FIN-FF31770 FILTER-Fuel(Baldwin BF812, Fleetguard FF4008)

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  • Part Number FIN-FF31770
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FF31770 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-BF812, FFG-FF4008 * * * * *
    Stock Level: 4
    Stock Level at Alco 3-7 day lead: 3
    Lead Time: Delivery for this FIN Prefix Part Number beyond any Stock Levels mentioned above is usually 1-10 weeks.
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Can Type with Centre Bolt)
    Category: Filters-Fuel > CanType > CentreBolt
    Details: Shorter versions FIN-FF33333, FIN-FF31780, FIN-FF31774. Can-Type Fuel Filter. Also [2] Included F-Gasket. Also [1] Attached End Seal. Also [2] Included O Ring.
    Updated: 23/01/2021

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    Height: 137mm
    OD/WidthMax: 88mm
    OD/WidthMin: 87mm
    ID/DepthMax: 19mm
    ID/DepthMin: 19mm

    AC Delco ACD93, TP1041, Alco MD197, MD-197, AP Lockheed AP707, APF707A, LK707, Aston Martin 8034700, Baldwin BF812, BF819, Chrysler Dodge 75060376, 75062925, Coopers Fiaam AZF028, AZF028FUEL, G869, Crosland 555, 9377, Delphi Lucas CAV 7111896, F555, HDF896, Donaldson P550394, P779429, Filtration Control FCL709, FCL729, FCL7354, Fleetguard FF4008, Fleetrite FFR84008, Foden L22114, Y03729210, Ford 1427768, 1622866, 2715E9150A, 2715E9155A, 2715E9155AA, 2715E-9155-AA, 82PF9N327AA, Fram C4121, Gardner L22214, Green FG718, Greyfriars 472F, 477F, 672P, Haulamatic 900018, Hengst E33051001, E35051001, Hyster 224290, Inline Filters FF31770, FFRC4121, FFR-C4121, FINFF31770, FIN-FF31770, Kralinator F962, Lancer Boss 8507892, Leyland Daf BL 10833534, 18G8577, 833534, 83353H, ABU8561, ABU8571, BBU3623, Linde Lansing E033051001, Luberfiner L8269F, L8506F, LF8506, Mann P935/2, P9352, Massey Ferguson 1896074M1, 1896074-M1, 1896202M91, 1896202-M91, 1896202M92, 1896202-M92, 26540125, 26560008, Motorcraft EFG2, EFG80, FD806, Multipart 833543, Napa 3197, Nissan 26500097, Orenstein and Koppel 102634, Perkins 26560088, 26560097, 26560125, 26561025, Purolator Facet F53136, MF707, MFF707A, PF3136, Quinton Hazell QFF9467, Ransomes Jacobsen A98186, A98243, Renault 003082657, 5000809431, Ryco R2334, R2334P, Savara 92156517, SF Schupp SK3721, Sogefi Pro FP5919, FP5919/SGP, FP5919SGP, Soparis CC9234, TJ FK9467, FP9467, UFI 2436100, Unipart GFE5007, Vauxhall GM 25011643, 7984395, Volvo 3581080, 35810803, 858202, 8582025, Wipac CA271, Wix 2028P, 33197, Woodgate WGF4008, WGF896

    Alexander Dennis Delta 2222(V8.540 eng). Lancet(V8.640 eng). Aveling Barford ASG013(V8.540 eng). ASG013; ASG13(V8.540 eng). ASG113(V8.540 eng). Bedford EL; EM. M1120(500 cu in eng). Blaw Knox BK106(TV8.540 eng). Chrysler Dodge 100 Commando Mk I G13; G15; G16(V8.540 eng). 100 Commando Mk II G26(V8.540 eng). 100 G16; G24(TV8.540 eng). 100 G25; G26(V8.540 eng). 500 K1613; K2213; K2413; K2513; K2813(V8.510; V8.540 eng). Commando G08; G09; G10; G11; G12; G13; G15; G16; G18(V8.540 eng). KR900; KT900; KP950; KP1000; K1050; KT1050; K1100(V8.510 eng). Compair Holman CR400; CR400SS; CV400(V8.510; V8.540 eng). Dorman 12J; 12JT. 4LDT. 8DA. 8FT; 8J; 8JT. 8T2. Douglas NS V8.170(V8.540 eng). ERF C31G 4(Gardner 6LXDT eng). E(Gardner 6 LYT.-320; 6 LYT.-350 eng). E(Gardner 6LXDT eng). E12.27ST(Gardner 6LXDT eng). Fire Appliance FAP 140; FEP 140; SEP 160(V8.510 eng). Ford 2802E Diesel. Cargo 1117; 1217; 1317; 1417; 1517; 1617; 1717; 2417; 2517; 2817(V8.540 eng). Cargo 1320; 1520; 1620; 1720; 2420; 2820; 3220(V8.640 eng). D1617(Ford V8-504 eng). D800; DT800; D900; D1000(Ford V8-511 eng). DA2417; DT2417; DA2418; DT2418; DA2817; DA2818(Ford V8-504; V8-511 eng). DT1700(Ford V8-511 eng). H50; H50CK(V8.510; V8.540 eng). Gardner 230T; 250T; 270T; 290T; 310T. 5LXCT; 6LYT. 6HLXB; 6LXB. 6HLXCT. 6LXCT; 6LXDT. LG1200. Hanomag Henschel MF33C; MF33X. MF500C; MF500SA(T6.354.4 eng). MF55. Haulamatic 4-76(V8.540 eng). 6-15; 6-15B(V8.510 eng). 6-20(V8.640 eng). 6-76(V8.640 eng). Heathfield DG35. Henley Heron(V8.510 eng). Huerlimann H6130. Iveco 1117P; 1217P; 1317P; 1417P; 1517P; 1517P; 1617P; 1717P; 2417P(V8.540 eng). 2517P; 2817P(V8.540 eng). 2820P; 3220P(V8.640 eng). Cargo 1117; 1217; 1317; 1417; 1517; 1617; 1717; 2417; 2517; 2817(V8.540 eng). Cargo 1320; 1520; 1620; 1720; 2420; 2820; 3220(V8.640 eng). Jones Cairngorm 15/18(V8.510 eng). Koehring Fox 6350(V8.540 eng). Leyland Daf BL 2421. B15(Leyland 501 eng). B15(Leyland TL11 eng). Constructor 6(Leyland 411; 420 eng). Constructor 6(Leyland TL11 eng). Constructor 8 City 8x4 Lightweight narrow cab(Leyland TL11 eng). Constructor 8(Leyland TL11 eng). Freighter(Leyland 402; 411; 420 eng). Lynx(Leyland L11; TL11 eng). National Mk II(Leyland 680 eng). National(Leyland 500; 501; 510 eng). Octupus OT68; OT26(Leyland L11; TL11 eng). Olympian(Leyland TL11 eng). Roadtrain(Leyland TL11 eng). Titan(Leyland 501; 510 eng). Lokomo A330NS; A350NS; A331NS; A351NS(Leyland 500 eng). Massey Ferguson 760(AV8.540 eng). 865. MF1150(AV8.510 eng). MF1155(AV8.540 eng). MF500(AV8.510 eng). MF55(V8.510 eng). MF860(V8.540 eng). Motori VM 1310V; 1312V;Ti 1316V; 2300;Ti 1306V;Ti 1308V;Ti 1310V;Ti 1312V. Muir Hill 171(V8.540 eng). B9000; MH161(V8.510 eng). MH101(V8.510 eng). MH171(V8.504 eng). Nissan Ebro P190; P200; P260; P270; P320(V8.540; V8.640 eng). P-190; P-200; P-260; P-270; P-320(V8.540; V8.640 eng). Orenstein and Koppel P320(V8.540 eng). Perkins 8HD Heavy Duty 153 8 Cyl 153bhp. 8HD Heavy Duty 215T 8 Cyl 215bhp Turbo. AV8.540; TV8.540; V8.540. V8.510. V8.510; V8.510M; V8.510TA; V8.510V; V8.605. V8.510M. V8.540; TV8.540. V8.605; V8.605V. V8.640; TV8.640. Priestman Mustang 100M; 108S; 120; 120 Mk II; 150; 160; 220(V8.510 eng). Mustang 220 Mk II; 220 Mk III(V8.510 eng). Mustang 220(V8.540 eng). Ransomes Jacobsen 1405B; 1405C; 1495B(8JT eng). Triple(JAP44 eng). Richier C791(V8540 eng). Oleomat H22C(V8.510 eng). Rossi 1800DHA; 1800HDA; 1800HDS(V8.540 eng). Ruston 38RB(6LET eng). Seddon Atkinson 16-4; 26-4; 28-4; 32-4(V8.605 eng). 16-4-V8; 26-4-V8; 28-4-V8; 32-4-V8(V8.510 eng). 20-DD6-V8; 22-DD6-V8; 24-DD6-V8(V8.510 eng). 401 R30G27(Gardner 6LXDT 6cyl 254bhp eng). 401 T17G32(Gardner 6 LYT eng). 411 T17G32(Gardner 6 LYT eng). 411 T22G32; T24G32(Gardner 6 LYT eng). Pennine 4; 5(V8.510 eng). Sisu Sisu Coaches fitted with Leyland 500; 510; 680 engine. Weatherhill L86(Leyland 510 eng). Yale and Towne 2000; 2000C(V8.510 eng). 300; 300A(V8.510 eng). 3000P(V8.510 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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