FFR-CA7482SY FILTER-Air(Baldwin RS3509, Fleetguard AF25132M, Mann CF19186)

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  • Part Number FFR-CA7482SY
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-CA7482SY
    Description: FILTER-Air(Radial Seal Inner Safety)
    Category: Filters-Air, RadialSeal, Inner
    Radial Seal Inner Air Element. Fits inside Baldwin RS3508. Radial Seal version of FFR-CA598SY.
    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 335mm
    OD/Width Max: 184mm
    OD/Width Min: 184mm
    ID/Depth Max: 126mm
    ID/Depth Min: 0mm

    AC Delco A1584C, Baldwin RS3509, Bomag 332095104, Caterpillar 6I0274, 6I-0274, Coopers Fiaam AES2681, FLI9234, Donaldson P528787, P532474, Eurofilter 220029, Filtration FTA4520, Filtrex FH2517, Fleetguard AF25020, AF25132, AF25132M, Fleetrite AFR825020, AFR825132, AFR825132M, Fram CA7482SY, Hengst E593LS, In-Line Filters FA11127, FFRCA7482SY, FFR-CA7482SY, FINFA11127, FIN-FA11127, Kralinator LA1519, Luberfiner LAF4274, Mann 4518655119, CF19186, Napa 6477, Permatic FA3251, Purolator Facet A55012, Sakura A5534, A-5534, A5573, A-5573, SF Schupp SL8990, Sure SFA0273SET, SFA0274S, Tecfil ASR473, Wix 46477, Woodgate WGA1097S

    Caterpillar 120H(3126B Engine), 12H(C9 Engine), 12H, 12H; 12HES; 12HNA(3306 Engine), 135H(3126B Engine), 140H(3176C Engine), 140H, 140H; 140HES; 140HNA, 143H(3176C Engine), 143H(3306 Engine), 143H, 14H(3176C Engine), 14H, 14H; 14HNA(3306 Engine), 160H(3176C Engine), 160H, 160H; 160HES; 160HNA(3306 Engine), 163H(3176C Engine), 163H(3306 Engine), 163H, 16G(3406 Engine), 16G From Serial No 93G1, 16H(3196 Engine), 16H, 16H; 16HNA(3406C Engine), 245 From Serial No 82X1, 84X1, 245 From Serial No 94L1, 3306B, 3306B, 525B(3126 Engine), 535B(3126 Engine), 539(3126 Engine), 545(3306 Engine), 572R(3176C Engine), 572R(3306 Engine), 578(3406 Engine), 578 From Serial No 8HB1, 583 From Serial No 78V1, 583K From Serial No 78V1, 621 From Serial No 45P1, 621E(3406 Engine), 621E From Serial No 6AB1, 621E From Serial No 6BB1, 621F(3406, 3406C Engine), 623 From Serial No 46P1, 623 From Serial No 6DB1, 623E From Serial No 6YF1, 623E; 623F(3406, 3406C Engine), 627 From Serial No 14S1, 15S1, 627 From Serial No 68M878, 627E(3406 Engine), 627E From Serial No 7CG1, 627F(3406B Engine), 627F From Serial No 1DL1, 627F From Serial No 4YK1, 627G(C9 Engine), 637E(3306 Engine), 637G(C9 Engine), 824C(3406 Engine), 824C From Serial No 85X1, 824G, 825C(3406 Engine), 825C From Serial No 86X1, 825G(3406 Engine), 826C(3406 Engine), 826C From Serial No 87X1, 826G(3406 Engine), 826G From Serial No 7LN1, 953C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), 953C, 953C; 953C WH(3126B Engine), 963, 963 From 6Z1; 11Z1; 21Z1; 48Z1, 963B(3116 Engine), 963B; 963C, 963C, 963C(3116 Engine), 963C; 963C WH(3126B Engine), 973(3306 Engine), 973 From Serial No 32Z1, 86G1. 91L1, 973C(3306 Engine), 973C, 973C; 973C WH(C9 Engine), 980 From Serial No 13B0300, 980 From Serial No 63X1, 980 From Serial No 89P1879, 980C From Serial No 2XD1, 980F From Serial No 3HK1, 8CJ1, 980F; 980F Mk II(3406 Engine), 980G(3406, 3406C Engine), 980G, 992 From Serial No 25K1170, C7, Challenger 65C From Serial No 2ZJ1, Challenger 65C; Challenger 65D(3306 Engine), Challenger 65E(3176 Engine), Challenger 70C(3306 Engine), Challenger 70C From Serial No 2YL1, Challenger 75 From Serial No 7YC1, Challenger 75B From Serial No 4CJ1, Challenger 75C From Serial No 4KK1, Challenger 75C; Challenger 75D(3176 Engine), Challenger 75E(3176 Engine), D10 From Serial No 84W1-610, D22 From Serial No 9VA1, D25; D25B From Serial No 9VA1, D250B From Serial No 5WD1, D250E, D250E From Serial No 5TN1, 4PS1, D250E; D250E Mk II(3306 Engine), D25C From Serial No 9YC1, D25D From Serial No 1HK1, D25D From Serial No 3AJ1, D25D; D30D(3306 Engine), D275; D275B From Serial No 9VA1, D300 From Serial No 9AQ1, D300B From Serial No 4SD1, D300D From Serial No 5MG1, D300E From Serial No 7FN1, 5KS1, D300E(3306 Engine), D300E(3306 Engine), D300W, D30C From Serial No 7ZC1, D30D From Serial No 1HK, D30D From Serial No 3AJ1, 9RF1, D35 From Serial No 9VA1, D350C From Serial No 8XC1, D350D From Serial No 1HK1, D350D(3306 Engine), D350E From Serial No 9AK1, D350E From Serial No 9LR1, 2XW1, D350E(3406 Engine), D350E Mk II From Serial No 2XW1, D350E Mk II(3406E Engine), D35C From Serial No 2GD1, D35CHP From Serial No 3FD1, D400 From Serial No 1MD1, D400E From Serial No 2YR1, D400E(3406E Engine), D6, D6 From Serial No 33X1, D6 From Serial No 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, D6 From Serial No 69U1, 75W1, D6 From Serial No 99J1551, 10K6291, D6D From Serial No 6HC1, 9FK1, 7YK1, D6D From Serial No 74W1, D6E From Serial No 2MJ1, D6E; D6E SR(3306 Engine), D6F SR From Serial No 5FR1, D6F SR; D6G SR(3306 Engine), D6G From Serial No 1KD1, 4RC1, 7PC1, 8YC1, D7E(C9.3L Engine), D7G Mk II(3306 Engine), D7H From Serial No 4GF4000, 79Z4000, 80Z4000, D7H; D7H Mk II(3306 Engine), D7R(3176C Engine), D7R From Serial No 2EN1, D7R; D7RL(3306 Engine), D8 From Serial No 36A35384, D8 From Serial No 46A25738, D8K From Serial No 77V1, D8N(3406 Engine), D8N From Serial No 1XJ1, 5TJ375, D8N From Serial No 9TC1, RM300(C11 Engine), Challenger MT735; MT745; MT755; MT765(Caterpillar C9 8.8L Engine), MT735B; MT745B; MT755B; MT765B(Caterpillar C9 8.8L Engine), MT745C; MT755C; MT765C(Caterpillar C9 8.8L Engine)

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