FIN-FA11435 Filter-Air(Equivalent: RS4775, AF25496, C25730/1)

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  • Part Number FIN-FA11435
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FA11435 (See these also in Brand Specific: FBW-RS4775, FFG-AF25496, FMH-C25730-1)
    Our Stock Level: 0
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Description: Filter-Air(Radial Seal Round)
    Details: Radial Seal Air Element.
    Updated: 19/09/2021

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    Height: 381mm
    OD/WidthMax: 245mm
    OD/WidthMin: 245mm
    ID/DepthMax: 120mm
    ID/DepthMin: 0mm

    Alco MD7534, MD-7534, Baldwin RS4775, Bosch 0986626765, F026400067, S6765, Coopers Fiaam ADG1564R, AEM2836, Donaldson P782596, Filtron AM446/2, AM4462, Fleetguard AF25496, Hengst E307L, Inline FA11435, FINFA11435, FIN-FA11435, Lautrette Mecafilter FA3375, Luberfiner LAF8871, Mahle Knecht LX560, LX560/1, LX5601, MAN 81.08304.0087, 81.083040087, 81.08304-0087, 81.08405.0015, 81.084050015, 81.08405-0015, 81004050015, 81083040087, 81084050015, Mann C25730/1, C257301, Mercedes 4050940004, A4050940004, Renault 5021149060, SF Schupp SL6246, Sofima S8502A, Tecnocar A2058, TRP 1500381, 1534472, UFI 27.395.00, 2739500, Wix 93156E, Woodgate WGA1743

    MAN 10.224-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 10.225-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 10.163-2001/01(D0834LF eng). 10.185-2001/01(D0834LF eng). 10.185-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 12.145L-2001/01(D0834 eng). 12.163F-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 12.185-2001/01(D0834LF eng). 12.185L-2001/01(D0834 eng). 12.224F-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 12.224L(D0826 eng). 12.225-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 12.225L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 12.255L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 12.284(D0836 eng). 14.185L; 14.185M-2001/01(D0834 eng). 14.224-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 14.224L(D0826 eng). 14.225-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 14.225L; 14.225M-2001/01(D0836 eng). 14.255L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 14.264L(D0826 eng). 14.284-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 14.284L(D0836 eng). 14.285-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 15.185L-2001/01(D0834 eng). 15.225L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 15.255L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 15.285L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 18.224; 18.264(D0826 eng). 18.224-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 18.225-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 18.225L; 18.225M-2001/01(D0836 eng). 18.255L; 18.255M-2001/01(D0836 eng). 18.284(D0836 eng). 18.284-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 18.285-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 18.285L; 18.285M-2001/01(D0836 eng). 19.264(D0826 eng). 20.224(D0826 eng). 20.225L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 20.255L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 20.264(D0826 eng). 20.284(D0836 eng). 20.285L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 23.284(D0836 eng). 23.284FNL-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 25.225M-2001/01(D0836 eng). 25.255M-2001/01(D0836 eng). 25.284-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 25.285-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 25.285M-2001/01(D0836 eng). 26.225L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 26.255 L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 26.284. 26.285-2001/01(D0836LF eng). 26.285L-2001/01(D0836 eng). 8.155-2001/01(D0834LF eng). 8.163. 8.163-2001/01(D0834LF eng). 8.185-2001/01(D0834LF eng). 8.224-2001/01(D0834LF eng). Evolution | 10.145L-L2000-2001/01(D0834 103kW 140hp eng). Evolution | 10.185L-L2000-2001/01(D0834 132kW 180hp eng). Evolution | 10.225L-L2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 12.145L-M2000-2001/01(D0834 103kW 140hp eng). Evolution | 12.185L-M2000-2001/01(D0834 132kW 180hp eng). Evolution | 12.224L-M2000-1994/01(D0826LFL03; D0826LFL06; D0826LFL10 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 12.225L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 12.255L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 180kW 245hp eng). Evolution | 12.264-M2000-1998/01(D0826LF17 191kW 260hp eng). Evolution | 12.284-M2000-1998/01(D0836LF 206kW 281hp eng). Evolution | 14.163L-M2000; L74-1995/01(D0824LFL06 114kW 155hp eng). Evolution | 14.185L; 14.185M-M2000-2001/01(D0834 132kW 180hp eng). Evolution | 14.224L; 14.224M-M2000-1995/01(D0826LFL03; D0826LFL10; D0826LFL15; D0826LFL18 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 14.225L; 14.225M-M2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 14.255L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 180kW 245hp eng). Evolution | 14.264L; 14.264M-M2000-1995/01(D0826LFL09; D0826LFL17 191kW 260hp eng). Evolution | 14.284L; 14.284M-M2000-1998/01(D0836LFL01 206kW 280hp eng). Evolution | 14.285L; 14.285M-M2000-2001/01(D0836 206kW 280hp eng). Evolution | 15.163L-M2000; L81-1995/01(D0824LFL06 114kW 155hp eng). Evolution | 15.185L-M2000-2001/01(D0834 103kW 140hp eng). Evolution | 15.224L-M2000; L82-1995/01(D0826LFL03; D0826LFL10 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 15.225L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 15.225L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 180kW 245hp eng). Evolution | 15.264L-M2000; L82-1995/01(D0826LFL09 191kW 260hp eng). Evolution | 15.284L-M2000-1998/01(D0836LFL01 206kW 281hp eng). Evolution | 15.285L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 206kW 280hp eng). Evolution | 18.224L-M2000-1995/01(D0826LFL03; D0826LFL10 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 18.225L; 18.225M-M2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 18.255L; 18.255M-M2000-2001/01(D0836 180kW 245hp eng). Evolution | 18.264L-M2000; L87-1995/01(D0826LFL09; D0826LFL17 191kW 260hp eng). Evolution | 18.284L; 18.284M-M2000-1998/01(D0836LFL01 206kW 280hp eng). Evolution | 18.285L; 18.285M-M2000-2001/01(D0836 206kW 280hp eng). Evolution | 19.264-M2000-1995/01(D0826LF17; D0826LFL09 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 20.224L-M2000-1997/01(D0826LFL10 162kW 221hp eng). Evolution | 20.225L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 20.255L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 180kW 245hp eng). Evolution | 20.264L-M2000-1997/01(D0826LFL09 191kW 260hp eng). Evolution | 20.284L-M2000-1998/01(D0836LFL01 206kW 280hp eng). Evolution | 20.285L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 206kW 280hp eng). Evolution | 23.284L-M2000-1998/01(D0836LF 206kW 284hp eng). Evolution | 25.224M-M2000; M42-1995/01(D0826LF15; D0826LF18 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 25.225M-M2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 25.255M-M2000-2001/01(D0836 180kW 245hp eng). Evolution | 25.264M-M2000; M42-1995/01(D0826LF17 191kW 260hp eng). Evolution | 25.284M-M2000-1998/01(D0836LF01 206kW 280hp eng). Evolution | 25.285M-M2000-2001/01(D0836 206kW 280hp eng). Evolution | 26.224L-M2000-1997/01(D0826LF; D0826LFL 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 26.225L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 26.255L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 180kW 245hp eng). Evolution | 26.284L-M2000-1999/01(D0836LFL01 206kW 280hp eng). Evolution | 26.285L-M2000-2001/01(D0836 206kW 280hp eng). Evolution | 8.145L-L2000-2001/01(D0834 103kW 140hp eng). Evolution | 8.185L-L2000-2001/01(D0834 132kW 180hp eng). Evolution | 8.220FOC-L2000; L52-1995/01(D0826LFL03; D0826LFL06; D0826LFL10 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 8.225L-L2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). Evolution | 9.145L-L2000-2001/01(D0834 103kW 140hp eng). Evolution | 9.185L-L2000-2001/01(D0834 132kW 180hp eng). Evolution | 9.225L-L2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). LE-10.180-2001/01(D0834LF eng). LE-10.220-2001/01(D0836LF eng). LE110C-2000/01(D0824LFL06 eng). LE110C-L2000-2000/01(D0824LFL06 83kW 113hp eng). LE-12.180-2001/01(D0834LF eng). LE-12.220-2001/01(D0836LF eng). LE-14.220-2001/01(D0836LF eng). LE-14.280-2001/01(D0836LF eng). LE140C-2001/01(D0834 eng). LE140C-L2000-2001/01(D0834 103kW 140hp eng). LE160C-2000/01(D0824LFL08 eng). LE160C-L2000-2000/01(D0824LFL08 114kW 155hp eng). LE-18.220-2001/01(D0836LF eng). LE-18.280-2001/01(D0836LF eng). LE180C-2001/01(D0834 eng). LE180C-L2000-2001/01(D0834 132kW 180hp eng). LE220B-2000/01(D0826LFL10 eng). LE220B-2001/01(D0836 eng). LE220B-M2000-2000/01(D0826LFL10 162kW 220hp eng). LE220B-M2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). LE220C-2000/01(D0826LFL10 eng). LE220C-2001/01(D0836 eng). LE220C-L2000-2000/01(D0826LFL10 162kW 220hp eng). LE220C-L2000-2001/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). LE250B-2001/01(D0836 eng). LE250B-M2000-2001/01(D0836 180kW 245hp eng). LE280B-2001/01(D0836 eng). LE280B-M2000-2001/01(D0836 206kW 280hp eng). LE8(180 eng). LE-8.150-2001/01(D0834LF eng). LE-8.180-2001/01(D0834LF eng). M90-24.272 FNL M09; M19-1992/01(D0826LF04 198kW 270hp eng). ME18.220-2001/01(D0836LF eng). ME18.280-2001/01(D0836LF eng). ME220B-2000/01(D0836 eng). ME220B-M2000-2000/01(D0836 162kW 220hp eng). ME25.280-2001/01(D0836LF eng). ME250B-2000/01(D0836 eng). ME250B-M2000-2000/01(D0836 180kW 245hp eng). ME260B-2000/01(D0836 eng). ME260B-M2000-2000/01(D0836 191kW 260hp eng). ME280B-2000/01(D0836 eng). ME280B-M2000-2000/01(D0836 206kW 280hp eng). Mercedes Unimog | U300; U300A-405.100; 405.120-2000/01(OM904LA 110kW 150hp eng). Unimog | U300; U300A-405.100; 405.120-2000/01(OM904LA 130kW 177hp eng). Unimog | U400; U400A-405.102; 405.122-2000/01(OM904LA 130kW 177hp eng). Steyr 10S-14-2001/01(MAN D0834 103kW 140hp eng). 10S-16-1991/01(MAN D0824 114kW 155hp eng). 10S-18-2001/01(MAN D0834 132kW 180hp eng). 10S-22-1994/01(MAN 0826 162kW 220hp eng). 12S14-2001/01(MAN D0834 103kW 140hp eng). 12S16-1991/01(MAN D0824 114kW 155hp eng). 12S18-2001/01(MAN D0834 132kW 180hp eng). 12S22-1994/01(MAN 0826 162kW 220hp eng). 12S25-2001/01(MAN D0836 180kW 245hp eng). 12S28-1998/01(MAN D0836 206kW 280hp eng). 14S16-1991/01(MAN D0824 114kW 155hp eng). 14S18-2001/01(MAN D0834 132kW 180hp eng). 14S22-1995/01(MAN D0826 162kW 220hp eng). 14S25-2001/01(MAN D0836 180kW 245hp eng). 14S26-1995/01(MAN D0826 191kW 260hp eng). 14S28-1998/01(MAN D0836 206kW 280hp eng). 15S16-1991/01(MAN D0824 114kW 155hp eng). 15S18-2001/01(MAN D0834 132kW 180hp eng). 15S22-1994/01(MAN D0826 162kW 220hp eng). 15S25-2001/01(MAN D0836 180kW 245hp eng). 15S26-1995/01(MAN D0826 191kW 260hp eng). 15S28-1998/01(MAN D0836 206kW 280hp eng). 18S22-1994/01(MAN D0826 162kW 220hp eng). 18S25-2001/01(MAN D0836 180kW 245hp eng). 18S28-1998/01(MAN D0836 206kW 280hp eng). 19S22-1994/01(MAN D0826 162kW 220hp eng). 19S25-2001/01(MAN D0836 180kW 245hp eng). 19S28-1998/01(MAN D0836 206kW 280hp eng). 20S22-1994/01(MAN D0826 162kW 220hp eng). 20S25-2001/01(MAN D0836 180kW 245hp eng). 20S28-1998/01(MAN D0836 206kW 280hp eng). 25S22 -1994/01(MAN D0826 162kW 220hp eng). 25S25 -2001/01(MAN D0836 180kW 245hp eng). 25S28 -1998/01(MAN D0836 206kW 280hp eng). 26S22-1994/01(MAN D0826 162kW 220hp eng). 26S25-2001/01(MAN D0836 180kW 245hp eng). 26S28-1998/01(MAN D0836 206kW 280hp eng). 8S10-1991/01(MAN D0824 75kW 102hp eng). 8S11-1995/01(MAN D0824 81kW 110hp eng). 8S14-2001/01(MAN D0834 103kW 140hp eng). 8S16-1991/01(MAN D0824 114kW 155hp eng). 8S18-2001/01(MAN D0834 132kW 180hp eng). 8S22-1994/01(MAN 0826 162kW 220hp eng). 9S14-2001/01(MAN D0834 103kW 140hp eng). 9S16-1991/01(MAN D0824 114kW 155hp eng). 9S18-2001/01(MAN D0834 132kW 180hp eng). 9S22-1994/01(MAN 0826 162kW 220hp eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
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