FFR-CA4202SY FILTER-Air(Baldwin PA2837, Fleetguard AF1842, Mann CF800)

Price(Ex Vat): £11.01

  • Part Number FFR-CA4202SY
  • Shipping Weight: 0.47kgs
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-CA4202SY
    Description: FILTER-Air(Cartridge Inner Safety)
    Category: Filters-Air, Cartridge, Inner
    Inner Air Element. Fits inside Baldwin PA2845. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also [1] Included F-Gasket

    Height: 341mm
    OD/Width Max: 92mm
    OD/Width Min: 83mm
    ID/Depth Max: 72mm
    ID/Depth Min: 18mm

    Alco MD7062, MD-7062, AP Lockheed AP3659, LK3659, Baldwin PA2837, Bomag 05821015, 5821015, Bosch 1457429822, 1-457-429-822, S9822, Case IHC 161100190020, 3126100R1, 3126100-R1, 3216100R1, 3216100-R1, 3216100R2, Claas 176169, 176169.0, 1761690, 178429.1, 1784291, Coopers Fiaam ADG631, AZA203, AZA203T, FLI6800, Crosland 9649, Demag 39468640, 988740, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 02415950, 02985037, 1111402030400, 2415950, 2985037, 41891735, Donaldson P775368, P776694, Donit 4930372, Eurofilter 4603, Faun Frisch 1470634, 4134370, 746839, Fendt F184200090040, Fiat 01902130, 24150950, Filtration FTA4050, Fleetguard AF1842, Fleetrite AFR81842, Forgeville 284, 284FV, Fram CA4202SY, CA7712SY, Greyfriars 1202A, Hamm 385905, Hengst E114LS, E114LSY, In-Line Filters FA10410, FFRCA4202SY, FFR-CA4202SY, FINFA10410, FIN-FA10410, Iveco 1902130, 2414950, John Deere AZ25494, AZ25498, DQ24942, Johnston 2808503, Kralinator LA1102, Kramer 0009931706, 9931706, Liebherr 5106525, 7361346, Linde Lansing 0160000098001, 160000008001, 60000098001, 9839018, 9839021, FM8104273, Luberfiner LAF1715, Mahle Knecht LKS41, LXS41, LXS41/1, LXS411, SE080, MAN 45.22555.229, Mann and Hummel 4522555149, 4522555229, 4522575474, CF800, McCormick MC3216100R1, Mercedes 0020946104, 20946104, 6110019002, MWM 606901670114, Nelson Winslow 84908S, 94908S, Orenstein and Koppel 765821, 8003742, 936693, Permatic FA3407, Purflux 6241742850, A814, Purolator Facet A67100, AF3100, Renault 6005019717, 7701019018, Ryco HDA5526, Sakura A-6211-S, A6212, A-6212, Savara 923674, 92367417, SA674, Schupp SF SL6215, Sogefi Pro FLI6800/SGP, FLI6800SGP, Soparis FCA3348, Steyr 61100190020, 611-00-190-02-0, Sure SFA0800S, Tecfil AS810, Tecneco AR491, Tecnocar A491, UFI Sofima 27.055.00, 2705500, Valtra Valmet 5018609, 80062100, AF11110148, Vapormatic CPD7040, VPD7040, Vauxhall GM 94621223, Virgis ST13530, ST-13530, Volvo 11033777, 110337771, 11110148, 11110148-1, 4785611, 478561-1, 47856117, 6644840, 787383, Wix 46532, 49098, 546532, Woodgate WGA114S, WGA144S, Zetor 0022624805, Zettelmeyer 22624805

    Akerman EC130; EC150(Volvo TD40GB, TD40KC Engine), EW130; EW150(Volvo TD40GB, TD40KC Engine), Atlas Copco PR700; PR700TD(Deutz F10L413 Engine), VSS335, XA40; XAS40; XASS40; XA50; XAS50; XASS50(Deutz F2L511D Engine), Bomag BW10; BW10A; BW10S(Deutz F3L912, F4L912 Engine), BW141-66AD(Deutz F4L912 Engine), BW141AC; BW141AD, BW141AC; BW141AD; BW142PDB; BW154(Deutz Engine), BW144; BW151; BW154AD; BW154AC, BW144AD1; BW144AD2; BW151AC; BW151AD; BW154AC; BW154AD(Deutz F4L912 Engine), BW160A(Deutz F4L912 Engine), BW160A; BW160AD Mk I; BW160AD Mk II; BW160AD MkIII; BW160-66AD1, BW160AD(Deutz F4L912 Engine), BW160AS, BW161AD(Deutz BF4L913 Engine), BW162A, BW200; BW200E(Deutz F3/F4L912 Engine), BW200; BW200E; BW201AD(Deutz F4L912 Engine), BW202AD(Deutz BF4L913 Engine), BW202AD(Deutz BF4L913 Engine), BW4; BW4A; BW4S(Deutz F3L912 Engine), BW4; BW4A; BW4S; BW6; BW6A; BW6S; BW10; BW1OA; BW10S(Deutz F3/F4L912 Engine), BW6; BW6A; BW6S(Deutz F3L912, F4L912 Engine), Case IHC 1056XL, 1056XL, 856, 856XL(DT239 Engine), 856XL, Claas 85 Dominator, Dominator 58 Special(Perkins 6.354.4 Engine), Dominator 58S Special; 66; 68(Perkins 6.354.4 Engine), Dominator 66; Dominator 68; Dominator 68R; Dominator 68S(Perkins 6.354.4 Engine), Dominator 68; 68R; 68S(OM352 Engine), Dominator 68; 68R; 68S(Perkins 6.354.4 Engine), Dominator 68; Dominator 68R; Dominator 68S(Mercedes OM352 Engine), Dominator 76; 76H(OM352 Engine), Dominator 76; 76H(Perkins 6.354.4, 3.372, 6.372.4 Engine), Dominator 76; Dominator 76H; Dominator D78; Dominator D78S(Mercedes OM352 Engine), Dominator 76; Dominator 76H; Dominator D78; Dominator D78S(Perkins Engine), Dominator 78; 78S(OM352 Engine), Dominator 78; 78S(Perkins 6.354.4 Engine), Dominator 80; 80H; 85; 85H(Perkins 6.372.4 Engine), Dominator 80; Dominator 80H; Dominator 85; Dominator D85H; Dominator 86(Perkins 6.372 Engine), Dominator 86(Mercedes OM352 Engine), Dominator 86(OM352 Engine), Dominator 88S(OM352 Engine), Dominator 88S(Perkins 6.354.4 Engine), Compair Holman RA60; RA75, RA60; RA75, Demag DF100C; DF100P(Deutz F4L912 Engine), DF100C; DF100P(Deutz F4L912 Engine), DF120C(Deutz F6L912 Engine), DF120C; DF120P(Deutz F6L912 Engine), H40(Deutz F8L413F Engine), HC320(Deutz F6L912, F12L413F Engine), SC3; SC3DS(Deutz F2L912 Engine), SC3DS(Deutz F2L912 Engine), SC5; SC5D(Deutz F3L912 Engine), Deutz AG Fahr KHD 6.38 Agrostar, 608 Agrostar, Agrostar 6.38(F6L913 Engine), F6L413; F8L413; BF8L413F, M1080(Deutz F5L912, F6L912 Engine), M900; M922; M1002(Deutz F5L912 Engine), M980(Deutz F4L912 Engine), Dynapac CH61(Deutz F6L413 Engine), Faun Frisch F115; F115P(Deutz F6L413 Engine), F115; F115P(Deutz F6L413 Engine), F145; F145P(Deutz Engine), F145; F145P, F610/36Z; F610/36ZAN(Deutz F10L814 Engine), F85; F85A(Deutz F5L912 Engine), F85; F85A(Deutz F5L912 Engine), KF15.21/30(Deutz F6L413 Engine), KF30.40.41/48; KF50.42/483; KF60.43/64(Deutz F10L914 Engine), Models fitted with Faun-Frisch Air Filter in Model type:, Models fitted with Mann CF800 Air Filter in Model type:, Fendt F390GTA(Deutz F6L913 Engine), F390GTA; F394GTA; F394GHA, F395GHA; F395GTA(Deutz F6L913 Engine), Farmer 310LS; Farmer 310LSA(MWM TD226-4 Engine), Farmer 310LSA; Farmer 311LSA, Farmer 311LSA(MWM Engine), Farmer 312LSA(MWM Engine), Favorit 614LS; 614SL; 615LS; 615SL, Iveco 110D Series(Deutz F6L812 Engine), 120D7; 120D9; 120D11; 120D12; 120D13, 130D 12K; 130D 12AK, 130M(Deutz F6L913 Engine), 135D Series(Deutz F6L912 Engine), 150.18(Deutz F6L413 Engine), 150.18(F6L413 Engine), 170.18, 170D Series(Deutz F6L413, F8L312 Engine), 180D Series(Deutz F6L413, F8L312 Engine), 186D Series(Deutz F6L413, F8L312 Engine), 190.18, 232D 26K; 232D 26AK, 232D Series, 256D Series, 256D19, 80D Series, Jacto Uniport 2000 Plus(MWM Engine), John Deere 1032; 1042; 1052, 1155, 952, Kramer UF1000; UF1001; UF1003(Deutz F6L912, BF6L912 Engine), Liebherr 901; A901B; A901C; R901BLC; R901CLC; R901LC(Deutz F3L912 Engine), A310B(Deutz BF4M1012E Engine), A312; R312(Deutz BF4M1012 Engine), A900; R900(Deutz Engine), A900Li; R900Li, A901B; A901C(Deutz F3L912 Engine), L512, L522, L522, L524, LT1045; LT1050; LT1075(Mercedes OM352 Engine), LTM1070(Mercedes OM352A Engine), R310B, R901B; R901C; R905, Linde Lansing H35; H40; H40D; H50; H60; H70, MAN 10.136(D0226MF Engine), 12.136, 14.136, 17.136(D0226MF Engine), 6.90; 6.90F, 6.90F; 8.90F; 8.136F; 9.136F(D0224MF, D0226MF Engine), 8.136, 8.136F(D0224M, D0224MF Engine), 8.90; 8.90F(D0224M, D0224MF Engine), 9.136(D0226MF Engine), 9.136F, MB Trac 1000, 800, 900, Mercedes MB Trac 1000(OM352 Engine) To 1987, MB Trac 1000; 1100(OM366 Engine) From 1987, MB Trac 1000; MB Trac 1100(Mercedes OM366 Engine), MB Trac 700; 800(OM364 Engine) From 1987, MB Trac 700; MB Trac 800(Mercedes OM364 Engine), MB Trac 900; MB Trac 1000(OM314, OM364 Engine), MB Trac 900; MB Trac 900(Mercedes OM364A Turbo Engine), U100 408(OM 602D29 Engine) From 1992, U90 408(OM 602D29 Engine) From 1992, MWM G232V12; TGB232V12, Orenstein and Koppel L7; L8, Renault GL900; GL900E(M420/30 Engine), R851; R851.4; R851.4S(MWM TD226-4 Engine), TL900(M420/30 Engine), Rubble Master R60, Schluter Super Trac 1300VL, Steyr 1200, 692(WD612.04, WD612.24 Engine), 792(WD612.02 Engine), 8100 Series, 8100; 8100A; 8120; 8120A; 8140; 8140A(WD611.40, WD611.85, WD612.40 Engine), 8110; 8110A; 8130; 8130A, 8120 Series; 8140 Series, 8130, Vibromax 1102, 602BD; 602BPD; 602D; 602PD(Deutz Engine), VME L50(Volvo D45B Engine), Volvo 2200/04; 2250/54, 4200, 4200(D39L Engine), 4200, 4200B, Alexander 134DV; 134RV; 134G(Deutz F5L912 Engine), BM616(Volvo D42 Engine), GM616; GM616B(D42, D45 Engine), GM646(TD42 Engine), L30(Perkins 4.236 Engine), L50, L50, L50 Allrounder(Volvo D45B Engine), L50C(TD40 Engine), L50C(Volvo TD40KAE Engine), L50C, L50D(Deutz TD40GJE Engine), L50D(TD40 Engine), LM616; LM620; LM621; LM640; LM641(D42 Engine), LM620; LM621; LM622(3 Cyl Engine), LM621HD; LM641HD Series 8867, LM622; LM642(D42 Engine), LM640; LM641; LM642(3 Cyl Engine), Mk 693(D42 Engine), MK692; MK693, SM958(D42 Engine), T650; T700, Wirtgen W500(Iveco Engine), Zettelmeyer ZL801(Deutz F4L912 Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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