FFR-CA5451 FILTER-Air(Baldwin PA3760, Fleetguard AF4968, Mann C24508)

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  • Part Number FFR-CA5451
  • Shipping Weight: 2.72kgs
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-CA5451
    Description: FILTER-Air(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Air, Cartridge, Round
    Outer Air Element. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also [1] Included F-Gasket. For inner safety filter some applications use FMH-CF1320.

    Height: 377mm
    OD/Width Max: 242mm
    OD/Width Min: 242mm
    ID/Depth Max: 132mm
    ID/Depth Min: 11mm

    Baldwin PA3760, Clarcor FMA0652, Coopers Fiaam AEM2632, AZA894, FLI6838, Crosland 9749, Donaldson P778441, Eurofilter 9107, 91-07, Evobus Setra 8.319.144.189, Filtration Control FCL2383, Fleetguard AF4968, Fleetrite AFR84968, Ford 12787290, Fram CA4666, CA5451, CA6666, Hengst C214L, E217L, In-Line Filters FA10789, FFRCA5451, FFR-CA5451, FINFA10789, FIN-FA10789, Iveco 1907533, 1907553, Leyland Daf BL 393561, Luberfiner LAF8658, Mahle Knecht LX345, MAN 81.08304.0074, 81.08304.0076, 81083040074, 81083040076, Mann and Hummel 4550855104, C24508, Mercedes 30946004, Pegaso 173260, Permatic FA3107, Purflux A286, Sakura A5320, A-5320, Savara SA766, Schupp SF SL8658, Sogefi Pro FLI6838/SGP, FLI6838SGP, Sure SFA4508P, Tecnocar A766, UFI Sofima 27.187.00, 2718700, Virgis CH14107, CH-14107, Woodgate WGA986

    Iveco 120E23(8060.45.6090 Engine) From 1992 To 2001, 130E23(8060.45.6090 Engine) From 1992 To 2001, 135E23(8060.45STCA Engine) From 1994 To 2001, 150E23(8060.45.6090 Engine) From 1992 To 2001, 150E27(8360.46.417 TCA Engine) From 1991 To 2001, 150E27(Iveco 8360TCA 7685cc 266bhp 6cyl Turbo Aftercooled Diesel Engine), 170E23(8060.45STCA Engine) From 1994 To 2001, 180E23(8060.45S Engine) From 1998 To 2001, 180E23(8060.45S, 8360.45 Engine) From 1998 To 2001, 180E27(8060.45S, 8360.45 Engine) From 1998 To 2001, 180E27(8360.45 Engine) From 1998 To 2001, 260E23T(8060.45S Engine) From 1991 To 2001, 260E27T(8360.46.417 TCA Engine) From 1991 To 2000, 280E Series, 280E23T(8060.45S.6700 Engine) From 1991 To 2001, 320E27T(8360.46.417 TCA Engine) From 1991 To 2001, 320E27T(Iveco 8360TCA 7685cc 266bhp 6cyl Turbo Aftercooled Diesel Engine), Eurocargo 120E23; 130E23;135E23; 150E12; 150E22; 170E23; 180E23; 260E23; 280E23(8060.45, 8360.46 Engine), Eurocargo 150E27; 180E27; 260E27; 320E27(8060.45, 8360.46 Engine), Eurofire 150E27, ML100E15K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML100E15S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML100E18K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML100E18S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML100E21S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML110E15K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML110E15S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML110E18S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML110E23K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML110E23S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E15K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E15S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E18D(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E18K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E18R(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E18R/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E18S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E23/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E23K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E23R(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E23R/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E23S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120E23S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120EL15S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120EL18/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120EL18R/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120EL18RS(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120EL18S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120EL21/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120EL21R(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120EL21R/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML120EL21S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML130E15/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML130E15K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML130E15S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML130E18/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML130E18D(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML130E18K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML130E18S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML130E23/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML130E23K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML130E23S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML135E18WS(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML135E18WT(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML135E23WS(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML135E23WT(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML140E15/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML140E15K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML140E15S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML140E18K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML140E18S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML140E23/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML140E23K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML140E23S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML150E15/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML150E15K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML150E15S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML150E18K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML150E18S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML150E23/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML150E23K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML150E23S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML180E18D(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML180E21T/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML210E23T/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML250E23T/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML320E27T/P(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML65E12K(8040TCA Engine) From 1991, ML65E12S(8040TCA Engine) From 1991, ML65E14K(8040TCA Engine) From 1991, ML65E14S(8040TCA Engine) From 1991, ML75E12K(8040TCA Engine) From 1991, ML75E12S(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML75E14D(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML75E14K(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML75E14S(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML75E15K(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML75E15S(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML80E15D(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML80E15K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML80E15S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML80E18K(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML80E18S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML80E21S(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML95E15WS(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML95E15WT(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML95E21WS(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, ML95E21WT(8060TCA Engine) From 1991, Super Cargo 180E23(8060.45S 6 Litre Turbo Diesel Engine) From 1997 To 2001, Super Cargo 260E27(Iveco 8360 266bhp Engine), Leyland Daf BL SB 220(DKCL1160 Engine), SB 220(DKT 1160 Engine), SB 2200, SB220(1160 Engine), MAN 11.230(D0826 Engine), 12.224; 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15.264; 18.264; 19.264; 20.264; 23.264; 25.264(D0826LF17, D0826LFL09 Engine), NG272(D0826 Engine), Mercedes O 404(OM 442LA Engine), Neoplan N122/3 Skyliner(Mercedes OM442 Engine) From 1995, Pegaso 6420

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