FFR-CA4524 FILTER-Air(Mann C13109, Fleetguard AF4910, Baldwin PA4890)

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  • Part Number FFR-CA4524
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FFR-CA4524
    Description: FILTER-Air(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Air, Cartridge, Round
    Air Element
    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 309mm
    OD/Width Max: 125mm
    OD/Width Min: 125mm
    ID/Depth Max: 85mm
    ID/Depth Min: 85mm

    AC Delco A1142C, PC2566E, PC512, Alco MD5038, MD-5038, AP Lockheed LK3733, LK3765, Baldwin PA4890, Blueprint ADL ADA102222, Bosch 1457433231, 1457433434, 145743343448N, 1457433434-48N, 9457160033, S3231, Champion W132, Chrysler Dodge 3501843, 4669066, 83501843, 8983501843, Citroen 1444K0, Coopers Fiaam AG1666, AG650, AG667, FL6640, Crosland 8187, 9175, Delphi Lucas CAV AF0128, AF0286, EDA458, Fil HPU4327, Filtron AR257, Fleetguard AF4910, Fleetrite AFR84910, Ford 5017046, 5022747, 5022884, 860X9601CKA, 890X9601HA, Fram CA4524, CA6360, GIF GA688, GA708, Greyfriars 144AX, Halfords HAF302, Hengst E609L, In-Line Filters FA10504, FBWPA4890, FBW-PA4890, FFRCA4524, FFR-CA4524, FINFA10504, FIN-FA10504, Lautrette Mecafilter EL3152, EL3342, Luberfiner AF1543, M Filter MA60099, Magneti Marelli 71758508, Mahle Knecht LX147, Mann 4510955184, 4510955184, C13109, Motaquip VFA300, VFA358, VFA610, VFA754, Motorcraft EFA429, EFA499, Multipart VAF1011, Permatic FA3688, Powertrain PMFA439, Purflux 6241685680, A1030, A588, Purolator Facet A17869, A57772, Quinton Hazell QAF444, Renault 5001000878, 5001008878, 501000878, 6005019651, 7701030276, Savara 923535, SA535, SF Schupp SL5860, SL8283, Sofima S5172A, S9240A, Sogefi Pro FL0664, FL0664/SGP, FL0664SGP, Soparis FPA3198, Tecafiltres A0215, R0802, Tecfil AR7703, Tecneco AR103, AR429, Tecnocar A429, TJ B444, TRP 1500267, UFI 27.084.00, 27.150.00, 2708400, 2715000, 30.809.00, 3080900, Unipart GFE2208, GFE4109, Valeo 585601, Vauxhall GM 25062210, 4400131, 9108131, Wipac AP637, Wix WA6435, Woodgate WGA1255

    Chrysler Dodge Cherokee I (XJ) 2.1TD XJ 2068cc Diesel 59kW 80hp(J8S Engine) From 06/89 To 03/92, Cherokee I (XJ) 2.1TD XJ 2068cc Diesel 64kW 87hp(J8S Engine) From 01/88 To 11/01, Cherokee I (XJ) 2.5TD XJ 2500cc Diesel 85kW 116hp From 01/88 To 11/01, CJ5 - CJ8 2.1 Diesel 2068cc Diesel 44kW 60hp From 01/83 To 12/87, Voyager; Grand Voyager 2.5TD ES 2500cc Diesel 87kW 118hp From 04/92 To 03/95, Jeep Cherokee 2.1 Litre Turbo Diesel 87bhp, Cherokee 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel, Renault B110 Master D(Sofim 8140.07 Engine), B70.35D; B70.45D; B80D(Sofim 8140.61TD Engine), B70FN 40 53kW 72hp(Sofim-8140.61 Engine) From 01/83 To 12/90, B80 Messenger FN40 56kW 76hp(Sofim-8140.07 Engine) From 09/90 To 05/94, B80.35; B80.45(Sofim 8140.07 Turbo Engine), B90 92kW 98hp(Sofim-8140.27 Engine) From 08/90 To 01/92, B90; B90.35D; B90.60TD(Sofim 8140.07 Engine), B90FN 40;60 92kW 98hp(Sofim-8140.21 Engine) From 04/86 To 09/90, Espace 2.1 Litre Turbo Diesel 2068cc 88bhp, Espace I 2.1TD Turbodiesel J/S115 2068cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(J8S 774 Engine) From 10/84 To 12/90, Espace II 2.1TD J/S635/J634 2068cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(J8S 778 Engine) From 01/91 To 10/96, Espace II 2.1TD J63E 2068cc Diesel 66kW 90hp(J8S 612 Engine) From 11/94 To 10/96, Fuego 2.1TD 136 2068cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(J8S 712 Engine) From 08/82 To 10/85, Master, Master 2.0 Litre 1995cc(829 Engine) From 1980 To 1984, Master 2.0 Litre 1995cc(829 Engine) From 1984, Master 2.1 Litre 2068cc(852 Engine) From 1984, Master 2.2 Litre 2165cc 97bhp, Master 2.2 Litre Diesel(J7T 2165cc Engine), Master 2.4 2445cc Diesel and Sofima Diesel From 1980 To 1986, Master 2.4 Litre 2445cc Diesel and Sofima Diesel From 1986 To 1990, Master 2.4 Litre Diesel(S8U 2445cc Engine) From 1997, Master 2.5 Litre Diesel 2499cc 76bhp, Master I 2.0(J5R-718/728 Engine) From 1986 To 1998, Master I 2.0 Q..2 1995cc Petrol 59kW 85hp(829 730,731 Engine) From 09/80 To 09/86, Master I 2.0 Q..2 1995cc Petrol 59kW 85hp(J5R 718,728 Engine) From 10/86 To 07/98, Master I 2.2(J5R-718 Engine) From 1986 To 1998, Master I 2.2 R..2 2165cc Petrol 67kW 91hp(J7T 782, J7T 788 Engine) From 10/80 To 09/86, Master I 2.2 R..2 2165cc Petrol 67kW 91hp(J7T 788 Engine) From 10/86 To 07/98, Master I 2.2i(J7T-782 Engine) From 1980 To 1998, Master I 2.2i R..A 2165cc Petrol 67kW 91hp(J7T 782 Kat. Engine) From 09/80 To 07/98, Master I 2.5 Diesel(Sofim 814067 S8U742 Engine) From 1989 To 1998, Master I 2.5D 2499cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(S8U 742 Engine) From 08/89 To 07/98, Master I 2.5D Q..4 2445cc Diesel 52kW 72hp(Sofim-8140.61 Engine) From 09/80 To 11/90, Master I 2.5TD 2499cc Diesel 69kW 94hp(S9U 714 Engine) From 08/89 To 07/98, Master I 2.5TD Bosch System(Sofim 8140.27-S9U714 Engine) From 1980 To 1998, Master I 2.5TD CAV System H112mm(Sofim 8140.27-S9U714 Engine) From 1980 To 1998, Master I 2.5TD CAV System H72mm(Sofim 8140.27-S9U714 Engine) From 1980 To 1998, Master I 2.5TD R..5 2499cc Diesel 72kW 98hp(Sofim-8140.27 Engine) From 09/80 To 07/98, R18 2.1TD 2068cc Diesel 65kW 88hp From 11/81 To 07/86, R20 2.1TD 1276 2068cc Diesel 63kW 86hp From 01/82 To 12/83, R21 2.1 Litre Savanna Turbo Diesel 2068cc(Petrol Engine), R21 2.1 TD;GTD L48O/L486 2068cc Diesel 48kW 65hp(J8S 704 Engine) From 03/86 To 05/92, R21 2.1D Nevada K48V;S48V;K480 2068cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(J8S 740 Engine) From 10/89 To 12/92, R21 2.1D Nevada RT K480 2068cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(J8S 784 Engine) From 02/92 To 09/95, R21 2.1TD D;DX L487/48P/48W/48 2068cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(J8S 788 Engine) From 03/86 To 06/94, R25 2.1 Diesel B 296 2068cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(J8S 736 Engine) From 06/89 To 12/92, R25 2.1 Litre Diesel 2068cc(Petrol Engine), R30 2.1TD 1270 2068cc Diesel 63kW 86hp(J8S 702 Engine) From 02/82 To 03/86, Trafic 1.9 Litre Diesel(F8Q 61bhp Engine), Trafic 1397cc From 1980 To 1990, Trafic 2.0 Litre Petrol From 1984, Trafic 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel, Trafic 2068cc From 1980, Trafic I 1.9D Diesel 44kW 60hp(F8Q-606 Engine) From 09/96 To 03/01, Trafic I 2.0 1995cc Petrol 58kW 79hp(829 Engine) From 09/80 To 09/90, Trafic I 2.0 1995cc Petrol 63kW 86hp(829720, 829721 Engine) From 03/80 To 12/86, Trafic I 2.0 T..2; V..2 1995cc Petrol 59kW 80hp(J5R 716/726 Engine) From 09/80 To 09/90, Trafic I 2.5D 2445cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(S8U 720/722 Engine) From 03/80 To 04/89, Trafic I 2.5D 4x4 TXW 2499cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(S8U 750/752/758 Engine) From 08/89 To 03/01, Trafic I 2.5D P..4 2499cc Diesel 55kW 76hp(S8U 720/752 Engine) From 09/80 To 02/89, Trafic I 2.5D T..4; V..4 2499cc Diesel 55kW 76hp(Sofim-8140.67 Engine) From 03/89 To 03/01, Trafic Sofima 2445cc Diesel From 1980, Trafic Sofima 2499cc Diesel From 1989, Vauxhall GM Arena 1.9 Diesel 1870cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(Renault F8Q606 Engine) From 04/98 To 08/01, Arena 1.9 Litre Diesel 4 Cyl 1870cc 60bhp, Arena 1.9D 1870cc Diesel 44kW 61hp(Renault F8Q 606 Engine) From 03/98 To 08/01, Arena 2.5 Diesel 2499cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(Sofim S8U758 Engine) From 04/98 To 08/01, Arena 2.5 Litre Diesel 4 Cyl 2499cc 75bhp, Arena 2.5D 2499cc Diesel 55kW 76hp(Sofim S8U 758 Engine) From 03/98 To 08/01

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