FIN-FA10852 FILTER-Air(Baldwin RS5390, Fleetguard AF26244, Mann C311410)

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  • Part Number FIN-FA10852
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FA10852 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-RS5390, FFG-AF26244, FMH-C311410 * * * * *
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    Stock Level at Mann 3-7 day lead: 186
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    Description: FILTER-Air(Radial Seal Round)
    Category: Filters-Air > RadialSeal > Round
    Details: Radial Seal Air Element. Flame Retardant Media.
    Updated: 22/07/2021

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    Height: 466mm
    OD/WidthMax: 312mm
    OD/WidthMin: 312mm
    ID/DepthMin: 177mm

    Alco MD-7516, Baldwin RS5390, Bosch 0986626766, 0986626770, F026400083, F026400145, S6766, S6770, Coopers Fiaam ADG1604R, Donaldson P783658, P783889, P785522, Fil HP2537, Filtron AM471, Fleetguard AF26244, GIF GA924, Hengst E452L01, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA17130, SA17347, Inline FA10852, FINFA10852, FIN-FA10852, Iveco 5001018011, Lautrette Mecafilter FA3356, Mahle Knecht LX2068, LX3731, Mann C311410, Racor PFA5617, Renault 5001865723, SF Schupp SL6218, SL6218/1, SL62181, Sofima S7357A, S7643A, Sogefi Pro FLI9306, TRP 1500348, 1523555, 1534643, UFI 27.357.00, 27.643.00, 2764300, Volvo 20732726, Wix 93163E

    Fast Scoler | 4(Renault DXI7-E5 195kW 265hp eng). Scoler | 5-2013/01(Renault DXI7-E5 194kW 270hp eng). Scoler | 5-2013/01(Renault DXI7-E5 221kW 300hp eng). Iveco Ares | N12-2002/01(DCI-11 230kW 313hp E3 eng). Ares | N12-2002/01(DCI-11 266kW 362hp E3 eng). Iliade H | GTC; GTX; RTX; TE-2002/01(DCI-11 266kW 362hp E3 eng). Iliade H | GTC; TE-2002/01(DCI-11 230kW 313hp E3 eng). Iliade H | GTX-2002/01(DCI-11 317kW 431hp E3 eng). Renault D210 -2013/01(DTI5 154kW 210hp eng). D240 -2013/01(DTI5 177kW 240hp eng). D250 -2013/01(DTI8 184kW 250hp eng). D280 -2013/01(DTI8 206kW 280hp eng). D320 -2013/01(DTI8 235kW 320hp eng). D380 -2016/01(DTI11 279kW 380hp eng). D430 -2016/01(DTI11 316kW 430hp eng). Lander HL 270 dCi-2004/01(DCI-6-270 194kW 264hp eng). Lander HL 270DXi-2006/01(DXI7 194kW 264hp eng). Lander HL 310DXi-2006/01(DXI7 224kW 305hp eng). Lander HL 320 dCi-2004/01(DCI-11-320 229kW 311hp eng). Lander HL 340DXi-2006/01(DXI7 247kW 336hp eng). Lander HL 370 dCi-2004/01(DCI-11-370 266kW 361hp eng). Lander HL 370DXi-2006/01(DXI11 272kW 370hp E4; E5 eng). Lander HL 380DXi-2009/01(DXI11 280kW 381hp E4; E5 eng). Lander HL 410DXi-2006/01(DXI11 302kW 410hp E4; E5 eng). Lander HL 420 dCi-2004/01(DCI-11B-43 303kW 412hp eng). Lander HL 430DXi-2009/01(DXI11 316kW 430hp E4; E5 eng). Lander HL 440DXi-2005/01(DXI11 324kW 436hp E3; E4; E5 eng). Lander HL 450DXi-2006/01(DXI11 331kW 450hp E4; E5 eng). Lander HL 460DXi-2009/01(DXI11 339kW 460hp E4; E5 eng). Magnum | AE390-1996/01(MIDR-06.24.65 287kW 390hp eng). Magnum | AE400-E-Tech-2000/01(MIDR-06.24.65 294kW 400hp eng). Magnum | AE430-1996/01(MIDR-06.24.65 316kW 430hp eng). Magnum | AE440DXi-12-2005/01(DXI12 324kW 440hp eng). Magnum | AE440DXi-13-2009/01(DXI13 323kW 439hp E4; E5 eng). Magnum | AE440-E-Tech-2000/01(06.24.65 B46 324kW 441hp eng). Magnum | AE460DXi-13-2006/01(DXI13 338kW 460hp E4; E5 eng). Magnum | AE470-1996/01(MIDR-06.24.65 346kW 470hp eng). Magnum | AE480 E-Tech-E-Tech-2000/01(06.24.65 C46 353kW 480hp eng). Magnum | AE480DXi-12-2005/01(DXI12 353kW 480hp eng). Magnum | AE480DXi-13-2009/01(DXI13 353kW 480hp E4; E5 eng). Magnum | AE500DXi-2006/01(DXI13 368kW 500hp E4; E5 eng). Magnum | AE520DXi-13-2009/01(DXI13 382kW 520hp E4; E5 eng). Magnum | AE560-1996/01(Mack EE9 412kW 560hp eng). Midlum | 135.07-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-04.02.26 100kW 136hp eng). Midlum | 135.08-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-04.02.26 100kW 136hp eng). Midlum | 135.09-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-04.02.26 100kW 136hp eng). Midlum | 135.10-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-04.02.26 100kW 136hp eng). Midlum | 150.08dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-4-150 112kW 152hp eng). Midlum | 150.08-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-04.02.26 110kW 150hp eng). Midlum | 150.09-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-04.02.26 110kW 150hp eng). Midlum | 150.10dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-4-150 112kW 152hp eng). Midlum | 150.12dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-4-150 112kW 152hp eng). Midlum | 150.12-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-04.02.26 110kW 150hp eng). Midlum | 160.08DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 118kW 160hp eng). Midlum | 160.10DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 118kW 160hp eng). Midlum | 160.12DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 118kW 160hp eng). Midlum | 180.08dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-4-180 128kW 174hp eng). Midlum | 180.08DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI5 136kW 180hp eng). Midlum | 180.08-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-04.02.26 132kW 180hp eng). Midlum | 180.10dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-4-180 128kW 174hp eng). Midlum | 180.10DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI5 136kW 180hp eng). Midlum | 180.10-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 132kW 180hp eng). Midlum | 180.12dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-4-180 128kW 174hp eng). Midlum | 180.12DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI5 136kW 180hp eng). Midlum | 180.12-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 132kW 180hp eng). Midlum | 190.08DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 140kW 190hp eng). Midlum | 190.10DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 140kW 190hp eng). Midlum | 190.12DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 140kW 190hp eng). Midlum | 190.13DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 140kW 190hp eng). Midlum | 190.14DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 140kW 190hp eng). Midlum | 210.08-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 154kW 210hp eng). Midlum | 210.09-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 154kW 210hp eng). Midlum | 210.10-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 154kW 210hp eng). Midlum | 210.12-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 154kW 210hp eng). Midlum | 210.13-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 154kW 210hp eng). Midlum | 210.14-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 154kW 210hp eng). Midlum | 210.15-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 154kW 210hp eng). Midlum | 210.16-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 154kW 210hp eng). Midlum | 220.08dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-220 158kW 215hp eng). Midlum | 220.08DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 162kW 220hp eng). Midlum | 220.10dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-220 158kW 215hp eng). Midlum | 220.10DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 162kW 220hp eng). Midlum | 220.12dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-220 158kW 215hp eng). Midlum | 220.12DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 162kW 220hp eng). Midlum | 220.13dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-220 158kW 215hp eng). Midlum | 220.13DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 162kW 220hp eng). Midlum | 220.14dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-220 158kW 215hp eng). Midlum | 220.14DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI5 162kW 220hp eng). Midlum | 220.16dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-220 158kW 215hp eng). Midlum | 220.18dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-220 158kW 215hp eng). Midlum | 240.12DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI7 177kW 240hp eng). Midlum | 240.13DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI7 177kW 240hp eng). Midlum | 240.14DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI7 177kW 240hp eng). Midlum | 240.15DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI7 177kW 240hp eng). Midlum | 240.16DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI7 177kW 240hp eng). Midlum | 250.12-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 184kW 250hp eng). Midlum | 250.13-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 184kW 250hp eng). Midlum | 250.14-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 184kW 250hp eng). Midlum | 250.15-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 184kW 250hp eng). Midlum | 250.16-MkI-2000/01(MIDR-06.02.26 184kW 250hp eng). Midlum | 270.12dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-270 195kW 265hp eng). Midlum | 270.12DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI7 195kW 270hp eng). Midlum | 270.13dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-270 195kW 265hp eng). Midlum | 270.13DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI7 195kW 270hp eng). Midlum | 270.14dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-270 195kW 265hp eng). Midlum | 270.14DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI7 195kW 270hp eng). Midlum | 270.16dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-270 195kW 265hp eng). Midlum | 270.16DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI7 195kW 270hp eng). Midlum | 270.18dCi-MkI-2001/01(DCI-6-270 195kW 265hp eng). Midlum | 270.18DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI7 195kW 270hp eng). Midlum | 280.12DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI7 206kW 280hp eng). Midlum | 280.13DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI7 206kW 280hp eng). Midlum | 280.14DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI7 206kW 280hp eng). Midlum | 280.16DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI7 206kW 280hp eng). Midlum | 280.18DXi-MkII-2006/01(DXI7 206kW 280hp eng). Midlum | 300.12DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI7 217kW 300hp eng). Midlum | 300.13DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI7 217kW 300hp eng). Midlum | 300.14DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI7 217kW 300hp eng). Midlum | 300.16DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI7 217kW 300hp eng). Midlum | 300.18DXi-MkII-2009/01(DXI7 217kW 300hp eng). Premium | HD210-Distribution; Route-1996/01(MIDR-06.02.26 154kW 210hp eng). Premium | HD220dCi-Distribution; Route-2001/01(DCI-6-220 158kW 215hp eng). Premium | HD240DXi-Distribution; Route-2006/01(DXI7 177kW 241hp eng). Premium | HD250-Distribution; Route-1996/01(MIDR-06.02.26 184kW 250hp eng). Premium | HD260-Distribution; Route-1996/01(MIDR-06.20.45 188kW 256hp eng). Premium | HD270dCi-Distribution; Route-2001/01(DCI-6-270 195kW 265hp eng). Premium | HD270DXi-Distribution; Route-2006/01(DXI7 194kW 264hp eng). Premium | HD300-Distribution; Route-1996/01(MIDR-06.20.45 219kW 298hp eng). Premium | HD310DXi-Distribution; Route-2006/01(DXI7 224kW 305hp eng). Premium | HD320dCi-Distribution; Route-2001/01(DCI-11-320 229kW 311hp eng). Premium | HD340-Distribution; Route-1996/01(MIDR-06.20.45 249kW 338hp eng). Premium | HD340DXi-Distribution; Route-2006/01(DXI7 247kW 336hp eng). Premium | HD370dCi-Distribution; Route-2001/01(DCI-11-370 266kW 361hp eng). Premium | HD370DXi-Distribution; Route-2006/01(DXI11 272kW 370hp E4; E5 eng). Premium | HD380DXi-Distribution; Route-2009/01(DXI11 280kW 381hp E4; E5 eng). Premium | HD410DXi-Distribution; Route-2006/01(DXI11 302kW 410hp E4; E5 eng). Premium | HD420dCi-Distribution; Route-2000/01(DCI-11B-43 303kW 412hp eng). Premium | HD430DXi-Distribution; Route-2009/01(DXI11 316kW 430hp E4; E5 eng). Premium | HD450DXi-Distribution; Route-2006/01(DXI11 331kW 450hp E4; E5 eng). Premium | HD460DXi-Distribution; Route-2009/01(DXI11 339kW 460hp E4; E5 eng). Premium | HR320dCi-Distribution; Route-2001/01(DCI-11-320 229kW 311hp eng). Premium | HR330DXi-Distribution; Route-2005/01(DXI11 243kW 330hp eng). Premium | HR340-Distribution; Route-1996/01(MIDR-06.20.45 249kW 338hp eng). Premium | HR370dCi-Distribution; Route-2001/01(DCI-11-370 266kW 361hp eng). Premium | HR370DXi-Distribution; Route-2006/01(DXI11 272kW 370hp E4; E5 eng). Premium | HR380DXi-Distribution; Route-2005/01(DXI11 280kW 380hp E3; E4; E5 eng). Premium | HR385-Distribution; Route-1996/01(MIDR-06.23.56 280kW 381hp eng). Premium | HR400-Distribution; Route-1999/01(MIDR-06.23.56 287kW 392hp eng). Premium | HR410DXi-Distribution; Route-2006/01(DXI11 302kW 410hp E4; E5 eng). Premium | HR420dCi-Distribution; Route-2000/01(DCI-11B-43 303kW 412hp eng). Premium | HR430DXi-Distribution; Route-2009/01(DXI11 316kW 430hp E4; E5 eng). Premium | HR440DXi-Distribution; Route-2005/01(DXI11 324kW 436hp E3; E4; E5 eng). Premium | HR450DXi-Distribution; Route-2006/01(DXI11 331kW 450hp E4; E5 eng). Premium | HR460DXi-Distribution; Route-2009/01(DXI11 339kW 460hp E4; E5 eng). Puncher | 270.18 dCi-2002/01(DCI-6-270 195kW 265hp eng). Puncher | 270.19 dCi-2002/01(DCI-6-270 195kW 265hp eng). Puncher | 270.26 dCi-2002/01(DCI-6-270 195kW 265hp eng). Sisu E12-440-2001/01(Mack E12 324kW 442hp E3 eng). E12-480-2001/01(Mack E12 353kW 481hp E3 eng). R400-2005/01(Renault DCI-11-320 229kW 311hp eng). R400-2005/01(Renault DCI-11-370 266kW 361hp eng). R400-2005/01(Renault DCI-11B-43 303kW 412hp eng). R460-2006/01(DXI13 338kW 460hp eng). R500-2006/01(DXI12 324kW 440hp eng). R500-2006/01(DXI12 353kW 480hp eng). R500-2006/01(DXI13 368kW 500hp eng). Volvo FE MkII-280-2006/01(D7E280 206kW 280hp eng). FE MkIII-250-2013/01(D8K 184kW 250hp eng). FE MkIII-280-2013/01(D8K 206kW 280hp eng). FE MkIII-320-2013/01(D8K 235kW 320hp eng). FE240-2006/01(D7E240 E4; E5 eng). FE280-2006/01(D7E280 E4; E5 eng). FE320-2006/01(D7E320 E4; E5 eng). FL MkII. FL MkII-FL240-2006/01(D7EF240 177kW 240hp eng). FL MkII-FL260-2009/01(D7F260 191kW 260hp eng). FL MkII-FL280-2006/01(D7EF280 206kW 280hp eng). FL MkII-FL290-2009/01(D7F290 213kW 290hp eng). FL240-2006/01(D7E240 E4; E5 eng). FL260-2009/01(D7F260 E5 eng). FL280-2006/01(D7E280 E4; E5 eng). FL290-2009/01(D7F290 E5 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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