FIN-FA10909 FILTER-Air(Mann C13145/2, Baldwin RS3988, Fleetguard AF25553)

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  • Part Number FIN-FA10909
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FA10909 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-RS3988, FFG-AF25553, FMH-C13145-2, FRC-EAPE68315 * * * * *
    Stock Level: 12
    Stock Level at Alco 3-7 day lead: 104
    Lead Time: Delivery for this FIN Prefix Part Number beyond any Stock Levels mentioned above is usually 1-10 weeks.
    Description: FILTER-Air(Radial Seal Round)
    Category: Filters-Air > RadialSeal > Round
    Details: Radial seal outer air filter. For inner safety filter use FIN-FA10689. Radial Seal Outer Air Element. Use with Baldwin RS3703.
    Updated: 20/01/2021

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    Height: 313mm
    OD/WidthMax: 129mm
    OD/WidthMin: 128mm
    ID/DepthMax: 81mm
    ID/DepthMin: 0mm

    Alco MD7560, MD-7560, Ammann 45358520090, 4-5358520090, 5612906212560, 56-129062-12560, Baldwin RS3702, RS3988, Bobcat Melroe 6666333, IR59144170, Bosch F026400318, Caterpillar 1348726, 134-8726, 91E6100112, Claas 001600050.0, 0016000500, Clarcor E29048, Clark 6676705, Coopers Fiaam AEM2842, HY 23091, Crosland 8230, 8385, Donaldson FPG065411, FPG065424, FPG065432, FPG065433, FPG065459, FPG065530, G065411, G065424, G065432, G065433, G065530, P539975, P812648, P812649, P822768, P830169, Doosan Daewoo 47400024, 4740-0024, A213624, Eurofilter 220056, Fil HP2586, Filtration FTA3501, Filtrex FH2586, Fleetguard AF25436, AF25505, Fleetrite AFR825436, AFR825505, Forgeville 518FV, Fram CA9246, Gehl 181878, 270740, Genie 77295, GIF GA967, Greyfriars 1505A, 1516A, Grove 9304100177, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA16059, SA16069, Himoinsa 3019812, Hitachi 4290940, 76547841, L4290940, Ingersoll Rand 59144170, Inline Filters FA10909, FINFA10909, FIN-FA10909, Iveco 8050800, JCB 32/917301, 32917301, John Deere AM129028, Kobelco LE02P000023, LE11P00002S002, Komatsu 37A0111720, 37A-01-11720, 3EB0234750, 6001851300, 6001851310, 600-185-1310, KOZ760234795, LFA04222, YM12906212560, YM129062-12560, Z7602BX006, Z76-02-BX006, Kubota R140142270, R1401-42270, R140142271, R1401-42271, R140142280, R1401-42280, RD45242270, RD452-42270, Lautrette Mecafilter FA3487, Linkbelt KAH1219, Luberfiner LAF8143, Mahle Knecht LX2959, Mann 4514557104, C13145, C13145/2, C131452, McCormick MC133720A1, Mitsubishi 3214311700, MP Filtri 8840, Mustang 42035598, 420-35598, New Holland 72957472, 87547605, MT40007576, Racor EAF68132, EAF68133, EAPE68315, Ransomes Jacobsen 4133820, Sakai 4415580011, 4415-58001-1, Sakura A8505, A-8505, SF Schupp P82-2768, SL5674, Sofima S2742A, Sogefi Pro FLI9161/SGP, FLI9161SGP, Sullair 02250125370, 02250125-370, Sure SFA2768SET, SFA5436P, Takeuchi 129062-12560, TY12906212560, TCM 2080103361, 20801-03361, 256G108011, Tecneco AR2062, Timberjack 842974300, Toro 1083812, 939162, 93-9162, UFI 27.420.00, 2742000, Vapormatic VPD7411, Vauxhall GM 12384075, Virgis CH0616050, CH06-16050, Volvo 11711494, 14519261, 14520888, 14542154, 43926773, Woodgate WGA1109, Yale 520045026, Yanmar 12906212560, 12968712510, 129687-12510

    Ammann AV75 T. Bobcat Melroe 331. 331; 331E(Kubota V2203 eng). 331; 331E(Kubota V2203 eng). 331; 3332; 333; 334; 337(Kubota U2203E eng). 334. 334(Kubota V2203E eng). 334(Kubota V2203-M-DI eng). 334(Kubota V2203-M-DI eng). 335(Kubota V2203-M-DI eng). 337. 337(Kubota V2003 eng). 341(Kubota V2003 eng). 430. 430; 430 ZHS(Kubota V2203 eng). 5600. 5600. 5600(Kubota V2003 eng). 653. 653. 751. 751 28kW 38hp(Kubota V1903-E eng). 751(Kubota V1903 eng). 751(Peugeot eng). 751(Peugeot XUD9 eng). 974. 974(4.236 eng). 974(4.236 eng). 975. 975(JD 4-276 eng). 975(JD 4-276 eng). B300 Tier 2. B300(Kubota eng). BCA24. BCA24; BCA30(Kubota V1903B eng). BCA34HF(Kubota V2203 eng). CT225. CT225(27 HP Interim eng). CT230. CT230(30 HP Interim eng). CT235. CT235(Daedong 34 HP Interim eng). CT335. CT335(38 HP Interim eng). CT440. CT440(41 HP Interim eng). CT445. CT445; CT445SST(45 HP Interim eng). CT450. CT450; CT450SST(49 HP Interim eng). E55W(Yanmar 4TNV98 eng). E60(Yanmar 4TNV98 eng). E80(Yanmar 4TNV98 eng). X331; X334 30kW 40hp(Kubota V2203E eng). X331CE. X331E 30kW 40hp(Kubota V2203E eng). X332. X333. X334 30kW 40hp(Kubota V2203E eng). X334D 29kW 40hp. X337; X341 39kW 53hp(Kubota V2003T eng). Case IHC 1838(Kubota V2203 eng). 6010. 6010(Kubota V2003TE eng). 686G. 686G; 686GXR(4-390 eng). 686GXR. CX50 31kW 42hp(Mitsubishi 4N-EID eng). CX50 37kW 50hp(G 2.7 eng). CX60 44kW 60hp(G 2.7T eng). CX75. CX75SR. CX75SR 39kW 53hp(Isuzu CC-4JG1 eng). CX75SR; CX80(Isuzu CC-4JG1 eng). CX80 39kW 53hp(Isuzu AU-4LE2X eng). Caterpillar 216. 216 37kW 50hp(3034 eng). 216; 226; 228(3034 eng). 226. 226 41kW 54hp(3034 eng). 228. 228(3034 eng). 232(3024 eng). 236. 236 44kW 60hp(3034 eng). 236; 246; 248; 252; 262(3034 eng). 242(3024 eng). 246. 247(3034 eng). 247; 257; 267; 277(3034 eng). 248. 248(3034 eng). 252. 252(3034 eng). 257(3034 eng). 262. 262(3034 eng). 267(3034 eng). 277(3034 eng). 277B 59kW 80hp(3044CDIT eng). 303.5E(C1.8 eng). 304E(C2.4 eng). 305.5(Mitsubishi 4M40 eng). 305.5DCR(Mitsubishi S4Q2T eng). 305.5E(C2.4 eng). 305CCR(Mitsubishi S4Q2T eng). 305E(C2.4 eng). 306(Mitsubishi 4M40 eng). 306E. 307B. 307B 40kW 54hp(Mits 4M40; Cat 3046 eng). 307B(3046 eng). 307B(Mitsubishi 4M40 eng). 307B(Mitsubishi M40EA eng). 307C. 307C 41kW 56hp(Mitsubishi 4M40E1 eng). 307C 41kW 56hp(Mitsubishi 4M40E1 eng). 307C; 307CSB(Mitsubishi 4M40E eng). 307D(Mitsubishi 4M40E eng). 307E(C2.6 eng). 308BR. 308CCR 41kW 56hp(Mitsubishi 4M40E1 eng). 308CCR(Mitsubishi 4M40 eng). 308D(Mitsubishi 4M40E eng). 308E2CR(C3.3B eng). 308ECR; 308ESR(C3.3B; 3.4 eng). 902. 902. 902 34kW 47hp(3024NA eng). 904B(Mitsubishi S4Q2-T eng). 904H(Mitsubishi S4Q2-T eng). 906. 906. 906 45kW 61hp(3034NA eng). 906 53kW 72hp(3044C eng). DP20NT(Mitsubishi S4S eng). DP25NT(Mitsubishi S4S eng). DP30NT(Mitsubishi S4S eng). DP35NT(Mitsubishi S4S eng). Claas Talos 120 35kW 48hp(LS 4cyl. eng). Talos 130 41kW 56hp(LS 4cyl. T eng). Doosan Daewoo D55V. Solar 75-V(Yanmar 4TNE98 eng). Fiat Allis EX60-2. EX60-3. EX60-5. EX60LC-5. EX60WD2. EX75UR. EX75UR3. EX75US7. EX80-5. Gehl AL240 26kW 35hp(Yanmar 3TNV 88 - BKGWL eng). AL340 26kW 35hp(Yanmar 3TNV 88 - BKGWL eng). AL440 34kW 46hp(Yanmar 4TNV 88 - BKGWL eng). AL540 34kW 46hp(Yanmar 4TNV 88 - BKGWL eng). CTL60(Yanmar 4TNE98 eng). Grove AMZ 51 XT(F4L1011F eng). AMZ46CXT. Hitachi EX60-2(Nissan eng). EX60-2; EX60-3; EX60-5(BD3004 eng). EX60-2; EX60WD-2; EX60-3(Nissan BD3004 eng). EX60-3(Nissan eng). EX60-5(Nissan eng). EX60-5; EX60LC-5(Nissan BD3004 eng). EX60WD-2(Nissan BD3004 eng). EX75UR. EX75UR. EX75UR(Nissan eng). EX75UR-3(Nissan BD3004 eng). EX75US-7(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). EX80-5(Nissan BD3004 eng). EX80U(Nissan BD30 eng). EX902. LX50(Kubota V3300 eng). ZX60USB-3(Yanmar KDN-4TNV98 eng). ZX60USB-3F(Yanmar 4TNV98 eng). ZX70; ZX70LC; ZX80; ZX80LCK; ZX80SB; ZX80SBLC. ZX75UR(Isuzu CC-4JG1 eng). ZX75US(Isuzu 4JG1 eng). ZX80LCK; ZX80SBLC(Isuzu AA-4JG1 eng). ZX85US(Isuzu 4JG1 eng). IHI 55N(Yanmar 4TNV94L eng). Ingersoll Rand 7-20. DD24(Kubota V2203 eng). DD34-HF(Kubota V2203 eng). Jacobsen AR522. JCB 406(D2011 eng). 520-40(404C-22; 404D-22 eng). 8025. 8040 ZTS. 8040 ZTS; 8045 ZTS(404C-22; 404D-22 eng). 8052. 8052. 8055 RTS; 8055 ZTS(Isuzu 4LE1 ; 4LE2 eng). 8060(Isuzu eng). 8065 RTS(Isuzu 4LE1; 4LE2 eng). 8080. 8080 ZTS(Isuzu A-4JG1 eng). 8085 ZTS(Isuzu 4LE2X eng). TLT25D; TLT30D(404D.22 eng). TLT25G; TLT30G(3.0L LPG eng). TLT30D HL; TLT35D(404C.22T eng). TLT30D HL; TLT35D(D2011 eng). TLT35D 44kW 60hp(404C-2.2T eng). TLT35D 4x4 44kW 60hp(404C-2.2T eng). TLT35D(Deutz eng). TLT35D(Perkins eng). John Deere 1145. 303120. 303320. 3033R. 303520. 303720. 3039R. 3046R. 3120 22kW 30hp(Yanmar eng). 3203 24kW 32hp(3TNV84 eng). 3320 24kW 33hp(Yanmar eng). 3520 27kW 37hp(Yanmar eng). 3720 32kW 44hp(Yanmar eng). 4044M(Yanmar 4-cyl eng). 4044R(Yanmar 4-cyl eng). 4052M(Yanmar 4-cyl eng). 4052R(Yanmar 4-cyl eng). 4066M. 4066R 49kW 67hp. 5103 37kW 50hp(John Deere eng). 5105 37kW 50hp(John Deere eng). 5200 34kW 46hp(6404A eng). 5203 41kW 56hp(John Deere eng). 5205 41kW 56hp(John Deere eng). 5210 39kW 53hp(3029D eng). 5300 41kW 56hp(3029D eng). 9000. Kobelco 80MSR. 80MSR-1E. 80MSR-1E. 80MSR-1E. 80MSR-1E. 80MSR-1ES. SK60 Mk IV(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK60 Mk V Super(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK60 Mk V(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK60IV(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK60V. SK70SR(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK70SR-1E; SK70SR-1ES(Isuzu 4JG1 eng). SK75UR-3(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK80. SK80CS. SK80CS; SK80MSR(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). SK80CS-1E. SK80CS-1E. SK80CS-1E. SK80CS-1E. SK80CS-1E; SK80MSR-1E; SK80MSR-1ES(Isuzu 4JG1 eng). SR70SR. SR70SR-1E. SR70SR-1E. SR70SR-1E. Komatsu D20A-7; D20P-7(4 Cyl eng). D21A-7; D21P-7(4 Cyl eng). D21A-8; D21P-8(4D94LE-2 eng). PC45MR-3(Yanmar 4D88E eng). PC55MR-3(Yanmar 4D88E eng). PC78MR-6 40kW 54hp(S4D95LE-3-A eng). PC78MR-6(S4D95LE eng). PC78MR-6(S4D95LE eng). PC78MR-6(S4D95LE-3A eng). PC78US-6; PC78UU-6(4D95LE-2C; S4D95LE-3 eng). PC78US-6; PC78UU-6(4D95LE-2C; S4D95LE-3 eng). SK1020-5. SK1020-5; SK1020-5N(4D98E; 4SD98E eng). SK714-5(4D88E eng). SK815-5(S4D84E eng). SK818-5(4D88E eng). SK820-5(S4D84E eng). SK820-5N(S4D98E-2NFD eng). Kubota KC250H; KC250HR(V2203 eng). KX057-4(V2607-DI-E3 eng). KX057-4(V2607DI-E3 eng). KX121-2S(V2203E eng). KX121-3 29kW 39hp(V2203-M-EBH eng). KX121-3 Alpha(V2203M eng). KX121-3 R3(V2203-M-EBH-2 eng). KX121-3 R4; KX121-3 R4A. KX121-3 R4; KX121-3 R4A(V2203-M-EBH-2 eng). KX121-3 S3(V2203-M-EBH-2 eng). KX121-3 S4; KX121-3 S4A. KX121-3 S4; KX121-3 S4A(V2203-M-EBH-2 eng). KX121-3; KX121-3R3(V2203M eng). KX121-3A 29kW(V2203-M-EBH-2-N eng). KX121-3S(V2203-M-E2BH-2-N eng). KX121-3S; KX121-3ST(V2203M eng). KX161-3 29kW 39hp(V2203-M-EBH eng). KX161-3 39BHP(V2203-M-EBH eng). KX161-3 Alpha(V2203-M eng). KX161-3 R1. KX161-3 R2(V2203-M-EBH-2 eng). KX161-3 S1(V2203-M-EBH-2 eng). KX161-3 S2(V2203-M-EBH-2 eng). KX161-3A. KX161-3R(V2203-M eng). KX161-3S(V2203-M eng). KX161-3S(V2403-M eng). KX161-3ST(V2403-M eng). KX161-3ST(V2403-M-E2BH-1 eng). KX251 Alfa 43kW 58hp(V3300-B eng). KX251 Alpha. KX251(V3300 eng). KX45-3. L48. L48TL(V2403-M-ETLB eng). L5030(V2403M eng). L5030(V2403-MAE eng). L5030GST(V2403-MA-E-GST PN#1G811-00001 eng). L5030HST(V2403-MA-E-HST PN#1G812-00001 eng). L5030HSTC(V2403-MA-E-HST eng). M4700 38kW 51hp(Kubota eng). M4700 38kW 51hp(Kubota F2803-ELA eng). M4700; M4700DT(F2803E eng). M4700; M4700DT(F2803E eng). M4700; M4700DT(Kubota F2083-LA eng). M4700DT. M4700DT 31kW 42hp(F2803-ELA eng). M4800. M4800SU 32kW 43hp(V2403-M-EA-SU eng). M4800SU(V2403M eng). M4900(F2803E eng). M4900; M4900DT(F2803-ELA eng). M4900DTC(F2803-ELA eng). M4900S; M4900SD; M4900SCS-F; M4900SU; M4900SUD 33kW 45hp(F2803 eng). M4900SC; M4900SDC(F2803 PN#1G834-12001 eng). M5140DT; M5140F(V2403TE3S4 eng). M5140DTC; M5140FC(V2403TE3S5 eng). M5140HD(V2403TE3S2 eng). M5140HDC(V2403TE3S3 PN#1J860-20001 eng). M5400 43kW 58hp(F2803-EA PN# 1G833-00001 eng). M5400(Kubota U3300-TE eng). M5400DT 37kW 50hp(F2803-EA PN# 1G833-00001 eng). M5400DTN(F2803-A eng). M5640SU; M5640SUD(V2403-T eng). M5640SUD(V2403-M-TE3 eng). M5700. M5700 46kW 62hp(Kubota F2803-EA eng). M5700(F2803 eng). M5700C. M5700C(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 eng). M5700DT. M5700DT(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 eng). M5700DTC. M5700DTC(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 eng). M5700DTN. M5700DTN(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 eng). M5700HDC. M5700HDC(F2803-EA PN# 1G838-12001 eng). M5700HDF. M5700HDF(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 eng). M5700S. M5700S; M5700SD; M5700SC; M5700SDC 38kW 52hp(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 eng). M5700SC. M5700SDC. M5700SDN. M5700SDN. ME5700. ME5700DTH(F2803 eng). ME5700DTH(F2803-EA-1 eng). ME5700DTHC(F2803 eng). ME5700DTHC(F2803-EA-2Q eng). MX4700DT; MX4700F(V2403E3MX2 PN#1G813-11001 eng). MX4700DT; MX4700F; MX4700H(V2403-M eng). MX4700HST(V2403E3MX3 PN#1G813-12001 eng). MX5000DT; MX5000F 32kW 44hp. MX5000DT; MX5000F(V2403 eng). MX5100DT(V2403-M-EA PN#1G813-00001 eng). MX5100DT; MX5100F; MX5100H(V2403-M eng). MX5100HST(V2403-M-TE3 PN#1J854-15001 eng). R420(D1503-T eng). R420; R420B 28kW 38hp(D1503T eng). R420LS. R420LS(Kubota U1503 eng). R420LST(D1503-T eng). R520(Kubota U2203 eng). R520(V2203 eng). R520(V2203 eng). R520; R520B 34kW 46hp(V2203 eng). R520S(V2203-M eng). R520S(V2203-M-ERP eng). R520S1. R520S1; R520S2(V2203-M eng). R520S2. U 50-3A. U45 Super S(V2203M eng). U45(V2203 eng). U45(V2203-M-E2BH-2-N eng). U45-3. U45-3. U45-3 29kW 39hp(V2203-M-EBH-2 eng). U45-3 Alpha. U45-3A. U45S(V2203-M-E2BH-5-N eng). U48-4. U48-4(V2607-DI eng). U50-3 Alpha(V2203-M eng). U55(V2607-DI-E3 eng). U55-4. Lifton 5 Ton(Perkins eng). Lincoln Air Advantage 500(B3.3 eng). Linkbelt 75SA; 80SA(Isuzu AU-4LE2X eng). 75SA; 80SA(Isuzu CC-4JG1 eng). Long 410DC(Mitsubishi 2.3L eng). 450. LS Agricultural Machinery K5047 35kW 47hp(S4QL eng). K5055 2WD 35kW 55hp(S4S eng). K5055 35kW 55hp(S4S eng). U5020 35kW 47hp(Mitsibishi S4QL eng). U5020C 35kW 47hp(Mitsibishi S4QL eng). U5030 35kW 55hp(Mitsibishi S4S eng). U5030C 35kW 55hp(Mitsibishi S4S eng). XRXR4040 29kW 40hp(ISM N844L-F eng). XRXR4040C 29kW 40hp(ISM N844L-F eng). XRXR4040H 29kW 40hp(ISM N844L-F eng). XRXR4040HC 29kW 40hp(ISM N844L-F eng). XRXR4046 29kW 46hp(ISM N844L-F eng). XRXR4046C 29kW 46hp(ISM N844L-F eng). XRXR4046H 29kW 46hp(ISM N844L-F eng). XRXR4046HC 29kW 46hp(ISM N844L-F eng). XRXR4140 29kW 40hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4140C 29kW 40hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4140H 29kW 40hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4140HC 29kW 40hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4145 29kW 45hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4145C 29kW 45hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4145H 29kW 45hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4145HC 29kW 45hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4150 29kW 50hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4150C 29kW 50hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4150H 29kW 50hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4150HC 29kW 50hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4155 29kW 55hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4155C 29kW 55hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4155H 29kW 55hp(L3C19-T eng). XRXR4155HC 29kW 55hp(L3C19-T eng). Mahindra 6000DI. Manitou 727(Perkins eng). Miller Electric Big 40(3024 eng). Big Blue 402P; Big Blue 502P; Big Blue 602P(3.152 eng). Big Blue 500D; Big Blue 600X(F3L912 eng). Big Blue 500D; Big Blue 600X(F4L2011 eng). Big Blue(BF4M2011 eng). Mitsubishi FD25NT(Mitsubishi S4S eng). FD35A; FD35ANT(Mitsubishi S4E; S4S eng). FD35ANT(Mitsubishi S4S eng). Mustang 2040(Yanmar 4TNE84 eng). 2042(Yanmar 4TNE84 eng). 2044(Yanmar 4TNE84 eng). 2044(Yanmar 4TNV88 eng). 2044(Yanmar 4TNV88 eng). 2050(Yanmar 4TNE88 eng). 2054(Yanmar 4TNE88 eng). 2054(Yanmar 4TNV88 eng). 2060. 2060(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). New Holland Boomer 4055; Boomer 4060(2.2L eng). E70; E80(Isuzu A-4JB1 eng). E70SR 41kW 56hp(ISUZU – 4JG1NABGA eng). E70SR(CC-4JG1 eng). E80MSR 41kW 56hp(ISUZU – 4JG1NABGA eng). T2410; T2420(N844L; N844LT eng). TC55DA(Shibaura 2.2L eng). Nissan H25 Gas; LP Power Unit. Sakai SV201(B3.3 eng). SW300; SW320; SW330(Kubota D1703-M eng). Takeuchi TB175. TB175 43kW 59hp(Yanmar 4TNE98ATB eng). TB175; TB175W(Yanmar 4TNE98 eng). TB175; TB175W(Yanmar 4TNV98 eng). TB180FR. TB180FR. TB180FR 45kW 61hp(Yanmar 4TNV98 eng). TB180FR 45kW 61hp(Yanmar 4TNV98-ZQTBZ eng). TB180FR(Yanmar 4TNV98 eng). TB80FR 40kW(Yanmar 4TNE98-TB eng). TB80FR(Yanmar 4TNE98A eng). TB80FR(Yanmar 4TNE98-TB; TBA eng). TB80FR(Yanmar 4TNV98-WTB eng). TB80FR(Yanmar TNV eng). TBTB175W(Yanmar 4TNE98-TBW; -XTBW eng). TL120 38kW 52hp(Yanmar 4TNV84T-XTBL eng). TL120(Yanmar eng). TL130 49kW 67hp(Yanmar 4TNE98 eng). TL130(Yanmar 3TNE98; 3TNV98 eng). TL130(Yanmar 4TNE98-TBL eng). Target Pro 65. TCM FF30. FFD15. FFD20. FFD25. Terex PT60(404C-22T eng). TB60(Ford LRG425 eng). Terramite TSS38. Thwaites 3 Ton Alldrive(Yanmar eng). 3 Ton Mach 270(Yanmar eng). Timberjack 450. 450(6BTA5.9 eng). 450C. Toro Groundsmaster 3000. Groundsmaster 3000D. Groundsmaster 4300D(Kubota 44 HP eng). Groundsmaster 455D. Reelmaster 4000D. Reelmaster 5610(Kubota 4 Cyl eng). Reelmaster 6500D; Reelmaster 6700D. Vermeer BC1000XL(C2.2 eng). D7x11(Kubota D1505 eng). SC60TX(3024CT eng). Volvo EC55B 37kW 50hp(Yanmar 4TNV94L-XVC1 eng). EC55B; EW55B(Yanmar 4TNV94L eng). EC55C(4TNV94L-XVC6U eng). EC55C(D3.1D eng). ECR58 37kW 50hp(Volvo D3.1 eng). ECR58(D3.1 eng). ECR88(D3.4 eng). EW55B 38kW 52hp(Volvo D3.1 eng). EW55B(D3.1 eng). MC60B(D2.2A eng). MC60C(404D-22 eng). MC70C; MCT70C(404D-22T eng). MC85C; MCT85C(404D-22T eng). MC95C; MCT95C; MC105C(404D-22T eng). Yanmar 3TNV84T-GGE; 3TNV84T-KSA. 4TNE84; 4TNE84T; 4TNE88. 4TNE94; 4TNE98E. 4TNV84T-DSA; 4TNV84T-GGE; 4TNV88-DSA; 4TNV88-GGA. C12R-A. GE350. Vio 70(4TNE98E eng). Vio 75. Vio 75(4TNE98E eng). Vio 75-2A. Vio 75-A

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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