FIN-FA14874 FILTER-Air(Alco MD-7582S, Baldwin RS3885, Fleetguard AF25491)

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  • Part Number FIN-FA14874
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

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    Description: FILTER-Air(Radial Seal Inner Safety)
    Category: Filters-Air > RadialSeal > Inner
    Details: Inner safety air filter. For outer use FIN-FA14873 or FIN-FA10687. Radial Seal Inner Air Element. Fits inside Baldwin RS3734, RS3884.
    Updated: 19/04/2021

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    Height: 408mm
    OD/WidthMax: 108mm
    OD/WidthMin: 106mm
    ID/DepthMax: 100mm
    ID/DepthMin: 0mm

    Agco 4271468M1, Alco MD7582S, MD-7582S, Ammann 1950370, 1-950370, 45358520128, 4-5358520128, Atlas Copco 5112305741, 5112-3057-41, Baldwin RS3885, Bosch F026400336, S0336, Case IHC 392121A1, 82034623, 8602986, 87683000, P3150515X, X3150515, X-3150515, Caterpillar 1304679, 130-4679, 1527219, 152-7219, Coopers Fiaam ADG1655R, AES2747, FLI9206, Crosland 9810, Donaldson FPG100317, FPG100319, FRG100281, FRG100284, G100281, G100297, G100317, G100319, P717639, P777639, P782816, Dynapac 380161, 4700394687, 908451, Eurofilter 220027, Fendt H515200090110, H716200090110, Fil HP2576, Filtrex FH2576, Fleetguard AF25491, Fleetrite AFR825491, Fram CA5859SY, CA8596SY, Greyfriars 1573A, 1573S, Hamm 2051202, Hengst E672LS, E707LS, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA16115, Ingersoll Rand 85400802, Inline Filters FA14874, FFRCA5859SY, FFR-CA5859SY, FINFA14874, FIN-FA14874, JCB 32/912902, 32912902, JRH0027, John Deere AT203470, F052646, RE508969, Kobelco YM11P01032P1, Komatsu 42X01H0P01, 600-185-3100, 6001853120, 600-185-3120, Kralinator LA1787, Lautrette Mecafilter FA3372, Liebherr 7371126, 7371156, 7412733, Luberfiner LAF5932, Mahle Knecht LXS286, Mann 4563057109, CF1140, CF1140/2, CF11402, Massey Ferguson 3658045M1, McCormick 701603A1, Napa 6766, New Holland 73176005, 82028151, 82034622, 86993192, 87577656, Noitech NA002570, Orenstein and Koppel 1445952, Perkins 26510354, Ponsse 55200, Racor EAF681751, EAF68175-1, EASE68372, Renault 7700061014, Sakura A8578, A-8578, AS8577S, AS-8577-S, SF Schupp SL5661, Sotras SA7025, Steyr 82034624, Sure SFA5491S, SFA5492SET, Timberjack F-052646, TRP 1534989, Vapormatic VPD7324, Virgis ST1015380, ST10-15380, Volvo 11110216, Wix 46766, 546766, Woodgate WGA1221S

    Agco RT100; RT120 (Cummins 6.7L eng). RT100; RT120 (Cummins 6.7L eng). RT100A; RT120A (Sisu 6.6L eng). RT100A; RT120A (Sisu 6.6L eng). Ammann AV85-2 (Cummins 4BTC85 3.3L 63kW 86hp eng). Benford SP 2012 1998-00 . SP2010 . Case IHC 1150K (Family-IV 6.7L eng). 1650L (Family-IV 6.7L eng). 621D . 621D . 621D 2006-00 2007-00 (Case 668TA; 668M2 111kW 151hp eng). 621D (5.9L eng). 621D; 621DXR (668TA; 668M2 eng). 621D; 621XT; 621XR (668TA; 668M2 151kW 205hp eng). 621DXT (6TAA3802 6.8L eng). 850K (668T; 668M2 eng). 850K (668T; 668M2 eng). 850K (Cummins 6T-590 eng). 850L (667TA eng). 988 . Maxxum MX115 2007-00 (86kW 117hp eng). Maxxum MX115 X (86kW 117hp eng). Maxxum MX125 (93kW 126hp eng). Maxxum MX140 (Fiat Power Tech 104kW 141hp eng). Maxxum MXM120 (Iveco 88kW 120hp eng). Maxxum MXU115 (85kW 116hp eng). Maxxum MXU125 (92kW 125hp eng). Maxxum MXU135 (100kW 136hp eng). MTX140 McCormick 2001-00 (Perkins 1006.60T 147hp eng). MXU115 . Puma 115 2007-00 2009-00 . Puma 125 2007-00 2009-00 (FPT 6.7L 93kW 127hp eng). Puma 130 2011-00 . Puma 130 CVT 2010-00 . Puma 130 CVX 2010-00 . Puma 140 2009-00 (104kW 142hp eng). Puma 145 2011-00 . Puma 145 CVT 2010-00 . Puma 145 CVX 2010-00 . Puma 155 2009-00 (117kW 160hp eng). Puma 160 2011-00 . Puma 160 CVT 2010-00 . Puma 160 CVX 2010-00 . WX148 (CNH F4GE9484D 4.5L eng). WX165 . WX165 (667TA eng). WX185 . WX185 (667TA E3 eng). Caterpillar 3056 . 315C (3046 eng). 315C 2003-00 (Caterpillar 3054 83kW 113hp E4; E5 eng). 315CL (Caterpillar 3150 82kW 111hp E4; E5 eng). 315DL (C4.2 eng). 318C; 318CL; 318CLN (3066 eng). 319CLN (3066 eng). 564 . 564 (3056E eng). 574 . 574 (3126 eng). 574B . 574B (3056E eng). 924G (Caterpillar 3056EATAAC 97kW 132hp E4; E5 eng). 924G 1999-00 (Caterpillar 3056T 85kW 115hp E4; E5 eng). 924G; 924GZ (3056 eng). 924G; 924GZ (3056E eng). 924GZ (Caterpillar 3056EATAAC 97kW 132hp E4; E5 eng). 928G (3056E eng). 928G 1998-00 (Caterpillar 3116T 93kW 125hp E4; E5 eng). 930G (3056E eng). C6.6 . C6.6 . IT28G (3056E eng). Challenger MT525B (Caterpillar 3056E eng). MT525B (Caterpillar 3056E eng). MT535B (Caterpillar 3056E eng). MT535B (Caterpillar 3056E eng). MT545B (Caterpillar 3056E eng). MT545B (Caterpillar 3056E eng). Claas Ares 547 5342 (DPS 49kW 66hp eng). Ares 557 5352 (DPS 74kW 100hp eng). Ares 567 5362 (DPS 81kW 110hp eng). Ares 577 5372 (DPS 88kW 120hp eng). Ares 617 8252 (DPS 81kW 110hp eng). Ares 657 8262 (DPS 92kW 125hp eng). Ares 696 8242 2003-00 (DPS6068T 107kW 146hp eng). Ares 697 . Ares 697 8272 2005-00 2007-00 (DPS 105kW 143hp eng). Dynapac CA150 (Cummins B3.3 eng). CA152 (Cummins 4BT 3.9L eng). CA250D (Cummins 4BTA 3.9L eng). CA250D; CA250-IID; CA250-IIPD (Cummins QSB-4.5 eng). CA252; CA252D; CA252PD (Cummins 4BTA 3.9L eng). CA302; CA302D; CA302PD (Cummins 4BTA 3.9L eng). CA3500 (Cummins eng). CA422; CA422C; CC432 (Cummins 4BTA 3.9L eng). F25C; F30 (Cummins 5.9L eng). Extec C10 . Fendt 714 Vario 725 2007-00 (Deutz TCD 85kW 115hp eng). 716 Vario . 818 Vario . 820 . Farmer 311 (MWM TD226-B6 Turbo eng). Farmer 311 Turbo T311.210 1993-00 2001-00 (MWM TD226-B6 85kW 116hp eng). Farmer 312 (MWM TD226-B6 Turbo eng). Farmer 312 Turbo T312.210 1993-00 2001-00 (MWM TD226-B6 92kW 125hp eng). Favorit 511C (MWM TD226-B4 eng). Favorit 511C 1993-00 (TD226.B6 85kW 116hp eng). Favorit 512C; 512CA 1993-00 (TD226.B6 92kW 125hp eng). Favorit 512C; 512CA; 514C; 514CA (MWM TD226-B6 eng). Favorit 514C; 514CA 1993-00 (TD226.B6 103kW 140hp eng). Favorit 515C (MWM TD226-B6 eng). Favorit 515C; 515CA 1993-00 (TD226.B6 110kW 150hp eng). Favorit 711 Vario MkI; MkII 1999-00 2006-00 (Deutz BF6M2013 85kW 116hp eng). Favorit 711; 712 Vario (Deutz BF6M2013 eng). Favorit 712 Vario (Deutz eng). Favorit 712 Vario MkI; MkII 1999-00 2006-00 (Deutz BF6M2013 92kW 125hp eng). Favorit 712 Vario MkIII 2006-00 (TCD-2012-L6 85kW 116hp 4V eng). Favorit 714 Vario MkI; MkII 1998-00 2006-00 (Deutz BF6M2013C 103kW 140hp eng). Favorit 714 Vario MkIII 2006-00 (TCD-2012-L6 96kW 130hp 4V eng). Favorit 714 Vario; 716 Vario (Deutz BF6M2013C eng). Favorit 716 Vario MkI 1998-00 2003-00 (Deutz BF6M2013C 124kW 169hp eng). Favorit 716 Vario MkII 2003-00 2006-00 (Deutz BF6M2013C 129kW 175hp eng). Favorit 716 Vario MkIII 2006-00 (TCD-2012-L6 110kW 150hp 4V eng). Favorit 718 Vario (Deutz eng). Favorit 718 Vario MkIII 2006-00 (TCD-2012-L6 121kW 165hp 4V eng). Favorit 815 Vario (Deutz BF6M2013 eng). Favorit 815 Vario TMS 2002-00 (Deutz BF6M2013 110kW 150hp eng). Favorit 817 Vario TMS 2002-00 (Deutz BF6M2013 121kW 165hp eng). Favorit 817 Vario; 818 Vario (Deutz BF6M2013 eng). Favorit 818 Vario 2002-00 (Deutz BF6M2013 132kW 180hp eng). Xylon 520 1994-00 2004-00 (D0824LUE 81kW 110hp eng). Xylon 520; Xylon 522; Xylon 524 (MAN D0824 eng). Xylon 522 1994-00 2004-00 (D0824LUE 92kW 125hp eng). Xylon 524 1994-00 2004-00 (D0824LUE 103kW 140hp eng). Hamm 3412 (Deutz TCD-2011-L04 eng). 3412HT 2004-00 (Deutz TCD-2012-L04 100kW 136hp 2V eng). 3414 (Deutz TCD-2012-L04 100kW 136hp eng). HD+110VO (Deutz TCD-2012 eng). HD+120VV; HD+140VV (Deutz TCD-2012 eng). Hitachi LX100-3 (John Deere eng). Jackrabbit JR400 (Cummins QSB-4.5 eng). JR400 48-94 (Cummins 4BT eng). JCB 3CX . JS200; JS240; JS220LC; JS260NLC (Isuzu eng). JS200LC 1993-00 1995-00 (Isuzu 6BD1TLE02 91kW 124hp eng). JS220 9802/5810 1999-00 2008-00 (Isuzu 6BD1TLE05; 6BG1TQB04 102kW 139hp eng). JS220L; JS220LC; JS220LR; JS220NL; JS220TAB 1997-00 (Isuzu 6BG1T 96kW 131hp eng). JS240LC 1990-00 (Isuzu 6BD1TLE 111kW 151hp eng). JS260LC; JS260NL; JS260TAB; JS260XD 1997-00 (Isuzu GBDIT 118kW 161hp eng). John Deere 1010D (4045H eng). 1058 (Cummins 4BTA 3.9L eng). 1110D (6068H eng). 324H (PowerTech 4045 eng). 344H (PowerTech 4045 eng). 344J (PowerTech 4045 eng). 360DC; 360DG 583392-586336 (6068T eng). 4045DF; 4045DT; 4045HF; 4045TF . 540G 583532-586336 (6068 eng). 544H; 544HLL; 544HTC . 548G 583532-586336 (6068H eng). 605C . 655C (Liebherr D924T eng). 700J (PowerTech 6068T eng). 710G (PowerTech 4045 eng). 710J (PowerTech 6068T eng). 770D (4045H eng). 810D (4045H eng). TC54H (PowerTech 6068T eng). Kobelco ED195-8 . SK170-8 . SK170-8 III 2007-00 . SK170-9 2012-00 . Komatsu D39EX; D39PX-22 (Komatsu SAA4D107E-1 78kW 105hp eng). D39EX-22; D39PX-22 (SAA4D107E-1 eng). D41E-6C; D41P-6C (SA12102E-2A eng). GD555-3 (SA12102E 103kW 140hp eng). GD555-3; GD555-3C (SA12102E; SAA6D102E eng). HD325-7 (SAA6D140E-5 eng). PC200-7 (SAA6D102E-2 105kW 143hp eng). PC200-7; PC200-7B; PC200LC-7; PC200LC-7B; PC200LL-7 (SAA6D102E eng). PC210; PC210LC-7K . PC210-5 . PC210-7; PC210-7K; PC210LC-7; PC210LC-7K; PC210NLC-7K (SAA6D102E eng). PC220-7; PC220LC-7; PC220LC-7L; PC220LL-7 (SAA6D102E eng). PC220-8; PC220LC-8 (SAA6D107E eng). PC228US-3; PC228USLC-3 (SAA6D102E eng). PW140-7 (SAA4D107E-1 eng). PW148-8 (Komatsu SAA4D107E-1 eng). PW180-7K . PW180-7K (SAA6D102E-2 eng). PW200-7 2005-00 2009-00 (Komatsu SAA6D102E-2 116kW 158hp eng). PW200-7 (SAA6D102E-2 eng). PW200-7K . PW220-7K 2006-00 (Komatsu SAA6D102E 116kW 158hp eng). PW220-7K (SAA6D102E-2 eng). WA200-5 (Komatsu SAA6D102E-2 eng). WA200-5; WA200L-5 (SAA6D102E eng). WA250-5 (SAA6D102E-2-A eng). WA250-5; WA250PT-5 (SAA6D102E eng). WA270-3 (S6D102E eng). WA320-5 (SAA6D102E-2-A eng). WA320-5; WA320PT-5 (SAA6D102E eng). WA320-5L (Cummins 5.9L eng). Landini Legend 180 (Perkins 1006.60TA eng). Liebherr 512 . 900 . 912 SR5094 (Deutz eng). A900 ZW Type 1030; 1031; 1032 . A900 ZW Type 729; 730; 931 . A900CLi; R900CLi . A900CLi; R900CLi 2003-00 2007-00 (Liebherr D924TIEA2 88kW 120hp eng). A904 6859 (D924TE eng). A904; R904 (Liebherr D924TE 99kW 135hp eng). A904C; R904C . A904CLi; R904CLi (D924TIE 99kW 135hp eng). A912Li . A912Li; R912Li 1984-00 1998-00 (Liebherr D904T; D924TE 95kW 129hp eng). A914; R914 1998-00 . A914; R914; R914Li (D924 eng). L512 Type 466 . L512; L514 . L514 Type 1115 (John Deere 4045HF288 eng). L514 Type 467 2000-00 (Liebherr D504T 72kW 98hp eng). L524 . L524 2000-00 (Liebherr D504T 81kW 110hp eng). L528 2007-00 (4045HFL93 100kW 134hp eng). L528 2+1 (D504TI eng). LR614 . LR614 Litronic (PowerTech; Liebherr 4045; D504T 72kW 98hp eng). LR622; LR622B . LR622; LR622M 2030 (D924T eng). LR634 2007-00 (Liebherr D934LA6 184kW 250hp eng). PR712; PR712B . PR712; PR712B 3000 (D924T eng). PR722; PR722B . PR722; PR722B 3000 (D924T eng). R904; R904 Li 6296 (D924 eng). R912 Li . R914 Litronic (D924TE eng). RL22B . Massey Ferguson 5465 (1106C-E60TA eng). 5465 (Perkins 1106C 6.0L eng). 5465 2003-00 (Perkins 1106C-E60TA 88kW 120hp eng). 6465 (1106C-E60TA eng). 6465 (Perkins 1106C eng). 6465 2003-00 2007-00 (Perkins 1106C-E60TA 87kW 118hp eng). 6475 (1106C-E60TA eng). 6475 2003-00 2007-00 (Perkins 1106C-E60TA 99kW 135hp eng). 6475; 6480 (Perkins 1106C eng). 6480 2003-00 2007-00 (Perkins 1106C-E60TA 107kW 145hp eng). 6480 (1106C-E60TA eng). 7465 Dyna-VT Tier 2 2003-00 2007-00 (Perkins 1106C-E60TA 88kW 120hp eng). 7465 Tier 2 (Perkins 1106C-60TA eng). 7465; 7475; 7480 (Perkins 1106C eng). 7475 2003-00 2007-00 (Perkins 1106C-E60TA 99kW 135hp eng). 7475 Tier 2 (Perkins 1106C-60TA eng). 7480 . 7480 2003-00 2007-00 (Perkins 1106C-E60TA 107kW 145hp eng). 7480 Tier 2 (Perkins 1106C-60TA eng). McCormick MTX110; MTX125; MTX140 (Perkins 1006.60 Turbo eng). MTX120 (6.75 eng). MTX135 (6.75 eng). MTX150 2003-00 (Beta Power 112kW 152hp eng). MTX150 (6.75 eng). MTX155; MTX175 (Perkins 1006.60 Turbo eng). Merlo P120.10HM (Iveco eng). New Holland D150B (E3 eng). D95 (667T; 667M2 eng). E175 B 2007-00 (CNH 445TA-MLF 93kW 126hp eng). E175 B Tier 3 (ROPS CAB) 2010-00 (445TA; 445MLF eng). E175 B Tier 3 EU 2007-00 (445TA; 445MLF eng). E175 B-C Tier 3 EU 2008-00 . E175 C NRC Tier 3 2011-00 . E175 C Tier 4 EU 2012-00 (F4HFE413H-A007 eng). E175B (445TA eng). E195C (FPT-F4HFE413HA007 eng). EC160 (Cummins 4BTC 3.9L 70kW 95hp eng). EC450; EC600 . H8040; H8040 Prairie Special (445T; 445M3 eng). HW305; HW305S (4.5L Turbo eng). HW325 (4.5L eng). MH Plus . MH Plus . MH5.6 . MH5.6 . T6.155; T6.165; T6.175 (FPT-NEF6.7 E4i eng). T6.175 2012-00 (NEF 129kW 175hp E4 eng). T6020 Plus 2007-00 (Iveco F4GE9484D 82kW 112hp eng). T6030 (6.75L E3 eng). T6030 (6.75L E3 eng). T6030 (6.75L E3 eng). T6030 (6.75L E3 eng). T6030 2007-00 . T6030 2009-00 . T6030 2010-00 . T6030 2010-00 (6.75L eng). T6030 Delta 2007-00 (86kW 117hp 4cyl eng). T6030 Power Command; T6030 Range Command 2007-00 . T6030 Power Command; T6030 Range Command 2010-00 (ZBK4001 ZBK5000 eng). T6050 . T6050 (6.75L E3 eng). T6050 (6.75L E3 eng). T6050 2007-00 . T6050 2007-00 (6.75L eng). T6050 2007-00 (6.75L eng). T6050 2009-00 (6.75L eng). T6050 Delta 2007-00 (93kW 126hp 4cyl eng). T6050 Plus . T6050 Plus 2007-00 (93kW 126hp 6cyl eng). T6050 Power Command; T6050 Range Command 2007-00 . T6050 Power Command; T6050 Range Command 2009-00 (ZBK4001 ZBK5000 eng). T6070 . T6070 (6.75L E3 eng). T6070 (6.75L E3 eng). T6070 (6.75L E3 eng). T6070 (6.75L E3 eng). T6070 2007-00 . T6070 2009-00 (6.75L eng). T6070 Plus 2007-00 (104kW 141hp 6cyl eng). T6070 Power Command; T6070 Range Command 2007-00 . T6070 Power Command; T6070 Range Command 2009-00 (ZBK4001 ZBK5000 eng). T6080 . T6080 (6.75L E3 eng). T6080 (6.75L E3 eng). T6080 2009-00 (6.75L eng). T6080 Power Command; T6080 Range Command 2007-00 . T6080 Power Command; T6080 Range Command 2009-00 (ZBK4001 ZBK5000 eng). T6090 Power Command; T6090 Range Command 2009-00 (121kW 165hp eng). T7.170 Auto Command 2010-00 (FPT-NEF 118kW 160hp E4 eng). T7.170 Power Command; T7.170 Range Command 2011-00 (FPT-NEF 92kW 125hp E4 eng). T7.170; T7.185; T7.200; T7.210 (FPT-NEF6.7 E4i eng). T7.185 Auto Command 2010-00 (FPT-NEF 103kW 140hp E4 eng). T7.185 Power Command; T7.185 Range Command 2011-00 (FPT-NEF 103kW 140hp E4 eng). T7.200 Auto Command 2010-00 (FPT-NEF 114kW 155hp E4 eng). T7.200 Power Command; T7.200 Range Command 2011-00 (FPT-NEF 114kW 155hp E4 eng). T7.210 Auto Command 2010-00 (FPT-NEF 114kW 155hp E4 eng). T7.210 Power Command; T7.210 Range Command 2011-00 (FPT-NEF 114kW 155hp E4 eng). T7210 . TM120 2000-00 (91kW 124hp eng). TM130 2002-00 2007-00 (96kW 131hp eng). TM140 2000-00 (106kW 144hp eng). TM155 2000-00 (114kW 155hp eng). TS115A . TS115A . TS115A (6.7L eng). TS115A 2003-00 (85kW 116hp eng). TS115A Delta 2005-00 (85kW 116hp eng). TS115A Delta 2005-00 (85kW 116hp eng). TS115A Deluxe; TS115A Deluxe Plus; TS115A Plus 2003-00 (85kW 116hp eng). TS125A (6.7L eng). TS125A 2003-00 (92kW 125hp eng). TS125A Deluxe; TS125A Plus 2003-00 (92kW 125hp eng). TS130A (6.7L eng). TS130A Delta 2005-00 . TS135A 2003-00 (100kW 136hp eng). TS135A (6.7L eng). TS135A Deluxe; TS135A Plus 2003-00 (100kW 136hp eng). TV6070 (6.7L E3 eng). W130 2006-00 (CNH NF6-TAA-6802 eng). W130; W130LR; W130TC (6.8L eng). WE170 (667TA E3 eng). WE190 (667TA E3 eng). Northern Lights NL445T1; NL445T2 . Pellenc 3300 (Perkins 1006.60T eng). Ponsse HS10 Cobra Cat (Caterpillar eng). HS10 Cobra PE (Perkins eng). HS16 Ergo Cat (Caterpillar eng). S15 Bison PE (Perkins eng). S16 Buffalo Cat (Caterpillar eng). Pro Tec Boxer 110 (Perkins 1004.40T eng). Boxer 111; Boxer 114 . PR20; PR24 Road Star (Perkins eng). Renault 640RZ Ares . 696 Ares . Sanvick QJ240 (Caterpillar eng). Schwing WP750-18X (Deutz BF4M1012 eng). Steyr 6115 Profi; 6115 Profi F 2007-00 (85kW 116hp eng). 6125 Profi 2007-00 . 6125 Profi Classic 2009-00 (92kW 125hp eng). 6135 Profi; 6135 Profi F (100kW 136hp eng). 6140 Profi 2007-00 . CVT6145 2010-00 . Profi 4110 Classic Tier 3 2009-00 . Profi 6115 2003-00 2006-00 (113kW 153hp eng). Profi 6115 2007-00 (86kW 117hp eng). Profi 6125 2003-00 . Profi 6125 2003-00 2006-00 . Profi 6125 2007-00 (93kW 126hp eng). Profi 6125 2009-00 . Profi 6125 Classic Tier 3 2009-00 . Profi 6125 Classic Tier 4 2012-00 . Profi 6125 Tier 3 2007-00 . Profi 6125 Tier 3 2007-00 . Profi 6125 Tier 4 2012-00 . Profi 6135 2003-00 (100kW 136hp eng). Profi 6140 2007-00 (104kW 141hp eng). Profi 6140 2009-00 . Profi 6140 Classic 2009-00 . Profi 6140 Classic Tier 4 2012-00 . Profi 6140 Tier 3 2007-00 . Profi 6140 Tier 4 2012-00 . Timberjack 1110D (6068 eng). 770 1990-00 (Cummins 4BTA 3.9L 82kW 112hp eng). Volvo EW140B (D5D eng). EW140B 2004-00 2007-00 (D5DEBE2 92kW 125hp eng). EW160B (D6D-EJE2 110kW 150hp eng). EW160B (D6D eng). EW160B (Volvo eng). EW180B . EW180B (D6D-EFE2 119kW 162hp eng). EW180B (D6D eng). EW200B 2005-00 (D6D-EFE2 119kW 162hp eng). EW200B (D6D eng). L70D (TD63 Turbo eng). L70D 1999-00 2002-00 (TD63KGE 94kW 128hp eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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