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FBW-PA2171 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA2171 £10.16

FBW-PA2171 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA2171

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). Air Element. DIMENSIONS: Height: 69mm OD/Width Max: 218mm OD/Width Min: 218mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco A1212C, PC2178E, Alco MD9828, MD9830, Asahi AMC A1170, TA1170, Atlas Copco A-132, Baldwin PA2171, PA2219, BluePrint ADL ADT32225, Bosch 73333, Coopers Fiaam AG1071, Crosland 9241, Delphi Lucas CAV AF0461, F9313, Donaldson P607250, First Line FAF353, Fleetguard AF4956, AF4975, Fleetrite AFR84956, Fram CA4939, In-Line Filters FA12074, FBWPA2171, FBW-PA2171, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-PA2207 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA2207 £6.76

FBW-PA2207 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA2207

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). Panel Air Element with Foam Pad. DIMENSIONS: Height: 46mm OD/Width Max: 256mm OD/Width Min: 256mm ID/Depth Max: 20mm ID/Depth Min: 20mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco A1199C, PC2297E, Alco MD9824, Asahi AMC A1171, TA1171, Atlas Copco A-137, Baldwin PA2207, PA4467, BluePrint ADL ADT32223, Bosch 1987429122, 73334, BAF9122, S9122, Champion AF370, W211, Coopers Fiaam FL6850, Crosland 9157, Delphi Lucas CAV AF0234, F9319, First Line FAF358, Ford 5025051, Fram CA4940, Hengst ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-PA2216 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA2216 £6.48

FBW-PA2216 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA2216

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). Air Element. DIMENSIONS: Height: 41mm OD/Width Max: 244mm OD/Width Min: 244mm ID/Depth Max: 21mm ID/Depth Min: 21mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco A1203C, PC2171E, Alco MD9872, Asahi AMC A9065, SA9065, Atlas Copco A-11, A11AF939, Baldwin PA2216, BluePrint ADL ADK82212, Bosch 73393, Champion W249, Coopers Fiaam AG1387, FL6910, Crosland 8220, Delphi Lucas CAV AF0455, F9369, Donaldson P607327, First Line FAF359, Ford 5029222, 5029223, Fram CA6376, Hengst E823L, In-Line ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-PA4026 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA4026 £19.74

FBW-PA4026 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA4026

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). Air Element. DIMENSIONS: Height: 69mm OD/Width Max: 172mm OD/Width Min: 172mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco A1204C, Alco MD9870, Asahi AMC A1169, Baldwin PA4026, Bosch 73385, Crosland 9240, Delphi Lucas CAV F9368, Fram CA6377, In-Line Filters FA12739, FBWPA4026, FBW-PA4026, FINFA12739, FIN-FA12739, Kralinator LA1171, Luberfiner AF522, Micro WA1214, Motorcraft FA1364, Nam Poong NPAT-019, Nippon Denso 1378082400, 13780-82400, 1432069, 143-2069, Purolator Facet A24614, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-PA4061 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA4061 £23.65

FBW-PA4061 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA4061

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). Air Element. DIMENSIONS: Height: 67mm OD/Width Max: 255mm OD/Width Min: 255mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco A1253C, Asahi AMC A1180, Baldwin PA4061, Bosch 73387, Fram CA6821, In-Line Filters FA12750, FBWPA4061, FBW-PA4061, FINFA12750, FIN-FA12750, Kralinator LA1334, Luberfiner AF7827, Micro WA1375, Nam Poong NPAT-031, Napa 6058, Nippon Denso 1432095, 143-2095, Purolator Facet A44646, AF4646, Sakura A1154, A-1154, Sure SFA4646, Toyota 1780150010, 17801-50010, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-PA4070 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA4070 £13.54

FBW-PA4070 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA4070

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). Air Element. Also [2] Included I-Gasket. DIMENSIONS: Height: 60mm OD/Width Max: 332mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco A1256C, Atlas Copco A148, A-148, Baldwin PA4070, Bosch 73379, Donaldson P607301, Fleetguard AF26323, Fram CA6850, In-Line Filters FA12752, FBWPA4070, FBW-PA4070, FINFA12752, FIN-FA12752, Kralinator LA1447, Luberfiner AF7825, Mann and Hummel 4517655106, Nam Poong NPAN-003, Napa 26027, 6027, Nissan 1654686G00, 16546-86G00, 1654689G00, 16546-89G00, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-PA4701 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA4701 £18.36

FBW-PA4701 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA4701

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). Channel Flow Air Safety Element. Use with Baldwin CA4700. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. DIMENSIONS: Height: 25mm OD/Width Max: 239mm OD/Width Min: 239mm EQUIVALENTS: Baldwin PA4701, Donaldson P544432, P616400, Fleetguard AF26153, AF27706, Fram CA10281SY, In-Line Filters FA13060, FBWPA4701, FBW-PA4701, FINFA13060, FIN-FA13060, Napa 9910, Wix 42810, 49910, 542810 APPLICATIONS: Freightliner 108SD(Cummins ISL Engine), B2 Bus Chassis(Caterpillar C7 Engine), B2 Bus ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-PA5418 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA5418 £34.94

FBW-PA5418 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Baldwin PA5418

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). Channel Flow Safety Air Element. Use with Baldwin CA5417. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. DIMENSIONS: Height: 56mm OD/Width Max: 238mm OD/Width Min: 238mm ID/Depth Max: 0mm ID/Depth Min: 0mm EQUIVALENTS: Baldwin PA5418, In-Line Filters FA13183, FBWPA5418, FBW-PA5418, FINFA13183, FIN-FA13183, John Deere RE181915, Napa 9520, Wix 49520 APPLICATIONS: John Deere 2204(6068 PowerTech Engine), 4720(6068 PowerTech Engine), 4730; 4830(6068 PowerTech Plus Tier 3 Engine), ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FFR-CA5279 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Mann C2821 £8.47

FFR-CA5279 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Mann C2821

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). DIMENSIONS: Height: 43mm OD/Width Max: 276mm OD/Width Min: 276mm ID/Depth Max: 18mm ID/Depth Min: 18mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco PC2349E, PC580, Alco MD9882, Asahi AMC NA2294, BluePrint ADL ADN12217, Bosch 1987429148, S9148, Champion W247, Coopers Fiaam AG1053, PA7117, Crosland 9239, Delphi Lucas CAV AF0185, First Line FAF334, Ford 5027140, 920X9601EA, Fram CA5279, Greyfriars 1176A, In-Line Filters FA10700, FFRCA5279, FFR-CA5279, FINFA10700, FIN-FA10700, Mahle ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FFR-CA5427 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Mann C2626 £7.20

FFR-CA5427 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Mann C2626

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). DIMENSIONS: Height: 41mm OD/Width Max: 243mm OD/Width Min: 243mm ID/Depth Max: 18mm ID/Depth Min: 18mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco PC2290E, Alco MD9912, Asahi AMC MA4479, BluePrint ADL ADC42221, Champion W187, Coopers Fiaam AG1122, PA7282, Crosland 9288, Delphi Lucas CAV AF0449, First Line FAF1820, Fram CA5427, CA5505, In-Line Filters FA13717, FFRCA5427, FFR-CA5427, FINFA13717, FIN-FA13717, Mahle Knecht LX890, Mann and Hummel 4502653120, C2626, Mitsubishi MD620508, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FFR-CA5524 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Mann C2428 £12.80

FFR-CA5524 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Mann C2428

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). DIMENSIONS: Height: 38mm OD/Width Max: 246mm OD/Width Min: 246mm ID/Depth Max: 15mm ID/Depth Min: 15mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco PC2211E, Alco MD9896, BluePrint ADL ADK82215, Bosch 1987429149, S9149, Coopers Fiaam AG1149, Crosland 8101, Delphi Lucas CAV AF0459, Fram CA5524, In-Line Filters FA13728, FFRCA5524, FFR-CA5524, FINFA13728, FIN-FA13728, Mahle Knecht LX842, Mann and Hummel 4502855210, C2428, Motaquip VFA800, Nipparts J1328011, J132811, Powertrain PMFA664, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FFR-CA6544 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Mann C2619 £6.60

FFR-CA6544 FILTER-Air(Panel)-Mann C2619

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Air(Panel). DIMENSIONS: Height: 38mm OD/Width Max: 241mm OD/Width Min: 241mm ID/Depth Max: 21mm ID/Depth Min: 21mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco PC2289E, PC654, Alco MD9832, Asahi AMC TA173, Baldwin PA4034, BluePrint ADL ADT32226, Champion W231, Coopers Fiaam AG1091, FL6914, Crosland 9214, Delphi Lucas CAV AF0253, First Line FAF314, Fram CA6544, In-Line Filters FA13771, FFRCA6544, FFR-CA6544, FINFA13771, FIN-FA13771, Mahle Knecht LX733, Mann and Hummel 4501953100, C2619, Micro ..... Click Here for Full Specifications

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