FFR-CA2548 FILTER-Air(Baldwin PA2504, Fleetguard AF1768M)

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  • Part Number FFR-CA2548
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-CA2548
    Description: FILTER-Air(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Air, Cartridge, Round
    Outer Air Element. Use with Baldwin PA2545. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also [1] Included F-Gasket. Inner FBW-PA2545, Long life version FIN-FA11412.
    Updated: 29/11/2019

    Height: 343mm
    OD/Width Max: 225mm
    OD/Width Min: 224mm
    ID/Depth Max: 148mm
    ID/Depth Min: 24mm

    AC Delco A969C, Asahi AMC A2289V, Baldwin PA2504, Case IHC 3251666R1, 3251666-R1, Caterpillar 3I0831, 9Y6849, Champion HA524, Clarcor FMA0586, Clark 2521682, Coopers Fiaam ADG721, AEM2032, Crosland 9692, Donaldson P127314, P145896, P151138, P181080, P802778, P812015, P812109, P812110, P812505, R802106, R802778, R802788, Fleetguard AF1763M, AF1768, AF1768M, AF4865M, Fleetrite AAR82912, AFR81763M, AFR81768, AFR81768M, AFR84865M, Fram CA2548, Greyfriars 1384A, Hino 178012070, 178012280, 178012280M, 178012600, Hitachi 4147010, 4226539, 76502093, 76502135, 76585444, L4147010, In Line Filters FA10172, FFRCA2548, FFR-CA2548, FINFA10172, FIN-FA10172, Isuzu 1124151530, 1-12415-153-0, 1142141080, 1-14214-108-0, 1142141530, 1-14214-153-0, 1142150600, 1-14215-060-0, 1142150670, 1142151080, 1142151081, 1142151120, 1-14215-112-0, 1142151340, 1142151530, 1-14215-153-0, 1142151531, 1-14215-153-1, 1142151580, 1-14215-158-0, 1142151710, 1-14215-171-0, 1142451580, 1-14245-158-0, 1873100710, 1-87310-071-0, 1899614278, 1-89961-427-8, Kawasaki YYP127314, Kralinator LA869, Kubota 3396011220, 33960-11220, Linkbelt KRP1091, Luberfiner LAF9000, Micro A6465, AV5616, Motorcraft FA899, Napa 1187, Nelson Winslow 84852L, 84852S, Nippon Denso AC6465, Nissan 1654695015, 16546-95015, 16546Z9003, 16546-Z9003, 16546Z9004, 16546Z9005, 16546-Z9005, 16546Z9007, 16546Z9010, 16546Z9013, 16546-Z9013, 16546Z9014, 16546-Z9014, 16546Z9025, 16546-Z9025, 17801228, D16546Z9025, D6546Z9007, D6546-Z9007, FL546Z9007, FL546-Z9007, L6546Z9007, L6546-Z9007, Purolator Facet A53072, AF3072, Ryco HDA5486, SF Schupp SL8959, Sure SFA9025SET, Timberjack 408480, Union A261V, Vauxhall GM 15511629, 15583323, 25043888, 94037810, 94050745, 94058234, Vic A563, Volvo M2521682, Wix 42520, 46645, 542520, Woodgate WGA760, Yale 8408480, 840848000, 8408480-00

    Case IHC 700; 900(Nissan NE6, NE6T Engine), Clark 45C(GMC Engine), 666D(Cummins 6B5.9 Engine), Doosan Daewoo W6, W7, Hitachi EX220; EX220-1(Hino H06C-T Engine), EX270(Hino H06C-T Engine), EX280(Hino HO7C-T Engine), KH125-3(Hino EM100 Engine), KH125-3(Hino H06CT Engine), KH150-3(Hino EM100 Engine), KH150-3(Hino H06CT Engine), KH180-3(Hino EM100 Engine), KH230-3(Hino EM100 Engine), KH300-3(Isuzu 6RB1T Engine), SCX400(Isuzu BB-6HK1T Engine), SCX550(Isuzu BB-6HK1T Engine), SCX700(Isuzu BB-6HK1T Engine), UH083; UH083LC(Isuzu 6BD1T Engine), UH103(Hino EM100 Engine), UH123(Hino EM100 Engine), Isuzu FRR(6HH1 Engine) From 1996, FRR(6HH1 Engine) From 1996, FSR(6HH1 Engine) From 1996, FSR(6HH1 Engine) From 1996, FSR113N; FSR113X(6BD1 Engine) From 1985 To 1986, FSR11HX(6BD1 Engine) From 1986 To 1992, FSR11HXR(6BG1 Engine) From 1986 To 1989, FSR12HK; FSR12HXR(6BG1 Engine) From 1989 To 1992, FSR12HV(6BG1 Engine) From 1986 To 1989, FSR32HRXN16; FSR32HRXN16R(6HE1N Engine) From 1992 To 1996, FSR500(6BD1 Engine) From 1989 To 1992, FSR500(6HE1N Engine) From 1992 To 1996, FSR600(6BG1 Engine) From 1989 To 1992, FSR600(6HE1N Engine) From 1992 To 1996, FTR(6HH1 Engine) From 1996, FTR(6HH1 Engine) From 1996, FTR115T(6BD1T Engine) From 1985 To 1986, FTR123W(6BG1 Engine) From 1985 To 1986, FTR124(6BG1 Engine) From 1985 To 1986, FTR12KX(6BG1 Engine) From 1986 To 1989, FTR12KX(6BG1TRC Engine) From 1989 To 1992, FTR12KXT(6BG1TRC Engine) From 1989 To 1992, FTR32KRX16(6HE1S Engine) From 1992 To 1996, FTR700(6BG1TRC Engine) From 1989 To 1992, FTR700(6HE1S Engine) From 1992 To 1996, FTR700T(6BG1TRC Engine) From 1989 To 1992, FTS123(6BG1 Engine) From 1985 To 1986, FTS12HRX(6BG1 Engine) From 1992 To 1996, FTS12HX(6BG1 Engine) From 1987 To 1992, FTS33(6HH1 Engine) From 1996, FTS33(6HH1 Engine) From 1996, FTS600(6BG1 Engine) From 1989 To 1992, FTS600(6BG1 Engine) From 1992 To 1996, FVR(6HH1 Engine) From 1996, FVR(6HH1 Engine) From 1996, FVR123(6BG1 Engine) From 1985 To 1986, FVR12HX(6BG1 Engine) From 1986 To 1989, FVR12KXT(6BG1TRC Engine) From 1989 To 1992, FVR12LX(6BG1TRC Engine) From 1989 To 1992, FVR13LX(6SA1 Engine) From 1986 To 1989, FVR32LRX17(6HE1S Engine) From 1992 To 1996, FVR800; FVR800L(6BG1TRC Engine) From 1989 To 1992, FVR800L(6HE1S Engine) From 1992 To 1996, JCR(6BD1T Turbo Engine) From 1982 To 1985, JCR500S(6BD1T Engine) From 1982 To 1985, JCB JS200, Nissan 1200(FD46TA Engine), 1300(MD-175 J05D-TA Engine), 1400(FD46TA Engine), 1400(MD-175 J05D-TA Engine), 1800; UD1800(FE6, FE6T Engine) From 1989 To 1991, 1800; UD1800(FE6TA Engine) From 1992 To 1994, 1800CS; UD1800CS(FD46TA Engine) From 1999 To 2004, 2000; UD2000(FE6T Engine), 2000; UD2000(FE6TA Engine), 2300; UD2300(FE6T Engine), 2300; UD2300(FE6TA Engine), 2600; UD2600(FE6T Engine), 2600; UD2600(FE6TA Engine), 2800; UD2800(FE6, FE6T Engine), 2800; UD2800(FE6TA Engine), 3000; UD3000(NE6, NE6T Engine), 3000SD; UD3000SD(FE6TA Engine), 3300; UD3300(NE6 Engine), 550T, CLA(FE6, FE6T Engine), CMA(FE6, FE6T Engine), CMA83; CLA83, CPB(NE6, NE6T Engine), CPB12; CPC12; CPC12BT(NE6, NE6T Engine), CPB88, CPC(NE6, NE6T Engine), CPCBT(NE6, NE6T Engine), Taylor TEH300L(GMC Diesel Engine), THDH300L(Cummins 6BTA5.9 Engine), Timberjack 350(Detroit Diesel 3-53 Engine), 380(Cummins 5.9L Engine), 380(GMC 4-53 Engine), 380C(Cummins 6BT5.9 Engine), 450(Cummins V378 Engine), 608(Cummins 6BTA5.9 Engine), 618; 628(Cummins 6CTA8.3 Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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