FIN-FA10897 FILTER-Air(Alco MD-7542S, Baldwin RS3930, Fleetguard AF25967)

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  • Part Number FIN-FA10897
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FA10897
    Stock Level: 15
    Description: FILTER-Air(Radial Seal Inner Safety)
    Category: Filters-Air > RadialSeal > Inner
    Details: Radial Seal Inner Air Element. Fits inside Baldwin RS3715.
    Remarks: FIN prefix products are our main catalogue items so carry all our Cross Reference and Vehicle Application data. They are not Brand Specific but will usually be better Priced and have a better Stock Level than our Brand Specific items.
    If stock level shown above is zero then delivery is usually 3-4 days.
    Updated: 16/10/2020

    Height: 168mm
    OD/WidthMax: 46mm
    OD/WidthMin: 46mm
    ID/DepthMax: 30mm
    ID/DepthMin: 0mm

    Alco MD7542S, MD-7542S, Baldwin RS3930, Bobcat Melroe 6673753, IR54477195, Caterpillar 2349828, 234-9828, Donaldson FPG042575, G042544, G042545, G042575, P535396, Filtration FTA4524, Fleetguard AF25967, AF26253, Forgeville 539FV, Fram CA9248SY, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA16129, Ingersoll Rand 54477195, Inline Filters FA10897, FBWRS3930, FBW-RS3930, FFGAF25967, FFG-AF25967, FINFA10897, FIN-FA10897, FMHCF52/2, FMH-CF52/2, FMHCF522, FMH-CF522, FMH-CF52-2, FMHCF52-2, JCB 32/919901, 32919901, John Deere AM123378, M123378, M807332, Kralinator LA1647, Kubota 7200000525, 72000-0052-5, K756182360, K7561-82360, RG15842920, RG158-42920, Luberfiner LAF22056, Mann CF52/2, CF522, Mitsubishi 3214311400, Napa 2845, New Holland 73185197, Orenstein and Koppel 2907633, Racor EAF68111, EASE68340, EAVLR68193S2, Sakura A7618, A-7618, A7620S, A-7620-S, Schaeff 5.501.648.513, SF Schupp SL5613, Sure SFA2686SET, SFA5396S, Takeuchi 1911101342, 191110-1342, T1911101342, TY1911101342, Terex 5501648513, Toro 982982, Volvo 11801146, Walker 50903, 5090-3, Wix 42845, Woodgate WGA1222S, Yanmar 11923312700, 119233-12700, YM11923312700, YM119233-12700

    Allmand Night-Lite Pro(Kubotal D905E Engine), Bobcat Melroe BCT13(Kubota Engine), 322D; 322G(Kubota Engine), 321(Kubota Engine), BCA20(Kubota D722 Engine), BCA14S(Kubota D722 Engine), MT52(Kubota D722 Engine), MT50(Kubota D722 Engine), BCA16(Kubota D722 Engine), 453F(Kubota D722 Engine), 453(Kubota D722 Engine), 320D; 320G(Kubota D722 Engine), 320(Kubota D722 Engine), 418(Kubota D722 Engine), E14(Kubota D722 Engine), E10(Kubota D722 Engine), E16(Kubota D722 Engine), E08(Kubota D722 Engine), 463; 463F 11kW 15hp(Kubota D722-B Engine), 453; 453 F 11kW 15hp(Kubota D722-B Engine), 463(Kubota D722E Engine), E14; E16(Kubota D722-E2B Engine), E08; E10(Kubota D722-E2B Engine), 323; 324(Kubota D722-E2B Engine), 319(Kubota D722-E2B Engine), 453C(Kubota D750B Engine), 322G, 463, 453, 453, 320D, 321, 319, 324, 323, 322D; 322G, 418, BCA14, BCT13, MT50, MT52, Caterpillar CB14(C1.1 Engine), 300.9D(Yanmar Engine), 301.7D; 302.2D; 302.4D(Yanmar 3TNV76 Engine), 301.4C(Yanmar 3TNV76 Engine), 302.7D(Yanmar 3TNV76 Engine), 301.4C 13kW 18hp(Yanmar 3TNV76 Engine) From 2012, Ditch Witch 1030(Honda GX340 Engine), Exmark Laser ZHP, Laser Z, Hako Hakotrac 2100 DA 14kW 19hp(Yanmar Engine), Hitachi Zaxis 25 14kW 19hp(Isuzu 3YB 1 Engine), Zaxis 16 9kW 12hp(Isuzu 3YB1 Engine), EX17U 11hp(Isuzu 3YB1 Engine), Zaxis 18 9kW 12hp, ZX16 Zaxis, JCB T2 Micro Plus(403C-07; 403D-07 Engine), 8008 Micro(403C-07; 403D-07 Engine), 801, John Deere 1200 Hydro(16hp Engine), 4100; 4100A Compact 15kW 20hp(3TNE74 Engine) From 1998 To 2000, XUV 825i(Chery 50hp Engine), XUV 625i(Kawasaki 25hp Engine), 2210 From 2003 To 2006, Gator HPX 4x4 Diesel 13kW 20hp, 4100; 4100N, X595, X495, 855D, 4115 18kW 24hp(Yanmar Engine) From 2002, 4010 14kW 19hp(YANMAR Engine) From 2003 To 2005, 4110 15kW 20hp(Yanmar Engine) From 2003 To 2006, 2653B(Yanmar Engine), Pro Gator 2030A(Yanmar 1.1L Engine), M Gator(Yanmar 18 HP Engine), 6x4 Gator(Yanmar 18hp Engine), Worksite Gator(Yanmar 18HP Engine), F735(Yanmar 2V78 Engine), 3550(Yanmar 3007D3003 Engine), Pro Gator 2020; Pro Gator 2020A(Yanmar 3TG72 Gas Engine), 4010(Yanmar 3TNE68 Engine), 2500; 2500A(Yanmar 3TNE68 Engine), 2653A(Yanmar 3TNE68 Engine), 4110(Yanmar 3TNE74 Engine), Pro Gator 2030(Yanmar 3TNE74 Engine), 2210(Yanmar 3TNE74 Engine), 4115(Yanmar 3TNE78 Engine), 1023E(Yanmar 3TNM72 Engine), 2500B; 2500E(Yanmar 3TNV70 Engine), TH 6x4 Gator(Yanmar 3TNV70 Engine), XUV 855D(Yanmar 3TNV70 Engine), XUV 850D(Yanmar 3TNV70 Engine), M Gator(Yanmar 3TNV70 20.8 HP Engine), 1026R(Yanmar 3TNV76 Engine), X750; X754; X758(Yanmar TNM72 24hp Engine), X740; X744; X748; X748SE; X749(Yanmar TNV76 24hp Engine), Komatsu PC20R-8(3 D 84 E Engine), PC12R-8 10kW 14hp(3D68E-3G Engine), PC15R-8 11kW 15hp(3D68E-N3FB Engine), Kubota RTVX1120DR; RTVX1120DW-AS; RTVX1120DW-HS; RTVX1120DWL-AS(D1105 Engine), RTVX1100CR; RTVX1100CWA; RTVX1100CWIA(D1105E4UV1 Engine), ZD321(D782-E2 Engine), ZD321N; ZD321S(D782E2ZD2 PN#1G716-04001 Engine), ZD321 15kW 21hp(D782E2ZD2 PN#1G716-04001 Engine) From 2007, ZD221(D782-E3 Engine), ZD221(D782-E3-ZD-1 PN#1J093-10001 Engine), RTVX900G-A; RTVX900G-H; RTVX900R; RTVX900W(D902 PN# 1J025-10001 Engine), RTV900R-ASD; RTV900S-ASD; RTV900T-TSD; RTV900W-HSD(D902E Engine), KX018-4(D902E3BH3 S/N above #40442 Engine), RTV900(D902-E-UV Engine), RTV900G9(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV900T5(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV900R6(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV900T(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV900R(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV900R9(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV900W6SE(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV900W9(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV900W9SE(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV900W6(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV900W(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV900G(D902-E-UV PN#1G826-08001 Engine), RTV500(GZD460 Engine), RTV500(GZD460 Engine), RTV900G9; RTV900R9; RTV900T; RTV900W9; RTV900W9SE 17kW 23hp(KUBOTA D902-E3-UV Engine), RTV900G9; RTV900R9; RTV900T; RTV900W9; RTV900W9SE 17kW 23hp(KUBOTA D902-E3-UV Engine), RTV900G; RTV900R; RTV900R6; RTV900T5; RTV900T6; RTV900W; RTV900W6SE; RTV900W9 15kW 21hp(KUBOTA D902-E-UV Engine), KX016-4, KX019-4, GR2100, G18, Miller Electric Pipe Pro 304(Kubota DH905 Engine), New Holland EC15, Schaeff HR12(Mitsubishi L3E Engine), HR12 13kW 18hp(Mitsubishi L3E61KL Engine) From 1997, Takeuchi TB014(Kubota Engine), TB210R(Kubota D722-E4B Engine) From 2015, TB014 9kW 12hp(Kubota D782-E2B-BHTU-1 Engine), TB23R(Yanmar Engine), TB108(Yanmar 2TNV70 Engine), TB108 7kW 10hp(Yanmar 2TNV70; 2TNE68-ETBA Engine), TB016A; TB016S 9kW 12hp(Yanmar 3TNE68 Engine) From 1998, TB016(Yanmar 3TNE68 Engine), TB016(Yanmar 3TNE68-NTB; -TB1; -ETB1 Engine), TB014(Yanmar 3TNE68-NTB; -TB1; -ETB1 Engine), TB219(Yanmar 3TNV70-NTB Engine), TB219A; TB219S 10kW 16hp(Yanmar 3TNV70-STB Engine), TB016 10kW 14hp(Yanmar 3TNV70-STB Engine), TB23R 13kW 18hp(Yanmar 3TNV76-XTB Engine), TB20R 13kW 18hp(Yanmar 3TNV76-XTB Engine), TB23R 14kW 19hp(Yanmar 3TNV76-XTB Engine), TB20R(Yanmar 3TNV76-XTB Engine), TB108(Yanmar TNE Engine), TB15FR(Yanmar TNE Engine), TB23FR(Yanmar TNE Engine), Terex TC20(Mitsubishi L3E Engine), HR11(Mitsubishi L3E Engine), TC15(Mitsubishi L3E Engine), TC16(Mitsubishi L3E Engine), HR1.6, HR12, HR13, Thwaites 1 Ton, Toro Workman 4300D(Liquid Cooled Engine) To 2002, Workman 3300D(Liquid Cooled Engine) To 2002, Workman 4200(Liquid Cooled Engine) To 2002, Workman 3200, Greensmaster 3250D, Workman 3210; Workman 3220, Workman 3310D; Workman 3320D, Workman 3410, Volvo ECR25D(D1.1A Engine), EC20B 11kW 15hp(Mitsubishi L3E Engine), EC15B 11kW 15hp(Mitsubishi L3E Engine), EC13 11kW 15hp(Mitsubishi L3E Engine), EC13(Mitsubishi L3E Engine), EC15B XR, Yanmar Vio 15-2(3 Cyl Engine), Vio 15-2; Vio 15-2A 9kW 12hp(3TNV70 Engine) From 2006

    We only supply quality Filter Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Filter, MP Filtri & Solberg.

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    Unless labelled Brand Specific the Manufacturer, Size & Image may vary, we can then second source to complete orders quickly. Application data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our Specifications match your requirements. We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing. All orders must be placed via the Website.

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