FBW-PA1886 FILTER-Air(Baldwin PA1886, Mann C311170, Alco MD-9950)

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  • Part Number FBW-PA1886
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FBW-PA1886
    Description: FILTER-Air(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Air, Cartridge, Round
    Outer Air Element. Use with Baldwin PA1904, PA3832. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also [1] Included F-Gasket. Also G225-AF O-Gasket. Inner FBW-PA1904.

    Height: 419mm
    OD/Width Max: 308mm
    OD/Width Min: 308mm
    ID/Depth Max: 195mm
    ID/Depth Min: 23mm

    AC Delco A417C, A417CCL, A417CL, Agco 207002177, 20-7002177, Alco MD9950, MD-9950, Allis Chalmers 6749675, 674967-5, 685793, 685794, AP Lockheed AP3518, AP3518A, LK3518, Asahi AMC A668, Baldwin PA1886, Bomag 5730107, Case IHC 619763C91, 702512C91, 702512C92, 702512-C92, 702864C1, 702864-C1, 702864C91, 702864-C91, 924172C91, 924172-C91, F850568, P850568, P8508568, Caterpillar 3I0252, 3I0794, 3I0966, 6N6064, Clark 0949525, 1576232, 2510482, 5147111, 949525, Continental PCA535, Coopers Fiaam ADG479, AZA510, FLI6599, Crosland 9572, Demag 988633, Donaldson FTG150031, G140076, G140445, P109086, P113179, P117435, P117530, P117580, P119235, P119576, P128516, P131313, P131333, P138133, P142743, P145521, P151596, P151918, P152923, P181041, P184010, P184025, P184041, P521055, P770091, SMP181041, STG140019, STG140034, STG140067, STG140068, STG140097, STG140102, STG140125, STG140127, STG140134, STG140155, STG140161, STG140162, STG140175, STG140256, STG140257, STG140445, Dynapac 499513, Euclid 4003970, 4003986, 4005570, 9035864, EG82665, Eurofilter 1-45, E145, E1-45, Faun Frisch 746546, Fiat Allis 00667686, 00667690, 06749675, Fiat 01901780, 667686, 667690, 674967, 70663856, 70674967, 70685793, 70685794, 78332987, 8322987, 9231300, 92313000, Filtration Control FCL2205, Filtrel FMA52, Filtrex FH1455, First Line FAF461, Fleetguard AA2908, AF421, AF4707, AF4775, Fleetrite AAR82908, AFR8421, AFR84707, AFR84775, Ford V30924, Fram CA535, Freightliner FLC112, FLD112, Gardner 156297, 172994, Greyfriars 1244A, Hino 178012290, 17801-2290, In Line Filters FA11868, FBWPA1886, FBW-PA1886, FINFA11868, FIN-FA11868, Ingersoll Rand 35801976, 50616424, 52266975, 52269875, 58097797, Iveco 1901780, Koehring 901V2966, E089607, Komatsu 2080168470, 208-01-68470, 2080168480, 2080-16-8480, 2080168550, 208-01-68550, 400591, Kralinator LA276, LA608, Liebherr 5604682, Luberfiner AF9086, LAF5867, LAF9086, Mahle Knecht LX763, Mann C311170, C311227, C31170, Motorcraft FA296, FA648, Multipart 41028001, Napa 2225, Nelson Winslow 109086, 70114N, 84563S, Nippon Denso AF2771, Orenstein and Koppel 101040, 1408296, 1432605, Permatic FA3123, Pipercross PX140, Poclain 850568, 8505-68, E0850568, E08505-68, F0850568, F08505-68, G0850568, G08505-68, Purflux A921, Purolator Facet A47445, A62222, AF2222, Ryco HDA5335, Sakura A5425, A-5425, A-5425-S, Savara 923130, 92313011, 92313017, SA130, Schramm DR3780040, DR3780041, SF Schupp SL8947, Sogefi Pro FLI6599/SGP, FLI6599SGP, Sullair 41121, 45141, Sure SFA7435P, Tecnocar A724, Torit 8PP2283900, 8PP22839-00, Toro 4710047, 47-10047, UFI Sofima 27.926.00, 2792600, S4270A, Vauxhall GM 4012361, 6486941, 8994736, 8994737, 9002141, 9009545, 9034529, 9035429, 9038399, 9038899, 9059513, 9059563, 9240849, 9243828, 9247285, 9260781, F682665, F68-2665, Vic A609, Virgis CH12273, CH-12273, Volvo 12000149, 120001490, 79253662, M12000149, Wabco DA4978, PB0183, VY7894, VY8537, White 20-7002187, 2-7090033, Wix 42225, Woodgate WGA304, WGA304E, WGA487, Yale and Towne 2074151

    Allis Chalmers 41(Cummins V12 Engine), HD41B(Cummins V12 Engine), Bobcat Melroe M870(Cummins NT855 Engine), Case IHC 1000(Cummins Engine), 1000(Deutz Engine), 220C(Deutz Engine), 300(Deutz Engine), 400(Deutz Engine), 600(Cummins Engine), 600(Deutz Engine), H400B, H400C, TD25B, TD25C, Caterpillar 3408, Champion D605T(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), D740(GMC Engine), D760(GMC Engine), Clark 475B(Cummins Engine), 475B(GMC Diesel Engine), 475C(Cummins 1710 Engine), 475C(Cummins Engine), Demag H71(Cummins NT855 Engine), H71; H85(Cummins NT855C Engine), VWT2; VWT4(Deutz F2L912 Engine), VWT7; VWT9(Deutz F3L912, F4L912 Engine), Dresser TD25B(DT817B Engine), TD25C(DT817B, DT817C Engine), Driltech DK45KS(Caterpillar Engine), Drott 220; 220B(Deutz F10L413 Engine), 220C(Deutz Engine), 300; 400(Deutz F12L413 Engine), 600(Deutz F12L413 Engine), Euclid 27LOT(GMC Engine), 29LOT(GMC Engine), 31LOT(GMC Engine), S24; SS24(GMC 12V-71 Engine), S24; SS24(GMC 6-110 Engine), S28; SS28(GMC 12V-71 Engine), S28; SS28(GMC 6-110 Engine), SS40(Cummins NHV12 Engine), SS40(GMC 12V-71 Engine), SS40(GMC 6-110 Engine), TS18(GMC Engine), Fiat Allis 41(V1710 Engine), Ford 9280(Cummins LT10A Engine), Freightliner FLC(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), FLC(Cummins LTA Engine), Hino FS271KD 24.39 Ton GVW EK100 Tipper(13.26 Litre 6cyl Diesel Engine), FU633; K-FS633; K-FN634; K-FR634; K-FS634; K-FN636; K-FR636; K-FS636(EF750 Engine), KFH272; KFN272; K-FR272(EK100 Engine), KFN204(EK100 Engine), KFN274; KFR274; KFP274; KFS274; KFW274(EK100 Engine), KFN276; KFP276; KFR276; KFS276; KFW276(EK100 Engine), KFN278; KFR276; KFP279; KFR279; K-FW279(EK100 Engine), KFN282; KFN284; KFP284; KFR284(EP100, EP100T Engine), KFN286; KFP286; KFR286; KFN288; KFP288; KFR288; KFP289; KFR289; PFW286; PFW289(EP100, EP100T Engine), KFN600; KFR600; KFS600; K-FN638(EF550 Engine), KFN602; KFR602; KFN604; KFR604; KFS604(EK550 Engine), KFN605; KFR605; KFN606; KFR606; KFS606(EK550 Engine), K-FN630; K-FR630; K-FS630(EF750 Engine), K-FN638; K-FR638; K-FS638(EF750 Engine), KFR608; KFS608(EK550 Engine), KFR609(EK550 Engine), K-HT275;K HU275(EK200 Engine), K-HT276; K-HU276(EK200 Engine), KRU606; KRU607(EF550 Engine), KRU608(EF550 Engine), KRU636; KRU637(EF550 Engine), KRU638(EF550 Engine), KZC210(EK100 Engine), KZM940(EF700T Engine), PCG277(EK200 Engine), PFH272(EK100 Engine), Hough D120; D120-B; D120-C(IHC DT817B Engine), D120; D120-B; D120-C; H120; H120-B; H120-C(Cummins NRT6 Engine), D120; D120-B; D120-C; H120; H120-B; H120-C(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), D400; H400; H400B(Cummins VT12-525 Engine), D400; H400; H400B; H400C; D500; H500(Cummins V1710C, VT1710C Engine), D500(Detroit Diesel 16V-71 Engine), H120C(IHC DT817, DT817B Engine), L100; D120; D120B; D120C; H120; H120B; H120C; L120(Cummins Engine), L100; D120; D120B; D120C; H120; H120B; H120C; L120(GMC 6V-71, 8V-71 Engine), L100; D120; D120B; D120C; H120; H120B; H120C; L120(IHC DT817, DT817B, DT817C Engine), Ingersoll Rand DM25(Cummins Engine), DM25S; DM25SD; DM25SP; DM50; DM225(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 Engine), DM25SP(Cummins NTA855 Engine), DM25SP(Detroit Diesel 8V-92T Engine), DM45; DM45HP(Cummins 8.3L Engine), DXL750; XL750(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), T4BH Drill Master(Cummins KTA19C Engine), XL750(GMC 8V-71N Engine), Iveco 170.33; 190.33; 170NC33; 190NC33(8280.01 Engine), 170F, 170F35; 170F35T; 170NC35; 190F35; 190F35T; 220F35; 240F35; 260F35; 260PAC26(8280.02 Engine), 170F38T; 170F38TP(8280.22 Turbo Engine), 190.30, 190.30; 220.30; 240.30(Iveco 8210.22 Engine), 190.32; 190.33P; 190.33PT; 190.33T, 190.33P; 190.33PT; 190.33T, 190.36; 220.36; 240.36, 190.36P; 190.36PT; 190.36T, 190.36P; 190.36PT; 190.36T, 190.36P; 190.36PT; 190.36T, 190.38(8280.22 Turbo Engine), 190.38(8280.22 Turbo Engine), 190.38, 190.38, 190.38; 190.38P; 190.38PT; 190.38PT; 220.38; 220.38PT;220.38T; 240.38P; 240.38T(Iveco 8280.22 Engine), 190.42, 220.36, 220.36PT, 220.38(8280.22 Turbo Engine), 240.36, 240.38(8280.22 Turbo Engine), 260.30, 260.30; 260.36, 260.36, 330.36H, 330.42, OM170.33; OM170.33T; OM170.35; OM190.33; OM190.35; OM220.35; OM240.35; OM260.35; OM330.26R; OM330.35; OM330.35T Fiat OM190NC33; OM260PAC2, Turbostar 190.33; 220.30; 260.30(8210.22 Turbo Engine), Turbostar 190.36; 240.36; 260.36(8210.22 Turbo Engine), Turbostar 190.42(8280.22 Turbo Engine), Turbostar 220.42(8280.22 Turbo Engine), Turbostar 330.42(8280.22 Turbo Engine), Turbotech 190.26; 240.26(8460.21 Engine), Turbotech 190.30(8210.22 Engine), Turbotech 190.36; 190.38; 220.36; 220.38; 240.36; 240.38; 260.36; 260.38, Koehring 866; 866D; 866E(Detroit Diesel 8V-92 Engine), Komatsu PC400HD-6; PC400LC-6(Cummins M11 Engine), Liebherr R962(Cummins NTT855C Engine), R962; R981; R972; R981; R982; R991(Cummins NTA855C Engine), R972HD(Cummins NTT855C Engine), R974B(D9408 Engine), R982HD; R982LC(Cummins NTT855C Engine), Lorain LRT40U(Cummins Engine), New Holland 9184(Cummins Engine), 9482(Cummins M11 Engine), 9484(Cummins Engine), 950(Cummins VT903 Engine), 955(Cummins NTA855 Engine), 956(Cummins NTA855 Engine), 975(Cummins NTA855 Engine), 9820(Cummins L10 Engine), 9860; 9860; 9880(Cummins NTA855 Engine), Orenstein and Koppel RH130C(Cummins V8 Engine), Poclain 1000CA; 1000CK; 1000CL(Cummins KT1150-C450 Engine), 1000CA; 1000CK; 1000CL(Deutz BF12L413F Engine), 220; 220CK(Deutz F10L413 Engine), 220; 220CK; 220CL; 220ALT; 220STD; 300CK; 300CL; 300ALT(Deutz F10L413/F12L413 Engine), 350B, 350CK(Cummins NT855C-335 Engine), 350CK(Deutz BF10L413 Engine), 600; 600CK; 600CL(Cummins NT855C-310 Engine), 600; 600CK; 600CL(Deutz BF12L413 x2 Engine), Terex 72-81(Detroit Diesel 12V-71T Engine), 72-81(GMC Diesel Engine), S-18; SS-18; S24; SS-24; S28; SS-28; SS-40(Cummins NRTO6B1 Engine), S-18; SS-18; S24; SS-24; S28; SS-28; SS-40(Detroit Diesel 6-110 Engine), S23E(GMC 8V-71T Engine), S-24; S-24B; SS-24; S-28; SS-28; S-32; S-35E; SS-40(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Engine), TS32(Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Engine), Tyler Titan(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), Vermeer CC135A(GMC Engine), T755(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), T755; T758(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), T800B, T850(Detroit 6V-92TA Engine), T955(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), V800B(Detroit Diesel Engine), Versatile 825(Cummins N855 Engine), 835(Cummins NT855C Engine), 836(Cummins NT855 Engine), 846(Cummins LT10A Engine), 850 Mk II(Cummins NT855 Engine), 855(Cummins NT855 Engine), 856(Cummins NT855 Engine), 875(Cummins NT855 Engine), 876(Cummins LT10A Engine), 895(Cummins NTA855C Engine), 9184(Cummins 505A Engine), 9280(Cummins L10 Engine), 9282(Cummins 505A Engine), 935(Cummins VT903 Engine), 9384(Cummins 660A Engine), 945(Cummins NT855 Engine), 946(Cummins NTA855A Engine), 9482(Cummins M11 Engine), 9484(Cummins 660A Engine), 950(Cummins VT903 Engine), 955; 975(Cummins NTA855 Engine), 956; 976(Cummins NTA855A Engine), 9820(Cummins L10 Engine), 9840; 9860(Cummins NTA855 Engine), Volvo 425; 425B(Scania DS11 Engine), 425; 425B(Scania DS11 Engine), Wabco 222FT(GMC 8V-71T Engine), 252FT, 252FT, D333F, White 4-225(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), 4-270(Caterpillar 3306 Engine)

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