FFR-CA7486 FILTER-Air(Baldwin RS3504, Fleetguard AF25125M, Mann C29840)

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  • Part Number FFR-CA7486
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-CA7486
    Description: FILTER-Air(Radial Seal Round)
    Category: Filters-Air, RadialSeal, Round
    Radial Seal Outer Air Element. Use with Baldwin RS3505. Inner FFR-CA7486SY.

    Height: 340mm
    OD/Width Max: 280mm
    OD/Width Min: 279mm
    ID/Depth Max: 148mm
    ID/Depth Min: 0mm

    AC Delco A1593C, Alco MD7502, Baldwin RS3504, Caterpillar 1282686, 128-2686, 6I2501, Clarcor E29040, Coopers Fiaam AEM2684, FLI6943, Donaldson P529285, P532501, Filtrex FH2501, Fleetguard AF25025M, AF25125, AF25125M, Fleetrite AFR825025M, AFR825125, AFR825125M, Fram CA7486, Greyfriars 1613A, Hengst E591L, In Line Filters FA11130, FFRCA7486, FFR-CA7486, FINFA11130, FIN-FA11130, Kralinator LA1515, Luberfiner LAF4501, Mahle Knecht LX1774, Mann 4584055124, C29840, Massey Ferguson 3782386M1, Napa 6479, Purolator Facet A55001, Sakura A5549, A-5549, A-5549M, A-5549M-S, A5549S, A5571, SF Schupp SL8993, Sure SFA2501P, SFA2501SET, Tecfil AP2501, ARS2501, Vauxhall GM 25313900, Wix 46479, Woodgate WGA1099

    Agco RT135; RT150(Cummins 6.7L Engine), RT135; RT150(Cummins 6.7L Engine), RT140A; RT155A(Sisu 6.6L CTA Engine), RT140A; RT155A(Sisu 6.6L CTA Engine), RT140A; RT155A(Sisu 6.6L CTA Tier 3 Engine), Caterpillar 12 From Serial No 12K1, 12 From Serial No 13K1, 12 From Serial No 73G1, 12 From Serial No 89H1, 120 From Serial No 10R1, 22R1, 120 From Serial No 13U1, 120 From Serial No 14K1, 120E, 14 From Serial No 72G1, 14 From Serial No 96U1, 140 From Serial No 11R1, 24R1, 140 From Serial No 14U1, 140G, 140G From Serial No 5MD1, 72V1, 81V1, 14G(3306 Engine), 16 From Serial No 49G1, 215 From Serial No 4FC1, 9YB1, 95Z1, 215D From Serial No 5XG1, 219 From Serial No 5CF1, 219D From Serial No 5XG1, 225 From Serial No 20S1, 225 From Serial No 2ZD1, 225 From Serial No 51U1, 225 From Serial No 61X1, 76U1, 227 From Serial No 10W1, 229 From Serial No 1GF1, 235B; 235C; 235D(3306 Engine), 235C From Serial No 2DG1, 3WG1, 4DG1, 5AF1, 3126; 3126B, 320B; 320BL; 320BLU; 320BN; 320BU(3066 Engine), 320B; 320BL; 320BN; 320BS(3116 Engine), 320B; 320BL; M320; 322B; 322BLN; 325B; 325BL; 325BLN(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), 320C, 320C; 320CL; 320CLN; 320S(3066T Engine), 320CL From Serial No AMC1, 320CL Cat 3066T(ATAAC-BRX1 Engine), 320CMH(3066T Engine), 320D; 320DL(3066 Engine), 320D; 320DL(C6.4 Engine), 320D2; 320D2L(C7.1 Engine), 320DFM(C6.4 Engine), 320DFM(C6.4 Engine), 322B; 322BLN, 322C; 322CL; 322CLN(3126 Engine), 322C; 322CL; 322CLN From Serial No BKJ, 322C; 325C(3126B Engine), 323DL; 323DLN; 323DS(3066 Engine), 325B, 325B; 325BL; 325BLN(3116 Engine), 3304, 3304B, 3306C, 528(3306 Engine), 528B(3306 Engine), 530B(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), 550(3126 Engine), 550B(3056E Engine), 560B(3056E Engine), 561 From Serial No 85H1, 561 From Serial No 92J1, 54X1, 561N(3126B Engine), 570; 580(3126 Engine), 570B; 580B(3126B Engine), 571 From Serial No 16W1, 571 From Serial No 95N1, 571G From Serial No 16W1, 5ZD1, 572 From Serial No 40U1, 572 From Serial No 96N1, 572G From Serial No 8PC1, 611(3306 Engine), 611(3306 Engine), 613 From Serial No 38W1, 613 From Serial No 71M1, 613 From Serial No 71M1378, 613 From Serial No 92X1, 615C(3306 Engine), 619 From Serial No 61F1, 62F1, 627 From Serial No 54K1, 627 From Serial No 68M1-68M8, 814 From Serial No 90P157, 14R1, 814B(3306 Engine), 814B From Serial No 16Z1, 815 From Serial No 91P244, 15R1, 815B(3306 Engine), 815B From Serial No 17Z1, 816 From Serial No 15U1, 816 From Serial No 15Z1, 816B(3306 Engine), 816B, 824C From Serial No 29G1, 936 From Serial No 33Z1, 45Z1, 936 From Serial No 4SB1623, 936E From Serial No 33Z3091, 45Z23057, 936F From Serial No 4TK1, 8AJ1, 936F(3304 Engine), 938F(3116 Engine), 938F, 938G, 938G, 950B From Serial No 22Z1, 31R1, 63R1, 65R1, 950E From Serial No 22Z3189, 63R6054, 65R3089, 950F(3116 Engine), 950F Mk II, 950G, 950G, 950G, 953 From Serial No 5Z1, 76Y1, 77Y1, 20Z1, 78Y1061, 955 From Serial No 13X1, 57M1, 8Y1, 955 From Serial No 61H1, 85J1, 955K From Serial No 61H1, 960F, 960F(3116 Engine), 962G(3126 Engine), 962G, 966 From Serial No 33A1, 75A1, 966 From Serial No 35S1, 966 From Serial No 76J4837, 30K1338-1400, 966C From Serial No 9KC1, 18B1, 966D From Serial No 94X1-6488, 99Y1, 966E From Serial No 94X6489, 99Y5315, 966F(3306 Engine), 966F(3306 Engine), 966F From Serial No 1SL1, 4YG1, 8BG, 9YJ1, 966F, 966R From Serial No 58Z1, 980 From Serial No 42H1, 980 From Serial No 89P1-1878, CB624 From Serial No 7DD1, Challenger 35(3116 Engine), Challenger 35 From Serial No 8DN, 1DR, Challenger 45(3116 Engine), Challenger 55(3126 Engine), Challenger 65; Challenger 65B, D3B From Serial No 2PC1, D3C From Serial No 7JF1, D4E From Serial No 2CB1, D5B From Serial No 24X1, D5E(3306 Engine), D5H From Serial No 1DD1, 8RC1, D5H From Serial No 26X1, 27Y1, D5H From Serial No 7EG1, 9HC1, D5H From Serial No 7NC1, D5H From Serial No 8RC1, 8RJ1, D5H From Serial No 93J1, 94J1, 95J1, 9BJ1, D5H TSK(3304 Engine), D5H; D5H LGP(3304 Engine), D5N(3126B Engine), D6 From Serial No 17R465, 1Y11, D6 From Serial No 74A1, 76A1, D6 From Serial No 99J11550, 10K5985-629, D6E From Serial No 8FG1, D6G XL Mk II(3306 Engine), D6H From Serial No 2TG4000, D6H From Serial No 3ZF1, 3YG1, D6H From Serial No 5KK, 6CK1, 6FC1, D6H From Serial No 8ZJ1, 9KJ1, D6H LPG(Caterpillar 8YC1 Engine), D6H Mk II; D6H LS Mk II; D6H XL Mk II; D6H XR Mk II(3306 Engine), D6M, D6M LPG(Caterpillar 9ZM1 Engine), D6M; D6M LGP(3116 Engine), D6N(C9 Engine), D6N; D6N FTC; D6N LGP; D6N XL(3126B Engine), D6R(C9 Engine), D6R, D6R DS; D6R FTC; D6R XL(C9 Engine), D6R LGP, D6R; D6R LGP; D6R XL; D6R XR, D6T; D6T LGP; D6T XL; D6T XW(C9 Engine), D7 From Serial No 45W1, 65V1, D7 From Serial No 72W1, 91V1, 92V1, D7 From Serial No 93N1, 94N1, D7G(3306 Engine), D7H From Serial No 4GF4000, 79Z4000, 80Z4000, D7H From Serial No 5BF1, 4FG1, D7H; D7H Mk II(3306 Engine), E240; EL240 From Serial No 4JF1, E300; EL300 From Serial No 2CF1, 4NF1, G3306, IT38F(3116 Engine), IT38F; IT38G, IT38G(3126 Engine), IT62G, IT62G, PS500(3208 Engine), PS500 From Serial No 7XD1, RM500; RM527(3304 Engine), V550; V550 ATT From Serial No 9SC1, V700 From Serial No 5LC1, V900CH From Serial No 3WD1, V925 From Serial No 8FB1, V925LH From Serial No 8NF1, Challenger MT555B(Caterpillar 3056E Engine), MT555B(Caterpillar 3056E Engine), MT555B(Sisu 66 ETA Engine), MT555B(Sisu 66 ETA Engine), MT565(Sisu 8.4L Engine), MT565B(Caterpillar 3056E Engine), MT565B(Caterpillar 3056E Engine), MT565B; MT575B(Sisu 66 ETA Engine), MT565B; MT575B(Sisu 66 ETA Engine), Massey Ferguson 6485, 6485; 6490; 6495(Sisu 6.6L Diesel Engine), 7485; 7490; 7495(Sisu 6.6L Diesel Engine), 8250; 8250 Xtra(Valmet 634 7.4L Engine), 8260(Valmet 634 7.4L Engine), MF8240; MF8240 XTRA(Valmet 620 6.6L Engine), Pegson 60x60

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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