FIN-FA10675 FILTER-Air(Mann C946/2, Baldwin RS3715, Fleetguard AF25550)

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  • Part Number FIN-FA10675
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    PartNo: FIN-FA10675 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-RS3715, FFG-AF25550, FMH-C946-2, FRC-EAPE68300 * * * * *
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    Description: FILTER-Air(Radial Seal Round)
    Category: Filters-Air > RadialSeal > Round
    Details: For inner safety filter use FIN-FA10897. For complete air filter housing use FIN-FA10432 or FIN-FA10435. Radial Seal Outer Air Element. Use with Baldwin RS3930.
    Updated: 27/02/2021

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    Height: 185mm
    OD/WidthMax: 86mm
    OD/WidthMin: 83mm
    ID/DepthMax: 46mm
    ID/DepthMin: 0mm

    Alco MD7542, MD-7542, Atlas Copco 4667070, 9433330, Ausa 90120400, Baldwin RS3715, Bobcat Melroe 4163715, 4164152, 6673752, IR54477187, Briggs and Stratton 820263, Carrier Transicold 306004920, 30-60049-20, 30604920, 30-60492-0, 3072410K, 30-724-10K, 3072411K, Case IHC 335714A1, 6191362-M1, 73185194, PM02P00006-3, Caterpillar 1394834, 139-4834, 1555410, 155-5410, Clarcor E29037, Club Car 102558201, Coopers Fiaam AEM2826, FLI9164, Crosland 8395, Daedong T235011641, T2350-11641, Donaldson FPG042544, FPG042545, FPG042546, FPG042575, G042544, G042545, G042546, G042575, P812432, P812440, P822686, Doosan Daewoo 47400026, 97400026, Eurofilter 220016, Filtration FTA3509, Fleetguard AF25538, AF25550, AH19081, AH19082, Fleetrite AFR825538, AFR825550, AHR819081, AHR819082, Fram CA9248, Freightliner DNP822686, Genie 52867, 866127, GIF GA909, Greyfriars 1485A, Grove 9304100163, 9-304-100163, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA16056, SA16263, Hitachi 4383875, 4607538, E4607538, Ingersoll Rand 36890135, 54477187, Inline Filters FA10675, FINFA10675, FIN-FA10675, JCB 32/913902, 32/919902, 32913902, 32919902, 92919902, JLG 7015004, John Deere M113621, M807331, Kawasaki 110131290, 11013-1290, 110137029, 11013-7029, 110137048, 11013-7048, Kobelco PF11P00002S002, PM02P000063, PM11P00006S002, Kohler 2508302, 2508302S, 2508302-S, GM24456, Komatsu YM11965512560, YM119655-12560, Kralinator LA1646, Kubota 1665911221, 16659-11221, 1G65911222, 1G659-11222, K121182320, K1211-82320, K258182311, K2581-82311, RG15842930, RG158-42930, Lancer Boss 300854, Lautrette Mecafilter FA3395, Lombardini 104.2175.1660, 10421751660, 2175166, 21751660, Luberfiner LAF8388, Magnum 16444, Mahle Knecht LX2908, Mann 4504657104, C944, C946, C946/2, C9462, Massey Ferguson 6191362H1, 6191362-H1, 6191362M1, Napa 6449, 6649, Nelson Winslow 870119N, New Holland 72276220, 72276221, NSN 4130014762341, Onan 1403071, 140-3071, Orenstein and Koppel 2907630, Pel Job E6050126, Perkins 26510364, Purolator Facet A35270, R and R R932195, R93-2195, Racor EAF68110, EAPE68300, EAVLR68193, EAVLR681932, EAVLR68193-2, EAVLR68193S, Ransomes Jacobsen 5000913, Rico Europe RA2001, Sakura A8504, A-8504, Schaeff 5.501.648.433, 5.501.848.433, 5501848433, SF Schupp SL5673, Sofima S7A05A, Sullair 2250145627, Sure SFA2686P, SFA2686SET, Takeuchi TY11965512560, Y11965512560, Terex 5501648433, Thermoking 119059, 11-9059, Toro 1083811, 108-3811, 932195, 93-2195, TRP 1534987, UFI 27.A05.00, 27A0500, Virgis CH0414412, CH04-14412, Volvo 16631866, 43919166, 6050126, PJ6050126, Wacker Neuson 1000263251, Walker 50901, 5090-1, Weidemann 5559822686, Wix 46449, 46649, 546449, Woodgate WGA1222, Yanmar 11928712510, 119287-12510, 11951512520, 119515-12520, 11965512560, 119655-12560

    Allmand Night-Lite Pro (Kubota D905-E eng). Ausa 108DA (Hatz eng). Bell 731 . Blackrock Blackrock (Kubota D722 eng). Blackrock (Kubota Z482 eng). Blackrock (Yanmar 2TNV70 eng). Blackrock (Yanmar 3TNV70 eng). Bobcat Melroe 319 . 319 (Kubota D722-E2B Tier 2 eng). 320 (Kubota D722 eng). 320D . 320D; 320G (Kubota D722 eng). 321 . 321 (Kubota eng). 322D; 322G . 322D; 322G (Kubota eng). 322G . 323 . 323; 324 (Kubota D722-E2B Tier 2 eng). 324 . 418 . 418 (Kubota D722 eng). 453 . 453 (Kubota D722 eng). 453; 453 F 11kW 15hp (Kubota D722-B eng). 453C (Kubota D750-B eng). 453F (Kubota D722 eng). 463 . 463 (Kubota D722-E eng). 463; 463F 11kW 15hp (Kubota D722-B eng). BCA14 . BCA14S (Kubota D722 eng). BCA16 (Kubota D722 eng). BCA20 (Kubota D722 eng). BCT13 . BCT13 (Kubota eng). CT120 . CT120 (20hp eng). CT122 . CT122 (22hp eng). E08 (Kubota D722 eng). E08; E10 (Kubota D722-E2B Tier 2 eng). E10 (Kubota D722 eng). E14 (Kubota D722 eng). E14; E16 (Kubota D722-E2B Tier 2 eng). E16 (Kubota D722 eng). MT50 . MT50 (Kubota D722 eng). MT52 . MT52 (Kubota D722 eng). X320 (Kubota D750 eng). X320; X322 (Kubota D722 eng). Carrier Transicold ComfortPro PC5009 (Kubota Z482 eng). ComfortPro PC6000 (Kubota 13.9hp 2cyl eng). Genesis R70 . Genesis R90 . R90 (CT3-69TV eng). Supra 622 (CT3-44TV eng). Supra 644 (CT3-44TV eng). Supra 722 (CT3-44TV eng). Supra 744 (CT3-44TV eng). Supra 822 (CT3-44TV eng). Supra 844 (CT3-44TV eng). Supra 922 (CT3-69TV eng). Supra 944 (CT3-69TV eng). Case IHC 15 . 15 14kW 19hp 1996-00 (Perkins 103.10 eng). 1516 . 1516; 16RXT (Perkins 3 Cyl eng). 16 14kW 19hp 1996-00 (Perkins 103.10 eng). 16RXT . CK16 . CX15 (Yanmar eng). CX15 13kW 18hp 2002-00 2004-00 (Perkins 103.10 eng). CX15B (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). CX15B 2008-00 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi LE-W431KBSA eng). CX15B Mk II 2011-00 (Yanmar 3TNV88-PYB eng). CX16 (Yanmar eng). CX16 13kW 18hp 2002-00 2004-00 (Perkins 103.10 eng). CX16B (Yanmar 3TNE74N eng). CX16B 2003-00 (Yanmar 3TNE74-ENYBC eng). CX17B (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). CX17B (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). CX17B 11kW 15hp 2008-00 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi W231KBS eng). CX17B 2010-00 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi W231KBS eng). CX18B (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). CX18B (Yanmar 3TNE74N eng). CX18B 2003-00 (Yanmar 3TNE74-ENYBC eng). CX18B Mk II 2008-00 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi LE-W431KBSA eng). CX18B Mk II 2011-00 (Yanmar 3TNV88-PYB eng). Caterpillar 300.9D (Yanmar eng). 301.4C (Yanmar 3TNV76 eng). 301.4C 13kW 18hp 2012-00 (Yanmar 3TNV76 eng). 301.6 C 13kW 18hp 2005-00 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). 301.6C; 301.8C (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3N; L3NE eng). 301.7D; 302.2D; 302.4D (Yanmar 3TNV76 eng). 301.8C 13kW 18hp 2005-00 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). 302.7D (Yanmar 3TNV76 eng). CB14 (C1.1 eng). CB14 16kW 22hp (Caterpillar C1.1 Tier 4; Tier 5 eng). PS150C (3054T eng). Cummins Comfort Guard (Kubota Z482 eng). Cushman Turf Truck . Ditch Witch 1030 (Honda GX340 eng). 1230; 1330 (Honda GX390 eng). Exmark Laser Z . Laser ZHP . Fermec 114 . Freightliner RestSmart (Thermo King 2.70M eng). Hako Hakotrac 2100 DA 14kW 19hp (Yanmar eng). Hitachi EX17U (Isuzu 3YB1 eng). EX17U 11hp (Isuzu 3YB1 eng). HX140B (Kubota D1105 eng). HX99B (Kubota D1105 eng). Zaxis 16 9kW 12hp (Isuzu 3YB1 eng). Zaxis 18 9kW 12hp . Zaxis 25 14kW 19hp (Isuzu 3YB1 eng). ZX16 (Isuzu 3YB1 eng). ZX16 Zaxis . ZX17 Zaxis . ZX17U-2 (Yanmar 3TNV70-VHB eng). ZX18 (Isuzu 3YB1 eng). ZX25 (Isuzu 3YE1 eng). ZX8-2 (Yanmar 3TNV70 eng). Ingersoll Rand L8-4MH (Kubota D1105 eng). JCB 8008 Micro (Perkins 403C-07; 403D-07 Tier 3 eng). 801 . 8014 . 801-4 . 8014 (Perkins 404C-22; 404D-22 Tier 3 eng). 8014 13kW 17hp (Perkins 403C eng). 8014 Tier 2 . 8015 . 8015; 8015-2 2000-00 (Perkins 103.10 eng). 801-6 . 8016 13kW 18hp 1998-00 2002-00 (Perkins 103.10 eng). 8016 14kW 19hp 2008-00 (Perkins 404D-22 Tier 3 eng). 8016 Tier 2 . 8016; 8018 (Perkins 404C-22; 404D-22 Tier 3 eng). 8017 13kW 18hp 2000-00 (Perkins 103.10 eng). 8018 13kW 18hp 2000-00 (Perkins 103.10 eng). 8018 CTS 2011-00 (Perkins 403D-11 eng). 8020 (Perkins 403D-11 Tier 3 eng). Ground Hog 6x4 (Perkins 403C-07; 403D-07 Tier 3 eng). T2 Micro Plus (Perkins 403C-07; 403D-07 Tier 3 eng). John Deere 1023E (Yanmar 3TNM72 eng). 1026R (Yanmar 3TNV76 eng). 1200 Hydro (Briggs and Stratton 16hp eng). 1200A (Kawasaki eng). 17D (Yanmar Tier 4 eng). 17ZTS (Isuzu 3YB1 eng). 2210 (Yanmar 3TNE74 eng). 2210 2003-00 2006-00 . 2500 . 2500; 2500A (Yanmar 3TNE68 eng). 2500B; 2500E (Yanmar 3TNV70 eng). 2653A . 2653A (Yanmar 3TNE68 eng). 2653B (Yanmar Tier 2 eng). 3550 (Yanmar 3007D3003 eng). 4010 (Yanmar 3TNE68 eng). 4010 14kW 19hp 2003-00 2005-00 (YANMAR eng). 4100; 4100A Compact 15kW 20hp 1998-00 2000-00 (3TNE74 eng). 4100; 4100N . 4110 (Yanmar 3TNE74 eng). 4110 15kW 20hp 2003-00 2006-00 (Yanmar eng). 4115 (Yanmar 3TNE78 eng). 4115 18kW 24hp 2002-00 (Yanmar eng). 4x2 Gator; 6x4 Gator (Kawasaki Gas eng). 4x2 HPX Gator; 4x4 HPX Gator (Yanmar 3TNE68 eng). 4x2 HPX Gator; 4x4 HPX Gator; 4x4 HPX Trail Gator (Kawasaki 20hp eng). 6x4 Gator (Yanmar 18hp eng). 6x4 Gator (Yanmar 18hp eng). 855D . CS Gator (Kawasaki 8hp eng). CX Gator (Kawasaki 10hp eng). F735 (Yanmar 2V78 eng). Gator 6x4 Diesel 11kW 18hp . Gator HPX 4x4 Diesel 13kW 20hp . M Gator (Yanmar 18hp eng). M Gator (Yanmar 3TNV70 20.8hp eng). Pro Gator 2020; Pro Gator 2020A (Yanmar 3TG72 Gas eng). Pro Gator 2030 (Yanmar 3TNE74 eng). Pro Gator 2030A (Yanmar 1.1L eng). TH 6x4 Gator (Kawasaki eng). TH 6x4 Gator (Yanmar 3TNV70 eng). TS Gator (Kawasaki eng). TX Turf Gator (Kawasaki 10 HP Gas eng). Worksite Gator (Yanmar 18hp eng). X495 . X595 . X740; X744; X748; X748SE; X749 (Yanmar TNV76 24hp eng). X750; X754; X758 (Yanmar TNM72 24hp eng). XUV 620i (Kawasaki FD620 eng). XUV 625i (Kawasaki 25hp eng). XUV 825i (Chery 50hp eng). XUV 850D (Yanmar 3TNV70 eng). XUV 855D (Yanmar 3TNV70 eng). Kawasaki 2510 Mule . 3010 Mule . 3010 Mule . 4010 Mule . Mule 2510 . Mule 3000; Mule 3010; Mule 3020 Turf . Mule 3010 . Kioti CK20 . CK20; CK20HST (Daedong 3C093 eng). Kobelco 17SR3 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). E18 (Yanmar eng). SK20SR-2 (Yanmar 3TNE74N eng). SK25SR-2 (Yanmar 3TNE74 eng). Komatsu PC09-1 (2D70E eng). PC12R-8 (3D68E eng). PC12R-8 10kW 14hp 10001 (3D68E-3G eng). PC15R . PC15R-8 (3D68E eng). PC15R-8 11kW 15hp 10001 (3D68E-N3FB eng). PC20MR-2 (3D67E-5 eng). PC20MRX 14kW 19hp (3D74E-N3A eng). PC20MRx-1; PC20R (3D74E eng). PC20R-8 (3D84E eng). PC20R-8 (3D84E eng). PC20R-8 17kW 23hp 10001 (Yanmar 3D78AE-3FA eng). PC20R-8; PC25R-8; PC27R-8 (3D82AE-3E; 3F eng). PC25R-8 10001 . Kubota BX1500 (Z602 eng). BX1500 D-48 11kW 2003-00 2005-00 (Z602-E PN#1J001-00001 eng). BX1500 D-54 11kW 2003-00 2005-00 (Z602-E PN#1J001-00001 eng). BX1500D (Z602E eng). BX1800 . BX1800D (D722E eng). BX1800D / E 13kW 18hp 2000-00 (D722E-BX eng). BX1830D (D722E eng). BX1830D 13kW 2004-00 2006-00 (D722-E-BX eng). BX1850D . BX1850D 13kW 2006-00 2008-00 (D722-E2-BX-2 eng). BX1860 13kW 2009-00 2013-00 (D722E3BX2 eng). BX1860D (D722 eng). BX22 (D905E eng). BX22 16kW 22hp 2002-00 2003-00 (D905-E-BX eng). BX2200 (D905E eng). BX2200 16kW 2001-00 2003-00 (D905-E-BX eng). BX2200D (D905E eng). BX2200D; BX2200E 16kW 22hp 2000-00 (D905E-BX eng). BX2230D (D902E eng). BX2230D 16kW 2004-00 2006-00 (D902-E-BX eng). BX22LB-B; BX23LB-B; BX23LB-T (D905E eng). BX23 LB-B 16kW 2004-00 2005-00 (D905-E-BX-OPC eng). BX23 LB-T 16kW 2004-00 2005-00 (D905-E-BX-OPC eng). BX2350 . BX2350 17kW 2006-00 2008-00 (D902-E2-BX-2 eng). BX2350D . BX2350D 18kW 24hp 2006-00 2008-00 (D902-E2-BX-2 eng). BX2360 17kW 2009-00 2013-00 (D902E3BX2 eng). BX2360; BX2370 (D902-E3 eng). BX24 . BX24 17kW 2006-00 2009-00 (D902-E2-BX-2 PN#1G826-00001 eng). BX25 17kW 2009-00 2013-00 (D902-E2-BX-2 PN#1G826-00001 eng). BX25; BX25D (D902-E3 eng). BX2660 19kW 26hp 2008-00 2013-00 (D1005-E3-BX PN#1J030-00001 eng). BX2660; BX2660D (D1005-E3 eng). BX2670 (D1005 eng). BX2670 19kW 26hp 2013-00 2014-00 (D1005E3BX2 PN# 1J035-00001 eng). D722 . D722; D722-E . G18 . G18 . G18; G18HD (D722 eng). G2160 (D782 eng). G2160; G2160-R48S 15kW 21hp (Kubota D782 eng). G2460G (Kubota WG752 Gas eng). G2460G (WG752 PN#EG294-00000 eng). GR2100 . GR2100 (D782 eng). GR2110 (D782 eng). GR2110 (D782-E2-GX eng). GR2120 (D782 eng). GR2120 (D782 eng). KX016-4 . KX018-4 (D902E3BH3 S/N above #40442 eng). KX019-4 . RTV500 (GZD460 eng). RTV500 (GZD460 eng). RTV900 . RTV900 (D902-E-UV eng). RTV900G (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). RTV900G; RTV900R; RTV900R6; RTV900T5; RTV900T6; RTV900W; RTV900W6SE; RTV900W9 15kW 21hp (Kubota D902-E-UV eng). RTV900G9 (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). RTV900G9; RTV900R9; RTV900T; RTV900W9; RTV900W9SE 17kW 23hp (Kubota D902-E3-UV eng). RTV900G9; RTV900R9; RTV900T; RTV900W9; RTV900W9SE 17kW 23hp (Kubota D902-E3-UV eng). RTV900R (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). RTV900R6 (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). RTV900R9 (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). RTV900R-ASD; RTV900S-ASD; RTV900T-TSD; RTV900W-HSD (D902E eng). RTV900T (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). RTV900T5 (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). RTV900W (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). RTV900W6 (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). RTV900W6SE (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). RTV900W9 (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). RTV900W9SE (D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 eng). T1810 (Kawasaki 17hp eng). TG1860 (D722-E eng). TG1860-48 (D722-E-GX PN#1J002-02001 eng). TG1860-54 (D722-E-GX PN#1J002-02001 eng). TG1860A-48 (D722-E-GX PN#1J002-02001 eng). TG1860A-54; TG1860AB-54 (D722-E-GX PN#1J002-02001 eng). TG1860B-54 (D722-E-GX PN#1J002-02001 eng). ZD18 (D722 PN# 1J002-06001 eng). ZD18 (Kubota D722 eng). ZD21 (D722 eng). ZD21 (D782 eng). ZD21 15kW 21hp (D782 PN# 1G716-00001 eng). ZD221 (D782-E3 eng). ZD221 (D782-E3-ZD-1 PN#1J093-10001 eng). ZD25F (D1005-E2 eng). ZD25F (D1005E2-ZD PN#1G067-30001 eng). ZD28 (Kubota D1105 eng). ZD28 21kW 28hp (D1105 PN#1G063-00001 eng). ZD321 (D782-E2 eng). ZD321 15kW 21hp 2007-00 (D782E2ZD2 PN#1G716-04001 eng). ZD321N; ZD321S (D782E2ZD2 PN#1G716-04001 eng). Ligier Ambra 500 505cc Petrol 14kW 19hp 1997-00 (Lomb. LGW 523 Petrol eng). Be-Up 500 505cc Petrol 15kW 20hp 2001-00 (Lomb. LGW 523 Petrol eng). Nova 500 Petrol 14kW 19hp 2000-00 (Lomb. LGW 523 eng). X-Pro 500 Diesel 505cc Diesel 4kW 5hp 2005-00 (Lomb. LDW 502 eng). X-Too 500 Diesel 505cc Diesel 4kW 5hp 2005-00 (Lomb. LDW 502 eng). Lombardini LGW523 2001-00 . LS Agricultural Machinery J2020H 17kW 23hp (Mitisubishi S3L eng). J2023H NEW 17kW 23hp (Mitisubishi S3L eng). J2030H 17kW 27hp (Mitisubishi S3L2 eng). S3010 28hp (Mitisubishi S4L eng). S3010 28hp (Mitisubishi S4L eng). XJ2025 18kW 24hp (Mitisubishi S3L2 eng). XJ2025H 18kW 24hp (Mitisubishi S3L2 eng). Messersi M18BE 15kW 20hp 2007-00 (Kubota D902 eng). Microcar Family 500 505cc Petrol 15kW 20hp 1999-00 (Lomb. LGW 523 eng). MC1 500 505cc Petrol 15kW 20hp 2004-00 (Lomb. LGW 523 eng). Miller Electric Bobcat 250 Diesel; Bobcat 250D NT (Kubota D722 eng). Pipe Pro 304 (Kubota DH905 eng). Trailblazer 301; 302 (Kubota D722 eng). New Holland E16 / 18 11kW 15hp 2005-00 (Yanmar 3TNE74-N eng). E16; E18 (Yanmar 3TNE74-N eng). E18B; E18SR (Mitsubishi eng). E18SR . EC15 . Onan CMQD 12000 HDCA (Kubota eng). CMSD 5.0 HDKAS (Kubota D905 eng). CMSD 6.0 HDKAL (Kubota D1105 eng). CMSD 6.0 HDKAS (Kubota D905 eng). CMSD 7.5 HDKAL (Kubota D1105 eng). CNQD 10000 HDCA (Kubota eng). HDCAA . HDCAA; HDCAB . HDCAB . HDKAH . HDKAL . HDKAL; HDKAQ; HDKAR; HDKAS . HDKAQ . HDKAR . HDKAS . HDKCA . HDKCB . Quiet Diesel 10000 HDCA (Kubota eng). Quiet Diesel 10000 HDKC (Kubota eng). Quiet Diesel 12500 HDCA (Kubota eng). Quiet Diesel 12500 HDKC (Kubota eng). Orenstein and Koppel MH1.17; RH1.17 13kW 18hp 1994-00 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E-W262 eng). Pel Job EB150 . EB200 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). Powerpac APUC (Caterpillar CO.5 eng). APUK (Kubota Z482 eng). Ransomes Jacobsen Greenplex . Schaeff HR12 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). HR12 13kW 18hp 1997-00 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E61KL eng). Simplicity DM905D . DM950D . Takeuchi TB014 . TB014 (Yanmar 3TNE68 eng). TB014 (Yanmar 3TNE68-NTB; 3TNE68-TB1; 3TNE68-ETB1 eng). TB014 9kW 12hp (Kubota D782-E2B-BHTU-1 eng). TB016 . TB016 (Yanmar 3TNE68 eng). TB016 (Yanmar 3TNE68-NTB; 3TNE68-TB1; 3TNE68-ETB1 eng). TB016 10kW 14hp (Yanmar 3TNV70-STB eng). TB016A; TB016S 9kW 12hp 1998-00 (Yanmar 3TNE68 eng). TB108 . TB108 (Yanmar 2TNV70 Tier 4 eng). TB108 (Yanmar TNE eng). TB108 7kW 10hp (Yanmar 2TNV70; 2TNE68-ETBA eng). TB15FR (Yanmar TNE eng). TB20R (Yanmar 3TNV76-XTB eng). TB20R 13kW 18hp (Yanmar 3TNV76-XTB eng). TB210R 2015-00 (Kubota D722-E4B eng). TB219 (Yanmar 3TNV70-NTB eng). TB219A; TB219S 10kW 16hp (Yanmar 3TNV70-STB eng). TB23FR (Yanmar TNE eng). TB23R 13kW 18hp (Yanmar 3TNV76-XTB eng). TB23R 14kW 19hp (Yanmar 3TNV76-XTB eng). Terex HR1.6 . HR11 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). HR12 . HR13 . TC15 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E Tier 4 eng). TC16 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E Tier 4 eng). TC20 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E Tier 4 eng). Thermoking Spectrum TS (TK 3.95 eng). TriPac (2.70M Tier 1 eng). TriPac (2.70M Tier 2 eng). TS . TS200 (TK374 EMI 2000 eng). TS300 (TK 374 eng). TS-300 (TK 374 eng). TS500; TS600 . TS500; TS600 . XDS . XDS (Yanmar TK395 eng). XDS SR . Thwaites 1 Ton . 1 Ton (Yanmar eng). Toro 2000 Reelmaster . 2300D Reelmaster . 2300D Reelmaster . 3100 . 3100D Reelmaster . 3200 Greenmaster . 3200D Greenmaster . 3250D Greenmaster (DM850D eng). 5040 Sand Pro . Greenmaster 3200 . Greensmaster 3200 . Greensmaster 3200D . Greensmaster 3250D . Greensmaster 3250D 2005-00 . Grounds Pro 2000D . Infield Pro 3040; Sand Pro 3040 (Briggs and Stratton eng). Infield Pro 5040; Sand Pro 5040 (Briggs and Stratton eng). Reelmaster 2000D . Reelmaster 216 . Reelmaster 223 . Reelmaster 2300 . Reelmaster 2300D . Reelmaster 2600 . Reelmaster 2600D . Reelmaster 3100D (Kubota D1105 eng). Reelmaster 5100 . Reelmaster 5300 . Sand Pro 2020 (Briggs and Stratton eng). Sand Pro 3020 (Briggs and Stratton 16hp eng). Sand Pro 5000 (Briggs and Stratton eng). Sand Pro 5020 (Briggs and Stratton eng). Workman 1100 . Workman 2100 (Briggs and Stratton eng). Workman 2110 (Briggs and Stratton eng). Workman 3200 1999-00 2004-00 . Workman 3200 2005-00 . Workman 3210; Workman 3220 . Workman 3300D . Workman 3300D 1999-00 2001-00 (Liquid Cooled eng). Workman 3310D; Workman 3320D . Workman 3410 . Workman 4200 . Workman 4200 1999-00 2001-00 (Liquid Cooled eng). Workman 4300D . Workman 4300D 1999-00 2001-00 (Liquid Cooled eng). Workman HDX . Workman HDX-D . Workman MD (Kohler 12hp eng). Workman MDX (Briggs and Stratton eng). Volvo EC13 (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). EC13 11kW 15hp (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). EC15; EC15B (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). EC15B . EC15B 11kW 15hp (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). EC15B XR . EC15C (3TNV76-WVE eng). EC15XR . EC15XT (L3E2-64ESA eng). EC15XTV (L3E2-64ESA eng). EC17C (3TNV76-WVE eng). EC18C (3TNV76-WVE eng). EC18D . EC20; EC20B (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). EC20B . EC20B 11kW 15hp (Mitsubishi Mitsubishi L3E eng). EC20BXT (L3E2-64ESA eng). EC20BXTV (L3E2-64ESA eng). EC20C (3TNV76-WVE eng). ECR25D (D1.1A eng). Wacker Neuson G12 (Isuzu 3LD1 eng). G25 (Isuzu 4LE2 eng). Weidemann 1030 DD (Deutz 1008 eng). 1030 DP (103.10 eng). 915D; 915P (Perkins 103 eng). Yanmar 2TNE68E . 2TNV70ASA; 2TNV70HGE . 3TN70 . 3TNE68; 3TNE74 . 3TNM68-AS; 3TNM68-GA; 3TNM68-HA . 3TNM72-AS; 3TNM72-GA; 3TNM72-HA . 3TNV70-XBVA 12kW 16hp (3cyl eng). B08-3 (2TNE68 eng). C12R (2TNE68E eng). SV08-1 . SV17 . Vio 15-2 . Vio 15-2; Vio 15-2A 9kW 12hp 2006-00 (3TNV70 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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