FIN-FA14801 Filter-Air(Equivalent: CF700, AF4522, PA3686)

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  • Part Number FIN-FA14801
  • Manufactured by: Mann

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    Description: Filter-Air(Cartridge Inner)
    Category: Filters-Air > Cartridge > Inner
    Details: Inner Air Element. Fits inside Baldwin PA2767. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket.
    Updated: 31/07/2021

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    Height: 326mm
    OD/WidthMax: 80mm
    OD/WidthMin: 65mm
    ID/DepthMax: 17mm
    ID/DepthMin: 17mm

    Ahlmann 4187824A, Air Refiner ARM870001, ARM87-0001, Alco MD7066, MD-7066, AP Lockheed AP3658, LK3658, LK-3658, Atlas Copco 16195441, 1619-5441, 1619544100, 1619-5441-00, Baldwin PA3686, Bomag 05821312, 5821312, Bosch 1457429885, 1-457-429-885, F026400081, S0081, S9885, Case IHC 3147878R1, 3147878-R1, 3147878R2, Claas 01761700, Coopers Fiaam ADG766, AES2285, FLI6799, Crosland 9665, Demag 7360374, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 04144897, 04744897, 4144897, Digoema DGM01128S, Donaldson P775367, P777524, Eicher 318.8773M, 3188773M, Eurofilter 4609, 46-09, Fendt F178200090020, F17820009020, Fil HP948, Filtron AM406/1W, AM4061W, AM498/43W, AM49843W, Fleetguard AF4522, Fleetrite AFR84522, Fram CA3295SY, GIF GA307, Greyfriars 1564A, Hengst E113LS, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA14472, Hyster 809582, Inline FA14801, FFRCA3295SY, FFR-CA3295SY, FINFA14801, FIN-FA14801, Kubota 3587311181, 35873-11181, Liebherr 7002302, 7002402, Linde Lansing 0160000007001, 160000007001, 9839017, Luberfiner LAF1713, Mahle Knecht LXS218, LXS5/1, LXS51, MAN 45.16555.239, Mann 4516555149, 4516555239, 4516592444, CF700, Mercedes 0020943304, 20943304, A0020943304, MWM 905412970037, Noitech NA046660, Orenstein and Koppel 1449429, 917274, 917275, Permatic FA3110, Pipercross PX1053, Poclain 850546, 8505-46, G0850546, G08505-46, Purflux A880, Purolator Facet A17326, Renault 6005019713, Sakura A5309, A-5309, A6201S, A-6201-S, Schaeff 5.501.660.671, 5501660671, SF Schupp SL6213, Sofiltra 124606, 1246-06, 12460600, 1246-06-00, Sogefi Pro FLI6799/SGP, FLI6799SGP, Sotras SA6466, Steyr 141185190007, 411.85.19.0007, 41185190007, 411-85-190-00-7, Sure SFAF700S, Tecfil AR805, AS805, TRP 1534770, UFI 27.165.00, 2716500, Vapormatic CPD7038, VPD7038, Wix 49616, Woodgate WGA128S

    Bomag BW151AD. BW151AD-4(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). Case IHC 1046; 1046A. 1046; 1046A(D358 74kW 101hp eng). 1055; 1055XL-1982/01(D358 74kW 101hp eng). 1056; 1056XL(D358 eng). 544(D239 eng). 554. 554-1974/01(D206 40kW 55hp eng). 644. 644; 644A-1974/01(D206 44kW 60hp eng). 743; 743A; 743S; 743SA; 743XL; 743XLA-1990/01(D239 49kW 67hp eng). 743; 743S; 743XL. 744. 744; 744A-1974/01(D239 51kW 70hp eng). 745; 745S; 745SA; 745XL; 745XLA-1980/01(D239 53kW 72hp eng). 745; 745S; 745XL. 824; 824A. 824; 824A-1971/01(D239 54kW 73hp eng). 844; 844A; 844S; 844SA; 844XL; 844XLA-1975/01(D246; D268 59kW 80hp eng). 844; 844S; 844XL. 946; 946A. 946; 946A-1971/01(D310 66kW 90hp eng). 955. 955; 955A; 955XL; 955XLA-1977/01(D310 66kW 90hp eng). 956; 956XL(D358 eng). 956XL; 956XLA-1982/01(D358 70kW 95hp eng). C1056A-1982/01. C55-1992/01(WD301 40kW 55hp eng). C70-1992/01(WD301.87 51kW 70hp eng). CS68; CS68A(WD301.89 50kW 68hp eng). CS68; CS68A-1999/01(320.80 50kW 68hp eng). CS75; CS75A(WD301.88 55kW 75hp eng). CS75-1997/01. Claas Dominator | 38; 38S; 48; 48S(Deutz F4L912 eng). Dominator | 38; 38S; 48; 48S(Perkins 4.236 eng). Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1800D-1988/01(MWM D229-4 49kW 66hp eng). 1800D-1988/01(Perkins Q20B-4.236 49kW 66hp eng). 4500D-1994/01(MWM D229-3 45kW 61hp eng). 5000D-1994/01(MWM D229-4 66kW 90hp eng). 7000D-1993/01(MWM D229-4 49kW 66hp eng). Fendt 308LS(D226-4 eng). 309. 345GT; 345GTM-T345.010-1985/01(Deutz F3L912 33kW 45hp eng). 350GT(KHD F3L912H 37kW 50hp eng). 360GT; 360GTF; 360GTH-1991/01(KHD F3L913H T360.010; T360.020 44kW 60hp eng). 365GT; 365GTA-T365.220-1985/01(KHD F4L912 48kW 65hp eng). 370GT; 370GTA-F148-1998/01(Deutz F4L913H 55kW 75hp eng). 380GT; 380GTA; 380GTF T380.010; 220-1984/01(KHD F4L913H 59kW 80hp eng). F365GT; F380GT; F380GTA; F380GTF. F365GTA. F365GTA(Deutz eng). F380GT; F380GTA; F380GTF(Deutz eng). Farmer | 303LS; 303LSA-1980/01(MWM D223-3 38kW 52hp eng). Farmer | 303LS; 304LS. Farmer | 304LS; 304LSA-1980/01(TD226.3.B 42kW 57hp eng). Farmer | 305; 306(MWM D226-4; D227-4 eng). Farmer | 305S; 305LS; 305LSA-1980/01(MWM D227-4 46kW 63hp eng). Farmer | 306S; 306LS; 306LSA-1980/01(MWM D226-4 50kW 68hp eng). Farmer | 307C; 307CA(Deutz BF4M1012E; BF4M1012EC eng). Farmer | 307LS; 307LSA; 307S(MWM TD226-4 eng). Farmer | 307S; 307LS; 307LSA-1980/01(MWM TD226-4 55kW 75hp eng). Farmer | 308S; 308LS; 308LSA(MWM D226-4 eng). Farmer | 308S; 308LS; 308LSA-1980/01(MWM D226-4 57kW 78hp eng). Farmer | 309LS; 309LSA; 309S(MWM TD226-4 eng). Farmer | 309S; 309LS; 309LSA-1980/01(MWM TD226-4 66kW 90hp eng). TS60. TS60(MWM D226-4 eng). TS60-T259.010-1983/01(MWM D226-4 46kW 63hp eng). Hako Citymaster | 1800TDi-2001/01(VW 1.9L TDI 61kW 83hp eng). Iveco 75.9. 80.9. 80-D. 90.9. 90-D. 90-M. Kobelco WLK10(Deutz BF4L1011 eng). WLK9(Deutz BF4L1011 eng). Liebherr 901; A901B; A901C; R901BLC; R901CLC; R901LC(Deutz F3L912 eng). A308; R308. A308; R308-1996/01(Deutz BF4M1011F 53kW 72hp eng). A310; R310-1991/01(Deutz BF4L1011 52kW 71hp eng). Linde Lansing H35; H40; H40D; H50; H60; H70. Marshall 842-1990/01(WD411.88 59kW 80hp eng). 844-1990/01(WD411.88 59kW 80hp eng). Mercedes 700G; 700K; 700S. MB Trac | 700-440.162-1982/01(OM314 48kW 65hp eng). MB Trac | 800 440.163-440.163-1982/01(OM314 55kW 75hp eng). Multicar Multi | M25; M26-1994/01(Iveco 8140 2.5D 62kW 84hp eng). Multi | M25; M26-1996/01(Iveco 8140 2.8TD 78kW 105hp eng). Orenstein and Koppel L5; L5B; L5C(Deutz F2L511 26kW 35hp eng). Schlueter Compact | 1050TV-1982/01. Compact | 1050V6. Compact | 1150TV6. Compact | 950(V6 eng). Super | 1050V-1982/01. Super | 1150V-1982/01. Super | 1250V; 1250VL; 1250VL Special-1982/01. Steyr 188; 955; 964; 970. 8080; 8080A-1984/01(WD411 eng). 8085; 8085A(WD411.92 eng). 8085; 8090. 8090. 8090; 8090A-1984/01(WD411.87; WD411.88 59kW 80hp eng). 8095; 8095A-1980/01(WD411 eng). 955; 955A(WD301.42; WD301.43 41kW 56hp eng). 964; 964A(WD301.83 47kW 64hp eng). 970; 970A(WD301.87 51kW 70hp eng). M968; M968A(WD301.89 50kW 68hp eng). M968; M968A-1999/01(WD320.80 50kW 68hp eng). M968-1997/01. M975; M975A(WD301.88 55kW 75hp eng). M975-1997/01. M975A-1999/01(320.81 55kW 75hp eng). Sullair FF40E. FF40E10. FF50E. FF50E10. S40E. S40E10. S50E. S50E10

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