FBW-F953-F Filter-Fuel(Brand Specific-Baldwin)

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  • Part Number FBW-F953-F
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: Baldwin F953-F
    Our Stock Level: 2
    Stock at Baldwin 6-7 day lead: 54
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 8-10 weeks
    Details: Baldwin - Diesel Filter Elements - F953-F
    Modern fuel injection systems require fuel be free of both particulate and water contamination. Baldwin fuel filters keep fuel clean and engines running at maximum efficiency.
    Outside Diameter: 2 3/4 (69.9)
    Length: 4 17/32 (115.1)
    Application: Claas Combines; Iveco, M.A.N. Buses, Trucks; Deutz Engines
    Inside Diameter: 7/16 (11.1)
    Product Type: Felt Fuel Element with Bail Handle
    Compatible Competitor Part Number: Deutz 1168403
    Brand: Baldwin
    Division: Engine Mobile Aftermarket
    Industry: Automotive
    Heavy-duty on-highway transportation
    Commercial trucks and buses
    Oil & Gas
    Power Generation
    Technology: Filtration
    Product Style: Fuel Filter
    Updated: 19/10/2021

    To view manufacturer's Technical Data on this Baldwin F953-F product click here: BALDWIN F953-F

    To search for manufacturer's Technical Data on any Baldwin product click here: BALDWIN TECHNICAL

    Height: 115mm
    OD/WidthMax: 70mm
    OD/WidthMin: 70mm
    ID/DepthMax: 11mm
    ID/DepthMin: 11mm

    Baldwin F953F, F953-F, Bosch 1-457-431-030, 1-457-431-147, 1-457-431-158, 1457431161, 1-457-431-164, 1-457-431-168, 1-457-431-458, 9-455-160-329, BDF1158, N1158, Case IHC 716806R91, 716806-R91, Coopers Fiaam AZF008, FG1027, Crosland 4006, Delphi Lucas CAV FF0002, Donaldson P550481, Fiat 01160033, 1160023, 1168403, Finn FFH10507, Fleetguard FF4141, Fleetrite FFR84141, Forgeville 11860PL, Fram C11860Z, Giesse NF146, Inline FBWF953F, FBW-F953F, FBW-F953-F, Kaelble 40002432, Mahle Knecht KX46, MAN 81.12503.0050, Mann BF707, Massey Ferguson 286366M1, AMO43907, Mercedes 0004773515, 0004775401, 0004778901, Permatic ELG5510, Purolator Facet F57453, PF453, Renault 808548060, 854806000, Sakura F2602, F-2602, Savara SN090, Sofima S0101N, Sogefi Pro FC7102B, FC7102B/SGP, FC7102BSGP, Sure SFF1707, TJ FK9323, UFI 21.050.00, Valtra Valmet 215460, Vauxhall GM 9975266, Volvo 241118, 702582, Wix WF8155, Woodgate WGF700, Zettelmeyer 21315108

    Auwaerter Jetliner | N216H(Mercedes OM422 eng). N117/2; N122/2(Mercedes OM422 eng). N208(Mercedes OM352 eng). N212(Mercedes OM422 eng). N416(Mercedes OM407 eng). N906T-Unibus(Mercedes OM617 eng). N907(Mercedes OM352A eng). Bukh 2G 105; 3G 105-1961/01. 4K105(Diesel eng). 6K105-1964/01. G105-1962/01. Case IHC D85; D85B(IHC 148 eng). Claas 65; 70(Perkins 6.372 eng). 70(Perkins 6.354 eng). Columbus D; Comet; Consul; Cosar; Cosmos; Europa; Mercur; Protector | (Deutz F4L812; F4L912 eng). Columbus; Columbus D; Comet | (Perkins 4.99 eng). Columbus; Comet | (Perkins 4.99 eng). Columbus; Comet; Consul; Cosar; Cosmos | . Consul; Cosar | (Ford 2712E eng). Consul; Mercur; Senator | (Mercedes OM314 eng). Cosmos | (Perkins 4.270D eng). Cosmos; Europa; Matador; Mercur; Standard | (Perkins 4.270D eng). Dominator | 100; 105(Perkins V8.605 eng). Dominator | 100; 105(Perkins V8.605 eng). Dominator | 100; 105; 106(Mercedes OM352; OM360 eng). Dominator | 106(Mercedes OM352; OM360 eng). Dominator | 106(Mercedes OM401 eng). Dominator | 76(Mercedes OM401 eng). Dominator | 76(Mercedes OM401 eng). Dominator | 76; 76H(OM401 eng). Dominator | 80; 85(Mercedes OM352; OM352A eng). Dominator | 80; 85; 86; 96(Mercedes OM352 eng). Dominator | 80; 85; 86; 96(Mercedes OM352A eng). Europa | (Deutz eng). Europa | (Ford eng). Europa | (Perkins eng). Gigant; Matador; Mercator | (Perkins eng). Gigant; Matador; Mercator; Mercator 60; Mercator 70; Protector; Senator | (Perkins 6.354 eng). Huckepack | (MWM AKB-8ZB eng). Huckepack | (Perkins eng). Jaguar | 60SF(Mercedes OM352 eng). Jaguar | 70SF(Mercedes OM401 eng). Matador; Mercur; Standard | (Perkins eng). Matador; Standard | (Claas LD40 eng). Mercator | 50(Deutz F4L912 eng). Mercator | 50; 75(Ford 2704E; 2715E eng). Mercator | 60; 65; 70. Mercator | 60; 65; 70(Deutz F6L912 eng). Mercator | 60; 65; 70(Perkins 6.350; 6.372 eng). Mercator | 60; 70. Mercator | 75. Mercur | . Mercur; Protector | . Mercur; Standard | . Protector; Senator | . Demag V73(Mercedes OM352 eng). Deutz AG Fahr KHD 12.5KVA(Deutz F2L310 eng). A1L514; F1L514. A2L612; F2L612. DK40(Deutz F4L310 eng). Farmer | 2E; 2DE; 3(MWM eng). Favorit | FW150/11(MWM eng). FW228 Farmer 2D. Eicher 3656(EDK4TB eng). 3705; 3706; 3709; 3710; 3711; 3712; 3713; 3714. E2000L; ES200; ES201. EL11/1. ES201; ES202; ES210; ES400(Eicher 3-3; 3-4 eng). Express; Transexpress | . King Tiger | 1; 2. L28/1. Mammut | 2EM600; 504; 604; E55; E65. Mammut | HR; HS. Panther | EM295; EM295K. Puma | 2. Tiger | 2. Tiger | EM200; EM200L. Tiger 2 EM235; Puma 2 | . Uni Super | G40. Fendt DFG1750; DFG2000; DFG2500; DFG2750. DFG1750; DFG2000; DFG2500; DFG2750. DFG3000; DFG3500; DFG4000. DFG3000; DFG3500; DFG4000. DFG3000G; DFG3500G; DFG4000G. DFG300G; DFG3500G; DFG4000. Farmer | 1E(MWM D325-2 eng). Farmer | 1Z/FL236. Farmer | 2/FW139; 2D/FW228. Farmer | 2DE; 2E; 2S; 3S(MWM KD110-5D eng). Farmer | 3S; 4S; 36S(MWM D208-4 eng). Farmer | 5S(MWM D225-4 eng). Favorit | 3FW150-11(MWM KD110-5D eng). Favorit | 3S(MWM D225-4 eng). Favorit | 610SL; 611SL; 612SL. Favorit | 614LS; 614SL; 615LS; 615SL. Fix | 2E(MWM D325-2 eng). FL114; FL120; FL131; FL236. Hanomag Henschel 517D4; 517D4K. 6R1115; 6R1250P. B6. Brilliant | R442; R600; R600A(D28R442; D142 eng). D141K; D142K; D161; D162; R332. D21. D520; D971. F20; F20L; F25; F25L; F30; F30L; F35; F35L; F36; F40B; F40KA(Mercedes OM615.915 eng). Garant; Garant S; Markant | (Hanomag D351 eng). K32; K32E; K32L; K45E; K45L(D28CK; D21R332; D28D142K eng). K4; K4E; K4L(D21R332 eng). K4; K4E; K4L; K32E; K32L. K5B. K5B; K5E; K5L(D28CK; D28D142K eng). K5E; K5L; K32; K45; E45L(D28; D142K eng). Kurier MkI; Kurier MkII; Garant; Markant AL28; L28. Robust | 900; 900A(D162; D28R442-50 eng). Iveco 120.16; 130.16; 150.16(Deutz BF6L913 eng). 135-D10; D11; D12; D13; D14; D15(Deutz F6L413 eng). 150.16-ANW(Deutz BF6L913 eng). 150.18(Deutz F6L413 eng). 150.18(F6L413 eng). 170.18. 170-D(Deutz F6L413; F8L312 eng). 170-D11; D12; D13; D14; D15; D15.5; D16; D17; D19; D21(Deutz F6L413 eng). 180D(Deutz F6L413; F8L312 eng). 186D(Deutz F6L413; F8L312 eng). 190.18. 195D16; 195D22; 195D26; 200D16; 200D22; 200D26(Deutz F6L814; F8L714; F8L914; F10L714; F10L814 eng). 210-D16; D18(Deutz F8L814 eng). 230-D. 230-D16; D22; D26(Deutz F8L914 eng). 230-R. 230-R120. 231D15; 232D13; 232D14; 232D22; 232D24K; 232D15.5; 232D16; 232D17; 232D19; 232D20;K; 232D26; 232D30; 232D30K(Deutz F8L413 eng). 232-D. 235D20; 235D22; 250D22(Deutz F10L714 eng). Kaelble 3W110; 8W225; 12W325. 3WT; 3WTV; 3WTV-K; 5WT. 5WTV; 5WTVK. KV25B(Mercedes OM403 eng). KVW27(Mercedes OM403 eng). SL12. SL12-B; SL12-C(Mercedes OM352A eng). SL1450; SL1451. SL25(Mercedes OM403 eng). SL2652. TWTV. Kassbohrer S120; S130; S150(MAN D2566 eng). 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DG1/2; DG1/3; DG1.2/2; DG1.2/3; DG2N; DG2.5N; DG3.2N; DG2R; DG2.5R; DG3R; DG3.5R(Mercedes OM636 eng). DG3.5; DG3.5/3; DG4; DG4/3; DG4.5; DG4.5/3; DG5; DG5/3; DG6; DG6/3(Hanomag D28LAE14 eng). R17; R18; R30; R31; R32; R37(Mercedes OM636 eng). Valtra Valmet 309; 310; 411; 411D. 33D; 359D(309 eng). 361D(310 eng). 565; Vliske 565(310 eng). Van Hool Acron | T815(Mercedes OM442 eng). Acron; Alizee | T815(Mercedes OM422 eng). Venieri 37R; C423; R400. 40C; 50C; 50R. Volvo B635. B655(D96AL eng). B705(D47A; TD47A eng). B725(D96AS eng). Bison | BM470(1114 eng). BM810; BM814(TD50A eng). BM840. D47; D47A; TD47A. DD10; DR631(1113 eng). DD1520; DD1524(1114 eng). DR826; DR860T; DR860TL; TC860T; TC860TL; TC861(TD50B; TD60A eng). DR860; DR860A; DR860S(D50A eng). GM611; GM612(113 eng). LM1245. LM218(1113 eng). LM225(1114 eng). LM620; LM640(1113 eng). LM840(D50 eng). SM661; SM667(1113 eng). SM868; SM870; SM871; SM880(D50A; TD50B eng). T350. T850. Volvo Penta 1051; 1052BR. 1051; 1052BR. 1113BR; 1114BR. MD4; 1113BR; 1114BR; TiMD. Weller WVW300(Deutz F2L410 eng). Zettelmeyer VL1A; VT2; VTM(Deutz eng). ZL1700(Mercedes OM352A eng). ZL2000; ZL2001(Mercedes OM352 eng). ZL4000; ZL4001(Mercedes OM352A eng). ZL4000; ZL4001(Mercedes OM402 eng)

    This is a Baldwin Brand Specific product so you will receive a genuine Baldwin branded filter NOT an alternative. The only reason we prefix Baldwin Part Numbers with FBW- is to separate them out within our catalogue and internal database systems.
    If our Stock Level shown above is Zero then this is a Special Order item, once ordered it cannot be cancelled or returned.

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    Other brands we offer as Brand Specific are Fleetguard, Mann, MP Filtri, Parker, Racor, Solberg and Vokes.

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