FIN-FA14905 FILTER-Air(Alco MD-7488S, Fleetguard AF25794, Baldwin RS4679)

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  • Part Number FIN-FA14905
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FA14905 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-RS4679, FFG-AF25794, FMH-CF980-2 * * * * *
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    Description: FILTER-Air(Radial Seal Inner Safety)
    Category: Filters-Air > RadialSeal > Inner
    Details: Outer FIN-FA14904. Radial Seal Inner Air Element. Fits inside Baldwin RS4678.
    Updated: 10/05/2021

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    Height: 333mm
    OD/WidthMax: 93mm
    OD/WidthMin: 93mm
    ID/DepthMax: 73mm
    ID/DepthMin: 0mm

    Alco MD7488S, MD-7488S, Baldwin RS4679, RS4687, Caterpillar 2335184, 233-5184, Coopers Fiaam ADG1132R, Donaldson P783731, Fil HP2640, Filtration FTA4515, Fleetguard AF25794, Fleetrite AFR825794, Fram CA9504SY, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA17235, Inline Filters FA14905, FFRCA9504SY, FFR-CA9504SY, FINFA14905, FIN-FA14905, John Deere ER263059, Lautrette Mecafilter FA3483, FJ3482, Luberfiner LAF3952, Manitou 563415, Mann CF980/2, CF9802, Napa 9181, New Holland 85814175, Perkins 26510381, Sakura A5148, A-5148, A8607, A-8607, SF Schupp SL81033, Sure SFA8133S, TRP 1534661, Virgis ST0814708, ST08-14708, Wix 49181, 549181, Woodgate WGA1786S

    Caterpillar 3054C . 3054E . 3054E . C4.4 . John Deere 5215 (41kW 55hp eng). 5315 (48kW 65hp eng). 5515 (4045DAT70 59kW 80hp eng). 5515 High Crop . 5515F; 5515V 2004-00 (4045TAT 59kW 80hp eng). 5615F; 5615V 2004-00 (4045TAT 65kW 88hp eng). Manitou 630-120LSU . 634-120LSU . M26-2; M26-4; M30-2; M30-4 . M26-2; M26-4; M30-2; M30-4 Turbo . M26-4 139094 . M40-4; M50-4 . M40-4; M50-4 Turbo . MA460 1994-00 (Perkins 1004.40T 78kW 106hp eng). MA460; MA470 . MA470 1994-00 (Perkins 1004.40T 78kW 106hp eng). MC30 . MC30 . MC30 Turbo . MC40; MC50 Powershift (Perkins 1104C.44 84hp Atmo eng). MC40; MC50 Powershift (Perkins 1104C.44 84hp Atmo eng). MC40; MC50; MC60; MC70 Turbo Powershift . MC60; MC70 Powershift . MC60; MC70 Powershift (Perkins 1104C.44 84hp eng). MC60; MC70 Turbo Powershift . MC60; MC70 Turbo Powershift . MI60; MI70H (Perkins 1104C.44T 101hp eng). ML632; ML635 . ML632; ML635 Turbo . MLA628 (Powershift Turbo eng). MLA628-120LS . MLA628-120LS Powershift . MLA628-120LSU Powershift . 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MLT730 Powershift (Turbo eng). MLT730.120LS (Perkins 1004.40T eng). MLT733HLSU (Turbo eng). MLT740 (Turbo eng). MLT740-120LSU Powershift . MLT740HLSU (Turbo eng). MLT742 (Turbo eng). MLT742H LSU (Turbo eng). MLT845-120LSU . MLT845H LSU (Turbo eng). MLT940L-120LSU . MSI40 1997-00 (Perkins 1004.42 62kW 85hp eng). MSI40; MSI50 . MSI40; MSI50H . MSI50 1997-00 (Perkins 1004.42 62kW 85hp eng). MT1030S . MT1030S . MT1030S (Turbo eng). MT1030S S2 (Perkins eng). MT1030S; MT1033HL (Perkins eng). MT1033HL (Turbo eng). MT1233 (Perkins eng). MT1233S . MT1233S Mono-Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1233S Version Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1235 HS (Turbo eng). MT1235S . MT1235S (Turbo eng). MT1235S S3; MT1235ST S3 (Perkins eng). MT1240L . MT1240L Mono-Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1240L Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1330 (Perkins eng). MT1330; MT1337SL . MT1330; MT1337SL Turbo . MT1332; MT1637HSL . MT1332HSL . MT1332HSL Mono-Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1332HSL Mono-Ultra Nacelle ORH (Turbo eng). MT1335; MT1435HSL Turbo . MT1335; MT1435HSL Turbo Mono-Ultra ORH . MT1335; MT1435HSL Turbo Ultra Nacelle ORH RC . MT1335; MT1435SL . MT1335; MT1435SL Turbo . MT1335SL S3; MT1335SLT S3 (Perkins eng). MT1337 (Perkins eng). MT1337SL Mono-Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1337SL Mono-Ultra Nacelle ORH (Turbo eng). MT1337SL Version Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1340; MT1440SL Turbo . MT1340; MT1440SL Turbo Ultra . MT1340SL Mono-Ultra Nacelle ORH (Turbo eng). MT1340SL Ultra Nacelle ORH RC (Turbo eng). MT1340SL S3 (Turbo eng). MT1435HSL Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1435SL (Turbo eng). MT1436; MT1840R Privilege . MT1440; MT1840 Privilege . MT1440; MT1840A Privilege . MT1440; MT1840EP Privilege . MT1440; MT1840H Privilege . MT1440SL . MT1440SL Mono-Ultra Nacelle ORH (Turbo eng). MT1440SL Ultra Nacelle ORH RC (Turbo eng). MT1637 (Perkins eng). MT1637; MT1740SL Turbo Mono-Ultra Nacelle ORH . MT1637HSL Mono-Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1637SL . MT1637SL Mono-Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1637SL Version Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1645H (Perkins 1004.40 Turbo eng). MT1645HSL Mono-Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1740SL . MT1740SL Mono-Ultra Nacelle ORH (Turbo eng). MT1740SL Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1740SL Ultra Nacelle ORH RC (Turbo eng). MT1740SL (Perkins eng). MT1740SL (Turbo eng). MT1740SL S3 (Perkins Turbo eng). MT1745HSL Mono-Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1745HSL Ultra (Turbo eng). MT1745HSL Ultra Nacelle ORH RC (Turbo eng). MT728; MT928 . MT732 . MT732 Powershift (Turbo eng). MT732 (Perkins 1004.42 eng). MT732; MT932 . MT732; MT932 Turbo . MT732US . MT835-120LS . MT845 . MT845 Mono-Ultra (Turbo eng). MT845H (Turbo eng). MT928 (Perkins 1104C.44 82hp eng). MT932 . MT932 (Perkins eng). MT932 (Turbo eng). MT940HL (Turbo eng). MT940L . MT940L Mono-Ultra (Turbo eng). MT940L (Turbo eng). New Holland LM415A (4.5L Turbo eng). LM435A (4.5L eng). LM445A (4.5L Turbo eng). LM640 1998-00 (CNH 8045 55kW 75hp eng). LM640; LM630 (New Holland eng). LM840 1999-00 (Perkins AK092D 70kW 95hp eng). LM840; LM850; LM860 (Perkins eng). LM850 1999-00 (Perkins AK092D 76kW 102hp eng). LM860 1999-00 (Perkins AK092D 76kW 102hp eng). Perkins 11104C-44 2001-00 (64kW 87hp eng). 11104C-44T; 11104C-44TA 2001-00 (74kW 101hp eng). Powerscreen 1400 Warrior

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