FFR-CA4201 FILTER-Air(Alco MD-482, Baldwin PA4856, Fleetguard AF971)

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  • Part Number FFR-CA4201
  • Manufactured by: Fleetguard

    Part No: FFR-CA4201
    Description: FILTER-Air(Cartridge with Lid)
    Category: Filters-Air, Cartridge, Lid
    Air Element with Lid. Air Bleed Vent. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Outer air filter cartridge with lid. For inner safety filter use FFR-CA3276SY.
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    Updated: 02/12/2019

    Height: 381mm
    OD/Width Max: 279mm
    OD/Width Min: 226mm
    ID/Depth Max: 118mm
    ID/Depth Min: 10mm

    AC Delco A1020C, A76C, PC184, PC447, Air Refiner ARM2300, Alco MD482, MD-482, AP Lockheed AP3324, AP3324A, AP3453, AP3453A, LK3324, LK-3324, LK3324A, LK-3324A, LK3453, Baldwin PA4856, Bosch 1457429965, 1457429981, 1-457-429-981, 1987430002, 1987430046, 1-987-430-046, 2A, 46A, 9451160002, 9451160046, 9-451-160-046, Coopers Fiaam 1457429965, AZA079, AZA230, FL6415, FLI6415, FLI6687, Cosworth PF0064, PF0095, Crosland 9534, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 01264590, 02164588, 02164590, 02351325, 02352117, 12153218, Digoema DGM01119, Donaldson P181087, Eurofilter H89, Evobus Setra 8.319.051.043, Fendt F280200090020, Fiat M02164590, Fil HP458, HP458A, Filterline KA119, Filtration Control FCL2136, Filtrel FMA158, Finn FFA820, FFA951, Fleetguard AF971, Ford 5011324, 5011555, A830X9601AHA, A830X9601CFA, Forgeville 246FV, Fram CA4201, CA4213, GIF GA424, GA701, Greyfriars 289A, 296A, Hamm 364746, Hanomag Henschel 195946205, Hengst E279L, E279L01, In Line Filters FA10408, FFRCA4201, FFR-CA4201, FINFA10408, FIN-FA10408, John Deere AZ23440, AZ23642, Kassbohrer 8319051043, Kralinator LA1051, LA815, Leyland Daf BL ABU8527, Luberfiner LAF1736, M Filter MA6619, MAT6619, Maco Meudon 521475, Mahle Knecht AG100, AG218, LX229, MAN 81.08301-6074, 81083016074, Mann C23440, C23690, C23726, C26440, Massey Ferguson 195946215, 2872977M1, 2872997M1, Mercedes 0010941004, 10901004, 10941004, A0010941004, Motorcraft EFA314, MWM 6.0541.29.7.0028, 605412970028, Nelson Winslow 84555N, Nissan 01200094, Noitech NA013160, Orenstein and Koppel 1499717, Permatic FA3189, Pipercross PX107, Purflux 6241686970, A601, Purolator Facet AF3134, PM1571, Renault 4033128140, 6005019663, Rietschle 730544, Ryco HDA5200, HDA5204, Savara 9.23.469.17, Scania 269733, SF Schupp SL8573, Sisu 12934000111, Sofiltra 1264-40, 12644000, 1264-40-00, Sofima S5270A, Soparis FDA3141, FPA3201, Standard SA6131, Tecneco AR725i, AR725-i, Tecnocar A705, A723, Teho 131, TRP 1513349, 1534677, UFI 2787700, Unipart GFE2169, Valtra Valmet 807201325, Vapormatic VPD7187, Vauxhall GM 25095975, 90487526, 93152481, Volvo 500858, Wix A141, Woodgate WGA169, Zetor 0021229007, Zettelmeyer 00212290, 002122900, 2122900, 21229007

    Antonio Carraro 11151-4(MWM D226-4 Engine), Auwaerter Auwaerter Coaches fitted with Mann Air Filter, Barreiros 42/16 84kW 115hp(B 24 Engine) From 12/69 To 09/79, 42/17 124kW 170hp(B 26 Engine) From 12/69 To 09/79, 42/20 124kW 170hp(B 26 Engine) From 12/69 To 05/78, B-24, B-26, Chrysler Dodge 42/14; 42/14B(D36 Engine), 42/17; 42/17B; 42/17 Short and Normal Chassis; 42/20AB; 42/40B Short and Normal Chassis(B-26 Engine), Azor; Super Azor; Condor; 42/16; 42/16B; 42/16 Short; Normal Chassis, B-212(B-26 Engine), B-24, B-26, BS-210 200(BS-16 Turbo Engine), Compair Holman Zitair 250(Deutz F4L912 Engine), Zitair 250(Perkins 4.248 Engine), Deutz AG Fahr KHD D16006, D16006 118kW 160hp(F6L 912, F8L 413 V Engine) From 01/68 To 12/81, DL750; DL750P; DL900(Deutz F6L912 Engine), DP1500, DP900(Deutz F6L912 Engine), DR750; DR750P; DR900(Deutz F6L912 Engine), F6L413; F8L413; BF8L413F, Evobus Setra O302 302; 373 125kW 170hp(OM 360.916, 979 Engine) From 05/69 To 12/74, O302 302; 373 141kW 192hp(OM 360.980/981/985 Engine) From 05/69 To 12/74, O302 302; 373 154kW 209hp(OM 360.984, 986 Engine) From 05/69 To 12/74, O305 305.210 177kW 240hp(OM 360.911 Engine) From 01/69 To 05/73, O305 307.000; 307.001 177kW 240hp(OM 407.905,908 Engine) From 04/73 To 07/77, O307 307.050; 307.051; 307.055 177kW 240hp(OM 407 Engine) From 04/73 To 07/87, Setra S120; S120A 147kW 200hp(524-6R1315-20 K Engine) From 04/70 To 12/73, Setra S130; S150 176kW 240hp(524-6R1315-20 K Engine) From 04/70 To 12/73, Faun Frisch Faun Frisch Loaders fitted with Mann C23440 Air Filter, Faun Frisch Trucks fitted with Faun-Frisch Air Filter, KF130(Deutz BF12L413 Engine), KF400(MTU Engine), Fendt Favorit 600LS 63kW 86hp(MWM D 227-6 Engine) From 01/76 To 09/81, Favorit 600LS; 610LS; 611LS; 611LSA, Favorit 610LS 70kW 95hp(MWM D 226-6 Engine) From 01/78 To 09/84, Favorit 611LS; 611LSA 77kW 105hp(MWM D 226-6 Engine) From 01/76 To 12/93, Favorit 612LS; 612LSA 88kW 120hp(MWM D 226-6 Engine) From 01/76 To 12/93, Favorit 612LSA; 614LSA; 615LSA, Favorit 614LS; 614LSA 99kW 135hp(MWM TD 226-6 Engine) From 01/76 To 12/93, Favorit 614LS; 614SL; 615LS; 615SL, Favorit 614SL 99kW 135hp(MWM TD 226-6 Engine) From 01/72 To 12/76, Favorit 615LS; 615LSA 136kW 185hp(MWM TD 226-6 Engine) From 01/76 To 12/93, Favorit 615S; 615SL 110kW 150hp(MWM D226-6 Engine) From 01/72 To 09/76, Hamm 2620D 118kW 161hp(Deutz BF6L 913 Engine) From 01/95, HW2501S(Deutz BF6L913 Engine), HW2501S 118kW 161hp(Deutz BF6L 913 Engine), Hanomag Henschel D600C; D600D; L600C; L600D, K12D, K12D, MF600C; MFD600C K12C(MFH D962K Engine), Irmer and Elze D1101R4D; D1101R4DG(Deutz F6L413 Engine), D1101WR(Deutz A6L714 Engine), Iveco 170L100; 200L100; 200L120; 230L120(Deutz F6L413 Engine), Jenbacher JW602, JW902, John Deere 975, Kassbohrer Kassbohrer Coaches fitted with Mann C23440 Air Filter, Pisten Bully 210 DR (Mercedes Engine), Pisten Bully 220 DR (Mercedes Engine), Pisten Bully 230 DR (Mercedes Engine), Pisten Bully 36.200 (Mercedes OM 352 LA Engine), Pisten Bully 39.200D(Mercedes OM 352 LA Engine), S120; S130; S150(Henschel 6R1315 Engine), S140; S140ES(Henschel Engine), S140; S140ES; S150(MAN D2566 Engine), Kiener BL100(GN 115 VPR Engine), BL130, BL94(GN 155 VPR Engine), Maco Meudon MV450(Deutz BF6L913 Engine), MV460(Deutz BF6L913 Engine), MAN 750; 760(MAN D 0836HM 95U, D 0836HM 91U Engine), 750; 890(MAN D 2146HM 5U, D 2146HM 51U Engine), 750HO-M10; 750HO-M10A 118kW 160hp(D 0846 HM 91 U Engine) From 01/70 To 04/71, Mercedes 1319; 1619; 1819; 2219(OM 360 Engine), 1424; 1624; 1924; 2024; 2224; 2624(OM 355 Engine), 1620; 1621; 1623; 1921; 1923; 2020; 2023; 2220; 2223; 2623(OM 346 Engine), 710; 810; 811; 911; 1013; 1113; 1213; 1313; 1413; 1513; 1813; 1317; 1517; 1418; 1518; 1319; 1519; 1619; 1819; 1620; 2020; 2220; 1621; 1921; 1623; 1923; 2023; 2223; 2623(OM 346, 352, 355 Engine), NG 1617 124kW 168hp(OM 353.951, 953 Engine) From 01/75 To 07/85, O 302; O 305, O 305G; O 305ST; O 307(OM 407H Engine), MWM TD226-6, New Holland 1540AL(Ford 2704ET Engine), 8050(Iveco 8061.S3 Engine), 8060(Iveco 8061.S3 Engine), 8070(DB OM 352A Engine), 8070(Ford 2704ET Engine), 8070(Iveco 8061.S3 Engine), 8070, 8080(DB OM 401 Engine), 8080(Iveco 8061.S3 Engine), TF42, TF42(Iveco 8361T Engine), Renault G210(MIDS 06.20.30 N Engine) From 11/83 To 02/90, G230(MIDS 06.20.30 P, MIDR 06.02.26 Engine) From 01/85 To 03/93, GLR200; C210; C210-19; G210-16; G210-17; G210-18; G210-19; G210-A; G210-BOM(MIDS 06.20.30 Turbo Engine), Manager G200(MIDS 06.20.30 Engine), Manager G210(Renault MIDS 06.20.30 Engine), Manager G230(MIDR 06.20.45, MIDS 06.20.30 Engine), Sisu M161(Leyland 6.90T Engine) From 01/70 To 12/81, M162(Leyland 6.90T Engine) From 01/70 To 12/81, Sisu Coaches fitted with Leyland 400; 401; 410 engine, Sisu Trucks fitted with Leyland 401 engine, Sisu Trucks fitted with Leyland 410 engine, Sisu Trucks fitted with Leyland 680; 690 engine, Vermeer 882K(Scania DS5 Engine), Volvo B10R(THD 100DB Engine), B58, B58, B59, B59, City(THD 100EA Engine), Yale and Towne RT40(Detroit Diesel 4-71 Engine), Trojan 2000(GM 4-71 Engine), Trojan 2000(Detroit Diesel 4-71 Engine), Trojan 3000(GM 6V-53 Engine), Trojan 3000(MWM Engine), Trojan 3000(Detroit Diesel 6V-53 Engine), Trojan 3000(MWM Engine), Zettelmeyer ZD3000, ZD3000, ZD3000F; ZD3000FA(Deutz Engine), ZD3000F; ZD3000FA(Deutz Engine), ZL2000; ZL2001(Deutz BF6L 913 Engine), ZL2000; ZL2001(Mercedes OM352 A Engine), ZL2000; ZL2001(Deutz BF6L913 Engine), ZL2000; ZL2001(Mercedes OM352 Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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