FFR-CA270 FILTER-Air(Baldwin PA1706, Mann C36840)

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  • Part Number FFR-CA270
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-CA270
    Description: FILTER-Air(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Air, Cartridge, Round
    Air Element. Inside-Out Flow Direction. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also [1] Included F-Gasket. 2in Pleats.

    Height: 368mm
    OD/Width Max: 350mm
    OD/Width Min: 350mm
    ID/Depth Max: 240mm
    ID/Depth Min: 13mm

    AC Delco A183C, A191C, A723C, C191C, PC141, PC163, Alco MD310, MD7128, MD716, Allis Chalmers 4055695, 40556956, 4379069, 4379238, 4379328, 4388647, 4388884, AP Lockheed AP3038A, AP3401, AP3508, AP3508A, AP851, AP851A, APP3401A, LK3401, LK3508, LK851, Atlas Copco 10300979, 1030-0979, 1030097900, 1030-0979-00, 16193784, 1619-3784, 1619378400, 1619-3784-00, Aveling Barford 701419, Baldwin PA16032, PA16302OPC, PA1630OPC, PA1643OPC, PA1706, Becker 909520, Bosch 1457429065, 1987430054, 54A, 9451160054, Camfil Farr Pamic VP1252E, Case IHC 153682H2, 172435H1, 177173H1, 188747H1, 229943R91, 306908C91, 317801R91, 317890R91, 317891R91, 319700R91, 321807R91, 346778R91, 346779R1, 346779-R1, 346779R91, 346779-R91, 347049R9, 347049R91, 347049-R91, 350347R91, 425090R91, 425308R9, 425308-R9, 425308R91, 425368R91, 425436R91, 426140R91, 429053R91, 4290853R91, 430760R92, 430760-R92, 435107R91, 435436R91, 436035R91, 436713R9, 436713R91, 437767R9, 437767R91, 437899R91, 515745C9, 515745-C9, 515745C91, 524090R91, 624977C9, 625124C9, 625124C91, 625124-C91, 643371C9, 643371C91, 643371-C91, 664230C91, 664230-C91, 664230C92, 664230-C92, 751314C91, 752419C9, 752419C91, 753463C91, 754219C91, 760008C91, 763634C91, 879192C91, 924909C9, 924909C91, 989272R9, 989272R91, Caterpillar 3I0270, 9L3420, 9Y7806, Clarcor FMA0009, Clark 1564833, 7983394, 944716, AW035104, PGF17183, TGF17183, Compair Holman 1262A01570, Consolidated Pneumatic 118FPS1087, 118FPS2644, 118FRS1087, 175PS2644, 18FPS1087, 1F80116, 235PS2644, 7PS2644, 8PS2644, P1791, P179113, P2045, P204555, Continental PCA270, Coopers Fiaam AZA030, AZA030T, DU267, FL6472, FLI6583, L95410, PT7645T, Cosworth PF0107, Crosland 9504, Cummins 130572, 130752, 132102, 133768, 148737, 151610, 151611, 151688, 152016, 156936, 157688, 157936, 191571, 191898, 299288, 299362, 701197, 701425, 702414, A30752, Dart 304218, 304232, 304321, 304397, Donaldson EAB160010, EAB160020, EBA160010, EBA160020, KYP019290, KYP101007, KYP19289, KYP19290, KYX000358, KYX000412, P017625, P103535, P105504, P113535, P123533, P131404, P131414, P143282, P170056, P170626, P17506, P17625, P180490, P190440, P771007, P771526, P772526, P900003, SBG160009, SBG160011, SBG160022, SBG160027, SBG160094, SBG160147, SBG160149, SBG160371, SDG16026, SDG16027, SMP771526, XLP772526, Donit 4930431, 4930654, Euclid 9038908, Eurofilter 113, 1-13, E113, Fiat 74055695, 74379069, 74379238, X42221, Filterline KA123, KA24, Filtration Control FCL2197, FCL270, Filtrel FMA9, Finn FFA10796, Fleetguard AF413, AF989, Fleetrite AFR8413, AFR8989, AFR8999, Foden Y02265005, Ford 5011341, 5011562, A700X9601JA, A830X9601BHA, A830X9601CNA, Forgeville 42, Fram CA2701, CA270-1, CA272, Greyfriars 248A, 428A, Hengst E1L, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA10939, In Line Filters FA10226, FFRCA270, FFR-CA270, FINFA10226, FIN-FA10226, Ingersoll Rand 118/H/1111, 50249550, 50335124, Kralinator LA201, LA59, LA62, LA67, Leyland Daf BL 719535, ABU8510, Luberfiner AF263, LAF18490, LAF263, LAF263AB, LAF267, LAF267AB, LAF3535, LAF3535A, LAF3535AB, LAF3535B, Mahle Knecht AG13, LX183, MAN 45.84055.104, 4584055104, Mann 4584053104, C36840, C36840/1, C368401, C3684081, Massey Ferguson 1090118M91, 1090918, 1495490M91, 1495490-M91, 1495491M91, 1495491-M91, Mercedes 0010922104, 10922104, 10941704, 10941784, 10942104, Motorcraft EFA331, EFA69, FA167, FA518, FA532, Nelson Winslow 018490, 70084N, 70803N, 84541S, 84712S, P17626, P18490, Orenstein and Koppel 101033, 101034A, 101037, 101238, 1499676, Pipercross PX150, Purflux 6241742610, A790, Purolator Facet A63535, A67482, A68490, AF103535, AF10-3535, AF10353584, AF105504, AF10-5504, AF17056, AF17057, AF17626, AF18490, AF2109K, FCA1078, PMK1078, Renault 0003563007, 0003564007, 0003564130, 003564001, 003564007, 003564130, 3564007, 3564130, Rietschle 730522, Ruston 46150765, 46150840, 46155455, 46165455, Ryco HDA5248, HDA5253, HDA5296, Sakura A8545, A-8545, Savara 92293611, 92293617, 92293811, 92293817, 92305417, SF Schupp SL6047, SL8908, Sofiltra 127603, 127606, 127633, Sure SFA6779, Tecnocar A999, UFI Sofima 2778900, 3080800, Vauxhall GM 247059, 6420402, 6420405, 6420410, 6420792, 7998989, 8995059, 9028891, 9030538, 9175487, 9210101, 9211820, 9214361, 9217260, 9227798, Wabco DL6941, JG3137, PB1261, RK1025, RK1116, RK11161, RK17161, TF8095, TH2219, TH239, TH4309, TH7307, TH7308, TH7807, TH7808, VF8383, VG6078, VH8383, VL0273, VL273, VS1743, VS2525, VW5150, YG6078, Wix 42130, 42192, 42490, 42534, 42626, 42756, 542130, A128, A129, DT17056, DT17626, DT18490, Woodgate WGA24, Yale and Towne 2041712, 2053131, 2053132, 2053309, 2057633, 2950417, 2955464, 6950417

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