FIN-FF31774 Filter-Fuel(Equivalent: MD-195, BF884, FF4052, 33196E)

Price(Ex Vat): £3.28

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  • Part Number FIN-FF31774
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FF31774 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-BF884, FFG-FF4052, FMH-P945X)
    Our Stock Level: 24
    Stock at Manufacturer(UK) 3-7 day lead: 265
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: For shorter versions use FIN-FF33333, FIN-FF31780. For longer version use FIN-FF31770. Can-Type Fuel Filter. Also [2] Included F-Gasket. Also [1] Attached End Seal. Also [2] Included O Ring.
    Updated: 02/05/2022

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    Height: 113mm
    OD/WidthMax: 88mm
    OD/WidthMin: 88mm
    ID/DepthMax: 19mm
    ID/DepthMin: 19mm
    Micron: Unspecified

    AC Delco ACD519, ACD8018E, M12, Agco 72257868, 72270887, V83633937, Alco MD195, MD-195, AP Lockheed AP783, APF783A, LK3764, LK783, LK-783, Baldwin BF884, Bosch 0986450694, 1457429678, 1-457-429-678, 1457429678850, 1-457-429-678-850, 1457429678-850, 1457434200, 1-457-434-200, 145743420048N, 1457434200-48N, 1457434200704, 1457434200-704, 1457434220, 9455160328, 9-455-160-328, BDF4200, F026402786, N4200, Carrier Transicold 94-1392, Caterpillar 2W3236, 2W-3236, Champion L132/606, L132606, Chrysler Dodge 75066000, 941392, Citroen 594734, 94019061.48, 9401906148, 95503693, 95583693, Claas CLO6023909, CT6005007410, Clark 961048, Coles 8772571, Continental PC4163, Coopers Fiaam AZF029, AZF086, FA4625, FP4779, G912, Coventry Climax PJC718004, PJK502001, Crosland 620, Delphi Lucas CAV 699, 7111/699, 7111/796, 7111699, 7111796, 7176/902, 7176902, 796, CAV796, FF0007, HDF699, HDF796, HDF902, Digoema DGM/K796, DGMK796, Donaldson P172650, P556287, P779330, Dorman JV429/4, JV4294, Fiat 1930255, 1930277, 5984018, 5984019, 9939229, Fil MF796, Filtration Control FCL710, FCL7254, FCL7353, Filtron PM844, Fleetguard FF4052, FF4052A, FF4052-A, Fleetrite FFR84052, FFR84052A, Foden Y03725003, Ford 1583371, 3917626, 5003748, 5011306, 5020280, 5020286, 5026836, 5026837, 78GB9150AA, 78GB-9150-AA, A830X9150JA, A830X-9150-JA, D8NN9176AA, D8NN-9176-AA, E8NN9176AA, E8NN-9176-AA, Fram C4161, C4161RP, C4163, Giesse NH118, GKN MFF1005P, Greyfriars 458F, 658P, Guiot GC1032, Halfords HFF206, Hanomag Henschel 26560602, Harmo P289, Hengst E76/1K, E761K, E76KD42, Hymac 2700216, Inline FF31774, FFRC4161, FFR-C4161, FINFF31774, FIN-FF31774, JCB 32/400052, 32/400502, 32/400502A, 32/400509, 32/401502, 32/40502, 32400052, 32400502, 32-400502, 32400502A, 32400509, 32401502, 3240502, Kalmar 127497, Kralinator F964, F964A, Lamborghini 2.4319.130.1, Leyland Daf BL 37H7937, ABU8555, LBU5319, LBU5468, LBU7261, WJN10019, WJN100650EVA, Lister Petter 397512, 397-512, Luberfiner LFF3501, M MP432, Magneti Marelli 71760558, Mahle Knecht KX24, KX24D, Mann 6650451410, P945, P9451, P945X, Massey Ferguson 189287M91, 189287-M91, 1896287M, 1896287M91, 1896287-M91, 1896287M916, 1896287-M916, 1896432M91, 1896432-M91, 1899433M2, 3405419M1, 3405419-M1, 3405419M2, 3405419-M2, 3405419M91, 3405419-M91, 3621009M1, 3621009-M1, 3708675M1, 3708675-M1, Motaquip VFA104, VFF104, VFF114, Motorcraft EFG024, EFG077, EFG24, EFG24S, EFG77, FD810, Napa 3196, 7103, New Holland 162000080705, 47377748, 83917626, 86570171, Nissan 1890145M1, Orenstein and Koppel 102647, Pegaso 197785, 770915, Perkins 2650097, 2650125, 265088, 26560607, 26566602, Permatic GF278, Peugeot 190612, 1906-12, 190614, 1906-14, 1906E2, Powertrain PMFF907, Purflux 6111742540, 6111745260, 6311742540, 6311745260, CA178A, CS178, CS178A, Purolator Facet DF21, F53135, F57783, F59219, MFF783A, PF3135, Quinton Hazell QFF9314, Reliant 1531232, Renault 000305235, 0003052535, 003052535, 3052535, 3082657, 5430018056, 60005000895, 6005000895, 6005007410, 7701028181, 7701028281, 7701065610, 7711502907, Rolls Royce OD18873, Ryco HDR2388P, R2388, R2388P, Sakura FC2101, FC-2101, FC5101, FC-5101, FC5105, FC-5105, FC5116, FC-5116, Same 243191301, Savara 9.21.565.17, 921565, 92156511, SN565, SF Schupp SK 3970, SK3970, Sisu 836339371, Slanzi 406042, 40-60-42, 407042, 40-70-42, Sofima S8111NC, Sogefi Pro FP9477, FP9477/SGP, FP9477SGP, Soparis CC9233, Sparex M3364, S.40543, S.65280, S40543, S65280, Stanadyne 28307, Steyr 1620.00.08.1001, 162-00-008-1001, 62000081001, 620-00-081-00-1, Sure SFF0796, Tecafiltres C0767, Tecfil P2255, PC2/255, PC2255, Tecneco GS014L, Tecnocar N1118, Teho D103, TJ FK9314, TRP 1500480, 1534501, UFI 24.361.00, Unipart GFE5006, GFE5298, GFE5306, Valeo 587704, Valtra Valmet 20339371, 4405134, V836339371, Vapormatic VPD6004, VPD6022, Vauxhall GM 7984781, VME 45310059A, 4531059, Volvo 119933786, 11998129, 11999066, 119990661, 2905298, 3210209, 32102097, 3210209-7, 4785391, 84234731, ZM2905298, Westerbeke 19397, Wipac CA273, FD273, Wix 2026P, 33196, 33196E, WF8020, Woodgate WGF796, Yanmar 796HDF796

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W350C; W350D(Unspecified eng). W450D; W450DLS(Unspecified eng). W950D(Unspecified eng). WH450D; WH450DLC; WH500(Unspecified eng). Haulamatic 6-20(Perkins V8.640 eng). Huerlimann Elite 6115-XB(1000.6W 85kW 115hp eng). Elite 6135-XB(1000.6W 99kW 135hp eng). H4105DT; H4105DT Elite(Turbo eng). H496(70kW 95hp Turbo eng). H496T(Unspecified eng). H5105(Unspecified eng). H5105(Unspecified eng). H5105(Unspecified eng). H5110(5cyl eng). H5110(Turbo eng). H5116(H5116AK 81kW 110hp Turbo eng). H5116(Turbo eng). H6115; H6115T(1000.6W 85kW 116hp eng). H6115T(Unspecified eng). H6125(Unspecified eng). H6125; H6155(Unspecified eng). H6125; H6155(Unspecified eng). H6125; H6155(Unspecified eng). H6130(96kW 130hp eng). H6130(Unspecified eng). H6130(Unspecified eng). H6135(1000.6WT 97kW 132hp Turbo eng). H6136(Hurlimann 1106-13 96kW 130hp eng). H6136(Turbo eng). H6136(Turbo eng). H6136(Unspecified eng). H6155(Unspecified eng). H6160(118kW 160hp Turbo eng). H6160(Turbo eng). H6160(Unspecified eng). H6170(125kW 170hp Turbo eng). H6170T(Unspecified eng). H910.6 XT DTA(1000.6W1 77kW 105hp eng). H911 XT DTA(1000.6WT 81kW 110hp eng). H913 XT DTA(1000.6WT 97kW 132hp eng). Master H6165(Perkins H1000.6WTI eng). Master H6190(136kW 190hp eng). Master H6190(136kW 190hp eng). Master HP(Unspecified eng). Hydramac H115TS; H115 Super(Perkins 6.354T.4 eng). Indenor XUD(Unspecified eng). Iveco Cargo 1117; 1217; 1317; 1417; 1517; 1617; 1717; 2417; 2517; 2817(Perkins V8.540 eng). Cargo 1320; 1520; 1620; 1720; 2420; 2820; 3220(Perkins V8.640 eng). Jacobsen G20D(Perkins AD3.152 eng). JCB 110; 110B; 110C(Perkins 4.248 eng). 2; 2B; 2D; 2DS; 2SB; 3; 3C; 3CS; 3CX; 3C11; 3CS11; 3D; 3S; 3X; 4C; 4D(Leyland 10-42; 10-45; 10-60; 10-65; 231 eng). 2; 2B; 2D; 2DS; 2SB; 3; 3C; 3CX; 3CS; 3C11; 3CS11; 3D; 3S; 3X; 4C; 4D(Leyland 4.98 eng). 210S; 210SL; 210SU(Perkins 1004.4 eng). 214(Perkins eng). 2CX MkII(Perkins D3.152 eng). 2CX MkII; 2CXL(Unspecified eng). 2CX(Unspecified eng). 2CX(Unspecified eng). 3C Mk lll; 3CX; 3CXT; 3D; 3D MkIII; 4C(Leyland 4.98TT Turbo eng). 3C; 3CX; 3CXT; 3D(Leyland 4.98TT Turbo eng). 3C; 3CX; 3D; 3DS; 3DX; 3S; 3X(Leyland 4.98NT eng). 3C; 3D MkIII(Leyland 4.98NT eng). 3CX(Perkins T4.236 Turbo eng). 3CX(Unspecified eng). 3CX(Unspecified eng). 3DS; 3DX; 4C(Leyland 4.98NT eng). 408; 409; 410BZX(Perkins eng). 410(Leyland 4.98 eng). 410(Leyland 4.98 eng). 4C(Leyland 4.98TT Turbo eng). 4CX Turbo(Perkins eng). 4CX(Perkins Turbo eng). 4CX(Unspecified eng). 504B Loadall(Unspecified eng). 520-55(Perkins eng). 520-55(Unspecified eng). 520M/2; 520M/4(Leyland 4.98NT eng). 525; 525B; 525B/2; 525B/4; 525B/HL(Perkins 4.236 eng). 526T(Unspecified eng). 530-110(Perkins eng). 530-120; 530-120(Perkins Turbo eng). 530-67(Perkins 1004.4HR eng). 530-67; 530-95(Unspecified eng). 530-95(Perkins eng). 540B(Perkins T4.236 eng). 700(Unspecified eng). 805B; 806B; 807B(Ford 2715E eng). 926(Unspecified eng). 926; 930; 940(Perkins 4.236 eng). 930(Perkins eng). 930(Unspecified eng). 940(Unspecified eng). Airmaster 2CX(Perkins eng). Airmaster 2CX(Perkins eng). Loadall 520-55(Perkins eng). Loadall 530-110(Perkins eng). Loadall 530-120(Perkins eng). Loadall 530-95(Perkins eng). Loadall 540; 540B; 540B-2; 540B-4(Perkins T4.236 eng). TH520; TH520-2; TH520-4; TH525; TH525-4(Leyland 4.98 eng). TH520; TH520-2; TH520-4; TH525; TH525-4(Perkins 4.236; 4.236T eng). Jeep Cherokee 2.1 Litre Turbo Diesel 87bhp(Unspecified eng). John Deere 7810(Unspecified eng). Lamborghini 11106(Unspecified eng). 11306(Unspecified eng). 11506(Unspecified eng). 1306DT(Turbo eng). 1356; 1356DT(Unspecified eng). 1506DT(Turbo eng). 1706DT(Turbo eng). 1R1106; R1106DT(Unspecified eng). 956-100(Unspecified eng). Formula 115DT(1000.6W 85kW 116hp eng). Formula Power Speed 105(Unspecified eng). R1056; R1056DT(Unspecified eng). R1056; R1056DT(Unspecified eng). R1056; R1056DT; R1256; R1256DT(Unspecified eng). R1106; R1106DT(Unspecified eng). R1106DT(Unspecified eng). R1156; R1156DT(Unspecified eng). R1256(Unspecified eng). R1256; R1256DT(Unspecified eng). R1306DT(Turbo eng). R1356; R1356DT(Unspecified eng). R1356DT(Unspecified eng). R1506DT(Turbo eng). R1706DT(Unspecified eng). R955(Unspecified eng). R955; R955DT; R1056; R1056DT(Unspecified eng). R956; R956DT(Unspecified eng). R956; R956DT; R956-100(Unspecified eng). Racing 150DT(1000.6WTi1 110kW 150hp eng). Racing 165DT(1000.6WTi 120kW 164hp eng). Racing 190DT(1000.6WTiR 139kW 190hp eng). RR5.115(Lamborghini 1000.6WT 89kW 121hp eng). RR5.130(Lamborghini 1000.6WT 99kW 135hp eng). Lancia Delta I (831) 1.9 Turbo DS 831 ABO 1929cc Diesel 59kW 80hp(831D1.000 eng). Prisma 1.9D 1911cc Diesel 48kW 65hp(831D.000 eng). Prisma 1.9TD DS 1911cc Diesel 59kW 80hp(831D1.000 eng). Thema 2500 Turbo DS 2482cc Diesel 85kW 115hp(8144.97.2200 eng). Thema 2500 Turbo DS 2500cc Diesel 77kW 105hp(8144. 97.2500 eng). Thema 2500 Turbo DS 2500cc Diesel 85kW 116hp(8144.97Y eng). Thema 2500TD 2428cc Diesel 74kW 101hp(8144.91 eng). Thema 2500TD St. W. 2428cc Diesel 74kW 101hp(8144.91 eng). Landini 11500C(Unspecified eng). R9000; R9500 Special(Unspecified eng). Lannen UM352; UM352C; UM352L; UM353C; UM353CC; UM355(Leyland 4.98 eng). UM8CC(Leyland 4.98 eng). Leroi 850(Perkins eng). Leyland Daf BL 200 1905cc Peugeot(XUD9A Petrol eng). 2100(Leyland eng). 2100; 4100(Unspecified eng). 218 1769; 1905cc Diesel; Turbo Diesel(Unspecified eng). 255(Leyland eng). 255; 270(Unspecified eng). 262(Leyland eng). 262; 272(Unspecified eng). 270(Leyland eng). 272(Leyland eng). 282(Leyland eng). 282(Unspecified eng). 400 2.5D 2500cc Diesel(Peugeot EN55; XD3 eng). 400 2.5D 428-435 2498cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(Peugeot EN55 eng). 400 2.5TD 2500cc Diesel(Peugeot ET70 eng). 400 2.5TD 428-435 2498cc Diesel 71kW 96hp(Peugeot ET70 eng). 400 with Peugeot 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel(Unspecified eng). 4100(Leyland eng). 418 1.8 Litre Turbo Diesel 1769cc 88bhp(Unspecified eng). 418 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel 1905cc 67bhp(Unspecified eng). 6.98DV; 6.98NV(Unspecified eng). 6.98TV(TD eng). 600(Unspecified eng). 602(Leyland eng). 602; 604(Unspecified eng). 604(Leyland eng). 680(Unspecified eng). 702(Leyland eng). 702; 704(Unspecified eng). 704(Leyland eng). 802(Leyland eng). 802; 804(Unspecified eng). 804(Leyland eng). Big J4; J4T(Leyland 500 eng). Big J6; J6T(Leyland 500 eng). Big J8; J8T(Leyland 500 eng). Boxer(6.98DV; 6.98NV; 6.98TV eng). BX1043(6.98NV eng). BX1450(6.98NV eng). Chieftain(Leyland 411 eng). Comet 12.12 Export(6.98NV 86kW 115hp eng). Comet S(NS133L 156kW 210hp eng). Comet S(NS156L 156kW 210hp eng). Comet Super; Export(Unspecified eng). Constructor(Perkins 800 195kW 265hp Eagle eng). Convoy 2.5 Litre 2498cc Diesel(EN55 71hp eng). Convoy 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel(ET70 2498cc 95hp eng). Convoy 400 VH C35 2.5 Diesel 2498cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(Peugeot eng). Convoy 400 VH C35 2.5 Turbodiesel 2498cc Diesel 71kW 96hp(Peugeot eng). Convoy 400 VH C35 3.5 Diesel Diesel 73kW 100hp(Andoria 4CT90-1-BEA07 eng). Convoy(2.5D eng). Cruiser(411 191kW 260hp eng). Cruiser(420 191kW 260hp eng). Cub Cub(Leyland 6.98 eng). Freighter 10.14(6.98 102kW 139hp Turbo eng). Freighter 11.14(6.98 102kW 139hp Turbo eng). Freighter 14.14(6.98 102kW 139hp Turbo eng). National(Gardner 6HLXB eng). Pilot 1.9 Litre Diesel 1905cc 70bhp(Unspecified eng). Pilot 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 52kW 71hp(Peugeot XUD9 eng). Rover 200 218 1.8 SLD;GSD 1769cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(XUD7TE eng). Rover 200 218D 1905cc Diesel 52kW 71hp(Unspecified eng). Rover 400 (Mk. I) 418 1.8 SLD;GSD 1769cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(XUD7TE eng). Rover 400 (Mk. I) 418 1.8D 1769cc Diesel 49kW 67hp(XUD7TE eng). Rover 400 (Mk. I) 418 1.8D XW 1769cc Diesel 49kW 67hp(PSA-XUD7TE eng). Rover Tourer 1.8D 1769cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(XUD7TE eng). Sherpa II; Sherpa II Combi 9 2.5D 400 2498cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(Peugeot EN55; XD3 eng). Sherpa II; Sherpa II Combi 9 2.5TD 400 2498cc Diesel 71kW 96hp(Peugeot ET70; XD3T eng). Terrier TR650(6.98DV eng). Terrier TR738(6.98DV eng). Terrier TR750(6.98DV eng). Terrier TR950(6.98DV eng). Titan(Leyland TL11 Horizontally Mounted eng). Lister Petter PDK(Unspecified eng). PPDK(Unspecified eng). SR4MA; SR4MGR; SW2MA; SW2MGR(Unspecified eng). ST2MGR(Unspecified eng). SW2MA; SW2MGR; SR4MGR Gearbox(Unspecified eng). Lokomo 909(Perkins 4.248 eng). Marshall 100(Leyland 6.98NT eng). 100.4(Unspecified eng). 100; 115(Leyland 6.98NT eng). 115(Leyland 6.98NT eng). 125-4(Leyland 6.98TT eng). 125-4(Leyland 6.98TT eng). 602(Leyland 4.98DT eng). 602; 604(Leyland 4.98DT eng). 604(Leyland 4.98DT eng). 702(Leyland 4.98DT; 4.98NT eng). 702; 702XL; 704; 704XL(Leyland 4.98DT; 4.98NT eng). 704(Leyland 4.98DT; 4.98NT eng). 802(Leyland 4.98DT; 4.98TT eng). 802; 802XL; 804; 804XL(Leyland 4.98DT; 4.98TT Turbo eng). 804(Leyland 4.98DT; 4.98TT eng). Massey Ferguson 1004(T4.236 Turbo eng). 1114(A6.354.4 81kW 110hp eng). 200D(Perkins eng). 22(Unspecified eng). 22C(Perkins eng). 23(Unspecified eng). 240(Perkins A4.236 37kW 50hp eng). 25(Unspecified eng). 26(Unspecified eng). 2620(A6.354.4 eng). 2625(A6.354.4 eng). 2640(A6.354.4 67kW 91hp eng). 2645(A6.354.4 eng). 265(A4.236 45kW 61hp eng). 2680(A6.354T.4 eng). 2680(Perkins eng). 2685(A6.354T.4 eng). 2720(A6.354T.4 eng). 2725(A6.354T.4 eng). 2745(Perkins AV8.540 eng). 275(A4.236 49kW 67hp eng). 2775; 2805(Perkins V8.640; TV8.640 eng). 285(A4.236 60kW 82hp eng). 30(Unspecified eng). 300C(Perkins eng). 3050(A4.236 59kW 80hp eng). 3060(A4.248 63kW 86hp eng). 3065(AT4.236 66kW 90hp eng). 3065(Unspecified eng). 3070(AT4.236 68kW 93hp eng). 3070(Unspecified eng). 3080(A6.354.4 74kW 101hp eng). 3090(A6.354.4 79kW 107hp eng). 30C(Unspecified eng). 32(Unspecified eng). 33115(1006.6 eng). 33125(1006.6T eng). 3330(Perkins eng). 3340(Perkins eng). 33C(Perkins eng). 350(Unspecified eng). 355(Unspecified eng). 36(Unspecified eng). 360(Perkins 44kW 60hp eng). 3630(A6.354T.4 88kW 120hp eng). 3635(59kW 80hp eng). 3645 (Perkins 1006.6THR 107kW 145hp eng). 3645(Unspecified eng). 365(Perkins 4.236 48kW 65hp eng). 3650(A6.354T.4 96kW 131hp eng). 3655 (Perkins 1006.6T 114kW 155hp eng). 3670 (Valmet 113kW 154hp eng). 3670 (Valmet 620DS 125kW 170hp eng). 3670(Unspecified eng). 3680 (Perkins 119kW 162hp eng). 3690 (Valmet 125kW 170hp eng). 36RS(Unspecified eng). 375(A4.236 53kW 72hp eng). 377(A4.236 eng). 382(A4.248 eng). 390(A4.248 66kW 90hp eng). 390(Unspecified eng). 390T(Unspecified eng). 390T(Unspecified eng). 398(Perkins 70kW 95hp eng). 398T(Unspecified eng). 400C; 400D(Perkins eng). 400D(Unspecified eng). 4235(Unspecified eng). 4255(Unspecified eng). 450ELC(Perkins eng). 465(Perkins 1006.6 eng). 50D; 50D4; 50H; 50HX(Perkins eng). 50EX(Unspecified eng). 50HXS(Unspecified eng). 560(AD4.203 eng). 565(Unspecified eng). 565(Unspecified eng). 575(A4.236 eng). 575(Unspecified eng). 590(A4.248 eng). 590(Unspecified eng). 6270(Unspecified eng). 630(Perkins 1006.6 eng). 650; 660(Perkins 1006.6T eng). 675(Unspecified eng). 675(Unspecified eng). 680(Perkins 1006.6T eng). 690(Perkins 58kW 79hp eng). 690(Unspecified eng). 698(Perkins 58kW 79hp eng). 698T(Unspecified eng). 7272 (645DSBAEL 194kW 265hp eng). 7274 (645DSBAEL 220kW 300hp eng). 7276 (645DSBAEL 242kW 330hp eng). 8110(Unspecified eng). 8140(Valmet 634DS eng). 8140(Valmet eng). 8140; 8150(Valmet 620DS eng). 8160(Valmet eng). 8240 (620DS 125kW 170hp eng). 8245 (Valmet 118kW 160hp eng). 8245(Valmet eng). 8250 (634TCC 136kW 185hp eng). 8250; 8250 Xtra(Valmet 634 7.4L eng). 8260 (634TCC 154kW 210hp eng). 8260 (Sisu Diesel 634 DSBAE 155kW 211hp eng). 8260 (Sisu Diesel 634 DSBAE 155kW 211hp eng). 8260(Valmet 634 7.4L eng). 8260(Valmet 634DSBIE eng). 8270 (645TCC 169kW 230hp eng). 8270 (Sisu Diesel 645 DSBAE 192kW 261hp eng). 8270 Xtra(Sisu Diesel 645 DSBAE 177kW 261hp eng). 8270; 8280(Valmet 645 8.4L eng). 8280 (645TCC 191kW 260hp eng). 8280 (Sisu Diesel 645 DSBAE 212kW 261hp eng). 8280(Valmet 645DSBIE eng). 860(Unspecified eng). 860(Unspecified eng). 88140 (Valmet 620DS 118kW 161hp eng). 88150 (Valmet 620DS 132kW 180hp eng). 88150(Valmet 620DS eng). 88160 (Valmet 620DS 147kW 200hp eng). 88160(Valmet 620DS eng). 88170 (Valmet 645TCC 169kW 230hp eng). 88180 (Valmet 645TCC 191kW 260hp eng). 950D(Perkins eng). Advanced 650; 660(Perkins 1006.6T eng). Advanced 680(Perkins 1006.6T eng). D450D; D450LC(Perkins eng). MF11(Perkins 4.248 eng). MF1100(Waukesha F320G eng). MF1114(Perkins eng). MF145(Unspecified eng). MF200B; MF200C; MF200D(Unspecified eng). MF20C(Perkins AD3.152 eng). MF20C(Perkins AD3.152 eng). MF22C(Unspecified eng). MF230(953 eng). MF235(Perkins eng). MF24; MF25(Unspecified eng). MF245(Perkins AB3.152 eng). MF251XE(Perkins eng). MF255(Perkins A4.236 eng). MF261(Perkins eng). MF2620; MF2625(Perkins A6.354 eng). MF2640(Perkins eng). MF2645(Perkins eng). MF265(Perkins 4.236 eng). MF2685(Perkins eng). MF270(Unspecified eng). MF2720; MF2725(Perkins eng). MF275(Perkins T4.236 eng). MF275; MF275DT; MF275ST(Perkins P4000 4.1L eng). MF282(Perkins A4.248 eng). MF283(Perkins A4.248 eng). MF290(Perkins eng). MF292(Perkins T4.248 eng). MF294; MF294-4(Perkins eng). MF3050; MF3060(Unspecified eng). MF3065(Unspecified eng). MF3070(Unspecified eng). MF30B(Perkins AD3.152 eng). MF30B; MF30D(Perkins AD3.152 eng). MF30D(Unspecified eng). MF30H(Perkins eng). MF33(Perkins 4.248 eng). MF3350; MF3355(Perkins eng). MF3505(Perkins 6.354 eng). MF3525; MF3545(Perkins 6.354 eng). MF355(Unspecified eng). MF3630(Unspecified eng). MF365(Perkins 4.236 eng). MF3650(Perkins eng). MF3670(Unspecified eng). MF3680(Valmet 7.4L eng). MF3690(Perkins eng). MF375(Unspecified eng). MF383(Unspecified eng). MF390; MF390T(Unspecified eng). MF398(Unspecified eng). MF400D; MF400E(Unspecified eng). MF40B(Perkins D4.203 eng). MF40B(Unspecified eng). MF415; MF415N(Perkins AD3.152 eng). MF435(Perkins eng). MF4500(Perkins eng). MF50C(Perkins AD4.236 eng). MF50C(Unspecified eng). MF50D(Perkins AD4.236 eng). MF50E(Perkins eng). MF50E(Perkins eng). MF50E(Perkins eng). MF50EX(Perkins eng). MF50F(Perkins AD4.236 eng). MF50H(Perkins A4.236 eng). MF50H; MF50HX(Perkins eng). MF50HX(Perkins A4.236 eng). MF50HXS(Perkins eng). MF560(Perkins eng). MF575(Perkins eng). MF590(Perkins eng). MF60H(Perkins eng). MF60H(Perkins eng). MF60HX(Perkins eng). MF60HXT(Unspecified eng). MF6500(Perkins A4.236 eng). MF670(Perkins eng). MF675(Perkins eng). MF690(Perkins eng). MF698T(Perkins eng). MF7250; MF7252(Sisu eng). MF7254; MF7256; MF7272(Unspecified eng). MF7274; MF7276; MF7278(Sisu 645DSBAEL eng). MF8170; MF8180(Valmet eng). MF8240; MF8240 Xtra(Valmet 620 6.6L eng). W350C; W350D(Perkins eng). W450D; W450DLS(Perkins eng). Xtra 8260(Sisu Diesel 634 DSBAE 155kW 211hp eng). Xtra 8280(Sisu Diesel 645 DSBAE 265kW 261hp eng). Matbro Bray 404(Unspecified eng). Teleram 3(Unspecified eng). Mitsubishi Polonez 1.9D P III 1905cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(PSA-XUD9A eng). Motori VM 1054SU; 1056SU; 1154DAN; 1156DAN(Unspecified eng). 106SU(Unspecified eng). 3105SUN; 4105SUN; 6105SUN(Unspecified eng). HR488; HR492; HR494(Unspecified eng). HR488; HRH492 Industrial(Unspecified eng). HR588; HR588H; HR588HT; HR592; HR592H; HR592HT; HR594; HR692; HR694(Unspecified eng). HR588; HR592; HR594; HR692; HR694(Unspecified eng). T1054SU 4cyl Turbo; T1056SU 6cyl Turbo; T1154DAN/S; T1156DAN/S(Unspecified eng). T1056SU; T1156DAN(Unspecified eng). Moxy 3212; 3212B(Ford 7710 77kW 105hp eng). 3216(Ford 8210 96kW 131hp eng). 3216(Ford 8210 eng). 3216(Ford eng). New Holland 1118(Ford 268 4.4L eng). 3430(Unspecified eng). 3930(Unspecified eng). 4630(192T eng). 4630(Ford 201 eng). 5030(Unspecified eng). 5100(Unspecified eng). 5110(48kW 65hp eng). 555C(Unspecified eng). 555D(Ford 4cyl eng). 555D(Unspecified eng). 575D(Ford 4cyl eng). 5900(Unspecified eng). 655 (4cyl eng). 655(Unspecified eng). 655C (4cyl eng). 655C(Unspecified eng). 655C(Unspecified eng). 655D(Ford 4cyl eng). 655D(Unspecified eng). 655D(Unspecified eng). 655D(Unspecified eng). 6610(Unspecified eng). 675D(Ford 4cyl eng). 675D(Unspecified eng). 6810(Unspecified eng). 7610(Unspecified eng). 7810(Unspecified eng). 8210(Ford 81kW 110hp eng). 8210(Unspecified eng). 8530(Ford 77kW 105hp eng). 8630(Ford 89kW 121hp eng). 8630(Unspecified eng). 8730 (Ford 103kW 140hp eng). 8830 (Ford 125kW 170hp eng). County 1164(Unspecified eng). County 1174(Unspecified eng). County 1474(Unspecified eng). Force MkII 7910; 8210(6572cc 6cyl eng). L655 2WD; 4WD(Ford 4cyl eng). L865; LX865; L885; LX885(Unspecified eng). TW15(Ford 89kW 121hp eng). TW15(Unspecified eng). TW15(Unspecified eng). TW20(Unspecified eng). TW20(Unspecified eng). TW25(Ford eng). TW25(Unspecified eng). TW25(Unspecified eng). TW35(Ford eng). TW35(Unspecified eng). TW5(Ford eng). Pegaso 1228T; 1231R; 1231T; 1331; 1331R; 1431; 1431G; 2331K; 2331R; 2331T; 2431K(Unspecified eng). 1232.38R; 1236.38R; 1236.38T; 1336.38R; 1436.38G(96R1EX; 96T1EX eng). 1234; 1237; 1240; 2337(Unspecified eng). 1234; 1334; 1434(Unspecified eng). 1234R; 1234T; 1434; 1434G Intercooler(9180.03 eng). 1236.38R; 1236.38T; 1236.38 Troner (96R1EX 265kW 360hp eng). 1236; 1336; 1436(Unspecified eng). 1331.26R (96T1CX 9156.73 228kW 310hp eng). 1434 (9180 250kW 340hp eng). 1436.38G (96R1BX 265kW 360hp eng). 22181/60 (9156.5 225kW 306hp eng). 22182/60 (9156.3 259kW 352hp eng). 2331K (9156.17 228kW 310hp eng). 2334; 2337; 2434(Unspecified eng). 5231(96T3CX eng). 5231(96T3CX eng). 5232.23(96R3EW eng). 5232.23(Unspecified eng). 5237.23(96R3EV eng). 5237.23(Unspecified eng). 6420 (9152.05 147kW 200hp eng). 6420(Unspecified eng). 6420(Unspecified eng). 6424 (T3-00061 176kW 240hp eng). 6424(Unspecified eng). 6424(Unspecified eng). 9156; 9156/3; 9156/5; 9156/8; 9156/9; 9156/11; 9156/13; 9156/15; 9156/17; 9156/26; 9156/73; 9157; 9157/3; 9157/8(Unspecified eng). 9180.03 Intercooler(Unspecified eng). 96R1AX(Unspecified eng). 96R1AX; 96R1CU; 96R1DX; 96R3EW(Unspecified eng). 96R1CU(Unspecified eng). 96R1DX(Unspecified eng). 96R1EC(Unspecified eng). 96R1EC; 96R1EW; 96T1EX(Unspecified eng). 96R1EW(Unspecified eng). 96R3EV(Unspecified eng). 96R3EW(Unspecified eng). 96T1AX; 96T1CV; 96T1CX(Unspecified eng). 96T1AY(Unspecified eng). 96T1CV(Unspecified eng). 96T1CX(Unspecified eng). 96T1EX(Unspecified eng). 96T3CX(Unspecified eng). 99156(Unspecified eng). 99156/11; 99156/13; 99156/15; 99156/17(Unspecified eng). 99156/26(Unspecified eng). 99156/3; 99156/5; 99156/8; 99156/9(Unspecified eng). 99156/73(Unspecified eng). 99157(Unspecified eng). 99157/3; 99157/8(Unspecified eng). 99180.03(Unspecified eng). Mider 1231T 320Ti(Unspecified eng). Mider 1234T 340Ti(96R1DX eng). Mider 1333; 1333G 330(96R1CU eng). Tecno 1231.38T(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1231R(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1231T(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1234.38R(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 1234.38T(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 1234R(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 1234T(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 1331.26(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1331.38R(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1331; 1331R(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1334.38R(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 1334.38RG(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 1431; 1431G(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 1434.38G(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 1434; 1434G(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 2331.26K(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 2331.38R; 2331.38T(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 2331K; 2331R; 2331T(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 2334.26K(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 2334.31(96R1DX eng). Tecno 2334.38T(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 2431.36K(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 2431K(96T1CX 9156.73 eng). Tecno 2434.32(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 2434.33(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Tecno 2434.36K(96R1AX 9180.03 eng). Trakker 2326 KH260Ti(95R1AV eng). Trakker 2334 KV340Ti(96R1DX eng). Trakker 2334 KV340Ti(96R1DX eng). Troner 1234T; 1234TL(96R1EW eng). Troner 1236.38R; 1236.38T(96R1EX eng). Troner 1237.10(96R1EX eng). Troner 1237.20(96R1EX eng). Troner 1237RTR; 1237RTS(96R1EC eng). Troner 1237TTR; 123TTX(96RiEX eng). Troner 1240RTS; 1240TTS; 1240TTX(Unspecified eng). Troner 1336.38R(96R1EX eng). Troner 1337.10(96R1EX eng). Troner 1337.11(96R1EX eng). Troner 1337RGTS(96R1EX eng). Troner 1337RTS(96R1EX eng). Troner 1436.38G(96R1EX eng). Troner 1440GNTR(Unspecified eng). Troner 1440GTL(Unspecified eng). Troner 2337.20(96R1EX eng). Perkins 6.354.4(Unspecified eng). 6.354; 6.354.1; 6.354.2; 6.354T; 6.354HT; 6.354M; 6.354TA; 6.354V; A6.354; C6.354.2; H6-354V; HT6.354; HT6.354M; T6.354; T6.354M; T6.354.1; T6.354.3(Unspecified eng). 6.372(Unspecified eng). 6.372.4(Unspecified eng). 6.372; 6.372.4(Unspecified eng). 6.440; T6.440(Unspecified eng). 6.44Q14; 6.440; T6.440(Unspecified eng). Heavy Duty 6HD-100(99hp 6cyl eng). Heavy Duty 6HD-150T(150bhp 6cyl Turbo eng). Heavy Duty 8HD(215bhp 8cyl Turbo eng). P110; P125(TV8.540 eng). P55; P85(6.354.4; 6.354T.4 eng). T6.354.4; ST6.354.4(Unspecified eng). V8.510(Unspecified eng). V8.510; V8.510M; V8.510TA; V8.510V; V8.605(Unspecified eng). V8.540; TV8.540(Unspecified eng). V8.640(Unspecified eng). V8.640; TV8.640(Unspecified eng). V8.640; TV8.640(Unspecified eng). Peugeot 205 1.7D 1769cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(161AXUD7 eng). 205 1.7D 1769cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(161AXUD7 eng). 205 1.7TD 1769cc Diesel 57kW 78hp(Unspecified eng). 205 1.8 Litre Diesel 1769cc(Petrol eng). 205 1.8 Litre Diesel(Unspecified eng). 205 1.8 Litre Turbo Diesel; Eco Turbo Diesel 1769cc(Petrol eng). 205 1.9D 1891cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(Unspecified eng). 205 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(DJZ-XUD9Y eng). 309 1.8 Diesel 1769cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(161AXUD7 eng). 309 1.8 Litre Turbo Diesel(XUD7T; XUD9TE eng). 309 1.8TD 1769cc Diesel 57kW 78hp(Unspecified eng). 309 1.9 Litre Diesel(Unspecified eng). 309 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(162XUD9 eng). 309 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(162XUD9 eng). 309 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(DJZ-XUD9Y eng). 405 1.8 Litre Turbo Diesel(Unspecified eng). 405 1.8 Litre Turbo Diesel(Unspecified eng). 405 1.8TD 1769cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(AJZXUD7TEY eng). 405 1.9 Litre Diesel(Unspecified eng). 405 1.9 Litre Diesel(Unspecified eng). 405 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(DJZ-XUD9Y eng). 405 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(D9BXUD9A eng). 605 2.1 Litre Diesel; Turbo Diesel(Unspecified eng). 605 2.1 Litre Diesel; Turbo Diesel(Unspecified eng). 605 2.1D 2138cc Diesel 60kW 82hp(P9A-XUD11A eng). 605 2.1TD 2088cc Diesel 80kW 109hp(PHZ-XUD11ATE eng). 605 2.5TD 2446cc Diesel 95kW 129hp(THY-DK5ATE eng). J5 1.9 Litre Diesel(Unspecified eng). J5 1.9D 1905cc Diesel 51kW 70hp(D9BXUD9A eng). J5 2.5D 2498cc Diesel 54kW 73hp(CRD93; U25-661 eng). J5 2.5D 2500cc Diesel 54kW 73hp(CRD93; U25-661 eng). J5 2.5D 4x4 2500cc Diesel 54kW 73hp(CRD93; U25-661 eng). J5 2.5TD 2500cc Diesel 70kW 95hp(CRD93LS; U25-673 eng). J5 2.5TD 4x4 2500cc Diesel 70kW 95hp(CRD93LS; U25-673 eng). Priestman LC56(Dorman 4LD eng). Lion (Dorman 4LD eng). Lion (Dorman 5LD eng). Lion (Dorman 6LE eng). Lion 250; 350(Unspecified eng). Lion 350A(Dorman 5LD eng). Lion 40; 350HD(Dorman 4LD eng). Lion MkIIIA(Dorman 4LD eng). Mustang (Leyland 6.98 eng). Mustang 120 MkIII(Leyland 698E eng). Ransomes Jacobsen 1405B; 1405C; 1495B(Dorman 8JT eng). Triple(JAP44 eng). Renault 106-14-SP(Unspecified eng). 110-14; 113-12; 113-14(Unspecified eng). 110-54; 120-54(MWM D226-6 eng). 120-14; 133-12; 133-14(Unspecified eng). 133-54; 145-54(MWM D226-6 eng). 145-14(Unspecified eng). 58.34(Unspecified eng). 58-12LS; 58-14LS(Unspecified eng). 58MX; 65MX(MWM D226-3 eng). 61RS; 65LS(Unspecified eng). 650MI(MWM D226-3 eng). CBH280 (MIDS-06.35.40-D 208kW 283hp eng). CBH340 (MIDR-06.35.40-G 245kW 333hp eng). CBH340; CLM340(MIDR-06.35.40; MIDS-06.35.40 eng). Ceres 65(MWM D226-3 eng). Ceres 65; 70; 70X; 75; 75X(MWM eng). Ceres 75; 75X(MWM eng). Ceres 85; 85X(MWM D226-4 eng). CLM280 (MIDS-06.35.40-D 208kW 283hp eng). CLM340 (MIDR-06.35.40-G 247kW 336hp eng). Espace 2.1 Litre Turbo Diesel 2068cc 88bhp(Unspecified eng). Espace I 2.1TD Turbodiesel J/S115 2068cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(J8S774 eng). Espace II 2.1TD J/S635/J634 2068cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(J8S778 eng). Espace II 2.1TD J63E 2068cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(J8S612 eng). G280(MIDR-06.20.45-A eng). GB280 (MDR-06.35.40 206kW 280hp eng). GB280; GLH280(MD-06.35.40; MDS-06.35.40; MIDS-06.35.40; MIDS 06.20.45 eng). GBH260; GR260; TBH260; TR260(Unspecified eng). GBH280 (MDR-06.35.40 206kW 280hp eng). GBH280 (MDS-06.35.40 206kW 280hp eng). GBH280 (MDS-06.35.40-A 206kW 280hp eng). GBH280 (MDS-06.35.40-H 206kW 280hp eng). GBH280; GR280; TR280; TLM280; TLR280C(MIDS-06.35.40-TD eng). GLM280; GLR280(MD-06.35.40; MDS-06.35.40; MIDS-06.35.40; MIDR-06.20.45 eng). GR260 (190kW 258hp eng). GR280 (MDS-06.35.40-I 196kW 266hp eng). GR280; GR280A; GR280B (MDS-06.35.40 191kW 260hp eng). GR280; GR280A; GRH280B(MD-06.35.40; MDS-06.35.40; MIDS-06.35.40; MIDR-06.20.45 eng). Major R340.19TD; R340.19TD Turboliner; R340.22TD; R340.22TD Turboliner; R340.26TD; R340.26TD Turboliner(Renault 06.35.40G 12000cc 6cyl 336hp Turbo eng). Manager G280(MD-06.35.40; MDS-06.35.40; MIDS-06.35.40; MIDR-06.20.45 eng). Manager G280(MIDS-06.20.45-B eng). Master 2.1 Litre 2068cc(852 eng). Master 2.4 Litre Diesel(S8U 2445cc eng). Master 2.5 Litre Diesel 2499cc 76bhp(Unspecified eng). Master I 2.1 Diesel CAV System H112mm(J8S330 eng). Master I 2.1D R..3 2100cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(J8S330 eng). Master I 2.5 Diesel(Sofim 8140.67-S8U742 eng). Master I 2.5D 2499cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(S8U-742 eng). Master I 2.5D Q..4 2445cc Diesel 52kW 72hp(Sofim 8140.61 eng). Master I 2.5TD 2499cc Diesel 69kW 94hp(S9U-714 eng). Master I 2.5TD CAV System H112mm(Sofim 8140.27-S9U714 eng). Master I 2.5TD R..5 2499cc Diesel 72kW 98hp(Sofim 8140.27 eng). Master(Unspecified eng). PS30; PS30T(Renault eng). PX28(Unspecified eng). PX30; PX30T(Unspecified eng). R11 1.6 TD;GTD B/C/S374 1585cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(F8M730 eng). R18 2.1 TD;GTDD 1344 2053cc Diesel 49kW 67hp(J8S711 eng). R18 2.1D 2068cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(Unspecified eng). R18 2.1TD 2068cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(Unspecified eng). R20 2.1TD 1276 2053cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(852 eng). R20 2.1TD 1276 2068cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(Unspecified eng). R21 1.9 Litre Savanna Diesel 1870cc(Petrol eng). R21 2.1 Litre Savanna Turbo Diesel 2068cc(Petrol eng). R21 2.1 TD;GTD L48O/L486 2068cc Diesel 48kW 65hp(J8S704 eng). R21 2.1D Nevada K48V;S48V;K480 2068cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(J8S740 eng). R21 2.1D Nevada RT K480 2068cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(J8S784 eng). R21 2.1TD D;DX L487/48P/48W/48 2068cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(J8S788 eng). R25 2.1 Diesel B 296 2068cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(J8S736 eng). R25 2.1 GTD B296 2053cc Diesel 46kW 63hp(J8S706 eng). R25 2.1 Litre Diesel 2068cc(Petrol eng). R25 2.1TD D;DX B29W;B290 2068cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(J8S738 eng). R9 1.6 TD;GTD L424 1585cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(F8M730 eng). TBH260(Renault MIDS-06.34.40; MIDR-06.20.45; MIDS-06.20.45 eng). TBH280 (MDR-06.35.40 206kW 280hp eng). TBH280 (MDS-06.35.40 206kW 280hp eng). TBH280; TLM280; TLR280; TLR280A; TLR280C; TLR280E(Renault MD; MDS; MIDS-06.35.40; MIDR-06.02.45 eng). TBH280D (MDS-06.35.40-H 206kW 281hp eng). TLM280 (MIDS-06.35.40-D 206kW 280hp eng). TLR280 (MDS-06.35.40 130kW 177hp eng). TLR280; TLR280A; TLR280C; TLR280E (MDR-06.35.40 206kW 280hp eng). TLR280; TLR280A; TLR280C; TLR280E (MDS-06.35.40 206kW 280hp eng). TR250 (M635CP 184kW 250hp eng). TR260 (M635ET 160kW 217hp eng). TR260(MID-06.02.45; MIDR-06.02.45; MIDS-06.02.45 Turbo eng). TR280 (MDR-06.35.40 206kW 280hp eng). TR280 (MDS-06.35.40 206kW 280hp eng). TR280 (MDS-06.35.40-A 206kW 280hp eng). TR280 (MDS-06.35.40-I 206kW 280hp eng). TR280; TR280A; TR280A1; TR280C; TR280E(Renault MD; MDS; MIDS-06.35.40; MIDR-06.02.45 Turbo eng). Trafic 1397cc(Unspecified eng). Trafic 2.1 Litre Diesel(852720; 852750 59hp eng). Trafic 2.1 Litre Diesel(J8S758 64hp eng). Trafic 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel(Unspecified eng). Trafic 2068cc(Unspecified eng). Trafic I 2.1D 2068cc Diesel 47kW 64hp(J8S758 eng). Trafic I 2.1D P..3 2068cc Diesel 43kW 59hp(852720; 852750 eng). Trafic I 2.5D 2445cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(S8U-720; S8U-722 eng). Trafic I 2.5D 4x4 TXW 2499cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(S8U-750; S8U-752; S8U-758 eng). Trafic I 2.5D P..4 2499cc Diesel 55kW 76hp(S8U-720; S8U-752 eng). Trafic I 2.5D T..4; V..4 2499cc Diesel 55kW 76hp(Sofim 8140.67 eng). Trafic Sofima 2445cc Diesel(Unspecified eng). Winnebago 2.1D T 530 2068cc Diesel 43kW 60hp(J8S232-852-232 eng). Winnebago 2.1D T 530 2068cc Diesel 43kW 60hp(J8S234 eng). Rossi 1600HD(Perkins 6.354 Turbo eng). 950HDA(Perkins 6.354.1 eng). Ruston 30RB(Dorman 6LE eng). 30RB; 30RBH(Dorman 6LE eng). 38RB(Dorman 6LET eng). 38RB(Dorman 6LET eng). Sambron TT150DP(Unspecified eng). Same 105(Unspecified eng). 1054PT (4cyl eng). 1056PT (6cyl eng). 983L; 983P; 1053L; 1053P (3cyl eng). 984P; 1054P (4cyl eng). 985P; 1055P (5cyl eng). 986P; 1056P (6cyl eng). Antares 100 Synchro(Unspecified eng). Antares 100(Turbo eng). Antares 100DT(73kW 100hp eng). Antares 110DT(1000.6-A6 81kW 110hp eng). Antares 130DT(1000.6AT 93kW 127hp Turbo eng). Antares MkI; MkII 130(Unspecified eng). Buffalo 120 2RM; 4RM; 130 4RM(Unspecified eng). Buffalo 120(Unspecified eng). Buffalo 120(Unspecified eng). Buffalo 130(Unspecified eng). Buffalo 130; 130 Export(Unspecified eng). Drago 120(Unspecified eng). Drago 120(Unspecified eng). Explorer 90; 90 MkII(Turbo eng). Explorer 90C(1000.4AT Turbo eng). Explorer MkI 90 Turbo(66kW 90hp eng). Explorer MkII C90 Top(1000.4A 65kW 89hp eng). Galaxy 170(Turbo eng). Galaxy 170(Unspecified eng). Galaxy 170; 170 Turbo(Unspecified eng). Hercules 160 Export(Unspecified eng). Hercules 160(105.6PT 117kW 160hp eng). Jaguar 100(Unspecified eng). Jaguar 95 Export(Unspecified eng). Jaguar 95(Unspecified eng). Jaguar 95(Unspecified eng). Jaguar(Unspecified eng). Laser 100; 110; 130(Unspecified eng). Laser 100DT(Unspecified eng). Laser 110; 130(Unspecified eng). Laser 110DT(1006P 81kW 110hp eng). Laser 130DT(Unspecified eng). Laser 150(Unspecified eng). Laser 150; 150 Turbo(Unspecified eng). Laser 150DT(1056PS 106kW 145hp Turbo eng). Laser 90(Unspecified eng). Laser 90(Unspecified eng). Laser 90; 100(Unspecified eng). Leopard 90(105.4PT 61kW 83hp Turbo eng). Leopard 90(Turbo eng). Panther 90(Unspecified eng). Panther 90(Unspecified eng). Panther 90; Tiger 100; Drago 120; Buffalo 130(Unspecified eng). Panther 95(Unspecified eng). Panther 95(Unspecified eng). Panther 95(Unspecified eng). Saturno 80(Unspecified eng). Silver 100.4DTA(1000.4AT1 74kW 101hp eng). Silver 100.6DTA(1000.6-A1 74kW 101hp eng). Silver 160(Unspecified eng). Silver 180(Unspecified eng). Tiger 100 2RM; 4RM(Unspecified eng). Tiger 100(Unspecified eng). Tiger 6(Unspecified eng). Tiger Six 105(Unspecified eng). Titan 145(Unspecified eng). Titan 145DT(1000.6ATI 107kW 146hp eng). Titan 150DT(1000.6 110kW 150hp eng). Titan 160(Unspecified eng). Titan 160DT(1000.6WTi2 118kW 161hp eng). Titan 190(Unspecified eng). Titan 190DT(1000.6WTiR 139kW 190hp eng). Trident 130 Export(Unspecified eng). Trident 130(Unspecified eng). Trident 130; 130 Export(105.6P 92kW 125hp eng). Sampo Rosenlew SR3065 (Sisu 147kW 200hp eng). Sanderson 623SC(Unspecified eng). Seddon Atkinson 201 R17P16(Perkins 6.354T.4 eng). Pegaso Troner 1236.38TX(Pegaso 11.9L Turbo eng). Strato 1236.38TX Troner(Pegaso 11.9L Turbo eng). Slanzi 105(3.0L; 4.0L; 4.0L Turbo eng). DAV3600TB(Unspecified eng). DS3000; DS4000(Unspecified eng). DS4000TB(Unspecified eng). DVA2350(Unspecified eng). DVA2700(Unspecified eng). DVA3000(Unspecified eng). DVA3600(Unspecified eng). DVA3600(Unspecified eng). DVA3600(Unspecified eng). Steyr 9078A; 9078M(420.81 57kW 78hp eng). 9086A; 9086M(420.82 63kW 86hp eng). 9094A; 9094M(420.83 68kW 94hp eng). 9105A(420.80 80kW 109hp eng). 9115(Unspecified eng). 9115A(620.84 88kW 120hp eng). 9125A(620.82 96kW 131hp eng). 9145A (620.83 110kW 150hp eng). CVT120(Unspecified eng). CVT120; CVT130; CVT150; CVT170(6.6L Turbo eng). CVT120A(620.87 88kW 120hp eng). CVT130(Unspecified eng). CVT130A(620.88 96kW 130hp eng). CVT150(Unspecified eng). CVT150A (620.89 110kW 150hp eng). CVT170(Unspecified eng). CVT170A (620.90 125kW 170hp eng). M968(Unspecified eng). M968; M968A(WD320.80 50kW 68hp eng). M975(Unspecified eng). M975A(320.81 55kW 75hp eng). Sykes UV5 Hilift(Dorman 6LDT eng). Ursus RAS100(Motori VM 1054 eng). RAS120(Motori VM T1056 eng). RAS80(Motori VM 1054 eng). Valtra Valmet 524(Ford eng). 544; 544H; 546; 546H(Ford eng). 600 Brazil(Unspecified eng). 6200(Sisu 420DSR eng). 6200(Valmet 59kW 80hp eng). 6200; 6200R(Sisu 420DSRE eng). 6250Hi(Sisu 420DSRE eng). 6250Hi(Sisu 4cyl eng). 6350Hi(Sisu 4cyl eng). 6350Hi; 6550Hi; 6650Hi(Sisu 420DSRE; 420DWRE eng). 6550 Hi-Tech(Unspecified eng). 6550Hi(Sisu 4cyl eng). 6800; 6850Hi(Sisu 420DSI; 420DWRIE eng). 6865(Unspecified eng). 6865S(Unspecified eng). 6900(Unspecified eng). 700 Brazil(Unspecified eng). 700R(Unspecified eng). 800(420DR eng). 800(Sisu 420DR eng). 800(Sisu 420DR eng). 800(Unspecified eng). 800(Valmet 420DR 59kW 80hp eng). 8000(Sisu 620D eng). 800E(Unspecified eng). 800L VDB(Unspecified eng). 800L(Unspecified eng). 8050(Sisu 620DSR eng). 8050(Valmet 81kW 110hp eng). 8050; 8050Hi; 8150Hi(Sisu 620DS; 620DSRE eng). 8050Hi(Sisu 6cyl eng). 8100(Sisu 620D eng). 8150(Sisu 620DS eng). 8150(Sisu 620DSR eng). 8150(Valmet 92kW 125hp eng). 8150Hi(Sisu 6cyl eng). 8200(Unspecified eng). 8300 (Valmet 103kW 140hp eng). 8300; 8300T(Sisu 612D eng). 8300; 8300T(Sisu 612D; 612DS eng). 8350(Unspecified eng). 8350Hi(Sisu 6cyl eng). 8350Hi; 8450; 8450Hi; 8550; 8550Hi(Sisu 620; 634 eng). 8350HT(Unspecified eng). 840(Sisu Diesel eng). 8400 (Valmet 103kW 140hp eng). 8400(Sisu 620DS eng). 8400; 8450(Sisu 620DS eng). 8450 (Valmet 103kW 140hp eng). 8450Hi(Sisu 6cyl eng). 8550 (Valmet 118kW 160hp eng). 8550(Sisu 634DSR eng). 8550Hi(Sisu 6cyl eng). 8600 (Valmet 118kW 160hp eng). 8600(Sisu 612DS eng). 8600(Sisu 612DS eng). 865(Sisu 420DSR eng). 8750 (Valmet 140kW 190hp eng). 8750(Sisu 634DS eng). 8750(Sisu 634DS; 634DSR eng). 8800(Sisu 620DS eng). 8800(Sisu 634DS eng). 8850 (Valmet 147kW 200hp eng). 8850(Sisu 634DS eng). 8950 (Valmet 147kW 200hp eng). 8950Hi(Sisu 634DSBE eng). 8950Hi(Sisu 6cyl eng). 900 Brazil(Unspecified eng). 900 Brazil(Unspecified eng). 900(Sisu 420DSR eng). 900(Sisu 420DSR eng). 900(Unspecified eng). 900(Valmet 420DRS 66kW 90hp eng). 900E(Unspecified eng). 900L(Unspecified eng). A75(320DSRE 54kW 74hp eng). A85(420DSRE 59kW 80hp eng). A95(420DSRE 72kW 98hp eng). Hitech 6250Hi(420DSRE 59kW 80hp eng). Hitech 6350Hi(420DSRE 66kW 90hp eng). Hitech 6550Hi(420DWRE eng). Hitech 6650Hi(420DWRE 81kW 110hp eng). Hitech 6750Hi(420DWRIE eng). Hitech 6850Hi(420DWRIE eng). Hitech 8050Hi(620DSRE eng). Hitech 8150Hi(620DSRE 92kW 126hp eng). Hitech 8350Hi(620DSRIE 99kW 135hp eng). Hitech 8450Hi(620DWRE 108kW 120hp eng). Hitech 8550Hi(634DSRE 108kW 134hp eng). Hitech 8950Hi(634DSBIE 147kW 200hp Sigma eng). Knicklenker X100(74kW 101hp eng). Knicklenker X110(81kW 110hp eng). Knicklenker X120(88kW 120hp eng). Mega 6900(620DRE eng). Mega 8000(620D eng). Mega 8000LS(620D eng). Mega 8050(620DS 81kW 110hp eng). Mega 8050E(620DS 81kW 110hp eng). Mega 8050LS(620DS 81kW 110hp eng). Mega 8150(620DS 92kW 125hp eng). Mega 8150E(620D 92kW 125hp eng). Mega 8150LS(620D 92kW 125hp eng). Mega 8200(634D eng). Mega 8200E(634D eng). Mega 8450(620DW; 620DWR 103kW 140hp eng). Mega 8450E(620DW; 620DWR 103kW 140hp eng). Mega 8550(634DS; 634DSR 118kW 160hp eng). Mega 8550E(634DS; 634DSR 118kW 160hp eng). Mega 8750(634DS Sigma eng). Mega 8750E(634DS Sigma eng). Mezzo 6200(420DSRE 59kW 80hp eng). Mezzo 6200LS(420DSRE 59kW 80hp eng). Mezzo 6300(420DS 63kW 85hp eng). Mezzo 6300LS(420DS 63kW 85hp eng). Mezzo 6400LS(420DS 70kW 95hp eng). Mezzo 6800(420DSI 85kW 115hp eng). Mezzo 6800E(420DSI 85kW 115hp eng). T160(Unspecified eng). Versatile 276 MkII(4.4L eng). 9030; 9030E(Ford 4.4L eng). VM Motori 1054(Unspecified eng). 1056SU(Unspecified eng). 1154DAN(Unspecified eng). 1156DAN; T1156DAN(Unspecified eng). 2105SUN(Unspecified eng). 3105SUN(Unspecified eng). 3105TSUN(Unspecified eng). 4105SUN(Unspecified eng). 4105TSUN(Unspecified eng). 6105 SUN(Unspecified eng). 6105T; 6105TI-SUN(Unspecified eng). HR488(Unspecified eng). HR492; HR492H; HR492HI; HR492HT(Unspecified eng). HR494; HR494H; HR494HT; HR494SHIR(Unspecified eng). HR588(Unspecified eng). HR592H; HR592HT(Unspecified eng). HR594; HR594H; HR594HT(Unspecified eng). HR694; HR694H; HR694HT(Unspecified eng). T1056(Unspecified eng). VME 1054SU; T1054SU; 1056SU; T1056SU(Unspecified eng). L50C(Unspecified eng). Volvo 340 1.6D 343; 345 1596cc Diesel 40kW 54hp(D16 eng). EC130C(TD40 eng). EC150C; EW150C(TD40 eng). EW130C(TD40GDE eng). EW150C(TD40K eng). L20B(D3D-CA 41kW 56hp E1 eng). L20B; L25B(D3D eng). L20F(D3.6DCA E3 eng). L25B(D3.6D eng). L25B(D3D-CB 45kW 61hp E1 eng). L25F(D3.6DCA E3 eng). L30(Perkins 4.236 eng). L30B(D3D eng). L30B(Deutz BF4L1011F eng). L30B(Deutz BF4L1011FT 45kW 61hp eng). L30B(Deutz BF4L1011FT eng). L32; L32B(Deutz BF4L1011F eng). L32B(Deutz BF4L1011F 51kW 70hp eng). L32B(Deutz BF4L1011F eng). L35; L35B(Deutz BF4L1011F eng). L35B(D3D eng). L35B(Detroit Diesel BF4L1011F eng). L35B(Deutz BF4L1011F 54kW 74hp eng). L50C(TD40 eng). L50C(Volvo TD40KAE eng). ZL302C(Deutz F4M1008 22kW 30hp eng). ZL302C(Deutz F4M1008 eng). ZL302C(Deutz FM41008 eng). ZL402C(Deutz F3L1011F 28kW 38hp eng). ZL402C(Deutz F3L1011F eng). ZL402C(Deutz F3L1011F eng). ZL402C(Deutz F4L1011F eng). ZL502C(Deutz F4L1011F eng). ZL502C(Deutz F4L1011F eng). Westerbeke W120(Unspecified eng). White 9700(Perkins V8.354 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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