FIN-FF30942 Filter-Fuel(Equivalent: BF909, FF203, WK13001, 33370MP)

Price(Ex Vat): £13.23

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  • Part Number FIN-FF30942
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FF30942 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-BF909, FFG-FF203, FMH-WK13001)
    Our Stock Level: 2
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: Dual-Stage Box-Style Glass Fuel/Water Separator. BF959 may be used in place of BF909. Do NOT substitute BF909 for the metal version. Often a companion to BF912. Air Bleed Vent Water Drain with Window.
    Updated: 21/06/2022

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    Height: 126mm
    OD/WidthMax: 95mm
    OD/WidthMin: 95mm
    ID/DepthMax: 94mm
    Micron: Unspecified

    AC Delco TP876, Allis Chalmers 4024232, 4024232-3, AP Lockheed AP3616, LK3616, Baldwin BF909, Blaw Knox 16470400, Case IHC 1959802C1, 1959802-C1, Caterpillar 3I1233, 3I-1233, 9Y4423, Clark 6511550, Coopers Fiaam AZF438, FT4903, G1051, Crosland 6801, Donaldson FFP551130, P551130, P779297, Fiat 40242323, 74024232, 74024234, Fil MF1065, Filtration Control FCL798, Filtration FTF2061, Fleetguard FF203, Fleetrite FFR8203, Ford 707226, V65345, Fram P1130, P1130A, Greyfriars 824S, Grove 9414100923, Hengst H162WK, Hifi Hirschi Jura SN203, Ingersoll Rand 35308048, Inline FF30942, FFRP1130, FFR-P1130, FINFF30942, FIN-FF30942, John Deere AR50041, AR50141, R16951, Koehring 8320238, Kohler 223414, Kralinator F759, Kubota 7000014663, 70000-14663, Mahle Knecht Knecht KX48, Mann 6670355100, WK13001, Mopar L303, Motorcraft FD783, FG101, FG783, Napa 3370, Onan 1491754, 149-1754, Purolator F50147, F53156, P147, PFC3156, Renault 6005009417, Roosamaster 18638, 18639, 19519, 19725, 20037, 20115, 20152, Sambron 587568, SF Schupp SK 3555, SK3555, Sofima S4328NC, SFFF8786, Stanadyne 18667, 18786, 19905, 20014, 20018, 20152KIT, 21166, 26653, Timberjack 413219, 8413219, TRP 1535390, UFI 24.328.00, 2432800, Vapormatic CPD6006, VPD6006, Vauxhall GM 6439302, 6439303, Waukesha 177429, 18360, 357433, P357433, White 200006803, Wix 33370, 33370MP, Woodgate WGF203

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276T(Unspecified eng). 2840(6329D 60kW 81hp eng). 2840(Unspecified eng). 2850(4239T 63kW 86hp eng). 2850(Unspecified eng). 2850(Unspecified eng). 2855N(John Deere 59kW 80hp eng). 2855N(Unspecified eng). 290D(Unspecified eng). 2940(6359D 60kW 82hp eng). 2940(Unspecified eng). 2950(John Deere 63kW 85hp eng). 2950(Unspecified eng). 2955(63kW 86hp eng). 2955(Unspecified eng). 300B(Unspecified eng). 300D(Unspecified eng). 301A(Unspecified eng). 302(Unspecified eng). 3020(4270D 51kW 70hp eng). 3020(Unspecified eng). 302A(Unspecified eng). 3030(Unspecified eng). 3040(6359D 67kW 92hp eng). 3040(Unspecified eng). 3040; 3140(Unspecified eng). 3050(6359D 68kW 93hp eng). 3050(Unspecified eng). 3050(Unspecified eng). 3055(6359T 68kW 92hp eng). 3055(Unspecified eng). 310A(Unspecified eng). 310B(Unspecified eng). 310C(Unspecified eng). 310D(Unspecified eng). 3130(65kW 89hp eng). 3130(John Deere 60kW 81hp eng). 3130(Unspecified eng). 3135(Unspecified eng). 3140; 3140DT(6359D 68kW 93hp eng). 3140; 3140DT(Unspecified eng). 3150(6359D 70kW 95hp eng). 3150(Unspecified eng). 3155(Unspecified eng). 3155(Unspecified eng). 315C(Unspecified eng). 315CH(Unspecified eng). 315D(Unspecified eng). 3164D(Unspecified eng). 3255(6359T eng). 3255(Unspecified eng). 329D(Unspecified eng). 3300(Unspecified eng). 3340; 3340DT(Unspecified eng). 3350(6359D 74kW 101hp eng). 3350(Unspecified eng). 3350(Unspecified eng). 340D(Unspecified eng). 3430(4239 eng). 3430(Unspecified eng). 350C(Unspecified eng). 359D; 359T(Unspecified eng). 3640(6359D 82kW 114hp eng). 3640(Unspecified eng). 3640S(Unspecified eng). 3650(6359T 84kW 114hp eng). 3650(Unspecified eng). 3650(Unspecified eng). 3830(4039 eng). 3830(4239 eng). 4000(John Deere 6404D 71kW 97hp eng). 4000(Unspecified eng). 400G(Unspecified eng). 401B(Unspecified eng). 401C(Unspecified eng). 401D(Unspecified eng). 4020(6359T eng). 4020(6404D eng). 4020(6404D eng). 4020(Unspecified eng). 4030(6329D eng). 4030(Unspecified eng). 4040(404 eng). 4040; 4040S(6359T eng). 4040S(5.9L eng). 4045DF; 4045DT; 4045HF; 4045TF(Unspecified eng). 404A; 404T(Unspecified eng). 404D(Unspecified eng). 4050(6359 eng). 4050(6359T eng). 4050(6466 eng). 4050(6466DR; 6466TR eng). 410(Unspecified eng). 410B(Unspecified eng). 410C(Unspecified eng). 410D(Unspecified eng). 414D; 414T(Unspecified eng). 4219D(Unspecified eng). 4230(362 Gas eng). 4230(6404D eng). 4239D; 4239T; 4276D; 4276T(Unspecified eng). 4240(466 eng). 4240(6466D 82kW 111hp eng). 4240S(6.7L eng). 4240S(Unspecified eng). 4320(6.404T eng). 4320(6404T eng). 4400(219; 329 eng). 4400(303 eng). 440C(Unspecified eng). 440D(Unspecified eng). 4425(6359 eng). 4430(404 eng). 4430(6404T eng). 4435; 4435 Hydro(Unspecified eng). 4440(466T eng). 4440(6466T eng). 444C; 444CH(Unspecified eng). 444D(6239 eng). 4450(6466T eng). 448D(Unspecified eng). 450C(Unspecified eng). 450D(Unspecified eng). 450E(Unspecified eng). 450G(Unspecified eng). 4520(90kW 122hp eng). 4520(Unspecified eng). 455(Unspecified eng). 455D(Unspecified eng). 455E(Unspecified eng). 455G(Unspecified eng). 4620 (6404A 100kW 136hp eng). 4620(Unspecified eng). 4630 (6404A 111kW 151hp eng). 4630(404 eng). 4640(466TI eng). 4640(6466T 30kW 41hp eng). 466A; 466D; 466T(Unspecified eng). 480C(Unspecified eng). 482(329 eng). 482C(Unspecified eng). 484(329 6cyl eng). 484(359 6cyl eng). 4840 (6466A 133kW 181hp eng). 4840(Unspecified eng). 490(PowerTech 4239T eng). 490D(Unspecified eng). 493D(Unspecified eng). 495D(Unspecified eng). 500C(Unspecified eng). 5010(6531D 89kW 121hp eng). 5010(Unspecified eng). 5020(6531D 98kW 133hp eng). 5020(Unspecified eng). 510(Unspecified eng). 510B(Unspecified eng). 510C(Unspecified eng). 510D(Unspecified eng). 515B(Unspecified eng). 5200(400; 500 eng). 5200(400; 500 eng). 5200(John Deere 34kW 46hp eng). 531A; 531T(Unspecified eng). 531D(Unspecified eng). 5400(400; 500 eng). 5400(400; 500 eng). 540B(Unspecified eng). 540D(Unspecified eng). 540E(Unspecified eng). 540G(Unspecified eng). 5440(Unspecified eng). 544C(Unspecified eng). 544D(6414T eng). 544E(Unspecified eng). 5480(Unspecified eng). 548D(Unspecified eng). 548E(Unspecified eng). 548G(PowerTech 6059T eng). 550(Unspecified eng). 550G(Unspecified eng). 555(Unspecified eng). 555A(Unspecified eng). 555B(Unspecified eng). 555G(Unspecified eng). 570B(Unspecified eng). 5720(6466 eng). 5720(Unspecified eng). 5820(Unspecified eng). 590D(Unspecified eng). 595(Unspecified eng). 595D(Unspecified eng). 6000(219 eng). 6000(Unspecified eng). 6030 (6531D 129kW 176hp eng). 6030(531A eng). 6030(531D 6cyl eng). 610B(Unspecified eng). 610C(Unspecified eng). 619A(Unspecified eng). 624E(Unspecified eng). 630OU(Unspecified eng). 6329D(Unspecified eng). 6359D; 6359T(Unspecified eng). 640(Unspecified eng). 6404A; 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820VU(3152D 26kW 35hp eng). 830(3164D 28kW 38hp eng). 840(3179D 28kW 38hp eng). 8440 (6466A 160kW 215hp eng). 8440(Unspecified eng). 8955T(Unspecified eng). 925(Unspecified eng). 925(Unspecified eng). 930(Unspecified eng). 930; 930VU(Unspecified eng). 930; 940(Unspecified eng). 932(Unspecified eng). 932(Unspecified eng). 935(Unspecified eng). 935(Unspecified eng). 940(3179D eng). 940(Unspecified eng). 942(Unspecified eng). 942(Unspecified eng). 945(Unspecified eng). 945(Unspecified eng). 950(Unspecified eng). 950; 960; 970(Unspecified eng). 952(Unspecified eng). 952(Unspecified eng). 955(Unspecified eng). 955T(Unspecified eng). 960(Unspecified eng). 965(Unspecified eng). 965; 965H(Unspecified eng). 965; 965-H4(Unspecified eng). 968H(Unspecified eng). 970(Yanmar 82kW 111hp eng). 975(Unspecified eng). 975; 975-H4(Unspecified eng). 975HY-4(Unspecified eng). 985(Unspecified eng). 985-H4(Unspecified eng). 9900(Unspecified eng). 9910(Unspecified eng). 9920(Unspecified eng). 9930(Unspecified eng). 9940(Unspecified eng). JD2040; JD2040F; JD2040S(Unspecified eng). JD2350(Unspecified eng). JD350B(Unspecified eng). JD350D; JD355D(Unspecified eng). JD380(Unspecified eng). JD401A(Unspecified eng). JD415; JD415B(Unspecified eng). JD440; JD440A; JD440B(Unspecified eng). JD444(Unspecified eng). JD480(Unspecified eng). JD480A; JD480B(Unspecified eng). JD500A(Unspecified eng). JD500B(Unspecified eng). JD540; JD540A(Unspecified eng). JD544; JD544A(Unspecified eng). JD544B(Unspecified eng). JD550A; JD550B(Unspecified eng). JD570; JD570A(Unspecified eng). JD644; JD644A(Unspecified eng). JD644B(Unspecified eng). JD646(Unspecified eng). JD646B(Unspecified eng). JD646C(Unspecified eng). JD648(Unspecified eng). JD670; JD670A; JD670B(Unspecified eng). JD690; JD690A(Unspecified eng). JD700A(Unspecified eng). JD743(Unspecified eng). JD755(Unspecified eng). JD760A(Unspecified eng). JD820(Unspecified eng). JD830(Unspecified eng). Joy 300S(John Deere 4276T eng). D100QP(John Deere 4219D eng). D125QP(John Deere 4219 eng). D150QP; D150S; G150V; G150VQ(John Deere 4219 eng). D150V(4219D eng). D185(4219D eng). D185QP; 185S; G185S; G185SQ(John Deere 4219 eng). D185S(John Deere 4219D eng). D275QP(John Deere 4276T eng). Koehring 55(John Deere 6359D eng). 9038(PowerTech 4239 eng). Kohler 125(John Deere 6531-A eng). 125(John Deere eng). 20ROZJ; 30ROZJ; 40ROZJ; 50ROZJ; 60ROZJ; 80ROZJ(Unspecified eng). Leroi 125RDJ(John Deere 4219D eng). 160RDJ(John Deere 4219D eng). 160RG1(John Deere 4219 eng). RG1(John Deere 4219 eng). Lull 644(PowerTech 4239 eng). Massey Ferguson 46PT(Waukesha eng). Minneapolis Moline A4T1400(Unspecified eng). A4T1600(Unspecified eng). G1050(Unspecified eng). G1350(Unspecified eng). G1355(Unspecified eng). G850(Unspecified eng). G950(Unspecified eng). G955(Unspecified eng). Morbark Unknown Model Portable(Unspecified eng). Wolverine(PowerTech 4239T eng). New Idea 705(6.478 eng). 705(GMC 478 6cyl Gas eng). Oliver 1555(Unspecified eng). 1655(Unspecified eng). 1755(Unspecified eng). 1855(Unspecified eng). 1870(Unspecified eng). 1955(Unspecified eng). 2155(Unspecified eng). Onan 50DDB(John Deere Diesel eng). 50DDB(Unspecified eng). Parsons 75(John Deere 4219 eng). DP60(John Deere 4276 eng). T500(John Deere 3164 eng). T750(John Deere 4219D eng). T950(John Deere eng). Pettibone Mulliken 580(John Deere 4219D; 4276T eng). 6-12(John Deere 4219D eng). Quincy QS175(John Deere 4219D eng). Raygo 300; 300A(John Deere 4219D eng). 303A; 304(John Deere 4219 eng). 320(John Deere 4219D; 4276D eng). 320S(John Deere 4276D eng). 6604A(John Deere 6414D eng). Barcomill 100(John Deere 4219D eng). Rascal 220A(John Deere 4219D eng). Rascal 320A(John Deere 4276D eng). Rascal 320A(John Deere 4276D eng). Rustler 304A(John Deere eng). Rustler 5604A(John Deere 4219D eng). Rustler 7204A(John Deere 6414 eng). Renault 106.54(Unspecified eng). Sullair 160DPJ; 160GPG; 185DJP; 185DQGM; 185DQDD(John Deere 3-164; 4-219 eng). 160GQGM; 160DQJD(John Deere eng). 160Q; 180Q(John Deere 3146D; 4219D eng). 185; 185Q(John Deere eng). 185; 185Q(John Deere eng). 250Q(John Deere eng). 250Q(John Deere eng). 375Q(John Deere eng). 375Q(John Deere eng). D600Q(John Deere 4219650 eng). D600Q(PowerTech 4219 eng). Unknown Model(John Deere 4219 185kW eng). Vermeer FT75(PowerTech 3179T eng). M455A(John Deere 3164D eng). M475A(John Deere 4239 eng). M475A(PowerTech 4239 eng). T450(PowerTech 4239 eng). T455; T455SO(PowerTech 4045; 4045T eng). V450(John Deere 3179D eng). V450(John Deere eng). V7550(PowerTech 4239 eng). Versatile 160(Waukesha 220 eng). 4400(Unspecified eng). Viking Super 1500(Unspecified eng). Waukesha VRD155; VRG155(Unspecified eng). VRD220; VRD220S; VRD330S(Unspecified eng). VRD310; VRG310(Unspecified eng). Wayne 933AH(John Deere 4276T eng). White 2-135(Unspecified eng). 2-135; 2-155(Unspecified eng). 2-150(Unspecified eng). 2-155(Unspecified eng). 2-63-17(Unspecified eng). 2-70(Unspecified eng). 2-80-17(White 283DB eng). 2-80-17; 4-80-17(White 283DB eng). 4-155(Unspecified eng). 4-80-17(White 283DB eng). Field Boss 2-150(585 eng). Field Boss 2-70(6cyl eng). Worthington 160(John Deere 4219 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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