR; 69 CR(AEC-AH 760 eng). BT58(AEC-AH 760 eng). M161(Leyland 6.90T eng). M161(RR 265; 305; 320 eng). M162(Leyland 6.90T eng). M162(RR 265; 305; 320 eng). R142CST(RR-E 260 MK I eng). R160CST(RR-E305/320MK3 eng). Sisu Coaches fitted with Leyland 400; 401; 410 engine. Sisu Coaches fitted with Leyland 500; 510; 680 engine. Sisu Coaches fitted with Leyland 505; 690; 760 engine. Sisu Coaches fitted with Valmet 611 CHS engine. Sisu Trucks fitted with Leyland 400 engine. Sisu Trucks fitted with Leyland 401 engine. Sisu Trucks fitted with Leyland 410 engine. Sisu Trucks fitted with Leyland 680; 690 engine. Sisu Trucks fitted with Rolls Royce Eagle 265; 305; 320 engine. Sisu Trucks fitted with Valmet 411ASA; 411BSA engine. Sisu Trucks fitted with Valmet 611C; 611CSA engine. SK150 110kW 150hp(Valmet 611 CSA/CSBA eng). SK150 Turbo(Valmet 611 CSA eng). SL140(Valmet eng). Slanzi 105 2000cc. DVA1550 S2. DVA1750. DVA1750. DVA1800. DVA2700. DVA2700. DVA3000. DVA3600. Sole Mini 50 Seat 37kW 50hp. Mitsubishi Mini 44. SF100 New Holland 73kW 100hp. SF130 New Holland 95kW 130hp. SF160 New Holland 117kW 160hp. SF210 New Holland 154kW 210hp. Someca 1000TD. 250; 255. 300TD; 350TD. 400; 450. 800. 900. M120(Perkins eng). Star 11142 110kW 150hp(T359E/M eng). 200(S359 eng). 244 110kW 150hp(359M eng). 266 110kW 150hp(359M eng). 28. 742 77kW 105hp(4CT 107 eng). 742 80kW 109hp(110T eng). 744 110kW 150hp(T359E eng). Steinbock BFG; TFG4D; 4DR(4.236 eng). BFG4D; BFG4DR(4.236 eng). CD16C; CD16H; CL16C; CL16H 31kW 42hp(104.22 eng). CD20C; CD20H; CL20C; CL20H 26kW 35hp(104.22 eng). CD22C; CD22H; CL22C; CL22H 40kW 55hp(704.30 eng). CD22C; CD22H; CL22C; CL22H 40kW 55hp(704.30 eng). CD30C; CD30H; CL30C; CL30H 40kW 55hp(704.30 eng). CD33C; CD33H; CL33C; CL33H 40kW 55hp(704.30 eng). DFG2C; DFG2.5; DFG2.5R(4.203 eng). DFG2C; DFG2.5; DFG2.5R(4.203 eng). DFG4D(4.236 eng). DFG4D; DFG4DR(4.236 eng). DFG4D; DFG4DR(4.236 eng). DFG7D(4.236 eng). TFG4D; TFG4DR(4.236 eng). Steyr 2120 A 33kW 45hp(1000.3A eng). 2130A 40kW 55hp(1000.3A eng). 2140A 45kW 61hp(1000.4A eng). 2150 A 55kW 75hp(1000.4A eng). M948; M948A 35kW 48hp(WD 308.48 eng). M958; M958A 42kW 58hp(WD 308.48 eng). Still M15. R70(Volkswagen VAG eng). Stothert and Pitt 54RB2(Lister HR3 eng). D81PS; D95SS(Lister ST2 eng). SP200(466 cu in eng). SP200(466 eng). SP200(Ford 2704ET eng). SP200(Ford 2704ET eng). SP72. SP72 Drive. SP72(LKW/truck eng). SP72(Walzen/rollers eng). SP729. T182A(Lister HR3/4/6 eng). T182A; T182B(Lister HR3; HR4 eng). T182B(Lister HL3 eng). T208(Lister HR3/4/6 eng). T208(Lister HRS6 eng). W75; D75.5S(Lister ST1 eng). Sullair 150(Ford 172 eng). 150(Ford Ind172 eng). 150DP; 150GP(Ford 172 eng). 175DPB(220 cu in eng). 185(C2.2 eng). 35kW; 50kW(4.236; 6.354 eng). 75KW(T6.354 eng). F100P(6.354 eng). F150(Ford 172D eng). F50P; F70P(4.236 eng). FF100P(6.354 eng). FF50P(4.236 eng). FF70P(4.236 eng). Suzuki Baleno 1.9TD 1905cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(XUD eng). Samurai; SJ 410 + 413 1.9TD SJ 1905cc Diesel 46kW 63hp(Peugeot XUD9 eng). Vitara 1.9D ET 1905cc Diesel 50kW 68hp(XUD 9A eng). Vitara 1.9D ET 1905cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(XUD 9A eng). Sykes UV3 Hilift(Lister HR6 eng). UV5 Lowlift(Lister HRS6 eng). UVC4D; UVC6D(Lister HR2; HR3 eng). UVS8; UVS12(Lister HR6; HRS6 eng). VC12 300D(Lister HRS6 eng). VC150D(Lister HR2 eng). VCD8(Lister HR4 eng). Tam 5000. 60T(S44V eng). 775T5(S44V eng). 80A 50; 80A 60(S44V eng). 80T5; 80T6B; 80T6BK(S44V eng). 80T50(S44V eng). 81T6B(S44V eng). 90T50(S44V eng). Tata 207 Pick-Up Telcoline 2.0 TDi Telcoline 1948cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(483 DL TC49 eng). 207 Pick-Up Telcoline 2.0D Telcoline Diesel(483 DL eng). Gurkha / Sierra 2.0 Diesel 1948cc Diesel 46kW 63hp(483 DL 1948 ccm eng). Gurkha / Sierra 2.0 Turbodiesel 1948cc Diesel 68kW 92hp(483 DL 1948 ccm eng). Indica + Indigo 1.4 Diesel 1405cc Diesel 46kW 62hp(475DL eng). Loadbeta 2.0 Diesel 1948cc Diesel 50kW 68hp(483 DL 1948 ccm eng). Loadbeta 2.0 TDi 1948cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(483DL TC49 1948cc eng). Safari 2.0 Turbodiesel 1948cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(483DL 1948 cc eng). Taylor L/TM72PS(4.236 eng). Terex 72-11(330 cu in eng). 72-21; 72-31; 72-41(466 cu in eng). 72-21AA(Leyland UE400/80 eng). 72-21AA(Leyland UE400/80 eng). 860(Perkins eng). PT30(403D-15 Interim eng). PT60(404C-22T eng). SKL823. SKL823 37kW 50hp(704.30 eng). SKL833 44kW 60hp(704.30 eng). TS-14; TS-14B(Leyland 600 x2 eng). TS-8(330 cu in eng). TX750; TX760(1004-42 eng). TX860; TX860SB(1004-40T eng). TX860B; TX870(1004-40T eng). Thwaites 4 Ton. 4 Ton. 4 Ton Mk I; 4 Ton Mk II(Perkins eng). 5 Ton. 5 Ton. 5 Ton. 5 Ton Mk I; Mk II(Perkins eng). 6 Ton. 6 Ton. 6 Ton Mk I; 6 Ton Mk II; 6 Ton Mk III(Perkins eng). 7 Ton Mk I; 7 Ton Mk II; 7 Ton Mk III(Perkins eng). 7000 5 Ton; 7000 6 Ton(Perkins eng). 7000 Alldrive. 7000(Lister-Petter ST3 eng). 7000(Lister-Petter TS3 eng). 9000(Lister-Petter TX3 eng). All Drive 3.5 Ton; All Drive 5 Ton Giant(Ford 2711E eng). All Drive 4000(Lister TS2 eng). All Drive 5 Ton(4.236 eng). All Drive 6000(Lister TS2 eng). All Drive 7000(Lister TS3 eng). All Drive 9000(Ford 2722 eng). All Drive Ton Giant(Ford 2722 eng). Alldrive 3.5 Ton(Ford 2711E eng). Alldrive 4 Ton(D3.152 eng). Alldrive 4000 (Lister TS2/TS3 eng). Alldrive 4000 (Petter PH2 eng). Alldrive 4000 (Petter TJ2 eng). Alldrive 4000L(Lister-Petter TS2 eng). Alldrive 5 Ton Giant(Ford 2711E eng). Alldrive 5 Ton Giant(Ford 2722 eng). Alldrive 5 Ton(Ford 2711 E eng). Alldrive 5000 (Petter PH2 eng). Alldrive 6000 (Lister TS2/TS3 eng). Alldrive 6000 (Petter PH2 eng). Alldrive 6000 (Petter TJ2 eng). Alldrive 7000 (Lister TS2/TS3 eng). Alldrive 8 Ton(Ford 2711E eng). Alldrive 9000 (Ford 2722 eng). Galaxy 6 Ton(Ford 2722 eng). Goliath 8 Ton(Ford 2725 eng). TD18. TD18(Iveco 8061 Si eng). Timberjack 1110 113kW 154hp(1006-6T eng). 1110 C 122kW 167hp(6BTA5.9 eng). 1270A. 208(4.236 eng). 225(4.236 eng). 350(Deutz eng). 350(DEUTZ eng). 810B 81kW 110hp(1004-4T eng). Toro Groundsmaster 3000D. Groundsmaster 455D. Reelmaster 335. Reelmaster 335D(Peugeot eng). Reelmaster 3500D. Reelmaster 4000D. Reelmaster 6500D; Reelmaster 6700D. Towmotor B15 to B18. B15; B16; B18; B20; B22; B25(6.354 eng). T30B; T35B; T40B; T45B; T50B; T55B; T60B. V100; V120; V140. V-30; V-40; V-41; V-50; V-51; V-60(4.236 eng). V30B; V35B; V40B; V45B; V50B. V41; V51; V60(4.236 eng). V80F(Perkins eng). Trane TE751(Ford Ind144 eng). Trommel 412RT. Universal 445; 550. 640. 640DTC. U445; 445DTC. U550DTC(D121 eng). U640;-DTC. Universal Generators fitted with Hercules D1700; D2300 engine. Upright AB62(704.30 eng). SB60(704.30 eng). Ursus 3110(6.354.4 eng). 3110DT(6.354.4 eng). 3502; 3512; 3514(D3152 eng). 4512; 4514(4.236cc eng). 5312; 5314(4.236cc eng). RAS55DT(VM 1053 eng). V204. V208. V210. Valtra Valmet 1000S(411AS eng). 1100; 1102; 1103(Sisu 411 eng). 1100; 1140; 1140-4(411AS; 411ABS eng). 1112(Sisu 411BS; 411CS eng). 1200(6.354 eng). 1200B; 1400B(611CS eng). 1203(Sisu 411CX eng). 1203; 1203-4(411CX eng). 1502; 1502-6(611CS eng). 310B; 311C; 311CS. 355 45kW 61hp(Valmet eng). 355; 365(Sisu 311D; 320 eng). 365 45kW 61hp(Valmet 320 DS eng). 411A. 411AS. 411B; 411C; 411CS. 411BS. 455 49kW 67hp(Valmet eng). 455; 465(Sisu 311DS; 320DS eng). 465 51kW 70hp(Valmet 320 DS eng). 500 40kW 54hp(Valmet eng). 500; 502; 504(Sisu 310B eng). 500; 502; 504; 512; Vilske 540; VL542; 602; 604; 740; 940; 940-4; 311C; 311CS; 411B; 411AB. 502 37kW 50hp(Valmet eng). 504 37kW 50hp(Valmet 310B eng). 555 53kW 72hp(Valmet eng). 555; 565(Sisu 311DS; 320DS eng). 565 55kW 75hp(Valmet 320 DS eng). 602 43kW 58hp(Valmet eng). 602; 602T; 604; 604T(Sisu 311C; 311CS eng). 604 49kW 66hp(Valmet eng). 611C; 611CS. 6355. 6355 OC. 6355FOR. 6455. 6455 OC. 6455FOR. 665 59kW 80hp(Valmet 420 DS eng). 665(Sisu 420D eng). 6665. 6665 OC. 6665 S. 6665FOR. 6865. 6865S. 700. 700 Brazil. 700 Mk II(Sisu 411A eng). 700; 900; 900-4(411A eng). 700L. 700R. 702 55kW 75hp(Valmet eng). 702(Sisu 411B; 411C eng). 702; 702-4; 702S; 702S-4; 703; 703-4; 712; VL742(411B eng). 702; 702-4; 702S; 702S-4; 703; 703-4; 712; VL742(411C eng). 702S(Sisu 411BS eng). 703(Sisu 411C eng). 710; 910; 910-4. 800(411BS; 411CS eng). 800(420 DR eng). 800E. 800L. 800L VDB. 802 60kW 82hp(Valmet eng). 802; 802-4; 803; 803-4; 903; 903-4(411CS eng). 802; 803(Sisu 411CS eng). 820. 8400 Mega 103kW 140hp(620 DS eng). 8400 Mega(620 DSIE eng). 8400E Mega(620 DSIE eng). 846; 864(411A eng). 8600 Mega(612 DS eng). 862(411CS eng). 865 64kW 87hp(Valmet 420 DS eng). 865(Sisu 420DSR eng). 865(Sisu 420DSR eng). 870; 870CK; 870CN(411A eng). 872; 872K(411BS eng). 880K; 880S; 880-50(411AS eng). 882K; 822KK(Scania DS5 eng). 8850 Mega(634 DS eng). 886K(611CS eng). 900. 900 66kW 90hp(Valmet eng). 900 Brazil. 900(44/307DT eng). 900(Sisu 411A; 411B eng). 900(Sisu 420DSR eng). 900E. 900L. 902(Sisu 411CS eng). 903 71kW 97hp(Valmet eng). 903(Sisu 411BS; 411CS eng). D20; D2552; D3056; D4072(4.203 eng). Jehu 1120(411AS eng). Jehu 1122(411BS eng). Jehu 522; 920(310B; 411A eng). Jehu 870CK; 870CN; 880K. TD126(6.354 eng). TD66(4.236 eng). TD7; TD78; TD96; TD126(6.354 eng). TD96(6.354 eng). VL942; VL942-4; VL1102; VL1102-4; VL1103; VL1103-4; VL1112(411BS eng). VL942; VL942-4; VL1102; VL1102-4; VL1103; VL1103-4; VL1112(411CS eng). X120 Knicklenker 88kW 120hp. Van Hool AU138 Midi(Renault 798 eng). S315; S90F Alizee(Fiat 8060.04 eng). Vauxhall GM Arena 2.5 Litre Diesel 4 Cyl 2499cc 75bhp. Blitz 2.0 Diesel S. 97000 1997cc Diesel 32kW 44hp(Opel-20 D eng). Blitz 2.1 Diesel S.97000 2070cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(Opel-21 D eng). Blitz 2.3 Diesel 2300cc Diesel 43kW 59hp. Blitz 2.3 Diesel CF 2260cc Diesel 46kW 63hp(Opel-23 D OHC eng). Blitz 5.4 Diesel EJM2 5400cc Diesel(Vauxhall eng). CA Diesel(4.154 eng). CF Van(4.154 eng). CF Van(Opel D. 2.1 eng). CF230(Opel D. 2.1 eng). CF250(Opel D. 2.1/2.3 eng). CF280(Opel D. 2.1/2.3 eng). CF350(Opel D. 2.1/2.3 eng). Rekord-D 2.0D 1998cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(20 D eng). Rekord-D 2.1D 2068cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(21 D eng). Venieri C352; C382N; C382S. C503; C553(VM1053 eng). C604L; C604N(VM104SU eng). C704. C745; C800; C945DT. C754; C800; C945DT. VF10/54(6.372 eng). VF3.73(VM102SU eng). VF4.33. VF4/44(3.152 eng). VF6.53; VF7.73(4.248 eng). VF7/74(4.248 eng). Vermeer 1102(4.236 eng). 1220; 1230(4.236 eng). 1250(4.236 eng). 1600; 1600A. 1800(4.236 eng). 712(411B-73 eng). 865A; 865B; 865BX; 880A; 880S; 900; 1000. 872K(411SB eng). 882K(Scania DS5 eng). 920(411A eng). M434; M440; M470(Ford eng). M475(Ford 254 eng). M475; M485(Ford 254 eng). M485(Ford 254 eng). M50; M450; M475; M485(Ford eng). V434(Ford eng). V440(4.108 eng). V440(Perkins eng). Versatile 150. 9030; 9030E(Ford 4.4L eng). D100(Ford eng). Vetus Hyundai VH4.80. M2.05 Mitsubishi 7kW 10hp. M2.06 Mitsubishi 12kW 16hp. M2.C5 Mitsubishi 8kW 11hp. M2.D5 Mitsubishi 10kW 13hp. M3.09 Mitsubishi 18kW 25hp. M3.10 Mitsubishi 15kW 20hp. M4.14 Mitsubishi 24kW 33hp. M4.15 Mitsubishi 24kW 33hp. M4.17 Mitsubishi 31kW 42hp. P4.19 Peugeot XUD9 42kW 57hp. P4.42 Peugeot XUD9 46kW 63hp. Viper 122(Deutz eng). VM Motori 1051. 1052. 1053. 106. 112. 1151. 1152 SU; DAN. 195. 2105SUN. 2105SUN. 295. 298. 3105SUN. 3105TSUN. 101. 102. 103. 104. 394HPT. 395SV. 398SV. 4105 SUN. 4105TSUN. 6105 SUN. 6105T; 6105TI SUN. 951. 952. 953. 954. 956SU. D703LE; D703LTE. HR192; HR192A. HR292A. HR392A. HR392SHIR. HR394H. HR494; HR494H; HR494HT; HR494SHIR. RA394. VME 1051; 1052SU. 1053SU. HR192A; HR292A; HR392A. Volkswagen Golf I (17) 1.5D 17 1471cc Diesel 37kW 50hp(CK eng). Golf I (17) 1.6D 17 1588cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(JK eng). Jetta I (16) 1.5D 1471cc Diesel 37kW 50hp(CK eng). Jetta I (16) 1.6D 1588cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(JK eng). Jetta II (19E; 1G2) 1.6D 1588cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(JP eng). Jetta II (19E; 1G2) 1.6TD 1570cc Diesel 51kW 70hp(JR eng). LT28 2.7D 28 2699cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(CG P. 4.1659 eng). LT28 2.7D Diesel(4.165 eng). LT28; LT31; LT35(2.4D eng). LT28D; LT31D; LT35D(4.165 eng). LT31 2.7D 28 2699cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(CG Perk.4.165 eng). LT35 2.7D 29 2699cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(CGPerk. 4.165 eng). Passat (32/33) 1.5D 1471cc Diesel 37kW 50hp(CK eng). Passat (32/33) 1.6D 1588cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(CR eng). Passat (32B) 1.6D 1588cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(JK eng). Santana 1.6D 1588cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(JK eng). Transporter/Bus (T3) 1.6D 24;25 1589cc Diesel 37kW 50hp(CS eng). Transporter/Bus (T3) 1.6TD 24;25 1589cc Diesel 51kW 70hp(JX eng). Transporter/Bus (T3) 1.7D 24;25 1716cc Diesel 42kW 57hp(KY eng). Transporter/Caravelle 1.6 Litre Diesel. Volvo 411B(Ford 2704E eng). 412; 412B(Scania eng). 412; 412T(Scania D8; DS8 eng). 414; 414B(Scania eng). 4200. 4200 47kW 64hp(D39L eng). 4200(D39L eng). 4300 79kW 107hp(TD 42 eng). 4300(TD42; TD45 eng). 4300; 4300B. 440 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel 1870cc. 440 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel 1870cc. 440 1.9TD K 1870cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(D 19 T eng). 4400 105kW 143hp(TD 60 B eng). 4400(TD60B eng). 4400; 4500. 4500 137kW 186hp(TD 70 H eng). 460 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel. 460 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel. 460 1.9TD L 1870cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(D 19 T eng). B36A; B39A; D42. B57; BB57 B57 157kW 213hp(D 70 A eng). B57; BB57 B57T 154kW 210hp(TD 70 A eng). B57; BB57 BB57 157kW 214hp(D 70 A eng). B57; BB57 BB57 157kW 214hp(TD 70 A eng). B57; BB57(D70A; D70B; TA70A; TD70B; TD70E eng). B57; BB57(D70A; D70B; TD70A; TD70B; TD70E; TD70H eng). B7(D70A; D70B; TD70A; TD70B; TD70E; TD70H eng). BM1113. BM200; BM210; BM Teddy. BM2200; BM2204; BM2250; BM2254(4.236 eng). BM320; BM400 Buster. BM430. BM430; BM460. BM500(D39T eng). BM55(1054 eng). BM600. BM616(Volvo D42 eng). BM641. BM650(D42 eng). BM700(TD42 eng). BM800. BM810; BM814(TD60A eng). BMVHK 310(D 70 eng). BMVHK310(Volvo TD70 eng). BW650(D45 eng). D39C; D39D. D70; D70A; D70B; D70BK; TD70A; TD70B; TD70E. F4. F4(D39; D39C eng). F406 75kW 102hp(D39B/C P. 4.236 eng). F407 73kW 99hp(D39C P. 4.236 eng). F82. F82. F82; F83(4.236 V eng). F82S 57kW 78hp(D39B P. 4.236 eng). F82S; F83S(D39B eng). F83. F83. F83(D42 eng). F83S 57kW 78hp(D39B P. 4.236 eng). F86; FB86 110kW 150hp(D 70 A eng). F86; FB86; F87; N86; NB86(D70A; D70B; TD70A; TD70B; TD70C; TD70D; TD70E eng). F86; FB86; N86(D70A; D70B; D70C;D70D; TD70A; TD70E eng). F86; FB86T 165kW 225hp(TD 70 A eng). F87; NF87(D70A; D70B; D70C;D70D; TD70A; TD70E eng). GGM646. GM410(D913 eng). GM612; GM614(1113A eng). GM616; GM616B(D42; D45 eng). GM646(TD42 eng). HD22A. KL110; KL115(Ford 2701E eng). KL121; KL121B(Volvo D100B eng). KL130; KL131(Volvo D70 eng). KL230(Volvo D70 eng). L30 51kW 70hp(4.236 eng). L30(4.236 eng). L50. LM1240(D70B eng). LM218(1113 eng). LM218(Bolinder 3 Cyl eng). LM218; LM620; LM640(1113A eng). LM422(P3 eng). LM616; LM620; LM621; LM640; LM641(D42 eng). LM620; LM621; LM622(3 Cyl eng). LM621HD 8867; LM641HD 8867. LM622; LM642(D42 eng). LM640; LM641; LM642(3 Cyl eng). LM841; LM845(D50A; D50B; D60A eng). LM846; LM846HD. MK690; MK691. MK690; MK691(1113A eng). MK692; MK693. MK692; MK695(D42 eng). MK693 59kW 80hp(BM D 42 eng). MK693(D42 eng). N86 110kW 150hp(D 70 A eng). N86; NB86. N86; NB86(D70A; D70B eng). N86T 136kW 185hp(TD 70 A eng). NB86 110kW 150hp(D 70 A eng). P854(D70A eng). Parca 218(1133 A eng). Parca 422(Perkins eng). Parca 620(1133 A eng). Parca 621(D 42 eng). Parca 622(D 42 eng). Parca 640(1133 A eng). Parca 641(D 42 eng). Parca 642(D 42 eng). Parca 854. S830(4.154 eng). S840. S950(6.354 eng). S950(Volvo D50A eng). SM460(D913 eng). SM460(Perkins eng). SM462(D25 eng). SM462(Perkins eng). SM660. SM660(1113 A eng). SM661(1113 A eng). SM665. SM665(1113 A eng). SM667(1113 A eng). SM667; SM668(1113A eng). SM668(1113 A eng). SM9111(TD42 eng). SM958(D42 eng). T320. T320 Diesel; T400; T430. T500. T600; T616. T616. T650; T700. T800. T810; T814. VHK115; VHK310(D67C eng). VHK115; VHK310(D70A; D70B eng). VHK116. VHK118(D70B eng). VHK310(D70 eng). Volvo Penta 2 Cyl. 2001; 2001B. 2002; 2002B. 2003; 2003B. 2003T; 2003TB. 230A; 230B. 250A; 250 B. 251A. 430A; 430B. 431A; 431B. 432 A. 434 A. 500 A; 500 B. 570A; 571A; 571MS4A. 571A. AQ120B. AQ125. AQ125; AQ125B. AQ125A; 125B. AQ131A; AQ131B; AQ131C; AQ131D. AQ140; 140A. AQ145A; AQ145B. AQ151A; AQ151B; AQ151C. AQ171A; AQ171C. AQ175A. AQ190. AQ200. AQ200B; 200C; 200D; 200F. AQ205A. AQ211A. AQ225B; AQ225C; AQ225D; AQ225E; AQ225F. AQ231A; AQ231B. AQ255A; AQ255B. AQ260A; AQ260B. AQ271A; AQ271B; AQ271C; AQ271D. AQ280A. AQ290A. AQ311A; AQ311B. AQD11C. AQD21; AQD21A. AQD21; AQD21A; AQD21/250. AQD21A; MD21A. AQD21B. AQD29. AQD29; AQD32; AQD32A. AQD29; D29A. AQD32. AQD32A. AQD32A/270D; D32A. BB140A. BB145A. BB225A; BB225B. BB225C. BB231A. BB260A; BB260B; BB260C. BB261A. D19; D21/250; D21ATID; D21AUTF. D27A/200; D32A/250D; D32A/270D. D36A; D39A; D42. D39B. D39C; D39D. D50A; D50B; D70A; D70B; D70BK. D70; D70B; D70K; TD70; TD70B; TD70D; TD70E. D70A. D70A; TD70A. D70B; D70BK. MD100S. MD10A; MD10A-100S. MD19; MD21A. MD2010; MD2010A; MD2010B. MD2010C. MD2020; MD2020A; MD2020B. MD2020C. MD2030; MD2030A; MD2030B. MD2030C. MD2040; MD2040A; MD2040B. MD2040C. MD21A. MD21B. MD32A. MD32A. MD32A. MD42A. MD42A. MD42A. MD5; MD5A. MD5; MD5A; MD5B; MD5C. MD5; MD5A; MD5B; MD5C. MD6A; MD6B; MD7; MD7A. MD7; MD7A; MD7B. MD70; MD70A; MD70B; MD70C. MD70; MD70A; MD70B; TMD70; TMD70AB; TAMD70A; TAMD70B. MD70; TAMD70; TMD70; MD70A; TMD70A; TMD70AB; MD70B. TAMD70. TD50A; TD50B; TD70A; TD70B; TD100A. TD70A. TD70B. TM70AB. TMD70; TMD70A; TMD70B; TMD70C. Wacker Neuson 803 9kW 12hp(Yanmar 3TNV70-VNS eng). G25(3.052 eng). G45; G60; G75(4.236 eng). WL18 18kW 24hp(403C-11 eng). WL18(404D-22 eng). WL25 25kW 34hp(404C-15 eng). WL25(404C-22 eng). WL30 36kW 49hp(404C-22 eng). WL36 36kW 49hp(404C-22 eng). Wain Roy 200 Bronco; 300 Bronco(David Brown eng). 450(Ford 242 eng). Warner Swasey 8425. Wayne 945(Perkins eng). 993AH(6.354 eng). Weatherhill 12HB(Ford 5000 eng). 12HB; 12HD(Ford 2701E eng). 12HB; 12HD(Ford 2712E eng). 12HB; 12HD(Ford 5000 eng). 12HD(Ford 2701E; 2712E eng). 22HB; 22HD(Ford 2512E eng). 22HD(Ford 2512E eng). 42H(6.354 eng). 42H; 42HD(6.354 eng). 42H; 42HD(Ford 2703E eng). 42H; 42HD(Ford 2713E eng). 42HB(Ford 2703E eng). 42HD. 42HD(6.354 eng). 42HD(Ford 2703E eng). C/S Mk III(Ford 2512E eng). C3(Ford 2512E eng). H1TIP. L50; L50/2(4.236 eng). L50; L50/2(4.236 eng). L50; L50/2(Ford 2701E eng). L50; L50/2(Ford 2701E eng). L61B; L61D(6.354 eng). L61B; L61D(6.354 eng). L61B; L61D(Ford 2703E eng). L61B; L61D(Ford 2703E; 2713E eng). L61B; L61D(Ford 2713E eng). L62B(Leyland 400/401 eng). L62B(Leyland 400; 401 eng). L66; L66B(Leyland 600 eng). L66; L66B(Leyland 600; 680 eng). L86(Leyland 510 eng). S2(3.152 eng). S3(Ford 2512E eng). Weidemann 1130CX 18kW 24hp(403 D-11 eng). 1130CX(403 C-11 eng). 1140CX 18kW 24hp(403 D-11 eng). 1350CX45(404C-22 eng). 1360 P33 24kW 33hp(103.15 eng). 1360 P43 32kW 44hp(104.20 eng). 1360 P43; 1360 P48. 1360 P45. 1490P50(404C-22 eng). 1770 CX50(404C-22 eng). 2070 CX50(404C-22 eng). 2070 CX50T(404C-22 eng). Westerbeke BR30; BR45. Four-154. Four-60. Four-91. Performer-6. Six-354. W80. WPDS20. White 2/78; 4/78LL. 200. 200. 2-105 Field Boss(354 eng). 2-105(6.354 CID eng). 2-110(Perkins eng). 2-50. 2-50 Field Boss; 2-60 Field Boss(4 Cyl eng). 2-60. 2-63-17. 2-78. 2-85. 2-85 Field Boss(354 eng). 2-88(Perkins eng). 4/78 17. 4-78-17. 4-78LL. 6045. 6065. 6065C. 6065R. 6085. 7300. 8600(Perkins eng). 8600; 8800(Perkins eng). 8800(Perkins eng). 8900. 8900(6.354 eng). 8920(Perkins eng). Field Boss 2-105(Perkins eng). White Trucks fitted with Perkins 6.354 engine. Whitlock 120C(Ford 2715E eng). 120E(Ford 2704E eng). 150B(Leyland 401 eng). 150C(Leyland 401 eng). 180B; 180C(AEC AV505 eng). 100C(6.354 eng). 105(Ford eng). 50R(4.236 eng). 50R(Ford 2701E eng). 7 T Dodge 900(6.354 eng). Winget 14NTR(Lister HA2; HR2 eng). 2E; 2F; 2S; 2SE; 2ST(Lister ST1/ST2 eng). 300R(Lister TS2 eng). 101/45(Ford 2704E eng). 101/45(Ford 2704E eng). 4/40; 4/50; 4/70(Lister ST1/ST2/ST3 eng). 4/50(Lister ST3 eng). 4/60(Lister HR3 eng). 4000(4.236 eng). 4000(6.354 eng). 400R(Lister TS2 eng). 4B 2000(Lister TS2 eng). 4B 2500; 4B 3000(Lister TS3 eng). 4FL; 4/60; 4/70(Lister HR2/HR3 eng). 4FL5000; 4/60; 4/70(Lister HR2 eng). 4S(Lister ST1/ST2 eng). 5000(4.236 eng). 5000(6.354 eng). 500R(Lister TS3 eng). 5S; 5SE; 5ST(Lister ST1/ST2/ST3 eng). 5SE; 5ST(Lister ST1/ST2 eng). A4000; A5000; B4000; B5000; F4000; F5000(4.236 eng). A4000; A5000; B4000; B5000; F4000; F5000(6.354 eng). CG31(Lister HR2/HR3 eng). CG31; CH44; CH45; CH47; CK31; CK42(Lister HR3 eng). CG31; CK31; CH44; CH45(Lister HR2 eng). CH44(Lister HR2/HR3 eng). CH45(Lister HR2/HR3 eng). CH47(Lister HR2/HR3 eng). CK31(Lister HR2/HR3 eng). CK42(Lister HR2/HR3 eng). CK42; CK47(Lister HR3 eng). Yale and Towne 124A(6.354 eng). 134A(6.354 eng). 1500; 1500C(4.248 eng). 164; 164A(6.354 eng). 1700(6.372 eng). 1700(Leyl. 400/401/680 eng). 1700(T6.354 eng). 1700; 1700B(6.354 eng). 1700; 1700B; 1700C(6.354 eng). 1700; 1900(6.354 eng). 1700; 1900(6.372 eng). 1700; 1900(Leyland 400; 401; 680 eng). 1700; 1900(T6.354 eng). 1700C; 1900C(6.354 eng). 1900(6.372 eng). 1900(Leyl. 400/401/680 eng). 1900(T6.354 eng). 1900; 1900C(6.354 eng). 1900PDK. 204; 204A(Leyl. 400/401 eng). 204; 204A(Leyl. 680 eng). 204; 204A; 300; 300A(Leyland 400; 401 eng). 204; 204A; 300; 300A(Leyland 680 eng). 300; 300A(Leyl. 400/401/680 eng). 3000; 3000B(Leyl. 400/401/680 eng). 3000; 3000B(Leyland 400; 401 eng). 3000; 3000B(Leyland 680 eng). 104A(6.354 eng). 104A; 124A; 134A; 164; 164A(6.305 eng). 104A; 124A; 134A; 164; 164A(6.354 eng). 6000(Ford 2701E eng). 6000(Ford 2701E eng). 6000lb(Ford 2701E eng). Zastava 615; 615GVW(4.108 eng). 616 48kW 65hp(4.108 eng). Zeppelin ZL10B 47kW 64hp(4.236 eng). ZL10C 59kW 80hp(1004-4 eng). ZL12B 70kW 95hp(T4.236 eng). ZL12C 74kW 101hp(1006.6 eng). ZL4 27kW 37hp(4.108 eng). ZL4B 28kW 38hp(504-2 eng). ZL6 35kW 48hp(D3.152.4 eng). ZL6B ZLS 40kW 55hp(T3.152 eng). ZL8 44kW 60hp(4.236 eng). ZL8B 40kW 55hp(T3.152.4 eng). ZM60 44kW 60hp(704.30 eng). ZM6B 50kW 68hp(4.236 eng). ZR55 44kW 60hp(704.30 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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