FBW-RS3995 FILTER-Air(Baldwin RS3995, Alco MD-7782S, Mann CF610)

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  • Part Number FBW-RS3995
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FBW-RS3995
    Description: FILTER-Air(Radial Seal Inner Safety)
    Category: Filters-Air, RadialSeal, Inner
    Radial Seal Inner Air Element. Fits inside Baldwin RS3994. Outer FBW-RS3994.
    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 387mm
    OD/Width Max: 120mm
    OD/Width Min: 117mm
    ID/Depth Max: 102mm
    ID/Depth Min: 0mm

    Alco MD7782S, MD-7782S, S182S, Atlas Copco 6044340, 8060355, Baldwin RS3995, Bomag 05821150, 5821150, Bosch F026400239, S0239, Caterpillar 2567903, 256-7903, Claas 0007521990, 07511990, 07521990, 751199.0, 7511990, 752199.0, 7521990, Clarcor E28976B, Coopers Fiaam AES2917, FLI9235, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 01181004, 1181004, Donaldson P782107, Fil HP2554, Filtron AR200/6W, AR2006W, Fleetguard AF25730, AF26398, Fleetrite AFR825730, Fram CA10029SY, Hamm 1266721, Hengst E2000LS, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA17194, Ingersoll Rand 80813892, In-Line Filters FA11418, FBWRS3995, FBW-RS3995, FINFA11418, FIN-FA11418, JCB 32/920402, 32920402, Kentek AR0016, Lautrette Mecafilter FA3477, Liebherr 10218216, Luberfiner LAF4602, Mann 4560055109, 4560055109, CF610, Massey Ferguson 3902782M1, 3902782-M1, 3902782M2, Noitech NA093660, Orenstein and Koppel 8488374, Ponsse 60250, Schaeff 5.501.661.093, 5501661093, SF Schupp SL8448, SL84482, Sofima S7511A, Sullair 02250164533, 02250164-533, TRP 1535017, UFI 27.511.00, 2751100, Virgis ST16875, ST-16875, Wix 49782, Woodgate WGA1456S

    Agco 9735(Cummins Engine), 9735(Valmet Engine), 9735; 9745(Cummins Engine), 9735; 9745(Valmet Engine), 9745(Cummins Engine), 9745(Valmet Engine), RT130(Cummins Engine) From 04/02 To 12/04, RT130; RT145(Cummins B5.9T Engine), RT145(Cummins Engine) From 10/98 To 12/04, Atlas Copco 1805M; 2005M(Deutz BF4M1013 Engine), 1805M; 2005M(Deutz BF4M1013 Engine), AB1805M 103kW 140hp(Deutz BF4M 1013FC Engine) From 04/01, AB2005M 122kW 166hp(Deutz BF4M 1013FC Engine) From 04/01, XA66DDG; XAS66D; XAS66DDG; XASS66D; XASS66DDG; XA66D(Deutz F3M1011F Engine) From 1999, XAS96D; XA96DDN; XA96D; XASS96D; XASS96DDN; XAS96; XAS96DDN(Deutz F3M1011F Engine) From 1999, XATS156(Deutz BF4M2012C Engine), XS96DD; XAS96DD; XASS96DDN(Deutz F3M1011 Engine), Bomag BW213 DH 114kW 155hp(Deutz BF4M 1013 EC Engine), BW219, BW24 RH 75kW 102hp(Deutz BF4M 2012 Engine), Caterpillar 120M(C6.6 Engine), 12M(C6.6 Engine), 924H; 924HZ(C6.6 Engine), 928H; 928HZ(C6.6 Engine), 930H(C6.6 Engine), 938H(C6.6 Engine), AP500E(C4.4 Engine), AP555E; 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MHL335; MHL340; MHL340 FQC; MHL345(Deutz TCD2012 L06 2V Tier 3 Engine), Volvo ABG5770(Deutz TCD2013 Engine), ABG5820(Deutz TCD2013 Engine), ABG5870(Deutz TCD2013 Engine), ABG6820(Deutz TCD2013 Engine), ABG6870(Deutz TCD2013 Engine), White 8310; 8410(Cummins 5.9L Engine), Wirtgen SP25 13.SP, W100 09.10, W60 09.10, W60; W100(Deutz Engine), W60i; W100i 12.10

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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